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Three Used Hole Stuffing cocks

Phone sex lineI want all three used cocks, stuffed deep inside every single one of my holes, at the same time! Yes, make me into your personal white trash cum loving whore. The more cum that can be shot into my body, filling me up with your creamy goodness the better. I want your warm cream to flood me with pleasure. Handcuff me Tease me if you have to, I will submit for the dick, I promise I will. Nothing will make my whore twat ache more than to have you and your friends stand over me jerking off. I will catch every drop that comes my way. Make it rain with your lust cum. What I really like is when a dried up used cock has been cleaned up by my mouth, only for me to make it cum and dirty up my hair. I will use your cum as my shampoo and conditioner. I am a dirty cum loving white trash slut. I am waiting for your requests, I will do anything as long as you promise me every last drop of cum from those sexy man balls.

Fuck me Daddy


Cum filled cunt

My body is landing after last night we were flying alone. I am your cum guzzling slut, and I miss you already why don’t you come and lay back down and miss work? I really want an answer tell me something sexy as fuck, tell me now, tell me now. I’m so engaged by what you do how you stick your tongue deep inside of my pussy hole you make me feel like I’m going to explode. I’m so turned on by what you do when that cock gets super viciously hard it’s so thick I’m in love. I love when you fuck me like you do you get mad and monstrous I’m just overtaken by you. Your cock is so fucking dangerously huge it makes me feel like I am just a weak little girl you know what you do to me. I am just your innocent little girl, and I’m only what you want in this whole entire world. I want to call you Daddy Daddy will you make love to me I want you to teach me everything all that I should know. Daddy, I don’t care what anyone thinks I don’t want to be the girl for you. I know what no one else knows. We are special together all of my dreams and Fantasies come true. You and I father we hold nothing back from each other; we give our entire self, and that is beautiful indeed. I’m always thinking of you. I love you so much you’re like a symphony of sexual ecstasy. No one knows our secret no one can understand our bond we are united you and I father Dearest.

drunk girl fucking for coke

drunk girl fucking

You sure have heard all the rumors spreading like wildfire in town. Yes, they are all true. I am a skanky coke slut willing to do it all for some coke. I love being that drunk girl fucking for a bump. Spreading my legs and letting you and your friends fuck me silly. My twat is for the use of those who need it bad. My sweet asshole being stretched feels so good. I know my place is sucking and fucking for drugs. I care only about being high and fucking all the neighborhood guys.  I am a little slut looking for her high. I have no shame and no limits. I plan on fucking whoever I want whenever I want. My holes were made to be used.

Black cock cum guzzling slut

Cum guzzling slutI love sucking on big fat black cock and showing off what a filthy cum guzzling slut I really am! Even better is when I am done sucking all of the jizz out of that large boner of dark meat and you decide that you also wanna have a taste! I’ve been telling you how fuckin yummy big black dick is and now you’re finally ready to plunge it down your own throat so that you can make it bust even more! If I can do it then so can you! Gape that fuckin mouth open and stick out your tongue & say ahhhh! I wanna stick my fingers down your esophagus to make you gag a little bit & prepare you for the throat fucking that you’re about to receive! My jungle fever is crazy too, I can’t stay away while you have his cock in your mouth so I get down on my knees and suck his cum-filled balls as your saliva drains on to my face off of his nutsack. We are so fuckin kinky the way that we tag team his manhood and make him explode fat loads of BBC cum over and over again!

Start Off My Morning With A Dirty Cock

Dirty phone sexA nice thick and heavy dick in the morning is exactly what I need to wake me up. Fuck coffee, Big Thick Cock is my Coffee. It is even better if his dick has been used and he wants to put it straight inside my tight slutty asshole. The feeling of my asshole stretching from his hard meat will send chills throughout my whole body. I have a big phat and juicy ass and that is all thanks to these used cocks stretching me out. That nut butter from a man’s dick shooting deep up inside my asshole may have something to do with it also. Either way, I love it and there will never be enough used dick in my opinion. Used dick is the shit and a used cock is a one-stop shop. I have been such a fucking nasty cum slut whore lately I have even started eating the man’s cream as soon as I can feel it run out of my asshole. Sometimes they stick their large cock so deep into my ass the cum stays there for a couple of days. That is fine with me. I love some hot cum marinating in my ass.

