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Coke whore to the max

Drunk girl fuckingI got desperate, and I shouldn’t have done it, but I did, and I can’t take it back now. Well, I would do it again if I am perfectly honest. I was watching a youngin not much younger than me. Her parents didn’t trust her and didn’t want to leave her alone for an extended amount of time. They trusted cute hazel, They assumed I was a squeaky clean coed, but they had me all wrong.

I knew about their daughter being a whore I could see her sneak in guys at all times. I wasn’t going to judge I always do the same. When her parents asked me to stay there for a bit while I supervised, I thought it would be perfect. I had owed my dealer cash and wanted more blow. I had already given him and his entourage my holes, so that was getting old fast.

I knew tiny Taylor would be a perfect debt payor and would also help me score more angel dust. I got her drunk, and within minutes my dealer and his crew came along. Pretty soon she became a drunk girl fucking for my blow. It was too simple. I’m just a coke whore to the max.

Eye candy and nose candy

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I got into escorting because I need to supply my coke habit. In this field. What better way to get some nose candy? Being eye candy would supply me endless amounts of coke and some other stuff too.I met two of the nastiest whores I could find. Deanna and Carrie both showed me the ropes of fucking for large sums of coke. I was so deep into my coke habit I didn’t care about cash as much. I knew every penny I got would go towards some angel dust. It was nice to see two nasty filthy whores like me who don’t mind cum dumps for some angel dust.

I was prepared to do anything to get my high. We had an even to go together. All three of us were going to to have to be the entertainment for a private party. When we got to the place, it seemed off, but our love for pills and coke kept us going. I thought I was going to be a cum dumpster. I was wrong. The client that booked all three of us was going to give us all the coke we wanted, but we’re going to have to work for it.

We were going to have to get gang banged by all of them and finish the job by being fucked by their four-legged friends while they recorded every second of it. I almost backed out, but I knew what I wanted was that high, so all three of us got used and fucked and pretty much tortured. 🙂


White Trash

BBC phone sexMy one dealer is this nigger with a humongous BBC. He never wants money from me just my white druggie holes. My holes are pretty fucking loose, I have done a lot of “hide the salami” in my years. But his BBC I can feel him hitting my walls everywhere! He likes skanky addicts like me. He never has to worry about getting laid with so many of us trashy whores around. I see him easily three times a week. He is not a stingy dealer either he gives me more than my holes are worth. But he says I work extra hard for the extra bit. I try my best to satisfy all my dealers. Giving them all the very best of all three of my slutty holes.

Coke whore of the century

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What have I not done for a nice high? I have done it all! I Have youngin siblings I have sold for a bag and some crack. I have no shame I have given back alley blowjobs to all the guys in my trashy town. What can I say a girl like me loves chasing the high. I like having a cock in my face and a line aligned on that cock. My body craves cock and coke and just the mission to get them both will have my twat ready. I like getting a cum filled cunt after I have had some angel dust. My body is in heaven when I get it. I have done it all, and I am not ashamed anything to feel good and get my cunt and nose stuff with that white substance. I think I can proclaim to be the coke whore of the century. I have lied stole and cheated to get my hands on it. It feels so good being bad.

Cum guzzling slut loves dirty monster cock

Cum guzzling slurLiterally there is so much motherfuckin cum sloshing around inside of me right now, I am the ultimate big dick sucking cum guzzling slut that any of these perverts have ever fuckin played with. My belly is constantly full of so many men’s creamy ropes of jizz. All I do every fuckin meal is eat cum, why not when it’s the most nutritious thing that one could ever possibly eat! I love to get really nasty and I always make sure to save some room for dessert which is always Daddy’s big ole’ monster of a dick. He really is the icing to my cake, hehe. He loves these big ass titties of mine so much and is constantly using them as his cum target when he shoots his loads. It’s so fun to watch him see how well he can aim his cum on my boobies when he takes a step back and explodes it out of himself. It launches on to my skanky body and completely smothers me like how  deserve to be smothered! There’s nothing better than being completely drenched by a big ass motherfuckin shower of baby batter swimming spermies. I can’t get enough of that horny fuckin throbbing monster dick.

