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I’m Your Cum Dumpster

Cum dumpster

You came looking for a cum dumpster slut like me. I leaned into your car told you how much my services were, but all you were interested in is why my ass was on the corner. You had been to a party with me and a couple strippers and had a nice orgy, It was my luck you remembered my face and quoted me a price for a gang bang party and said your coke dealer would be there. Because you know what a coke whore I am. I jumped in and As soon As I walked in a chorus of ” baby come here and suck my dick first!” erupted.  This druggy bitch needed a few lines but after that my pussy was soaked and I was on my knees with my ass up for all your buddies. My mouth wrapped tightly around your cock as your boss fucked my ass deep and hard. “Hey, Everybody what do you think of my little coke gangbang whore??”  Everyone Cheered as I took cock after cock, I am glad to keep your friends entertained as My orifices get pumped and cum gets dumped into every hole I have.  



Fuck for the bucks

Dirty phone sex 

 Being a dirty phone sex girl is not hard when you really have kinky shit happen every night at the club. Every time I am dancing I always spot the old, wealthy men quick. I know their wallet is fat. Last night I got called for a private dance $$$$. I love getting asked. He was older much older. He told me to let him dominate and to swallow every bit of cum he has for this amount. I told him that I am a dirty little stripper. I bent over showing him my ass hole and pussy. He spanked me throwing cash, calling me derogatory names just how I like it. He made me get in several positions while he admired my fit stripper body. I got on my stripper knees and sucked away his white small cock for some cash. He offered a lot more then I would even ask for.  I am just a trailer trash anal cum dumpster so I mean hey more the better. I sucked and swallowed ever oz like he asked with no problem.

Anal Sex Whore Josie Loves Cock

You know I just like a big juicy set of balls to suck on with a nice big dick attached to run my tongue up and down. Taking that shaft into my lips and teasing the glands under that throbbing cap is such a pleasure that makes my tranny dick hard. I love the feel of cock in my mouth and as an anal sex whore I really love a big dig pounding my ass. I want you to suck me off while your friend does me in the butt. My desire is to get in the middle of a gangbang and that forceful fucking of my ass makes my dick throb and you need to suck me off while I am being continually violated big dick after big throbbing dick. Can you handle my dick?

Anal Sex Whore

Phone Sex Line with a Cowgirl

phone sex line

Revenge is a dish best served with a hard cock in my soft little mouth. I have always gone for the cowboys, but honestly how could a girl resist? They have those strong rough hands that a girl loves to feel roaming all over her soft body. This cowboy was no different, he was absolutely irresistible to me. I never really do relationships, but he was different. He was such a good time! We would get high together, and when we needed the money for more drugs he would even find a guy for me to fuck for the money. If I had to fuck men for the money, he would stay and watch to make sure that I was alright. He was my dream man, or so I thought. One day he came home late and there was lipstick on his collar that was not my shade of red, and there was a red wine stain on his shirt. The 2 of us only drink beer and whiskey. I knew then he was seeing another girl behind my back, so I devised a plan. When he was asleep I stole his precious truck and me up with his best friend. I put a camera on the dash board and his best friend climbed into the truck. In no time I had his pants off, and his hard cock in my mouth I made sure to keep eye contact with the camera the whole time. Then when he was good and wet, I climbed into his lap facing the camera. My eyes never left the camera while I slipped his best friends cock into my tight little ass hole. I let his friend cum in my ass, and invited all of his other friends. You can pretty much piece together what happened the rest of the night. I went home and let him eat my ass, and then I showed him the video of his best friend shooting his load into it. I can’t count how many times he brushed his teeth.

Cum is My Crack

Live phone sex

Some of my neighbors think I am white trash because I am addicted to man chowder. Cum is my crack. Nothing is more satisfying than sucking on your great big hard cock and tasting all of your wet warm pre-cum. I can never get enough of it. I don’t care about size or the color of your cock. I just want to suck on your big hard cock until you give me that salty warm creamy cum that I am craving. I have a client that will jack off into popsicle trays so that on warm days I have creamy cum-sicles to suck on and satisfy my dirty desires. The only thing that I like almost as much as your cock pudding is a golden shower to wash it all down with. The smell and taste of your golden frizzly sparkly juice makes my pussy hot and wet. Plus when you pee directly on my clit you give me a squirting orgasm. There is just something so good about being such a dirty nasty freak!

