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Trashy MILF Loves BBC

trashy milfThis trashy milf loves big black cock.  Lucky for me, black men love a white trailer park whore. They love that I am a skinny bitch too. The fact that an old skinny whore can take a foot long black cock has made me legendary in my neck of the woods. I love my bad reputation. I got a text last night from Dina at the truck stop diner. She said some one named Calvin was looking for me. I didn’t know a Calvin, but I rarely know any of the dudes she tells me are looking for me. I slutted myself help and marched down to the diner to check out Calvin. He was a young bull. Not a trucker, but a motorcycle guy. He belongs to a biker gang and Big D told him about me. Big D has sent me a ton of black cock. I was hoping to be a gangbang whore for some black bikers, but it was just Calvin. Turns out Calvin was more than enough. He got us a room at the Super 8 across the street. He could have come back to my trailer, but he wanted to party and cops love to pull over the bikers in my town. We did some coke, drank some whisky then fucked like animals. I mean he fucked me raw. My pussy has never hurt like this. Sometimes guys have dick issues on coke. Not him. He fucked me for 9 hours. Can you believe that? No single man, not even Big D, has fucked me for 9 hours. He would cum, but still be hard. He fucked my cunt raw and I fucked his cock dry. My cunt is still dripping his cum. As soon as I came home, I texted Big D to thank him for the referral. Now, I have other bikers from Calvin texting me. I’m going to have a cum filled cunt all week.

I Can’t feel my face

big dick suckerI can’t feel my face when I am partying like the dumb slut I truly am. I get so high I forget my name and begin to take random dicks. That’s what happens when you party at sketchy places. I love glory holes and orgy parties. I get free coke. I knew early on if I wanted to be high It was going to cost me one way or another. Thankfully I am one hot slut willing to do it all for pretty white lines. I don’t mind being used till my pink holes are stretched. I am a big dick sucker and will snort some lines off your dicks. Its fun and freaky! I never turn good coke or cock down. I will do it all and that’s something I am proud of, I don’t deny my sick tricks and the crazy lengths I will go to so that I can fulfill my highs. My pussy fucks best when I am high as a kite. The moment I get H or some crack I am ready for anything. When I say anything I mean it, I will never say no. I love it when I can’t feel my face or body.

Black dick down my throat

Dirty phone sex   My wet pussy was cumming all over some black cock last night. I was so ready for some big black cock. I get a lot of matches on tender and his black dick was one of them. He came over and I gave him some Henny. We got so drunk and started partying. All my friends came over with their guys. After we were wasted I stood up and told them I wanted a big orgy. We all got naked and us girls started to kiss and fill on each other’s bodies. Our big black cocks made it our way. They shoved those fat dicks down our throat. Being a cock slut is every man’s dream, isn’t it? I will take it all and swallow all the cum. I got my ass bent over and fucked by everyone. Trains are hot. My body gets moist and wet the more people that use it. Want to come and use me?

BBC Phone Sex Makes Me Hot

BBC phone sexBBC phone sex is what any gal needs to warm her up. Florida forgot to be Florida and it got super cold. I knew how to warm myself up properly. Big black cocks have always made me feel hot. I didn’t want to go to the truck stop, however. I didn’t want to step out of my trailer. I looked at my phone and decided who I could call to make a house call. I met this teen black boy at a party a few weeks ago. He lives in my trailer park. We are Facebook friends now, so I sent him one of those instant messages. I knew he would be home because they cancelled the public schools today because of the cold. Within 15 minutes of receiving my “I need some BBC now” message, he was at my place with his hard cock in hand. Considering his age, his cock is a freak of nature. He is bigger and thicker than any white boy I know, and a lot of full grown black men too. This boy has a future as a porn star. I showed him how a mature woman chugs cock. He has stamina for his age too. He was no virgin. He confided in me that I was not the only trashy milf he services in the trailer park. From behind, he mounted me like a horny dog and fucked the shit out of me. My entire body shook like there was an earthquake. When he exploded his cum inside me, there was such an intensity that I thought his seed might shoot out my mouth. He was a dominant boy too. He pulled my hair, slapped my ass and called me a white skank for black cock. I now have a hung black lover just two trailers away.

Best I ever had

cum guzzling slutI saw his rock hard cock from the corner of my eye. I had to help this customer out. I asked him to come out the office I had a copy of the book he needed. I subtly joked about his erection. To my dismay he answered it was only a bulge not a hard on. I gasped and felt a mix of emotions. One I was shocked he wasn’t hard two I was slightly embarrassed three most importantly I was intrigued. I told him I wanted to change that and wanted to see his cock and all its glory and soak up the experience. I knew it was a treat and was a one of a kind cock. I was right! He was flattered, It didn’t take much to convince him to let me take a closer look. His dick was hands down the biggest I have ever seen. I was lucky to be his cum guzzling slut for a few minutes. 🙂  I was not going to let him out of my life. He was a bonafide fuck buddy material.

