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Eat My Yummy Ass

Anal sex whoreIt’s impossible for you to eat my pussy without eating my ass too, that shit goes together just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! That’s right, bend me the fuck over and eat my pussy and booty hole like it’s your last meal, I want to see how you ravage me from the inside out! Don’t you wish that I was riding your dick like the slutty ass bitch that I am?! I know that I sure do! Make me dripping wet with that wet tongue! I’m horny as fuck and I want you to take care of my sexual needs you filthy mother fucker! Dominate me from head to toe! Let me be your personal slut! I love being naked, I look so fucking delicious! Slobber all over my dirty cunt, I want your saliva dripping all over me! Guzzle my fucking cum down your throat, gargle it for me while you taste all of my ass juices! I know you love getting wild with me you pervert! I’m just an anal sex whore that loves being treated like a nasty ass slut!

Cum Vampire

Black stripper sexI love dancing for money. Making my ass bounce for cash is so easy and so much fun. I love seeing the lust in a man’s eyes when I drop down into a split. But my favorite part about being a stripper is all of the different types of men that come into the club. I’m a cum slut. I need cum like a vampire needs blood. Every man tastes different, but I get it the same way… on my knees. I pick a lucky man and I take him to The Champagne Room. Once I have a man behind closed doors he’s mine forever. I drop to my knees and wrap my lips around his hard dick and suck like my life depends on my ability to make you cum. I’ll whirl my tongue and tease the tip of your cock and alternate between sucking and licking. And before you know it, you’ll blow your load down my throat.

Guzzling Cum With A Straw

Cum guzzling slutI fucked this guy the other day and he busted so many loads of cum, it was literally the most that it’s ever been with any guy I have ever hooked up with! We grabbed a bucket and he began to shoot his gooey cock cream into it as we watched it fill up with pure pleasure! We had a good 24 hour fuck fest and that bucket was nearly full by the time that we were done! We sat in his trailer on the couch and he got me a big straw which I dunked into the bucket of baby batter. It was so warm and milky, but it tasted like shit! He drinks a lot of beer and chews on a lot of chewing tobacco so naturally his sperm is going to taste foul as fuck! What can I say though, i’m a filthy cum guzzling whore and I love to drink it down! Best believe, I swallowed down every last drop! The feeling of being a cum filled cunt as it swims around all up inside of me is so fucking sexy!

Trashy MILF Beverly

trashy milfDo you want to know what a trashy MILF I am? I went to a high school graduation looking like I do in this picture. I put on a tight Ed Hardy dress that screamed trailer park tramp. I showed off my bare legs. I have legs that go on forever too. Donned some red high heels and a lot of makeup so I could cock tease the new graduates. I was in a school gymnasium, surrounded by young boys about to conquer the world. All I could think about was them conquering my pussy. I walked slowly across the gymnasium to get to my seat, making sure I shook my MILF ass and dropped my keys in front of the boys and girls eagerly awaiting the ceremony.  I heard the gasps. I felt the stares. Just the reaction I was hoping for too. After the ceremony, I stood out front and waited to see how many recent graduates approached me. I think every boy in that graduating class spoke to me. I ended up inviting a couple dozen horn dogs back to my place for a private party. Beer and pussy is what every barely legal boy wants, right? I was a gangbang whore. Down on all fours welcoming the graduates to a future of cougar pussy. The fucked the shit out of my ass and pussy. Just like the graduation ceremony, boys marched in line to slam their cocks in my pussy or ass. Some wanted to explore all three holes.  I think the secret to a successful future is lots of pussy. Boys getting laid are happy. They are confident too. A young guy fucking a dirty old whore is going to be a go getter. My pussy was full of cum as was my ass by the time the sun came up. Did you have such a fun graduation party when you said bye to high school forever?

10 Guys and Me

gangbang whore

Last night was a great night my old twat got fucked by guys half my age I love young cock!!Their cocks made me cum over and over again. I had every hole filed and loved it, at one point my cunt, mouth, ass and both hands were filled with nice young cock.  I had cum in my hair on my tits , stomach, thighs, and face.  They fucked me raw and hard for hours.  I am soaked  all over again just thinking about it.  Then when they were all done with me I saw some cum on the floor and lapped it up like a dog bitch in heat They all started laughing at me calling me a old horny dirty cunt. I loved every moment of it and cant wait for that to happen again!

