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BBC Sex Stories: That One Time I Fucked a BBC Porn Star

bbc sex storiesDo you like BBC sex stories? I have many too many to share.  Did I ever tell you about the time I fucked the black porn star Lexington Steele? I didn’t recognize him when I met him a few years back. I was at an adult bookstore picking up a new toy. I guess he was there promoting his new dildo, The Kong. Honestly, I didn’t know he was a porn star. I thought he was just a well hung black stallion with his own sex toy line. He apparently loves white women, especially mature women. I was married at the time, hence why I needed a big dildo. He encouraged me to try his, but I was bold and said I would rather have the real thing. “I’m not a vegetarian into imitation meat,” I informed him. He couldn’t believe my boldness. It turned him on so he said he would wave his fee and fuck himself a trashy milf for free. Fee? I wondered what he meant, but I later discovered that he was no more than a high end male gigolo. He made money from fucking white trophy wives.  I got to fuck his black mamba snake for free. We went outside in back of the Southern Exposure bookstore so people could better see just what the model for the the Kong Dong could do to my pussy; could do to any pussy. I came so hard. I even squirted. After seeing how thoroughly I enjoyed myself, he sold over 100 of his dildos in the store. Fuck, even men were buying them for their wives. Well, at least that was their story. I was his sales assistant. I was sold on the Kong Dong and being a BBC whore that day. I am not exclusively a black cock whore, but I sure as shit will never turn one down.

Interracial Cuckold

BBC phone sexI love to have interracial phone sex with a nasty, naughty cuckold, it’s one of my favorite roleplays to indulge in! It drives me wild that you’re on your knees as you’re vigorously stroking your cock to the sight of me getting my cunt hammered by a big black ten inch cock! My slutty legs are spread wide open, as far as they can stretch, I need my sloppy wet pussy to be dripping in order to take such a huge fucking dick balls deep! I’m moaning and squirming as my cum dumpster of a body gets drilled by that throbbing dark meat! Meanwhile, you’re over in the corner dry humping a pillow, wishing that it was my dirty cunt that you were fucking instead. I love humiliating your perverted ass, I can never get enough! Beg me to let you orgasm, I want you to wait it out as long as possible! You will obey my words and cum on my command like a good little cuckold should!

White Trash Phone Sex During Irma

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is what you have while waiting for this bitch Irma to pass. I am in Florida. I evacuated. No amount of coke can make me stay in a tin trailer with the worst hurricane on record ready to hit. Where am I? I am at Big D’s pad. He lives in a safer part of Florida and in an actual house. He is my drug dealer and my big black lover. He picked up his favorite bimbo in his truck and we headed north to safety. We have been fucking and doing lines all weekend. He was kind enough to pick up my daughter and my son too. I knew what he was thinking there. He could share some mother daughter pussy and watch me fuck my son. Men love to watch me fuck my boy. I think any guy likes the idea of a taboo fuck show. I know I sure as hell like to be watched. Big D is not going out on the road for at least a week. He has me all set up to do calls in his den so I can still make some money. When not talking dirty, I am sucking on some BBC, eating my daughter’s twat or fucking my son. Hmmm. Maybe Irma is not so bad after all.

BBC Phone Sex and Stretching

He shot me a view of a whole wad of bills under his table after he’d spent almost my entire set tossing me $5s, 10s, and 20s. So, you know I was not about to disappoint this man. I went back in the same outfit I’d left the stage in after a quick touch-up of my makeup and a spritz for freshness. When I got into the VIP room they’d put him in, I found him completely naked already, and his massive fucking schlong was saluting the ceiling. I couldn’t remember when the last time was that I’d had such a big, beautiful black dick. He stripped me out of my outfit in no time, and started kissing and massaging my body. BBC phone sexThen, he lay down on the floor and told me that he was going to let me fit onto him so that he wouldn’t hurt me. Well, I straddled him and started to lower myself onto him, and boy was he right. He started stretching me out so much, I felt him all the way at my cervix, and he still wasn’t deep enough. So, I started forcing myself further and further down his dick, and I felt my body trying to adjust, even felt the popping of my organs and insides all being rearranged. Finally, he was as deep in me as I could get him. His hands wrapped around me, and he started driving that big dick home. He drove me over the edge, and kept right on going. He took his time with me, kept me fucking until the club closed, and even wanted to take me home. I made bank that night!!

