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BBC Lover

2 Girl phone sexSometimes I wonder what I love to enjoy more as a naughty treat, women or big black cock! Huge dick always wins out but I have so many girl crushes and dirty thoughts that I can never seem to get out of my kinky mind! I want to whisper in your ear about how much I crave to suck on your throbbing fuck stick while i’m gently clawing at your inner thigh. You can’t contain yourself or your boner when my wet ass mouth gets near your shaft and hairy balls, I love gulping you down while you skull fuck my face! Slap yourself across my cheeks while I slobber all over your manhood. Even better would be to include my sexy girlfriend into our naughty playtime because two filthy whores are always better than one, hehe! My pussy gets soaking wet when i’m face-fucking a sexy ass bitch with my pussy, her tongue sloshing in and out of my tight cunt slit! I want my titties sucked on while getting my fuck holes railed with your huge BBC!

Deanna Can’t Get Enough Big Black Cock

BBC phone sex

When you walked into the strip club tonight I just knew that I had to get me some of that scrumptious dark chocolate cock of yours. As soon as I finished my set on the stage I went over to your table. You told me to come and sit on your lap and I was more than willing. I whispered in your ear about all the kinky nasty things that I want to do with you in the private room area. You, without any hesitation, said well then let’s go. As soon as we were back there you whipped out your big black cock and told me to get down on my knees. You grabbed the back of my head and started face fucking me with your big hard black cock. You plowed that hard black cock so deep into my throat that I felt it touch my tonsils. My cunt was soaking wet and longing to have your big hard black cock fuck it.

Dirty Phone Sex Family Fun

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex is the best. I am the woman you call for your more perverted desires. I am a female pervert. I like little ones too. I talk to guys daily about their love for for pretty young things. I like fantasizing about you fucking one of young daughters. I have no virgins anymore, but they are very tight still. I make good money from those holes. Trust me. Men like to pay just for a sweet young thing. They pay good too. When a girl is tight, they don’t know if she is a virgin or not. They never had anything that tight on their dick before, so the assumption is always that she is a virgin, especially when that young. Jealous?  Money buys you anything, including young hookers for hire. Last night, a black business man bought the ass of my youngest girl. We have sold her anal cherry a few times. It is easy to do because the ass is a very elastic muscle and it often bleeds when the cock is big regardless if a virgin or not. Unless a porn star, who is getting big black dick 10 times a day, an ass will stay tight. Reggie had a 10 inch cock. Do you know how much a young asshole gapes from a ten inch, very thick black cock? It gapes enough that I can spit into it from across the room. I was masturbating as I watched Reggie gape my baby’s butt hole. I also sucked the cum out of her ass. I love an anal cream pie. Do you?

Anal sex whore Berretta

Anal sex whore Anal sex whore Berretta that’s what you can call me. I have been a personal toilet for my master. I didn’t like it at first but very quickly that changed and turned around. I am now being an obedient little slut. I have to take whatever he gives and I better like it. I can’t complain or make any types of pleads. I have to be the good little whore that I am and make his every need fulfilled. Yesterday I was gone most the day I was supposed to be working at the library. I abandon my shift because I got a text message that read “Come now or you will regret it” Immediately I got in my car and got to the location that was sent. I was grabbed and tied and shoved with dildos in my mouth and ass. I was the entertainment for the night. I got common and pissed on. I had to take all the cum and piss and swallow it whole. I then got my ass fucked by about 10 different guys and was left there like the trash that I am.

BBC Phone Sex: I Love Black Sperm

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is something I enjoy. I wouldn’t say I am a BBC whore. I am just a whore. Personally, I don’t care what color your dick is because I will suck it. I love having a dick in my mouth. In the middle of the night I got a cock craving that needed satisfying. My son was out partying, no one was answering my booty call texts, so I went down to the truck stop. I thought Big D might be sleeping in his truck. He never minds me blowing him anytime of the day or night. I didn’t see his truck, but T-Roy, a buddy of his was docked for the night. He saw my skanky ass walking around. He motioned me over from his truck. I teetered on over in my stripper heels. “This big dick sucker has a craving, T-Roy. Can you help a girl out,” I purred? Next thing I knew, his big black dick was in my mouth. I spit on that huge mushroom head. Lubed it up with salvia then deep throated his shaft. T-Roy has a monster cock. Big D is bigger, but T-Roy is thicker. I love a fat son of a bitch up my cunt hole.  I polished his knob good too. He just about blew the back of my head off when he exploded. So much cum in one cock. And it was all for me. I swallowed every last drop. I even licked under his sweaty balls and tongued his ass. I got some dried cum from some other whore too. T-Roy loves having white bitches suck his cock. He says, “Only a white bitch is greedy for that black sperm.” Truth. I love me a mouthful of black sperm. I can swallow that shit every damn day.

