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Trailer Trash Whore

trailer trash whore

I am a trailer trash whore. Whore to my core is what I tell people. I needed some fast cash last night. My lot rent was due, and as usual, I put it all up my nose. Last month I traded sex with the young manger of the trailer park. I couldn’t go that route again. My mom was a hooker. She supported us well selling her body for money to local men. I am still hot in that trashy cougar way. I knew where to go to make easy money. I drove across town in my sluttiest dress and tallest heels. I was just going to hook on the corner of the good part of town. A few wealthy married men would pay me to do all the things their wives wouldn’t do for them. I made more money than I expected on a Thursday night. I worked hard for the money too. Several anal sex guys. One wanted to cum on my face and another one wanted me to pretend to be his mommy. I am a lot lizard sex whore. I will always do what wives won’t do and if I can make a profit doing it, well, that is a good day.

High AF Stripper Sex Stories

stripper sex stories

Yes, my stripper sex stories always start with me being high as fuck. A blunt and some coke make me the nasty cock taking stripper you know and love. Now there are nights when I just want to keep getting high and twerking my ass has made me extremely horny. I am bouncing this fairy tramp stamp and singles are thrown on me. What a way to feel like a nasty white trash fucking whore. I want that dick hard. I don’t care that I am on stage, I tell him to pull it out and fuck me in front of everyone. He said naw baby but we can go to the back room and you can blow me and fuck me for this little bit of cocaine I got in my pocket.  Of fucking course I was going with him. I asked him if his friends could join so I could be the gang bang whore stripper that I am. I mean I am just a cum dump white trash slut for the picking, don’t you agree baby?

Cum Filled Cunt Morning

cum filled cuntMy cum filled cunt is super creamy today. I love showing it off too.  I was a naughty cougar this morning. I woke up horny. Men my age are working, but schoolboys are everywhere because it is summer. I just put on a tube top, some cut-off jean shorts and high heels and walked around the trailer park. When you look like a dirty old whore who does anything, all the guys and boys come out of their trailers. I was like the pied piper of young studs today. Dressed in trashy attire, I led bored schoolboys to my trailer to fuck. I had quite the following too. What young boy is going to say no to a trashy milf down to fuck their brains out? I had the trailer and my pussy at full occupancy! About 30 or so young lads with hard cocks were crammed into my trailer and my pussy and ass. Now they didn’t all fuck me at once, but I did entertain a few in each hole at once. I was high and horny and that is a combo you want in a dirty old whore. I have a very messy now. But guess what? I love having a cum filled pussy to play with after the fucking is done.

Slippery sloppy wet pussy

Sloppy wet pussySlippery hoes….you know how that shit goes! Slimy sloppy wet pussy ready to be fucked hard and deep by thick dick. All my whore friends and I, we are more than ready for whatever it is that you wanna do to us! I wanna be mouth to mouth with your lips and then work my way down to your dick so that I can taste all that delicious pre-cum oozing out of the tip. I supply the remedy which are my slutty fuck holes. Don’t you just love the feeling of my fingertips teasing your ball sack and then grabbing on to them with full force to smush all that jizz around that’s dormant inside of them. God i’m such a fuckin slut and lately i’ve been more out of my mind than ever! I’ve surrendered all control to sex! Please fuck me hard and deep, my cunt can’t handle the anticipation anymore. Let your desires take hold of you. I know all your favorite spots and I’m tryna connect the dots with my dirty wet tongue.

Teen Sluts Fucking

teen sluts fuckingTeen sluts fucking are popular in my house. Daddy loves fucking his teen sluts. We have quite a few of them too as they get older. We have some young ones too, but my teen girls are the dirtiest ones in the family, besides me of course. We had a family weekend. We never left the house. We never wore clothes and we never showered until today. I love being coated in cum and so do my girls. Daddy had some clients over last night. Me and my hot teen sluts played hostesses. We took care of our guests well. We like to take care of house guests with our mouths, pussies, hands and even assholes. When daddy brings some one home to meet his family of sexy prostitutes, we know it is a very big deal, so we make sure every guest is spoiled rotten. Normally, we go to hotels or their homes. If daddy brings them here, that means he needs us to sweeten the pot so a certain deal will go through. How can anyone say no to a hot mommy and her slutty little girls? We showed all of daddy’s clients the best time ever. We are covered in their cum to prove it! My husband has been on cloud 9 all morning, so I know we helped seal the deal. Who could resist us?

