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Teen sluts fucking

teen sluts fuckingIt was really fun hooking up with a party crowed. All the college goers came into the strip club tonight and had intentions of getting down right nasty. Some of the dudes offered to buy me for a night of fun. How could I resist? I know there is so much I can teach those little whores. My first lesson to them is how to take two dicks in your mouth at one time.

I told all the girls to get on their hands and knees and grab each cock in either hand and get to stuffing them down your throat. Those little cock suckers where doing so good taking it that they told me their throats were even starting to hurt. I told them to fuck everyone of their holes until it was raw!

Next lesson is anal! Hope those bitches are ready to get their asses pounded.

Sometimes I am such a slut!

live phone sexSometimes I am such a slut! Seriously, I regularly surprise myself with how low I will go just for dick. It’s not my fault tho, the pussy wants what the pussy wants! I’m gonna get mine even if it means fucking some other bitch’s man. The girl next door to me is all pissed now cus I took her man… well I didn’t really take him more like fucked the shit outta him… but whatever you wanna call it she’s all pissed. How is it my fault that she couldn’t satisfy her man? I can’t help that I’m good at sucking dick and that it blew her man’s mind that I let him nut in my mouth and swallowed every drop. Shit, it’s not my fault she won’t let him fuck her ass like I did, he fucking loved pounding this tight little asshole! If she ain’t gonna satisfy her man, I guess I will cus his cock is too big to waste!

Thanks for the Crack

live phone sex

Yesterday my twenty year old neighbor came over to smoke crack with me.  I was all excited being out of crack so I was glad to take a hit of his pipe.  After I took the first hit i unzipped his pants to Suck on his hard rock Cock for bringing over the crack.  Hearing him take that hit as I taste his cock in my mouth. sliding my tongue over his slit moaning taking my cunt and grinding it against the floor his cock taste so good in my wet sloppy mouth. I release his cock to take another big  hit of the pipe, looking into his eyes as he looks down at my whore body . Keeping the hit in my mouth I shove his cock deep in my mouth again exhaling on his cock as drool runs out my mouth.  Feeling my chin hit his balls my nose hitting his stomach I gag as I thrust up and down on his nine inch cock.


trashy milf

I remember one time I woke up so wet and horney that I immediately put my dildo in my cunt shoving the dildo in and out.  I must of been loud cause my son came walking in to see what I was doing. I looked up and saw him watching me fuck myself hard in my cunt .  my eyes widen I start to beg him come on hunny mommy needs some young cock.  Giggles he did not hesitate  he immediately pulled down his pants releasing his huge cock.  Taking the dildo out of my cunt he climbs on top and slides his cock deep in my cunt.  I moan at the size of it as he starts to fucks his mommy hard.  Screaming out begging for more, feeling him pull out of me and thrusting hard fast with out warining deep in my ass. I gasp and moan out loudly my thighs were soaked with my juices.   Every time I think of this it makes me so sloppy wet.  well off to smoke some crack.  

Prostitution porn

prostitution porn

This dude offered me some dough if I agreed to fuck him and make our own porno. I invited one of my stripper hoe friends to participate. We go ahead and get the camera set up and get immediately on our hands and knees offering up our stupid little whore mouths.

We took his cock and started sharing it spitting it from mouth to mouth, slobbering all over it. We are not camera shy at all. We got in between his ass and started licking his smelly sweaty ass, going chin deep up in his ass hole. When he was nice and ready we angled ourselves perfect to the camera.

I spread my ass, letting him push his cock into my ass hole. He was pumping himself in and out of me hard and deep while my friend kept tongue fucking his ass. We take lights, camera, action to a whole new level.

Speed Balling

ebony girl fucking

Tonight was amazing. I met this hot guy.  We talked for hours as I hit my crack pipe.  He told me he like holding me down as he stroked his big white cock in my tight black pussy.  He loved it when I would just light up as I rode his cock.  I am a druggy pro. He tied me to his bed and shot his cum all over my face and licked it off.  I was so impressed with his ability to party with me that I even started calling him DADDY.  Only because he know this little crack slut loves to go down on the pipe.  Between his cock and my glass dick we partied until the sun came up.  

Partying With Molly

Druggy PornI just scored a huge sack of Molly and I am feeling extra cum dumpster-y today! I can’t wait to do lines of this shit off your dick tonight and lose control. This time I want you to bring over a few friends and let them use me like the little worthless druggy whore I am. I want you to take turns fulling up all of my holes with your cum and piss. I want to sit on the floor while you guys surround me and cover me in your warm golden showers. Being so messed up on MDMA makes it feel like a beautiful waterfall! Let me take turns jacking each of your cocks off with my pretty young titties. Choke me out on your dicks and don’t let me stop- make me keep going until each of you have reached total satisfaction. You know I’ll do anything for some cocaine too, so go ahead and pick some up on the way here. Shove a beer-bong tube down my throat and make me chug that nasty flavored vodka too. I’m your favorite wild girl for a reason and that reason is because I have no boundaries. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for your cock and I’m thankful I have you to turn me out proper. Call me when you guys are on the way! 😉

Night Out Nightmare

Creampie Slut

As you know I have a bad habit of drinking what ever is handed to me without asking a single question. Tonight I went out alone to a bar that doesn’t ID. I was there hanging out when you approached me. You buy me a drink and we just start making friendly conversation. You’re so sexy and that xanax I took before leaving home has started to kick in hard because of the booze. I walk away to use the restroom really quickly and when I get back you were nice enough to grab us a second round. I sip away while you tell me how pretty you think I am and pretty is not a word men usually direct at me. After a bit I realize that I am feeling way more drunk than I should and you offer to give me a ride home. On the way there you are touching me and I keep asking you to please behave but I am just so weak and out of it. I notice once we stop, through less than half open eyes, that we are at a building I am unfamiliar with. You pick my limp body up out of the car and take me inside. You then tie me up to a chair and tell me that I made a huge mistake, unbuttoning your pants to pull out your huge cock. I completely went out at that point, I can sort of recall some of it but all I really know for sure is that my tiny cunt and once tight asshole hurt really bad and I had cum stains all over what was left of my panties. Can you please call me and tell me what happened? I need to know.

A whore’s gotta do what a whore’s gotta do

phone sex slutsI was stuck in a strange place last night, I had gone to meet some friends at a party but I guess I got lost cus I ended up at a party where I didn’t know anyone. I was a little drunk so I really didn’t even know where I was or how I would get home, I didn’t even have my phone so no one could get a hold of me anyway I had to depend on the strangers I was with. Luckily, there were a ton of guys there willing to help a bitch out and all I had to do was suck their cocks. Well, a whore’s gotta do what a whore’s gotta do so I sank right down to my knees and started sucking dicks. I was a little overwhelmed cus there were so many of them but I’m always up for a challenge! I swallowed more cumloads than I could count but they stayed true to their word and got my drunk ass home safely so it was all worth it!

This trashy milf fucked him hard!

trashy milfMy friend has been having issues with her husband so I went over to help her set him straight. He was a being total dick to her for like a whole week so we decided to give him some dick so he could see what an ass he was being. We got him drunk and suggested a threesome and of course he was down for that shit… until we brought out the strap on dicks, then he was all what the fuck are those for?? Hahaha he was too drunk to fight us off so he ended up with a rubber dick shoved down his throat and another up his ass, we double teamed that asshole till he was begging for mercy! He claimed that it hurt and he didn’t like it… but he came so hard he damn near exploded so pretty sure he loved it no matter what he says. Plus he promised to be nicer too… but if he ends up being a dick again, we’ll make sure he gets the bigger strap on dicks next time!

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