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White Trash Phone Sex MILF

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex doesn’t mean the girl lives in filth or poverty. I may have grown up like that, but my life is far different now thanks to my rich pervert husband. You can’t take my white trash roots away from me though. I am proud to be rich white trash. One of the things a white trash woman does proudly is show off her body. I am sure you have seen very large women at a fast food restaurant or Walmart wearing jean shorts so tight that it looks like her ass swallowed her shorts? I am in better shape, but I still love showing off. It was a warm day yesterday and we had some new landscapers. I am sure they are illegals or on work visas. Mexican labor is popular here in California. The new team had one man with two boys who looked to be teenagers. I went out back in my bikini. I slowly did a striptease showing off my hot trashy milf body. I speak a little Spanish, but when it comes to fucking Mexican boys, no language is needed when you are standing in front of them naked. Even papa wanted some action. I don’t discriminate because of age. If papa had a hard brown cock, I would fuck him too. He did. They all three had hard brown cocks for my three fuck holes. Down and dirty in the grass of my vast back yard, we fucked like bunnies. I am sure my neighbors got quite the view. A white trash woman takes cock when ever she wants. I told the papa, if they keep fucking me like that, my husband and I will sponsor them for a visa. They have work to do that can’t be done by white labor. No white landscapers ever fucked me like they did.

Gather round for gangbang sex stories

gangbang sex storiesIt’s story time here in slutland so gather round for some gangbang sex stories! Today I’m going to tell you all a little tale of a whore named Donna, she was the biggest slut in the world and nothing could stop her from getting all the dick she craved. Well, some jealous old harpies didn’t like poor little slut Donna, they were mad that she kept taking their men so they hatched a plan to destroy her once and for all. They called all the men they could find and gave them one task, to fuck poor little slut Donna until she would never want to fuck again! The men were very eager, they had all seen Donna’s pretty pussy, lush ass and perky titties, and they wanted her bad! Well Donna walked right into their trap and soon had every fuckholes stuffed with cock, and the jealous old harpies thought for sure that she would soon be tired of cock forever. But that just didn’t happen! The more men that fucked her, the more dick she craved! Soon most of the town had fucked Donna but still she wanted more! There was just no satisfying Donna’s cravings for cock no matter how many men she fucked so those old harpies just had to go away disappointed in the end.

Drinking From Mommy’s Sloppy Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussyI love playing with my sloppy wet pussy for you. Guys loving hearing my sloppy pussy noises, so do my sons and daughters. I came home this morning from an all night gig, My offspring were getting ready for school; I had that freshly fucked look and smell. They asked questions. They wanted to know how many loads were inside my mommy pussy. I lost track. I worked a bachelor party last night for a bunch of young guys. They wanted a MILF whore to entertain them. They entertained me! My slutkins love hearing about my dirty tricks. I didn’t want them to be late for school and I was in no condition to drive them. I promised them all the nasty details when they came home. My youngest daughter was not feeling well, so I kept her home. Turns out all she needed to feel better was some protein out of mommy’s wet pussy. I put her between my legs and she licked up all the cum inside me. You would think I never feed the girl they way she was guzzling out of my cum filled cunt. It felt amazing to have her licking me like that. Cum does a body good. She took a nap after she cleaned me up, but when she woke up she wanted more. The only problem was that she had cleaned up all the cum inside me. That was an easy fix. I summoned the gardener to feed my baby girl. He was happy to help. I bet you would be too.

coke whore chronicles

sloppy wet pussy My boss told me I could have a bonus if I gave him a blow and my bum. I wasn’t going t say no to that. I went in his office and let him do lines after line of coke right out of my ass crack. I needed to do some too I was practically twitching for it. I needed it badly. Once I got my fix my sloppy wet pussy and all my holes.I have done it all chasing my love to be high. I let him fuck my twat till he knocked out. We were the only ones in the office anyways. I don’t mind being a jizz eating whore I love cock and cum and coke more than anything. I loved out new arrangement and was reaping all the benefits.

This Trailer Trash Whore Loves Teen Cock

trailer trash whoreThis trailer trash whore loves Fall. The weather is cooler, and the teen boys are back in school. I got up early this morning and sat on my couch naked. Normally, that might not be a big deal, but I have a huge window and the couch is right in front of it. I never use curtains either. When it is still dark outside, all those teen boys see walking to the bus stop is my hot naked body. I have been known to make a few boys late for school. Derek was just another tardy school boy. He was too busy fucking the trashy milf who lives near his bus stop to think about being punctual to school. Of course, I didn’t say that when I wrote him a note pretending to be his mother. Normally teen boys are wham bam thank you ma’am kind of fucks. Not Derek, he wanted to enjoy my mature pussy and ass for as long as he could. He is a good student too. The surprising thing about Derek is that he is a band geek boy. He isn’t a jock or a popular boy, but he may be now. I think I helped give him some swagger. He was a virgin when he left for school, but he was a man when he arrived at school. Likely, he still smelled like my cougar cunt. I taught him how to eat pussy. Any boy who can tongue a cunt like a porn star, will always be popular with girls and ladies alike. He plays the clarinet, so he has good mouth muscles. He also has a hammer of a cock. Under his band geek uniform and nerdy exterior was a sizeable cock for his age. If girls would look past his appearance and shy demeanor, I think they would thank me. He is one of the best fucks my ass and cunt have had from a boy his age.

