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The Confessions of an Anal sex whore

Anal sex whore

Hello, my name is Luna and I am an Anal sex whore.  Of course you all already know that, don’t you? If you do not then you need to read more of my blogs. There are times when I am not in the mood to have my cunt used.  I just want to feel cock ripping up my ass.  I am not talking taking your time, working the cock in slowly, I’m talking about slamming it in, hard, making me catch my breath and almost cry from the pain.

There are those who go to confession to be absolved of their sins.  I get raw fucked in my asshole.  Same result, well maybe not because I’m not asking for forgiveness, come to think about it, I have never asked for forgiveness for anything.  I think going in dry must make a guy’s cock feel amazing, it hurts me, I’m not going to lie, but I get to feel that for days. 

Plus all that creamy cum running out of my ass as I make my way home? Delicious.  One time when I had some big dick over and over I couldn’t walk right.  I was clearly in pain as I made my way to the subway station.  The burn and just general soreness was evident on my face, so much so that this one nosy bitch came over and asked me if I was alright.  She asked if I had been assaulted.  I told her that I hadn’t been, but she was correct I was in pain, but that’s because I just got done having three massive cocks stuffed in my ass without lube.  She just looked at me, shook her head, then walked away.

If she didn’t want to know what happened then she shouldn’t of came up to me. Right? Mind your own business.  Anyway, sometimes pain is good, sometimes it is bad, but freshly violently fucked ass sometimes is just want I need.

Dirty phone sex with pimped out slut

Dirty phone sexBesides having dirty phone sex all day long, I also pimp myself out to make a living and pay my bills. With these fat and juicy tits and my nice round ass, who the fuck wouldn’t wanna have a taste?! I have a bad habit of being a very nasty prostitute and I have quite the reputation to go along with that, haha! Everyone knows that i’m the best dick sucker in town, it’s not hard to see! Nasty skanky whores for hire are always down to get filthy as fuck. Doesn’t matter what it is, i’m always down baby! You bring the cash and I will bring the drugs, it will be perfect and oh so erotic! Let’s meet anywhere, come and scoop me up and let me suck the soul out of your rock hard shaft for some quick change.

Stripping For Dick and Money

Hot stripper sex

Dudes! I had the most fan-fucking-tastic weekend!  First off I made a shit ton of money and secondly I got a ton of dick!  My friend Mandy asked me if I could work a party with her.  At first I was like, nah.  Only because the last time I helped her out by working a party it was lame.  We were stripping for about ten guys and not one of them wanted to fuck.  They had no problem with her and I bouncing our tits in their faces, or rubbing our pussies on their laps, but fucking was out of the question.  Weird.  She promised me though that if I went with her this time I was guaranteed to get some cock.  I told her if I didn’t get any then this would be the last time I would step in and help out.

At first we were the only ones there.  I thought that this was another lame assed party, but after about thirty minutes the guys came in.  They were fucking wasted.  They wanted to get all grabby and shit.  Mandy wasn’t having it, she told them that if they didn’t settle down we were leaving.  She told them if they wanted anything more than some dances then they would have to pay extra.  No freebies.  Hell, I give freebies all the damn time, maybe I should pick up some of Mandy’s business practices. Ha!

We were dancing, drinking, snorting, and just having a great old time.  I was getting frantic, my pussy was throbbing, my clit was so damn engorged.  You try doing lap dances over some hard cocks for a couple of hours and see if your pussy isn’t begging for them to slam into you.  I told Mandy that these guys better want to fuck, because if not I was going to leave and find some on my own.  She was booked for two more hours and she couldn’t leave, but she wouldn’t get paid at all if there weren’t the both of us there.  She started to panic.  Girl needs her money, she has a shit load of little Mandys to take care of.  

