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Sexy Prostitutes in the Family

sexy prostitutesThe younger sexy prostitutes are, the more money they command for me. I have an adopted super young girl who daddy and I sold for a premium last night. Rented out is a better term. We love this little cash cow and want her with us for awhile. She is a Nubian princess, rescued from war torn Africa. We have a fat white friend who has long been talking about his chocolate sweet tooth. We were finally able to satisfy his craving. He paid $10, 000 for a few hours with our black little virgin. Daddy taught her the basics like how to suck cock, but her virginity we have been saving for the right price. Daddy and I watched on a hidden camera as she became a little dick spinner and a cum catcher. She was in pain because her baby girl cunnie is so tight and small and his cock was full-grown. But like the other hookers for hire in my family, she forged through the pain. She enjoyed making money and pleasing our friend. What a good, natural little whore. Of course, she has to sit on a bag of frozen peas to rest up her tiny holes for the next visit. She is going to be quite the breadwinner.

Hooker for hire are the best

hookers for hireMy friend and I love being hookers for hire. Spring break brings out the slut inside me. When I went to south beach for spring break, I didn’t think I was going to fuck hairy fat rich men. My friend Heidi and I knew we had to do it once we ran out of blow. Our only option was to sell our ass and cunt. I got fucked all over his mansion. It wasn’t easy. Not only did he reek of cigar and alcohol he was also super rough. We were both getting choked out and beaten. We were slut slaves for the spring break weekend. I couldn’t be careless. I knew it was all worth it because the price was right. Once I get that instant high, I lose all senses.

Sexy Prostitutes Make the Best Escorts

sexy protitutes

I am always there when you need sexy prostitutes. I love it when I get to be the sexy and undercover classy ass. We all know I am a blonde bimbo white trash thrash coke whore but I make the best-paid slut escort. So I got to dress to the nines in silk stockings, jewelry, and my sexiest dress. I was your paid for a whore and you got to show me off a company fundraiser. I did have a surprise for you though as we snuck a fat rail of pure coke in the bathrooms.  I did a dance for you, a striptease to let you see just how perfect the pussy you are paying for really is. Then I let you have a glimpse of the real tease, that pink jeweled butt plug I’ve been wearing all day. You growled, grabbing my hips and pulling me close. Your thumb pressing over that pink diamond and pressing it against my ass making me moan and bite my bottom lip. “You know I have to fuck this now. Right?” you said and I just nodded. “Fuck my ass. It’s my favorite hole You took your impressive cock, surprising me too and making me think I might have needed a bigger plug and plunged your cock into me. Women were knocking on the door as  I came, just from you fucking my ass and you fucked me harder and faster. Making me scream out of my pleasure until you pumped me full of cum. Being the good whore I am I had to turn over and slide to the floor as you pulled out. Sucking all my juices and your cum off your cock. This anal sex whore didn’t even blink as I pulled my dress down as we left the bathroom with a nice big smile for those uptight bitches!

Spring break contest

cum dumpsterI love spring break. A cum dumpster like me loves attention. When I was dared to do the spring break strip contest at the club, I went ahead and got on stage. I shake my ass and even got to slip out of my tongue. All the men went crazy. My bare ass was twerking, and my cunt was on full display.

I garnered so much attention. I was invited backstage to a concert. I was able to shake my body for a few rockstars. I love being used and having famous cum on me is the cherry on top. I never say no to fresh cream. I like it all over me especially if it’s from one of my favorite musicians. Being a whore isn’t so bad after all.

Trashy MILF Lilibeth

trashy milfThis trashy milf knows how to clean up and look appropriate when she needs too. I had to bail my daughter out of jail. She got arrested for solicitation. She is not supposed to get Johns on her own. Daddy is the family pimp. He vets the clients, takes the money and sets up the dates. When I got the call, I was pissed off and shocked. I thought she was smarter than that. When she told me how it went down, it was clear the officer entrapped her. I know the law when it comes to prostitution. He offered her money to go home with him. She thought he was handsome, so she agreed. She never propositioned him. I put on a respectable outfit and went to get my girl out of jail and her record expunged. He propositioned a school girl and tried to lure her off school grounds. I showed up like an angry momma. I spoke to that officer. I told him he was going to let my girl go or I would ruin his career. I can do that too. He tried to talk over me, but I started shouting off names in the police department and local government that could have his badge. He got ballsy and told me if I blew him, she got a get out of jail card. I recorded his blackmail in case he didn’t live up to his deal. I was certain, I could fight this he said she said thing, but if head was all it took, I was happy to suck off a corrupt cop and have my daughter home for dinner. I am a trailer trash whore. I have sucked cock for less at stake. Turns out he had a nice cock. I would have suspected it was small for his dirty antics. I left the jail with his cum on my breath and my daughter on my arm. I would have let him fuck my ass to get my daughter off.

