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A trip to the sperm bank

Cum guzzling slutDaddy brought me with him to the sperm bank this morning, he needed his cum guzzling slut by his side to drain his throbbing vein. The whores at the front desk have never in their lives seen a monster cock the size of his before, they were completely blown away. The dumb bitches gave us a small vile for him to fill up with his ropes of jizz and we couldn’t help but look at each other and laugh in their stupid faces. Do they honestly think a tiny little vile was going to be the proper container for huge throbbing cock to explode it’s load into?! Idiots! Thankfully I came prepared and brought an empty gallon water jug so that Daddy could bust those endless explosions that he loves to bust. I sucked that big dick and made him orgasm back to back to back.. he can go for hours! My fat titties were bouncing while he skull-fucked my slutty mouth. We filled that jug up in no time and gave it to the sperm bank. They were flabbergasted at how much cream daddy was able to excrete from his body, clearly they have never dealt with a cock of his caliber before! As always, I am a hungry whore for monster cock…I did my job & did it well.

Trashy Milf at School

trashy milfEveryone calls me a trashy milf. I think it is a compliment even though they mean it as a slam. Women in my high society neighborhood can be total bitches. The funny thing is that no one has a perfect life in suburbia. In fact, I think the only difference between me and some of my haters is that I don’t try to hide who I am. Why should I? If folks don’t know that I am a whore, who knows what would happen. I might miss a hot fuck. Yesterday morning, I had to drop off my daughter’s school bag. She left in a rush and forgot it. The school biddies were whispering about me when I walked into the school office. The principal saw me and asked to speak to me. Initially, I assumed one of my brats got into trouble. That is usually the case. Not the case this time. The principals heard I was a big dick sucker. He pulled out his dick and I gasped. Here was the principal of my daughter’s high school with a porn star cock. His dick made a loud thud as it smacked his oak desk. Damn, I thought. I wondered if my daughter knew her principal had a fat cock. Perhaps she did, and she kept it a secret for fear I would steal his dick from her. I proved to Principal Jones that the rumors about me were true. I sucked his dick for 45 minutes before he fucked me. No doubt the biddies in the front office knew what was up. What trailer trash mom spends that much time in the principal’s office. Then, of course, there were my sexy moaning noises from his monster cock fucking my ass over his desk. I want to tell my daughter I banged her hung principal, but then if she has no clue how big his dick is, I don’t want the competition.

Gangbang Whore

gangbang whore

I don’t think my neighbors like me because I’m black I heard him and a couple of his drinking buddies talking about it to behind the back of my house on summer night calling me nigger sluts and how they would show me my place one day. When I was taking the garbage out I asked if they wouldn’t mine keeping the noise down. One man turn around and said what did this nigger whore just say to me and in shock I turned around and the other screamed lets teach this whore a lesson and the third white man said get her Bill. I turned to run to my back door and close the door but Bill’s arm got caught I tired to fight them off but I was no match. Please don’t! Please stop I screamed as they held me down on said this will fix her up real good and he pulled out a needle and shot me up with the biggest dose of heroin he could give me with me O.D. slowly losing the will to fight back the back off of me and started ripped the clothes off me.  By the time they got me naked I was so high I floated out side of my body while they had there way with me flipping me back and forth up and down one right after the other one in my pussy the my ass the back to my pussy till they finally all circled around me and came all over me while laid limp and high and when they was done they all walked away and told me that right there is where I belong. Now every Tuesday we replay this sexual fantasy with bill and his friends just to keep me high during the week but what bill doesn’t know is i enjoy every minute of.


Blow for Blow

Gangbang whore

I was running low on some blow and decided to ask the janitor that works in the library. I know he deals and I knew he would probably give me a right price since I always wore a low-cut shirt for his View. I knew he enjoyed it so I thought that showing a bit more cleavage would get him to give me some low priced blow. I should have known he wasn’t going to provide me with angel dust that cheap. I was so low on cash that I was desperate.
I even offered up a blowjob for blow.

