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BBC Sex Stories For My Cuckolding Husband

bbc sex stories

Do you like hearing all about BBC Sex Stories?  If you’re anything like my cuckolding husband, and I bet you are, you don’t just like them, you LOVE them!!!  Well, while my husband was at work today, I was busy getting plowed by these two gorgeous ebony men who were both well hung.  I mean they were like BBC Gods.

I called my husband right before they got here to inform him that when he got home from work I would have some yummy BBC creampie for him.  He was so excited.  He loves for me to get fucked while he’s at work.  I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful cuckolding husband who not only understands my lust for BBC, he encourages it.

Returning home from work to hear all about my BBC Sex sometimes makes him leave work a little early.  Especially if he knows I’ve gotten my juicy cunt and puckered asshole filled to the rims with all that sticky BBC cum for him to lap up.

Big dick sucker

Big dick suckerAs soon as I wake up in the morning, the first thing that my slutty ass does is roll over and climb on top of that hard fuckin dick, bouncing my juicy ass up and down on it like a basketball. So fucking wet and creamy, it’s hott as fuck to watch that black anaconda slide in and out of my slutty, stretched out pussy. Sloppy sex is the only kind of sex that I enjoy, no vanilla shit over here! There’s no need to be shy with me, i’m only gonna moan louder and drip my juices all over you! Fuck me so god damn hard that I can’t even think straight. I gush everywhere and you just encourage it. I love draining those huge cum-filled balls, that’s why i’m the best big dick sucker around. Assault my throat and thrust your fingers and tongue into my cervix. Deep strokes into my big soft ass make me quiver. I love teasing with my skanky cunt and I love pulsating, stiff dick around my lips! BBC is so fucking delicious, I can’t get enough of a juicy black cock! I’m such a cum guzzling whore!

Scat queen megan

Cheap phone sex

I love to have a messy dirty time, can’t you tell? One of my nastier habits is making a thick brown mess on your cock and balls. I want to lay down and I want to crouch about your mouth and start pushing until I feel a big thick shit just pop out of my ass right into your mouth. I would love for you to bend over and let me stick my tongue in your ass and let you fill my mouth with scat. Mhm, I just love feeling it getting shoved in my fucking cunt with your shit covered cock. I am basically the scat queen I love just the feel of it going up into my cervix. Mhm, do you think you can treat me like the little nasty slut I am?

Creampie Slut Valencia Loves Cum

Gawd damn I am such a filthy fucking ho and cannot help but be a creampie slut for dick. The thing is, a sloppy cunt full of gooey stringy thick oozing cum in my snatch after I have had this hot pussy pounded is just so fucking delightful! It’s a real turn on for my fuckboy lover whom I cuckold all the fucking time. You see I’m a trashy trick that won’t give up taking dick for money because it’s what I love, and he has to love it also or we are done.

Creampie Slut

Well it appears he really fucking gets off on hearing about my fucks of the day/ night and gets so hard when I show him my panties all gooey against my cum filled snatch. It’s a thing now for me to sit on his face and give him details, and he cums without even having to fuck me… though sometimes I let im fuck my messy snatch and he certainly quick to explode!

Pissing Sex Stories

Pissing Sex Stories

I was so stoned that I was taking a piss on the corner where I was hustling for Johns when A nice black car pulled up and asked how much for some golden showers baby? I pulled up my panties and asked how much he wanted to pay and if he partied. We took off and he brought me to a nice room and opened his suitcase that had so many pairs of cute girly panties. He picked out a polka dotted pair for me and told me to strip and only put those on. He then laid out a couple nice rails on the table and we snorted coke. I was feeling good as he told me to down a large bottle of water. I was instructed to let him know the moment I had to piss. So, we did a few more lines when I told him I had to pee. He told me to hold it and come suck his cock. It was a very nice cock, so I obeyed and was sucking and deep throating when the urge to pee got so bad I told him. Okay, he said as he stripped the rest of the way and laid on the floor. “Straddle, me and take my cock in your mouth then piss through your panties on me. I did as I was told sucking his cock as I let out a hot stream of piss through my panties all over his chest. When I was done he rolled me over and slid the piss soaked panties aside and started fucking my pissy pussy. He came hard inside of me and asked for the panties as he gave me another pair and a big bottle of water. We had fun pissing and fucking and doing lines all night. He even pissed in my ass, I kind of liked the hot feeling of piss in my ass.

