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Fucked up and dripping with cum

Live phone sexI’m so twacked out of my fucking mind, that’s what happens after you’ve been on a wild drug binge all damn night long. I’ve had so many dealers in and out of my house and so many cocks in and out of my cunt, i’m in a straight up daze right now! I love the feeling of all this warm gooey nut sliding out of my pussy, it makes me feel like an exploding slutty volcano. Haha, I think I may have actually pulled some muscles from all of my fucking last night and being twisted into all sorts of positions. I am so sore, especially my cunt, I can barely even sit down! With every step I take, there’s cock cream gushing out of my fuck holes. I have quite the reputation amongst all the horny druggies, they know who to call up when they need a super skank to bounce on their throbbing dick! It makes me feel so special to be known as such a filthy cocksucking cum filled hoe while we have live phone sex!

BBC Anal Cum Dumpster

anal cum dumpsterMy asshole looks like it’s been stretched a time or a few hundred times rather.  That’s because I’m such a fucking slutty ass anal cum dumpster for BBC only though.  No puny little white cocks in my shitter.  Oh fuck no.  I love having my ass stretched.  I’ve even taken two big black cocks in my brown hole.  Sure I love having my cunt stuffed at the same time.  I cum so fucking hard with a super hard black cock in my ass.  I never let them pull out either.  I tell them all to cum right in my shitter.  I’ll take black cock anywhere I can get it.  I once got fucked by a complete stranger at a nightclub.  I had on a super short dress and no panties.  He came up behind me and started rubbing his cock on my ass.  I got so fucking turned on, I started fingering my pussy right there.  Next thing I knew, I felt his huge mushroom head on my ass.  He parted my cheeks and started to slide it right in my ass.  It was so fucking hot.  I didn’t care that there were people looking.  What they didn’t know is that he was fucking my ass and not my cunt.  Wanna hear some more bbc stories?  Call me

I Love Being A Stripper

Stripper Sex Stories

I love telling all my naughty and nasty stripper sex stories. There’s so many, I’ve lost count. So many loads have been shot deep inside my pink little fuck hole. Being a total fucking slut has just always come naturally to me. Ever since I got my first taste of that warm creamy goodness I was a dirty little cum whore. I started hanging out the truck stop and letting older guys pay me to stuff their hard cock into my wet pussy. Then I ran away to be a sexy teen stripper and never looked back. I love getting paid to shale my ass and tits in horny guys faces and then get paid even more to let them make me cum. I fucking love cumming and I love making guys cum too. I’ll take as many loads as I can get, even if they’re at the same time! Come and let me tell you about the kinky things I’ve done!

Partying Trailer Style W/ a Trashy Milf

Trashy Milf

You crave some trashy milf fucking and slopping that dick around in this nice cream filled cunt hole, don’t you? My legs are spread and I’m high as fuck and just need to fuck lots. You can bring as many friends over as you wish as long as you guys bring the drugs and booze. I’m easy, but for fucks sake keep me fucking high and intoxicated. I am all over drunk fucking like a cheap assed trailer park whore that I am.

I’ll probably be fucking some big black dick of my dealer’s cock or his friends and he will be gangbanging my fuckholes. Either way I will have a messy oozing cunt and ass of cum loads waiting for you to enjoy the hot mess between my legs. I’m prepared to be fucking for hours on end so you be ready to fuck too. I promise you a good fucking drugged up time, trailer park whore style.



Incest Gangbang Fun

live phone sex

Live phone sex with your original gangbang slut. I just got to tell somebody the nasty whore gangbang I was involved in today.  It was the nasty incest gangbang I have always dreamed of. My dealer brother brought an eight ball and some friends over to party with us. My brother brought his stepson and I just couldn’t help but start playing with my pussy in front of everybody. So much dick in the room and that teen was making me horny. Coke always gets my cunt sopping wet. I was staring at my nephew and I pulled out a vibrator and started fucking my hot wet sweet hole. Three guys were on me in a flash, dicks out trying to stuff all my holes. I told my brother to bring his stepson to my mouth, so I could make him a real man. I started sucking and licking and the poor dude lost his load so fast. Not to worry Because he was young and my sweet mouth got him hard again. I asked him if he wanted a turn at my pussy he just shook his head yes. My brother got him between my legs and that boy started fucking like no one was watching as my brother slid into my ass. I had a guy Cumming on my huge fake tits and two shoving dicks in my mouth. The party got wild as coke was slathered on dicks and in my holes. I had such a fun time turning out a young man and entertaining my brother and his friends for a coke party incest gangbang. I just got to tell someone how much cum was all over my body and in every hole I have. 



