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Blacker the Berry

druggy porn

I don’t wanna brag or too my own horn but Nothing is better than this blackberry over here. When they say the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice They aren’t lying. No white snowflake got anything on this tight juicy pussy. Black girls also suck the best dick and we know how to swallow it whole just like a good slut and You haven’t lived until a sexy Carmel skin hottie has her big Fat juicy lips wrapped around your dick And I don’t know about any other girls but I do everything am willing to try it all you will see just come spend some time with be and you will get what you are looking for in a sexy slave like me.

Trashy MILF Blackmail

trashy milfThis trashy milf had to go to school yesterday to get her daughter out of trouble. She got caught with drugs in her locker. It was just a joint. A joint I gave her. She had an exam. She gets anxiety with tests. A drug sniffing dog went to her locker and the joint was found. In comparison to what was found in other lockers, her little joint was nothing. Schools have these silly zero tolerance policies for drugs and violence. I didn’t want her expelled or forced into home schooling. I know the principal of the school personally. He has a certain fetish for young boys that would ruin his career in public schools if it got out. I don’t think he knew I had a daughter in his school when he paid for my son’s young hairless cock. He looked like he saw a ghost when he saw me coming towards his office. I think he thought I was there to expose him as a P principal. I would have if he didn’t figure a way out of my daughter’s troubles. When you could lose your job, family and spend many years in prison, you get creative. He got my daughter out of trouble with the school police. As a reward, and assurance that if she was to get in trouble again in the future, he would get her out of trouble quickly, I had him over to play with my boys. A free play date. He has a weakness for young cock. He likes them before they grow hair. I filmed him blowing my youngest boy’s cock while my middle boy’s dick was up his ass. My daughter is going to get into trouble again. I have no doubt about that. She is a party whore like her mother. I know a lot of peoples’ dirty little secrets. Knowledge comes in handy when you need a favour.

Want a Video Of Yourself Fucking A Sexy Stripper?

stripper sex porn

I love making kinky stripper sex porn with the girls I work with. We have so much naughty fun letting guys come in and pay for dances. Then they always want more and we’re more than happy to give it to them. Just the other day the group of guys came in and we were dancing for them we could feel their cocks getting hard for us. One of the boys made a joke about wanting to watch us all get fucked. We were so ready to party and have some fun so we went back to their house. Us girls were all naked right away, dancing and touching each other. The guys loved watching us make out and start licking each other. We were getting so wet and kinky. One of the guys pulled out a camera and started recording us fucking. Before you know it, all of us had a cock pounding us and filling us with cum. the porn we made turned out so fucking hot and there was so much fucking cum! Now those lucky guys have a video of them fucking some sexy tight stripper sluts!

I Slid Down From Heaven On A Stripper Pole

hot stripper sex

I slide down from heaven on a fucking stripper pole and you better know it! I welcome all perverted men with a thick wallet and hard cock to come and play with this teen stripper. I ran away to sell my pretty pink fuck hole as soon as I was old enough to take a dick. I fucking love getting so much attention and cum. I’m a total fucking cum whore and I can’t get enough of the stuff. So when guys come into my club looking for some kinky hot stripper sex they come to me. They heard that I’m the nest fucking slut that will never say no. The rumors around town about me are true. I’ll do fucking anything you ask me to when we get in that back room. If your feeling really fucking naughty you can take this teen stripper to a hotel and pay me for the night. I might call myself a stripper instead of a hooker, but let’s be real, I’ll let you pay me to fuck me.

Hot hooker fuck

Hookers for hireLike mother like daughter, Mommy has trained me to be the hottest cum dump around. My well-fucked hooker cunt has been getting pounded and destroyed since I was just a youngster. The two of us have quite the reputation around town especially with all the attention that we receive from our filthy ads that we post online to lure people over to our whore house. Perverts love fucking hookers for hire… they line up as they anxiously await their chance to rail our dirty cunts. Mommy has all the drug dealers come over to play too. I’m filled up with so much druggy cum that I don’t even know which load belongs to who! I stay oozing and squiring out with fresh heaps of depraved baby batter. Mommy masturbates as she watches me get hammered, cock after cock sliding in and out of me! I’m so sore, swollen and tender but it hurts so good! She gets between my thighs and eats all the cum straight out of my prostitute pussy! We do lines of blow all day and all night long… the higher I get the hornier I become! All these disgusting men love how fuckin trashy and slutty I am, it only makes their dicks harder and more eager to fuck my skanky holes!

