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Trailer trash whore tranny

Trailer trash whoreI’ve always loved being known as the filthiest trailer trash whore of the entire community that I grew up in. One day when a tranny moved in next door to me, I couldn’t wait until I was able to get my hands and tongue on her! Turns out that she was just as kinky and nasty as I was! When I first came face to face with her throbbing cock, it was dangling down between her thighs and just dying to be sucked on. I shoved my face into her cum-filled nutsack and took a big whiff of her hairy balls. Yummy, she smelled soooo good! I love a freshly fucked little hole that’s oozing out with cum. She had just gotten gangbanged and I was lucky enough to catch her right after and give her a good cleaning up. I licked her dry and made sure to swallow down every drop of tranny jizz.

3 Generation Of Crack Whores

Dirty phone sexA two cock white trash of druggy whore I am. I love it when multiples show up at my trailer door knocking for any one of my crack pimped out holes. I do anything to get that dick and crack and everybody knows it. I grew up being a whore learning from the very best my own crack whore mother. She got me hooked on crack and dick when I was little and did the same to my own little crack whore brat. She loves watching mommy get fucked and joins in all the time. She loves the needle and dick as much as her mom and grandma. When it turns into a fucking orgy with dicks just showing up and staying to take a taste of all our slutty holes it is a good fucking day.

Party Whore

Live hone sex

These days, I will do anything for blow. A dirty coke whore needs her fix, and I’m willing to do anything or anyone. So last night, I’m working at the strip club trying to make that coin for an 8-ball or anything at this point. Now my manager hates when I take dudes to the VIP area and suck their cocks for coke, but I eye this one older dude and he whispers if I want to party with him in the VIP room. I instantly follow him! A nasty slut like me never says no! In the room, he makes me do lines off his fat cock and thick balls and suck him off. The drip makes my throat real numb and I was able to deep throat all of him. My manager walks in and starts yelling at me for doing it again, but the customer says, “Come on man, why don’t you join us! She has enough holes for both of us to enjoy!” I nodded in coked up excitement and perked my ass up. My manager positions himself at my asshole, pulls my tiny stripper panties to the side and begins thrusting his cock deep inside me. There’s nothing better than sucking a stranger’s coke covered cock while my manger gapes my fucking asshole. Being a skanky, worthless party whore is the best!


Cum Dumpster Jonesing For a Fix

I am such a cum dumpster. I went out last night looking for some drugs. I needed a fix last night, but I had no cash. When you look like me and have a tight tiny cunt, well you don’t need cash to get party supplies. I went to this biker bar and announced I was down to fuck if anyone wanted to share their coke with me. I was not surprised at how many men jumped at the chance to fuck my tiny whore holes. I was doing blow off the bar and off cocks. Every guy in that place from the just 21 to the old perverts were lining up to take a turn at fucking me. The ones that didn’t have any magic powder, laid down cash. I was a gangbang whore in a biker bar. Turned out, bikers are great fucks. I mean holy shit they had hammers for dicks. Many of them were well over 8 inches too. I couldn’t keep up with all the horny old fucks, so I let some just circle jerk on me. Damn, what a total little fuck slut I was, but I got enough blow to last me the week. And bonus, I made enough money to pay the rent too. When you look like me, it is very easy to get what you want.

Cum dumpster


Nasty phonesexToday I was sitting on my back porch watching the electric guys work right past my yard. They had not noticed me yet and I was getting hornier than a dog watching them work. I was wearing a tank top and short shorts. I knew all I had to do was get their attention. I walked right out into my yard and did a little whistle. they turned and looked my way. I unzipped my shorts and pulled them down. I stuck my fingers in my mouth getting them nice and sloppy wet. Those guys had their eyes glued on me and they watch my fingers slide out of my mouth and into my cunt. I went wild finger blasting myself right in front of them. They walked over to me in the yard one shoving his big fat juicy cock into my mouth and the other one shoving his sweet cock into my ass. My fingers still finger blasting away in my own cunt.

Sisters for sale

cum dumpster

I can’t deny that I have a sick addiction to getting high. At this point, I will do anything to get what I need. I was meant to be a cum dumpster. I know how fucked up it is but I have such cute sisters that will make me even more bank. I have begun taking them to the glory hole with me. Start them off young. I let everyone know I have cute sisters for sale. They can borrow them for a full day or even the weekend for the right price. All I want is angel dust and my holes filled. I have no limits. I love using my sloppy wet twat. I am now setting an example for my cute young sisters too. 

God I am such a slut

live phone sexI met up with a total stranger last night and fucked him not even 5 minutes after we met. How could I resist? He was a tall well built black guy and I just knew he would have a giant cock and I wanted it bad! The only thing was that he only wanted to fuck my ass… well was I totally down with that! I guess he was thinking I’d say no or something cus he look really surprised that I would want that monster cock in my ass but what can I say? I am a huge slut and I love ass fucking! I took that cock like a champ, even tho he was pounding my ass so hard it took my breath away. I was loving every single minute of it too, even after he came I kept right on bouncing on that dick it was amazing!

Anal Sex Whore Jerks To Freaks

Your a freak for lady dick and you know it. The other night we were talking and you couldn’t get your eyes off of my crotch. I know you were curious about what I have down there under that micro skirt. You aren’t very subtle about it and I just lead you on playing a cock tease, but i’m such an anal sex whore that we both know I am gonna be pitching and receiving soon. I know your going to make a great dick sucker and I will love to plant this fuck stick of mine deep in that bitch hole of yours. I will give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had, and you will love these tits.

ANal sex whore

Kinky Ass Fucking

No taboo phone sex

Your one kinky son of a bitch. You always want to take our kinky sex to the next level. You wanted me to tie you up and tease your big hard cock before putting on a strap-on and fucking your tight puckered ass. I love running my tongue up and down the sides of your cock watching it getting harder with every lick. I even put your fat mushroom head in my mouth and started sucking it. As soon as I started tasting your warm salty precum I stopped. I knew you were enjoying it too much and I don’t want you to cum anytime soon. Now was time to fuck your tight puckered ass. The longer and thicker the strap-on the better you like it. You want me to pound your ass with my big thick strap-on while I stroke your hard throbbing cock. But I refused to touch your cock. I am going to work your ass with my strap-on until I hit your P-spot and make you come without touching your cock. I want to see your big thick cock erupt like a volcano and send that hot lava cum of yours all over the room.

Big Dick Sucker BJ Blows For Blow

I love to suck big dick and am a little of a coke whore that blows for blow and really all that needs to be said. It’s not going to be a fucking surprise to anyone to walk in on me and I’m on my knees sucking a big fat juicy schlong. I won’t be discrete about the whore that I am and I certainly won’t deny it! It’s the best thing ever to be getting pounded by big throbbing cocks in my holes and have my son come in and play clean up bitch and get under us fucking and slurp all those juices up. He gets so excited seeing my pussy and ass fucked by those big dicks and to be so close he creams his pants without even touching his penis.

Big Dick Sucker

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