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Young sexy Prostitutes are Never Free!

sexy prostitutesMy husband and I officially adopted Jasmine from Daughters on Demand. We have been enjoying her tight fuck holes. Me more than him as he travels a lot for work. On occasion, we browse the Daughters on Demand site. It is like foreplay. It is fun to look at all the young sluts available for rent or purchase. One of the “daughters” made my husband blow a gasket. It was one of our very own teen sluts fucking. One of the twins, but since they are identical, we were not sure which girl it was, but it was one of ours! Parents know their own. She was going under the name Felicity. Her entry was not like Jasmine’s or any of the other girls. It was vague. It lacked specific details about her perfect family and her current family. There were some candid pictures and videos, but no tangible info. My husband demanded to speak to the twins.

When we interrogated the twins, they both proclaimed their innocence. Kristi admitted to being in the various places where the photos were taken but denied posing for them. Both our girls are nudists and exhibitionists, so it is not unusual to see them naked just about everywhere they can get away with it. Who doesn’t want to see young naked girls? We know when our little sluts are lying. My husband called up a tech wizard friend of ours to trace the IP to our horny pervert neighbor. He is a middle-aged creeper who lives a few blocks over. We decided to pay him a visit and confront him on stalking our daughter. Turns out he is just an old pervert with a fantasy of selling a daughter. He is too much of a wimp to fuck any young girl. He would never follow through with any of his dirty thoughts. He has just been living vicariously through us. Like you do!

When you live in an open community and you have sexy little sluts, it is to be expected that they will be admired by other perverts, even photographed. However, this guy crossed a line. He was living out a perverted fantasy for free. Our sexy hookers for hire aren’t free to anyone but daddy and me. My husband was hot under the collar about our neighbor thinking he could take pictures of our slut for free. We made a deal with him. We settled on a monthly price so that he can continue to stalk our daughter. The catch is Kristi won’t have a clue. As P parents, we don’t mind creepers and molesters, but they must pay the price like anyone. Jailbait pussy is never free. It is not even free to look at! What our little whore doesn’t know, won’t hurt her.


Being an anal sex whore is hard work!

anal sex whoreBeing a anal sex whore is hard work! Guys love a cute girl who gives up her booty! I love it in the ass. I started young with cock in the ass. My daddy, my brothers, even my grand pappy fucked my ass when I was growing up. Not that I don’t like it in the pussy; there is just something so taboo about taking a cock up the ass. I was down at the truck stop last night because I was looking to score some pot. Truckers have the best drugs. Everyone knows that; well, every girl knows that. Truckers rarely want money for their weed. They just like to share with a girl willing to trade something for a joint. I will trade my body any day to get high! I mean it is not like I don’t like it because I do. I am a trailer park whore born and raised. Those truckers passed me around like candy. I am pretty scrumptious. I am skinny but I can take a pounding. I was in the back of a trucker’s cab getting high with a couple other truckers. I bounced from one cock to the next. I would be getting fucked in the ass and blowing a cock that had just been in my ass. The truckers I was partying with thought that was the hottest thing ever. They couldn’t believe I would suck my own ass juice off a cock. I have no shame. I partied with them into the wee hours of the morning. I am the new favorite anal whore of my local truck stop.

Daughters for Hire Instead of Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireHookers for hire? What about daughters for hire? My husband and I spent several hours Sunday looking through all the daughters up for purchase and rent on Daughters on Demand. It is a great underground outfit that provides young girls to families for pleasure or work. My husband and I have three sluts working hard to bring in the money. We talked about maybe having just one for our home use. It was a bit overwhelming at times looking at all these girls available. Some were already quite the seasoned sluts based on the rather large dildos they had inserted inside their pussies and asses. It was intimidating at times. I am not sure I want a daughter who can out fuck her trashy milf mommy! Some girls looked sassy and dominant. Didn’t want a ballsy girl. We already have one like that and she is a handful. We were looking for a demure, girl next door type that we can mold to be the perfect fuck slave for us both. It took a bit of debating between a few of the girls we saw on Daughters on Demand, but we think Jasmine will satisfy both our needs. She has that cute schoolgirl next door look, with a mix of shyness and innocence about her that will make her moldable to our needs and desires. Now, I get to train her to be the perfect daughter for daddy and me. This is when the fun really begins.

