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furry friends phone sex

I didn’t have enough money to pay my dealer tonight but he could tell that I was jonesing for a hit. He said that he knew of a party in need of a bitch but that it wasn’t my normal kind of party. At that point I didn’t care what kind of get together it was as long as I made enough for some good coke. He called his friend in need and confirmed that they still needed someone and he gave me an address. When I got there I could hear some dogs barking and some guys yelling but it wasn’t until I got inside that I saw what was going on. It seems that the main attraction was yet to start for some furry friends phone sex. They had a mastiff there on a chain and every few minutes they would walk a bitch in heat just out of his reach. His cock had to be the biggest I had ever seen. I was told to get up on the table in the middle of the room and I was then strapped down with my head down and ass up. They then brought that massive dog over and rubbed some of the bitch’s juices on my cunt and that dog went mad. His rock hard cock almost tore me open as he went balls deep in one thrust. He then continued to fuck me until he dropped the biggest load of cum into my now well used pussy. When he jumped down the straps were removed and I was given a grand in cash. I was told that I handled Thor well and I was welcome back anytime I needed some cash. I’m stocked on Coke but in need of some good fucking. I may just find my way back tonight!

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