A blow job for blow was only accepted if it came to making me a gangbang whore too.
The whole janitor crew which was about 10 different guys would use me. They were all going to take my pussy and fuck my mouth for hours. I was going to have all the blow I could possibly think of.

I couldn’t turn the opportunity down just thinking about the high and thinking about how much of a cum slut I was going to be, I had to do it so it was Game on

Anal Cum Dumpster

anal cum dumpster

My name is Alyssa but all guys in my hood Call me D-Nice. They call me D-nice because this little honey pot do dick nice. I been hanging in the block and in the trap for years and if you don’t know D-Nice you ain’t nobody. When it’s the 1st of the month when the block is booming and all the hustlers is getting paid we have a big party in the trap and the theme be D-Nice and all the dope boys get a piece of me I like to suck them all off first before I get fucked . Sometimes 3 or 4 dicks at a time . It makes me feel so sexual and alive all these men rock hard and ready for me . And when I’m ready I let them all have there way with me .Do you think you can handle some of D-Nice.

I want to hear you too

phone sex lineThere is something sexy about watching a man when I am sucking on his cock. The way their eyes rolls back into their heads. Hands wrapped up in hair pushing me further and further down on their cock. I love the sounds too. I know guys love to hear a woman moan but I think it’s hot as hell when I can hear how much the guy enjoys what I am doing to him. It’s part of why I love giving head. Knowing that the man I’m with is happy makes my pussy wet. I can reach between my legs playing with myself and as I am cumming it feels like I am humming on your dick. Which is almost always when the man cannot stand it anymore and busts his load of hot creaminess into my mouth.

A Shitty Experience

dirty phone sex

I fucking love the taste of shit. Nothing turns me on more than men feeding me there delicious brown moist shit. One day I was at the park and I could hear a man taking the biggest shit in the restroom so I sneaked in and begged him to unleash on me. I toke off my clothes and got on my hands and knees begging him to just shit all over my chest and when he was done he pissed all over my face. I couldn’t help but moan as I cumed for him so he yanked me up and pushed me against the bathroom stall and fucked the hell out of me. I am really into anything though. I just love how dirty I get for you

Need A Hoe

White trash phone sexI hear you need a hoe. A dirty skanky old pro hoe. Come on down if you do. My address is plastered all over my website. My door is unlocked 24/7. and so are all three of my wet warm holes. I am already soaking wet thinking of your cock sliding into any one of my fuckable holes. Feeling the friction as you push all the way in. I can feel you pounding at my walls before you pull back out. I need all three of my holes filled, so if you have a couple of friends who aren’t shy about showing their thang in front of each other. Maybe it can turn into an orgy. I would love to suck your dick after it has been in a guys ass.

Big dick sucker

Big dick sucker

Being a big dick sucker isn’t the easiest job out there but its my favorite. I mean I do have bills that aren’t going to pay themselves right. The more cocks I deep throat the easier I have rent and utilities paid. Everything after that is all mine to party hardy with. The guy I took this picture with is one of my dealers and he always gives me a good dose of what cures me after he rams his  huge cock down my throat. The harder a guy can make me gag the wetter my pussy gets. Something about my jaws stretching out and you forcing your throbbing organ in my face is so hot to me. Don’t pull out when your ready to cum I wanna taste all that creamy goodness baby.

Cock “Whoreshiping” Sexline Hadley


Welcome to Hadley’s sexline.  I promise a night of partying and cock “whoreship”. See I stay up all night doing line after line of sweet snow blow while using every toy I have in my toy box. Big boy, I have some nasty raunchy gangbang stories that will make you cum so hard. I get cock every day. My ass and pussy are full of cum as I play with my dildo I pull it out and can see a strangers cum on it.

I will happily lick it off and go to town fucking my sweet tight pussy while doing lines or lighting a pipe with you all night long. Yes, I am a bareback queen. Nothing will get in the way of me and cock. I am the coke slut that will make you cum for me. I get by with my pretty pink cunt and I have to have my holes filled with creamy cum. I have a mouth that will leave you begging for more. I want you to hear me cum and snort lines all night. I need some beautiful cock to tell my nasty whore ways too. Are you going to make this coke whore beg for your cum?

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