Fun at work!

cum filled cuntThere is one college guy that comes in to the library once per week. He has blond hair, a neck tattoo and bulging muscles. He is always very quiet but I have caught him peeking up my skirt when I purposely bend over in front of him. Last night he was the last one in the library and I told him we were about to close. As I looked down I noticed he was reading porn and jerking off under the table. I hurried and locked the door and ran back to help him jerk that long cock of his. He bent me over that table and sucked my asshole and pussy lips till they were nice, tender, and ready for his cock. He slid in between my lips and his cock started bulging instantly. He climaxed only three strokes into fucking me but didn’t stop. The splatter of spunk with every following thrust made me so wet and I squirted right down his leg. He smacked my ass cheeks and pounded me from behind till he flooded my pussy once more and left me to clean the mess.

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