Sissy bitch failure, needing replacement

I am so pissed about what happened last night. I had this stupid little sissy bitch and he could not even keep his dick hard long enough for me to get off. At this point I need a sissy bitch who can follow directions. I like to be in control and if you cannot do what your told or are not even man enough to keep your dick hard then do not bother looking at my pussy or my tits.

Trailer trash whore


Here what I need, if you want me to make you beg for my sweet cunt and for the right to even gaze upon my perfect body and if you want to feel pleasurable ecstasy with a tiny hint of pain and feel like you want me to control you, then you are  the sissy bitch I have been needing. If you obey me I will make all of your dreams cum true. That is if you can actually keep a stiffy for mama.

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