Be Nasty With Me

Nasty phonesexNasty phonesex is what I want. I don’t want to be sweet and talk about loving sex can be. Fuck that shit! I want to be a dirty little fuck whore. I want all my holes fucked and filled until I’m stuffed like a creme doughnut with the icing leaking out. Make me drink from you, and be a little potty princess I don’t fucking care. I’m not your girlfriend or wife no need to care, just treat me like a filthy whore off the street. All I care about is what makes the dick blast its jizz over and over again until those balls are drained. My young cunts ready and wet for all those throbbing hard cocks that need a tight young bitch like me!

Life is A Cum Dumpster Of Fun

Cum dumpster is a great term for me, for life and is what I thrive to be when high as fuck and working. It’s a life goal for me due to my profession, being a cum dumpster means I have had a very profitable night and bringing home a cunt filled with spooge for my boyfriend is an awesome thing for the both of us. He gets what he wants and I get my puss cleaned out by my boyfriends tongue and that means a good orgasm for me.

I’m a dirty girl and live for the gangbangs and big dicks for a good night of work, I mean come on I’m a working girl that happens to get high and take cock for a living, and nothing wrong with that! I hope we get to enjoy some hot fucking together soon.

Cum Dumpster


Cum Guzzler

Cum guzzling slutI love being a stripper! Bouncing my ass for cash is so easy and makes me feel super sexy. I love having all eyes on me when I hit the stage. Men make it rain cash on me because I pop my pussy better than any other dancer. But the best part about dancing is the men. All types of men come to the club with their balls full of cum. I’m a cum guzzling slut and I love it. I wish I could get every man in the club to cum in a glass so that I could drink it. But since that’s just a fantasy, I take men one by one into the champagne room. Because behind closed doors I can break the “no-touch” rule. I drop down to my knees and try to suck the skin off your dick. Hold the back of my head and fuck my face. I promise I won’t bite. I want to feel you feel squirt a huge load in my mouth. I want to know what you taste like. Come and watch me dance and I’ll rock your world.

Hoe Hostage

Be careful who you meet on the net. I had a ton of free time and decided to get on some websites during my work breaks. I met a guy who seemed he was going to be a perfect fit for my party days. I am always looking for a fun fuck friend. I put my trust in this one guy and gave him my address we decided that we would hang out on a Thursday night and get high and fuck till we both pass out. It was time for the big day I was anticipating it so much. I got the perfect lingerie and could hardly wait.

When I got home I retouched everything and made my self look like one hot slut. The door bell rang and I noticed it was some fat fuck and I was uber pist he had my hopes up I thought it was hot Henry that was going to greet me. Boy, was I wrong. The fat fuck pushed himself in before I knew it. I was in complete shock that it happened within a second. He told me “Don’t you remember me slut”? The voice hit me, It was Henry everything came crashing down on me. This fucker had lied to me and deceived me and he was beyond pist off that I showed my true colors. I told him there was no way I was going to let his obese ass anywhere near me. Henry was going to hold me hostage and not let me go anywhere. I

I was stuck being his cum dumpster for the night. I couldn’t believe how violated and excited I was at the same time. It was a thrill getting used. I felt like a complete trashy slut. Once the coke set in I was wanting more of Henry’s lard ass. I got the best fuck ever and I hate to admit it but it was some hot fucking sex too.cum dummpster

Cum Guzzling Slut Plus One

cum guzzling slut

My daughter is a cum whore because her momma is a cum guzzling slut. My mom was one too. Cum does a body good. I love guzzling jizz. My daughter and I have cum parties all the time. That is when we invite a bunch of guys over to blow them. We snowball the cum. We even save some to freeze for snacks when no cock is around. I swear we are both addicted to cum. When we don’t get it for a day, we have withdrawal symptoms like a smack addict. Last night we needed a blow bang party. We had some severe weather that prevented our skanky asses from getting out over the weekend. Now that the sun was shining, we texted about 30 guys to come over. We were thinking if we got 15, it would be successful. We got 40 guys. Some invited their friends because we are sort of legendary cum whores. Everyone knows I am a cum dumpster and if I am, my daughter is too. These guys barely fit in my double wide. They had no trouble squeezing their dicks down my throat, even up my ass and in my cunt. It was a gangbang. If a guy shot his load up my cunt, I squatted over my daughter and pissed it out into her mouth. She did the same to me. There was no cum that went wasted. If it was shot up an ass or a cunt, we pushed it out, so we could snowball it. Let me tell you something. Guys love giving a woman a creampie then watching her push it out into her daughter’s greedy mouth. It got our studs hard again. My daughter is a creampie slut. She will guzzle semen out of any of my fuck holes. We got our cum fix, but damn my holes are worn out today. Not complaining though, just bragging.

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