Phone Sex Line for P Men and Mommy’s Boys

phone sex lineI have a phone sex line for P men and mommy’s boys. I have a small army of fuck trophies. They are well trained in the art of pleasing their parents and pleasing you. I like sharing my young ones with men. Sex sells. Young sex sells more. My husband and I are filthy rich because of our home brothel. Now, that includes me. Many men pay for the mommy experience too. Not all men like sweet young girls or boys. Some want a mature sexy woman they can call mommy. David is the teen son of a top client. His son is still a virgin. He is obsessed with mommy sex, but his own mother wants nothing to do with incest. I am a trashy milf. I have no moral compass. I was happy to play mommy for young David. He was nervous like most young boys his age are, but I let him snort a little coke and he relaxed. Not only did he relax, he got a raging boner that “mommy” needed to take care of for him. I blew him before I guided him into my wet mommy pussy. He moaned and grunted as he fucked mommy. He didn’t last long, but that was just the first round. He fucked me several more times. I gave the money back to David’s father. It was a pleasure to fuck that young stud in the making.

Phone Sex Sluts

phone sex slutsEvery guy loves phone sex sluts. You know you do. Who else can you tell you dirty secrets and desires to? I had a long call last night with one of my favorite perverts. He likes super young girls. Most of my callers do. We do lines of coke and swap stories about young girls. He loves that I pimp out my daughters for big bucks. He has rented young girls before. If you have money like my caller and my husband’s associates, you can get anything you want, no matter how taboo. The story he told me last night made me super hot. He went to Thailand to get some young pussy. The age of consent is much younger there which means men can get even younger pussy. He told me how he fucked this girl younger than any girl I have in my posse of sexy prostitutes. He travels all over the world to get young pussy. Now, if you know a dirty woman like me, you don’t have to travel. I offer fresh young pussy in my home. I know I am not the only dirty mommy in the US either.

Young Druggy Porn Stars

druggy pornI have a family of druggy porn stars. Seriously, my little monsters love to party and fuck. I know they are young to be doing blow, but they blow cocks like Jenna Jameson, so why not do some lines too? I think coke puts girls in the right mind to get fucked. Coke opens the mind and the legs. Just remember that if you are ever dating a frigid woman. A little coke and she is a porn star. Last night my darlings were the main attraction at a house party. A bunch of old rich white guys were watching college basketball games and making bets. They decided it would add to the ambience if they had some super young hookers for hire. Since my husband was one of those old rich white guys enjoying some college hoops, he knew just where to get the entertainment quickly and safely. These men had bowls of coke on the table when my posse of sluts arrived. Daddy was kind enough to videotape the gang bang since I was not present on this one.  My little slutkins were coked up whores taking cock in all their holes and swallowing cum like it was the only food source in the world. These dirty old men loved their tight young holes. But then who wouldn’t, right?

Young Sexy Prostitutes are My Cash Cows

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes are in high demand, especially when they are tender age.  I have young girls who love to please men. From the itty bitty ones to my teen girls, I have a brood of cock pleasers. They are quite the money makers for mommy and daddy. My husband had a new client who wanted the youngest girl we could get him. That was one of my adopted girls. She has been observing and learning the sex trade, but up until last night, all she had done was suck her daddy’s dick. He has wanted to fuck her, and it has been hard for him to restrain himself, but I reminded him of the money we can get off virgin holes. I know, because my folks sold my virgin holes. I prepped my girl for what to expect. I assured her she would not be harmed. My hookers for hire are for sex only. No one leaves a mark on my precious sluts. I can only make top dollar off their little holes when they look their best. My girl is a trooper. She was happy to start earning some money. Kane did a number on her tiny fuck holes, but I spent the rest of the night making her raw cunnie and puckered asshole feel better. Mommy’s soft tongue and butterfly kisses always make sore holes feel better.

Ass Whore the Anal Sex Whore Adventure

anal sex whore

Beat it up from the back this anal sex whore screamed. My back door is all yours Papi’. He was my newest client and he wanted to try out my pussy and ass before he paid me in sweet coca’ loca’. He made damn sure I knew that he would be controlling my anal pleasures from now on. Flipping me on my back he shoved that fat cock down my thot throat. I was gulping for air as my mascara ran down my face along with spittle pooling from my lips. I was sure Papi’ was going to choke me to death on his pork loin! He pulled out just as I vomited on my huge tits. Chunky vomit that he used to fuck these man-made mammaries. Back in my ass, he goes to spurt his thick creamy load inside me. Then and then only am I allowed a line of coke for being a good whore. 

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