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BBC Phone Sex on Black Friday

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex on Black Friday is perfect, right? You won’t catch me out shopping today. In fact, the only thing that gets me up early is big black cock and coke. Big D texted me at the crack of dawn to come party with him in his truck. It was 3 am and I had not been to sleep yet. I had hours before my shift started and I needed to work off some of that food I ate, so I hopped in my car to go meet Big D at the truck stop. He was only in town for a few hours. I was amazed at all the idiots on the road and already standing in line at stores. If I am on the road at 3 am in the morning, it is for something far better than a toy or a bargain. Big black cock was a good reason to be out with the crazy shoppers. Took me twice as long to get to the truck stop because of Black Friday, but it was worth it to get some big black cock. Did I mention the big bag of coke Big D had for me as an early Christmas present? He told me, “Let it snow baby on Black Friday.” I said, “Let me blow on Black Friday,” as I went down on his cock. He sprinkled some of my favorite snow on his big black cock. I can get high and choked at the same time. We partied and fucked in his cab for hours while others fought to save a few bucks. Fucking is always better than shopping, right? My pussy always as a black cock special! Now, I am home with a cum filled cunt, ready to take care of you while your wife spends your money.

BBC Phone Sex Cum Slut

There is nothing that gets me off quite like BBC phone sex. When he told me that he had a huge cock, I almost didn’t believe him. So, when he pulled his semi-hard cock out, and I saw how long and thick it was, I was immediately hungry for that dick! I sank to my knees and wrapped my mouth around him, swallowing him straight down. BBC phone sexI sucked that dick good and hard, making sure he was as stiff as I was going to make him with my mouth. His balls got so full and so big! It was all I could do to keep from jumping his bones right there. Instead, I lay back on the couch and spread my legs up and wide. When his head finally started to stretch my cunt, I was in heaven. He filled my pussy completely up, pushing against my cervix every thrust. His delicious cock made me cum so hard that I shuddered, and when he exploded into me, I came all over again!

I Love Being an Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whoreI love being an anal sex whore. Guess what? So, do men. Wives don’t give up the ass. Their loss, my gain. I had an anal gang bang last night. I wanted coke,but I was cash poor. I was ass rich, however. Big D told me he would hook me up with enough blow to last me the month if I was willing to give up my ass for a few of his friends. I knew my ass would be in trouble because Big D has an 11 inch black cock. I figured his pals would be equally endowed. But free coke for the month would save me hundreds of dollars. I did a line off Big D’s monster cock and bent over spreading my ass. One at a time they butt fucked me. They were kind enough to squirt lube up my ass before ramming their cocks balls deep in my ass. I don’t exactly have tight holes at my age and experience; however, with about a dozen big black cocks, my ass felt like a virgin hole again. I was high and had my eye on the prize, so it could have been two dozen black dicks and I still would have given up my booty. Free coke is free coke. Man, this morning, my ass was swollen and filled with cum. Again, I would be an anal cum dumpster to a platoon of black guys for free coke.

Creampie slut for the mistress

Creampie slutCreampie slut for the mistress is what I became. She tortured me and then brought guys to fill me up. My master told his mistress how much I was failing at the weekly challenges and of course, his sadistic bitch wife had to punish me. It started out with the weekly challenge being one I had no desire to be apart of, For one I was deathly afraid of being whipped and fisted in for hours. I refused, and of course, my master was going to teach me a lesson or two. For one he detests disobedience and just because I didn’t like didn’t mean I should have denied him of the pleasure it gives him to see me be tortured. since I did the invites his wife over to punish me for her amusement and he knows just how brutal she can be. He sat back and enjoyed the show the whole night. It was such a turn on for him to watch me get beat and fucked by her.

Gangbang whore tied and tortued

gang bang whore Gangbang whore tied and tortured that’s how they wanted it. I was called in for my pimps weekly evaluation he wanted to see what I needed to improve on. He told me that one of the customers complained about me not being a good tied up slut. So when someone complains about one of the slave pets our pimp get so enraged and decides to let us know with not only his whip but with some discipline and training on how to be better. When we aren’t any good he loses clients and money. We lose our freedom even more. If we do things right we get a bit more freedom and more days off. I was called in and he wanted to show me how to be a better slut. He tied me up and kept me tied in a closet for 2 days straight. I am chlorosulphonic so I was deathly afraid. I had to suck it up and get fucked while I was tied up. It was the scariest two days of my life. I made sure to remember this and made sure everytime a client wanted me tied up I had to be willing and good. It’s better to be tied up with a client for 2 hours than in a small closet for two days, giving endless blowjobs and getting used. I made sure I learned from this.