Sloppy Seconds for a Sloppy Slut

Dirty phone sexIf I could have things my way, I would tell you to go fuck your wife or girlfriend real good making her plump cunt nice and wet. I would tell you to dig your throbbing cock balls deep into her slippery pussy. Then I want you to drain your snake until you get every last drop out. Make sure you marinate your cock in that sweet hole for a couple of minutes. I want to make sure the cum gets mixed up good before you pull out. You might usually get a washcloth but not this time, no, that is what I am here for. I will tell you to let those lovemaking juices dry up good on your cock. Then I want you to come over right away. I will be upstairs waiting for you in the shower. You will think I am going to get my own rag, clean you off and want to fuck you in the shower, right? Well, you’re wrong. My mouth is your washcloth, I am using the hot steam from the shower to loosen up all that tasty juice from your cock. After I am done with you, you will know I am the best Cum eating whore around. Maybe you didn’t hear, I am a sloppy second slut. Even thinking of your sexy thick cock deep into a Cum filled cunt has my pussy throbbing. Oh, and if you tell me no, that won’t stop me. My pussy will only drip more if you make me beg for it.

Tech guy and I

cum dumpsterbig dick suckerI am a cum dumpster even at work. I like nothing more than to get off when I am supposed to be assisting customers. My definition of helping clients is hands-on with the clients. When I say hands on, I mean it ultimately. I love to rub off on cocks and suck them and guzzle them. My hottest encounter this week has to be the tech guy that came over to fix more than my faulty computer. I was having technical issues, and my laptop needed fixing. When the young guy came in my hunger for his meat was high as can be. I was going to have fun with this cute geek. I could tell his dick was huge. I had my tits out and was pressing up against him. Every bit of desire was mutual. My cunt was slippery and was calling out for his dick. I wasn’t going to be subtle or shy I was going to get what I wanted. Instantly I rubbed his cock and I must of startled him because he flinced. I kissed his lips and worked my way down. I was loving that he was so shocked but yet so ready. I was going ot show him why I am a big dick sucker. I creamed him and fucked him like never before.

Spring break contest

cum dumpsterI love spring break. A cum dumpster like me loves attention. When I was dared to do the spring break strip contest at the club, I went ahead and got on stage. I shake my ass and even got to slip out of my tongue. All the men went crazy. My bare ass was twerking, and my cunt was on full display.

I garnered so much attention. I was invited backstage to a concert. I was able to shake my body for a few rockstars. I love being used and having famous cum on me is the cherry on top. I never say no to fresh cream. I like it all over me especially if it’s from one of my favorite musicians. Being a whore isn’t so bad after all.

Phone Sex Line for Cock Sucking

phone sex lineMy phone sex line was full of cock sucking yesterday. My son crashed at my place the night before. He was hiding from his drug dealer. He owed him some money. He knows he can stay here when ever he wants. My son loves his druggy whore mother. No one has ever sucked or fucked him better than me. I had an early work start time the next morning. We had been up late fucking and partying. I figured he would sleep in. He needs more sleep than me. But he woke up with a big hard cock and needed his mommy’s help. He needed my help all day too. That was good for my cock sucking callers. Instead of a dildo, I was downing my son’s hard rod. He has always enjoyed listening to my side of the calls. I have long been trying to convince him to join the company, but he doesn’t want to be naked on the Internet. Personally, I think a real-life mother and son could make bank as a phone sex couple. He can’t be heard on calls since he doesn’t work here, but pretty sure callers know when a trashy milf if is sucking on a dildo or the real thing. Think you can tell the difference?

Dirty Cunt


No taboo phone sex

I am a fierce bitch, and I like to get really erratic. You don’t have to treat me like royalty because I am a prostitute. I require cock so much more than all the other fucking whores I know. I’m the most ruthless fucking cunt in my town. I want to fuck your mom and dad I want to suck your cunt mommy’s smelly pussy. I aspire to make your whole family feel like a heard of fucking freaks. My big cum filled cock brother used to fuck me every night until he move out of the house. Fortunately, my dad has taken the position, and I fuck his cock like a porn star. I’m so fucking dirty I can’t stop myself I want to be hot I want to be free I want to be the freakiest cunt bitch you could ever meet. Please let me fuck you and suck your dick I will also eat your ass hole too. I eat my dad’s ass, and he truly loves it so much.

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