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BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories are what many guys call me for. They love a black cock whore like me. I love to take my skanky ass down to the truck stop and score coke and big black dicks. The brothers hang out down there because they want white trash whores like me. White women suck black dick better than black girls. I have heard that from every black man I have sucked, and I have sucked enough BBC to make a porn star blush. Last night I met two new black truckers. They were young and hung and dying to hook up with a trashy milf who loves black cock. They party too, so it was even better to get some coke and some cock. Their coke was primo too. I got high quickly and started slugging down cock like the dirty whore I am. They were fuck machines. Stamina power like wild animals in heat. They ravaged my mouth, pussy and ass for hours. They never went soft. Not even after multiple cums.  They kept fucking until they were hard as a rock again. They said they never met a woman who could keep up with them. I am no woman. I am a dirty black cock whore and when I am fueled on coke, I can fuck for days.

Coke heist

I was jonesing for some coke and I knew this gig in Miami would bring me closer to all the big dealers ever. I was working at a strip joint and that’s where I met some friends who were down to do anything for angel dust. We wanted to get high and stack our paper. Carlos was this Cuban guy who managed everything along with Ricky another tall fucker from Puerto Rico. They kept us in line and honestly were pretty great to us. It was Antonio the king pin and the owner who we had to trick. He was one of the top dealers he was the owner of a couple cover up business all over south beach. He would try to hide the fact that he transported a bunch of kilos from Cartagena Colombia and the Caribbean.

I got pretty close to Ricky and Carlos. Often got the task of organizing parties at the Coral Gables location. These parties were outrageous and had a roster of guest that were pure entertainers and stars. Even people pf power would come to these soiree.

I hated to betray the guys but I  wanted what I needed and I knew taking the stash would be easy peasy. no one would notice. Well I was wrong, one of the guards noticed three whores smuggling out some of the product and we were manipulated to be little whores. I was an anal sex whore for all the guys first while each guard took their time with me. Then the rest of the girls would have their turn of a dominant ass fuck too, we were lucky none of the head men knew and even luckier antonio didn’t get word on the situation. We had to work to be set free and we had to take some much meat in our asses we could barely work the stage the next night. At least we got to keep the stash and some of the cash  🙂

anal cum dumpster

anal sex whore2 girl phone sex

Lucky 13

hookers for hire   All the freaks come out for Friday the 13th. I take full advantage of it to suck and fuck my way into some cash for my nose candy. I wish I could just put hookers for hire sign in my front yard. Big beautiful cock is my favorite craving besides my coke. I don’t have to search long before a group of guys standing on the corner start cat calling me. My cunt starts tingling with excitement. They take me to an abandoned house and I peel my clothes off so fast I can’t wait to feel their cocks smacking my face as they all try to shove them in my mouth. Come on guys I have 2 other holes prime for the taking. The loads they blew all over and inside let me know I had hit the honey hole. Now to my dealer’s house to score my bag.

I need to get high

gangbang whore  I go to extreme lengths to get my daily fix. My dealer always has lots of his friends around so all I do I call him up when my funds are running low. So many huge black pythons in my face when I get there. I am such a fucking gangbang whore that this is one of my favorite ways to earn my cash. They fill all of met hot pink holes with as many of their cocks they can. The ones who cant fit are smacking me in the face, their precum splattering in my hair. Use me guys I fucking love this shit! I don’t know how many there were or how long they used me but, my bag was huge and I so was the clip of cash they gave me too.

Big Dick Sucker and BBC Lover

big dick suckerBig dick sucker Beverly was on the prowl this weekend for big cocks. When you need cum like most women need air or water, its simple math. You can blow a few big black cocks, or you can blow a few dozen white men to equal the same amount of jizz. Why suck twelve small ones when I can suck two fat juicy anacondas? Big D, my drug hookup, was traveling with a friend this weekend. He often has a rookie learning the route with him and when he does, he is always black and down to fuck an old white skank like me.  When you have been sucking cock as long as I have, you want a cock that is a challenge. I can swallow a 5-inch dick with the balls and still be able to talk clearly. Now, give me Big D’s monster dong and his friend’s 10 incher, and I am gagging, slobbering and rendered speechless. It is just how I like it. I would suck and ride Big D’s huge cock for free because it is one of the best cocks in the world. The fact that he gives me some blow in exchange is just icing on the cake.  I was in heaven sucking on not one, but two big black dicks. I did more than suck those cocks too. I rode them until my pussy tuckered out, which was 16 hours later. Yep, those dicks stayed hard for hours to fuck me. By the time I left, I was a total cum dumpster. Two black guys cum more than an army of white guys. Cum was running down my thighs into my toes. I had cum drying under my big tits. Cum was leaking out my ass too. I may be walking funny today, but I ain’t complaining. If anything, I am bragging! Girls wish they could handle two anacondas at once like me.

