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Blonde Fucking on Washing Machine

Blonde fucking

Laundry day is always fun. I typically get my laundry sorted, toss the load I want into the wash, set it up, and then I sit on top of it and slide my hand down my panties. I play with my clit and slide fingers into my pussy, slowly and gently playing, waiting for that spin cycle to roll around. I lose myself in it, because it’s usually while baby girl is at school or outside playing. So, when he walked in and cleared his throat, I was surprised right out of my sweet spot. I had forgotten he was coming to drop off some stuff his wife had borrowed today. He caught me with my fingers deep inside of myself, and my pants pulled down low where he could see them pressing into me. I couldn’t even apologize, because I had had a thing for this guy for as long as I’d known him. Well, it was my lucky day, because he walked right over to me, took my hand out of myself, and pulled my pants straight off of me. He picked my legs up, draped them over his shoulders, and I laid back against the wall behind the machine. He started thrusting into me deep and hard, and his cock was so fucking perfect. He stretched me out just right, and had my pussy so full I could feel it up in my belly every time he thrust. Just about the time I started to feel really good, the spin cycle kicked in, and we went to town. I got off at least 3 times before the spin cycle ended, and he left me with the biggest fucking load of cum in my pussy. I hope he stops by again soon!

Trailer Trash Whore Takes a Load

Trailer trash whoreI treated myself out to a nice dinner to celebrate the day I came out of the closet. I’ve come a long way since that day, and I am so proud of my strength, and I treated myself. While I was dining, I noticed another guy was seated at a table for 1. Since, the server didn’t bring him another set of silverware or anything, I decided to ask if he wanted to join me. He hesitated a second, but then seemed to be relieved as he picked his things up and carried them over the couple of tables to where I sat. I could tell he was interested, he kept looking at me over the top of his menu when he thought I wouldn’t notice. I could see his gaze linger on my perfect tits, and I just knew that he was getting turned on. I slid my foot against his under the table, then on up his leg when he didn’t move his foot. I wound up with my shoe-less foot in his crotch, rubbing a hardening cock. We finished dinner with my foot still in his crotch, massaging him through his pants, then walked out together. He was parked just around the side of the restaurant, and asked if I’d like a ride home. I agreed, and he walked me to the car, unlocking it. I went to open it, but he grabbed my hand and pulled it behind me, pressing my stomach and tits into his car. His other hand went to my ass and then between my legs to stroke my sack. He let go of my hand and reached around me to undo my leather pants and slip them down enough that he could stroke my cock as he started stuffing his own into me. He pinned me to the car with his body, and fucked the ever-loving shit out of me! I really hope I get to see him again!

Big Dick Sucker Size Queen

big dick suckerI’m a big dick sucker. I’m over 50. Life is too short to waste on tiny dicks. I’m no longer married; however, I can still cuckold a guy. I went down to the local truck stop looking to score some coke. Big D was behind schedule, and I needed a party fix. This white trucker told me he could help me out. I like to score from Big D because he has a big black cock I get to suck and fuck. Tim told me he could hook me up just like Big D does. I thought that meant he had a big dick. Maybe not a big black cock, but a decent white dick at least. I got into his cab, prepared to work for my blow. When he pulled out his cock, I laughed. I couldn’t help it. When you are a black gangbang whore, you like it big. This dick looked like it belonged on a sea creature it was so small. He tried to get rough with me. Called me a skanky old whore and rushed me. No one force fucks me. I fuck who I want to fuck and I don’t ever want to fuck a tiny dick. I grabbed my mace and boom, he was down. Down long enough for me to pull out my big black dildo and ram it up his loser ass. “Who’s the bitch now,” I yelled as I rammed it deep in his tight virgin asshole. I sodomized the fuck out of that loser. I grabbed the bag of blow and fled his truck. He wouldn’t be walking for a while, so I knew I could get away easily. I ran right into the arms of Big D who was happy to see me. I got my big dick, fucked hard, a cum filled cunt and another bag of blow.