I just went around and offered my cunt up.  Eventually one guy said yes, we fucked right there in the middle of every one, Mandy was being my fluffer chick, getting those dicks so hard that they had to cum, they couldn’t wait.  Mmmm, blue balls equal cock stuffed in my holes.  Watching me being fucked hard helped too.  One by one they took their turns.  Mandy was on cock sucking duty and I was on every other duty.  Not only did they pay for the suck and fuck, they paid extra for us to stay for a few more hours.  I was so damn tired, sticky, and satisfied when we left.  I am thinking that the next time Mandy needs a stand in that I just may say yes again.

My Best High

There is nothing more sensual than sharing a needle. It is such a strong bond you form when you do heroin together. It truly is a feeling like no other, like flying. The fact that you are in a completely empty house covered in only used needles doesn’t even matter. The bruises covering our arms seem so beautiful, like proof we went through such an amazing experience together. The feeling of that tight belt around my are gives me a rush like nothing else in this world can. In my opinion the biggest turn on is when you help me find my vein. And after we shoot up, you have the most beautiful clear blue eyes. I could focus on your face all day. The feeling of your lips on m neck is like being kissed by a rose, and everything is in slow motion. I feel everything so intensely while you strip me naked. The head of your cock pressed against my little wet slit is like my own slice of heaven. The sex is better than words could ever explain, better than flying, better than heaven, it is something else entirely. Your cum filling my pussy makes me feel complete, like it is what I have been missing my whole life. That is my best high.

phone sex line

Coke Whore Dealings On The Down Lo

Fucking piece of shit dickless slumass landlord decided he would sneak in my fucking place again and set up new nanny cams as he knew I was planning some BBC fun this weekend and making some deals in dirty phone sex. Fucktard thought he could try blackmailing Me this time. Ha! Little dick you best get ready to beg to lick this fuckhole good and clean or take a couple of big black dicks in your sloppy assed back door…. bitch!

Let’s see what dickless will do when he sees Those Video as opposed to what he thought he was screening! It’s my turn to get some sweet revenge finally, getting that fag ass of his rammed by multiple BBC’s and shot live for all to see. This bitch is sly and you fuck with me you will pay for it. Best part, you will never know when pay day will be Bitch, but I promise you, my memory is as keen as a hounds smeller.

Dirty phone sex

Public Lot Lizard Sex

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex is where it is at. Truckers have the best dope and they know how to fuck. If I am feeling horny or in need of some blow, the truck stop is an easy fix for both. I caught the eye of a new trucker Jeremy. He drives for Hunt Trucks and this was his first route. Now, he wasn’t a young man, but he was younger than me. I had on my yellow bikini top and cut off jean shorts. It was the high heels that gave me away as a lot lizard. He asked me how much to party with him, but I told him I just wanted some blow. He pulled out a big bag and my pussy got wet. Jeremy was an exhibitionist. He wanted to fuck outside. I am down for anything. I did a line of blow then started playing with my sloppy wet pussy while he stroked his nice 7-inch hard cock. It was the middle of he day and cops come and go all day long. I could have been busted, but the risk of getting caught was hot to me. Jeremy bent me over a concrete low wall and fucked my ass. We were on the side of the Love’s gas station; the side where the trucks park. I was trying not to be too loud because I just wanted to fuck and get high. I had no desire to go to jail. Other truckers saw us, and they provided a protective wall around us. It was just a circle jerk, but no one else could see me through the shield of horny truckers jacking off watching me be an exhibitionist slut. I was covered head to toe in cum. Our audience clearly liked what they saw. I got some great blow and some great cum.

