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Young Sexy Prostitutes

sexy prostitutesMy husband has a fat client investor from the UK who wants some young sexy prostitutes for Christmas this year. Despite being a very naughty man, Santa brought him an early present. I have two adopted daughters. Neither are very old. My husband and I both rescued each girl from deplorable third world countries. They are sex slaves, but very well treated ones. They have their own bedrooms fit for a princess. They are fed and loved and will go to school when they are the right age. They are living high on the hog in comparison to where they once were living.  They were going to end up sex slaves, but they aren’t trafficked girls. They have the life of a high-end escort, not a kidnapped girl sold into the sex trade. This fat cat of my husband wanted both of our newest hookers hire. This is the same man who paid a large sum of money to take my two youngest daughters’ virginity. I told my new angels what to expect. I also told them they can keep the money, or we could send it back to their families. They are perfect little angels, so eager to please. So eager to make money.

hookers for hireOur fat cat client purchased their virginity too. I dressed them up like Disney princesses and served them to their surrogate daddy. They both have daddy issues anyway. This was therapeutic for everyone. Watching a grown man eat and finger such tiny bald slits is fucking hot. He didn’t want us there, but we have hidden cameras. Mommy and Daddy want to watch the P fun! He was gentle with them, but they still cried. He has a big cock and they have tiny holes. I told them afterwards how proud we were of them and assured them it gets better every time. I licked their bald slits and pink butt holes to soothe the damage. They will be back in the game in a couple days. They are already deciding how to spend their money.

In the mood for dirty shemale chat

Shemale phone sexMy well-fucked cunt has been totally craving and in the mood for some nasty shemale phone sex with a dirty tranny hooker. My Mom and I always indulged in transvestite sex together growing up, that’s what has caused my intense addiction to it! Sucking and fucking a big fat cock on a hott shemale is such a thrill. Mommy loves to masturbate while she watches me get fucked deep by chick with a huge dick. Some of these trannies have larger cocks than a normal horny man, it’s crazy! I love the way that cum tastes after it ejaculates and splatters all over my slutty tongue. My filthy cunt is soaking wet while I get even more wet as i’m doused in a bukkake of shemale cock cream. I collect so many more clients being a hooker for hire that loves playing with a girly shaft. My pussy is sloppy fuckin wet, perfect for a boner to slip & slide up into my skanky fuck hole.

Family of Druggy Porn Stars

druggy pornI felt like a druggy porn star last night. I was coked up more than usual. My husband has a Columbia connection who was in town over the weekend. He wanted to party with some school girls and their dirty mommy. Instead of cash, he paid in some of the finest coke I have ever had. One little toot and I was super fucking high and horny. I mean higher and hornier than usual. I brought our guess some young play things. He had a big grin on his face and a huge hard brown cock. I knew I picked the right ones from my family of whores for him to play with. He enjoyed licking their bald pussies and finger banging their shit boxes. I told them to call him daddy, which they gladly did.  My little slutkins are well trained in the art of pleasing men. They sucked his huge old cock. I played with my wet mommy pussy because I was very proud of their big dick sucking skills. My dirty angels were slobbering over his fat fuck stuck. I knew they were thinking about the money, but this fat cat paid in white powder. I made it up to them. I let them have a little sniff each, plus I put some on their swollen clits which let them be little fuck machines for our guest.  It was a wild night of debauchery fueled by pure Colombian cocaine. I almost prefer being paid in coke than money.

My Daughter and I are Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireMy daughter and I are hookers for hire on occasion. When guys find out we are mother and daughter, they offer us money to fuck. Men love tag teaming mother and daughter whores.  We were out the other night at the local strip club. My daughter was making extra money in the amateur stripper contest. She can work a pole better than any stripper. I was talking with this wealthy guy from out of town. His curiosity was piqued when he realized I was there cheering on my daughter. Since we were there to make money, he made us a generous offer. He didn’t want to fuck us. He just wanted to watch us play to the tune of $10,000. That is a shit ton of money to trailer park whores. He was staying in a hotel in the nice part of town. He took us by limo to his suit. While in the limo we got down and dirty, started earning our money. He stroked his fat cock watching me muff dive on my daughter’s cunt. I love eating her sweet snatch. I have been eating it since she could crawl. Once we were in his hotel room, we got down and dirty. We not only tribbed our bald cunts, we ate each other’s asses too. He had some toys for us to play with also. This was better than any dirty phone sex story I could tell. This guy was prepared for women to come back to his hotel with him. It was a very profitable and fun night. I love eating my daughter’s twat, but to get paid for it was just icing on the cake. My daughter and I bought some good coke and went shopping the next day. We still have money left too. We love being sexy whores.

dirty phone sex

Dirty Phone Sex Whore

dirty phone sexI love being a dirty phone sex whore. I was made for this line of work too. I have no book smarts, just street smarts. I was a little short in my account to pay my lot fee. Being short on cash is nothing new nor is being crafty in making some fast cash. Age has never stopped me from making money the old-fashioned way. I put on a short leather skirt and a white tub top, high heels too and I went down to the corner of Main and Vine where the men wanting to pay for sex troll. I stood my old ass on the street corner with the young hookers for hire. They looked me up and down like I was out of my league and trespassing on their turf. The first car pulls up and the group of young whores flocked to the car. To their shock, the guy in the car signaled me over. Maybe he had a mommy fetish or perhaps he just knew a mature woman could do things the other whores had never heard of before. The look on their faces was priceless. First car of the night, and I was the one to get in it. I took him back to my trailer and earned my lot fee. The guy was trolling on the wrong side of the tracks looking for an anal sex whore. He picked the right woman too. I was happy to be his dick spinning anal whore. He curled me up in a ball and spun me around his cock like I was a wind-up toy. He had me in all sorts of contortionist poses to fuck my ass. He said he picked me because I looked flexible. I will fuck in any position for the money. He came in my ass several times before he called himself done. He left me with $500 and ass full of cum. I got my lot fee and more.