BBC Cocaine Fueled Gangbang!

teen sluts fucking

It’s finally the end of the school year here at my college and naturally we are all partying hard. That being said it seems like campus is really dry right now which is a total bummer because I’ve been really wanting to pull an all night coke-fest to get right into the spirit of summer. Finally I accepted that I was going to have to go to the bad side of town to track down some powder from the black guys. They were cool enough to let me try it before I bought it but doing that little tester line is one of the last things I remember. Hours later I woke up in a haze, realizing I was completely naked and all eight of them were standing over me jacking off. I think they were hoping to scare me but joke’s on you fellas, I love a drug-fueled BBC gangbang. They took turns stuff all my holes with their huge black dicks. Three of them even managed to cum inside me in all my holes at the same time! Hours later I was allowed to finally leave with a huge sack of cocaine and even some heroin to help me come down. I really should tell my other girlfriends this is where the good shit is but I want to keep my new drug-dealer friends all to myself!

BBC Phone Sex with Freida

School’s almost out, and that means I’ll have less time to get my ass plowed while baby girl’s still in school. So, mama’s been on the prowl. Yesterday, I found this amazing, tall, built black man mowing his lawn. Shirt off, sweaty, skin glistening in the sun, he was such a sight, and I couldn’t help but stop and watch. He noticed me watching, and when he finally finished, he walked over and introduced himself. I saw a big bead of sweat rolling down the side of his face, and I just reached out, wiped it up with a finger, and slid it into my mouth. BBC phone sexHe growled low in his throat and picked me up and carried me into his house. He settled me down on his sofa long enough to grab a towel to dry off with. He laid the towel on the sofa and settled onto it, pulling me into his lap to kiss and fondle. He got my clothes peeled off of me, and had me sitting on his dick before I could take another breath. He was so big, and he filled my little wet cunt right up. He plowed me, right there on his couch, for the rest of the afternoon, leaving me oozing cum with every step on my way home.

BBC Phone Sex with a Cougar Whore

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex calls are up there as my favorite to do. I love big black dicks.  On the phone and off the phone, I enjoy dark meat. My mom was a trailer park hooker when I was growing up. I watched her fuck men for money while daddy was away. The first man to take my cherry was a black client of my mother’s He paid twice his usual fee to fuck a virgin jailbait pussy. Hurt like hell, but momma said the first time always hurts. In a way, I was ruined at a young age. I am not a size queen, however. I do like big dicks. I mean I have a whore cunt.  Small dicks sort of flop out of my well used cunt.  But, I have a love for boy dick. Those young ones  don’t mind that my pussy is not a vice grip on their dicks. They are just grateful something other than their hand is wrapped around their cock. My dealer, Big D, has an anaconda for a cock. I love fucking him for my coke. I would fuck him even if he didn’t have anything I needed. Well, anything I needed besides that big black cock! I went this morning to the truck lot to get my weekend party supplies. I left his cab with my coke and gapping fuck holes. Cum running down my legs because Big D turns me into a cum dumpster with one load. I came across some high school white boys who wanted to party with a cougar. I wanted more cum and more cock, so I said hell yes even though I had a fresh load up my pussy. Their cocks didn’t stretch me out, but I was getting cum and making friends so it was all cool. We shared some weed and I did what I do best: fuck. I may have gone from big black dick to average white cock, but I’m a whore after all.

Live Phone Sex Threesome

live phone sexLive phone sex is just what it sounds like. You get to speak to me at home. When you call my number, it is a direct dial into my home. I am not a robot. I am not a dispatcher. I am a phone sex MILF who enjoys sharing and creating taboo fun. Last night my teen slut daughter brought home a handsome young black guy. She was fooling herself if she thought she was keeping that chocolate drop all to herself. She is a cheerleader and he is on the basketball team. They have been dating, but she finally brought him home to meet her trashy MILF momma. I was practically drooling over him. Young, hung and full of cum is the saying. When he met me in my see through nightie, it was like my daughter didn’t exist. I had jungle fever; he had MILF fever. I love the attention, but I love my daughter too. I suggested a threesome in mommy’s bed. They followed me in taking their clothes off as they walked into my bedroom. Jermaine sat on the edge of my bed. My daughter was on her knees next to him so I could finger her wet little beaver. I finger fucked her hard as I worked my mouth up and down Jermaine’s anaconda. I pulled my soaking wet fingers out of my girl’s muff and fed them to her boyfriend. He then guided his fingers into her warm pussy. The soft sexy noises she made as he brought her to a hard cum, made me wetter than sucking on his huge cock. I guided my daughter onto his big black shaft. Cupping my hands under her sweet ass checks, I bounced her up and down a perfect cock. My tongue explored her ass as they fucked. She kept squirting on his cock until he blew his load in her womb with such force she came again. I am a cum guzzling MILF too, so my lips were on her cunt in less than ten seconds to lick up the cream pie. I told Jermaine, “Welcum to the family.”

