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Anal cum dumpster slut!

anal cum dumpsterAnal cum dumpster slut! You anal cum dump slut! That’s what he kept telling me as he repeatedly rammed my tight perky ass hole. It hurt at first but as I loosened up it got better. 9 inches of thick juicy cock filling my insides. Ever since then I’ve loved taking cock in my ass. It’s even better when I have two cocks to play with. One in my pussy and one in my ass. Each dick makes the other hole tighter. And every time I let both fill me up with cum. I am a anal cum dump slut after all. I love my cream pies. My entire purpose in life is getting my ass pumped full of cum. Getting used and abused by all cocks big and small. But the bigs ones are my favorite. Getting stretched open and gaped is orgasmic.  Have you ever made a girl cum from fucking her ass?

Trashy MILF Lilibeth and Hot Teen Slut Tiffany

trashy milfThis trashy milf has an eye for talent. I met Tiffany at the mall. She was shopping for sexy clothes too. She is beautiful. Barely legal hottie who likes to hook sugar daddies. Her and I started talking and became fast friends. She is a mini me. I told her I had a way she could make a lot of money fast. She was perfect for this job I had because she could easily pass as my daughter. Not that I don’t have several jailbait girls at home that would be perfect too, but Tiffany had the bad ass teen look my big spender wanted. She is a bit older than my girls, likely sluttier too. My client wanted a girl who looked young but, was just barely legal. My girls can’t drive or vote, but Tiffany is a coed. I made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. The next thing she knew, she was with me at the Bel Air Hotel.

creampie slutMy client is a Greek oil tycoon who loves mother daughter sex. He loves the idea of fucking a mother in front of her teen daughter and vice versa. He pays very well too. Tiffany watched Starvos fuck the shit out of me. I had no idea what a creampie slut she was. Once he pulled out of my pussy, she was begging mommy to eat her cunt. Starvos loved watching her lick his mess out of my pussy. Tiffany was a natural. She was acting more like my daughter than my own daughters. My rich John enjoyed fucking Tiffany’s pussy and ass. He said our cunts even felt the same. He bought that we were mother and daughter hookers. Tiffany didn’t seem to mind fucking him either. He is not the most handsome or hung man, but I overlook that because of the money. He is just a lonely rich man who likes to hire sexy prostitutes. Who am I to say no to easy money? Since Tiffany was such a pro, I gave her half. She earned every bit of that $5,000 too. Now, I just have to convince her to whore herself out more often because she can be a millionaire soon with her skills.

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Fabulous Firsts

dirty phone sexI have been so horny lately. All I have been able to think about lately is my first time with a woman. She was so delicious, I cum every time I touch myself to the thoughts.
Her body quivered as I brushed my hand along her curves. Her bare skin had goosebumps all over it. I gently kissed each of her breasts then sucked hard on her nipples to get them nice and hard.
Her breath was shaky and laced with ecstasy as I stuck my tongue into her warm, wet pussy. She tasted sweet, like she was literally dipped in sugar. I couldn’t get enough.
I shoved my tongue in further, flicking his g spot. She moaned in pleasure and gripped the sheets tightly. Her toes curled as I ate her out.
Her cum was so delicious, it tasted like pure honey. I brought my face back up then wiped my mouth, I was still hungry. So, I decided to bring out my double-sided strap-on.
I inserted my side into me, the thrust it into her pussy hard. I didn’t want to be gentle. I wanted her to scream my name.
I could tell she was about to burst, so was I. The 11 inches felt so good. I took it all like a champ, and so did she. Our pussies drooled in pleasure as our bodies meshed into each other.
I thrusted hard on last time then both of us screamed in bliss. Cum leaked down my side of the strap=on and into her pussy. She was filled with my cum. I felt so powerful and accomplished. I couldn’t wait to fuck her again.

Ladyboy Hookers for Hire

hookers for hire

I am not your average hooker for hire. I have a nice panty surprise duck tapped between my legs for you. Sometimes I can try to hide my cock when all I need is a good anal fuck. It depends on how much dope we share throughout the night. But I am always caught even if my reputation doesn’t proceed me. My cock gets so hard I bust right out if that tape and I have to jack my ladyboy clit as I get fucked. Most often when we snort lines or roll a bowl I end up fucking your ass hard and deep. You know I love to lick and slurping my own cum right out of your ass hole. I am a fucking paid whore and I will let you do just about anything to me. I mean you smoke my tight ass hole out and I just might give it to you and your friends for free. don’t worry my shemale lover. I’ll make it up giving $20 blow jobs later. 

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Hooker phone sex

Hooker phone sexYou’ve always had your go-to hooker to fuck, usually as a last resort but not me. I am the hooker you met from Hooker phone sex. I sell my body daily to keep up with my lifestyle. To keep me in my place like all women should be. I’m not a last resort because I’m a different kind of call girl. The kind of whore that will let you do anything. I have no respect for myself or my body, and unlike these other sluts, I don’t have stupid and silly rules. There are no limits, I never say no! This has made me the ultimate outlet for men to take out on me. Most of them leave me bruised and beaten, most of them like to give me an unexpected gang bang. I am always used as an apathetic and useless toilet, not to mention all the guys that bring their furry friends to fuck my hole till it’s gaping. The best hooker around am I right?!

