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Smoke Filled Room

live phone sex

Hey Baby, I love getting High and fucking all night long, don’t you? It’s really what I live for.  If I have a long hard day, I swear all I want when I get home is a long hard fuck.  We smoke some weed and I feel so good, so relaxed and so totally horny.  That’s when I want to stay up all night just fucking.  I want you to fuck my pussy – hard.  I want you to suck my huge tits.  I want you to choke me.  I want you to fuck my pink rosebud too.  Use me in every way that you can, baby.  I’m your whore.  Most of all, I want to suck your huge, hard cock.  I want to take it into my mouth and suck on it for hours.  I love cock so much.  It tastes so good when you cum in my mouth nearly choking me with it.  I especially love when you pull me in to swallow that dick harder, gagging me.  Let’s play tonight baby, I’m ready.

Anal Cum Dumpster Wants Your Load

Anal Cum Dumpster

I love being made into an anal cum dumpster. Getting my ass stretched out and filled with a load of hot creamy cum makes my pussy fucking gush. Anytime I get fucked I ask him to pound my ass. Then I beg him to dump his load inside me. Feeling that warm sticky cum drip out of my ass feeling so fucking good. I like to reach my fingers back and pull some of it out then stick my fingers in my mouth. Sucking off your tasty cum. The more times I shove my fingers in my now gaping ass the less it starts to taste like your cum and the more it starts to taste like my ass. I love tasting the mixture of my sweet little ass with your cum. I’ll even suck your cock for you after and clean you all up! Making sure I get every bit of sperm and ass juice off your nice thick cock.

Gangbang Whore Amara

Gangbang whore

I went to a party last night with some guys I knew fro high school. I ran into them at a bar and had not seen them for some time. They all were still good looking and invited me along, so I said sure. The party was fun but I was given a drink that must have been spiked with something, because when I came too, my ass hole, my pussy and my mouth were all being fucked and their was a line of men waiting for their turn. I cannot lie, my pussy was wet and I was enjoying the attention. I had not been fucked that hard or by that many men in a long time. Actually come to think of it, it was some of the same guys from the high school football team that were the last ones to fuck me like that, way back in the day. Well, I guess they remembered what I liked because I left that party a little wobbly, sore, but fully satisfied and full of cum.

Trailer Trash Whore and Proud of It

trailer trash whorePeople always say things like, “there goes that trailer trash whore.” Women, say it far more than men. I think they just jealous that men want me. Jealous that I have fun and enjoy my life. I don’t let names hurt me. In fact, I embrace every name meant to hurt me by stuck up bitches too uptight to do what they want. Rumors circulated recently about me and young boys. They are true of course. I’m not forcing any young boy to fuck me. They show up at my trailer down to fuck. Hell, most of the time they are begging this trashy milf to make them a man. These uptight bitches act like I am luring little boys into the back of a white van wearing a clown suit. It’s 2017. Boys want to fuck an old broad. The queen bee gossip whore showed up at my trailer way too early this morning. She was screaming at me, even threatened to call the cops. Sure, I fuck her husband and her son, but her son is 18. He is one of the few older boys I fuck. I told her to call the cops. To calm her down, as her shrill voice was not helping my hangover, I made her some coffee. But, the cream I used was her son’s cum. After she raved about my coffee, I told my secret ingredient. I also had her snort a line of coke. Coke helps a woman be her true self. I knew that a little blow would do to her. A line and a shot of her son’s cum will have her going back to her trailer a dirty whore like me. I told her that her son fucks me because she doesn’t fuck him. And, her husband fucks me because I swallow and take it in the ass. Like I said, women who call me names are just jealous. They just need a heart to heart talk, some coke and some cum, then they are on their way to being a dirty old cum dumpster like me. Perhaps, I need to help your wife?

They used me and I loved it!

live phone sexI got all dressed up and went out on the prowl last night because I was horny as fuck and I needed it nasty! I stumbled upon a group of guys at this bar, they were playing pool and checking me out, I could tell they wanted me so I just went over there and asked if I could play too. I told them that if I won, they had to buy my drinks but if I lost I would fuck them all. Well guess who ended up losing??? Me of course! I lost on purpose because all I wanted were those big hard dicks! I let them fuck me right there on the pool table in front of everyone, one by one they fucked me, I felt like such a whore and I loved it!