I want the biggest cocks for my ass!

anal cum dumpsterWhen I want a good ass fucking I want those cocks to be big and thick and almost too much to take… so naturally they have to be black cocks. I am never disappointed with a big fat black dick, they always stretch me out and leave me gaped wide open and that is just too fucking hot! Last night I had several cocks all at once. They filled me up so good that I was literally screaming with joy and begging for more! All those giant black cocks in me was bliss but I couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for my pitiful boyfriend waiting at home for me. He was going to fuck me with his tiny peepee right after I got all filled with load after load of cum. I won’t even feel his little cock but he will love it!

BBC Phone Sex Stories

bbc pone sexBBC phone sex stories are something I have plenty of to share. I am not just a black cock whore. I am a whore. But those black cocks are supreme. Normally, I get my big black cocks at the truck stop. The other night I crossed the train tracks and was in the wealthy part of town. I wanted to go to this new upscale club. I know I am not upscale, but I cleaned up as good as I could and took my skank ass to the new club. The security dude was a brother. I don’t think he was going to let me in until I blew him in the ally. I got some looks when I went into the club. Some good looks, some not so good looks. I could tell people didn’t think I belonged, but I never let that stop me from having fun. I sat at the bar, bought a drink and flirted with the black bartender. This bitch faced girl sat next to me and told me to leave. I tried to ignore her, but she got in my face. The problem was the hot black bartender was her boyfriend. I was not the only one with jungle fever in the club. It was mostly white young yuppies. Many metrosexual men. The bartender set the record clear. She was his ex-girlfriend. Game changer for me. I kissed him and fondled his huge package. Best way to get rid of a psycho ex-girlfriend is to fuck another girl in front of her. He took a break and we went into a private room. She didn’t follow us, but she was waiting for us when we returned. He fucked the shit out of me. Made me walk funny. His cum was running down my leg, some was matted on my face. I sat back down at the bar and kissed her. “His cum tastes better on me, bitch,” I said. He let me drink the rest of the night for free for taking care of his crazy ex problem. A trailer trash whore is no match for some privileged spoiled bitch.

Sucking BBC for Dope

I love big black cock almost as much as I love dope, and both at the same time is like heaven to me. When I go to parties, it is usually frat parties full of white boys, but this time I decided to go to a party on my own side of town. Rap music was blasting, and there was drugs and guns everywhere just laying around. All of the girls were half naked and twerking. It was definitely my scene, and I really questioned why I didn’t come to these kind of parties sooner. There was bbc all around me, and I didn’t really even have to do anything to get the free heroin, but what would be the fun in that? I was on my knees on a filthy kitchen floor giving blow jobs for tickets. Sooooo many dark chocolate men filling up my mouth with their ginormous cocks, and shooting their huge loads of jizz all over my face, hair, and mouth. Now that was my kind of party!!!!

phone sex line

Maintenance guy

anal sex whoreI am fond of a sick fuck. I enjoy a p-cock and have no issue getting it off and making it cum. I was enjoying my day off from school and work and I noticed my a.c wasn’t working. I sent a text over to the front desk and they sent over there maintence guy. He barely spoke English luckily I knew Spanish and was able to communicate with him. I noticed he had a baggy of angel dust. He knew by my body language I wanted it badly. He guided my hand to his cock and I went for it, Being an anal sex whore I wanted it in my tight ass as well. it was worth every moment. I got pounded and used like the cum dump I am.

Dirty Phone Sex Halloween Party

dirty phone sexI was at a dirty phone sex party last night. I went as a sexy zombie.  It was a party with other families. All my little ones and my husband were with me. Now, this was a party at a vanilla family’s house. I had been told to be on good behavior. My husband knows that is hard for me to do, especially if I am around young studs dressed up in cute outfits. I just thought about the naughty family fun I could have afterwards. That didn’t work. Not when I saw a young boy in a black panther costume. He was a little stud. Likely a young teen boy. He was black of course, so I kept wondering about his package. He seemed to be into this trashy milf. He followed me everywhere. Most of the adults were in another room while the youngsters had their own party games going on in another part of the house. I excused myself to the bathroom. I looked for my black panther. When I found him, I lured him into the bathroom with me. I gave the boy a peep show. I let him see my tits and my pussy. He pulled out his cock and I just about fell over. He was a young teen boy with what looked like a full grown cock. I broke my promise to my husband in that moment. I had to have his young black cock in my milf pussy. I told him he couldn’t tell anyone what we were about to do because of our age difference. He told me I wasn’t the only milf he had fucked. He assured me he knew how it worked. It was a wham bam kind of fuck, but damn his cock was bigger than a few boys his age combined. When I went back to where the adults were, I had a cum filled cunt and a look on my face that told my husband I had been a bad wife.

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