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Sloppy Wet Pussy on the Kitchen Floor

sloppy wet pussyI love it when I get a sloppy wet pussy in the middle of the day. I am a night owl. I fuck men when most women are sleeping. Then I fuck their sons early in the morning before they go to school. I guess you could say I keep vampire hours lol. I have the most fun when it is dark outside. I had a garbage disposal on the fritz, so I did a line of coke to stay awake. I am glad I did too because the guy that came to fix it was a hunk. A hunk I ended up fucking on the kitchen floor. He had never been with an older woman.  He didn’t realize mature women could look like me. Clearly, he had never met a trashy milf. I showed him why older bitches are better than 20 somethings. He might be sold on old pussy now. As my asshole was bouncing on his cock, he was moaning. He even slipped a “mommy” or two. I let it slide because I like being called mommy. I got my disposal fixed; I turned a young stud into a mature woman lover; and, I got pumped full of cum in both my holes. I need to play during daylight hours more often.

Made To Be Pumped Full Of Cum

cum dumpster

Hi. My name is Silvia and I have a confession to make to all of you sexy, perverted men. I am not JUST a slut who likes to have all of my holes fucked and filled with big cock. I am a cum dumpster. I love having my mouth, pussy, and asshole filled with cum anytime and anywhere. I know a lot of women don’t like it and think it’s messy, but that’s a part of what makes it so amazing for me. Along with feeling the cum shooting inside me, I love the feeling of it dripping out. Yes, it’s messy but it makes me feel like a slut and like a real woman.
It’s fun to have threesomes because that means I get double the loads of cum. Even group sex is fun. That always means I’ll get a huge load of cum in every hole multiple times. There is no better feeling than being filled with so many cocks and so much cum. I’ll never get tired of feeling that. I’m sure some people would call me a dirty whore but I don’t care. If that means I get loads of cum inside me, then so be it.

Druggy Phone Sex Porn Star

druggy phone sexDruggy phone sex whores have the most fun! I am almost always high or drunk on something. Coke, pot and bourbon are my favorite poisons. I love to fuck when high. I am already a nasty freak, but I can get freakier when high. Last night being high helped me do a gangbang. I met this young stud in a bar. He invited me back to his frat house for an after party. There was no party. No that is not correct. I was the party. It was me and like 60 horny frat boys. They were drinking beer from hats on their heads and I was snorting lines of coke off their cocks. We were all wasted but their cocks still worked. When young, drunk dick is never an issue. A man my age has a couple beers and his dick goes limp no matter how hot the bitch is blowing him. I was riding dicks cowgirl style at first. Just bouncing down the assembly line of erect dicks. Coke makes me an Energizer bunny. Guys got impatient, so I got on all fours so I could take three dicks at once. Being a gangbang whore is easy when this dirty milf has her medicine.

I Love When You Cream My Hole

creampie slut

If you’re the kind of man who loves shooting your hot load inside a throbbing pussy, I’m your girl. I’m a total creampie slut. There is nothing in this world that I find hotter than having a man shoot his cum inside me. I just find it exhilarating to feel the warmth and gooey cum dripping out of me. It just makes me feel so sexy and womanlike. I mean, that’s what the universe intends, right? Man fucks woman and shoots a load inside her. It’s just such a natural thing. I know that some women don’t like it, but I do. It turns me on like you wouldn’t believe.
Wouldn’t you love it if I just straddled you and sat on your lap? I could slide my pussy right down on your cock while I wrap my arms around your neck to hold on. I would love to just bounce up and down for a while until you shoot your cum inside me. And then I’d love to just sit there and make out with you and move slowly up and down while the cum drips out of my pussy and around your cock. Are you as turned on as I am right now?

My Ass is a Cum Dumpster for Hire

Anal Cum DumpsterMost of the time I enjoy fucking for a fee, but this one guy makes me work hard for my pay. He is obsessed with fucking my ass. And not just with him but about a dozen or more people he somehow rounds up. He pays so well, and I needed the cash, so I reluctantly set up the appointment with him. So, I prepared myself for this massive anal fucking. I had my tight little hole completely waxed. I douched and even did an enema. I took a few shots, a couple of hit and a line of blow and headed out. I knocked on the door and was greeted by my client and a few rowdy guys. It was obvious they had all been drinking and were feeling a little eager to get all up in mu ass. Not wanting to waste anymore time I went to the bathroom to undress and stick some lube right up my tiny shit hole. When I exited the bathroom, they had already stripped down and most of their cocks were already rock hard. There were about 10 or so. Now these guys have no desire for anything but a piece of my ass. So off we went. My client got the inaugural entry and bent me over the table and shoved in right in my ass, thank goodness I remembered the lube. He pounded my ass hard and soon I could feel him feel my ass up. Then they lined up and took turns. Some had me on all fours with my ass up and some liked me standing straight up and bending over slightly. But I was not prepared for the grand finale. My client laid down and had me lay on top of him as he shoved his dick in my ass, while others held my legs back and a second dude squeezed his dick in my ass too. There I lay being fucked in the ass with two dicks. Even my slutty ass was being stretched. They pounded me good and finally came together, filling my ass up even more. With that we were through and I went to the bathroom to relieve my sum dumpster ass. I cleaned up and as I was leaving, he handed me a nice fat wad of cash as a tip. As I drove home, I could feel the cum leaking from my ass. My ass was going to be sore for days but that big old tip made me feel just a little better.