Trailer Trash Whore on the Road

trailer trash whoreTrailer trash whore Bev is my CB handle now. I went on the road with my trucker fuck buddy Big D. We made an arrangement that if I went with him on a 4 day trip, he would supply all the coke. My job was simple. I just had to blow him, give hand jobs and fuck him whenever he wanted. He got some huge bonus for this trip, but he needed help staying up to make it in the time allotted. Who falls asleep when getting their cock sucked, tugged or fucked?  No straight guy; no big black guy either. We decided to have a little fun on the radio with other truckers. I am a phone sex whore after all; I could talk to other guys on the road via the CB radio and keep them awake with some guided masturbation. It was sort of like having lot lizard sex with a ton of truckers at once! I let all the other truckers on Big D’s frequency, hear me sucking his cock. I am a good cock sucker too. When you got a big black cock in your mouth, you are loud. My pussy was so wet hearing those guys talk to me and slap their meat while I blew Big D. Big D liked it too. His cock was so big, pretty sure he could have driven his semi-truck with it. I hopped on his swollen anaconda so I could fuck him while truckers across America listened. I am a vocal whore anyway, but with Big D, I scream like a banshee because he has damn near a foot of dick on him. Thick as a coke bottle too. I could hear men cumming listening to us. I even told them how to stroke their dicks. Fuck 5 hour energy drinks, truckers just need to hear a big dick sucker sucking and fucking to stay awake on the road!

BBC Sex Stories with a Whore

bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories? I have a lot of those. I am a whore. A coke whore. A boy cock whore. A black cock whore A gang bang whore. I love being a whore; it is very liberating. I don’t understand why so many women just don’t let their freak flag fly. It’s Friday bitches. And what does an old whore do on Fridays? She marches her hot ass down to the truck stop to score some white powder for the weekend. How does she pay for her party supplies? With pussy, of course. And, hot ass. Big D always has the best blow. He also has the best cock, so I love fucking him for my medicine.  He had a few trucker buddies with him, all black as the night sky. Hung like horses too. Even if I wasn’t a coke whore, I would still be a gangbang whore for Big D and his pals. I am a far cry from a virgin. Been fucking since I was barely a teen girl. I’ve birthed 2 brats and lived my life as a whore, so I need big dick to feel full. I like being stretched. I want to spread my legs and see China after I have been gang banged. They gapped my pussy and ass better than ever before. I did a few white lines off big black dicks.  Coke makes me so fucking horny. Big D and one of his pals, did lines off my whore ass. Right before they double penetrated my tightest fuck hole. Not one, but two black cocks rammed into my asshole simultaneously. Two big dicks in my ass, two in my puss and one in my mouth. I was really earning that coke. Black men give me the best cum filled cunt too. I was dosed in jizz with all holes gapping open. Now I am back home, covered in cum still, doing lines and ready to be a good dirty phone whore.

Crack Whore Anal Slut

crack whore analI have this crack whore anal slut friend.  She is addicted to anal sex as much as crack.  She is not the typical crack addict either. She is quite stunning. Tall, exotic with a body of a model. She has yet to birth any brats, which is hard to imagine with as much fucking as she has done. She says it’s because guys only cum in her ass. She asked me for some help recently. Not a loan or helping with a move or any of the typical things friends ask friends to do. She wanted help preparing for an ass sex porn. She is getting paid a large sum to take 100 black guys in her ass for a local porn director. I was impressed she would take that on. Besides ending up an anal cum dumpster, she would likely have her shit box ruined. I never say no to a friend, however, so I got out the biggest dildos I owned to help my friend be a better anal whore. I already devised a plan for her. The shoot is in a week, so we will be daily fucking for hours with huge dildos, including my big black kong so that her ass is conditioned  properly to handle cocks 8 inches and bigger. In addition, the day before, I will administer an enema so her shitter is clean.  My husband has a friend who is  big time porn producer, he informed us that all the porn stars do a Fleet enema before an anal gang bang. I want my bestie to be the best anal porn whore she can be. So for day one of preparations, I fucked her with 8 different dildos. I had her on all fours with her hot ass in the air so I could go back and forth between toys. After a couple hours, I wanted some fun too so we used a double sided dildo so I could be an anal sex whore too.

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