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Freaks come out at night

cum dumpsterMy my the freaks do come out at night. I knew it was going to be a fun night at the strip club as soon as I saw sea of people. I couldn’t stay focus all I was thinking about was the mountain of cash I was going to take home to without a doubt spend on mountains of coke. I was going to do my thing and I was going to get fucked in the back room for an extra couple bands. I was craving some good cock anyways and wanted to be the cum dumpster of the night. I made my mental list and let the boys know I was ready to play with the big boys. My regular is a big time king pin who loves to bring me the best coke from Medellin Colombia. I took a couple lines of that nose candy and got to work. I got dicked down and coked up. I was living my best life being the trashy whore I have always been destined to be.

Cum is my weakness

cum eating phone sex  Every time I meet a new man, I always go ahead and tell him how much I love cum inside of me and on me. My shift at the club was so late I took a guy home with me this morning. We talked all night between shaking my ass on the pole. He threw his money fast and fat. When he told me that he hadn’t cum in weeks I got so horny and wet. I knew I would have a huge load to take all in and all over me. I rode his cock and made him cum inside of me and then he kept fucking me after that. His cock was so fat and big he made me cum all over him. He then came in and all over me again. I loved it. I love documenting and looking back on how much I love cum to cover me.

Working My Ass Off

Anal cum dumpster

I am not sure what the hell was in the air last night.  Every single guy who wanted a ‘date’ last night wanted to fuck me in the ass.  Dude, I am so god damned sore!  I thought for sure I was going to have a prolapse at some point.  I’m actually afraid to take a shit!  Although, when someone comes in your ass it acts like a dick enema.  You have to go almost right after they cum.  No lie.  I had to fucking squat in the damn alley more than a few times.  I like to keep myself clean looking, and clean tasting, but I almost couldn’t manage that last night.

This one guy told me that my ass wasn’t as tight feeling as it was the last time.  I told him to shut the fuck up and just finish.  I made him pay extra just for saying that.  He is fucking a whore for Christ sake.  What did he expect? Virgin ass? Yeah, no, good luck finding that out here. Another guy was so high on coke that it took forever for him to cum.  He would fuck me, pay me, leave, come back, fuck me, pay me, leave, come back … over and over again, until he finally came.  I told him it would be easier just to pay for a hotel room and have me stay with him until he could cum, but he said it was easier for him to do it this way.  He said the cops couldn’t catch him that way.  Made no sense, but hey what are you going to do.

Today I am sitting here with a sore asshole thinking I might not be able to go back out there.  I mean I could, but just make sure there is no anal, just pussy and mouth action.  Yeah, I think that is what I am going to do.  After all, vacation is right around the corner and I want to go someplace nice.

I love eating cum

cum eating phone sex

Besides being a complete butt slut, I love eating cum. And being the gangbang queen of coke whores I get so much fucking cum! I love when You have other stripper whores take the cum I push from my puckered ass hole and then feed it to me. Oh, Fuck yes. I am a nasty coked out whore the more I party with you the fucking nastier I get. Line after line feed me more cum. I need salty ropes of cum stringing from my mouth to yours and other whores. Open My ass and watch the cum flow from my cunt and ass! Dripping down my thighs as I walk the streets. Oh, fuck yes, I have no limits I even fuck my brother and daddy. Cum find out how much I can take! Shove your cock down my throat as 5 men battle for my holes! 

Getting Off

Cum guzzling slutI love my little red vibrating rocket. It is with me during every single one of my dirty no taboo phone sex calls. It fits so perfectly in my tight bald pussy and really goes deep. It has so many different settings. If you wanna fuck me hard and rough, it’ll go full blast pounding that pussy. If you want it slow, it will vibrate in random spurts. I love my red rocket almost as much as I love cock. I shove it in and out the entire call with one hand. By the time my customer cums, I’m shooting it out of my cunt covered in my slime as I squirt. It would be so fun to use my red rocket while you fuck me hard! Feeling it vibrate on my clit and your balls as your balls deep.

The Aftermath

Cum dumpster

New Year’s Eve was lit!!!!! I made so much damn money using all my fuck holes! The adrenaline kept me awake.  There was the biggest crowd at my job. I have never seen it like that.  I had some “business” cards made to pass out the customers so that if they wanted something beyond a lap dance they could contact me after I was done at the club.  My cell phone was blowing up!  

