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Being the Bachelor Party Treat

Hookers for HireSo, I go to this bachelor party looking for some extra cash. They always come extra horny, loaded with cash and looking for some strange. I wear my sexy black lingerie, position myself outside a bedroom door and wait. In no time these fools start lining up. I will happily take their money and show them a good time. One by one they enter the room and I please those horny cocks. I am an expert cock pleaser. I take those cocks and lick them from balls to head. I gently kiss those balls and the head like they have never been kissed. I open my mouth and take them completely down my throat allowing them to fuck my throat as hard as they like, with special attention given with my tongue. My tight little asshole is sure to please, and I enjoy backing my ass right up to them and giving them the best ass sex, they have ever had. My pussy is like a slice of heaven. They enter my slick bald pussy and fuck me so well. I wrap my pussy muscles around their dick bringing them to climax in no time. I will even stick my tongue in their assholes for the right price. After hours of fucking I look at all my cash and realize I was the real winner at this party. I make sure these guys have my number when I leave in case, they would like to schedule another good time with me.

Eating Mommy’s Slopping Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussyMy babies love eating my sloppy wet pussy. I came home last night from a frat party. I was the entertainment. Daddy has a client with a son in college. The frat house wanted a sexy milf, not a young stripper. This was a favor. I don’t often do jobs for my husband. Most men are paying for our super young little sluts. I like college boys, however. They have hard cocks and stamina. They need little down time when it comes to round two. I was happy to do this favor for my husband. The house looked like 50 boys lived there too. It smelled of stale beer and piss. Subtle hints of cum. I came home smelling the same way. I smelled more of cum than anything else. My sexy, young hookers for hire love the smell of cum. I got on all fours, under the Christmas tree, and my girls cleaned me up. I looked, smelled and felt like I had been gangbanged. Their eager little tongues went in and out of my cum filled holes. It was a special mommy and me moment. Daddy and I have raised them to be good little whores. They are quite the money makers too. But last night, they were just mommy’s sweet creampie sluts.

Selling My Throat for $100 a Blow Job

Hot Stripper SexAs the holidays are coming up my services are more in demand. Everyone wants a stripper at their parties. Saturday, I went to an office party for a bunch of bankers. They tend to be old, rich, cheap white dudes so I was not looking to make extra cash that night. But boy was I surprised. After giving lap dances to some of the guys and collecting the dollars they put in my G-string, a very nice-looking older gentleman approached me asking for a private session. He put out a $100 and asked for 30 minutes of my time. Hell, yes, I said. We went to another office and I had him sit in the chair and I gave him his own personal lap dance, rubbed my nice big tits across his face and straddled him. I could feel his cock getting hard and was pleasantly surprised at the size I was feeling. I was getting horny and generous as he was sweet. So, I unleashed that nice old guys dick and gave him a mind-blowing blow job. I licked his balls until I could feel them swell, I stroked that hard dick and licked it from base to head. I played with the head with my tongue and finally took his entire dick right down my throat till it was totally in my mouth and throat. By his reaction I could tell he wasn’t getting this type of dick service at home. I could see and hear the pleasure this man was getting so I took it deep and hard while playing with his asshole. Within minutes that old guy was blowing his load all down my throat. His eyes were bright as he cheerfully handed me another $100.00. He basically skipped out of the room. I sure hope he tells his friends to come on back. I will gladly sell my mouth for $100.00 a throat fucking. Soon enough there was a line out the door. I think this might be my most lucrative party of the season.

A Family of Sexy Prostitutes for the Holidays

sexy prostitutesDaddy and I and our band of young sexy prostitutes trimmed the tree last night. We are in the holiday spirit early this year. Daddy planned a little celebration with an overseas client who wanted the holiday family experience. He wanted to be daddy with lots of little ones and a sexy wife celebrating Christmas. That was the real reason we put up the tree before Thanksgiving. We were helping to set the stage for Daddy’s rich client fantasy. He was paying a shit ton of money to fuck me and three of our daughters and even one of our sons. His money would pay for our Christmas easily. I had my little slutkins call him Daddy because that was part of the package. We fucked by the fire. My little girls sucked his cock. He fucked our daughters and son. He fucked me too, all under the tree with a fire rolling. We treated him like family. He was loving it. He has a family back in his country, but he doesn’t have a trashy milf like me for a wife. Men who don’t have a wife like me don’t get to fuck their young girls. That is why my husband and I offer the family package to men with money. We made his Christmas fantasy cum true. Maybe we can make yours cum true too?

Trashy MILF Gives Back

trashy milfTrashy milf Beverly is already in the Christmas spirit. There is a young wounded solider, who lives in my trailer park. He is in a wheelchair. He was paralyzed in the line of duty in Iraq. With Thanksgiving this week, and Christmas around the corner, I was feeling charitable. I made him a pumpkin pie and decided to take it to him.  I was going to give him much more, but I needed an excuse to show up at his door. The rumor is he is hung, and it works. He has hired several prostitutes over the past year since his return. He is on a fixed disability income. He doesn’t need to pay for sex. Not when he lives near a trailer trash whore who loves to fuck. I could see the boner in his boxers as he saw me come towards him in a slutty outfit with a pie in my hand. I put the pie on the table and bent over to pull his cock out. “Looks like the important thing works,” I purred right before I slid my mouth down his cock. He was big. He was handsome and a war hero too. He deserved all the free sex he could handle. I made sure he knew my pussy was always open for him. I bounced up and down his throbbing shaft until we both came. I am going to be spreading more than just cheer with him.