Semen Addict

Cum guzzling slutI’m a cum guzzling slut. I love how your cum tastes and how it feels on my skin. Sucking your cock gives me so much pleasure and you reward me by shooting your milky jizz down my throat. I love wrapping my full lips around your hard cock and the way your balls slap my chin. Hold the back of my head and fuck my face, I want to suck you dry. I need your semen like a vampire needs blood. I love it even more when you fuck my black pussy then let me suck my juices off of your hard dick, and I taste delicious. Look at my skin, can you see how clear it is? That’s because of the daily cum facials. Cum is good for your health it’s full of protein. And baby, I need my daily dose of protein. Your dick fits perfectly in my mouth, like a hand fits a glove. Come and give Carmel your semen.

Drugs n’ Piss

Lot Lizard Phone Sex

I found myself in need of some fast cash to score a bag, so I did what I was best at- fucking! I hitched a ride to the nearest truck stop dressed in some trashy, slutty clothes. As long as you have the right look, you don’t even need to approach men. If they know exactly what kinda girl you are, they come up to me and offer money for sex. I was barely out of the car before I had some guy trying to get his rocks off.

He came up to me and asked if I was down to party, so of course I told him, hell yeah I am! But it would cost him. He took me back to his hotel room and pulled out some nice, big crack rocks. He knew just what I wanted! He let me suck that glass dick until I was spun out of my mind. Already naked, I couldn’t help but play with my wet pussy. The drugs always boost my sex drive to animalistic levels of rage fucking.

He came at me with his meaty cock and beat my cunt like it owed him money. Grunting like a beast, I kept my legs spread wide so he could get deep into my twat. After leaving a creamy mess inside my slick fuckhole, I bent over so he could see my nice, round ass. Then, I let him take his after-sex leak, letting it spill down my backside and legs, until it was pooling underneath the chair I was on. He paid me my money and I was on my way to find some rocks of my own.

Druggy Phone Sex

Two-Way Mirror Fucking

Cum dumpsterI went grocery shopping the other day and the manager of the grocery store kept eye fucking the shit out of me as I was walking up and down the aisles. He was hott as fuck and I was horny as fuck so of course my slutty ass just had to take advantage of the given temptation! He told me to follow him to his office, so I listened like the good cum dumpster that I am. When we got inside, there was a two-way mirror where we could see out while the customers shopped but they were not able to look in and see us. It was the perfect setup for us to get nasty as fuck! He bent me over so that my tits and face were smashed against the mirror and he ate my asshole and pussy like a champion. I was moaning as I slid up and down the mirror, my nipples pinching on the glass! I was dripping wet with his saliva and he shoved his cock deep up inside of me, stretching out my slutty cunt slit wide! He was balls deep as they slapped against my pussy lips, so sexy! When he busted his load of cum, he pulled out and shot it all over the mirror. I rubbed it in and played with it with my juicy tits as it drained down the mirror! Our dirty little secret!

Cum dumpster Donna, that’s me!

cum dumpsterCum dumpster Donna that’s what they call me and you know what? I fucking love it! I am a cum eating little whore and I am never gonna change! Why should I? It’s way more fun to be a slut! Shit, just last night I got high as fuck and went out lookin for some dick… it totally didn’t take long to find some too. Shit before I even really knew what was going on, I had several guys all around me wanting their dicks sucked! So I sucked those big ass cocks right there on the street, whatever man I have no shame at all! I swallowed every fucking load too, even fucked a couple of them! Best night ever as far as I am concerned, shit I’m gonna go out tonight and do it all again!

Cum Dumpster Party Whore

cum dumpster

I woke up a total cum dumpster this morning. Some guy I don’t know was fucking my cream filled cunt. Not sure how old he was, but doubt he voted in this past election. I asked who he was, but he just grunted “Robby.” As he fucked away at my open holes, I tried to piece together what the fuck happened last night. I was covered in cum. Some dry, some fresh. My nose was a bit bloody which meant I did way too much coke last night. I was gaping open and filled with cum, so I was likely a gangbang whore, but to whom I have no clue. Not the first time I have been in this predicament either. Maybe some women would have thrown this young boy off them and called the police, but I am a dirty old whore who enjoys young meat. I let him cum inside me, then I asked him to help me piece together the night. Apparently, I picked up a bunch of boys who just graduated high school at Applebees. How the fuck I got there is beyond me, but I was there, high as fuck and horny. The boys came back to my trailer and we partied and fucked. I let them drink Jack Daniels with me. Robby was late to the party. He got a text from one of the graduates that a dirty old cougar was down to fuck anyone. By the time he arrived, my pussy was filled and I was passed out. He didn’t let the fact that I was not awake stop him from busting his nut in me. I may never know what all happened last night, but I know if I woke up with a cum filled cunt and ass and some young lad banging the shit out of me, I had a good time.

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