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Dirty Little Whore

gangbang whoreI can’t really tell you when my lust for the married man next door started, I know it’s been weeks and he is in all my fantasies. At night when I feel the urge to pleasure myself wash over me it’s him I’m thinking about. I think about him pushing me up hard against his kitchen counter as we kiss passionately knowing any minute his wife could walk in. I think about him bending me over and fucking me from behind next to the pool as I watch our reflections off the water. Just the idea of his big strong arms wrapped around me gets me wet. I know it wouldn’t be hard to seduce him, his wife doesn’t hold a candle to me. The only thing holding me back is I’m worried I won’t be able to stop once I get a little taste. I must have him soon though my mouth waters at the thought of sucking his cock showing him what a real loving woman can do for him. Almost every time I shut my eyes I see myself bouncing up and down on top of him, with my tits jumping in his face. I feel like I’m losing it, is this obsession?


Sloppy Wet Pussy Loves BBC

Sloppy wet pussy

My how a Big Black Cock can make me have a sloppy wet pussy baby. See, my Dealer “E” loves to sell my ivory white ass to the niggas’ (His Words) I owe him for last weekends, Binger. I was lazy and just wanted to fuck my little sis and have my brother cum in us a “couple” times. Oh, and there was the trip to the Truckstop, but we won’t mention that to “E” Wink wink.  Ok, So I am A Lazy whore who just wants to get fucked for free sometimes. Twerking on the pole and strolling for Johns gets in the way of fucking and snorting! Well anyways. I have to pay off my coke debt by bouncing on big fat ebony cock for a couple days with nothing in return but cum filled aching stretched out holes. I just excuse myself and rub some of that numbing white power around my fuckhole and ass so I am good for the next Big King Kong Dick. I love being a BBC big dick sucker because those cum loads keep me full and energized to go dance that pole to earn Coke money. All my time is being taken up with fucking these black men so I gotta stay high some way. If I am lucky I get a nice double team gaping me with two dicks fighting for the same fuck holes. I really shouldn’t be such a lazy gangbang slut anymore, but I know all these black cocks are getting me to squirt like crazy and I love each and every cum load. So, give this white trash whore your cum load next? 

My Husband brought us a Toy

Lot lizard sexCunt whore you’re a liar, and all you do is lie you’re not to be trusted. I left my man around you, and you fucked him I can’t stand you. But I’ve got a pleasant surprise for you because he said you fucked him right and he told me you sucked his dick better than a pornstar could. I want you to come over to my house tonight, and I want you to fuck my husband and me. I heard around town that you gobble up pussy so good I want that shit to happen to me. We’ve got wine cocaine weed and everything else that you wish to get high using, we even have some Crystal, so it’s sure to be a magnificent night. Your fucking hot wet cunt is my favorite if my lover is telling the truth he said the way he fucked your squirting pussy was beyond nasty. One thing I like about my husband is when he gets, and you seem to have brought it out. The night after he fucked you he made the best fucking sex with me we had in years I attribute that to your body and your skills. I love threesomes you cunt whore I want my husband’s dick so far in your pussy that you’re screaming in passionate pain. I’m going to make you suck my pussy while he’s fucking you doggy style making you his fucking pet slave. I love the way you fucked my husband, and I got to watch it all because I’ve got a secret camera recording in my bedroom.


Big dick sucker

Dirty phone sex with pimped out slut

Dirty phone sexBesides having dirty phone sex all day long, I also pimp myself out to make a living and pay my bills. With these fat and juicy tits and my nice round ass, who the fuck wouldn’t wanna have a taste?! I have a bad habit of being a very nasty prostitute and I have quite the reputation to go along with that, haha! Everyone knows that i’m the best dick sucker in town, it’s not hard to see! Nasty skanky whores for hire are always down to get filthy as fuck. Doesn’t matter what it is, i’m always down baby! You bring the cash and I will bring the drugs, it will be perfect and oh so erotic! Let’s meet anywhere, come and scoop me up and let me suck the soul out of your rock hard shaft for some quick change.

