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Drunk girl fucking behind the bar

Drunk girl fucking outside of the. In the back alley way. I heard them say. They didn’t even catch my face or my name. It’s Alyssa for those who wanna get they dick rocked quicker. I was at bar by the weight station. I walked in high, drunk and sexy as fuck, all the bitches were hating. There was a man I saw him staring he pulled out a baggy of rocks on the low and mouthed I don’t mind sharing. I know he wanted a Cum dumpster and I didn’t mind complying. As long as I got my hit my mouth will do all the satisfying. He walked through the back door I followed him quickly. He pulled me close and said ” You wanna smoke then suck fuck or” I stopped him and pulled out my pipe. I took a few hits so did he. It took no time before I was on my knees. I suck the shot out of that white boy dick with my big nigga lips. I gave him the sloppy top of his dreams. I just took a few rocks and I was on his team. He shouted ” O fuck, I don’t want to cum in your mouth.” He pulls another baggy from his pants pocket and turns me around, lifts up my skirt and lubes my asshole with spit. In my puckered whole he slammed his dick.” I live for that Crack whore anal. Keep giving me that ass, you will always have krills on your table.” He pounded in me until he shot his huge load.Drunk girl fucking

Black stripper sex: Motel Gangbang

Black stripper sex

Black stripper sex is better than the rest. Especially if she gets high then she is the best. It’s the weekend. And I’m ready to make plans…Get some money, crack and dick on demand. Last weekend was lit a fuck…It was a party and my pussy got torn up. I met this guy at the club last week. He said he liked my moves and I look like an extra freak. He asked if I wanted some extra money and fun. He had me a napkin with his info and said ” Hit my line, when shift is done.” I watched him walk away. He was a tall white boy swaggy asf for days. I danced and thought of him touching my body. Shit white boy had me going he was really a hottie. I hit him up when I got done dancing. He picked up on the first ring and said ” Dam girl, you got good timing… I got ten grams that are yours for the taking. But that pussy got put in some work if you understand what I’m saying.” He gave me the address for where he would be. I put it in my phone and said “I’ll be there around three.” When I got to the room I knocked on the door. The room had 5 men, including the one I met before. He laughed loud and said “Here is our crack whore.” I got naked with no question asked one of the dudes walked up on me and slapped my ass. My white boy threw me a couple bags. “Smoke that up quick. We wanna get in that pussy fast.” The guys circled around as I hit my pipe. The cock’s were already out my mouth drooled at the sight. I started at my left working my way around the circle. Stroking, pumping, pulling and licking all their dicks. Before I knew it all my holes were filled and I got to smoke extra grams of krills. I was wide eyed, jaw going, crack smoke filled the air. Man after man coming on my and I didn’t care. Shit last weekend was lit as fuck. I love getting gangbanged with cock I could never get enough.

Black Stripper Diaries

Black stripper sexThree guys were sitting at a table closet to the stage and they were ballers with lots of cash. I bent over, grabbed my ankles, and let them move my panties to the side. These guys rained cash on my body all night long. They offered me more money for private time in a five-star hotel. I was curious because I’ve never been with three guys at one time. They were so gentle at first, kissing, licking, and sucking all over my body. Their mouths made my pussy so sloppy wet. My juices were sliding down my ass crack. Three guys on one girl is the hottest combination. The foreplay was so amazing and it had my pussy and ass wet and ready for three cock action. They were patient and worked slowly filling my stretched holes. When they were sure I could handle it, they stopped being gentle and gave it to me fast and hard. My orgasm was so powerful that I squirted everywhere and that set off a chain reaction. They each came hard covering my body in thick, sticky jizz.

Cum Guzzling Slut

Cum guzzling slutI think my fascination with semen began with the boy next door. He was older and so sexy and I had the hugest crush on him. I would have done anything to please him and he took full advantage of that fact. The first time I sucked his dick was in our garage. I tried my best to suck his dick like the girls in the dirty movies, and he busted a huge nut in my mouth. I instantly fell in love with the warm white jizz. I loved the taste and how it felt when it hit back of my throat. Pretty soon, I was blowing all of the young men in my neighborhood. I was sucking so much cock and swallowing so much cum that I was never hungry for real food. I have spent so much time on my knees and I have the scars to prove it. I’ll gargle with your semen before I swallow every drop because I’m a cum guzzling slut.