A Trashy MILF and Her Teen Lesbian Whore

trashy milfThis trashy milf got a call from Quinn, the school guidance counselor the other day. My daughter Melissa was trying to pull a fast one. She doesn’t like being a whore and she doesn’t like being under her mother’s thumb. That is mostly the problem. She wants to be independent. She applied at a local brothel to work as a lesbian whore. She doesn’t mind being a whore as much as she minds being owned by her momma. Her father was at work, so Quinn called me. I was almost bamboozled. I was confused in the beginning, and that rarely happens. Melissa almost got away with being an independent whore in a high-class brothel, but I applied for a pimp’s license. It was a fluke that I discovered the loophole. I wanted Melissa to fuck guys too because that is where the money is, but I was too late to change her whore status. However, in the end, mommy got her way mostly. My sweet little slut is forever tied to me as her pimp. Instead of working in a nice brothel, she will be a common street walker: a lesbian jailbait whore on the streets.  Daddy won’t get to play with her, but I can have her whenever I want. Perks of being her pimp. I had to celebrate. I fucked her in the guidance counselor’s office. I didn’t go as hard on my baby girl as I should have but that was only because I let Quinn be her first paying customer as a lesbian whore. Quinn was prepared for the occasion too. She had a big strap-on that she used on my daughter’s sweet bald pussy. Melissa was screaming at first. She was not really fighting, but she was not comfortable either. Turns out Quinn loves fucking girls too. I have my work cut out for me, however. I have raised several sexy prostitutes, but I need to train my sweet Melissa how to be the best street walking lesbian whore in the community.

sexy prostitutes

Anal Sex Whore Training

anal sex whoreAs an anal sex whore, I model good anal practices to my girls. Men pay good money for anal whores. I don’t care your age, the first several times, ass sex hurts. It takes awhile to get use to a big cock in your ass. I want my daughters to make money, but I don’t want them with prolapsed assholes either. I had an anal sex camp last night. Each girl had a few dildos in different sizes and plenty of lube. I sat in a chair with my legs in the air showing off my pretty tight puckered ass. My anal cherry was popped decades ago, but it still looks like a virgin asshole. That is the key. You can sell your anal cherry a few dozen times with the right anal techniques. I taught them positioning, breathing and aftercare. Sexy prostitutes can keep a tight asshole if they just practice good anal techniques. It was hot watching my girls put a dildo in each of their cherry red assholes. I know it makes me a nasty mommy, but they are my little money makers and the tighter and prettier their holes are, the more money they make daddy and me.

Hookers for Hire Sometimes Need Punished

hookers for hireHookers for hire sometimes act out and need punished. Melissa my obstinate whore came home last night with attitude and not nearly enough money. She tried to say she had been licking pussy all day, but she barely smelled of cunt. I don’t know what she was doing, but she wasn’t licking pussy all day. Her sisters were out fucking for money to bring home and Melissa was likely just goofing off and neglecting her duties. I gave her a hardcore spanking first. That bare bottom was bright red. I wasn’t done with her yet. I am the queen bitch around here and with my husband still gone, I needed my cunt licked. What mommy doesn’t like to have her sloppy wet pussy eaten by an angry young girl? I knew Melissa would not want to eat my pussy and ass, which is why I made her do it. If she was going to stay at home tonight without meeting her quota, she was going to earn her keep with her tongue and fingers. I was happy to have her lick my mommy cunt for hours. I came so many times it is possible I drowned her in my cunt juices. She didn’t exactly earn her keep, but she learned the lesson ass or grass, no one sleeps in this house for free.

