Bloody Cunt Surprise

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I was fucked up and drunk already. I had cramps all damn day and I knew “Mother Nature” was about to appear. Deciding that another drink was in order to ease my pain, I headed for the local dive. Five shots later I was feeling no pain.
“Hey, baby, wanna fuck?” he slurred. I knew he was the local drunk but I was so fucking horny that I would’ve fucked a goat. My cramps had eased and my pussy felt wet. We headed out the door to get some action.
“I know a place where we can go. I can’t take you home. I’m married to a real cunt.” he babbled. I didn’t give a shit. I had fondled his package and I knew he packed some meat. We drove down to the warehouse district and I followed him into a condemned building. It was nasty, all full of dust and webs, with a cum stained mattress on the floor, surrounded by used needles.
We stripped and got busy. He pinned me to the mattress with fierce thrusts. My pussy was feeling tenderized by his huge fuckstick and I knew from the squishy sounds that I was bleeding. My bloody cunt lubricated his pounding but I knew his cock looked like ground meat. About that time, he started yelling. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, you whore. I’m coming!!” He jumped up and zipped his pants up. “Find your own way back, you skank.” and he walked out leaving me leaking blood and jizz to mingle on the foul mattress.
I had to laugh imaging how his wife would react when she found his bloody underwear on the bedroom floor tomorrow morning. I like to believe that he went home and fucked her with that bloody cock. Dumb fucker. Now that’s justice!!!

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