Ass To Mouth Training

anal sex whoreHave you ever shoved your tongue straight in a shit shoot? I think it’s so fucking hot to be able to clean that puckered little hole and the septic canal beyond it out with just my slutty mouth. It started with getting rimmed out myself. It felt so good when I would finger my cunt and my lover would lick at my tight dirty poesy. I was enough of an anal whore at that point but no one had ever made out with my ass. I was moaning so loud I woke the cows next door and I’m sure the neighborhood too! I started squirting before I could help it! Then, he would have me clean off that throbbing dick of all my ass juices after he had gaped out my shit box. I found I really loved the taste, the smell, and the sexy little slime that dripped from that dick. After gagging me for weeks on a shit stained stick, he finally upgraded to having me eat his ass while he jerked his massive cock off all over my face and back. Another sticky mess to clean up for me! I got addicted real quick to rimming out anal fuck holes and pleasing any man who came my way. They say I’m a shit eating scat whore. I just love assholes!

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