Sometimes I am a Hooker

Hooker phone sexSometimes when I am in need of some funds for my partying ways, I will pimp myself out as a high-class nasty hooker. I recently received a call from a tried and true client asking if I would be willing to accompany him to his office Thanksgiving party. Free food, free booze and serious cash always get a yes from me. On the day of I take his credit card and get my sweet juicy pussy and asshole waxed, buy some naughty lingerie, a curve hugging dress and matching heels. He likes for all his employees to be drooling over the eye candy on his arm. I never disappoint him. I arrive via the limo he has sent to pick me up, waltz right in and take the elevator up to reception. I am quickly escorted to his office. He loves what he sees. My freshly waxed pussy rubbing against my silk panties has got me so horny. I decide we shall have a quickie before the festivities begin. I slide off my dress exposing my lingerie and juicy bald pussy as I drink a glass of champagne. He can’t control himself and being so wet I indulge with no resistance. He puts his head between my legs as I sip my drink and licks my clit, fingers my pussy and slides his fingers in and out of my freshly waxed asshole, until my juices are spilling all over his office table. I remove his pants and pull out his massive big black cock and gladly take it all the way down my throat. He is so turned on that he is throat fucking me so hard I struggle for air. I can feel his dick tighten and he blows his load right down my throat almost choking me with the thick salty liquid. Both satisfied, we clean ourselves up and go out to the celebrations. I left my panties in his office so he can stick his fingers in my wet hole whenever he likes as we sit for dinner and conversation with his employees. I could get used to this.

Hookers For Hire For Fucking Anal

I am in the anal category of Hookers for hire, and I got what you want baby. You love the idea of hooking up with a tranny and why the hell not baby, we got the tits and dick and a whole lot of hotness to offer. I remember hooking up with a guy through the defunct craigslist days. He was so fucking nervous and horny at the same time. I got him to relax with me as I slipped a little something in his drink. He loosened right up and popped that Viagra for good measure. I had so much fun with him, teasing him and making him into a good cock sucker for me. The best part was taking him in my backdoor and letting him get a little pitching in. But when I got him bent over and taking my nearly nine inches of tranny dick, that was the best. I made him my cum dumpster and he was a damned good receiver after he relaxed for me. I pumped him full and made him finish me off in his mouth, like a good boy, he swallowed.

Hookers for hire


A Warm Mouth Blowjob

Hot teen phone sex

The feeling of that warm mouth his says. Sucking on my hard cock his says. It makes me want to bust a gallon of cum down your fucking throat he says.

These are all the nasty things my gym teacher likes to say to me when I am giving his dick some head service behind the lockers. I always skip P.E. class. So to keep me from failing the gym teacher gave me a proposition. I am to meet him every morning during P.E. class and suck the skin off his stiff white cock. I look him in his eyes with pride. I want him to see how much I am enjoying becoming his little cum eating black whore. Coach Carlson always bust a huge load into my mouth and I stick out my tongue to show him Althea swallowed every last drop like the good little whore that I am. I will always obey his instructions. I like to be told what to do and how to do it even though I already know what I’m doing. I am such a submissive little bitch. I want to submit to all the white men in life. As I was taught by my mommy to do. She says closed lips or legs don’t get fed. I keep my legs open and my mouth even wider. I need a white dick or two to instruct me. Don’t you want to feel this warm ass mouth around your dick?

Teen Sluts Fucking

teen sluts fuckingMy husband loves our teen sluts fucking. Fucking him, fucking me, fucking our friends and fucking his clients. My husband has a best friend who is jonesing for some jailbait pussy. He has daughters at home, but he doesn’t have a wife like me. I told my husband we could share one or all our daughters with him and give him the daddy experience. I mean he is my husband’s best friend. They have known each other decades too. They are frat brothers from the 70s. This guy is super dirty but not filthy rich. He couldn’t pay for the daddy experience like most of my husband’s clients. But that is what friends are for, right? He came over last night for his surprise. Our middle daughter was in cotton panties and a see-through nightie. She looked sweet and innocent. Like Britney Spears, she is not that innocent though! When our friend saw our daughter, his eyes popped, and his cock got hard. My husband told his pal, she was all his for the night. I never saw a bigger smile on a man’s face. My husband told him Merry Christmas early and my daughter took him to one of the bedroom’s and made his dreams cum true. My daughter is great with daddy sex. She has been taking care of her own daddy for a few years now. And of course, she takes care of daddy’s clients too. If you are unable to fuck your own daughter because your bitch wife is not like me, then find a woman like me with a sweet young girl.

Blackmail or Blue Balls?

live phone sexThere’s no trash like white trash. Especially when she has a wet pussy and a craving for young cock and pussy. Mommy knows exactly what daddy needs. It’s all about the money though. I’ll let you do those wicked things you’ve always wanted to do, but it comes with a price. I won’t tell you this in advance, but every single taboo touch is being recorded and my plan is to threaten to tell your wife if you don’t pay me well. Wouldn’t she be shocked to find that her faithful, loving husband has a secret craving for tender, young boys or smooth, bald pussy. You’ll do anything to get it. Will you give more to keep on getting it? I think I know the answer, but I want to hear you admit it out loud. Very loud, as your cock squirts helplessly.

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