Big Dick Sucker Hooker Whore

big dick sucker

That’s right I am your big dick sucker whore.  A blonde skinny coke whore to suck you dry. You paid for my skills baby so I want to show you just how much of that big dick I can get down. I am squeezing your balls and sucking you down so far. I inhale that dick like I inhale coke up my nose. I am pumping you in and out so hard just for a drop of your sweet jizz down my throat. Yes, wrap your hands around my throat and jack off that cock. I want you to cum so hard in my mouth that it flows out of my nose! That’s right I want you to pump right up this cum dumps sinuses! Give me a belly full of your cum. I am your streetwalker and I do it because I love cash chalk and cum baby! Don’t you worry I suck that dick hard again and you can put in in this hookers ass, pussy and anywhere you want! Your  $Cum $Dump Hooker

Trashy Milf and Her Slutkins

trashy milfI am such a trashy milf that I took my little sluts to a nudist beach yesterday. I thought it would be a great money-making opportunity for them. Boy was I right! Melissa of course, didn’t like the idea but there are women at nude beaches too. There were not many younger girls there, but my little naked slutkins got plenty of attention and it was obvious by the erections that they got from the men as they walked by.  The women were checking them out too. This was a captive audience. Many lifestyle nudists are sexual perverts too. Wanting some young bald pussy was not a wrong assumption on my part. I told my girls to go make daddy and me some money. He is still overseas, but home very soon and I wanted to show him how industrious we have been since he left. Melissa turned out to be the big money maker. She licked just about every pussy on the beach for $25 each. She ate black pussy, white pussy, old pussy, young pussy, straight pussy, gay pussy, hairy pussy and shaved pussy. She was all licked out by the end of the day, but she had a big wad of cash. Her sisters were jealous because they had to do more for less. I told them to let Melissa be the example. If you fuck men and women, sexy prostitutes can bring in much more money.

Trailer Trash Whore: Put Your Daughter to Work Day

trailer trash whoreIt is not every day that my husband goes into work. He travels a lot and is not always in the office. He heard about the annual “Bring Your Daughter to Work Day,” and since our eldest girl Melissa is still struggling to be a whore, he thought it was a perfect opportunity. Melissa is selling her tongue and pussy to women nightly on the street corner to bring daddy and I money. Melissa needs to accept the fact that she is a whore. Nothing more. She is not special, well she is a special whore, but she doesn’t get to sit at home playing with dolls all day. Daddy and I decided that it should be, “Put Your Daughter to Work Day,” instead. Daddy thought she would be a perfect Sapphic fuck toy for the women in his office. There are plenty too. Sweet Melissa the muff diver felt motivated to service the women at daddy’s office when she learned what her punishment would be if she didn’t do as she was told.

Daddy brought her to work as a special “intern” for the day. Funny, the workplace morale perked up instantly when they learned about the intern’s special duties. Melissa was stripped of her clothes and dignity as soon as she arrived. Female employees were instructed to molest her at any time. Every nook and cranny in the office from the conference room to the copy room, our young prostitute was fucked, licked and fingered. It wasn’t all about the female workers at daddy’s place. The men got to watch and who doesn’t enjoy watching teen sluts fucking women? The male employees had their phones out watching our jailbait slut forced to lick cunt and take dildos in her fuck holes for hours. There were several instances of being the secretary’s clitation bitch too.

The day was a win. Melissa pretended to hate it. She acted mad, but at the end of the long day being a whore, she curled up on daddy’s lap naked and thanked him for the money making opportunity. She even honed her cunt licking skills on her mommy’s pussy without being forced! It was progress daddy and I were happy to witness. I was so aroused at her progress that I visited her in the middle of the night with my strap-on. After all, she is still my whore and I am still her pimp.


Trashy Milf Family

trashy milfI love being a trashy milf madam. Daddy is overseas for business. He is in Europe and he hates that he can’t be with us. The girls really miss him. But just because daddy is gone temporarily, doesn’t mean the girls can slack on their whore duties. I have three very different daughters, but they are all whores. They must contribute to this family too. During the day they are out hustling their little fuck holes to be able to come home. Daddy would be so proud to know that they have made their quota every day since he has been gone. As a reward for being such great sexy prostitutes, I let them look at the Daughters on Demand site where daddy and I are planning on adopting from once he is back from his business trip. We all got so hot and horny looking at little whores up for adoption. So much variety available. These girls came with bios that include favorite sexual things to do. How long they have been in the sex trade. Their ideal parents. There were pictures of their bald cunts and pink assholes. The girls at this company are all the great taboo ages too. Different races and nationalities. Some with the girl next door look others with the porn star look. We were so horny thinking of our growing family that we had a lesbian orgy. My sexy family is about to get bigger as soon as our beloved patriarch returns home. We miss you daddy.

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