Black Super Freak

Black girl phone sexIf you haven’t had black pussy then you haven’t lived. There’s nothing tighter or wetter than my pussy. I love white cocks and the white jizz that comes from those cocks. I have sex on the brain 24/7. I’m always ready to spread my legs and give anyone a good ride. I’m a dancer and I make a ton of cash bouncing my ass. But I want to be your private dancer and your very own pornstar. I do my best work on my knees with a big white cock in my mouth and I always swallow. They call me, The Cum Guzzler, and I love my nickname because it’s so true. Nothing tastes better than fresh warm cum squirting from a beautiful dick. I’m a black slut with no limits or taboos. Anything you want to do to me you can do because I’m a black super freak.

Cum Guzzler

Cum guzzling slutI love being a stripper! Bouncing my ass for cash is so easy and makes me feel super sexy. I love having all eyes on me when I hit the stage. Men make it rain cash on me because I pop my pussy better than any other dancer. But the best part about dancing is the men. All types of men come to the club with their balls full of cum. I’m a cum guzzling slut and I love it. I wish I could get every man in the club to cum in a glass so that I could drink it. But since that’s just a fantasy, I take men one by one into the champagne room. Because behind closed doors I can break the “no-touch” rule. I drop down to my knees and try to suck the skin off your dick. Hold the back of my head and fuck my face. I promise I won’t bite. I want to feel you feel squirt a huge load in my mouth. I want to know what you taste like. Come and watch me dance and I’ll rock your world.

Jizz Lover

Cum guzzling slutEver since I first saw a dick ejaculating I’ve been hooked on that warm white stuff. I love how it tastes and how it feels on my skin. Men with huge balls excite because I know those huge balls are filled with cum. Most people think I dance at a strip club for cash but I really do it for the jizz. Strip clubs are full of men ready to bust big loads all over me. I’m a dirty cum guzzling slut and I’m always ready to suck and swallow. Believe me, there’s nothing hotter than me on my knees with my lips wrapped around your hard cock. Sucking dick makes my pussy sloppy wet. I like to fingerfuck myself while slobbering all over your shaft. The wetter I get the more fingers I can put in my pussy. I feel that warm squirt of cum hit the back of my mouth and I cum so hard that I squirt, too.

Strip Club Slut

Black stripper sexCharles walked into the strip club and I got excited. He has huge balls and he ejaculates huge loads of cum. I always give him free time in the Champagne Room. He loves black women. When I make my booty bounce it put him in a trance. My pussy gets wet whenever I dance seductively. I pull his hard cock from his pants and grind my bald cunt against its hardness. It’s against the rules to fuck in the club but his dick is too huge and I can’t control myself. I feel his huge dick head grazing against my tight wet hole and it glides in with ease. I keep my hands on my knees and bounce on his dick. You could hear that my pussy was extremely wet, the loud smacking sound echoed around the private room. I had a decision to make would I jump off and swallow or ride him to completion.


BBC phone sex   The way a big hard cock fills my cunt is the reason I cant stop fucking them. When guys fall in love I feel terrible. I want different cock, nice big black dicks filling my holes. I had a party and Jamal came I just met him last night. We were all drinking, rapping , dancing, smoking and he kept flirting so I knew he wanted this pussy and sure enough he got it. I let him bang all my holes, he said he has never met a girl like me i kept that I was a stripper to my self but after we had a great time I am sure he had a clue that I usually fuck for money, or dance for money either way he was my reminder of why I never get settled down id miss out on some big black cock to make me cum.

Dirty Cum Addict

Cum guzzling slutI dance for cash. I have a sports car and a big house. I dance for a few hours and leave the club with a few thousand. Plus, I have a strange fetish, I’m a cum slut. I love that warm, milky stuff. It tastes good and feels great on my skin. Strip clubs are full of men who are ready bust nuts on my face and that’s the number one reason why I dance. I make my ass cheeks jiggle and men’s dicks get hard. They come to the club with balls full of cum and I want to drain them dry. I even take men to the Champagne Room for free because my thirst for semen is too strong. I love being on my knees with one hand holding a hard dick in my mouth and my other hand rubbing my clit. I’m a sex freak with dirty ideas floating around my brain. I’m getting hot and wet just thinking about cum skeeting from your dick head. Good Lord! Give that give that cum to me.

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