Fucking For More Of That Kick Ass Crack

Levon has the best crack in the trailer park. I love smoking his crack. And riding his cock. Levon fucks all three of my holes. And leaves his deposit of cum in each hole. The more crack he brings the longer we fuck. Levon lets me smoke, Then fucks me for hours as I am all doped up. And I love it. He has such an awesome cock. Loves to pound my holes as I cum again and again.  And when I start to come down.  I get to smoke again.  And he fucks me some more.  How lucky am I?  I love that my reputation proceeds me here in this trailer park.    I love that they call me Flo the drug hoe!!!BBC sex stories

I Love To Tell My BBC Sex Stories

BBC Sex Stories

I love sharing my BBC sex stories. Every time I’m working in the club and I see this black guy come in, I make sure I walk over to his table and introduce myself. I’m always hungry for those monster dicks they have. Looking down and seeing their dick stretch me out makes me go crazy. The other night I was working at the strip club, and a guy walked in who I knew was packing a huge one. So, of course, I made my way over to him and stood there completely naked, letting him check out my tight young body. I could tell he liked what he saw so I invited him into the back room, my favorite place to take the naughty boys I want to fuck. When we got back there he wiped his cock out and I wasn’t disappointed. I knew that this was going to be one of my new favorite BBC sex stories. He had me grab the back of the chair that was meant for his private dance and he rammed that massive piece of man meat into my little fuck hole. He didn’t try to be gentle at all. I could tell he loved watching his huge cock stretch out tiny girls like me. He pounded me until he was ready to cum and then I got my knees and rubbed my clit, cumming while he shot his creamy load all over my face and tits. When I went to give the next guy his lap dance, I could still feel a little bit of his cum in my hair.

BBC Lover

2 Girl phone sexSometimes I wonder what I love to enjoy more as a naughty treat, women or big black cock! Huge dick always wins out but I have so many girl crushes and dirty thoughts that I can never seem to get out of my kinky mind! I want to whisper in your ear about how much I crave to suck on your throbbing fuck stick while i’m gently clawing at your inner thigh. You can’t contain yourself or your boner when my wet ass mouth gets near your shaft and hairy balls, I love gulping you down while you skull fuck my face! Slap yourself across my cheeks while I slobber all over your manhood. Even better would be to include my sexy girlfriend into our naughty playtime because two filthy whores are always better than one, hehe! My pussy gets soaking wet when i’m face-fucking a sexy ass bitch with my pussy, her tongue sloshing in and out of my tight cunt slit! I want my titties sucked on while getting my fuck holes railed with your huge BBC!

Deanna Can’t Get Enough Big Black Cock

BBC phone sex

When you walked into the strip club tonight I just knew that I had to get me some of that scrumptious dark chocolate cock of yours. As soon as I finished my set on the stage I went over to your table. You told me to come and sit on your lap and I was more than willing. I whispered in your ear about all the kinky nasty things that I want to do with you in the private room area. You, without any hesitation, said well then let’s go. As soon as we were back there you whipped out your big black cock and told me to get down on my knees. You grabbed the back of my head and started face fucking me with your big hard black cock. You plowed that hard black cock so deep into my throat that I felt it touch my tonsils. My cunt was soaking wet and longing to have your big hard black cock fuck it.

Dirty Phone Sex Family Fun

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex is the best. I am the woman you call for your more perverted desires. I am a female pervert. I like little ones too. I talk to guys daily about their love for for pretty young things. I like fantasizing about you fucking one of young daughters. I have no virgins anymore, but they are very tight still. I make good money from those holes. Trust me. Men like to pay just for a sweet young thing. They pay good too. When a girl is tight, they don’t know if she is a virgin or not. They never had anything that tight on their dick before, so the assumption is always that she is a virgin, especially when that young. Jealous?  Money buys you anything, including young hookers for hire. Last night, a black business man bought the ass of my youngest girl. We have sold her anal cherry a few times. It is easy to do because the ass is a very elastic muscle and it often bleeds when the cock is big regardless if a virgin or not. Unless a porn star, who is getting big black dick 10 times a day, an ass will stay tight. Reggie had a 10 inch cock. Do you know how much a young asshole gapes from a ten inch, very thick black cock? It gapes enough that I can spit into it from across the room. I was masturbating as I watched Reggie gape my baby’s butt hole. I also sucked the cum out of her ass. I love an anal cream pie. Do you?

Anal sex whore Berretta

Anal sex whore Anal sex whore Berretta that’s what you can call me. I have been a personal toilet for my master. I didn’t like it at first but very quickly that changed and turned around. I am now being an obedient little slut. I have to take whatever he gives and I better like it. I can’t complain or make any types of pleads. I have to be the good little whore that I am and make his every need fulfilled. Yesterday I was gone most the day I was supposed to be working at the library. I abandon my shift because I got a text message that read “Come now or you will regret it” Immediately I got in my car and got to the location that was sent. I was grabbed and tied and shoved with dildos in my mouth and ass. I was the entertainment for the night. I got common and pissed on. I had to take all the cum and piss and swallow it whole. I then got my ass fucked by about 10 different guys and was left there like the trash that I am.

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