Furry Friend Surprise

Extreme phone sexSun bathing in the yard had me feeling like My pussy was feeling like I was a bitch in heat, pulsing and dripping wet. I had to take my bathing suite off and play with my cunt. It was so gooey I used the juices to finger my asshole. My eyes were closed so I didn’t notice my furry friend was nearby and could smell my juices. The next thing I know I felt his grainy long sticky tongue lapping at my dripping cunt. It felt so good I didn’t stop him I let him go on and on. I wanted him to reach my asshole so I got on all fours like a bitch wanting it bad. I was so into it, when he gripped me with his paws and I felt something thick poking at me I didn’t have time to move. I tried to fight back but his nails dug into me and he bite my shoulder. I had to let him take me, it was a rape fantasy I never thought of and as his cock pushed up inside me, I could only enjoy it. I stopped fighting back and let him take me, I played with my clit as my furry friend’s cock went in and out of me. As he howled, I knew he was filling my cunt up I rubbed my clip hard and I started cumming all over his cock. He stayed stuck in me for a few minutes and after he pulled it out, he locked me clean which made me cum again. My furry friend is my favorite toy to use for afternoon orgasms.

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