Professor Davis

My younger sister Kelly has been getting bad grades lately since her soft supple breast have grown in and she doesn’t know what to do about it. If she doesn’t get her grades up my parents are going to lose it with all the cash, they shed out each and every month for the little brat’s education. Kelly got another D and I can’t take it anymore I’m going to have to talk to Professor Davis I will do anything to help her get her grades up. Mr. Davis, I hate that my sister’s grades are slipping and I’m afraid that she may flunk out. I really need to know what I can do to get things back together for her. “Well Kelly, her parents have worked very hard to pay for the best education for her, I think she hasn’t been applying herself to the fullest, and she will have to allot of work to make it up.” There was a strange thing happening though when professor Davis was talking to me his cock seemed to get so hard in his pants. I felt like I could do some extra credit work for the little slacker to get her grades up. I was about to show professor Davis how badly I wanted and needed to help my sister get an A and after I finished with the professor he was going to be giving my little sibling good grades from then on.


Dirty phone sex

dirty phone sex

I have become an item with this really fun and sexy guy. He is okay with me fucking as much as cock as I can. He is at work right now and we recently just put cameras up all around the house that can be accessed from his phone. I know he is checking up on me, and watching what I am doing.

I walk around the house naked and rub my cunt every chance I get. I am a chronic masturbater. I have to fuck my pussy. The doorbell ring and I see it is my neighbor. I invite him in, and he is ready to fuck as much as I want to once he sees how wet my pussy is. I position myself right in front of a camera and let my man see how I am going to take this other guys cock.

He gapes my pussy open around his cock and gets to ramming himself deep and hard into me. Watch me get this cum babe!


Druggy phone sexI got offered a shit load of nice crack rock so some 60 year old could beat the shit out of and then fuck my daughter. I do not even think I breathed before I said yes. He said I could watch as I was pumping my veins full of my first and formost love. I dragged my daughter out by her hair and showed her all the crack I was getting for her worthless ass. She smiled just thinking she was gonna get fucked. But without warning he bitched slapped her and sent her flying to the floor. She screamed loudly and I laughed as I sat myself on the couch to take my crack and watch my daughters tournament.

Uncle Don and Daddy

Every since I was a little cutie pie uncle Don has been putting his cream on me he tells me I’m his little cream pie and uncle Don told me not to tell anyone especially daddy or we would have to stop having so much fun together. I loved the way uncle Don used to wait until everybody was gone and call me in the back room he would slowly take off all my clothes at first I was scared but after the first few times I liked it and after even more times I loved it. The places uncle Don would touch me I could never forget, his long fat fingers were so forceful when he would push them deeply into my tiny pond cunt. He would look me in my eyes until he got weak he’d say I made his erect penis spray yummy slimy juice and he would tell me to drink it and kiss him. Daddy left one day and me and uncle Don were alone this time he spread my skinny long bony legs apart right there on the living room floor and went for my pouty fat cunt lips I was dripping wet already uncle Don started sliding his tongue into my warm pussy it felt so good all I could hear was slurping and myself moaning so I couldn’t have heard daddy at all but he was there. Daddy had come back to the house for some reason and he was right there watching until he decided to do something my uncle couldn’t believe.


Pay Your Fucking Whore

Big Dick Sucker

I’m Mommies disappointment and Daddies big dick sucker. My Daddy taught me how to be a good fucking whore. He used to drop me off at truck stops and told me how to sling my wet cunt for money. They fucking loved me, and they loved filling up my fuck holes. I started getting off on the dirtiness of it and being such a nasty slut. I was fucking men old enough to be  my grandpa in truck stop bathrooms that probably hadn’t been cleaned in years. Men would throw money at me after fucking my mouth and I’d still be on knees swallowing their load. Sometimes, I’d be so turned on from being used up like there little fuck toy that I’d sit there on that dirty floor and rub my soaking wet pussy until I came. Daddy would tell me how proud he was of me when I told him how many loads I took that night and how much money I had got for it. He loved his little fuck doll.

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