Cum Eating Lesson Leads to Slurping Juices From Fingers

Cum Eating Phone Sex


I love helping you eat your own cum. I am a cum eating expert and you too can squirt all over your tummy and learn to slurp all of those yummy juices and swallow like a good little cum gobbler. First, I want you to jerk your cock. All you need to do is look at my picture and think about licking and tasting all of that delicious cum streaming out of your cock. I want you to also think about cumming all over my big, beautiful tits. Keep fapping for me so you can get that sweet liquid reward. Well, would you look at that. You have cum all over your tummy and got a bit on your chest. Wow, you really are a squirter! Now, it is time to lick all of that sticky cum off your tummy. Take a little bit off your fingers and think of it like licking some honey from a honey pot. Now, that you have had a taste. Have some more. Soon, you will become addicted to eating your cum and you won’t be able to stop. 

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