Big Dick Sucker and Lot Lizard Skank

big dick suckerBig dick sucker Bev is what the truckers are calling me now. I got drunk last night, went down to the Loves and looked for trouble. It was a Sunday night, so the place was hopping. Everyone hangs out on Sundays before they start their new route on Monday. I got a Pabst Blue Ribbon tall boy and wandered around looking for some dick to suck. Big D was parked. I recognized his cab immediately. Before I could knock on the door, he poked his head out of the truck and hollered at me to come in. His big black dick was hanging out ready for my mouth. He gave me some coke. I swallowed some beer. Then I started head bobbing up and down his huge dick. He loves making me gag. I am an old trailer trash whore, but his fuck stick can make me gag, especially when he pushes my head all the way down his shaft. I love gagging on a big dick. He exploded in my mouth and I chased his cum shot with more beer. Before long other truckers were wanting to hang out in Big D’s cab to get high, drink and fuck this old whore. Just another fucking fun Sunday night for a lot lizard sex skank.

Stripping For Dick and Money

Hot stripper sex

Dudes! I had the most fan-fucking-tastic weekend!  First off I made a shit ton of money and secondly I got a ton of dick!  My friend Mandy asked me if I could work a party with her.  At first I was like, nah.  Only because the last time I helped her out by working a party it was lame.  We were stripping for about ten guys and not one of them wanted to fuck.  They had no problem with her and I bouncing our tits in their faces, or rubbing our pussies on their laps, but fucking was out of the question.  Weird.  She promised me though that if I went with her this time I was guaranteed to get some cock.  I told her if I didn’t get any then this would be the last time I would step in and help out.

At first we were the only ones there.  I thought that this was another lame assed party, but after about thirty minutes the guys came in.  They were fucking wasted.  They wanted to get all grabby and shit.  Mandy wasn’t having it, she told them that if they didn’t settle down we were leaving.  She told them if they wanted anything more than some dances then they would have to pay extra.  No freebies.  Hell, I give freebies all the damn time, maybe I should pick up some of Mandy’s business practices. Ha!

We were dancing, drinking, snorting, and just having a great old time.  I was getting frantic, my pussy was throbbing, my clit was so damn engorged.  You try doing lap dances over some hard cocks for a couple of hours and see if your pussy isn’t begging for them to slam into you.  I told Mandy that these guys better want to fuck, because if not I was going to leave and find some on my own.  She was booked for two more hours and she couldn’t leave, but she wouldn’t get paid at all if there weren’t the both of us there.  She started to panic.  Girl needs her money, she has a shit load of little Mandys to take care of.  

I just went around and offered my cunt up.  Eventually one guy said yes, we fucked right there in the middle of every one, Mandy was being my fluffer chick, getting those dicks so hard that they had to cum, they couldn’t wait.  Mmmm, blue balls equal cock stuffed in my holes.  Watching me being fucked hard helped too.  One by one they took their turns.  Mandy was on cock sucking duty and I was on every other duty.  Not only did they pay for the suck and fuck, they paid extra for us to stay for a few more hours.  I was so damn tired, sticky, and satisfied when we left.  I am thinking that the next time Mandy needs a stand in that I just may say yes again.

