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Fisting whore peasant

Fisting whore is what I am now, I got a message from my master, he told me he wouldn’t be around but not to worry I would definitely be put to work I had no idea what he meant last time he sent me a similar message I was being banged by three guys, moments later a sports car pulls up, It was her my masters wife, the same evil bitch who loves to inflict pain all over my body. She walked right in and told  me to strip and kneel, I wasn’t even prepared to be taking orders so soon, but I knew I had too, she made her way to my pussy and start to hurt it and started to fish me without using lube and she began to stretch my pussy out the more I cried and begged for her to have mercy the more she began to do it even harder, When she was done she let me know I had to eat her pussy for hours till she could cum over and over again. fisting whore

Dripping Cummy Pussy

Cum filled cunt




One sensation that some might miss out on is a dripping cummy pussy. I love the feel of warm cum seeping from my pussy after I have been fucked hard and used. A cum filled cunt, warm and sticky from my pussy juices and your hot load of cum inside me slowly soaking my panties as I drive home makes me feel satisfied. Whether it’s a date or a trick I don’t care, just as long as I get a nice big load. Pump your cum into my ass or right in my pussy where my pussy muscles will contract with every spurt, sucking that cum out of your cock. And when you pull out I can look down and watch you cum, it is spilling out and still a few smaller spurts just to make sure those balls are empty.

Teen Sluts Fucking Pays the Bills

teen sluts fuckingTeen sluts fucking bring me money. I love being the madam of my jailbait whorehouse. Even during a bad economy, sex sells. Taboo sex, sells more. Toby was very clear about what he wanted. He wanted a bevy of young girls to pee on him while he jacked his cock. I don’t judge. We all have our kinks, right? He also wanted it filmed for his spank bank. Whatever a client wants, a client gets if the money is right. Toby’s money is always right. We had a plastic tarp down on the floor in the living room. My daughters had full bladders thanks to big glasses of lemonade. Toby stripped naked and laid down in the center of the tarp. My girls danced around him while he stroked. They took turns peeing on him. Some peed on his cock, some in his mouth. He was super hard. At one point he was guzzling little girl urine like it was lemonade on a hot day. I filmed it, getting wet at what dirty little whores I raised. Even my sons joined in on the pissing games. We have pissed on Toby before, but this time he got even kinkier than usual. He wanted my sons to run a train on his ass and piss up his backdoor pussy. My sons are no different from my girls. They will do anything if the price is right. My three sons made Toby their bitch. When Toby could take no more, we called it a night. My boys continued their train on their whore mommy. I was not ready to call it quits yet. Toby texted me later that night to book another session with my sexy prostitutes for this weekend. This time he wants my little girls to shit on him. Like I said, we do anything if the price is right and we never judge.

sexy prostitutes

Trucker Fucks


hookers for hire


Once again the town has been totally dry and I’m having to outsource my fix needs to the neighboring
town. Which is great because no one really knows what a super whore I am. I went to this sports bar
right by the highway and met a few truckers. They thought I was the sexiest little thing they had ever
seen in awhile so I agreed to fuck all four of them in exchange for some Tina. They loaded the pipe then
proceeded to double stuff all my holes with cock and cum. Shit- I couldn’t even tell what was going on
because I was so fucking high. I could just smell their nasty sweaty balls and salty bodies all over me.
Fucking my titties, literally biting my butt cheeks and cleaning the shit out of my asshole. They even
called some of their buddies on the radio and had them all join in. By the end of it, I couldn’t sit for days
but they let me leave with a sack full of crystal and a little bit of mary jane.
Looks like I found my new favorite bar, huh?

A particular fetish

Blonde phone sex

One of my clients has a very particular fetish. He never wants to fuck. When he calls he tells me exactly what he wants me to wear from head to toe. How he prefers my hair, makeup, bra, panties … everything, but I don’t mind he pays and tips really well.
I’m instructed on what to do step by step thereafter as well. I knock three times on the hotel door and then enter. He is always in the corner of the room; he sits in a darkened corner and doesn’t turn on any other lights than what keep him hidden. I take my place at the edge of the bed, turn to be inspected and then slowly remove all clothing. Turning to face him with the most erotic parts about to be exposed, I turn around touch the floor with my hands and reach up and slide my panties down. The thong slips out from between my ass and then I am supposed to let them drop to my feet. I take a few steps back until I feel his hand on my ass, I lift one leg then the other so he can take the panties. The whole time he is doing that, he has shoved his thumb up my cunt. I assume it’s to see if I am wet or how wet. He seems to have a huge thumb because my knees nearly buckle every time from the sensations. I take my two steps forward, sit on the corner of the bed, exposing my clit and play with myself. As I play he instructs me on how fast, what direction, even when to finger fuck myself. It is actually quite erotic and he knows it because I can hear the delight in his voice as he instructs me and denies me orgasm until he feels like it’s time. Halfway in he has me stand, turn and walk back into his thumb again to make sure I’m not faking it I think. When he finally says I can cum I almost always gush all over the floor because he has me so worked up and horny. Even though I’m fairly certain he isn’t jerking off I still hear him cum while I am cumming. Definitely one of my favorite calls to get because I know I will cum very hard that night.

