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Dirty Phone Sex Family Fun

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex is the best. I am the woman you call for your more perverted desires. I am a female pervert. I like little ones too. I talk to guys daily about their love for for pretty young things. I like fantasizing about you fucking one of young daughters. I have no virgins anymore, but they are very tight still. I make good money from those holes. Trust me. Men like to pay just for a sweet young thing. They pay good too. When a girl is tight, they don’t know if she is a virgin or not. They never had anything that tight on their dick before, so the assumption is always that she is a virgin, especially when that young. Jealous?  Money buys you anything, including young hookers for hire. Last night, a black business man bought the ass of my youngest girl. We have sold her anal cherry a few times. It is easy to do because the ass is a very elastic muscle and it often bleeds when the cock is big regardless if a virgin or not. Unless a porn star, who is getting big black dick 10 times a day, an ass will stay tight. Reggie had a 10 inch cock. Do you know how much a young asshole gapes from a ten inch, very thick black cock? It gapes enough that I can spit into it from across the room. I was masturbating as I watched Reggie gape my baby’s butt hole. I also sucked the cum out of her ass. I love an anal cream pie. Do you?

Mini hookers for hire

Me and my daughters are the nastiest and freakiest cum dumpster you will find on the truck lot. We are hungry for money, cum and cock. I tell my girls before every shift that I do not care what it takes. Give him what he wants, let him put his dick or any other appendage in any hole he wants and make mamma that money. I busted my ass taking care of my girls and now my daughters get to help take are of me. I have a no birth control policy because the more help we have to pay the bills, the better.

Hookers for hire

If they get knocked up while they are spreading them legs, cunts and assholes, then good. I want a big family. I want lots of cunts to help pay the bills and be good little fuck slaves and lot lizard whores for me. I have taught my girls the necessary things they need to please a man, they know their place and they all know how to please. They have no excuses for not bringing me home money every night.

Hot Stripper Sex with Deanna

hot stripper sexYour daddy brought you into the strip club for your 21st birthday. After all what 21-year-old wouldn’t want some hot stripper sex. The girls and I always have so much fun with you young ones. We brought you up on the stage and started shaking our luscious big tits in your face as your dad and friends were cheering things along. I helped you take off your shirt because I knew things were going to get messy. Plus we wanted to see your hard 21-year-old abs. I sat down on your lap. I could feel your big hard cock throbbing through your pants. I placed my tit in your mouth and one of the girls started pouring tequila on it. It was running down from my big tit into your mouth. Then we switched tits. You and I were becoming a tequila covered mess. She stopped pouring and sprinkled some salt all over my big tequila covered tits. I told you to lick and suck it all off. As you were doing that I started bouncing up and down on your pants covered cock until I felt your warm gooey cum leaking through your pants.

Live Phone Sex Show

live phone sex

Live phone sex means you talk to dirty women like myself when ever you want. I work from home; if you can call this work. It’s hardly work considering I’m getting paid to talk dirty and masturbate. You wish you had my job. Last night, I was partying and playing. I had a long call. He was partying too. He wanted to hear all my dirty mommy stories. Dirty mommy tales are something I am in abundance of these days. I have sons and daughters. I play equally with both. My sons are my fuck machines. My daughters are my cunt lickers. Both are my money makers. I am a madam to my own brood. Nicer than a typical madam because my brats keep their money. Less money my husband and I must spend on them. Today’s boys and girls cost a pretty penny. But guess what? Guys pay a pretty penny for sexy prostitutes who are jail bait. My caller enjoyed my many stories of dirty old men popping cherries and paying to get freaky with an extremely young girl or boy. As I was telling him some of our family tales, I got a text from a client requesting a mother daughter show. I multitasked. Best job ever. I talked dirty about my littles one while arranging a sex show for money with my youngest daughter and myself. And, I was doing coke and masturbating. Life is good.

Fucking My Best Friend’s Dad For Pain Pills

Druggy Porn


My bestie clued me in that her pops has a hella big stash of pain pills because he doesn’t even take them anymore and obviously I saw the window of opportunity open up. She insisted that her sweet daddy was always horny and had made a few comments about how pretty I was which made her a little uncomfortable and even jealous. (You know how we girls are, we love to keep our daddies all to ourselves.) But she had this great idea that maybe I could come by casually and we could all play together after presenting the idea to him that I would obviously need to get a little high first. And oh my god, we had a blast! Her daddy had this crazy sex toy that had so much power you had to plug it directly into the wall! I took a fist full of those pills and went into a state of bliss while they pulled my legs open and put that vibrator up to my little bald cunt. Vibrating my clit almost off completely. I walked away with what was left of his stash for the month and now he wants our playtime together to be a regular thing in exchange for the pills! Perfect arrangement for a druggy slut like me, right?

Drunk fuck

Drunk phone sex

I kind of like getting fucked up and getting laid, sometimes the guy takes longer and that lets me get off a lot more. I don’t go to bars often, usually too busy, but I have met johns at bars for the initial meeting. Rarely just to meet men, but I was having a particularly shit day so I went to have a drink at a local watering hole. This hot but very intoxicated guy started to hit on me, I was fine with it but he seemed a little too drunk. I thought fuck it, I want to get laid.

