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Sucking cock for coke

Big dick sucker

You don’t pay for drugs with money when you’re a cock sucking slut like me. I found a guy selling and he gave me a price, but I just licked my lips and asked if he accepted any other forms of payment. We went into an alley and he took his cock out and I squatted on the ground in front of him and started sucking. I deep throated him and made his legs tremble as I slurped on his cock. He told me he had never met such an eager little cock sucker before and gave me a little treat. He put a tiny bump of coke on his shaft and I snorted it off before going back to sucking him off. He came straight down my throat and I felt his cock pulsing as he filled my stomach with his cum.

Happy Valentines day

cum filled cuntI was offered a deal I couldn’t resist. I have been fucking for coke, and I scored an excellent sweet agreement by one of the truckers  I blow. All I had to do was let him fuck my asshole and go out on a cheap valentines date with him. I wasn’t going to turn down a two  grand. That would go a long way for my little habits. We pulled up to a trashy motel and fucked till my cum filled cunt was raw. We had dinner at the diner down the street and finished off with an orgy. It was a win-win. I got my money and got my sloppy twat fucked and used. I don’t regret it for a minute. I love being a trashy whore.

White Trash Phone Sex Valentine’s Day

white trash phone sexI had a white trash phone sex Valentine’s Day. What does that mean? Sex in a trailer park with your son and his friends, lines of coke, beer bongs and lots of cum. That is a white trash Valentine! My son showed up around noon. He had with him a few friends, a bag of coke and a lot of beer. It was 5’oclock somewhere. I put the beer bong hat on and started chugging massive quantities of Coors Lite. I may be a skinny bitch, but I can out drink most men. Once I was liquored up, I started doing white lines off cocks. Young, hard, happy to see me cocks. My real Valentine’s Day gift was those cocks. When I am drunk and high, I can showoff my big dick sucker skills the best. I had those boys in awe of my skills.  No matter how drunk I am, I never puke, not even when swallowing gallons of cum and getting skull fucked. I am an old whore, not a silly school girl. We party all day long and well into the night. I think all the cum I swallow somehow prevents me from getting as drunk as I should be. My pussy is sore this morning; so is my ass, but I had one hell of hot Valentine’s Day celebration. At least the parts I remember were wicked hot.

Paint my pussy with cum

Cum filled cuntI literally want you to paint my cum filled cunt with your jizz while it oozes out of your hard & horny cock. Lemme bounce my fat ass on it and make you sloppy wet while my pussy juices ooze out of me and puddle down on your hairy balls. They’re so swollen and eagerly awaiting to explode! I’m such a fuckin slut and i’ve been doing heaps of blow all night long. In fact, my dealer just swung by not too long ago and dropped off another eight ball for me to enjoy all to myself while I have dirty phone chat with horny perverts all night long, hehe. Look at me and how i’m bet over on all fours & showing off my sexy little fuck holes. I want your cock so deep inside of me baby! I can’t even feel my body anymore, i’m so fucked up! Lick on my clit and let me orgasm all over your wet tongue. I wanna show you how bad I can really get!

No Limits Phone Sex Line

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is for no taboo fun. I am no goody too shoes. I don’t have limits. I want to be as uncensored on the phone as I am in real life. This weekend I decided to crash a college campus. The closest I have ever gotten to a college degree is fucking smart college boys and a few professors. I have been on campuses before, but it has been awhile. A cougar like me can rake in a lot of cock in a short span of time on a college campus because there are per capita more horny boys per square mile than anywhere else. Even though it is cold, I wore my sluttiest outfit. I was competing with coeds after all. I should have known better. Those horny college studs can have coed pussy anytime, but trashy milf pussy is like a delicacy. I was being invited to one party after another and I was just walking through the quad checking out the talent. I settled on the Sigma Chi frat house. I saw many a hunky stud in those Greek letters. I arrived early before the coeds showed up. I didn’t really care about mixing with the entire campus crowd; I just wanted to have a gang bang. I wanted as many cocks as I could handle in a few hours. Turns out I can handle an entire frat house with over 100 members. I was doing shots and smoking some college cush that took me back to the 70s. That primo weed made my cunt and ass relax to accommodate a bunch of cocks of different sizes. I told them they could go rough on me and they showed me no mercy which was great because I didn’t want any. I stayed around for the party to get drunk, but my memory gets spotty after that. I know I was a gangbang whore though because my pussy was full of cum and gaped open the next day.

Jamie loves tranny cock

Big dick sucker

I was at a party when I met sexy tranny Josie. She had a little baggy of special powder that I really wanted. She told me she would let me have some of it if I gave her something in return. She pulled out her big tranny cock and forced my head down to suck it. I sucked her cock while she laid back on the couch. I licked and cupped her balls and even spread her legs and licked her tight little asshole. She really started to moan when I did that, so I stuck a finger up her ass and fingered her prostate while deep throating her big girl dick. She was so turned on that in no time she was squirting a huge load of cum onto my face. I scooped all the cum off my face and licked my fingers clean. When I was done, she already had a line ready for me to snort. She’s the best!