Party Whore

Druggy phone sex

I am always the fucking life of the party, the party does not start until I walk in! A young teen whore like me knows how to have fun, all I need is some nose candy, pills, drinks and heaps of cocks to have some fun. As the head cheerleader, I am always invited to the hottest parties and I love getting so fucking trashed! Drunk, drugged up high school sluts like me are cum guzzling machines. I can’t wait to snort nose candy off of my hot friend’s bods and lick the molly off of the horny frat guys’ cocks! Tequila may make my clothes fall off, but drugs make me so horny! I can’t help but being a loose slut when I am coked up and dancing with molly. I can’t wait to get trapped in a huge mob of cocks ready to gang bang my drugged up, fucked up slutty body. I was stuck in a blacked out blur of frat boy cocks gushing and fucking all of my holes! I left that party dripping buckets of hot sticky cum leaking from all of my holes.

Latex cum dumpster

I love fulfilling my drug dealers fantasies. The more I get him hooked on me, the more drugs I get from him. I liked being his cum dumpster so much that I decided it was time to be his fulltime little slut. I knew he had a latex fetish so strong. I wanted to make his dreams come true. I brought over all my hot outfits, but I knew the latex one was the winner. Once I got him where I wanted him, everything else was easy. I had him horny and willing to give me everything I wanted. I had enough coke to last me for months. I was okay being passed around and fucked and cummed on; I love the latex outfit. My holes all have an opening, and I get to be drizzled with cum all over my latex body suit.

cum dumpster

BBC Phone Sex Whore

BBC phone sexAnyone who knows me, knows I love BBC phone sex because I am a BBC whore. I am not one of those women who just thinks about it but is afraid to do it. I am a trailer trash slut. I always have been and I will be one until I die. I look rode hard put away wet and I sound like a 3 pack a day smoker. I do smoke, but my voice is mostly rough from all those big dicks I suck, all those big black dicks. I was raised as a whore and I am still a whore 50 something years later. I like nigger dick, what can I say? BBCs love me too. Last night, I was a black gangbang whore.  I got stuffed with lots of big black cock and I loved it. I had big black cocks in my cunt, ass and mouth while I jacked a few off at the same time. When it comes to black dicks, I am the queen of multi-tasking! In the moment, I was high and loving how hard they were fucking my holes. Today, however, I can barely walk and I am sitting on a bag of frozen strawberries to quell the swelling of my cunt and ass. But guess what? I would do it all over again because I am a nigger loving whore.

Drunk girl fucking behind the bar

Drunk girl fucking outside of the. In the back alley way. I heard them say. They didn’t even catch my face or my name. It’s Alyssa for those who wanna get they dick rocked quicker. I was at bar by the weight station. I walked in high, drunk and sexy as fuck, all the bitches were hating. There was a man I saw him staring he pulled out a baggy of rocks on the low and mouthed I don’t mind sharing. I know he wanted a Cum dumpster and I didn’t mind complying. As long as I got my hit my mouth will do all the satisfying. He walked through the back door I followed him quickly. He pulled me close and said ” You wanna smoke then suck fuck or” I stopped him and pulled out my pipe. I took a few hits so did he. It took no time before I was on my knees. I suck the shot out of that white boy dick with my big nigga lips. I gave him the sloppy top of his dreams. I just took a few rocks and I was on his team. He shouted ” O fuck, I don’t want to cum in your mouth.” He pulls another baggy from his pants pocket and turns me around, lifts up my skirt and lubes my asshole with spit. In my puckered whole he slammed his dick.” I live for that Crack whore anal. Keep giving me that ass, you will always have krills on your table.” He pounded in me until he shot his huge load.Drunk girl fucking

Stripper gangbang

Stripper sex stories

I have a real kink for men in uniforms. Something about that just makes me fucking hot! A bunch of horny drunk soldiers came into the club where I was stripping at and I couldn’t keep my hands off of them. I was flirting with them and letting them get grabby and touch me all over. Normally I would make a guy pay to touch me, but I can’t help what a slut I am for a guy in camo and boots. I gave them a little treat, on me. I led the three of them into the private room where we have lapdances and started giving them a private show. I dropped to my knees and started unzipping their pants and took turns sucking their cocks to get them nice and hard. They were drunk and rowdy and out of control. One of them pushed me up against the wall and started fucking me hard from behind. As soon as he was done, one of his friends was there to take his place and shove his hard cock into my already well fucked pussy. He pounded me from behind while the third forced my head onto his cock and fucked my face. Once they had used me like a cum dumpster they walked out and left me dripping wet and well fucked.

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