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Adult Bookstore

Dirty phone sexI am laying on my bed thinking about last night. I am sucking on my finger and I can still taste your ass. We had one crazy night at the adult bookstore and drew quite the crowd. I put you down on your hands and knees and invited a guy over who had a 10 inch black cock. I had you licking and sucking on that big black cock while I pulled your ass checks apart. I started teasing your ass with my tongue. Just licking around the outside of that tight puckered ass. Then I sucked on my finger to get in nice and wet before sliding it into your ass. I finger fucked your ass just a little before pulling it out to taste. The crowd went wild at seeing me lick and eat that special chocolatey pudding that your ass provides for me. It even caused the guy face fucking you to drop his load. Then the guys all around us exploded giving us an extreme cum shower.

Double stuffed slut

big dick suckerI like the maintenance guys that work around the campus whenever I am feeling horny and craving a double stuffing they both seem to know what to do to make me feel satiated. I love it rough and want my hair to be pulled. I have the perfect fuck spot at work. I created my own getaway in my own break office. I have furniture in there and everything I need to bust some loads from different cocks. Ron and James are two guys who are easily double my age, but they are fun. They are strong and like to take advantage of my fuck holes. Whenever I am feeling the urge to have double cock and loads I shoot them a text. I don’t have to wait too long for them; They come to me in almost mere seconds. I like how they rip my clothes off and begin to penetrate my mouth. They know I am a real big dick sucker who can make both cocks cum simultaneously.

My Daddy Wants to Fuck Me

Taboo phonesex

Popa wants to give me some rock hard family cock and he has been hinting at it all day. When my daddy gets like this there is nothing to do but please him. I remember the first-time daddy gave me his cock I cried all night, it was outstanding. I love my big dick daddy and no one could tell me different. Everyone is always getting shocked about me and daddy, they just don’t know how good it is to be fucked by my daddy. I’m so much better than mommy because I’m younger, my cunt is wetter and I love giving daddy deep throat head. Daddy says he had no idea I was going to be so good like mommy and he tells me that I’m even better. My daddy needs me he can’t live without fucking me every night and even he keeps me at home some days so he can pound my lucious pussy like a mad man. Daddy loves sucking my sweet pink pussy, he shoves his tongue inside like it’s his dick my cunt tightens and he tries to stuff his hard tongue deeper. Daddy loves when his friends come over to play house with me, he watches and even video tapes us so he can watch it later and feed me his cock juice.

Cum cunt

Big dick sucker   Let me say this. If you have a huge cock and you want to pound my pretty sweet pussy with it, you better know what your doing I dont want my pussy to be wasted on a guy that can’t do what hes supposed to do. I had some guy come in paying for a one on one and his dick was so fucking tiny I couldn’t even fill it when I was grinding my ass on his pathetic little schmuck. I laughed so hard I just want some big dick. He payed well but damn its pretty sad when your a grown man and you have little boy parts. I died laughing. So what did I do I pulled my bartender home last night and sucked his fucking cock and made sure he knew that I loved how bit it is and how I love it so much filling my throat up.

It was so nasty but so fun!

live phone sexI was just hanging out with some friends when all the sudden things took a turn towards the nasty. This dude was real fucked up and he was trying to find the bathroom to take a piss but he was way too drunk to find his way there so he just started pissing right next to me! It was splashing all over me but instead of being disgusted by it, I was a little turned on. I just reached over and grabbed that cock and drank up all his piss. Well that caught everyone’s attention so they all gathered around me and used me as their toilet and it was hot as fuck! I was soaked in piss and horny as fuck so I just started stripping off my clothes and begging for cock. They fucked the shit out of me, all of them did. I am such a nasty girl!

Katy Katy Katy Your Mine

Hardcore orgy porn


Katy is a fucking skank whore and you can’t blame me for being a little bit green about the little slut bucket coming on the scene. The whole neighborhood knows this trollip is not to be trusted around anyone’s man. If that fucking cunt whore so much as look my boyfriends way I’m going to fuck that slut up.  You see Katy and slutty cum buckets like her need to know that I fuck the whores my boyfriend cheats on me with too and I’m fucking brutal. My boyfriend can’t seem to keeps his eyes to himself, I catch his ass constantly I mean all of the time, He stands in awkward places trying to catch a peek at her young tight thighs as she walks by teasing the cock wolf in him. Since this little dence whore wants to tease him I going to make it easier for him to cheat. I’m leaving for the evening I have a girls night that’s what I will say. I will stay gone just long enough for the tramp to get in my house and naked. Then I’m going to give miss cheater whore a surprise that she won’t forget. Just call Katy my cum guzzling whore from now on because when I’m done she’ll be turnt the fuck out.