Traffic Me Please

No taboo phone sex


Sex trafficking is so fucking hot to me. I’ll be the one standing on the fucking streets selling my pussy. I’ve got to feed myself, and I don’t wait for anyone else to feed me. Are you ready to get your cock sucked by a professional prostitute? With me, you can have it how you want it however you want it, I don’t have any limits or any fucking rules. I like to ride cock and bring my girlfriends with me so that they can ride cock with me and we can fuck and suck dicks all over the place. I really love white boys because white boys pay good money to get this fucking fresh brown pussy. I like to shake my ass in their faces because that really makes the white boys cocks get hard. And those guys they keep a lot of cash they want it rough hard so fucking sexy and out of control and me and my girls we make sure to give them exactly what they want. My throat is meant to be dumping cum inside. All my girlfriends like to be nasty fucking bitches unadulterated whores who can’t fucking stop doing fierce shit. I will even let you leak on me baby you can spray me down with all of your juices good. Pop me on my ass too because I really like that shit I love having my ass spanked hard. Me and my girlfriends we need vulgar ass fucking tricks but the kinds that will give us the treats we like. So let’s have a party tonight we can do it all, don’t hold back baby get wild let’s get real Raw. All we need is big hard dicks and nice cash-filled wallets. We love rough sex we love big dicks we love Deep Pockets, and we just can’t wait let’s get it on right now. I’m a nasty fucking bitch, and I want to have my cum filled pussy full of motherfucking different guys dicks tonight. I will be dancing on the cock I will be twerking letting you know that I’m the best you’re going to love it let me have a fucking chance do you want to cum right now

High and Horny

Cum dumpsterWhen I get super high & fucked up, my sloppy cunt turns into a damn cum dumpster! I wanna spread my legs open wide and use my fingers to push apart my cunt lips so that I can show you how fuckin wet & juicy my fuck holes are. I’ve been getting fucked by dealer dick all day long, my pussy is so fuckin sore and tender! I’m masturbating right now while I use the sperm inside of me as lubrication! I’m soooo fucking horny and my rock hard nipples are eager to be sucked on. Line up some blow on my fat tits and snort it all off. I can’t feel my face and my cunt is fuckin numb. It feels so good to be so twacked out with perverted bastards that love to use me as their personal sex toy. Shoot me up in my arm and watch my eyes roll to the back of my head while I gag on your shaft. I love feeling that rush through my veins. Oh my god let’s get fucking crazy! Skull-fuck my face and slap me while you tell me what a filthy fuckin hoe I am!

coke head cum dumpster

cum dumpsterFuck!!! I’m late with my rent again. I must have gotten rent money over six times this month but each and every time I have managed to use up my rent money on coke. My little habit has taken over the existence of my life. See, When I am high I am horny and when I work I am always high. The coke seeps thru and makes me a nympho whore. I can perform on stage better and I can keep guys coming in and out faster from the vip room. Its easy money and it makes my nights go by in a blink. I can’t deprive my pussy and myself from that magical angel dust. My landlord is going to come any second now. I am ready for his monthly bullshit. This time I can’t get an extension. I look all over like a madman looking for any trace of coke. I score a left over baggie and begin to dum it out immediately. I get my pussy ready for business as I get high as a kite I already know I will be the landlords cum dumpster for the night.

Cum Guzzling Slut Tamsin

Cum guzzling slut

You had been at one of those wild parties where there are a whole bunch of prescription pills mixed together. You thought that the bowel just contained Oxycodone,Xanax, Valium, and Ativan. So you popped one of those little round pills in your mouth thinking it was a Roxy. After about fifteen minutes and not experiencing that calm and relaxed euphoric mood that you have come to love, you decided to take another one.

Not only did it not relax you but all of the sudden your cock stood up at full attention. Your cock was rock hard and throbbing. You didn’t know what was going on. You just knew you couldn’t go to a regular emergency room so you came to see Nurse Tamsin. I took one look at your big thick hard cock and knew exactly what had happened. Those little blue pills you were popping like tic tacs where Viagra not Roxy.

Luckily for you I am a dirty nurse who enjoys sucking cock. I told you to lay back and relax. This cock sucking whore would take care of you. I licked up and down the sides of your big hard cock. I sucked on your balls before deepthroating your hard throbbing cock in my warm wet mouth. I shoved two of my fingers up your tight puckered ass as I continued to deepthroat your hard cock.

Big dick sucker

I worked your prostate glands with my fingers as my mouth sucked hard on your cock. I made sure I drained every last drop of your warm creamy salty cum from your balls into my mouth. I slurped every last drop of your yumminess down. You were both relieved and shocked. You had not realized until today that Nurse Tamsin was one hell of a cum guzzling slut. I don’t know why you were so surprised since the word sin is in my name.

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