Deanna Gets Gang Banged

BBC sex stories

I had a long time customer from the strip club ask me if I would come to his house for a bachelors’ party. I knew that sometimes bachelor parties can get out of hand, but since I have known him for over three years I felt like it would be harmless. I arrived at his house on Saturday and there were five dark chocolate men. Small bachelor party I said and that was when he told me that they wanted to experience a gang bang and thought I was just the cum whore for it. I do love me some big black cock and they were paying me too. What more could a girl ask for? The next thing I knew I had a big black cock in my mouth face fucking me, one in my juicy pussy pounding away, and another big black cock in my puckered little ass. The two other men were standing on the opposite sides of me stroking their big black cocks. Almost at the same time, they started shooting their warm gooey cum and it splattered all over my body. I was drenched in a cum shower.

Big Dick Sucker Roleplay

Big dick suckerHe came over as I was coming out of the bathroom in nothing but my towel. My big, hulking, handsome black friend who was working on my fridge had let him in. Well, I already knew what he was there for, but the instant boner when he saw me coming out of the bath like that was it. We were on each other in a flash, kissing our way to the bedroom. I wound up on bottom as we swallowed each others’ dicks. My friend walked in, I guess to make sure he’d found me, and was pleasantly surprised by what he found. He walked over and ran his hand over my guest’s cheeks, then started massaging both his cheeks. He bent down and ran his tongue up and down my guest’s ass, making him swell and thrust harder and deeper into my mouth. My friend’s tongue found that tight little hole and started to lick and penetrate it, and my guest groaned as his cock throbbed in my throat. My friend put a finger, then 2, inside my guest, and my guest went about buck-wild as his prostate got a fantastic massage. Then, my friend put the thick mushroom head of his enormous cock at the entrance and started to push in. No sooner had the head penetrated than my guest was blowing his load straight down my throat. After a few more thrusts, I came up into my guest’s throat. We carried on like that for hours!

Bbc sex stories are so hot!

bbc sex storiesBbc sex stories are always hot don’t you think? I know that I can’t get enough big black cocks, they are so much better than any other kind so I am totally addicted now! Last night I went to the ghetto in search of more big black cocks and I found almost more than I could handle! There was a group of thuggish looking men standing on the corner and they all looked like they had a giant dick swinging between their legs so I just walked right up to them and asked if they needed their dicks sucked. Well, they started laughing and carrying on, calling me a ho and all that… well I just stood there and waited for them to finish. They were like oh shit she serious so finally they let me suck those big dicks of theirs! I was surrounded by them, right there on the street! I sucked every single one of their dicks and swallowed all that cum… next time I’m gonna make sure I get fucked too!

Deanna’s BBC Sex Stories

BBC sex stories

I had an awesome night at the strip club. One of my favorite customers came in for a private dance. I have to say he is a hot piece of dark chocolate. I almost feel guilty taking money from him because his big black cock is the best I have ever had. When he bends me over and fucks me from behind his thick black cock always hits my g-spot. He gives me screaming and squirting orgasms like I have never had before. He pays me more so that he doesn’t have to wear a condom. So all of his warm gooey cum is all inside my pussy. When I get home my little cuckold is waiting for me. You start with your whining shit and that is when I tell you to come over and lick all this warm gooey cum out of my pussy. You better stick that tongue deep in my pussy and make sure you get every last drop of cum that was left by a big black cock.

cum filled cunt

Big Dick Sucker Bev

big dick suckerBig dick sucker Bev is my trucker handle name. I am not a trucker, but I do hang out at the truck stop enough to know all the regular truckers. Big D is my supplier of recreational fun. He gave me that moniker because I can handle his big black cock. When I showed up at the truck stop last night looking for Big D, guys were trying to give me party favors. I was not low on supply. I was low on cum. Not just any cum either. I wanted big black cock cum. I wanted Big D’s cock. I found him in his cab around back of the truck stop with some lot lizard skank. I wasn’t jealous. The moment he saw me, he was happy. She was not. Big D looked at me and said, “A woman who can handle my cock, finally.” I laughed, looked at the skank and told her to get lost because a real woman was here. She left in a huff. “Big D,” I purred,” if you needed your cock sucked, you should have called me.” He smiled, pointed to his cock and I went to work. He has 10 inches of thick black meat. His dick is not for amateurs. I slurped on it, deep throated him and made him cum a bucket load of jizz. That little teen skank blowing his rod before I came to the rescue couldn’t even get him hard. Never let a girl attempt what only a trashy milf can accomplish.

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