Druggy Porn Star and Whore Bartender

druggy pornI fancy myself a druggy porn star. I get high and I fuck like a porn star. Big D had some premium coke and weed. Huge bags of both for me. There was just a catch. He needed me to bartend a stag party for him. Bartend? I drink booze, I don’t make drinks. I tried to explain to Big D as much as I would love to get free party supplies, I can only open beer bottles. I lucked out. That was all that was required. Open beer bottles naked and service the guys at the party. Essentially, I was a hooker for hire. I was fine with making prostitution porn too. Being a whore is in my blood. My mom banged men for money. When I arrived at the party, the guys were shocked that I was a cougar. I think they were expecting a young stripper or something. I showed them my skills quickly. I was high as fuck, which brings out my nasty inner freak. I stripped down and got on top of the bar. Once I picked up beer bottles with my cunt and ass and served it to the men, they were sold that I was the perfect broad for the party. I have some nasty skills. One includes picking up a bottle from the wide end, opening the bottle with a bottle opener then pouring the beer bottle into a guy’s mouth. I have strong pussy muscles. They had never seen a woman serve beer like that before. Many guys were filming me. I would have worked this party for free I was having so much fun. By the end of the night, I was being a gangbang whore. I was bent over the bar getting cocks rammed in my ass and pussy. Every guy left that party happy. A few booked me for their bachelor parties too.

Dirty Phone Sex Mommy

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex mommies are the best. You don’t want to talk to a vanilla mommy because they are boring. I am a dominant mommy. I don’t beat my brood, but I use discipline when necessary and sometimes when I know it is what they want. My oldest daughter is a kinky little pain slut. She has been doing some fetish nude modeling. She has a fake id, so she could get into the business while still in high school. She wants to be a porn star. She has lots of fucking under her belt if that counts as experience. Between family fucking and being part of our hookers for hire family, she has a high mileage cunt and ass. Last night, she was feeling extra naughty. Pain slut extra naughty. She craves bare bottom spankings like her momma craves cum. We have a discipline room for kinky family fun. It is filled with BDSM equipment. She wanted to be the star. I wrangled up her siblings and daddy. She stripped naked. I restrained her to the pony horse we use for ass fucking and punishment. I went first on her naked teen ass. I gave her a solid 20 minutes of hand spankings until my arm was sore and her ass was red. Her siblings went next. They took turns giving her whacks like they were playing the drums. He bottom was bright red and starting to bruise, but she begged for more. She wanted daddy to spank her last. He used a belt. Now, that hurt. She cried. She loved it though. I would be a bad mommy if I didn’t give her what she wanted, right? We were all horny afterwards, so we engaged in some family fun. If you like freaky phone sex, I know freaky. I live freaky.

Hookers For Hire

Hookers For HireI was in need of cash yet again, man this habit is getting to expensive. So I had put my ad back out and waited it out a little and not soon after I got an answer. I let him know I would be there in about 20 minutes. When I pulled up to the house it looked kind of like something out of a horror movie, I wasn’t going to question it this guy was paying more than my asking by a lot. It felt creepy, the house looked run down and it had boards on some of the windows. I went to go knock but the door was open ajar. I walked in and said “Hello, is anyone there”? This really creepy looking guy greeted me and told me he had the money down in his cellar and he would be right back up. I sat down on this chair and I started rubbing my pussy to get in the mood with this creepy dude. He came down and was naked and came up to me, slapped my face and told me to bend over. I was freaking out inside but I need this, so I did and he shoved it in my ass really hard. As he was fucking me I could tell he had no condom, and my ad said a raincoat. I got up and tried to get away. He wrestled me to the floor and held me down including my head and just kept fucking me until he jizzed in my ass and then he punched me. I was scared, I took the money and ran out of there. I need to find a safer route of this whole hooking thing.

Pay Me And I’ll do Anything You Want


This guy came into our club when I was stripping the other night looking for sexysexy prostitutes prostitutes. He was in the right place, every girl in the place will fuck you for money. They’ll do any kinky thing you can think of. So, when I was grinding my pussy on his cock and he asked me if I wanted to fuck somewhere I asked him how much he would pay to get inside my pretty pink fuck hole. My pussy tingled when he whispered in my ear how much he would pay to fuck me for the entire night. I left work immediately and went to a hotel with him. Everyone stared when we walked through the lobby, I had on the tiny dress that I wore at the strip club and a pair of fuck me heels, it was obvious I was his hooker he was taking up to his room to fuck. I didn’t care, my pussy gets wet from being such a fucking whore. I let him pound me the entire night in my ass and pussy.

You don’t have to say much to get the good  

Hookers for hire


Right now I’m feeling so self-conscious I have such a low self-esteem that I’ll fuck one I’ll do anything, it’s not funny but as I look in the mirror I have to laugh to myself. Everyone is so quick to say you’re so beautiful and all this fucked-up compliments but something in my brain is fucked up it makes it hard to believe what anyone says. The nature of my mental issues crippled me from good decision making it’s almost like that I don’t want to make a good decision because I’m afraid I’ll have to be responsible for it so instead I go out I listen to the first stupid asshole that lies to me and tells me all this bullshit to get in my pants and I fuck him. I used to hate myself for that but now my soul is just dry and it needs to have cum spraying all over it to give it some moisture that’s my fucked-up existence I’m a fuck toy. Joy for guys that don’t deserve me that’s who I am.


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