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Taking All Cock

Cum dumpsterDouble Penetration ya’ll!  You have to love when you see a girl who is a complete and utter slut take all the cock she can.  It’s not so much the fucking, sucking and jacking that get me off.  It is the amount of cum that I can get from dicks.  When I am so full of jizz that the next cock that pushes into me causes the cum that is already packed in there to gush out causes my pussy to throb.  I can feel it, dripping out around the edges of a cock, fell it wet those full balls as they slap against my ass. 

When there is a fat cock in my ass and one in my pussy at the same fucking time … fucking incredible!  The guys always tell me they can feel each other rubbing against one another inside of me.  Which usually causes them to cum faster.  If I could be a bukake bitch seven nights a week I would so fucking do that.  I would have to do a ton of guys though, like a ton!  I wish I could fuck five to ten guys and get what I need, but sometimes that just is not enough.  If there was a way to have cum covering me from head to foot in a very short amount of time I would fucking cry with joy. 

Not only do I love the feel of it on my body, and in my holes, I love the taste and feel of it in my mouth.  I will swallow that shit like a little one sucking on it’s Momma’s tit!  I can’t get enough.  I wonder if I could find a job like that, up to a hundred or more guys a night, just spooging all over me and in me?  Hmmm, I might have to look into that.

cum quest

anal sex whoreI have been such a drug fueled fiend. I have done it all been the anal sex whore on campus to giving blow jobs left and right in exchange for blow. Angel dust is my motive and getting high and fucked is all I want. Looks can be deceiving. I may look put together and so beautiful but in reality I am raging for cock and cum and coke. My latest fiasco involved me giving footjobs for cash. I was stroking cocks barefoot and covering my feet with jizz just so I could do a couple lines of H and coke. I thought I hit rock bottom but you never know what that is till you are stroking a fat middle aged mans cock with you feet in broad day light. I don’t know what life has in store but I will do whatever it takes to fulfill my desires like the nasty cum dump I truly am. I know I will always be a drug and cock craving prostitute. I will garner that white trench coat and still be a trashy street walker deep inside.

Teenage Fucking My Milf Holes

Sloppy wet pussyThe teenage boy next door likes my druggy whored out Milf holes. He watches for my dealers to leave. Lol, he knows my holes are full and I am high as a kite. For such a young guy he likes them old and sloppy. He just digs having his cum mixed in with others cum swirling around in my holes. And when he is done mixing his cum in he will fucking eat it all the cum out of me. Totally turns me on and him too. Makes him hard and ready to fuck me all over again. That teenager will fuck me every way from ass to mouth and he loves when I shove my tongue in and out of his asshole.

Filthy Fucking Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whore

Face it you are a closet fucking anal sex whore sissy that craves to suck hot thick juicy black cocks and guzzle their thick stringy loads of spunk. I know that desire as a filthy ana sex whore myself I can completely relate. I ultimately love BBC, the big majestic black cocks that I am enslaved to is off the god damned charts. I’ve been passed on into a little scene of blondes being bred by black cocks and blonde on black is this underground thing that so many white dudes get off to. I’m a fucking whore to that BBC and I know your sissy ass wants in on this fun. I suggest your sweet little sissy assed self to call me up and we can see what use you could be for me and my BBC friends, they always need a good cock sucker to be the fluffer and clean up bitch. Maybe your sweet ass will get an initiation ritual of a gangbang of Big nigger dicks that you crave.


Cum Whore Aurora

Cum dumpsterYou said you wanted to fuck me after my gangbang. I waited until there was 30 loads of thick cum in my ass before I spread my ass cheeks wide open for you. I sat on your face and let you smell the loads of stranger’s cum before I forced you to lick my asshole and taste all the salty loads dripping from my gaping ass hole. You loved the fact that I had some shit dripping out with the cum too. I sat down further, forcing your nose in my asshole. I want to suffocate you in cum and shit. I could see your cock growing by the second. I couldn’t stand it much longer before I knew I needed your load in me too. I want to get your cock covered in that shitty cum. You put that cock in my asshole. You didn’t even need a warm up because my ass was already stretched and soaked with cum. I told you to titty fuck me with that shitty cum covered cock. You used all the globs of cum you could and shoved it between my huge tits, rubbing up and down. Sucking on my nipples and with every thrust, giving me a little taste. I told you that you could have the grand finale and cum in my cunt. You used your cum covered shitty cock and thrust it deep in my cunt. FUCK! Cum in this fucking cum whore!

Homemade Porn Star

When asked if I was down to do a homemade porn, my answer was simple, I am down for anything for the right amount of money and drugs. I like uppers like coke when I have had too much down, and I like downers like heroine when I have had too much up. Throw me an 8 ball or a bundle and $40, and I will make the raunchiest homemade porn you’ve ever seen. I don’t care when the set is, how long it takes him to cum, where he want to cum, or what position he wants to fuck me in I am a druggy whore, and I can be bought very easily. If I shoot enough dope under my toe nail, I will not even remember doing the porn, but he better be big if you get me the down because otherwise I may nod out on you. If I snort enough white girl, then I will have a blast, and have as much energy as the fucking energizer bunny. Either way I am down to clown on or off camera. 

