Do You Want To Play?

Dirty Phone SexEvery man’s fantasy is to have a dirty girl. Look no farther baby I love all things taboo. I am the kind of girl who will put on a pretty dress and give you a blow job in the back of the church during Sunday service. Don’t act like that doesn’t turn you on baby, I can only imagine the bulge forming in your pants right now. I would love to go to your mothers for dinner and fuck you in the bathroom or give you a hand job under the table. Doesn’t that sound hot? I dated a good guy many years ago and I think I got off more on the kinky things we did than actually being with him. One time we went to his relatives wedding and while we were sitting at the wedding party table I crawled under the table and blew him while he was giving a best man speech. It was awesome. Many times, I jerked him off at church and one time we even snuck back to the confessional room and had sex. No one was the wiser as I dressed the sweet little conservative girl part but boy, I am nothing but a fucking freak. So, what dirty things have you done? I cannot wait to hear all about them.

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