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I love All That Cum

Cum Dumpster

I was high again and I become the biggest whore around especially when I am high, but, I am bad when sober. I decided one night to go hitchhiking in the late night. It took a few cars, I mean why wouldn’t someone pick me up? I had on my short black skirt, tight pink top, open toed high heels and no panties. I don’t even do this for money, I just want all that cum. It took like three cars before someone let me in. We drove down the road to a woodsy area and I immediately took his dick out of his pants, I kept sucking that fat prick until he unleashed that load right in my mouth. I had a few more guys that night and I loved guzzling that jizz. One guy even paid me $20 dollars, I was in heaven.

Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whoreI love being an anal sex whore. I am the stereotypical white trophy wife in California with a Hispanic gardener. The difference between me and the Housewives of Beverly Hills is that my husband knows I am a slut. He loves that I get high and turn into a complete whore. With these devastating wildfires, I have been getting fucked up more than usual. As I was doing a line of coke off a mirror, I looked out my window and saw my gardener with his teen son. I started thinking how hot it would be to have them both at the same time. I do my husband and one of my sons all the time. It is good father and son bonding time to share a woman together. I invited them upstairs. The father doesn’t speak much English, but the son is fluent because he goes to public school. When I unzipped daddy’s pants and started sucking his big brown dick, he understood what I was trying to tell him. I was on my sofa in the sitting area of my bedroom sucking daddy’s dick as he stood behind the couch. I told his son to fuck my ass. Young boys love a nice ass, especially a trashy milf ass. His young hard brown dick was so far up my ass, he pushed me down deeper on his daddy’s cock. Daddy was speaking in Spanish in between the moaning. The son was just moaning and telling me how tight my ass felt on his dick. When they started speaking Spanish to each other, it turned me on further. I loved that they were talking dirty to each other about me. I don’t know what they said, but when they each busted a large load of cum inside me, I knew they were satisfied. I need to find new gardeners, because these two are going to be my daytime lovers until I get bored.

Lot Lizard Sex With Dirty Truckers

lot lizard sex

My Daddy left me at a truck stop once to enjoy some dirty lot lizard sex. My dad was a trucker and I kept begging him to take me on the road with him. One night when we were driving he pulls off the road at this truck stop and tells me to get out. He said he had some stuff to do and that I had to wait there for him. He was gone so long, and I was cold and hungry so decided to do what I do best. Use my pussy to get what I want. I was surrounded by perverted older men that were staring at me like their cock was already hard. I let them fight amongst themselves for who would be the first to fuck me. Then each took their turn taking me to their truck and pounding my pussy or fucking my face in the bathroom stall. I never knew that being a slutty lot lizard would make me so much money, but it was a fucking awesome. Now, whenever I need some quick cash I got to the truck stop and sell my pussy.

I got one hell of a deal!

live phone sexI went out Christmas shopping yesterday and boy did I ever end up with a good deal! I was in a lingerie store looking at their holiday themed nighties when the salesman caught my eye. He was staring at me like he wanted to eat me alive so I asked him for help picking out the sluttiest things I could find and tried on every one of them where he could see me. He was trying to hide his erection and failing miserably so I just went for it, I pulled him into the dressing room and pulled that hard dick out of his pants. I sucked that cock until his legs were trembling and he was seconds away from cumming then I bent over and begged him to fuck me. He gave me just what I wanted and then when I thought it couldn’t get any better, he called in several of his coworkers to take a turn fucking me too! After I fucked them all they ended up giving me 90% off everything I bought, it was awesome!

Thirsty Cum Whore

Cum dumpsterYou have something that I need, and I’ll do anything to get it. I’m a cum guzzling slut. I love being on my knees and sucking you dry. I want every drop of your salty nectar. Black girls have big lips and it makes us the best dick suckers. Come here and let me wrap my big lips around your hard cock. I like to suck your cock as if I’m trying to pull the skin off, my suction is so strong. I want your dick to explode and fill my mouth with warm semen, my pussy gets so wet just thinking about it. I want to be your cock sucking whore, pass me around to all of your friends. The more men, the more cum for me to swallow. You can call me a slut or a hoe, but I prefer being called, The Cum Dumpster. I need cum like dry summer grass needs rain. Come feed me.

