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Anal Sex Whore Josie Loves Cock

You know I just like a big juicy set of balls to suck on with a nice big dick attached to run my tongue up and down. Taking that shaft into my lips and teasing the glands under that throbbing cap is such a pleasure that makes my tranny dick hard. I love the feel of cock in my mouth and as an anal sex whore I really love a big dig pounding my ass. I want you to suck me off while your friend does me in the butt. My desire is to get in the middle of a gangbang and that forceful fucking of my ass makes my dick throb and you need to suck me off while I am being continually violated big dick after big throbbing dick. Can you handle my dick?

Anal Sex Whore

Been a Big Dick Sucker Since I was Young

big dick suckerBeing a big dick sucker is something I am good at. I have a mouth built for sin. I remember being a very oral girl. My mom tried to keep me away from her hooker life, but I was a natural. When a john offered my mom three times her fee to put his dick in my mouth, a star was born. I was a natural cocksucker. After that, I often sucked my mother’s johns for extra money. Once that happened, it wasn’t long before I started fucking her clients too. Mom felt bad about whoring out her daughter initially until she realized how much I loved it. I did. I remember enjoying it. I have been fucking and sucking most of my life. I ran into a guy and his son at this dive bar last night. The man was older than me, but the son was around my age. He thought he knew me. Once we got to talking, we realized that he was the first cock I ever sucked. I look just like my mother. He said to this day, it was one of the hottest experiences of his life enjoying my sweet young virgin mouth. I was down to fuck for old time sake. I had a kinky threesome with a father and his son. Not my typical father son hook up either. This was a 72-year-old man who was the first cock I ever sucked. It was just as hot as it was when I was a young school girl decades ago.  I let the old pervert fuck me and I let his son fuck me too. The sun couldn’t believe that I got my first head from his dead and now they were both fucking me. They say a woman never forgets her first. I think the guy never forgets when he is a girl’s first either.

Cum is My Crack

Live phone sex

Some of my neighbors think I am white trash because I am addicted to man chowder. Cum is my crack. Nothing is more satisfying than sucking on your great big hard cock and tasting all of your wet warm pre-cum. I can never get enough of it. I don’t care about size or the color of your cock. I just want to suck on your big hard cock until you give me that salty warm creamy cum that I am craving. I have a client that will jack off into popsicle trays so that on warm days I have creamy cum-sicles to suck on and satisfy my dirty desires. The only thing that I like almost as much as your cock pudding is a golden shower to wash it all down with. The smell and taste of your golden frizzly sparkly juice makes my pussy hot and wet. Plus when you pee directly on my clit you give me a squirting orgasm. There is just something so good about being such a dirty nasty freak!

Blowing for Blow

Cum Filled cuntI can’t help it if I keep the attention from the boss. All the girls at the office have a fair chance in making their way to the top. I just happen to know my bosses weak spots. I know what to say and do to get what I want and please from him. It’s not my fault that I can manipulate a weak man. I have learned the tricks early on to be honest. I was raised by a slut and have slut tendencies, *Giggle* Well maybe I am being to modest, I am a slut but I know that being one will supply me with everything I want. I get my boss high and I get extra blow and I do it all to get what I want power and angel dust. Anything I want I get.

Power Sucking And Fucking

hot stripper sex

You came looking for some hot stripper sex. You had a need and you were on the prowl for a trashy bitch like me. You caught my eye and headed to the V.I.P. lounge. You threw up five fingers and they pointed to your dick. Two Big Black men stood at the doorway and you whispered something and disappeared.  I finished my set and hurried to the back where you were waiting with a towel over your lap completely buck naked. That towel was tented and I thought shit he’s ready. Little did I know you weren’t You instructed me between your legs. I removed the towel and was surprised by the fact that you were not hard all the way and you had the biggest dick I ever have seen! You told me to suck and suck hard as you coated the tip with pure cocaine. I began my famous golf ball through a garden house dick sucking and you smacked my face and said harder. “”What do you think a dick this big wants?“” HArder faster and deeper I went until he stood up pulled that massive dick out of my mouth and told me to go ass up face down. He promised he would put some coke on my ass to numb me and that he knew I was just a trashy whore who needed to be fucked hard and deep.  You did not hesitate you reamed my ass with coke and shoved your dick half way in. Soon I was taking that huge dick deep in my ass and coming all over myself. You then began riding my pretty pink ass hole deeper and harder. You were power fucking my tiny ass! When you pulled out you said that I would need to take care of my prolapsed ass because you would be back for more. You dressed and left me with cum dripping out of my bloody sore ass.  Your guards three cash and a baggie at me. I love having big dick sucker skills it gets me into some crazy fucking positions. 