High and Horny

Cum dumpsterWhen I get super high & fucked up, my sloppy cunt turns into a damn cum dumpster! I wanna spread my legs open wide and use my fingers to push apart my cunt lips so that I can show you how fuckin wet & juicy my fuck holes are. I’ve been getting fucked by dealer dick all day long, my pussy is so fuckin sore and tender! I’m masturbating right now while I use the sperm inside of me as lubrication! I’m soooo fucking horny and my rock hard nipples are eager to be sucked on. Line up some blow on my fat tits and snort it all off. I can’t feel my face and my cunt is fuckin numb. It feels so good to be so twacked out with perverted bastards that love to use me as their personal sex toy. Shoot me up in my arm and watch my eyes roll to the back of my head while I gag on your shaft. I love feeling that rush through my veins. Oh my god let’s get fucking crazy! Skull-fuck my face and slap me while you tell me what a filthy fuckin hoe I am!

BBC Phone Sex Please

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex? Hell yes. I am a dirty old whore. I love taking a thick big black cock in my pussy. Tyrese was so thick that I had to lower myself slowly on to his fat fuck stick. It felt like I was fucking and sucking the same cock at the same time. I thought his snake was going to come out my mouth. He was rearranging my female parts because he was inside me so deep. I picked him up at the truck stop Friday night and he came back to my trailer. He enjoyed fucking me so much, he never left until today. He gave up a route just to fuck this trailer trash whore. Let me tell you, Tyrese had one of the hugest cocks I have ever fucked. I am I my fifties and I have been fucking since I was a young school girl. I have had thousands of cocks in my life. I consider myself a seasoned old whore. Getting a cock too big was something I laughed at until I met Tyrese. He said I had the tightest snatch he has ever fucked. I never hear that anymore. I am sore as fuck. I am walking like I was horseback riding for 72 hours or something. I guess I was horse riding because I was bouncing on a foot long Black Stallion all weekend. It is nice to know that an old whore like me can still find a cock that can stretch her old cunt and make her hurt so good. Tyrese will be back in a few weeks because as he put it, he wants some more trashy MILF pussy. He said he was fucking my ass next. Fuck, I need to do some anal training before then because he will ruin my back door.


No taboo phone sex


I’m going to make this nigger crazy if it’s the last thing I do. I don’t give a fuck about his feelings I’m going to hurt him. He is so weak for me, and it just makes me scream. I think about this fool like all the fucking time I always wonder to myself, why do I have such a hold on him. I’m wondering it drives me insane, but I love to make him crazy. This fucker, he thinks that he is number one in all girls eyes but not me, I’m hard to get for him. Leave me alone loser I’ll make you beg you need to ask anyway. Let me beat you on your back Let Me Whip your fucking ass I want to do it that way. You are a big brute black guy, and you think just because your cock is like 12 in long that you are a star. Well you’re not, you’re just an average fucker who I can make cry, and that’s all that counts to me. I can make you weak so why don’t you get on your knees and beg me for my hot cotton candy pussy. You know you want this wet cunt you know you want me to squirt in your face and cover you with my cum-cream. You’re begging all the time pleading with me to give your ass a chance, but no, I love when you beg instead. All of those girls you fuck why don’t you get satisfied with them, I know why it’s because they’re all so fucking easy for you to fuck. That’s why you want me anyway because I’m hard to get for you, you want to shove that big fucking monster cock inside of my wet pussy so bad. I control you as far as I’m concerned because you’re stupid for me you’ll do anything I tell you won’t you? I love to tease you and to fuck white guys in front of your face don’t you wish that you could have my asshole? Just like your white co-worker who I sucked in front of you. You have to do something more monkey boy you have to beg.

paint my face

cum dumpsterDaddy got home from a long day and was in an awful mood. I wanted to make I’m happy so I got on my knees and started sucking. I pulled his pants down. Offered up some of my nose candy and we both got high and I got him high as hell. Daddy was able to fuck my ass till he came. He didn’t stop he kept pumping me till my ass hole was nearly red. I knew I was going to feel it in the morning. I was prepared for the worst. I didn’t care I was enjoying my ass fuck and then when Daddy sprayed my face I knew it was worth it!! I love facials from Daddy. He sure does paint my face a lot. I knew he would be in a better mood. All it took was some coke and my tight ass.

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