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White Lines Wet Pussy

Druggy phone sexI searched and searched through all of my secret stash places looking for drugs and couldn’t find anything, not even a small smoked joint. I needed to get high but I didn’t have any money. Thank God, I’m sexy as hell because trading sex for blow is so easy and I knew exactly where to go. David always has the best cocaine and I pulled my panties off before knocking on his door. He let me in and I headed straight for his bedroom. I let my dress drop to the floor and laid down on his bed with my legs spread open. He couldn’t get out of his clothes fast enough before plowing me with hard cock. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he rode my pussy hard and fast. His dick felt so good gliding in and out of my tight, wet pussy. I stayed with David for three more days and he let me do as much cocaine as I wanted.

Deanna Can’t Get Enough of Donna’s Pussy

phone sex line deannaOil prices having dropped seem to have affected things at the strip bar. Us girls are having a hard time paying our bills. So when my friend and co-worker Donna suggested we rent a trailer together, I jumped on that shit. You all know how much I love being naked, well guess what so does Donna. I know that this is probably hard for you to imagine, but I think that Donna is even more of a nasty whore than me. We have been so busy playing with each other today that we barely made it into work. Donna made my pussy so wet and juicy when she was shaking her tits and ass up on that stage that I couldn’t wait until we got home to finger fuck that pussy. I had to take her into the bathroom and finger fuck that pussy right there on the floor. I already had two fingers in her cunt, but she was screaming more, more, more!

Queen of the Trailer Park

trailer trash whore

Some people call me trailer park trash, but let me tell you something I am the queen of my trailer park.
I have long bleached blond hair and double d tits. I keep my pussy totally shaven and the men around here go crazy of a taste of my honey pot. I can be a nasty girl. I love both giving and receiving golden showers. I love fucking other girls and having threesomes watches. I know how hard it makes your cock when you watch me eat my BFF Deanna’s pussy and lick her ass. She has such a sweet tasting pussy and a tight little ass. I also like to finger her tight little ass while I am eating her pussy. Then we both come over to you and I have you eat my pussy while she sucks on your cock…

Dirty Phone Sex Whore

dirty phone sexI am the epitome of a dirty phone sex whore, especially when I am high on coke. That’s the mommy’s little helper The Rolling Stones sung about in the 70s. I didn’t discover coke until I was a teen. My husband gave me some the first time we fucked. He had paid my parents $1,000 to fuck me when I was young. He told me the coke would make it better. The next time he passed through he gave me enough to help me get through the other guys that paid my parents for my teen fuck holes who weren’t quite as pleasant to fuck. Eventually, my husband just paid my parents a lump sum for me and I have been his wife ever since. The only thing that is the same about that teen trailer trash whore from rural West Virginia is coke. I still love my little white lines. I have a little black girl we liberated from squalor while on an African trip recently. She is way younger than I was or any of my biological slutkins when I started them out hooking. Normally I am not into ruining little pussies because if they are ruined they can’t make me and my husband much money, can they? But, I have this sexy high end overseas client with a hot accent and a big wallet. He wanted to be our ebony girl’s first fuck. I prepped her black pussy with a white dildo. I love the contrast. My special friend dipped his boner into her mouth to get rock hard. I put a little devil’s dust on her pussy lips to dull the pain of his big throbbing cock and a little in her gums so she just wouldn’t mind as much. I sat back, played with my sloppy white pussy as he experienced two taboos at once: ebony extremely young pussy. I think my little chocolate bunny is going to be a natural once her fuck holes heal. Who wants to be next? She isn’t quite as expensive now since she had her cherry popped.

My Dealer’s Girlfriend

Druggy phone sexMy dealer called me with a proposition, he had a new girlfriend and she was into women. He wanted me to please her in exchange for coke. I got in my car and raced over to his place. His girl’s name was Cindy, and she was hot as fuck. This was going to be easy. Cindy and I wasted no time, we tore each other’s clothes off and started kissing passionately. Her lips felt so soft against mine. I touched her pussy and she was soaking wet, so I had to taste her. I pushed her down onto the sofa and open her creamy thighs. I put my face into her wetness and I wasn’t disappointed, she tasted like the sweetest candy. She squirmed and bucked against my face as I licked and sucked. I sucked on her clit like a mad woman, I wanted to make her squirt. The whole time my dealer sat in the corner watching me please his girl with a pleased look on his face. I had a strong urge to feel her pussy against mine. We moved our bodies into the scissor position and we feverishly rub our pussies against each other. It didn’t take long for us to cum simultaneously and collapse in exhaustion. I went home later with my nose candy and a smile.