Community Pussy is Good


Cum eating phone sex

I have a secret lover Named Sam, we go out together and have such a great time, last weekend we went to Cancun. My secret lover is the buck of my dreams he really knows how to fuck me surprisingly good. I let him stuff his cock in every hole in my body, I don’t worry I love it. The reason why he’s my secret lover is that he has a wife and she is super fucking jealous. I love the way he makes me feel, and I don’t give a fuck about his wife. I’m a whore, a cum guzzling slut. All of the wives call me a predicament in the community, they say that I am an uncontrollable skank who cannot keep my legs closed. Guess what, they’re right I can’t keep these fucking hot legs shut for 10 minutes I always want cock stuffed inside of my hot wet fat pussy. If you ever know a whore who loves to dress sexy and go to all of the picnics and outings without a boyfriend, you have better worry about her. The girl at the picnic without a boyfriend is definitely going to fuck your boyfriend, your husband, your cock machine. I know cuz that’s me a top-class score and I play the game to win all the time. I like the money, I love the gifts and my sugar daddies they always supply me with everything I need. I get all the fancy Shoes I get all the fancy clothes, and I get all the elegant perfumes I want. My sugar daddies like for me to smell good they wish for me to look good and they love for me to taste good. If you can top that, then you can join in with me, but if you can’t beat that, sister stand aside, your man is about to be taken away from you.

Swinger slut

anal cum dumpster

The swingers lifestyle grabbed my attention fully. I was in a relationship with my dealer and I was craving cock just as much as I was craving coke. I couldn’t deny how badly I wanted all kings of dicks inside me. I am a true anal sex whore so when my friend Mindy told me all about her fiance and her fucking other couples i knew I wanted in, I was craving a group fuck badly. We went out for drinks and went back to Mindy’s place. Her fiance Todd had a grin in his face he knew he was going have a blast. I was nervous but more excited than anything. I knew it was going to a long fuck session and it was well worth it. Feeling another mans dick in my twat and bum is beyond perfect.

Life is A Cum Dumpster Of Fun

Cum dumpster is a great term for me, for life and is what I thrive to be when high as fuck and working. It’s a life goal for me due to my profession, being a cum dumpster means I have had a very profitable night and bringing home a cunt filled with spooge for my boyfriend is an awesome thing for the both of us. He gets what he wants and I get my puss cleaned out by my boyfriends tongue and that means a good orgasm for me.

I’m a dirty girl and live for the gangbangs and big dicks for a good night of work, I mean come on I’m a working girl that happens to get high and take cock for a living, and nothing wrong with that! I hope we get to enjoy some hot fucking together soon.

Cum Dumpster


Anal Sex Whore


Anal sex whoreMy pussy became hot and wet as soon as I saw your text telling me to meet you at your house. In your text you told me that the door would be unlocked and to just come on in. I went waltzing into your house like I have done a thousand times before.

I went into the living room expecting to see you but instead I felt someone shove me from behind. I fell onto the ottoman. Before I could get up someone was on top of me and they had tied my hands behind my back. She started talking once I was bound and by her tone she was extremely angry.

She told me that she knew all about me being her husband’s sex whore. She slapped my ass as she told me that she was pretty sure that I was one of those dirty nasty girls that would do things that she wouldn’t. She pulled my ass cheeks apart and said from the looks of my asshole I was an anal sex whore.

She put a strap-on over her skirt and then she grabbed me by my hair. She told me I had better suck her dick and get it soaking wet. She said that she was going to fuck my tight puckered ass with her strap-on and the only lubricate I would have is my own slobber. I slobbered on her strap-on like a Saint Bernard.

She came behind me and shoved that strap-on straight into my ass. I screamed out in pain as she fucked my tight puckered ass hard and rough. When she finally stopped my ass was sore and swollen. It even bleed a little and I could barely walk. She told me that this is what happens to white trash bleach blonde whores who fuck her husband.

Cum Guzzler

Cum guzzling slutI love being a stripper! Bouncing my ass for cash is so easy and makes me feel super sexy. I love having all eyes on me when I hit the stage. Men make it rain cash on me because I pop my pussy better than any other dancer. But the best part about dancing is the men. All types of men come to the club with their balls full of cum. I’m a cum guzzling slut and I love it. I wish I could get every man in the club to cum in a glass so that I could drink it. But since that’s just a fantasy, I take men one by one into the champagne room. Because behind closed doors I can break the “no-touch” rule. I drop down to my knees and try to suck the skin off your dick. Hold the back of my head and fuck my face. I promise I won’t bite. I want to feel you feel squirt a huge load in my mouth. I want to know what you taste like. Come and watch me dance and I’ll rock your world.

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