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This Trashy Milf’s Family is About to Get Bigger

trashy MilfI may be the trashy milf matriarch, but a queen can’t rule her subjects without a king. My husband is my partner in everything we do with our family. We have decided to expand our family of whores. The brothel Daddy’s House can always use more whores. We researched many adoption agencies and the one Daughters on Demand had just what we wanted. It is an underground agency, operated off the grids in a very elite community of like-minded individuals who know the purpose of daughters. I met one of the owners of Daughters on Demand recently, so my hubby and I scheduled an appointment with him. We have money, and adopting a black market girl cost money, but when it comes to building our brothel, money is no object. Sure, I can still get pregnant, so could a few of my daughters, but that takes time. Daughters on Demand lets us rent a girl of any age or adopt one. We wanted another whore and didn’t want to wait years until she was the right age to earn us money. Adopting an older girl, means she can make us money from the get-go. She can work at the Pink Pussy Parlor or Daddy’s House brothel.  When you are a dirty mommy with an equally dirty husband and a family of young sexy prostitutes, you know how to find young talent. My husband and I are reading over the information on the available girls in the age range we desire and will be adopting a new whore soon.

Trashy MILF Babysitter

trashy milfThis trashy milf was asked to babysit a young girl. Can you believe that shit? The woman is a stripper. Her normal sitter fell through and she was desperate. That was obvious when she showed up with her brat at 9 pm last night. I have no problem with little ones, I raised two of my own. My issue is that I am done with diaper duty. I joked about paying me in coke, and she pulled out a big bag of blow. She said one of her VIP patrons gave it to her, but she prefers weed and fireball. Damn, I had to watch the little girl now. I wanted that blow. Everything was going fine until one of my fuck buddies showed up. We do coke together and fuck. The little girl woke up when we started fucking. Guess, I got a little loud. I felt my lover’s cock get stiffer in my ass when he saw that young angel. He made me an offer. I didn’t know he had that kind of cash. I mean he lives in the trailer park too. That kind of cash would keep me in my trailer for several years, that is of course if I don’t put it all up my nose. I thought about it, but not for long. I mean mommy is a stripper who paid me to watch her brat with a bag of cocaine. I let him fuck her. Oh, she fought. It had to hurt her tiny holes, so I gave her some Jack Daniels and she was out like a light. He fucked her pussy and ass, but I made him cum in me instead of her. Didn’t want semen in her holes if she had a doctor’s trip. Stripper mommy picked her up this morning and so far, no cops have shown up. My guess is mommy has not noticed her baby girl’s holes aren’t so tight anymore and swollen. Or she has, and just doesn’t care. I am happy to babysit young ones again. I will turn them into little hookers for hire like my mom did me.

Teen Sluts Fucking: Sex Sells

teen sluts fuckingIf you have teen sluts fucking, you have raised them right! My husband and are raising our teen girls for the adult industry. We moved to a community that promotes the lifestyle we want for our girls. We have three daughters, all precocious sexually, but not all of them want to be whores. One wants to give it away for free, silly girl. Living in this private community that shares are vision for our girls is helping with their sexual advancement. Our daughters don’t all love being whores, but they love sex. Not all girls are created equally. Some are born to serve. Slavery was abolished and sex slavery is frowned upon in polite society, but every man and most women would love a young sex slave. We now live in a society where our girls can learn to be the best whores they can be. Being a whore is encouraged and promoted. Think about it. The sex industry is recession proof. If your daughters are strippers, hookers for hire, porn stars, or massage parlor girls, they are always gainfully employed. They have a useful skill that is always in demand. My husband and I are just making sure are daughters can always support themselves and us. Sex sells. Sex will always sell.

