A stepmom who loves her new family

Cum guzzling slut


I was at the grocery store and noticed a single dad with his little hens. I was so turned on by the thought of this man raising his littles on his own. I couldn’t help myself so I started a conversation with his daughter Rose. ???? He realized and chimed in, from there I got his number and next thing you know I was at his place teaching his daughter and sons how to fuck! I guess he was already keeping it in the family. His little bald cunt sure knew how to ride daddy’s cock. She taught me a few tricks. Oh and his boys how they loved anal giving and taking it. We fucked for hours! I guess I’m a stepmom now. This is super exciting. I’ll be able to play in a playpen for a few more years. Who wants to join me on my adventures. ???? Let’s teach these rugrats some more about sex! I’d love to see what some of you could come up with. Mmm what can we do to them, I’d love to use them for my own personal usage. The thought of their little tongues swiping my pussy until their jaws lock really excites me! Come join me in this world where nothing is off limits. Let’s bring our fantasies to reality! ????

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