Cocaine Porn

Druggy phone sexLast night I needed to get high so bad, I got in a fight with my best friend and my car needs a new transmission. The best way to get over a problem is to get higher than a muthafucker, but I didn’t have any money. Chico has the best coke but he’ll make me work hard to get it.
When he opened the door and saw me, a huge evil smile spread across his face. He had a house full of his thug friends and he wanted me to blow them all. There were 10 guys and I got down on my knees and blew them all. I sucked their cocks like a pornstar with a ton of enthusiasm and saliva. Every once in a while, Chico would give me a pinky nail full of cocaine and I would go back to sucking his friends’ cocks. Each blowjob ended with a load of jizz in my mouth and I never spit, I always swallow. I know Chico was trying to be sadistic but I loved every second. My pussy got so wet from sucking all of those dicks.

Phone Sex Sluts

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts like me have dirty secrets that we can’t tell just anyone. I am not in this business because I need the money. My husband is financially secure; plus, the home brothel generates more than enough money to live happily ever after. Phone sex is cathartic. Plus, I like knowing there are perverts and P men who want to hear about the dirty family fucking going on under our roof. Summer is here. No more early mornings. No more homework. No more school functions, at least till mid-August. We get to party and fuck. During the summer, I don’ have to be a responsible parent. Last night I kept everyone up late fucking and doing lines of coke. It was a family orgy. I wanted them to worship mommy all night long, or at least until they passed out. The last brat standing was my youngest one too. I honestly thought she would have been the first one to crash, but she was fueled by eating mommy’s pussy and coke. She was sucking her big brothers’ dicks too. She has proven to be quite the big dick sucker. A natural cocksucker daddy says. She can swallow more cock than her oldest sister who is 20. In fact, last week my oldest was replaced by her baby sister for a client who was disappointed that she gagged on his ten inch rod. Her ego is still bruised by being out sucked by her baby sister. On coke, my baby can handle an army of cocks. Last night not only did she eat my pussy and ass for hours, she blew all the men under this roof, including the help. She was a cock sucking machine. A natural dick sucker fueled by cocaine is something every man should experience at least once in his life.


Lot Lizard Sex for Coke

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex is something a dirty ho like me understands. Most men have never visited a truck stop for sex. Now, I am not a paid ho. Not cash as least. I trade my old snatch for cocaine and pot. Growing up there was an old saying, “Ass or grass, no one rides for free.”  It meant if hitchhiking, you gave up the goods or you shared your weed for a ride. Almost no one hitchhikes anymore thanks to serial killers like Ted Bundy. But the sentiment is the same if you want some drugs. Women don’t have to pay for a fix if they spread their fuck holes. Some lot lizards are total strung out skanks. I may fuck a lot and have a high mileage puss, but I still look good. That gets me special treatment at the truck stop. Horny truckers want first dibs on my sweet holes. There was a new trucker, black as night too, who invited me into his cab. He knew my reputation as a trailer trash whore down to fuck for coke. Truckers always have white powder. It is the new No Doz! We got high and fucked. Big D has the biggest cock, but this new guy was thick as fuck. I’m walking a little funny today. But, I will take a little discomfort for the chance to fuck a perfect BBC. Plus, I have coke now. That will take any hurt away.

Got milk?

cum dumpsterI get high and I act irrational. I have a good friend who is the same way. A little liqour and some coke we become the greatest duo ever. We have been at it since our party hard college days. We have no shame in showing off our pussies and being known as the the towns sluts. We look good and we both have had more threesomes than anyone on earth. I can attest to that. We both love being cum dumpsters together. We are a dynamic duo and will make any man weak in their knees. I like nothing more than to give you a nice tongue bath with my best friend. Two filthy sluts slobbing on your knob. Yummy! You can’t resist it can you? Look how your toes curl and you begin to pulsate your cock. Feeling us tease you and playing with those balls has you going crazy. When you dispense that cum we eat it up clean like two pro sluts. Give us that creamy milk.

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