They thought I didn’t want it, but I did

gangbang whoreI was out walking all by myself late last night cus my car ran out of gas. I thought that I could just walk to a gas station real quick but all the ones close by were closed so I ended up in a kind of a rough area. I was a little nervous but not scared… until I saw a big group of guys all coming towards me. They started talking about how sexy I was, and all the filthy things they wanted to do to me, I know I should have been scared but my panties were soaked and I was so horny I felt like I was gonna die! I didn’t want them to know that tho, they seemed to want me unwilling so I just played along and begged them to just leave me alone. They threw me in their car and took me back to some deserted house where they stripped me and tied me up, that’s when they noticed that my pussy was soaking wet. They called me a whore and started fucking me in all my fuck holes and all I could do was beg for more! I was cumming all over the place and I couldn’t stop… no matter how rough they were! I even gave them my address so they could come and fuck me anytime they wanted!

Promotion please

creampie slutcreampie slutcreampie slutMy boss already knows about my extracurricular activities at work during my breaks. I couldn’t help it but get caught. I know very well how quickly it is to get caught doing something you aren’t supposed to do. I just became so addicted to having all types of cocks and being filled that I carelessly let my guard down and ended up being caught red-handed. I wasn’t sorry, and I had to do something to get out of the mess I created. I had to give my sweet young pussy as a peace offering to my boss. As he said It I was giving it away, he might as well have some. I thought I paid my debts and was going to be in the clear. Well, I was wrong. He wanted some of me, and he tried to make me a creampie slut. I wasn’t thrilled, but I knew I wasn’t in no position to argue. He ended up sweetening the deal with a full promotion, and I just had to let him make he cum whore. I was just thinking about all the extra money I’d get with this promotion while he was putting his small cock in me. For such a little dude he cums pretty hard, and I love cum, so it was a pretty snazzy deal.

Walking in the Streets

Druggy porn


I woke up last night my pussy was so wet I had to go outside and get a bit of air. My cunt was on a search, I really needed dick. I started walking down the road in my trailer park, it had to be around 2 in the morning. I ran into Dale and he was drunk and ready to fucking rail in my cunt like a tire swing. Dale said to me, “What are you doing out here at two in the morning sugar pussy” and I responded, “Trying to give you some sugar honey.” I needed to be rammed so bad that I bent over right where we were which was between two trailers and I opened my ass cheeks and let him force his fuck rod so deeply into me. He fucked me like an animal and I loved it.

Trashy MILF Party on a School Night

trashy milfgangbang whoreThis trashy milf knows how to party. I know it was a school night last night, but I still decided to throw a block party. The parents in my trailer park never pay attention to their little ones. Those boys come and go from my trailer constantly and no mother is the wiser about what I am doing to her son. My son and daughter helped me get the booze, snacks and coke. Young boys love to party with a dirty old broad with no rules. I don’t care about homework or bed times. I only care about fucking and partying. We had an unseasonably warm night for February last night, so it was perfect. About 30 school boys came over. My son and daughter had a few friends too, but it was mostly young boys at my party. Once those boys get some beer in them, they see me as the gangbang whore I am. We could have filmed a cougar gone wild video. Those horny dogs ran a train on me and my daughter. She normally prefers older men, but she is like me: a bad drunk. I get a few beers in me and I am cramming all the cock I can get in side my fuck holes. I have a well used pussy, so sometimes I needed a few cocks in my cunt at a time to feel stuffed. Young boys are so horny they don’t care if their dicks are touching other dicks. My son and his friends were jealous I was giving my holes to young boys with smaller cocks, but they need fucked more. Guys my son’s age can get fucked anytime. A young boy needs a trailer trash whore like me if his own mommy won’t give it away. I stayed up all night draining balls and getting high. I suspect many a neighbor boy today played hooky from school today.

Randi the scat queen

Cheap phone sex

I wanna shit on your fucking big thick cock. I want you to bend my little stupid whore ass over and take your cock and rub it against my little rosebud then start fucking me until I start pushing and shit just squirts out out all over your cock. I love being a fucking little toliet slut for you, letting you piss and fucking shit all over my cunt and inside of my cunt. I will be a good fucking whore and make sure I clean you up every fucking time you take a shit or piss. Wouldn’t you love to bend over and let me tongue fuck your shitty ass then you can make me suck that big fucking cock. I want you to piss, shit, and vomit in the toliet and then bury my fucking head in it until I can’t breath. I love being fucking nasty and filthy for you.

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