My Family of Sexy Prostitutes: Daddy and I are so Proud

sexy prostitutesMy family of sexy prostitutes keeps growing. My husband and I, with the help of CPS, are going to adopt another little whore. One that we can raise as a whore from the beginning. My three girls are all different, but they were born for the sex industry. That is why I wanted my husband and I to move to a community of like-minded individuals. My daughters are my property. My husband and I make the decisions of how they should be raised, not society, not the law, and not the schools. We believe in family fucking and we believe in making our girls the best whores around. Even Melissa, our obstinate daughter is beginning to come around. She understands that not only am I her mommy, but I am also her pimp. She needs to earn a certain amount of money per day or she can’t come home. She came home late last night but she had her quota and what she was short the night before. She smelled of pussy too. My husband and I wanted to know all the juicy details. She stood in front of us looking like a glazed donut from all the lesbian juices coating her body telling us of all the women that fucked her. Some paid to fuck her with a strap-on. Some paid to eat her cunt, but most paid to squirt on her young face. Melissa the Muff Diver. She eats carpet so well, her nickname at school is Hoover. Everywhere she goes, women look at her with a smile. They have either paid for her schoolgirl cunt or they are thinking about it. My husband and I still have a lot of training to do with our young hookers for hire, but they are making us prouder by the day. Why have little girls if you can’t enjoy them for yourselves and make a profit off them too, right?

Trashy MILF Lilibeth and Her Family of Whores

trashy milfWhen you are trashy milf with a family of prostitutes, anything can happen. My problem offspring is my oldest girl Melissa. My husband and I have gone to alternative parenting techniques to get her to be more like her twin sisters Brandy and Kristy. A man arrived the other day from CPS. I was perplexed because I couldn’t imagine who turned me in. Melissa knows better than to tell on her parents and her teachers are all on board with wanting our daughter to be a lesbian whore. The CPS dude knew my daughter had been gang banged at school by her female teachers and forced to walk around school naked. She was humiliated, but that is part of her schooling. This is part of her training.

hookers for hireI was unapologetic. She is my girl. I raise her how I want to raise her. Period. He noticed the porn on all TVs in the house. He saw the naked pictures with dildos around the house of all my girls. He inquired about my daughters being hookers for hire. Again, unapologetic. My daughters are my property. If I want them to be whores, I will be their pimp. My daughters need to contribute financially to this family.  Their bodies are little money makers for women and men. Why would you give it away for free when you can get paid for it? I explained to the CPS guy that he was in my home. These were my girls. I will train them my way. I will punish them how I want. I will pimp them out to who I want too. And most importantly, I will sample the merchandise whenever I want.

sexy prostitutes
I was about to kick this mother fucker out of my house when he admitted CPS was a prostitution service group checking up on my little whores. Suddenly, I was mother of the year; well, more like pimp of the year. I was happy to have the stamp of approval from CPS. It takes a village to raise a whore, so it is just not me and my husband helping my daughter. I love my family of sexy prostitutes. And I love CPS for helping to ensure that I raise little whores properly.

Trailer Trash Whore

trailer trash whore

I am a trailer trash whore. Whore to my core is what I tell people. I needed some fast cash last night. My lot rent was due, and as usual, I put it all up my nose. Last month I traded sex with the young manger of the trailer park. I couldn’t go that route again. My mom was a hooker. She supported us well selling her body for money to local men. I am still hot in that trashy cougar way. I knew where to go to make easy money. I drove across town in my sluttiest dress and tallest heels. I was just going to hook on the corner of the good part of town. A few wealthy married men would pay me to do all the things their wives wouldn’t do for them. I made more money than I expected on a Thursday night. I worked hard for the money too. Several anal sex guys. One wanted to cum on my face and another one wanted me to pretend to be his mommy. I am a lot lizard sex whore. I will always do what wives won’t do and if I can make a profit doing it, well, that is a good day.

