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Cum party with me!

cum dumpsterIt’s finally the weekend! Time to party! I hope I can find a guy to fuck me hard and fill all of my tight holes! I love to party and fuck! I want to find a big, fat dick to sit on tonight. Last week I went to a party and got fucked so good. I took a monster cock in my tight ass while I was sucking on another! I sucked so good and timed it perfect to the rhythm of the guy who was pounding my ass. I relaxed and took the whole hard dick right to the back of my throat. I rocked back and forth on that dick so hard. I made them both cum at the same time. I got filled from both sides. I love being filled with cum like any good cum whore does. My mouth and pussy both full and dripping. I know all the guys want a good little whore who will take their cum and still want more. I can’t get enough cum!

Cum Guzzling Slut in The Club

cum guzzling slutA cum guzzling slut will always be the most popular girl in the neighborhood. If you swallow, word gets around. I was with some girlfriends last night at the local strip club. Ladies get in for free and the drinks are cheap. The strippers never seem to mind a few trailer park whores in the club. This one guy was having his bachelor party at the club. He was 25 and getting married. His father was with him. He was flipping the bill. They had the VIP room and asked us to join. I figured they would want us to strip or blow the groom, but he was just being nice. He was close to my age and I think he just felt out of his element in a club full of 20 somethings mostly. He was rich. I could tell by the watch, the groomed hands and his clothes, but he was not pretentious. After a few shots, I was horny. His son and his pals were getting lap dances, so I gave the groom’s father a lap dance that ended with a sloppy blow job. Daddy had not cum in way too long. He almost blew a hole in the back of my head. I fucked daddy in a chair. His son and bachelor party never even noticed what the trashy cougar was doing to daddy until I made him cum, and he moaned so loudly all eyes were on us. Junior and his friends started egging daddy on to fuck me harder.  That was when some of the groom’s friends came over to join in on the fun. Then I was a cum dumpster as all the groom’s pals including the groom skull fucked me too. I knew he was married but what happens in a strip club stays in a strip club, right?

Gangbangs and Drugs Make me Squirt

gangbang whore

Summer might be coming to an end but my pussy still needs the gangbang whore treatment. Your brats are gone and you need that glass dick treatment. Mommy has them now. Well Big boy, get the dope because this whore needs the last horah fuck of the summer. My body is oiled up and ready rivers of cum. My dealer says you and your buddies want to tear my pussy up and keep me high. Well, fuck yes, roll a bowl, get that fresh chore. Break me off a few lines. I am ready to get fucked and fucked up with you and all those hanging dicks. Pump in and out of every hole I have until you can’t see my pussy or ass for all the cum covering them. WE can go for days with a mixture of crystal, coke and black baby. Even if I go into a drug-induced coma you still can fuck my white trash piece of shit ass! Fuck me raw!

Dirty Phone Sex Whore

dirty phone sexI am such a dirty phone sex whore. I got a new toy yesterday and I can’t stop playing with it. It is like horseback riding only better because I get to cum! It was a gift from this guy I know. He is married and I blow him a few times a week for some fast cash. He won’t fuck me because he doesn’t want to cheat. I think he is afraid I will get knocked up. He is rich. Well, his wife is rich. Filthy, dirty rich. Old money. If he knocked up a dirty tramp like me, he would be homeless and penniless. Since he can’t fuck me, he bought me a fuck machine. He wanted to watch something penetrate me. I am not as picky as he is. I will put anything in my cunt and ass. I gave him a hot show. I wanted to try it out any way. They aren’t cheap and they don’t cum, so I guess I have just always preferred the real thing because it shoots hot jizz up my twat. I rode that horsey dildo while my married lover stroked his cock. I have to admit, it was fucking hot; especially when he shot his load all over my face. Now, he is gone but I am still riding my new toy, even on calls.

Anal Sex Whore Quinn

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore. A naughty little girl who loves to whore out my ass. Daddy took my anal cherry when I was a little girl. He never wanted mommy to know he was fucking me, so he fucked my ass instead. Then when I got older, he didn’t want to get me knocked up and go to the slammer, so he kept fucking my ass. That guys, is how an anal whore is born. Daddy made me the way I am today. Now, I love older men. I was out looking for trouble last night. I was dressed like a skank. I went to this bar where all the old men hang out. When I walked in, I had everyone’s attention. I had every old man hard. They swarmed me like vultures. I asked who wanted to buy me a drink, and soon I had about 10 shots. I don’t need the booze to be an anal cum dumpster. I just like to be drunk. I bent over a bar stool and the old men lined up to fuck my tight young ass. Despite daddy ravaging my ass when I was little, I still have a tight puckered asshole. Maybe not so much today. Those old geezers fucked the hell out of my ass too.