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Anal Cum Dumpster and Her Mommy

anal cum dumpsterMy daughter was a nasty anal cum dumpster last night. We are in Colorado skiing. Well, the boys are skiing, and the girls are playing. We are from California. It is too cold for us here. The only snow I like is the kind I put up my nose. My daughter came home in the wee hours of the morning walking funny. She met some guys in the lodge bar and went back to their room. They fucked the shit out of her ass. I was proud of her. These men were twice her age and she let them use her ass for hours for their cum deposits. I brought her over by the fire, stripped her naked and warmed her up with my tongue in her swollen bung hole. I could taste all the cum and it was yummy. She is an anal sex whore like her mother. She just can’t take the ass pounding that I can. Not yet at least. That comes with age. I drilled my tongue in her ass like it was a tiny cock. doing my best to clean her up. I could taste the different strands of cum too. I am such a good cum whore that I can tell the age and blood type of man just by tasting the cum. It has become a dirty family game. Anytime one of my daughters gets a ton of cum up either fuck hole, I can tell them how many guys and a little about those men just by tasting their cum. My baby girl got 6 different loads of cum up her ass and the men were of Mediterranean descent. As my tongue soothed her tired asshole, my fingers and my dildo made her cum again. I love special time with my girls.I know, I am such a trashy milf.

Good Girl Gone Bad

Gangbang Whore

I wasn’t always a cum dumpster cheerleader. For a while I was a huge virgin nerd loser. Always in class on time, never kissing boys.. blah, blah, blah. The first time I realized how much I loved cum and coke changed everything for me. There is nothing better in this world than a cunt full of cum and a nose full of blow!

         Being a good girl is no fun! I like being bad! I love being a filthy gangbang whore and I love having the football team run trains on me while I’m passed out from too much molly! Besides, guys don’t like good girls! They like slutty whores like me that will ride their cocks with a used pussy full of cum!

         I’m the dirty whore of every man’s dreams. There is literally nothing I won’t do to get coke and cock. Bad girls do it all! And we’re damn proud of it. Being the school slut is a badge of honor- being bad never felt so good!

Running Wild

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I was walking in the park when I saw this guy who was jogging, and he looked so fucking tasty. I kept thinking to myself and my going to get him and am I going to have a cunt cum spewing good time. All I want is a huge cock perverted man because I’ve been without some dick for such a long, long time. I need to be stretched out on a bed and fucked like a pornstar, I need to be done like those whores that require so much cock in they’re mouth. I love being strong. I can’t even wait until I get to cream all over his face. My cunt was soaking wet when I saw him, so I had to start jogging behind him. It took so much to catch up with this guy because he was really doing his job but I had to get his attention, so I ran up in front of him. This guy seems to be entirely into running which was pissing me off, but I devised a plan to hurt myself in front of him far enough for he could stop and help me. Here’s the moment I fell down I told him my ankle my ankle help me, he finished and pick me up oh my gosh he was so big. I thought I should say my ankle it’s sprained I think with my big beautiful eyes and my pouty little lips. I used my womanly magic, and it worked he was rubbing on my ankle making sure it was okay, and of course, I had to thank him for stopping and being so chivalrous. I told him can you please take me back to my house it’s not too far from here and I walked. The big gorgeous guy didn’t mind at all he put me in his car and took me back to my apartment where I invited him and of course for a drink of thanks. Mr. Sexy was looking so hot he had me so turned on I couldn’t help myself but to tell him I really faked all of it so that I can get him in my house. He smiled at me with those beautiful pearly whites he said to me you are so cute what should I do? I answer to him you should probably do whatever is on your dirty sexy mind right now. Right then he started to kiss me and take down the strings on my shoulders. When he got my shirt off he put my nipple in his mouth and began to suck my breast viciously, I loved it too every suck he did. Oh, Mr. Sexy was so fucking amazing he really rocked my world and I would love to tell you every dirty detail about it.

Heroin Whore

Druggy phone sexIf anything feels just as good as your cock going deep in my cunt, is the feeling of the drugs hitting me. I thought I would stop at the crack and said I would never put a needle in my arm, but when you said how good it would feel, I knew I had to try it. You got us a motel room and shot me up with heroin. I immediately felt euphoric. I was safe, warm, relaxed, and drowsy. You waited for the drugs to hit my blood stream and get me really out of it before you opened the motel room door and let a group of strange men in. They spread my legs open, started rubbing on my fake tits, and with their cocks out, started stroking themselves. Normally, I would charge money for this type of experience, but I was so fucked up, I didn’t mind getting gangbanged for free. They fucked me and grabbed me, threw me around, like a ragdoll.

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