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Dirty ex sex

Dirty phone sex 

 Hands on my body makes me cum so hard. My ex-boyfriend came to the club and asked for me back. I was so totally down because he has a huge black cock. He makes me take the whole thing and makes me feel like a true whore. He came back with me and we talked and fucked it out. It was just what I needed. He stripped me and shoved his cock down my throat. I made him cum then I got on him and rode his cock like a fucking champ. I love the way he black cock looks sliding in and out my pussy. He loves to creampie my holes so he can lick his cum right out and put it in my mouth. We will end up getting back together I think.

Coke Whore Dealings On The Down Lo

Fucking piece of shit dickless slumass landlord decided he would sneak in my fucking place again and set up new nanny cams as he knew I was planning some BBC fun this weekend and making some deals in dirty phone sex. Fucktard thought he could try blackmailing Me this time. Ha! Little dick you best get ready to beg to lick this fuckhole good and clean or take a couple of big black dicks in your sloppy assed back door…. bitch!

Let’s see what dickless will do when he sees Those Video as opposed to what he thought he was screening! It’s my turn to get some sweet revenge finally, getting that fag ass of his rammed by multiple BBC’s and shot live for all to see. This bitch is sly and you fuck with me you will pay for it. Best part, you will never know when pay day will be Bitch, but I promise you, my memory is as keen as a hounds smeller.

Dirty phone sex

BBC Phone Sex Please

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex? Hell yes. I am a dirty old whore. I love taking a thick big black cock in my pussy. Tyrese was so thick that I had to lower myself slowly on to his fat fuck stick. It felt like I was fucking and sucking the same cock at the same time. I thought his snake was going to come out my mouth. He was rearranging my female parts because he was inside me so deep. I picked him up at the truck stop Friday night and he came back to my trailer. He enjoyed fucking me so much, he never left until today. He gave up a route just to fuck this trailer trash whore. Let me tell you, Tyrese had one of the hugest cocks I have ever fucked. I am I my fifties and I have been fucking since I was a young school girl. I have had thousands of cocks in my life. I consider myself a seasoned old whore. Getting a cock too big was something I laughed at until I met Tyrese. He said I had the tightest snatch he has ever fucked. I never hear that anymore. I am sore as fuck. I am walking like I was horseback riding for 72 hours or something. I guess I was horse riding because I was bouncing on a foot long Black Stallion all weekend. It is nice to know that an old whore like me can still find a cock that can stretch her old cunt and make her hurt so good. Tyrese will be back in a few weeks because as he put it, he wants some more trashy MILF pussy. He said he was fucking my ass next. Fuck, I need to do some anal training before then because he will ruin my back door.

BBC Phone Sex Inspires My Daughter

bbc phone sexMy youngest daughter overheard me on a BBC phone sex call. She got curious and started asking me questions after the call. She was acting like a black cock whore without the black cock. We watched a few BBC videos on Porn Hub and she was hooked. She loved the way tiny teen white girls took cocks way too big for their fuck holes. She made me promise to get her some black cock. How can I say no to my baby girl when she wants something so many girls want? I told my husband to arrange a black cock gangbang for her soon. In the meantime, I broke out my Kong dildo. It is this life-like huge ass black rubber dick. It is tree trunk thick like the real thing and just as long. I modeled black cock whore behavior for her as I sucked on my Kong. I am a mommy whore. I have had many cocks in my life and more black cock than any California trophy wife ever has I bet. Even with my big dick sucker credentials, I still struggled to get that imitation cock in my mouth. My daughter was like my nasty freak cheerleader. She was telling me to suck that nigger dick. Hearing her dirty words of encouragement made me wet. She is the only daughter who has not had a black monster snake yet, but that is all about to change. What my baby girl wants, my baby girl gets. Her daddy and I will give her as many big black dicks as she wants.

I want more more more

hookers for hire

I hate having slow days when the cum isn’t flowing freely everywhere around me. I was wishing that I could just put a hookers for hire sign in my yard when my phone rang. My heart started racing and it was one of my favorite party guys. He said he had an eight ball and was ready to get nasty. I flew through the shower making sure I was soft and smelling sweet when he arrived. It didn’t take any time for shit to get wild once he was inside. I was so fucking horny I was pulling his cock out before he could get the coke out of his pocket. He gave me a line off the shaft of his cock before I let it slide to the back of my throat. Pounding my face wasn’t all he wanted he was craving that tight wet cunt. I was so horny that it slid in so deep. I know there wasn’t any cum left in his balls when he left this morning.