BBC in a youngster

BBC sex storiesI’ve always wondered what it would be like to fuck a petite little youngster with a big black monster cock strap-on. I have to admit, it’s been a fantasy of mine for quite some time now. I can’t just be fucking any youngster though, it needs to be a super tiny little slut that I can get super fucking nasty with! I want her to be a virgin, an innocent virgin who is patiently awaiting the day that her angelic ways are stripped from her! Haha, little does she know what she is in for with me and my BBC! Popping her cherry and destroying her insides is going to feel so damn good! Her soft yet high-pitched whimpers and moans are going to make it all even sexier! My big black cock is a huge dick, measuring at twelve inches long and has the girth of a soda can, I hope I am able to fit all the way up inside of her! If not, then I will make it fit, where there is a will there is a way! Inching myself in and out of her wet slit as I shove this dick deep inside, penetrating her g-spot, she is going to squirt sticky cum all over my cock! She’s spreading her ass cheeks wide for me so that her pussy is really gaping open while I plunge into her dripping wet cunny. My cock looks like it’s about ready to rip through her stomach and come out of her mouth and I love it! I love giving cream pies to a cum dumpster!

I’m Such a Cum Dumpster

cum dumpsterI’m such a cum dumpster. Seriously, I cannot drink enough cum, especially when I am high which is always the case. I was partying with some black dudes last night. They had some sweet chronic. Better than the shit I can ever get. I was partying with the guys. Getting high, drinking beer and giving head is how I spend most nights. The guys know I am a cum whore. They dared me to swallow every one of them. Challenge accepted. I never pass up a cum challenge. When I am high, I am invincible. I forgot I was blowing black guys. They cum twice the amount, sometimes more than white guys. I chugged so much cum, I got sick. That rarely happens. It could have been the cheap ass beer, but I suspect it was the cum. I am a cum guzzling slut, but that was more cum than even an old whore like me has swallowed before. There were like 30 black men, so it was like chugging 60 loads of cum. I puked it up. But guess what? I was so fucking high, I licked it up off the floor. I love cum so much, I will even clean it up once I have puked it up. I may not have swallowed cum like a porn star, but I still impressed the brothers with my willingness to make sure I got every last drop.

BBC Sex Stories: That One Time I Fucked a BBC Porn Star

bbc sex storiesDo you like BBC sex stories? I have many too many to share.  Did I ever tell you about the time I fucked the black porn star Lexington Steele? I didn’t recognize him when I met him a few years back. I was at an adult bookstore picking up a new toy. I guess he was there promoting his new dildo, The Kong. Honestly, I didn’t know he was a porn star. I thought he was just a well hung black stallion with his own sex toy line. He apparently loves white women, especially mature women. I was married at the time, hence why I needed a big dildo. He encouraged me to try his, but I was bold and said I would rather have the real thing. “I’m not a vegetarian into imitation meat,” I informed him. He couldn’t believe my boldness. It turned him on so he said he would wave his fee and fuck himself a trashy milf for free. Fee? I wondered what he meant, but I later discovered that he was no more than a high end male gigolo. He made money from fucking white trophy wives.  I got to fuck his black mamba snake for free. We went outside in back of the Southern Exposure bookstore so people could better see just what the model for the the Kong Dong could do to my pussy; could do to any pussy. I came so hard. I even squirted. After seeing how thoroughly I enjoyed myself, he sold over 100 of his dildos in the store. Fuck, even men were buying them for their wives. Well, at least that was their story. I was his sales assistant. I was sold on the Kong Dong and being a BBC whore that day. I am not exclusively a black cock whore, but I sure as shit will never turn one down.

Interracial Cuckold

BBC phone sexI love to have interracial phone sex with a nasty, naughty cuckold, it’s one of my favorite roleplays to indulge in! It drives me wild that you’re on your knees as you’re vigorously stroking your cock to the sight of me getting my cunt hammered by a big black ten inch cock! My slutty legs are spread wide open, as far as they can stretch, I need my sloppy wet pussy to be dripping in order to take such a huge fucking dick balls deep! I’m moaning and squirming as my cum dumpster of a body gets drilled by that throbbing dark meat! Meanwhile, you’re over in the corner dry humping a pillow, wishing that it was my dirty cunt that you were fucking instead. I love humiliating your perverted ass, I can never get enough! Beg me to let you orgasm, I want you to wait it out as long as possible! You will obey my words and cum on my command like a good little cuckold should!

White Trash Phone Sex During Irma

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is what you have while waiting for this bitch Irma to pass. I am in Florida. I evacuated. No amount of coke can make me stay in a tin trailer with the worst hurricane on record ready to hit. Where am I? I am at Big D’s pad. He lives in a safer part of Florida and in an actual house. He is my drug dealer and my big black lover. He picked up his favorite bimbo in his truck and we headed north to safety. We have been fucking and doing lines all weekend. He was kind enough to pick up my daughter and my son too. I knew what he was thinking there. He could share some mother daughter pussy and watch me fuck my son. Men love to watch me fuck my boy. I think any guy likes the idea of a taboo fuck show. I know I sure as hell like to be watched. Big D is not going out on the road for at least a week. He has me all set up to do calls in his den so I can still make some money. When not talking dirty, I am sucking on some BBC, eating my daughter’s twat or fucking my son. Hmmm. Maybe Irma is not so bad after all.

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