Scrumptious Marble Shit Cake

Scat phone sexYou and I had the dirtiest kinkiest time last night. It was your birthday but by the time we got around to the cake, I had consumed too much alcohol and was just a little tipsy. I accidently dropped your cake right on your lap. You being you just started laughing and smearing that cake with red icing all over my naked body. We were smearing it all over our naked bodies and then we started licking it off of each other. As I was sucking all of that butter cream icing off of your big hard cock. You had a wicked little laugh and said you know what would make this cake better. If I took a great big shit all over your chest then we could mix it in with this vanilla cake and make one hell of a scrumptious marble shit cake. We smeared my shit along with your cake all over each other and made sure to lick every last drop off of each other. I sucked your hard throbbing shit cake covered cock until you busted a nut and cum washed it all down.

Growing up with perves

cum dumpsterWhen you are cut from a trashed cloth that’s exactly what you become. I can’t help it that I come from straight scum. I liked hanging with my trashy family and getting double stuffed by uncle Jimmy Joe and cousin skeeter. Oh my the fun family times I have had. I grew up with perverts left and right. I had plenty of cousins and aunts and everything in between but I was the beauty queen in the family I got lucky and got some exotic looks. My mamma was hooking when she got pregnant from me . I came out with dark beautiful straight hair nice pouty lips. My mamma has no idea if I’m Latina or Greek or Indian. I’m just that mixed beauty in a true trash family. I was bound to garner everyone attention. I filled out pretty quickly unlike my cousins Betsy and pearl. I got big jugs early on. While most of my girl cousins had bucktooth teeth and couldn’t apply make up without getting it in their teeth, I was lucky enough to be a mini trendsetter. I got attention everywhere I went. My hillbilly family opened my sexual peak and made me a cum dumpster. I have been quite shady and have gotten my way with everyone in my path. I guess looks matter even when you are a cum dump.

Double dare

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I never turn down a dare no matter what. I was out and about hanging out with some friends we stumbled upon a tranny bar, and we just wanted to hang out with the hot trannies. I was dared to fuck with one. I had my sights on a hot blonde that was glaring right at me. I couldn’t turn down a double dare, so I took charming Josie home and got acquainted with her cock. There is a first for everything. I had never been with a shemale, so I didn’t know what to expect. Josie was so sexy and hot a tight sexy body. I could feel her cock grow as I got close to her. I got on my knees and gave her the best blowjob ever. I liked having her precum all over my lips and didn’t stop taking her whole till I had her cock entirely in my mouth. Rubbing that load right out. I  got on her beautiful cock and took that whole too. I was going to be her cum dumpster for sure. I never turn down a dare.



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I will be the Best Whore in Town


Pissing sex stories

I’m about to break some records in my trailer park and be the biggest whore ever, you see all these whores don’t know that I have been waiting to go super slut wild on all their husbands and boyfriends. If cared about anything about what these stupid tramp bitches thought I guess I wouldn’t be out to fuck and suck their men so I guess that means I’m sure I only care about my nasty sex driven desires. Girls all summer long your man is in trouble his cock is destined for my mouth and he’s going to be slappin my pretty slut face with his big bold beautiful cock rod. Ladies better believe I love to ride a cock like I’m riding a bull so it’s going to get too obscene, I will make sure to make videos and sell them at the corner store.

Cum Guzzling Black Slut

Cum guzzling slutPeter picked me up from the strip club in his limousine. I felt like a superstar and it made my pussy wet. I got on my knees and sucked his cock on the ride to his mansion. His house was packed wall to wall with horny people. Peter and his friends were hedonists constantly chasing pleasure. He pays me so much money to make my ass bounce and entertain his friends. They like seeing my ass cheeks ripple. I get on the floor and play with my pussy because I love being watched. They stand over me jerking their hard cocks over my head. Every once in a while someone would deep low and drop a hard dick into my mouth. I suck cock like a thirsty animal and the crowd goes wild. These guys aren’t going to last much longer. Seeing me behave like a black cum slut is too much for these white men to handle. They pop over my body like champagne from cork. I love being covered in thick white semen, it makes me feel beautiful.Cum eating phone sex

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