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Getting Off

Cum guzzling slutI love my little red vibrating rocket. It is with me during every single one of my dirty no taboo phone sex calls. It fits so perfectly in my tight bald pussy and really goes deep. It has so many different settings. If you wanna fuck me hard and rough, it’ll go full blast pounding that pussy. If you want it slow, it will vibrate in random spurts. I love my red rocket almost as much as I love cock. I shove it in and out the entire call with one hand. By the time my customer cums, I’m shooting it out of my cunt covered in my slime as I squirt. It would be so fun to use my red rocket while you fuck me hard! Feeling it vibrate on my clit and your balls as your balls deep.

New Year Resolutions

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I think New Year resolutions are a waste of fucking time. I suck at being good. One of the few things I am good at is trickery and Latina phone sex. I am also good at shooting a good porn scene. Other than that I am bad at love and terrible at telling the truth. I have stolen from my own grandfather to supply my high. I have gotten real close with my dealer and was invited to his New Year’s bash.

I was more than happy to attend. I knew he would supply plenty of party fun. There was going to be coke and cocks by the flocks. My resolutions this year is to be excellent at what I am already great at. I will keep being a party slut and getting high. I love the high feeling some good H gives me. I always think I have hit rock bottom but I’m proven wrong each time. I can’t wait to see what the New Year brings. I am going to get my sloppy wet cunt fucked by anyone with a pretty pill of a dollar bill. The party didn’t disappoint. I got so trashed I didn’t wake up till today.

Just Another Anal Cum Dumpster For A Party

You may think that cum junkies are just junkie whores that really have no idea what they love and just suck cum out of those endless ballsacks during gangbangs because they are that fucked up… well that can be partially true, or it could be a closet cum guzzler that really lets loose once the drugs hit. I love to be a anal cum dumpster whether sober or high as fuck and partying hardcore with some good drugs producing immense body highs… but taking cock in my back door while I get to ram a tight sweet ass of the unsuspecting or new to trying cock guys… I love to release cum in a tight hole or wide open mouth as much as I love to feel it fill up my slut hole or ooze down my whore throat.

Anal cum dumpster

Ending the year a cum dumpster

Cum dumpsterI will always be a cum dumpster. My sister invited me for the holidays to her house with her new husband. I was eager to spend time with them because I wanted to bone the hell out of Scott. Scott was a hot Aussie fucker who was packing down under. 😉 I was intrigued from the moment I laid my eyes on him. It was going to be an easy task because my sister is so not me. She maybe cute as a button but I am a slutty sex pot with an incredible rack and I’m never afraid to get my sloppy wet cunt off and used.

It was going to be easy as pie. I knew he was into snowboarding and decided it was best if he spent some one on one time showing me the ropes. My sister stayed back for a spa day. I was going to get pleasure my way as well. I was flirty but subtle. Once I felt the urge I came on strong and within minutes I had him plowing me in the snow in pure daylight. His cock felt even better than I had ever imagined.  No regrets on this and I am surely ending the year right.

Slow Night

Dirty phone sex Tonight was slow as fuck as the truck stop and the diner. Not a single dick to suck or sandwich to serve. There was no way I was going to be ok with going home with nothing, not even a cum deposit. I needed to hit the Main Street in town and stand at the corner to see what business I could get. Several cars pulled over and when I offered a date, they drove us into a dark alley were I could suck their cocks, and drain them down my throat. Most of them offered a hit of crack as payment, which I enjoyed, but I really needed some cash. Finally, a white Range Rover pulled up. I asked him for a date, told him a price, and he demanded I get in. I didn’t realize until I was in the vehicle that his 3 big black buddies were in the backseat. They pulled over to a dark alley and gangbang force fucked me viciously. When they were done using my nasty whore cunt, they each spat on me and the driver threw down a $1 bill. Fuck.

In like sin

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Hookers for hire that enjoy being cum slut are the best. I knew I was going to get fucked like a total slut bag. I had this guy who wanted the best escort ever. My natural big jugs and hot body drew him in. He was in like sin and prepared to use my holes for his entertainment. He paid top dollar for me and was going to use me in ever room of his house. I was the perfect escape from all his unwavering issues. His cock was hard and ready for hours. The coke we shared was top notch. I was going to make him forget about his bitch wife and everything else. The rough fucks I got from him was amazingly great. I could barely walk the next day. I was fucked in his pool his bed he shares with his wife even his offspring’s room. What a bad daddy.

How I became a cum dumpster and coke fiend

cum dumpster

Cum dumpsters are sluts who have been trained to be that. I remember how my love for cum and coke started. My stepdad James introduced me to coke and his cock. Ever since then I needed both and his load in my holes. It didn’t take long for me to fall into his trap. My mom got husband number four, and he was more interested in my pink princess room than the master room. My mom would have a glass a whine along with a perc and knock out. Step Daddy James would wait for his cue. Once my mom was in deep slumber, he would make his way to my room with a baggy and no condom. He would have me do lines from his cock and make me spread my cunt so he could fill me up and get me high. There was no wonder why I became such a party slut right after. I got a taste of the wrong medicine and wanted more. 

Sloppy wet pussy gets stuffed

sloppy wet pussyI had no idea my sloppy wet pussy would pull in so much dough. I am happy to say it is funding all my drug habits and more. Everything has a price. Being a complete anal slut and cock and coke fiend is no small task. I think about the two day and night. My holes get filled day and night. The only thing I love more than coke is cum. My sweet as loves to be stretched like no other. I can even fist for your entertainment. Watch as I stretch my holes out right in front of you. I can see your cock practically pop out. I don’t mind you inviting all your friends. Let them in on this fun and I will make them each feel good.

Bbc sex stories are my favorite!

bbc sex storiesBbc sex stories are my favorite kind of stories to tell, especially when the big black man I am fucking in that story makes me a total whore! Look, we all know that I love to party and in order to get all the party supplies I need, I have to interact with some pretty rough dudes… but I fucking love that shit! These gang bangers and drug dealers are all big black men with big black cocks and they all know that I am one horny white bitch that will do anything to get high so I get passed around a lot. Whatever tho, I can’t get enough of that shit so I don’t give a fuck what people think of me. Yesterday I went to my guy’s house and just sat naked on his couch all day, I was high as fuck and every dude that came over got his dick sucked by me, how could I resist all those huge black dicks? I got off all day long and got to get high too, that’s what I call a win win!

Alley backway

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Can you believe I ended up stumbling thru the back alley and ended up at a full on orgy party? I was high out of my mind and was approached by a couple men. They could tell I was a complete party whore. My holes were inviting and they were giving the honors to invite me to an anal cum dumpster fest. I was a few short minutes away from such an euphoric experience that I’d never forget. I must of been one of five girls but the men outnumbered us by about a dozen. I could hear them excited to have a new guest in the house. I could hear moans all thru the room. I was half present half in a deep drug filled haze. My mind was so out of it but at the same time so present. I had never been so alive but at the same time in such a deep dream state. My ass was pounded so hard and twat that I woke up to no panties but I was in a puddle of mixed cum. The girls and I were stuffed whores for sure.

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