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Cum filled cunts

2 Girl phone sexWe’re just a couple of filthy cum guzzling sluts that loveeee having super fuckin dirty 2 girl phone sex. We suck that big hard cock so damn good, you stay cumming back to back to back, filling our slutty holes with that fresh jizz. I’m so fuckin horny, mine and Hazel’s pussies are dripping fuckin wet and eager to be pounded deep! Stretch us out and gape us open wide while we all talk dirty to each other. Those nut-filled balls slapping against my ass while I eat Hazel’s cunt is my favorite… she tastes sooo yummy, I can’t get enough! Our panties are always soaking wet with the warm creampie cum explosions that we get shot up inside of our fuck holes constantly. What you see is what you get, two skanky whores that wanna have nasty phonesex all day long! Call us up and come get a taste of what we got. 😉Nasty phonesex

Hot Stripper Sex

Hot stripper sex

Hot Stripper sex with a druggy gangbang whore is your craving. You need a slut that can take your cock and let you throat fuck her.  Let me seduce you with a nasty lap dance and then I would love to have to in a huge gang bang with you.  Imagine getting to fuck me with 20 loads of cum all over my body and in my swollen ass hole and pussy. There is nothing like having my ass and pussy tore apart and still be taking cum loads. Raw bareback dick in my sore holes makes me cum even harder. Right now thinking of it I feel my self getting wet all over my black lace thong.  I just need a rail of coke some cock and loads and loads of cum to be a happy woman. I love getting loads of hot sticky cum anyway I can. I just want to be your druggy cum dumpster tonight. I have the skills and the coke on hand. I really need a cock to party with.

Cum Filled Cunt With BBC Spunk

cum filled cuntWhat would you do for money?  Any fucking thing.  It was kinda slow at the strip club this past weekend so when this group of BBC came walking in, my pussy literally got wet.  I’ve seen these guys before.  They’re football players, so money to them is never an object.  Just so happens my favorite 2 Chainz song was on and I can’t stop twerking when that song comes on. As soon as I hear “I’m different”, I go right up to them and bend over and make my fat ass clap.  Dropped it like it was hot, then turned around and grabbed handfuls of BBC.  They were like “whoa”.  Immediately we were whisked to a VIP room where we all scored touchdowns.  They gave me so much money.  I just emptied out my amazon cart.  Little did they know, I would have let them gangbang me for free.  I’m a nasty fucking cum guzzling slut for BBC. 

Cum dumpster

 cum dumpsterI went to a random hotel to meet up with a bunch of dudes with throbbing hard cocks. I put an add on Craigslist and offered up my whore services. I put my room number on there and told them to all cum and join me for a fun cock fest. I get there and there is already a line of guys coming out of my room. I get inside and lay down on a couch with my head hanging off the edge. I open my mouth and invite the first big fat cock of the night to come and pound away at my mouth. I open my pussy and ass and tell others to come and dig their cocks into me. I bounce up and down on those cocks, yanking and tugging all the cum out of them. I am nothing but a cum puddle.

I want everyone to discard of their cum right on me. I want to be sticky and wet and saturated in sperm. I beg for more cock once those ones are done. I look around and see other guys jerking their cocks while they are pointed at me. Locked and loaded. I am going to get hundreds of loads of cum. My ass and pussy are getting gaped open by the minute and stuffed with so much cum that it is pouring out of me. My face and white smooth skin is not moisturized with gallons of cum. I am going to need to snort some lines of cum up my nostrils. I love all this hot wet cum.

I am staying up all night and all day bathing in this warm cum juice. I am not going to wipe any of it off of me.

Pay Me And I’ll do Anything You Want


This guy came into our club when I was stripping the other night looking for sexysexy prostitutes prostitutes. He was in the right place, every girl in the place will fuck you for money. They’ll do any kinky thing you can think of. So, when I was grinding my pussy on his cock and he asked me if I wanted to fuck somewhere I asked him how much he would pay to get inside my pretty pink fuck hole. My pussy tingled when he whispered in my ear how much he would pay to fuck me for the entire night. I left work immediately and went to a hotel with him. Everyone stared when we walked through the lobby, I had on the tiny dress that I wore at the strip club and a pair of fuck me heels, it was obvious I was his hooker he was taking up to his room to fuck. I didn’t care, my pussy gets wet from being such a fucking whore. I let him pound me the entire night in my ass and pussy.

