Cum In My Dirty Pink Hole

Creampie Slur

love when my neighbor gets away from his wife, we always have so much fun together. Tonight was one of those nights and he came right in and I was naked. He came up to me and started to nurse on my nipples and caress my breasts. I could feel myself starting to drip he knew that was my weakness. I reached down and grabbed his fat cock and he laid me down and started dry humping me, kissing my lips. I was getting so horny I wanted his cock now, he pulled it out and spanked my soaking box. I moaned really loud and put my legs up, he flipped me over so he could spank my fat ass. He opened my ass cheeks and started rubbing in between them and then he popped his head into my dirty pink hole. Grabbed onto my shoulders and started thrusting deep. He was assaulting my ass with his manhood, I kept letting him and he came inside of that dirty hole and then told me to flip over. He still had more so he came to my mouth and hammered the rest into my mouth and I pushed it out of my hole and slurped it out of my hands.

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