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Happy endings always

anal cum dumpster

I can’t help it if trouble seems to find me. What can I say? This whore is full of adventures. *Giggles* I have had my fair share of naughty experiences. One of my favorites thus far has to be my part-time gig as a masseuse. My friend carrie brought me in and helped me get the job. I was her understudy for a while and watched her do some naughty things. I was down almost instantly!!! I really do  like giving hard-working men a nice rub down and making some dough too. I need to keep my coke stash equipped at all times. I want to whore it up and make the guys erect. When I get a guy, who is horny and ready for some extra services I always make more. That hot oil on your body and my luscious tits just over you. I get these guys prepared to bone instantly. Usually I will give them a fast blowy, and that will always give me an extra Benjamin in tips but when I give them one of my tight holes I can totally make a couple G’s I became a personal anal sex whore for one of my clients for a staggering amount, and it just gets bigger each session. He brings me an eight ball of coke and plenty of dead presidents. My favorite sessions are two girl sessions. Carrie and I usually get together and work your body out just right.

Cum dumpster

Addicted to Bukkake

Dirty phone sexI have a very bad habit of getting drunk as fuck and having super dirty phone sex with filthy perverts. I have no standards and no morals whatsoever, that’s why I am so addicted to partaking in sloppy bukkakes. The more cocks I can have fucking me and beating their fuckin meat to explode on me, the better! We do some drugs, we pour some shots and we’re good to go. The higher I get the hornier I become. Have you ever seen a drunk ass girl that fucks better than me?! I think not! Fill me up and shower me in countless loads of fresh cock cream, baby. Most bitches think they’re nasty and naughty to where they can handle dozens of dicks busting their nut at the same time all over them but not all those bitches are me. I am the real deal and I get so much pleasure out of having unrecognizable facial features since I’m so fuckin covered in jizz…I wanna be buried in it! Depraved and twisted bitches are also the freakiest, don’t forget!

Trailer Trash Whore

trailer trash whoreI am your trailer trash whore fantasy. I love being your hot whore fuck. I snort lines and my pussy gets so wet every line I get. I want you to fill my holes with cum and all your buddies take turns filling me up like a stuffed pork loin. Hot sticky cum in my holes shoved up my ass so I can feed it to my stripper friends. I want you to watch me spit cum and piss into other whores mouths. I can not go one day without my primary fuck hole, my ass being drilled.  I strip, I snort coke and I even sell my body, idk what is more trailer trash than that. I am you’re for all your cum dumpster needs. 

Teach Her A Lesson

White trash phone sex My neighbor’s wife came over to my trailer to beat the shit out of me because she found out her man and I have been fucking for some time now. I laughed in her as she called me a hoe. That pissed her off and she took a swung at me. Again I laughed at her. I get hit by men just for their pleasure. Her puny sissy punch was nothing. I grabbed her by the hair and kneed her in the gut, dragging her across the room. I don’t know what this bitch was thinking if she would take care of her man he wouldn’t be coming to me. I was going to teach her a lesson on how to take care of her man. I threw my clothes off and sat right on her face. Smoothering her, grinding my cunt all over her face. Her face was wet in my juices. She was gasping and trying to push me off her. I told her I wasn’t going anywhere into I fucking squirted all over her prude bitch face.

Adult Bookstore

Dirty phone sexI am laying on my bed thinking about last night. I am sucking on my finger and I can still taste your ass. We had one crazy night at the adult bookstore and drew quite the crowd. I put you down on your hands and knees and invited a guy over who had a 10 inch black cock. I had you licking and sucking on that big black cock while I pulled your ass checks apart. I started teasing your ass with my tongue. Just licking around the outside of that tight puckered ass. Then I sucked on my finger to get in nice and wet before sliding it into your ass. I finger fucked your ass just a little before pulling it out to taste. The crowd went wild at seeing me lick and eat that special chocolatey pudding that your ass provides for me. It even caused the guy face fucking you to drop his load. Then the guys all around us exploded giving us an extreme cum shower.

My Daddy Wants to Fuck Me

Taboo phonesex

Popa wants to give me some rock hard family cock and he has been hinting at it all day. When my daddy gets like this there is nothing to do but please him. I remember the first-time daddy gave me his cock I cried all night, it was outstanding. I love my big dick daddy and no one could tell me different. Everyone is always getting shocked about me and daddy, they just don’t know how good it is to be fucked by my daddy. I’m so much better than mommy because I’m younger, my cunt is wetter and I love giving daddy deep throat head. Daddy says he had no idea I was going to be so good like mommy and he tells me that I’m even better. My daddy needs me he can’t live without fucking me every night and even he keeps me at home some days so he can pound my lucious pussy like a mad man. Daddy loves sucking my sweet pink pussy, he shoves his tongue inside like it’s his dick my cunt tightens and he tries to stuff his hard tongue deeper. Daddy loves when his friends come over to play house with me, he watches and even video tapes us so he can watch it later and feed me his cock juice.

It was so nasty but so fun!

live phone sexI was just hanging out with some friends when all the sudden things took a turn towards the nasty. This dude was real fucked up and he was trying to find the bathroom to take a piss but he was way too drunk to find his way there so he just started pissing right next to me! It was splashing all over me but instead of being disgusted by it, I was a little turned on. I just reached over and grabbed that cock and drank up all his piss. Well that caught everyone’s attention so they all gathered around me and used me as their toilet and it was hot as fuck! I was soaked in piss and horny as fuck so I just started stripping off my clothes and begging for cock. They fucked the shit out of me, all of them did. I am such a nasty girl!

Bukkake Party 2

Cum guzzling slutPeter called and offered me more money to be the guest of honor at his bukkake party. I had so much fun last time that I didn’t hesitate accepting his offer. When I arrived there were twice as many men there than before, I guess word spread about the last party. I walked in and all eyes were on me and it felt great being the center of attention. I took my coat off revealing that I wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Some of the guys saw my naked body and immediately pulled their dicks from their pants and started jerking off. They surrounded me and I tried sucking every dick put in my face. The rowdy men saw me acting like a slut and cheered me on. I tried stroking and sucking every dick that came near me because I wanted to feel that jizz on my body. They didn’t disappoint, covering me in thick white cum that tasted like salty candy.

Coke, Cock, Cum

cum dumpster Gangbang whore

Love my new gig as a stripper. I like being around all different types of guys and being able to show off my assets. I have cute blonde friend Carrie we both seem to get into plenty of trouble together. I like being tag-teamed with her we both seem to know how to handle cock better than most the whores at the club. We have made plenty of money together and have had fun together too. I know how to make a good whore like Carrie beg. We both have two weaknesses cock and coke. We go on cock and coke binges together. We know each other’s weakness to well. We never get a break. One of us will bring some fun around and the other just has to partake. We tend to have a ton of fun fucking and getting high. It’s quite simple! Honestly who doesn’t want tog get faded and fucked?I have always been a cum dumpster, but now I have a best friend who I can share endless amounts of coke, cum, and cock.

Hot Chick With a Dick For Perverts

So you think you are a real fucking pervert do you, big boy? Hmmm? You extreme and shit? You think you can take and dish out some of that crazy stuff when it cums to getting off and getting kinky? Well the fuck are you bad asses? I’m here, with this hot fucking rack and a sweet ass… and I got a nice fucking cock even.

I love things filthy and fucking depraved. I got your outlet for that kink and filthy fucking shit that you feel you can’t let anyone in on, cum on big guy I want to be your perverted partner and outlet… brown showers, enemas and hardcore anal fucking? I got you there baby I am all over that shit.

Shemale phone sex

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