Gangbang Whore Flo

Gangbang whoreI haven’t been having one on one sex for a long time. I guess when drugs are involved I just become a total Gangbang whore. It’s almost like an addiction, on top of my addiction. What broke me down to this point of pure patheticness? I am not sure I can even remember, I stay so fucked up and high all the time, everything just blends together. It’s almost as if I cannot cum unless 3 or more cocks are fucking me, using me, draining their big full balls in me. I like being treated like complete trash, I am the nastiest and dirtiest bitch you’ve ever met. I fucking get off from a hot golden shower from all the cocks that just gangbanged my holes. Don’t I look like the typical whore addict that will do whatever it takes to get high, then lets everyone do whatever they want once they are high anyway. That’s me, and I will always be this way, I will always need a gangbang to truly make me cum.

Sweet Cum Dumpster Tranny Ass

cum dumpster

I love being a cum dumpster for my Tricks. I get my ass filled up, my cock explodes, and I get paid by a stranger. They say to do what you love, and I love being a shemale hooker making my money one ass full at a time. Although I am sweet on my men who pretend they are not picking a Tranny cock off the street. I most certainly give them a panty surprise and force them to take my cock deep and be the dumpster of my cum. Nothing like a tight virgin ass to open and fill with my creamy load. Deeper and deeper until he cums all over his stomach.  I am a nasty Girl I will get right on that ass and wait for those cum farts for my mouth. And suck and lick his cock dry too! Never ever waste a good cum load.


Mommy’s Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntI have been playing with my cum filled cunt all morning. Fuck. I have been playing with it since yesterday. I have not slept in over 24 hours. I get into party mode and all I care about is cock and coke. My oldest son went out last night with friends. I texted him to invite his friends over once their party was done. He knew what I had in mind. It was a weird Friday night for me. I was home alone. My girls were entertaining daddy’s clients and my boys all had something going on. I wanted to have some fun too. This trashy milf got what she wanted. My son never disappoints his mommy. He brought home 12 high school boys. A couple black boys and Hispanic boys were in the mix too. My son knows my tastes so well. Those boys love coming over to our house because I let them drink and smoke pot. Plus, they get to gang bang the lady of the house. I bent over the couch and each boy dumped a load in my pussy. My pussy is still full of boy cum. That is why I can’t stop playing with it.

Girl’s night

live phone sexI had a crazy girl’s night out last night. It was ladies night at several different bars near us so we went on a crazy bar crawl and got drunk as fuck. Usually when that happens we end up with tons of guys to bring home but last night we all swore that we would stick together, no boys allowed. So the night ended a little differently than it normally would have, we all fucked each other instead. It was so hot, girls everywhere licking each others pussies and fucking each other with strap on cocks and everyone was squirting all over I was literally in heaven. Apparently my neighbor was loving the show too, I looked over and saw him peeping thru the window, he didn’t see that I saw him either and he was having a field day. He was jerking that cock like crazy watching all that lesbian fun. I wonder if I should tell him I saw him, what do you think?

Blonde Bimbo

blonde phone sex

Hiii. I know that SO many of you love blonde phone sex girls like me. And honestly, why wouldn’t you? We’re fun, gorgeous, and have bubbly and charming personalities that you’ll just fall in love with. Well, I know I do. I can’t totally speak for every other blonde out there that you might have phone fucked in the past. But all you need to know is that you have me now and I’ll take care of all your dirty and depraved needs. All you have to do is say the word and you can have anything you like. I promise you that I’ll never say no to you.
Maybe you have a kinky daddy daughter fantasy that you’ve been dying to roleplay. This blonde slut will be right here for you. Or maybe you like being humiliated by a gorgeous girl like me and you want me to do it. I’m all about that, trust me. Do you want to be dressed up like a sissy slut? You know I can help you with that. I’m here for anything and everything you could possibly need. So what’s stopping you from calling? Pick up your phone so we can have some fun!

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