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Show Me That Tiny Cock

hot stripper sex

I invited this guy over that has been coming in for lap dances at the club. The girls have all been giggling behind his back because he’s so hot, but we can tell he has a little secret. When we grind our tight asses on him we feel how tiny he is when he gets hard. He came over to my place thinking he was about to get some hot stripper sex and instead we had him dressed like a total fucking whore. He had on sexy panties, high heels, and red lipstick. I had a group of guys that all had massive big black cocks and we made him worship each one. He took his time milking each cock of all his warm creamy goodness. He was fucking covered. That cum loving little whore fucking loved it. He’s been begging me to come back to get slapped in the face with those monster dicks again.

In the mood for BBC

BBC phone sexYou really wanna know what the fuck i’m craving? My horny ass is eager as fuckkkkk to have a big black cock shoved deep down my throat and deep up inside of my slutty cunt. My jungle fever is off the charts and I need to feed my addiction. It’s been a few days since I had BBC phone sex and I am fiending like a fuckin whore! Sometimes white boy dick just doesn’t do it for me, I need something thicker, longer and darker lol. It’s like gobbling down a big ass chocolate bar except a lot more tasty! The color contrast of my pink pussy wrapped around the black cock is so fuckin sexy! Why do dark men fuck so good?! I need to know!! I seriously can’t contain myself any longer, I need my fuck holes pounded and my guts turned inside out. I wanna feel that shit so fuckin deep that it feels like it’s gonna explode out though my throat or some shit. Goddamn my mouth is watering and my cunt is dripping, come and stretch me the fuck out now please!!

Slutty Student

phone sex line

I go to college every morning at 6 am. Honestly, I would have already dropped out but my teacher is so fucking hot. He is always mad at me though. “Beretta! , where is your paper? Why are you texting? You’re late again … really? One day I pissed him off really bad.I cheated on my exam and he caught me and told me to see him after class. When class was over I did what I always do and pushed my chest out of my low cut shirt and apologize .but this time he locked and closed the door.  He told me I have to be punished and bent me over the desk. He slid my pants off and pulled out his big black slung .teasingly he rubbed just the tip of his dick along my pussy. I wanted his dick so bad I taunted him “you wouldn’t dare fuck me “. He then slammed my hips into him and fucked the hell out of me. I started to scream but that pissed him off even worse. He yanked my hair back and stuffed his fingers into my mouth. He told me this is what you get for not following directions and toke his dick out and slammed it into my asshole. It hurt so bad I started to cry. You don’t like that do you, you little slut.  Oh but I fucking love it. More give me more! He stopped and went to his desk. I begged him to keep going .but just as I did he pulled out the biggest vibrator I have ever seen and pushed me against my desk. He told me to fuck my pussy like a good slut and if I didn’t I would regret it. So I did. I fucked my tight little pussy with that vibrator as he fucked my ass and when he cummed and filled my little asshole with all his cum I put the vibrator in my ass and begged for his dick in my pussy.

Listen To Me Get Fucked, HARD!!!!

live phone sex

Wanna hear me get fucked HARD?!  My old man just got out of prison and he loves putting on a show for my callers.  Live phone sex is fucking hot.  Listening to me sucking his cock.  Sloppy head is the only head I know how to give.  He has a huge uncircumcised cock too.  I love sliding that skin back, revealing that big black mushroom head.  I suck his cock so good, his eyes roll back in his head.  My pussy gets so wet sucking that big black cock. I can’t wait for him to fuck me.  He loves fucking me from the back so he can watch my ass jiggle while he beats my wet cunt.  I squeeze my pussy muscles tight around his cock. I beg him to fuck my ass too.  He shoves his big black cock in my ass.  I rub my clit while he fucks my ass. Then when I’m about to cum, he shoves his cock and beast fucks my cunt until I cum all over his black cock.  I love it but it’s so much hotter when there’s someone listening.  Jack off for this BBC whore while you listen to me get fucked by this huge black cock.  I’m stroking his cock now.

Druggy Porn Star Wannabe

druggy pornI am a druggy porn star wannabe. Seriously, I do my best fucking high. Big D my trucker fuck buddy and dealer gave me some premium coke last night. The purist shit I have ever snorted. I’m always horny. On coke, however, I am a Super Whore. I begged Big D to arrange a gangbang for me.  He said no problem, but he wanted to take advantage of my fuck holes first. He pulled out his big black dick and I got on my knees like a good whore. I was blowing his fat snake while he was texting some other truckers to come get some trashy milf action in his cab. He knows how to sell my fuck holes.  Truckers love me because they can fuck me for free. As I was swallowing his massive load of cum, his trucker buddies arrived to check out the lot lizard wanting fucked. I wiped Big D’s jizz off my chin and told them to cum and get me. I got on all fours in Big D’s cab and his buddies took turns reaming my pussy and ass. It was tight quarters in the cab, but guys waited outside the truck for their turn. Guys are patience when it comes to free pussy. I did lines of blow while get trained for hours. I love being high because it accelerates the whore inside me. Big D gave me the best blow I’ve ever had. I got fucked all night long on that shit. Not sure how I got home, but I woke up late this morning with cum matted all over me and a swollen asshole. I showered, did some more blow and turned on my phone sex line on so I could talk dirty to you and find out what dirty things you enjoy.