Shemale phone sex

I just can’t get enough!

live phone sexI am addicted to cock, no matter what I do I just can not get enough of it! So when my friend asked me to strip at his bachelor party I was all in, I knew that they would all be drunk and horny so I was sure to get fucked and get paid, what could be better than that? I showed up right when they were all hammered as fuck and ready to play, I could tell they were ready to fuck too by all those hard cocks so I just went for it and told them that whoever wanted some of this pussy could come get some. Well they all wanted me, I had cocks in every fuck hole practically before I even finished my sentence! It was a total bachelor party gangbang and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. I fucked them all night long, my friend was almost late to his own wedding thanks to me but he told me it was all worth it!

Druggy Phone Sex: I Trade My Body for Coke

druggy phone sexDruggy phone sex is something I am good at because I like to party with my callers. I always have coke and weed on hand. I can get access to anything else I want too. I have been partying since I was a school girl. My mom was a hooker and she always got high before meeting with a John. She told me it just helped her to be able to give her client exactly what he wanted. I understood. She needed coke to relax and take a big dick up her ass or maybe relax enough for a John to piss on her. I know when I am high, anything goes. But in my defense, anything goes when I am sober too. It is just that I am rarely sober. Life is too short not to have fun, right? Last night, I was a druggy porn star. I hooked up with a bunch of frat boys from the smarty pants college on the other side of town. Rich boys always have good blow. They made me work for that blow, but I never mind blowing cocks for cocaine. I don’t mind getting gangbanged either. One of the many benefits of being a woman is you can trade your body for whatever you want. I want coke and most men want pussy and ass. Last night, I wanted blow (surprise) and those rich frat boys wanted a dirty old cougar.

High Orgy

Orgy phone sex

I went to a party last night. It was pretty chill and very low key compared to the drunken drug fueled ragers I usually go to. I wasn’t having a good time until the host said he had this new drug to try. It was a special tea he brewed that he said would make you hallucinate and get you really fucked up. He passed me a cup full of it and I downed it in one gulp. Within a few minutes I really started to feel it. My body felt magical, colors had sounds and tastes and it felt like I was in another dimension. I ran my hands up and down my body and just loved how my skin felt and I started to take off my clothes. The people around me started to strip too. We were all touching each other and mesmerized by our bodies. Soon, everyone was writhing around, bodies wrapped together and lips locked, you could hardly tell one person from the next in the huge writhing pile of flesh. I felt a cock enter my pussy, I didn’t know whose it was and I didn’t care. I felt too good to care. I found the nearest body and made my way down to her pussy. I love the way pussy tastes already, but on this drug, her pussy tasted magical. I lapped up her juices and it was the sweetest thing I’d ever tasted. I had my face buried between her legs for hours it felt like, licking her and making her squirt just so I could get another taste of her delicious honey. Men lined up behind me to fuck my holes. It felt good but I was too swept up in the taste of this yummy cunt to pay them much mind, I just felt myself cumming over and over as the next cock took its place inside of me. We fucked the whole night away.

I’m a Cum Dumpster


Cum dumpster

Fuck me in my ass drill me with your cock I don’t give a fuck if you don’t ever stop. All I need is a big dick to ram my asshole. I’ve been needing cock all day and all night in fact for about a week now it’s too long to be waiting I need it bad I’m boiling. I’m begging is there anyone out there who can fuck me like a slut a cum guzzling slut? If you’re out there and you want a good time, please call me; I’m ready to wrap these dick sucking lips all over your cock. I will suck you to the balls I’ll suck all of your cream out of your dick head, with me babe we’re going to have a salacious good time. Do you want to be my daddy would you like to be my Papi? I want to fuck right now my body needs some dick, and that means a big dick maybe two or three big dicks. Fuck the world when I’m hungry for some cock in my mouth and in my cunt I just want to get fucked, and that’s all that matters to me. I’m a dirty fucking cunt whore what I need is a nasty bastard to dick me down until I cannot move. I want my hair pulled while I’m being fucked from the back I want to be treated like a wild buck. Don’t you want to fuck something warm and wet hot pussy like mine resists nothing I want you to submit to your urges instead? If you submit to your sexual urges than I can submit to you-you, know you need it just as much as I do please I’m begging. My body needs cocaine and cock all night long until I cannot move. Why don’t you come and butter my booty up and fuck me in my ass hole pierce me with your stiff, solid thick cock? You can slap me on my ass while you’re ramming me in the hole I love that it makes me feel so fucking great. What are you waiting for Big Daddy come and get me now.

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