We are going to do it at the Movie Theater

Fisting whore

Call me what you want I love my boyfriend Jeff, he is a major fucking freak. My boyfriend Jeff he loves to do nasty things all over the place, what should we do tonight while I’m thinking very nasty bright I’m ready to get fucked hard but we’ve got to find a place that’s perfect. I heard that a new movie was coming out tonight and everyone is going well that’s the perfect place we are going to get some action in tonight. I want to fuck him like a stallion ride his dick hard that’s my fucking baby I’ll do whatever he wants I love him and the movie theater is waiting. Yep we are going to make our own little fucking porno we’re going to do it in the movies I’m going to ride as fucking cock in a packed and sold-out show.

Get you a stupid whore for the night

I love not having any self dignity. Being a little fucking stupid whore who gets degraded is what I was put here to do and I couldn’t get enough. My mommy taught me how to listen and take it like the cum dumpster slut I am and always have been. On Friday nights I go down to the corer of my street and I work there all night getting picked up by guys and used like a pocket pussy all night. My favorite guys are the ones who wanna fuck me then piss all over my stupid fucking face. Then I have to clean up my pissy face with my tongue, and he can’t help but to cum all over my cunt when he sees just how dirty I am. By then end of the night I have taken at least 15 loads and at least 7 guys have pissed on me or in my pink fucking cunt. When I get home I don’t shower I end up fucking one of drug dealers for some coke so I can get on the phone and make all you guys cum over and over again. Aren’t I a good little fucking little stupid whore? Cheap phone sex

I Fucked A BBC Rapper

bbc sex stories

Wanna hear about one of the times I fucked a BBC rapper?  It’s just one of my many BBC sex stories.  He’s pretty famous.  Part of a two man group.  Boy did he have me shaking it like a salt shaker.  My best friend is a booking agent so I get to go backstage with all the rap artists who she does concerts for.  Lucky me right?  I always dress super slutty. These guys are known for getting lots of pussy and I don’t ever wanna miss a chance on some famous BBC.  So we were at their concert, backstage.  Drinking, smoking, you know the usual rapper shit.  We start flirting.  He tells me I better stop rubbing up against him and gives me a flirty evil grin.  I tell him, I’m grown.  He tells me he’s a big freak. I tell him I am too.  He tells me he has a big dick 😉  I tell him “I swalllow”.  Well, that was the end of that.  He grabbed my hand and started leading me through the crowd but his bodyguard stopped him telling him that they were about to go on stage.  He told the boduyguard to keep his eyes on me, that he had plans to fuck me into tomorrow.  As soon as they got done performing, he jumps off stage, grabs my hand and leads me through the crowd into the limo.  We didn’t even wait til we got back to the hotel.  It went down in the back of that limo in front of everyone else in it as they cheered us on.  Guess what?  He was a huge freak. He did have a huge dick.  And I really did swallow all of his creamy cum just like the good BBC cum guzzling slut I am.

Sloppy Wet Pussy For Hot Fucking

I have a well fucked sloppy wet pussy for your filthy needs just waiting here. You love this cum filled cunthole of mine after I take on a group of big black men and their massive snakelike cocks. Getting my cunt pounded by such big and heavy dicks is a total turn on. I can’t even begin to explain how good it feels to be as fucking high as I am right now and to just keep taking cock after cock in my fuck holes.

Being the druggy trailer whore that I am, fucking is like the only thing I really excel at… well fucking and sucking that is. I love the feel of dick stuffing my face, my cunt and my ass. I certainly hope you like things sloppy.

sloppy wet pussy

On The Hunt 

BBC phone sex



Most girls call me a secret slut they say that I sneak around with their boyfriends. Guess what most girls are correct about me I will take your fucking man away from you I don’t give a fuck about your feelings. No one gave a fuck about my feelings when I was in love a good girl doing nothing wrong telling the truth all the fucking time where did it get me nowhere I was the loser. Now I am convinced that I am not going to be a loser any longer so you bitches better watch your men. I don’t have morals I don’t need them for what I’m going to be doing to your boyfriends. And don’t worry girls I believe in total satisfaction I also believe in total compensation so all those pretty little trinkets that you used to get from your hubby’s I’ll be getting those things now. I want those nice fucking negligees I want those beautiful red bottoms I want all of that fancy shit and you rich bitches better really watch out cuz I do want a new Mercedes Benz and that is not a joke.

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