Only time I’d hesitate is if it was the hulk

Fisting whore

I need a new client that likes … loves fisting. It’s one of my many fetishes, but it’s my favorite one too. I had to learn to do it myself just to get it as often I want. All the time, but I have to do what clients like for the better part of my “work day.” I love getting fucked, every position, every hole you better believe it. Don’t you ever feel that there is that one thing missing sometimes? I was relaxing at home one night and I was so horny. I didn’t do any calls that day because I was out of town for the day at a Comic con photo shoot for this year. Anyway, sipping some wine and I just had to play with my clit. Wouldn’t stop throbbing! So I really got into it and I needed that little extra. My pussy was so wet from the lack of attention today that I had no problem sliding three, then four, then the whole hand duck mouth thing. Know what I’m talking about? I fucked myself like that for ten minutes and was cumming over and over. That’s when it got serious. A pussy seems to just open and let your whole fist slide in. Once my fist is all the way in I just have to pound my pussy until I have cream all over my arm from cumming so much. And I do cum so much, I gush every time too. So I’m going to hope for that fisting loving client. Ugh he’d be my dream man.

Fisting phone sex

Dirty Phone Sex

dirty phone sexI love dirty phone sex calls. I am not who you call for GFE or vanilla calls. I am who you call when you like a dirty P woman who enjoys family fun and a whole lot of dirty shit. My husband and I know sex sells. We run a home brothel in wine country California. We live in a gated community with neighbors far enough apart from us that we could be running a Texas Chainsaw Massacre house and no one would be the wiser. I have a balcony that overlooks the hills of my California city. With binoculars, neighbors could see what went on in my bedroom if I left the French Doors wide open or fucked on the balcony, which is what I did the other night. There is never anyone on the neighbor’s balcony, so sometimes I like to get fucked by a client or one of my sons over the railing on a crisp summer night. Last week, I saw someone sitting in a chair on the balcony as I got fucked. Binoculars showed me it was a young boy stroking his dick watching me fuck. I sent one of my hot teen slut daughters to invite him over. He is our neighbor’s nephew. He is staying with them for the summer. He is that age where sexual curiosity has the better of him.  He was shy, but my girls can pour on the charm; usually it is with paying clients but honestly, they can charm the pants of a Baptist minister. The boy was packing some serious heat for his age. I let my girls go first. Save the trashy milf for last. We rocked the boy’s world. By the time we were done draining his balls, he had a permanent grin on his face and no longer resented being sent to Siberia for the summer. Wish you were our neighbors?

Big dick sucker … I really want that cum!

Big dick sucker

I love sucking cock. I mean nothing beats getting pounded hard by a big cock but sucking all that cum out is something I look forward to. I don’t really know why, maybe that is why I am a hooker!
Deep throating a big cock is so sexy to me; I love the feeling of a cock being stuffed way down. Some women don’t like it because they feel like they are suffocating or going to gag, but hell that is the best time to get your cock covered in saliva and back of throat lube, right? I love it when a guy is just about to cum too, his cock gets super hard and pulsing and you can actually feel the cum start to come up his shaft and shoot out. I’d really love to talk about a nice cum shot, tell me all about yours. Love to hear it.

High Class Hookers for Hire

Hookers for hire

Standing in the hallway of the hotel, I’ve got a treat for you. I love to treat my regulars to something special once in a while, just to show appreciation. I’m naked with just my coat on and I am standing in a public hallway. I text you that I am here and you ought to check outside your door.
You open your door and step out to see me, my coat wide open and my hand slowly moving toward my pussy with a big grin on my face. You grab my hand and pull me close to the door, spin me around and pin me to the corner of the wall and the door. I can hear you unbuckling your pants and suddenly your cock is thrusting hard and fast into me. Fucking me hard, you’re grunting with each forceful slam into me. You are making me scream out, your cock invading my wet pussy and making me cum. You feel me clenching around your cock, your thrusting gets even faster. “Cum in my fucking pussy baby.” I tell you. And you pump your hot load of cum inside my pussy. Your cock retreats from my cum filled pussy and you slide my coat off, bend over and unstrap my heels and lead me to a shower and more fucking.

I know what you like

cum dumpster

It was time for me to hit the streets and bring Daddy home some money.  It was getting late and if I don’t want to get fucked up I better have his money.  I saw this one trick I had before.  So since it’s the first of the month I know he has money.  Ain’t nothing like sucking old dick they cum real fast that’s easy money.  I love when they think they can take me from my pimp by giving what I need to stop him from beating on me.  Got to love my hustle.  After I took the Viagra lover’s money I like to get a little blow from one of the neighborhood gang banger.  He has really good shit.  I don’t even have to pay for it all I have to do is let him fuck me real good.  These little niggers don’t know anything except they just fucked real quick and they think they got over on me but I am the one who really got them not only do I get a quick cum but I also get to feed my habit.  While they bragging I also slip and take money and apart of their stash to go.  My Pimp loves when I service the young gangsters it’s a win win.

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