My Daughter the Creampie Slut

creampie slutMy daughter is a creampie slut. She inherited her love for cum from her cum whore mommy. I am a proud cum guzzler. Last night, my daughter was over for dinner. She brought dessert with her in the form of two male studs. She met them online and she wanted to help them fulfill a mother daughter fantasy. My girl knows I am always down to share her with men. The more the merrier. One of the men fucked me while the other fucked my daughter. The two guys fucked all our holes. We each had a load from each guy. We enjoy sharing cum together. While the men were recuperating, my daughter and I ate each other’s creampies. Fresh spunk in my daughter’s wet snatch tastes the best. Of course, after witnessing a mother and daughter swapping their DNA out of one another’s cunts, they got hard again. Stud number 1 fucked my daughter from behind, pushing her face into my sloppy wet pussy. Stud #2 skull fucked me while my daughter ate my pussy. I love playing in cum. The two studs she brought with her last night enjoyed fucking a mother and daughter. They fucked us all night too. Today we look like cum dumps. Cum is matted in our hair. It has dried on our tits and some is still leaking out our asses and cunts.

Being an anal sex whore is hard work!

anal sex whoreBeing a anal sex whore is hard work! Guys love a cute girl who gives up her booty! I love it in the ass. I started young with cock in the ass. My daddy, my brothers, even my grand pappy fucked my ass when I was growing up. Not that I don’t like it in the pussy; there is just something so taboo about taking a cock up the ass. I was down at the truck stop last night because I was looking to score some pot. Truckers have the best drugs. Everyone knows that; well, every girl knows that. Truckers rarely want money for their weed. They just like to share with a girl willing to trade something for a joint. I will trade my body any day to get high! I mean it is not like I don’t like it because I do. I am a trailer park whore born and raised. Those truckers passed me around like candy. I am pretty scrumptious. I am skinny but I can take a pounding. I was in the back of a trucker’s cab getting high with a couple other truckers. I bounced from one cock to the next. I would be getting fucked in the ass and blowing a cock that had just been in my ass. The truckers I was partying with thought that was the hottest thing ever. They couldn’t believe I would suck my own ass juice off a cock. I have no shame. I partied with them into the wee hours of the morning. I am the new favorite anal whore of my local truck stop.

The Family that Fucks Together Stays Together


No taboo phone sex

I used to be a picky spoiled bitch until my brothers got a hold of me and taught me what it meant to be a hard-up slut. My brother’s they like spending time with me, and my mom and dad wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my brothers, but they sometimes get really rough with me. My older brother Garrett always tells me how he likes to live out his rape fantasies on me. He drags me to his room by my hair he throws me down on the bed and Garrett takes full control of me. I have learned to like what my brutal Beast brother Garrett does to me he told me that he was going to make me into a real woman who can take all the pain. I love being a hot fucking slut, and I learned all of it from my loving family. Garrett loves to plow me with his big hard 10-inch cock. My brother Eric is crazy to his cock is 11 1/2 inches long, and it’s really thick. Eric loves to fuck my mother; he loves to drive his huge cock into her while she is sucking my father’s huge fat cock. My father likes to slap my mom in the face with his dick meat while my brothers are fucking my mom and me. I have a really nasty family, and they’ve all got kinky things that they love to do; for instance, my mother loves to eat my cunt out and my asshole. My brother Eric he’s crazy about fucking my mother he loves to drive his semen filled cock rod into her and make her scream like a banshee. My father, he loves to be fucked in the asshole too, he loves to have his ass plowed by his son’s big fucking cocks. Usually, while my dad is being plowed and his asshole he’s sucking my pussy into submission. I love my family; we’re so close we have all the fun in the world. We walk around the house, Buck Naked looking at each other’s beautiful bodies and fucking whenever we want. Could you ask for anything better than that?

Teen Cum Dumpster

cum dumpsterA hot young teen slut like me always needs a healthy dose of hot creamy cum whenever I can get it! I am addicted to being a cum dumpster and I love getting fucked by multiple cocks a day. I have a whore reputation at school for being a skank and I am proud of it. It benefits me in so many ways. The only D’s I get are the dick kind. I can get away with whatever I want, my history teacher knows that he can count on me to make his cock rock hard and I can count on him to make sure there nothing but big red A’s on my report card. During lunch, he called me into his class room and told me he needed release. I knew exactly what he wanted while I bent over his desk exposing my tiny pink thong under my school girl skirt. He rubbed my ass gently and then started spanking me like the naughty school girl that I am. He spanked me until my tight teen ass cheeks were covered in his hand prints! He then took his rock hard cock out and had me get on my hands and knees to mouth worship that meat stick. I got that cock nice and juicy with my pink teen tongue. Deepthroating cock is one of my many talents! I got him so horny, he threw me back on that desk and he slid that cock deep inside my tight teen rosebud and filled my ass full of cum.

Live Phone Sex with a Cum Slut

live phone sexCum whore is my nickname. I have a reputation as a cum slut. When I was in high school, I let the entire football team jack off on me. They coated me with sperm. My face was covered as were my tits. The incident got around quickly and soon I was labeled a cum dump whore. I don’t mind though. I mean, it is the truth. I am a cum slut. Last night, I lived up to my reputation. I crashed a party on my block. I was driving home and saw all the cars. I figured there was no better way to meet my new neighbors than to crash their party. All eyes were on me. I acted like I belonged. The hosts didn’t want to admit that they not only didn’t know me but that they didn’t invite me. The men there were loving my big boobs. How could they not? Down in the basement with a few of the guys, the party got kinky. I let about 7 men titty fuck me until I had cum on tits, lots of cum on my tits. The women were upstairs gossiping while I was draining the balls of their men. I love being the life of the party and the cum dump whore next door.

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