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White Trash Phone Sex is So Much Fun

white trash phone sex

White trash phone sex is so much fun when you no longer live in the trailer park. I know I am a trophy wife. All the women in my community know it too. They look down on me because I am a slut and from the wrong side of the tracks. My husband is very wealthy, but he is a self made man. He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth either. The difference is he has the money. I just spend his money. I earn him money too. If those stuck up bitches realized that the new community center was funded on my trashy Milf pussy and ass, they would choke. My husband is very generous with his money. Between his business and his family of whores, he can afford to be charitable. He is accepted into our snobby community because of his bank account only. The ironic thing is that these housewives of Santa Barbara that look down on me have so many dirty secrets of their own. I have fucked all their husbands. There has been plenty of pillow talk about these women from their husbands. One of the bitch wives tried to kick me out of a PTA fundraiser. I baked cookies like the rest of them. I have young ones at the school like them too. She thought I looked too sexy for a school function. Nonsense. I wasn’t taking her bull crap. I told her if she didn’t stop bullying me, I would tell all her friends her big record producer husband enjoys wearing girl’s panties and that I know she loves big black cock. The look of shock on her face was worth it. She never called my bluff. She just dropped the insults and harassment. During the back sale, I took her son behind the bleachers and gave him a blow job. I made sure to tell him to let his mommy know. These prude bitches will never have the upper hand on me.

A Sloppy Wet Pussy is the Hallmark of a Hot Time

sloppy wet pussyI love having a sloppy wet pussy. It is the hallmark of a good time. Last night, my husband arranged a party train for me and my oldest girl. He supplied the men and the coke, we supplied the pussy and ass. My oldest daughter is hoping to break into porn. She has decided that she enjoys fucking so much, she wants to make a career out of what she loves most. She is different than me. I like fucking just for fucking. She likes making money from fucking. She has been doing some sugar daddy sites to hook up with rich men willing to pay top dollar for teen pussy. She likes daddy being her pimp, but she wants to travel too. So, being daddy’s gangbang whore with her mother is not what she wants to do indefinitely. We had fun last night sharing about 20 cocks. We were paid well too, but I never need money to be a whore for my husband. I love helping him get in good favor with big money clients. No other contractor in the area is offering up milf and jailbait pussy as incentive to sign with his company. The way I see things, I owe my husband everything for rescuing me from the sticks of West Virginia. I feel like Mrs. Jefferson every day because I sure did move on up. My husband doesn’t need the money these men pay for my daughters and I to fuck them. They aren’t paying street prices. They get a hell of a deal. High class and young pussy like ours goes for top dollar on the streets. My husband just wants a paper trail, so he can keep his clients in check. It is not blackmail as much as it is security. My daughter and I were dirty whores for daddy last night. And we loved every minute of it.

No Taboo Phone Sex

no taboo phone sexNo taboo phone sex is the only kind to do. I mean if I worked for some vanilla site, I wouldn’t be able to talk about my little slutkins. Every day on Facebook, I see people complaining that their brats won’t do anything for their allowance. They just expect to be given money for free. Not my little ones. My fuck trophies love earning money. They earn money the old-fashioned way, just like their mommy.  On their backs, sometimes on all fours and often on their knees. They love the money that being whores brings them. Sex sells. It always will too. Young hookers for hire bring in the most money. Last night we had a family orgy, just not with daddy. Daddy was there watching, but we were entertaining some of his clients. Six of them to be exact. These clients paid top dollar to fuck me, my daughters and even my sons. My boys are at that age that from behind you can’t tell if they are boys or girls lol! It was so much fun. Very kinky fun. My sons fucked me and their sisters. Clients fucked us all. And, I licked pussies and ass full of cum clean. Jealous you weren’t there? I will tell you all the dirty details.

My Daughter is a Big Dick Sucker Too

big dick suckerIf the mother is a big dick sucker, there is a good chance so is the daughter. I am proud of my daughter’s cock sucking skills. She brought home a guy for us to share last night. He is one of her sugar daddies. This fat cat is young for a sugar daddy. He is in his thirties, so he is older than my barely legal slut, yet younger than me. He told my daughter he had a threesome fantasy. Not just any fantasy either; he wanted a mother and daughter fantasy. He asked her to find an old whore to play her mother. He had no clue that his sugar baby would get her actual mother to join in. Sheltered boy. I guess he thought mothers and daughters sharing cock was just in porn movies. I was happy to help my daughter make her patron’s fantasy cum true. It was not like I wasn’t getting anything out of it. She showed me pictures of his cock. It was big even though it was white! The tip was crocked which often means g-spot orgasms for the women.  Her sugar daddy commented how much we looked alike. He praised my girl for finding the perfect cougar to be his mommy. As we were devouring his cock together, I told him his young lover came from my snatch. He thought I was joking until I showed him my driver’s license. His cock got harder when he realized I was not just some random trashy milf, but his girl’s mommy. My girl and I have shared a lot of men in our lives. He was not our first. I licked her bald pussy and guided his fat dick into her puffy mound. I licked his balls as he went in and out of her. You better believe I licked the cum out of her cunt too. He was so satisfied, he even tipped me. I’m going to use the money to have a kick ass party this weekend, so I can get gangbanged.