Cum Filled Cunt With BBC Spunk

cum filled cuntWhat would you do for money?  Any fucking thing.  It was kinda slow at the strip club this past weekend so when this group of BBC came walking in, my pussy literally got wet.  I’ve seen these guys before.  They’re football players, so money to them is never an object.  Just so happens my favorite 2 Chainz song was on and I can’t stop twerking when that song comes on. As soon as I hear “I’m different”, I go right up to them and bend over and make my fat ass clap.  Dropped it like it was hot, then turned around and grabbed handfuls of BBC.  They were like “whoa”.  Immediately we were whisked to a VIP room where we all scored touchdowns.  They gave me so much money.  I just emptied out my amazon cart.  Little did they know, I would have let them gangbang me for free.  I’m a nasty fucking cum guzzling slut for BBC. 

I Fucked A BBC Rapper

bbc sex stories

Wanna hear about one of the times I fucked a BBC rapper?  It’s just one of my many BBC sex stories.  He’s pretty famous.  Part of a two man group.  Boy did he have me shaking it like a salt shaker.  My best friend is a booking agent so I get to go backstage with all the rap artists who she does concerts for.  Lucky me right?  I always dress super slutty. These guys are known for getting lots of pussy and I don’t ever wanna miss a chance on some famous BBC.  So we were at their concert, backstage.  Drinking, smoking, you know the usual rapper shit.  We start flirting.  He tells me I better stop rubbing up against him and gives me a flirty evil grin.  I tell him, I’m grown.  He tells me he’s a big freak. I tell him I am too.  He tells me he has a big dick 😉  I tell him “I swalllow”.  Well, that was the end of that.  He grabbed my hand and started leading me through the crowd but his bodyguard stopped him telling him that they were about to go on stage.  He told the boduyguard to keep his eyes on me, that he had plans to fuck me into tomorrow.  As soon as they got done performing, he jumps off stage, grabs my hand and leads me through the crowd into the limo.  We didn’t even wait til we got back to the hotel.  It went down in the back of that limo in front of everyone else in it as they cheered us on.  Guess what?  He was a huge freak. He did have a huge dick.  And I really did swallow all of his creamy cum just like the good BBC cum guzzling slut I am.

Big Dick Sucker Beverly

big dick suckerWhen you have the reputation of being a big dick sucker, men know who to cum on! My girlfriends and I went to this new strip club that opened for girls. The dancers are male. I have never seen male strippers at an actual club before; just female ones. The mother of this young boy I fool around with is a stripper. The club she works at is Big Al’s and the newly opened Big Alice’s is upstairs for the ladies. Last night was the premiere, so I went with some of my friends. My neighbor got us free passes. I was happy to see a few black men as dancers. They would give me some great BBC sex stories for my men who enjoy a BBC whore. At Big Alice’s, anything goes if the money flows. I was stuffing bills in g strings, so I could show off my big dick sucking skills. Who ever said male strippers were gay was wrong. No way a gay man would be so hard in my mouth. I sucked two big black cocks dry. My face looked like a jizz bomb exploded. Before long, my girlfriends were testing their cock sucking skills too. I had to help some of my friends because they have never had foot long nigger dick in their mouths before.  Those black strippers loved my assistance too. They skull fucked all the women in the club. It was a jizz bomb explosion in da club. I envy the janitors getting all that cum on the floor. I think I will go back tonight.

Cock service please

trailer trash whore

I needed to get my car serviced and came into the shop right as they were going to close. There was only one mechanic left, and I knew I had to pretty much beg for his service. It didn’t take long to get him to agree to look at my car and change the oil. His name was Jeff, and he was more than eager to go under my hood and check out the view. After he finished, he invited me to his office and got super clingy and wanted to give me some of his cock services too. I was down to get that special. I knew he was going to be a great fuck from the second I saw his tool. He fucked me right in the office and then in the garage. I loved having his cock it was so meaty, and he knew what to do. I knew this wasn’t his first time seducing a slut like me. I could tell he has done a couple of the whores in town. He had a trailer trash whore obsessed with his cock so much he had to get a restraining order from her. I believe it to his cock was addicting and let me reassure you I will be here for more of his services. I liked that his cum drenched my tits and dripped down. It was a beautiful scene.

Anal Sex Whore For BBC Only

anal sex whoreI love having my ass fucked by men with big black dicks, ONLY!  Yeah, I’m a size queen and no matter what you’ve heard all black men don’t have big cocks.  BBC is the only cock that touches my pussy or my tight sweet puckered asshole.  Having my asshole stretched by a black man with a huge cock makes my pussy so fucking wet.  Especially when they get real nasty and slide it in between my juicy creamy cunt and my ass.  Ultimately, I want all that hot cum in my ass.  I come so much it seems like it’s one long orgasm.  Biting the sheets trying not to scream out in pure ecstasy while getting my ass fucked like the anal sex whore I am.  You know your white cock could never quite satisfy like BBC does.  Wanna hear some hot stories?  Maybe you would like to hear me get fucked hard in my ass.  I’ve always got BBC on deck.

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