Frieda’s Fuck House

Live Phone SexI have this dream of having my own little whore house.

But at Freida’s Fuck House, I will be the only whore to get fucked!

I want all the cocks of steel to myself!

Just imagine walking in and there is actually blow pumped through the ventilation system so every breath gets you higher and higher!

Your cock starts to rise as the the tall dark muscular man leads you to my room.

I am laying there on a bed built big enough for 6 people, wearing the sluttiest leather lingerie you have ever seen!

The room is filled with the sweet smell of sex!

You have heard stories of my tight wet cunt being able to jack a hard thick cock off just by pushing it deep in side me.

And as you see my cock eating cunt start to constrict, your hard meat starts to drip, know now, that the stories are probably true!

Sure you have fucked other girls before, but nothing could have prepared you for this!

Your bulging head starts to shake as you press it against my warm smooth velvet pussy lips and you start to push in my tight fuck hole!

Then my cunt latches on to your throbbing meat and sucks you in completely as if there was something inside me that was snatching you up!

You feel the walls of my slippery tight pussy start to pulse and stroke your rock hard cock!

It is mere seconds before you know you are going to drop that load but my pussy is wrapped around your cock stroking and clenching every ounce of your hefty meat!

You can’t hold back and massive amounts of sweet warm spunk blast from your cock!

But my possessed pussy is still stroking until

every last drop is sucked from your deflated Balls!


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