I had so many guys who wanted to fuck that I had to rent a hotel room and just give them times to show up.  I had to take yesterday off because I was so damn sore.  No lie, I spent most of the day yesterday drinking tea because I sucked so much cock that I couldn’t speak.  My jaw is still sore, it hurts to even eat.  My ass and pussy are still super tender and I was sitting on frozen veggies for hours yesterday, and even today off and on.

I am not sure how much cum I swallowed either.  It just kept coming.  One guy started to look like one another.  It was just a blur of cock.  I think word must have gotten around because when I looked back at how many guys I gave the room number to on my cell, way more than that amount showed up.  Maybe I can make this another little money making avenue.   

I will have to go tomorrow morning and deposit all this cash, there is a shit ton of it.  I am so happy!  I hope you got to fuck someone on New Years, and if not, you can always give me a call. 

Dirty Phone Sex Cum Whore

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex is the only kind to have with me. I am not your wife. In fact, I bet you I am the nastiest whore you will ever meet. I am coming off a four-day bender. Booze, coke, cock and cum. My favorite things. I had so much cum in me, there was no way my daughter could lick it all out of me. I could barely move yesterday. I was weighted down in jizz. Man jizz was all over my body as well as inside me too. After my daughter passed out, I had to do something to save all that man seed that was still on and in me. I started flicking the cum on my body off into a pitcher. I fucking filled two pitchers of cum from what was on my body alone. Talk about a cum dumpster. There was still a lot inside me, so I squatted over the pitcher and pushed out the cum just like I did my brats 20 some years ago. I love to eat cum. Now, if there is a rare day I can’t get any, I have a ton of frozen cum in the freezer. I made cum cubes. I poured the cum into over 30 ice trays with tooth picks. I eat more cum in a day than a porn star does in a year. I am such a dirty cum whore.

I would do anything for the money

crack whore analI needed a fix and I needed it bad so I did what I had to do, I set up a gangbang and offered up this ass to any man that would pay me for it! I had a line going out the door but I didn’t care, the money was flowing and they were bringing me lots of party favors too so I was high as fuck and ready to go all night long. Man after man came to fuck me, I had all my fuck holes filled with cum, my ass was gaped wide open and I felt lie the biggest whore in the world. I didn’t care tho, I was making tons of money and getting high as fuck and that was all that mattered to me. By the end of the night I could barely move and I was covered head to toe in a hot sticky layer of cum, I never felt so nasty before but who cares? I’ll be a whore forever!

Coke whore bukkake

Dirty phone sex


I went to a really crazy party last night. When I got there, everyone was already really fucked up and getting dirty. There were couples everywhere dancing and fucking out in the open. There was a table full of every kind of drug you could ever want. I went over to it and did a nice long line of coke and then chased it with a couple shots of tequila. When I’m really messed up, I like to get nasty. A few of the guys there recognized me and cheered me on as I did another round of shots. They know that the more drunk and high I get, the nastier and sluttier I get. My face was numb and my pussy was soaking wet when they pulled me into a room and pushed my head level with the crotch. I started sucking their cocks and licking their balls. I was high and drunk and out of control and I just wanted every cock in the room in my mouth. I sucked them and stroked them before they splashed their hot loads of cum all over my face. As soon as one was done cumming, I was already shouting for the next one to take his place. I was so fucking turned on and fucked up that I just wanted more and more of them to cover me with their cum. My moans and the sight of my sticky cum covered face through the open door attracted a whole crowd of men who got in line to cum on my face. I would suck on them while the others stood around me jerking themselves off waiting for their turn to get sucked and cum on me. I rubbed my clit the whole time because I was so fucking turned. By the time they were done, my face and tits were covered in a thick layer of their sticky jizz.

Druggy Gang Bang

Druggy phone sexI had me a little druggy gang bang. Seven guys and me fucking and banging that crack up our arms. I was so fucking loaded that I experienced blackout moments. I had dicks coming at me from every direction. Everywhere I looked there was a dick aiming for my mouth, ass, and cunt. I was getting a dick in all three of my holes at once. They were pounding me and not in sync with each other. I was being thrashed around like a rag doll. I was cumming all over their hot dicks. They were flipping me this way and bending me over that way. They were all over my body dominating the shit out of me. They gave my fuck holes no fucking mercy! I can’t wait to do this druggy gang bang again I made sure to get all their numbers for next weekend.

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