Dirty Phone Sex Stories are all I Got

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex stories are all I got. Even when I was a young girl, nothing vanilla ever happened to me. I am glad in hindsight, because being a dirty woman is for more exciting. My oldest son is looking at colleges. He will be the first one in my family, outside of my husband, to have gone to college. I went with him on a campus tour recently. He is looking at UCLA as one of his schools. I have never been on a college campus, so I was excited to see what it was all about. My pussy was dripping wet looking at all the eye candy. I mean young studs barely legal everywhere. My son teased me because he knew I had lady wood in my panties for those studs.  We ended up getting a hotel for the night so we could go to a frat party. I wanted to be a gangbang whore for all those young studs. My son just wanted to drink beer and flirt with coeds. He had all the coeds to himself because the frat boys had milf fever. I was in the pledge room bent over a table getting my ass and pussy pounded. As load after load of cum was filling me up, I wondered how many other mothers partied with frat boys on college visits. My son came looking for me and discovered me covered in cum. The frat boys told him to join the fun not realizing I was his mother. When he called me mom mid fuck, he was promised a pledge bid next year if I would join a few parties a year. I think my son will definitely be attending UCLA in the fall and pledging the best frat on campus. I’m really going to love having a son in college.

This Hoe Need More Crack!

Gangbang whore This hoe needs more crack. I being the trailer trash whore that I am I have no money. But my holes are open for that crack! I will exchange any hole you want. Just give me that nice crack rock ! If my holes are too loose for that crack. I will pimp out my youngins nice tight holes. But of course I am gonna need more crack for those tight holes. Than I would get for my used up holes. My youngins are willing and happy to get there mama the crack she needs. As long as I share a taste or two with them. Giggles. Always a stipulation. I really can not blame them they have learned well from mama over the years.

Hot Stripper Sex With Kinky Petal

Hot Stripper Sex

The guys who come into the club where I work are all looking for hot stripper sex. They want to find a kinky young slut to stick their cock into. They come in looking for the cheap easy pussy to dump their cum into. The other night an older guy came and that is just what he had in mind. I walked past him while he was sitting at a table and he called for me to come over. He bought a lap dance from me and I began to sway my hips and grind my little cunt all over his body. He loved breathing in the scent of my pussy when I rubbed it back and forth on his nose. By the time I took him in the back I think he was already about to cum for me. I sat him down in the chair, pulled his cock out, and sat my wet pussy on his dick. He came so fucking deep inside me. He got exactly what he came into the club for that night.

Cum Dumpster Extremely Trashy Slut

I can’t help it that I’m an extremely trashy slut that thrives on being a cum dumpster for huge thick gooey loads of jizz from huge black cocks. I love big dicks and those long snakes of nigger cocks are fucking going to make me wet as fuck every time I get a look at them growing stiff and long. There’s just something about those fuck sticks that I cannot control my lust for them.

The other night I was hooking and got picked up by a couple of slender niggers that were obvious fucking dealers and I was so fucking wet thinking about getting tag teamed by these two and snorting all that blow I know they’ll have for me. We get to their place and there are like five more fucking niggers waiting to fuck a blonde bitch as they put it to me. They had some crack rock ready for me to smoke up and I ain’t no picky druggy whore. I get fucking wasted as these fuckers start pounding me real good and slapping those dicks in my face for me to suck them off. This shit went on for hours and god damned my fucked cunt is stretched so much and I’m sore as fuck! I’m just happy they gave me a few little rocks to go and you know this cunt is going to be chilling and toking.

Cum Dumpster

Cum Whore

Cum dumpsterI love being a stripper. Making my ass bounce for cash is my dream job. The money is great but that’s not the best part about being a stripper. I’m a cum dumpster that means I like cum dumped all over my body, in my mouth, on my face, even on the small of my back. Dancing at a strip club makes it so easy to find men full of cum. Men fight over who’s going to go to the champagne room with me. When I choose the lucky guy and I have him behind the closed doors of the champagne room, I don’t waste any time. I drop to my knees and suck that cock like a woman possessed. I try to suck that dick like I’m trying to suck the skin off. It doesn’t take long for that sweet explosion to fill my mouth. I swallow every drop, no semen goes to waste.

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