Little Party slut

The things I have done for a bag of coke I outta be ashamed of myself. I am not, to be honest with you. I love to blow more than anything. I think I may love coke more than cock. The rush I get and everything is better when I am high. It started out when I was staying at my aunt’s house for the summer a couple of years back she a sketchy new boyfriend. I didn’t even know him and told me I had to call him Uncle Tye. One day my aunt was doing errands, and uncle tye came into the guest room I was staying at and asked me if I wanted to help him with some groceries. I went to the bathroom to get ready to go. Uncle Tye followed and shoved his dick inside my bare ass. I was yelling, but he told me I was going be his drunk girl fucking slut and coke whore. He got me high and drunk and pounded me till I was addicted.


Drunk girl fucking

Big Dick Sucker P-Mommy Whore BJ

When only the filthiest p-mommy whore that knows her way around a cock and one fine big dick sucker can quench your desire then go with the one named for it, BJ. I’m a p-mommy whore that loves to be a knob gobbling druggy whore with a love of big nigger dicks or BBC. Retired stripper and incest mommy to her teen son who gets off on watching all that bbc penetrate and violate this milf cunt.

I love to party and will do so at all hours inclusive of mid day, evening, sundays and whatever fucking time I wish to party and take on a gangbang of BBC. I’m a filthy milf and can’t quite help myself from this need to have a lot of big cocks stretch out my fuck holes I hope you’ll be next.

Big Dick Sucker

Live Phone Sex End of Summer Block Party

live phone sexLive phone sex is the best. You get to talk to a dirty whore who just finished fucking!  Over the weekend, I went to this end of summer block party and I took my two teen daughters. Normally, I don’t go to those kinds of things. I just party at home with my brats. Or, lovers come to me. We had been at the Farmer’s market in the morning when we saw the block party posters. Now, this wasn’t my block. This was in the hood. The poster had two handsome black men on it and it was clear what type of end of summer party this was too. It was subtle, but my experience told me that this was a party for black men and white women. My intuition was correct too. The funny thing is, that I seemed to be the only woman who knew it. I told my girls I was going to get them some goodbye to summer BBC. In my head, I was thinking I needed some big black cocks for my bbc phone sex lovers anyway. A hot MILF can never get enough black cock, right? There were other women there and a few dozen black buff men. These women were novices. They may have had jungle fever, but they didn’t know how to act on it. My daughters and I got the party started. No better way to say goodbye summer, hello fall than a black gang bang. Once those other white women saw us naked on all fours getting crammed with black dick in our fuck holes, they joined the real party. I love helping a bitch get her freak on. Nothing wrong with being a black cock whore. Those black hood rats loved my hot teen sluts too. They enjoyed stretching their tiny fuck holes. We said goodbye to summer in a way we will never forget. I am sure those other skanks will not soon forget their first BBCs either.

BBC phone sex

Blonde Fucking BBC Whores on Tumblr

blonde fuckingThis blonde fucking whore was popular last night at the truck stop. There were more truckers than I could shake a stick at too. Now that schools are back in session, there is a need for more truckers delivering supplies and shit I guess.  There were many black truckers hanging out; some I had never seen before. I love fresh black meat. They were parked for the night and wanting the companionship of a blonde whore. I think black men like me in part because I am small and blonde. The contrast with their big black dicks in my tiny white cunt is stark. I love looking at a big fat black cock going in and out of me. Sometimes, I am amazed at what I can take. The brothers love that too. They are always amazed that a skinny skank can swallow big black dicks in her fuck holes. I was a black gangbang whore last night. I truck hopped, so I could meet all the new truckers and welcome them to lot lizard skank heaven properly. Black men never turn down free white pussy. I loved every moment of it too. Of course, I was high as fuck and they were passing me around like candy. I am surprised I didn’t drown in cum. Some of those studs had cum filled balls that rivaled an active volcano. Honestly, those fat fuck sticks were full of the most cum I am ever seen. Good thing I am a cum dumpster. I was happy to drain every dude a few times too. Truckers need release. A good ball draining is better than No-Doz to stay awake on the road. If you need release too, a trailer trash park slut like me is what you need. I can suck the chrome off a doorknob and I swallow too. If you enjoy the tales of BBC whores, check out our Tumblr. There are more whores like me here.

gangbang whore

BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories are what many guys call me for. They love a black cock whore like me. I love to take my skanky ass down to the truck stop and score coke and big black dicks. The brothers hang out down there because they want white trash whores like me. White women suck black dick better than black girls. I have heard that from every black man I have sucked, and I have sucked enough BBC to make a porn star blush. Last night I met two new black truckers. They were young and hung and dying to hook up with a trashy milf who loves black cock. They party too, so it was even better to get some coke and some cock. Their coke was primo too. I got high quickly and started slugging down cock like the dirty whore I am. They were fuck machines. Stamina power like wild animals in heat. They ravaged my mouth, pussy and ass for hours. They never went soft. Not even after multiple cums.  They kept fucking until they were hard as a rock again. They said they never met a woman who could keep up with them. I am no woman. I am a dirty black cock whore and when I am fueled on coke, I can fuck for days.

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