Toilet Whore Part 1


It didn’t matter we were in the middle of the diner – I licked my lips slowly and seductively, and then proceeded to crawl under the table, as you unzip your pants, and whip out your long, hard, throbbing cock.  I open my luscious filthy fucking mouth and wrap it around your huge cock and start sucking.  That’s when you violently grabbed my blonde hair with both hands, pull me closer then thrust your cock forward, choking me as you shoot out a stream of very pungent, tangy, putrid, stinging piss, right down my throat. You started screaming at me, “Drink that fucking stinking PISS, YOU STUPID, WORTHLESS, PISS GUZZLING WHORE! I don’t care if you drown to death in it, YOU DUMB BITCH!” I was so turned on being your nasty toilet whore.

Golden showers sex

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