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Pissing sex

pissing sexI am so thirsty but more then what a taste of water can do for my taste buds. I am sitting in front of a massive cock that is full of hot sperm. I get on my hands and knees with my shirt off and start jerking his dick down my throat. I can taste that pre cum, it is making me drool all down my tits. I ask for him to get really nasty and to piss in my mouth.

I put his cock hole up against my nostrils and he starts pushing his piss out of his cock and shooting it into my brain. I love snorting his piss! I put his cock in my tear ducts and have him make a tsunami of piss rush into my eyes. I open my mouth and let the piss run down my face and into my mouth. I love drinking his piss.

Now I need to make that cock cum and snort it, have it gush into my eyes, and drink that hot jizz down my throat.

Joining My Daughter’s Fucking

White trash phone sexI came home the other day and I could hear my teenage daughter getting fucked.  And from the sounds of it sound like she was getting fucked pretty hard.  She didn’t even have her door shut all the way.  I think she wanted me to catch her so I would join in and make it a family affair.  She is a little crack whore just like me.  I walked in her room to see this nice looking teenage boy on top of her fucking her.  I stripped right down to nothing and climbed into bed.  I wish I could say he was stunned to see me naked climbing into the bed.  But my reputation of being a 3 hole piggy whore is well known in the area.  

All For The Crack

ilrt Druggy phone sex Crack whore for cock. Is that not a sweet thing to say? Well one of the many guys I fuck had that sign made for me for my front door. Is that not the sweetest thing you have ever heard? What a neat little surprise that was. I hung that sign proudly at my door! He said this way when I advertise in the papers and online. The men will be able to find my house easier with the sign now proudly displayed at my door. I of course I fucked him for the sign. And he did have some nice crack rocks with him and I got a nice rock out of him too. So a present, cock, and nice size rock. This morning started out great and I can tell it is only going to get better!

Hookers for hire

hookers for hire

 I was looking for a new gig! I saw a sign on Craigslist asking for girls to clean houses and offer other services. Other services that I am a master at- being a dirty little cum whore. They hired me right away and I had my first client. I showed up ready to service his house, and well, his balls also. As soon as I got to his house, he was standing bare ass naked with his ten inch cock staring at me.

I got on my hands and knees and sucked his dick into my throat. I took my clothes off as I skillfully fucked his rock hard dick down my throat. His cock was pulsating in my throat. I was ready to be a good little fuck slut! I got on my hands and knees and offered up my other pink holes. He slid his cock right into my cunt and out, only to push it into my ass hole.

I am leaving him with a dirty house, a dirty cock, but at least his balls are drained!

Hot Stripper Sex

Hot Stripper Sex

There is this club not to far from my trailer that lets me work there from time to time. I got the call tonight they could use a girl, so I said yea I will be in about an hour. I rummaged through my closet and looked for my sluttiest thing I had. You need a couple different outfits because you go on stage a couple different times. I went to the club and it wasn’t to busy but it will build up. It was my turn to go on stage and of course backstage I had a couple shots of vodka. I was dancing so good and seductively taking off my clothes and spinning around the pole.

I was told that a guy wanted a couple dances with me and he was going back to our VIP room. I knew what happened there and I was excited.I lead him to the back with my little nighty on and I picked three songs, that is what he paid for. I sat on him and slipped my robe off and was grinding on him putting my breasts in his face. He touched my pussy and I was wet this guy was hot. He pulled his dick out bare back and I slid down on it and I rode him till he came.

Your Little Nasty Sweet JuiceBox

trashy milf

I knew I wanted to sleep with Mommy’s man from the first time I saw him he was a big strapping big dick horror and he loved me. We call him Big Jim Big Jim is the nastiest fucked-up individual that you can ever meet Big Jim has been looking at my tiny tight little ass for at least five years. Now Mommy is making the big mistake of leaving Big Jim alone with his hard dick and her little lot lizard slut of a daughter.

Mommy has got an all day appointment to meet so I will be alone with Big Jim. Oh, how lucky I am I can’t believe it I finally got the chance to be the sluttiest dirtiest lot lizard whore I can be, don’t worry I learned it all from my lot lizard nothing ass mother. Well look at Big Jim I had to pretend like I was cleaning up in order to get his attention. I was wearing a pink tight little spandex skirt and no panties I’m sure Big Jim loved that. I decided I have got to tease Big Jim to get him moving on me. I shook my little ass in Big Jim’s face he noticed I wasn’t wearing any panties I could see his hard cock starting to throb and get even harder oops my hand accidentally touched his bulge in his jeans. Oh, look at Big Jim he’s so hard for my hot little slutty cunt.

