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I Sucked His Cock so Hard

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I want to know something, I am very concerned because I did something the other night that was disturbing to say the least. There is this guy who I’ve been having let’s say consensual sex with we’ve been fucking and it’s been good. The other night I wanted to do more than just fuck him because he fucks me so well that I thought I would give him some of my A1 special edition blowjob action. I invited him over to the house when no one was here but this time I didn’t want to have sex. I laid him down in my bed and I started to suck his cock. I closed my eyes and I got out of control a bit you see I sucked his cock to the balls and I sucked so hard that my gums started bleeding. I think that I scared him because even though he came so big I know that he saw the blood and probably thought that I sucked blood from his cock. Guys I’m lost I wonder can someone tell me even though he was exhausted afterwards do you think that he doesn’t want me to do it again.?

Black Cock Makes My Pussy Cream

bbc sex stories

Big black cock makes my pussy cream.  Honestly, bbc sex stories make all white girl pussies cream.  Some of them don’t wanna admit it, but I’ve seen more than just a few of my friends who had previously said they would never open their greedy little mouths and cunts to some of my bbc homies.  A little bit of alcohol never hurt either.  My friend Jessica who has always had the same lame white boyfriend came over the other day while some of my bbc friends were her hanging out.  You know, chilling, smoking and drinking.  It was obvious at how uncomfortable she was at first.  After a few shots and a couple of hits off of a blunt, she began to let all her inhibitions down. Observing the obvious, they pounced on her like a tiger at a fresh kill.  Jessica’s I would nevers turned into doing everything.  The guys had her stripped naked in no time at all.  Big black cocks in both hands.  One shoved down her throat while getting plowed with a huge black cock from the back.  She creamed all over their cocks.  Hell, I did too.  There we were side by side with all these big black cocks.  Creaming all over them over and over.  She went home, broke up with her boyfriend and moved in with me.  Now she’s a bbc creampie sex stories whore just like me.creampie sex stories

Fall In Love With A BBC Lovin Stripper

stripper sex storiesMy friend got me a gig at a strip club she works at.  She told me that there were some hot black guys who came in there and that I would get some good stripper sex stories.  I couldn’t wait to start my new job.  I mean, of course I’ve stripped before, but it was at an all white club.  No black dudes ever came in there, and let’s face it I’m a fucking whore for BBC.  So my first night was a couple of nights ago and oh my god.  I think there was a whole football team full of big black studs.  I didn’t even have to pretend to be turned on.  As soon as I saw all those black studs, I couldn’t wait to strip my ass right over there to them.  Turns out, they were a football team.  The whole defense at least.  As soon as my set was over, I strolled right over to them, shook my tits in their face and began dry humping one of them.  They could tell what a fucking BBC whore I was and asked to go to the VIP room.  ALL of them!!  Everybody knows what goes down in the VIP room.  I got fucked three ways from Sunday.  I didn’t even make them strap up.  I took all those cocks in my wet pussy and ass.  One after another, at the same time.  Gagging on the boat loads of cum they spewed down my throat.  I made so much bank that night.  I work again tomorrow night. Can’t wait to see what happens.

BBC Sex Stories to Get Your Cock Hard

bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories, I have plenty of to share. My dealer is a truck driver called Big D. He is called that because he has a 14 inch black cock. One of his trucker buddies saw him at a truck stop shower. The next day everyone called him Big D. I love partying with him when he is in town because he gives me free coke and great cock. He texted last night that he would be at the truck stop for the night and I should come spend the night in his cab with him. At the last minute, he canceled because his nephew came along for the ride since it was a short haul. I told him they should come spend the night with me. The rig can be parked on the street and they can have a bed to sleep in and a trailer trash whore to fuck. Plus, I threw in dinner. All I was thinking about was his nephew’s cock. Brothers don’t mind sharing a white bitch, even if they related. I just wanted tag teamed by two black cocks. I am walking funny today, so I had one hell of a time with Big D and his young nephew. That boy was no virgin, but he didn’t have many notches in his belt yet.  I taught him to eat pussy and lick ass. In return I let him stick the holes he licked all night long. Big D joined in a few times, but he enjoyed watching too. Big D had the bigger dick, but his nephew had youth on his side. He fucked my holes like a dog in heat. Been a long time since a guy gave my fuck holes the jackhammer treatment.  I am sleep deprived, but well fucked and ready to have dirty phone sex all day long.

BBC Phone Sex, I Love Black Cock!!!

bbc phone sex

I love BBC Phone Sex.   Big black men and their big black cocks.  I have a whole little posse I go and do everything with.  They are big whores, but hell, so am I.  We all go to the bar and flirt our asses off.  Some of my boys even will go out to the parking lot to fuck some skank but our outings always end up the same, usually.  We end up all drunk and shit at my house gang banging away.  I can’t get enough big black cock in my holes.  Especially when I’m all drunk and high and feeling real good.  They don’t look at me as the BBC whore I really am.  They see me as their homey, who the fuck the shit out of ALL the time lol!  There’s nothing like having a bunch of big black cocks at your beckoning whenever you want.  They never tell me no.  Hell, who would?  There’s not that many straight up whores who will take on 4 or 5 big black cocks all the time like I do.  Hey, I’m a rare jewel. 