Morning jog

anal sex whoreI wanted to get back into a workout routine. I have been parting my ass off and having way too much coke and cock. I was giving myself a break from being an anal sex whore. I went ahead and implemented some morning jogs into my routine. After a few days of doing so I notice an admirer. He would strike up conversations with me and let me know he wanted to get to know me. I wanted nothing to do with him. He was a short dweeb and was rather annoying. One day I noticed he was coming up to me. I ended up asking him if he needed something. He showed me an area in the park I didn’t ever notice. I went ahead and sat next to him he wanted to give me something. He pulled out a bag of my weakness. He had some grade A coke. I was sold. As soon as the white lines hit me I was ready to fuck. Thankfully not too many people were around and the area was private. He whipped out his cock and it was so large. I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed more than a morning job that day.

Training a Little Girl to be a Big Dick Sucker

big dick suckerI was teaching a little girl how to be a big dick sucker. She is the super young daughter of a friend. She is being raised by a single mother down on her luck. He husband recently left her, but he hid his finances so well she didn’t get much in the divorce, not even in California. She asked me how to make extra money, so she could stay in her elaborate lifestyle her husband screwed her out of living. I told her only one thing brings fast money and that is sex. When I told her that her little girl could make more money than she could, she asked me to train her to be a good slut. Slut training begins with learning how to suck cock. She was a quick study for such a young girl. She loved sucking on my big black dildo. I only used my fingers on her little bald slit. That was only because I didn’t want to pop her cherry. A virgin pussy can bring top dollar. I showed my friend where to put her daughter on the dark net for auction. She was putting up pictures as I was working on training her little girl to be a good whore. My friend was surprised by the instant bidding war that started. I told her that young sexy prostitutes make bank, so prepare to live even better than she has been living, at least until her daughter ages out.

Pussy Dessert

2 girl phone sexWhen you came in the diner tonight, you said you were not hungry, but you did have a dessert you wanted to watch me eat. You’ve been at the truck stop for a couple of days now and you’ve been a hefty tipper with each meal you eat. You picked out another waitress and told me you wanted to watch me eat her pussy out. She’s a short brunette, young, probably 18 or 19, at the most. She’s a cute little thing, just started working here this week. She already seems to be really popular with the guys. I’m not a lesbian, but I’ll do just about anything for some cash. He said he wanted to see me lick up whipped cream from her cunt. Sounded easy enough. I told her what the plan was, laid her out on the table in the booth in the corner, then I got the can of cold whipped cream we usually use on the pies and sprayed her down. She shivered with the cold and I went down licking and eating. So yummy! Come have a taste?

Trailer Trash Whore Trick and Treat

trailer trash whoreTrailer trash whore trick or treat? That is when I answer the door in sexy inappropriate outfit and seduce a father and son. They got a trick and a treat. The treat being my wet mommy pussy. The boy was young enough to be trick or treating but old enough to get a boner at my naughty nurse outfit. The father was blatantly hitting on me with a ring on his finger in front of his son. I guess he knew I was the type who didn’t care. I invited them both in for more candy. I mean they were cute, and I was horny from all the cute little trick or treaters coming to my door. It wasn’t the real Trick or Treat, just a special safe night in our neighborhood, so the young ones could get some safe candy. I will hopefully see some more of these slutty youngsters in another week when they come back for the official Halloween Trick or Treat. Anyway, daddy and son came inside the house supposedly because I ran out of candy. I just wanted to see if the hot father son duo was down to fuck a trashy milf. That was a no brainer. When I turned a round with a new bag of candy, they both had their cocks and out and were ready to play. My little ones were out with their dad trick or treating while I was being a dirty trick for a father and son. Junior took my ass and daddy pumped his seed up my cunt. They said it was the best treat they could ever have. It was a hot creamy treat for me too. I served candy to the rest of the youngsters who came to my door with cum in my pussy. I’m such a bad MILF.

Bukkake Bitch

cum filled cunt It’s a regular Saturday morning and the one thing I want more than anything is to get some cum. I wake up with cum filled cunt. There must of been an orgy last night. To be honest I forget about the night before most times. All the drugs and hours of fucking knock me out cold and make me forget. I like to have an encore and recap so I can keep it instilled in my brain. It never works though. I like it that way. I like to have an excuse to fuck and go wild. Most my Saturdays consist of going to the glory hole and going out back to the Bukkake area. I love being a bukkake bitch! Cum belongs all over my whore face and body. I am truly a cum addict!

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