Crack Ho at the Hotel

Anal sex whoreFor two days straight, I’ve been doing nothing but getting high and getting fucked. We met online and then decided to meet up at the trashy no-tell motel down the highway. You brought enough drugs to last us for weeks but they were all gone within 48 hours. I don’t even know if you did any, or if you just got me fucked up. I would be in an out of consciousness and every time I would open my eyes there seemed to be a different man fucking my already cum filled cunt. You put an ad online and let whomever would pay you a little bit of cash come in and force fuck me, raw. I know for a fact I haven’t had a shower and no one used protection. I stood up today and cum just gushed down my thighs. You were nowhere to be found. Where did you go? I need another high.

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