White Trash Phone Sex Reunion

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is for men who like a redneck woman. I am no fancy talker. I barely graduated high school and when I did, I was pregnant. The father of my son is not my ex-husband, but a teacher I banged to be able to graduate. My reputation as trailer trash in my community goes back decades. I was a trouble maker as a teen girl. My mother was a whore and we would turn tricks together. Sex sells. I would use the money I made whoring to score coke. I have no regrets in my youth. I partied and fuck hard. I still do too. Thirty some years after high school, I am still fucking guys I am not supposed to and getting high. Just now, I can’t get preggers. Men love that they can cum in me and not become a daddy. My high school reunion was last week. I almost didn’t go, but I thought why the fuck not. I couldn’t believe it, but Mr. Fetcko was there. That is the teacher who banged me up against his desk after school for a year. He is in his 70s now and retired, but still has an eye for the young ones. I took my son and daughter to the reunion and that old pervert was all over my daughter like a cheap suit. You should have seen his expression when he met my son. He knew he was the baby daddy with just one look. I never went after him for support, because I married a trucker the next year. Mt Fetcko had a hard on for my daughter. I think he was hoping she was his fuck trophy too, but she is my ex-husband’s girl. At least I think so.  I told him if he wanted to fuck my daughter, he had to fuck me too. Old geezer followed us to a bathroom and fucked us both with his old dick. He had gray pubes, but his dick had no issues getting hard. Of course, he was fucking a hot trashy milf and her daughter.  We could get a dead guy hard.

Rendezvous For Three

Drunk Girl Fucking

I was at it again, I was drunk in the trailer park thanks to some loser. I am way too beautiful for him. I was walking around, kind of stumbling trying to light my cigarette and I saw this car and in it was this couple. They said wow you are stunning, would you like to come somewhere with us? I said Hell yes! I was not really fully aware of what was going on. I got in and we arrived at some small motel joint.

I got out and almost fell, the guy came over and helped me get up. I swapped him away and I said irritated and bratty “ I am fine “. I walked into the motel room with them and it was dumpy but my kind of thing I am use to. The lady laid down and they told me they wanted to fuck me and had been watching me. I was to drunk to care that was almost creepy. She was sexy as all get out. Nice perky breasts and lean body, and he had a nice cock. I saw him licking her pussy, so I went over and took all my clothes off.

I started sucking his dick and it was so big my mouth could hardly fit. He was so hard, I went and took over licking her pussy and he came up behind me and spread my legs and started rubbing his dick up and down my moist box. He stuck it in and I moaned, I was so horny. He started pounding me and it made bump into her puss even harder, I stuck 2 fingers in and started pounding her. I could tell he was about to climax and so he got us both on our knees, cheek to cheek and told us to open up. He squirted that baby batter all over both our mouths and watched us lick it off each other’s faces.

Lot lizard sex slut

lot lizard sex I was out with the girls at the usual truck pit and it was an off day I knew something didn’t feel quite right, Boy was I right. I was working the guys seeing which one of these nasty fucks would pay up and give some cash to fuck and maybe even some blow. I was desperate I needed to find someone I was horny and fucking craving cock and coke. I should of went with my gut because I eventually got caught by an undercover cop, I was sent to the station and had been locked up, I was freaking out but then the under cover cop told me no one was around I was schocked but he was totally right, Everyone was gone for the holidays and he had planned this little stint, He wanted to use me a urinal and wanted to scare the shit out of me literally, He did just that and I agreed of course he could piss and shit on me, especially if that meant me leaving scott free.

cheap phone sex with Randi

Cheap phone sexHaving two big fat cocks in my fucking cunt is like a walk in the park for me. I take two cocks in my holes daily, and I want to tell you all the dirty situations I have been in. Like last night I seen two guys at the bar eye fucking me and I called them over to me, and said “Do you like tag teaming a girls”? They nodded and I told them to come back to my house, and as soon as they stepped in the door I was on my knees like a good fucking girl. I opened my mouth and started taking to big cocks down my throat all the way to the balls. Mhm, there cocks tasted so good going down my throat and then I hoped right on a cock and guided the other one in my fucking wet ready asshole. I love feeling the first pop of two cocks smothering my holes until they explode in me.

Druggie Porn Star Silvia

Druggie Porn

I love fucking johns for money.  It is the best and oldest job in the world.  Some nights I get to fuck 5 or 6 different guys, unless I’m at the glory hole room and then I get fucked all..night..long,  25 or 30 guys doing a fuckin’ train on me.  I love it though.  I make so much cash that I can snort up my nose later.  I love being used, the truth is that I’m using them though.  Do you really think that I’m an innocent girl being taken advantage of?  Fuck no.  Maybe once I was innocent, maybe once I was being used by that piece of shit I call Dad.  But I learned quickly how to use my body to my own benefit.  Men want to use me to fuck me because I’m freaking HOT, but I use them too.  I take their hard-earned cash in exchange for what?, 15 minutes on my back.  Who the fuck cares?  Besides I love SEX.  It’s the best feeling in the world, that nice, hard cock sliding in and out of me.  That Jizz flowing down my leg after they shoot their load.  I Use Them!  Give me your cock and your money.

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