The Gang’s All Here

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We needed some money so we decided to charge for the show. Three girls all on each other with dildos and strap-ons and lots of fucking and sucking. We weren’t surprised at how many guys paid to watch, hard dicks in hand, cum spewing every where. We played for hours in every possible position we could think of, taking turns being as wild, nasty and kinky as we could be. Letting them get up close and personal watching us without touching. We wanted all those dicks as much as they wanted our pussies but we didn’t let on and we kept up the show. By about midnight we had teased then endlessly, had cum so many times we lost count and we wanted to get fucked and fucked good. So we offered them our cunts, for an additional fee of course. I have never seen men come off of money so fast in my life. They descended on us like vultures on road kill, devouring our flesh with all the hunger they had built up over the past few hours. It was a win win for all of us!live phone sex JOWM banner

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