Fill Me Up With BBC Cum

creampie slutI fucking love it when black guys cum in me. They always leave a heavy load of that hot sticky jizz that I crave.  I never ever let them pull out.  Well, unless it’s so they can nut all over my face.  I love getting facials too.  This afternoon was so fucking hot.  I had to go get a new tire and the guy at the tire shop was fucking hot.   He had long dreads, which I love.  I made sure to accidentally on purpose drop my phone so I could bend over and he could see my ass and the fact that I wasn’t wearing panties.  As soon as I stood up and turned to make sure he was looking, he grabbed ahold of what looked like an eggplant in his pants.  I almost fell over.  I had to have that.  I smiled and licked my lips.  He took me to the employee bathroom and gave my greedy pussy the beating it needed.  God, my insides are sore, but he filled up my greedy cunt.  Just what I needed.

BBC Sex Stories with a Cum Whore

BBC sex storiesBBC sex stories are something I have plenty of to share. I am not a BBC whore solely; I am just a whore. But, if you are going to be a whore, you can’t discriminate against cocks. I suck and fuck a rainbow of cocks, but I have had plenty of big black cocks in my life. I have some girlfriends who won’t touch a black cock. Their loss my gain. Big D, my trucker, and dealer, texted me yesterday morning. A friend of his had hired this lot lizard skank for a party. When she found out there were a bunch black cocks she would be servicing, she said no thanks. Big D’s friend needed a whore to blow some guys. It was easy money. I don’t care about race. I care about nice cocks, cocaine, and money to buy cocaine. If that lot lizard skank was too proud to cum guzzle some black cock, I was not. I brought my knee pads and chugged black spunk for hours. I impressed the truckers with my big dick sucking skills. They told me no one has polished their knobs so efficiently before. There are whores, then there is me. I can swallow a gallon of cum a day and still want more. I am a real cum dumpster.

I’m Such A Fucking BBC Cum Dumpster Whore

cum dumpsterI’m such a fucking BBC Cum Dumpster Whore.  I love having black cock in my mouth, in my hands, my lovely cunt.  Oh fuck, I just love BBC everywhere and anytime I can get it.  There’s not enough hours in the day or days in the week for me to be stuffed with black cock.  Having that creamy jizz all over me.  Mmmm I love it when they cum all over my mouth.  Let’s just say that I was definitely the halftime show at the football game party earlier.  My friend Mario invited me over to watch the big game with all his friends and we all got super drunk.  You know people tend to let their inhibitions down when they drink but hell I didn’t even need the alcohol to make me want to take on all those big black men lol!  Sooooo, at halftime, I just stripped in front of all of them and started dancing around.  A couple of them kinda laughed nervously at first, but it didn’t take long for them to start grabbing on my ample breasts and smacking my ass.

Soon they had formed a circle around me and I instinctively dropped to my knees.  Well, they all dropped their pants to the floor and I went to town on all of those BBCs.  None of us had even realized when the game came back on.  I was too busy enjoying all of that black cock in ALL of my holes.  My cunt is dripping yummy cum.  Not to mention all of the cum facials I got. 

BBC Phone Sex Sunday

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex Sunday! I started early. Sue me. I was horny as fuck Saturday, so I went to the truck stop to have some fun. I was looking for some big black cocks. I found it too. Big D was in his usual spot, just he was not alone this time. He is training a new trucker. The trucker in training is traveling with him to learn the ropes. He was a young black guy. Just barely legal. He recently turned 18 and instead of going to college, he decided to be a trucker. When he met me, he said I was one of the reasons he wanted to be a trucker. Big D talks about the girls in every port on his route, but he only calls me by name. He only brags out my cougar cunt. I had lot lizard sex with a young black stud and my old trucker buddy with the biggest cock I have ever had the pleasure of fucking. I got tag teamed in the back of a truck. Big D has a comfy cab. Comfortable enough to accommodate me and two black hung studs. Talk about a cum dumpster. Those two men filled me up a few times which is way more cum than an army of white boys. I love being a trailer park whore. When I get a wild hair for something like big black cock, I know where to get it.

BBC Phone Sex Whore

bbc phone sex

I’m such a BBC Phone Sex whore.  I’ve had more black cock in me than white cock, that’s for sure.  I don’t know what it is about big black cocks that I love so much, but I always have..   I can remember when I was in High School and I started noticing that all the black boys I went to school had so much better bodies than those scrawny white boys.  Then, I started noticing that their dick imprints in their pants were MUCH bigger as well.  I decided then and there.  Fuck that shit, all I want in my pussy is some big black cock.  I wasn’t sure how my parents were going to react and all, so I hid it from them for a while.  My mom kept asking me why I didn’t go on any dates with boys.  However I was always getting all dressed up to go out with one of my girlfriends.

Little did she know that I was giving half the defensive line on the football team head before each and every game.  Hell, if we won the game, I would even let them run a train on me.  Seeing all those huge black cocks made my pussy so wet.  I was of course a cheerleader and they would come by me during the game and brush up against my titty walking by or slap me on my ass.  I would giggle and tell them to hurry up and score!!!!  The closer it came time for the game to be over, I would get more excited just thinking about having my hands, mouth and ass filled with all that BBC.  I guess that’s why I’m such a BBC phone sex whore now.  You know what they say right?  Once you go black, you never go back. It’s soooo true.



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