My Sloppy Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussyDo you know who enjoys a sloppy wet pussy beside you? My son. He has been eating my cream pies since he was a little boy. He ate his mommy’s dirty fuck holes before I started fucking him. It was part of his grooming. His sister and he use to fight over who was going to clean me up first. Last night, he was the only one around. My dirty cunt was all his. He spent the night because he was too drunk to drive. While he was passed out, a few trucker buddies stopped by to fuck. They had huge black cocks and cum filled balls that needed drained. I tried to wake my son up, so he could watch the action. He loves watching me take nigger cock, but he was three sheets to the wind. I had my fun with my fuck buddies, got filled up with cum. They were fucking my holes all night long. By the time they left, my creampie slut was waking up. Before he brushed his teeth, before he had some coffee, he cleaned out all the black spunk in his mommy’s fuck holes. I was squirting all over his face. I forgot how hot it was to have him eat the cum out of my twat. Don’t tell his sister, but he is a much better creampie eater.

BBC Sex Stories: I Have Tons

bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories are something I never run out of. I can’t help it if the brothers like me. It is not that they love an old cougar. It is more that they love that I am such a seasoned whore that I can swallow some big thick dicks. Big D and a few of his trucker pals came over late last night. They were supposed to be enjoying the company of a high end escort. I was shocked to find out that they wanted to see if a classy lady fucks as good as an old whore. The bitch refunded their money the moment she saw their monster cocks. I know what she was thinking too. She thought their big black dicks would stretch out her perfect little holes. She didn’t want to be damaged goods. Personally, I like being damaged goods. Means I have had a hell of a lot of fun. I’m a big dick sucker and a big cock fucker. Big D and his friends made the smart choice coming to me. I don’t even cost money. I like to fuck, so I will do it for free. I gave each chocolate head the attention it deserved. The balls deep attention it deserved. I rarely even choke swallowing down 12 inches of cock any more. I am a far cry from a classy call girl, but why would you want one if she won’t suck your dick? If you are paying a bitch to suck and fuck and she won’t fuck and suck, you should get a refund and come find a woman like me. A trailer trash whore will do a lot more than suck and fuck and she will do it for free. I let those black hung truckers run a train on me and fill me with cum. Big D knows now to save his money and bring the brothers over to me.

Cum Guzzling Slut Beverly

cum guzzling slutCum guzzling slut Beverly is one of my monikers down at the truck stop. I do love to suck dick and swallow cum. My car overheated Saturday on my way down to the truck stop to suck some dick. It was too hot to wait in the sun for AAA to come, so I went into the new adult bookstore that was a few blocks away. I had been wanting to check it out anyway. I walked a few blocks in my short shorts and sought some shelter from the heat in the dirty bookstore. It had tons of sexy stripper outfits, videos, and sex toys.  I worked my way towards the back. I am glad I did. Our new local adult bookstore had glory holes. There are a few down at the truck stop but they are man made. This place had official rooms. I needed a cum fix, so I went into one. There was a cock already through the hole like it was waiting to be sucked by me. The cock looked familiar. It was a huge black cock. I started sucking on it because I am a big dick sucker too. Once my lips hit that chocolate cock, I knew it was Big D. He knew it was me too. I have sucked his huge ass cock hundreds of times. He was waiting for me outside the door. “I knew those lips,” he laughed. “I knew that huge cock,” I retorted. He was on his way to the truck stop when he decided to check out the new store too. I was headed there to suck his cock and score some blow. It was fate that my old clunker broke down when it did. We fucked in the back of his cab then went and got my car. He towed it back to the trailer park for me. Of course, I had to reward him with more cock sucking. I looked like a cum dumpster when he left. He has enough cum in his big black balls to coat an army of old whores.

Jizz Journey

anal cum dumpsterIt was a weekend long binge on cock and coke. Two of my favorite things in the whole world. I was still stuck in Tijuana and was on an adventure trying to get back to San Diego. It was a complete field trip, but I was able to persuade some guys in the cartel to let me go by giving them the best striptease show ever. They were impressed that I could speak Spanish they assumed I was a white girl from Oceanside. They were wrong I had a way with words so much, so they wanted this whitewash latina to take each of their cocks deep in my mouth. After basically guzzling a hundred different cum loads I got to the next part of my journey. This time I was the anal cum dumpster to one of the guys giving me a ride to the city from a country area that conjoined to Baja. I had no choice but to pull my undies down and let him plow my asshole so I could make it home.

I’m a big dick sucker every day!

big dick suckerI’m a big dick sucker every day… or at least, I try to be anyway. Seriously tho, my day is always much better if I get the chance to play with a big fat dick or two, I’m the kind of whore that really needs it yanno? Anyway, I met up with a random dude yesterday, he was black so I just knew he would have a giant dick for me and boy was I not wrong at all! He pulled that monster out of his pants and I swear I was gonna lose it! My pussy was soaking wet just looking at it and I wanted to suck it so bad I was practically drooling. It was a struggle to deepthroat that badboy but I took as much as I could and just worked it. Then he bent me over and shoved that monster dick up in me balls deep and all I could do was scream! It stuffed me so full but I loved it!

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