Cum Dumpster Jonesing For a Fix

I am such a cum dumpster. I went out last night looking for some drugs. I needed a fix last night, but I had no cash. When you look like me and have a tight tiny cunt, well you don’t need cash to get party supplies. I went to this biker bar and announced I was down to fuck if anyone wanted to share their coke with me. I was not surprised at how many men jumped at the chance to fuck my tiny whore holes. I was doing blow off the bar and off cocks. Every guy in that place from the just 21 to the old perverts were lining up to take a turn at fucking me. The ones that didn’t have any magic powder, laid down cash. I was a gangbang whore in a biker bar. Turned out, bikers are great fucks. I mean holy shit they had hammers for dicks. Many of them were well over 8 inches too. I couldn’t keep up with all the horny old fucks, so I let some just circle jerk on me. Damn, what a total little fuck slut I was, but I got enough blow to last me the week. And bonus, I made enough money to pay the rent too. When you look like me, it is very easy to get what you want.

Cum dumpster

We tried something new

live phone sexI love erotic role-playing. I had a freaky Friday event at the cat house tonight.  I had three of my best whores dress in Armani Suits and Three of my best Customers wear skirts and heels. We were going on a field trip to the Mall. The twist was my sexy sluts were packing a thick strap-on and they were in charge of my men.  They were paying good money so after being humiliated in the mall my three sexy sluts took them to the park and it was dark. My Hoes raised those skirts to find hard cocks without any panties or underwear. My Boys were turned into sissy faggots with those asses being fucked hard and slobbering all over those huge strap cocks. I know because I have footage of the whole event. A slutty whore knows how to turn the tables, what I didn’t count on was that they would spread those pussy lips so easy for mouths and cocks.  Ass fucking and pussy drilling were so rampant that all my girls came home covered in dirt and cum. Well, I guess I cannot blame them when you send a big cocked man to do a sissy job it just doesn’t work. Next time I will send a couple millimeter peters into the world to be humiliated. I think you would be perfect Fagboy, let’s play.

Trashy milf Donna, that’s me!

trashy milf Trashy milf Donna that’s me! I grew up in a trailer and I love to party and fuck and if that makes me a trashy bitch, well, then so be it! I know for sure that I am never gonna change, I am just having way too much fun the way I am. The guys sure do love me too, I was at my house just chillin in the back yard barely dressed when like four of my neighbors came over. They were offering me all kinds of party favors so you know I jumped all over that shit. I got high as fuck and took off what little I was wearing. They were like damn baby you so fine, so I was like if I’m so fine why you ain’t fuckin me yet??? That was all it took y’all, they was all over me like animals! They were stuffing their cocks in every fuck hole and I was loving it! I was so high that I let them do whatever they wanted… and when they invited more guys over to use me I was down with that too! What can I say? I’m one nasty slut!

Many Cocks

Sloppy wet pussy I love having two dicks shoved inside my cunt! I love feeling them rub up against each other when they are pounding deep inside of me. I am so lucky my cunt is so fucking loose. I try to get three dicks in my cunt at once but have not been able to yet. But once I can I will try for four dicks in my cunt at once. I want to see if I can fit ten dicks in my cunt. Imagine ten fucking dicks all in my cunt at the same time pounding away at my cunt. I practice by shoving shampoo bottles, baseball bats, and 2-liter bottles in my cunt. I make a lot of money off my snatch and if I can fit several dicks at once in me my profit margin will triple.

Sexy hooker on the side of the road

Hookers for hireHookers for hire off of the side of the road are the filthiest and nastiest sluts that you will ever have the pleasure of playing with. There’s no limits to the fun that we love to have, the nastier and dirtier the better baby. I just parade around butt ass naked all day long while flashing my goodies to the passerbys. Some just honk and yell but others will stop and inquire about pricing, etc. I’ve made so much fuckin money just bouncing around these streets, it’s amazing how many horny ass men are out there just dying to get their dicks wet. I lost count how many times i’ve been fucked so far today, there have been dozens upon dozens of cocks in and out of my slutty holes and I love it!

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