You’re gonna love how nasty we are!

2 girl phone sexNasty as I am Sybil is the trashy slut addition to our toilet sex. She’s a little slut in training, trying to be as disgusting as I am. She wants to be like me – covered in piss and cum and shit. All the messy kinky fucking mess that makes your cock throb hard and my pussy want to drip. Why not make it a threesome? You can have us two girls that will do anything to please you ready to get down and dirty with you…literally. Two girls and one cup, right? Yes! Cum and more cum. Piss and more piss! I want to be a total nasty fucking mess with my little slutty friend by my fucking side. Getting nasty and dirty all together it’s going to be as hot as you can imagine…since Sybil and I will let you do anything you want to us! We have no limits or taboos…we’re nasty filthy whores that are ready to please!

toilet sex


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  1. David

    Damn yall are some nasty whores but I like it!

  2. Daddy

    Daddy wants some young and old pussy!

  3. Nasty Boy

    Ur as nasty as I thought u 2 would be! Can’t wait to get dirty again

  4. Kyle Pyke

    need your tight cuntt

  5. Joey

    I love a girl who likes being my toilet. Will you piss for me on a call?

  6. Thomas

    Hot blog. I’d love to see you messy

  7. trey

    You are the nastiest 2 bitches i have seen. I fucking love nasty bitches!

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