No Taboo Phone Sex is What I am About

no taboo phone sexNo taboo phone sex is what I am all about. I am a no limits mommy and I party like a rock star. It was a holiday weekend. That meant I needed a lot of blow. My husband and I had a gang bang planned. And, it was not for me. It was for my teen daughter. She is the middle daughter. She is a far cry from a virgin, but she has not had an official gang bang yet. Sunday, that all changed. She had 50 cocks. Every guy paid $200 to pump his seed in her hot teen slut ass and pussy. $100 a hole. Fifty men fucked her pussy and her ass, so she got fucked 100 times in 4 hours. Daddy filmed his princess being a gangbang whore. I had lots of coke on hand for her because I knew she would be sore. That was so many cokes in such a short span of time. Some of these men had big black dicks too. She wanted to do the gang bang because she wants to be like her big sister who has done many already. And like her whore mommy who is a seasoned gang bang whore. She also wanted the money. Her and daddy made a deal. A sweet deal too. She could keep the $10,000 she made from fucking 100 men and daddy and her would share the proceeds from the live stream. My husband knows lots of men who will pay to watch a jailbait girl get gang banged by adult men. I bet you are one of them too. Anyway, my daughter got fucked so hard she has been resting her money holes ever since. Even the coke couldn’t dull the pain of 50 cocks in her pussy and ass. This trashy milf has been helping to soothe her holes.

Trashy Milf and Her Girls Fucked on High Seas

trashy milfThis trashy milf and her brood of little girls spent the weekend on a yacht. No ordinary yacht either. It was a sex yacht. My family was hired to service a bachelor party on the high seas. Not our first time at sea, but it was the first time we were hired whores on water. This yacht was decked out too. The captain of the boat and the party had great blow from Columbia. He is a drug cartel member my husband has laundered money for in the past. His son was getting married and he likes young teen girls. He likes milfs too, so I was there as a part of the hookers for hire. All weekend long, me and my girls sucked cock, snorted lines of coke, fucked cock and took dicks up the ass. The boat was a rocking if you know what I mean. We barely slept. The coke kept us all up, and the Viagra helped keep the men hard for 48 hours of nasty fun on the high seas. My little girls worked their asses off to make the groom to be happy, as well as his friends. We were all covered in cum, sore as fuck, and high as fuck by the time our time ended. I kept the girls home from school today since they are walking funny. But, the cash we made and the fun we had was all worth the discomfort.

Family of Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireMy hookers for hire are on a special date tonight. I am with them in spirit. I can watch the entire orgy on my cell thanks to modern technology. Often, I am either part of the fun or chaperoning, but this guy wanted my girls all to himself. He loved the idea that they were jailbait sisters. From the video footage, I could see he was making them call him daddy. What man doesn’t like the idea of his precious baby girls worshiping his cock? Most of my husband’s clients are paying for the daddy experience. The others want the mommy experience with me, but the lure of a young girl is as old as time. As is the lure of mommy. I played with my wet pussy, while having dirty phone sex with a caller who enjoys the daddy treatment also. I enjoyed letting him know what my angels were doing. I was enjoying having some one to tell. I mean my sweet little whores were on their knees worshiping a stranger’s big dick and calling him daddy. When he started fucking their sweet young holes, I was sloppy wet. My caller nutted just listening to me describe what I was seeing, so you know I came hard watching it. I love my family of whores.

Teen Anal Whore Hooker

Teen Anal Whore

I make my coin by frequenting the truck stop. I am always wet and ready to take multiple trucker cocks. Horny teen hookers like me love getting paid in loads of cum, coke and cash! All in all, at the end of the day my young teen fuck holes are usually used up, gaped and have about twenty to thirty loads of cum. Needless to say, my prostitute teen twat and ass are always filled to the brim with oozing thick man milk. Lucky for me, my last customer of the day loved this! He couldn’t wait to pay me with a thick bump of coke to slurp on my used dirty teen pussy and fuck my cum filled teen asshole. I happily climbed into his truck cab and dropped my cum soaked panties for him, I already had heaps of cum dripping down my thighs for him. He spread my legs out wide and licked my dirty teen holes from clit to asshole. He suck and tongue fucked my cum filled asshole until that splooge oozed out into his hungry mouth. He cleaned me out so good, both of my holes were sucked and licked clean. He then turned me around on all fours and shoved his cock deep inside my gaping asshole, all the cum from my other johns dripping all over his thick hard cock. I told him that he cleaned me out a little too good. After all, a dirty little hooker like me needs some cum inside me! I was feeling a little too empty. Luckily our loud moaning drew a small crowd of teen pussy hungry and horny truckers! He finished off with a huge load in my ass then invited all the other truckers to help fill my holes back up with their thick cream.

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