Dirty Phone Sex Tranny Cock

I love having dirty phone sex with my tranny cock shoved down some lil sissy fags gullet as I make her choke it down and swallow my load. I’ll certainly ease in and make that cock throb and mouth beg me to let her suck it and beg me to be my sissy faggot cock sucker. I will dom that bitch like the mother fucking savage slave owner the little bitch wants to be owned by. Mmm… you know that little thing in those pretty panties is just oozing for some sexy tranny cock to rub on it. I love the rub my throbbing dick head next to a sweet tight little ass that has been grinding on that butt plug jonesing for some nice big flesh rod to penetrate it and make that pussy throb and clit squirt. Soil your panties for me Bitch and be ready to suck every last drop from Josies big throbbing ladyboy cock like the little faggot dick sucker you are.

Dirty Phone Sex

Dirty Phone Sex: I Love Taboo Fucking

dirty Phone sexI love incest. Taboo fucking is hotter, don’t you think? I am an incest slut in my family. It began with my cousin. He is just two years older than me. One time when my family visited his family, I saw him peeing. It was the first dick I ever saw. I just stared at it. My cousin liked me watching him. I don’t think I was watching him because I was horny. I was super young. It was just more like astonishment because I had never seen one before. My mom was a single mom, so daddy was never around much. He asked me if I wanted to touch it. I was a bit timid, but he pulled me closer to him and made me touch it. It was hot to the touch and it jumped. He proceeded to push my head down on his dick. It tasted like pee. Even though he forced me to suck his cock, I got the hang of it quickly. I liked it sucking his dick. I liked the taste of his cum. Flash forward a few years and I am the family fuck slut. I fuck daddy. I fuck my brothers. I fuck grandpa and of course I still fuck my cousin.

Orgy Phone Sex is my addiction

orgy phone sex

Orgy phone sex became my addiction after my first orgy. It was me and my usual group of friends hanging out and having beers at my place. Me, my best friend Abby and four of our guy friends Marco, John, Otis, and Nathan. After a few drinking games for some reason Abby, who was drunk as hell sprawled our on my couch with her tit almost popping out of her low cut shirt, thought got the brilliant idea to play spin the bottle.
I was thinking aren’t we too old for that? We are all college students. But she insisted, complete with adorable whines and multiple utterances of “pretty please” so we all caved and sat on the floor in a circle.
It started out innocently enough for Abby’s first turn she kissed John. I think she cheated because she’s wanted him for a while. During my turn I got Otis. I’d never kissed a black guy before and his juicy lips felt like heaven, I’d hoped I’d land on him again soon. Next Nathan took his turn and things got even steamier. He grabbed the whipped cream off my kitchen counter and sprayed it on my neck to suck it off.
Abby laughed and said “Well, if we are going to change the rules then I can do this.” The grabbed the bottle and turned it towards me. Then crawled over to me straddling my torso and kissed me passionately with her perfect pillowy lips. Before I knew it her hands were under my bra squeezing and caressing my nipples and my body was tingling. I felt two hands on my respective breasts and two more reaching under my blue jean skirt to remove my panties. I looked down to see John had started to finger me. It was so wet you could hear the squishing noises as he glided in and out of me. Otis sat on the couch and watched for a moment before pulling out his bulbous black dick and jerking it. Abby got off of me and crawled over to him to slide his throbbing member down her throat. Nathan took her place on top of me by dipping his cock into my gaping mouth as I moaned with pleasure from the fingering and when I was dripping wet I felt the head of his member working it’s way inside me.
I took all four of their cocks in my mouth and pussy that night. And that’s how I had my first orgy.

I wanna get real fuckin nasty

live phone sexI wanna get real fuckin nasty tonight, like wake up in a pool of cum kinda nasty ya know what I mean? I am going out with some girlfriends and we are going to dress like whores and go hunting dick, I don’t care what kind of dick either as long as they are huge! Black, white, hispanic I don’t give a fuck I just wanna find as many as possible to stuff in all my fuck holes. I’m thinking we should go to the local dirty movie house, they have glory holes there so we could suck a few dicks and maybe strip in the theater too and let some randos fuck us there. Might even go online and post for random hookups, whatever it takes to get me fucked I am so fucking horny I could die! I hope I see you out there I bet all you horny pervs would fuck the shit out this pussy huh?

BBC Sex Stories

BBC sex stories I have one of the most amazing BBC sex stories to tell you. One of my lovers, Michael, came over and brought several big black cocks for me to  suck, fuck, and have some down right dirty fun with. We have done it a couple of times, but he’s not keen on sharing me, so it’s a rare treat. But back to the sex story. He called me on my birthday and told me that he was coming over with a nice surprise for me. And, he wasn’t kidding. When I opened the door, he had 5 of his big black friends with him. All of them were tall, dark, and handsome. Once inside, they started stripping and I saw how huge their dicks were, none of them under 9 inches. I couldn’t help myself, I dropped down to my knees instantly and started sucking two at once and giving two hand jobs. The last one got up behind me and fucked my dripping wet cunt. I was loving every minute. If you know anything about me, you know I’m a fiend for BBC. It was so fucking awesome knowing I was going to be fucked by all those big black Anacondas. And I did. I got pounding in all my holes, several times that day. I’m sure that you’re dying to know what happened with all those big gorgeous dicks once things really got going, aren’t you? Well, I would be happy to fill you in on all the dirty details, but you’ll have to call for those.Sexy prostitutes

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