Filling Up Your Ass with an Enema

Anal Sex Whore


I love pegging you with my strap-on, filling you up with my 9-inch cock. Your cock gets so hard when I say I am going to get my strap-on out of my drawer and we’re going to hit your G-spot all night long. First, we need to use an enema to clear out all of your shit before I can fuck your asshole with the strap. I insert the enema into your ass and start cleaning you out. I see you getting harder when I add more liquid from the enema into your asshole. I ask you why you are getting hard and you say the sensation of the liquid fills you up and feels much better than a strap-on. I keep feeling you up with the liquid and rubbing your balls with my other hand, milking you and filling you up. You can’t take much more as you cum all over the bed and rush to the bathroom. Once you are out of there, let’s go for another round!

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