Whiny crybaby hoes

I grew up as a fuck slave, daddy and mommy whored my pussy and asshole out like I was a hotel. I was used, fucked, stuck, slapped, gagged and so much more. I know the harsh realities of it. But you know what, I am not whining or being a little sissy bitch about it either. I grew to like it. I love getting my fill and being put in my place, being used as a human toilet, having my pussy and asshole pounded and used as a cum dumpster. So when I see these cry babies who cannot keep their whiny ass mouths closed about how much their asshole hurts or about how men treat them so bad, I want to tell them to shut the fuck up and use what you got. Your pussy, titties, asshole and mouth. If you make the men happy, they give you the money to keep you happy. Little whiny crybaby hoes. Grow up!


Hookers for hire


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  1. Carl

    Your the kind of no nonsense woman that I want to fuck!

  2. James

    Pussy is my favorite, I want yours.

  3. manny

    I’ll make you my whore

  4. Larke

    Such a hott blog!

  5. Jared

    With a pussy like that, I’d treat you like a queen. You made me cum so hard

  6. thomas

    slap them bitches into place

  7. Leo

    I wanna turn you over my knee and do really bad things to you

  8. Georgie

    i love a trashy milf

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