DonGia is a Monster 


Creampie sex stories

Last week I was in a therapy session and the topic was my controlling boyfriend/lover DonGia. I call him Don for short, when I first met Don he was super kind to me, he did anything I wanted and I was the center of attention in his life besides his wife of course. He never hid it from me that he was married in fact he told me that as long as I kept my mouth closed that I was going to live like a queen. I made the biggest mistake of my life when I agreed to that arrangement. Don made me quit my job only 3 months into our relationship he said the guys were all trying to fuck me and I didn’t need the money. As soon as I quit my job he became a monster always demanding to know what I was doing and where I had been. He would always spend more money on me before he started making more demands and last week he demanded that I answer the door naked whenever he came over. He has so many demands.

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