Hookers for hire

Hookers for hireHookers for hire. We love being the slut whores you desire. I know that fucking your wife gets boring and you want to sneak out and fuck a nasty slut. I get it all the time, Guys are so sex deprived and just want to be able to fill prostitute sluts like me and just use that cunt and call it a day. I like being paid to fuck. I feel like I am needed.  I live in a small town and everyone knows everyone. Everywhere I go I see someone who has paid for my pussy. It’s getting so bad that the word is out. Pretty soon I’m going to have to go to another city or possibly another state. It’s so easy to get caught up in being a sex slut, You start to be a cock addict quick. I get that yearns to be fucked all the time. The more times I get dick down the more I want it. Sex is the ultimate addiction.

Anal Sex Whore Admits What He Is

Anal sex whore

When you call me as a john and order something special, I’ll do what I can to accommodate my clients. That is what a hooker is for right? If I don’t do your fantasies why are you paying me! Anything you have on your mind?
One of my clients, very quiet and soft-spoken, but actually a CEO rarely asks for anything out of the ordinary sex realm. I’m assuming he is a lot more assertive in public than he is with me, I don’t think he would be CEO like this. After we talked for a minute I finally got him to tell me what he wanted. “I want to be your sissy anal sex whore.” He said and as he looked at me I think he was expecting me to be repulsed or something, nope! So I went to my bag o fun… and pulled out a really nice strap on. His eyes suddenly sparked and I saw the immediate boner in his gabardines. I sat him down in one of the hotel chairs and slowly stripped my pants off, but instead of getting totally naked right away, I pulled the strap-on up and smiled at him. “Stand up and take off all your clothes, I want to check out your ass and asshole,” I told him. I could tell this was exciting him a lot and he was eager to try. I brought my strap-on cock to his lips after telling him to kneel on the floor. He wasn’t too sure about putting it in his mouth but I reminded him it’s not the main place he should be considering. With authority, I told him to put his face on the floor, ass in the air and spread that ass for me. I lubed up the strap-on cock and slid it over his asshole a few times the plunged the head in. Just the head not balls deep, and he groaned loudly. “Good?” I asked. He couldn’t really speak, just nodded. So I kept going, inch by inch my strap on invaded his virgin asshole, spreading him open for all future ass fuckings. Soon I was balls deep in his man pussy and started to fuck him hard. He was enjoying it so much he seemed to have a bunch of orgasms, but hard to tell with a quiet guy. I told him to get up on the bed with legs in the air; I stepped up between his legs and guided my cock up his ass. I fucked him even harder and stroked his cock, but that was the edge for him. His cock starting shooting cum and I mean shooting… yup got the ceiling. When the session was thru this soft-spoken man became CEO and started taking calls on his cell while he dressed. Wow, what a difference! As he walked out he stopped and looked right at me and said: “I’ll be your strap-on whore anytime.”

Anal Cum Dumpster Training

anal cum dumpster

I love being an anal cum dumpster. When I was a young little hooker for my parents, guys loved fucking my bottom. I hated it. It hurt. You would think hating anal sex as a young girl, I would grow up to hate it still. Not the case. I can have my ass fucked all day. Here is the thing about ass sex. I can be on my period or knocked up and still take cock up my ass. You can have 12 inches of rock hard cock and get it all up my ass. You don’t hit internal organs up my ass. The sky’s the limit in my asshole, so to speak.  I have been teaching my youngest daughter how to be an anal sex whore like me and her sisters. I have been using toys on her baby butt hole in preparation for daddy’s dick. She is the only ass virgin left in the house. She has been telling me she wants a cock up her butt like me and her big sisters. She was literally asking for it. She was sucking her brother’s cock as I fingered her asshole today. She paused for a moment and turned to me. She said, “Mommy, I want something bigger.” She always gets what she wants. She is the princess of this house. I put my favorite glass dildo up her young rosebud and she was purring in delight. Clearly, I waited too long to train her on how to be an ass whore.

All my fuck holes are open for use

Hookers for hire

Do hookers for hire have to do anal? Fuck yes we do! I love getting fucked hard in the ass. It gets my pussy purring and wet. Just yesterday I had a john who asked if he could fuck me in the ass. I was a little confused by his question, why wouldn’t I want him to? I told him I love anal sex and double penetration is even more fun, so he could do what he wanted. All my fuck holes are open for use. My favorite is when you first push your cock into my ass, that first time my asshole spreads for you is so hot. When you really start to pound my ass is when the big fun begins, fuck me nice and hard and you will have my pussy gushing on you just for your ass fucking skills!

Hooker phone sex

My Filthy Shit Eating Secret

freaky phone sex

I don’t usually tell guys about this but fuck it, you are some super dirty boys so I think it’s fine that you know. I love sucking shit out of assholes. I even sometimes collect my on waste and just masturbate with it for fun. I have tons of it saved up, all mixed in with my period blood and piss- festering away and waiting for you to come over and play with me. Dump it all over my head and make me hold my mouth open- I love drinking down all that yummy chunky shit smoothy and then having you fuck me senseless while we’re surrounded in all that beautiful scat! Shove my face down in it and make me lick it up and ingest my own tasty shit stew right up off the floor while you shove your cock deeper and deeper into my asshole. Let’s get as nasty as we want tonight.

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