A Gift For His Daughter

phone sex line evonneI answered the ad for a house a maid and went for the interview. Looking at the pictures on the mantel while he interviewed me I couldn’t help but comment on the lovely red head. He casually told me she was his daughter and we went on with the interview. There was something about her that was very appealing. She wasn’t stunning in any way, but she was attractive in a very simple way. I could barely focus on the interview or the questions he asked, I was so busy staring at her pictures.
I certainly didn’t think I would get the job as inattentive as I was with him. So it was a big surprise when he called that night and told me I started in the morning.
When I got there I was both pleased and surprised when he answered the door. It seems that his friend happened to be a man that I helped with his son’s first sexual experiences just last week.
Today is Sons and Daughters Day and his daughter wanted me as a gift. She watched yesterday as he did interview after interview and I am the one she wanted.
She led me to her room where there was a strap on along with other toys for us to play with and I was to be well compensated for my time as her toy for the day.

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