Anal Foot Action

Fisting whore

Being an anal sex whore is easy for me. I have had many fingers in my ass and big cocks even some fists. But I never had a foot in my ass until last night. I didn’t know that was his plan at first. He licked and sucked on my clit while fingering my ass, opening it making sure I was really relaxed. He even licked my asshole, lubing it up for him to stick his cock deep in me. It is what I thought he wanted, until I felt him rubbing his toes on my asshole. I didn’t stop him because it felt really good. He then stuck his big toe into my asshole. Then another and just continued pumping my ass as he started stroking his cock. I rubbed my clit since it was so nasty, I wanted to enjoy it. He kept pushing his other toes in me until half of his foot was in my ass. I didn’t think I could take it so I rubbed my clit hard. He kept stroking his cock as he fucked my asshole with his foot and then he started squirting his cum all over my ass. The feeling was so different that I started creaming my fingers all up. My ass is still sore, but it was such a good orgasm.  

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