Well, Big Jim decided to tell me since I accidentally touched his bulge he should return the favor and touch my hot sexy salacious wet juice box. It was on Big Jim didn’t waste any time stuffing his tongue into my hot twat. Oh God it was so good you wouldn’t believe the things that big Jim did to me he did so many nasty things to me and I love to tell you all about it call me.

Trashy MILF at the Mall

trashy milfA trashy milf loves shopping; at least this one does. I had a day to myself yesterday. All my offspring were in school and my husband was out of town. I decided to do some holiday shopping with my hubby’s credit cards. I did buy Christmas gifts for my family, but I ducked into Victoria’s Secret for something sexy for myself. The lady helping me in the dressing room was stunning. A tall exotic beauty, most likely early 20s. She fitted me for a bra, so I got to feel her hands cupping my breasts. I won’t deny that she made me wet. When she started to leave the dressing room, I shut the door and kissed her. My hand went up her thigh and found her slippery wet hole. She was just as wet as I was, and I knew that was all for me. I went down on her sloppy wet pussy and licked her to a mind blowing orgasm. She squirted her young juice all over my face. Yummy. She was in for a special treat. I always carry a dildo in my purse. You never know when you might need to masturbate. I started fucking her shaved twat with my little friend. Her long legs braced the wall as I was in between her legs getting drenched by her juices. This hot slut was juicy like a Georgia peach. She wasn’t quiet with her moaning and I think anyone within a mile could hear her wet cunt. When she collapsed, I licked all the excess juice off her thighs and my dildo. I gave her my cell number and checked out. She had that freshly fucked look. I smelled her cunt on me the rest of the day. Needless to say, when my brats came home, I pounced on them. I was so hot and bothered from my dressing room liaison.

Cock sucking at work

Stripper sex stories

I went to work at the strip club tonight so fucked up I could barely walk.  I did a couple dances and saw you in the crowd waving a fifty. I took you in the back room and snorted a line and did some H with you. Your monster was bulging in your pants, so I knelt and unleashed your cock. Being a good guy, you rubbed a little coke on your cock, so I would last longer. I sucked and licked every drop of coke and then you shoved my mouth down to your balls and held me while I gagged. When you let go I sucked and licked your cock up and down with a vengeance. I am a white trash hooker junkie that craves you to fill every hole. I want to be your creampie slut. Just a trashy party girl who loves to fuck.  I love sucking your big cock and partying with you baby. Ill even piss on your cock and suck it again if you keep me high.

Trailer Trash Whore

Trailer Trash Whore

I have a guy that loves that I am an absolute trashy slut. He comes and picks me up from the trailer park I reside. This evening I wore some ripped fishnets, a cut off jean skirt, open toed high heels and a tight black tank top. He takes me to the sleaziest motels and tonight was no exception. I walked into the room which you can tell smelled of dirty sex, I sat on the bed and lit one up. He came over to me and mind you he has a smoking fetish so he gets instantly hard when I puff the cig and blow it out of my dick sucking lips.

He grabbed my head and put my mouth right on his big prick and I loved it, I love being treated like such a whore. I sucked it and got it pretty juicy, he laid me down and starting kissing my neck. He ripped my panties to the side and stuck it in so deep, I moaned loud and he started thrusting with my legs wrapped around him and I love digging my nails into his back when he fucks me like this. He kept going until he busted right inside of me and told me next time he is going to share me.

Cheap Phone Sex

Gangbang With A Furry Friend

White trash phone sexI wanna fuck you and your furry friend. I wanna have you both gangbang. I wanna have both your cum fill my tummy. And make my cunt and ass leak for hours after your both done with me. I want your furry friend fucking my ass as you fuck my mouth. Then you fuck my cunt and I suck his dick! And this can go on for hours and hours. I love the feel of the nails digging into my back. And the way I am mounted. Maybe you would video tape it for me so I can add it to my online collection. Would you allow me the pleasure of fucking you and your furry friend? Would you both fuck me like the whore I love to be?

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