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He Made Her His Fisting Whore

fisting whore evonneSitting on the cool white tile of the villa on the beach I fuck myself with my vibrator to the rhythm of the pounding waves as I inhale the aroma of sweet salt air. It is so nice to be out of the trailer park and in these peaceful surroundings. Being his kept whore has it’s perks. Pinching my nipples and thinking about how he will fuck me when he gets back has my pussy dripping wet.
I am just about to cum when I am startled out of my perfect dream by a load banging on the door and yelling. I jump up with a start and I am right back in my ratty old trailer with a drunk banging at my door at an ungodly hour, probably wanting a blow job. I don’t bother to put on my robe as I walk down the hall lighting my cigarette to answer the door.
I open the door and there he is breathing heavy with the bitches hair in his hands. Dragging her in the house he is cussing about how he caught the bitch with another man. And they weren’t just fucking, he was fucking her tight ass, something she refused to ever give him in all the years they have been together.
He is about to teach her a valuable lesson and I am going to record it so that any time she gets out of line or says no to him he can show it to her and remind her what can happen.
Throwing her down to her knees he rips her clothes off and tosses me his cell phone. He pulls a pair of gloves out of his pocket and gets behind her.
He screams at her while she is sobbing, “You like it in the ass you cheating slut? Your about to be my fisting whore. I am going to show you just what that ass of yours can take.”
He begins to slam his fists into her ass one after the other like a punching bag. She is screaming and crying, begging for mercy. He is laughing, enjoying her pain, and I am standing here smoking a cigarette calmly recording, hoping this doesn’t take to long so I can go back to my villa on the beach.fisting whore