Worthless whore

trailer trash whoreI was hanging out at my friend’s house for poker night when I met this guy Justin Bobby. He was a redneck, and he had pornstache. He was not my type at all, but I heard some stuff about his bedroom skills. My friend Lydia told me she fucks him all the time. I wanted to see if she was right I was incredibly horny and wanted a nice fuck so bad. I went over there and wore some daisy dukes and a short halter top. I was trying to impress Justin. He was excited because after a couple of hours of flirting he took the initiative and invited me over to his place.

He was drunk out of his mind and started to get rough with me. He called me a slut and a trailer trash whore and was getting upset cause I wouldn’t suck him the right way. I can’t believe he was able to get the rope and tape from the garage because he was so fucked up . I must have been much more fucked up in the head than him because I was getting so turned on by his roughness. He wasn’t interested in fucking my pussy he wanted my ass, and he took it. I had never gotten fucked so hard in my ass he loved it, and I was so tensed and orgasming so much that I  pissed all over him. He got mad and started to put his cock in my mouth and pissed in the mouth. He was laughing so hard and loved that I was roped up and stranded


Orgy With Me Baby


Hookers for hire


I knew I was the sluttiest whore ever when I was just a little tit teaser and now that I have these beautiful bodacious jugs and I am truly coming into my own. I knew I was ready for the orgy league when I saw Kate and Stan a super sexy married couple that loves to do the most sexually open things. They both had been wanting me since they saw me at the apartment swimming pool tanning out in the sun. Kate approached me first she told me how beautiful I was she said her husband was so infatuated with my tits and he had to meet me. I smiled out of flattery and I agreed to go over and meet Stan. They invited me back to their apartment to have some fun. I was so horny my pussy was on over drive lusting for this experience. Stan’s cock is a long ten-inch fat head I couldn’t wait to get it into my mouth and Kate is so got damn hot she is a fucking sex goddess. We had an orgy that you would not believe the two of them invited a few other girls and guys.

I Love Getting Peed On And Being A Pig

Golden Showers Sex

I love being treated like the cum dumpster that I am. I am a piece of trash, no good for anything but well I’m not sure. My neighbor and I went through back page and we picked out the most perfect whore. I put in some of the money for the dumb bitch and we had rented the nastiest little motel that rents by the hour. Kind of scary I was even going to put my ass on that bed. My neighbor had brought her over and since she is a whore she has to do what we want, we put in some good cash for this slut. We had also gathered about 8 other guys and they were their naked ready to do their thing.

They started hovering around her and they were jacking off. I told that bitch to open her mouth, and I grabbed her by the back of her hair and I held her head back. She opened her legs and was getting pounded while getting cum all over in her mouth. I am such a pig for sloppy seconds. I love them so much I got in on it and opened my mouth and some of the guys starting peeing on us and wanted us to drink it. I was in heaven and I did. The other cunt was crying and I was laughing and started spitting some of the pee on her. They were peeing in our hair and I was rubbing it in. If you want to know more and I do mean nasty shit call me and I will gladly tell you.

You Get What You Pay For

Hookers For Hire

I am getting tired of getting these dumb bitch hookers. I like to switch and at times be the hooker esp when I need to get that cash. I love some of my regular clients, they make me feel wanted lol, that isn’t really the point but it makes things easier. I try to tell them to treat me like a cum dumpster and some can’t really seem to do that and of course some think they are going to save you from this. If I didn’t need the money I would do the things I do for free.

I put my ad out and within 15 minutes got a couple hits for an appointment. I didn’t recognize the individual, but, I proceeded and I know he isn’t any fuzz, so I agreed to meet him in this kind of fancy hotel. I usually get taken to sleazy dumpy motels, well that is where sluts and whores belong anyway. I met up with him and as soon as we walked into the room there were some party favors on the table, some rock music playing and about 10 guys there. Now as a whore you have to do what the jon wants but I love it.

They were naked and he commanded me to get on my knees and take my shirt off so they could see my breasts, they started coming up to me and I opened my mouth and they started jacking off and coming all over my mouth and it was going down my chin. I was instructed to keep it in my mouth, hold it there. I did and more came and then a guy picked me up and started fucking me while I was being treated like a total cum dumpster. I made like 200 that night, but, like I said I would have done it for free. I am that nasty of a ho and I loved every second.

Slave whore

cum filled cuntthe other day was walking down the street and I got pulled in by the guys next door. Again they had something up their sleeves. They told me they wanted to fist me and make my pussy their cum filled cunt. I already knew the drill with them. All they really wanted was a slave whore. A slave whore they can take out all their frustrations on. The oldest one started to bring me inside the house and begun to tear my clothes off with the help of the others. It was so so aggressive but of course, it was turning me on. They stripped me naked and started to pull out a camera they made me tease my pussy on video. They wanted to pimp me out to a ton of guys an get all the incentives. Of course, I listened, I didn’t want to get tortured and fucked even harder. I was horny at the thought of being a fucking slave slut.

Hookers For Hire

Hookers For Hire

My neighbor wants to fuck but his wife doesn’t want to share and is a prude. He comes over when she is away and I had an idea one night when the dumb bitch was away and of course he was at my door. He had a hit with me and I told him that we were going to go online and look for a hooker that we could hire and go to a sleazy motel and I want those sloppy seconds. So we found our hooker and brought her to this nasty ass motel and we both got on the bed and started sucking his cock. He pushed me away and starting fucking her pussy and bent me over and put it deep in my ass and then kept switching. When he was about to come he jizzed on both our faces and watched us lick it off each other’s faces.

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