I poured him into my car and sped off to my place. He was barely understandable, but when he slid his hand under my shirt and started expertly playing with my tits I was excited. Not just by what he was doing, but looks like the boy has skills. We got back to my place and fuck yes! He picked me up and threw my legs around his waist and walked me to the bedroom I was directing him to.

This man laid me out of the bed like I was a quest to conquer, but it was so fucking hot. He did everything slowly, took my pants off, my shirt, my panties. He got me completely naked then unzipped his pants just a bit to show his nature trail. He laid down next to me and just teased me, it was so erotic. He played with my tits and would make his way down to my clit, play a little then go back to my tits. He made me orgasm in so many ways before he even took his clothing off. Once he did, he really let out the beast. He fucked me in ways I had never experienced before. He fucked me all night, making me squirt, cum and just plain exhaust me.

….. Morning….

Blazing headache, I drank too much last night but, aah what a great wet dream I had last night. Wait, there is a warm body next to me.

Party Favor

Gangbang whore

It was the party of the summer my pimp young one was turning into a man today. He was giving him a private party and he wanted his best hoes there.  I knew this little brat since his little ass was still sucking bottles.  We had everything drinks and all most importantly we had PUSSY and lots of it.  I picked the girls for this event we had to have top notch bitches and yes this was a party to break a new hoe in too.  She was pretty they type my pimp liked young and dumb as hell.  This pill popping whore was perfect to take the Birthday youngster virginity.  This was a proud moment for our Pimp he son was about to fuck his first hoe.  Instead of a traditional cake he had a fuck cake.  It was our pussy out so he could have his way with who ever.  He said he never ate pussy before so I taught him.  I placed my pussy right in  this fuckers face he started to lick the icing off my pussy like a lollipop.  It was time to break this hoe after that.  I held her legs open as he slid his half hard cock inside her sloppy wet pussy.  This little fucker started to cum after three strokes.  I had to put the strap on to show him how to fuck these hoes.  I pounded into this bitch pussy until she started to beg me to fuck her.  She had cum hard and that was trouble for her.  If you cum hard for a trick then  they can convince you not to take their money.  Our pimp had to show the young one how to handle hoes like this and keep them under control.  He was excited to see Daddy work this bitch over as we gangbang her to act right.

Dinner Date At The Truck Stop

Hooker phone sexSome redneck, white trash trucker called me up and wanted my slutty ass to come and meet him at the truck stop for a car date because he was going to be driving through town and wanted his dose of me! Can’t say that I blame him, i’m pretty fucking irresistible! My wet pussy pulsates when i’m parading around the truck lot! Last time I went and met up with this hick ass mother fucker, he ate out my dirty cunt for hours, you would have thought that I was his last meal on Earth! He calls me his little lizard because I have a wild tongue when i’m sucking his throbbing dick! It’s super nasty and gross looking and tasting but that doesn’t matter to a nasty whore like me, i’m in it for the money honey! This time when I went and saw him, it was the same as last, he ate me out for hours! His cock and balls smelled so fucking bad from all the sweat and body odor that’s been caked on to them while he had been driving, I was gagging as I was sucking on him but his cum shot was well worth it! He always has loads and loads of fresh gooey jizz for me! I’m the most scrumptious, naughtiest dinner date that a trucker could have during their rest!

Mom taught me

Hooker phone sex

I am a known hooker I can’t help it. Ever since I was a young one I was into fucking and getting money.  Now I’m grown and my pimp sees my worth and how I can almost talk my way to getting away with any and everything.  My mom was my first pimp.  I didn’t recognize it at first but now looking back.  She most definitely was my pimp.  She would have parties at the house to help pay the bills.  So if I guy started looking at me she would offer me up.  She would always tell me if you want something you have to lay down and get it.  The first time I turned trick I wasn’t even in High school.  I made like two hundred dollars but my mom said bills first and whatever is left was mine.  I thought I was making money because I was banging out at least a thousand a week and that was a slow week.  These old ass men loved my tight little body.  The things my mom taught me kept them coming back for more.   She said all men love young tight pussy so always keep it clean and tight.  Making a man feel like he the only one fucking your money box will keep them paying for it.  I could squeeze my pussy so tight them old men would start shaking like they was having a seizure.  One man even cried at how good my pussy was.  My mom was a great teacher of what I could do with my pussy.  Even taught me if you can’t squirt piss on them they don’t know the difference.  Everything I learned about the game came from her.

Whiny crybaby hoes

I grew up as a fuck slave, daddy and mommy whored my pussy and asshole out like I was a hotel. I was used, fucked, stuck, slapped, gagged and so much more. I know the harsh realities of it. But you know what, I am not whining or being a little sissy bitch about it either. I grew to like it. I love getting my fill and being put in my place, being used as a human toilet, having my pussy and asshole pounded and used as a cum dumpster. So when I see these cry babies who cannot keep their whiny ass mouths closed about how much their asshole hurts or about how men treat them so bad, I want to tell them to shut the fuck up and use what you got. Your pussy, titties, asshole and mouth. If you make the men happy, they give you the money to keep you happy. Little whiny crybaby hoes. Grow up!


Hookers for hire

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