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Anal cum dumpster

Anal cum dumpsterWanna know something most people don’t? I lost my ass virginity before my pussy and ever since then I’ve been addicted to taking cock in my shit hole. I am 100% obsessed with being a total Anal cum dumpster! Load after load being dumped into my ass as I beg for more and more. Nothing compares! I was young when I had my first cock in there, it was my first little boyfriend. He kept pressuring me to let him take my V-card but I wouldn’t give it to him. But eventually, we agreed on my ass. I was really scared it was going to hurt because his dick was so big and I wasn’t wrong. As he forced his cock into my ass I started to back out on it. But he wasn’t having that, he’d been waiting too long to fuck me and he was going to take what he felt like he owned. I screamed as he pounded away, which only turned him on more and he shoved it as deep as he could in. Blowing his load into my tight ass, turning me into the addict I am.

Fucking A Shemale Phone Sex Whore

shemale phone sex

My mother is quite proud I am a shemale phone sex whore. She says I do a service spreading my tranny cock all over the world. What she doesn’t like is that I make her pay me upfront in drugs or cash before I play with her and a new “daddy”. This guy she wanted us to fuck together had a major cock fetish and she was too fucking dumb to see. Mommy said that he was just curious about shemales after she found some hot tranny porn on his phone. She has always been a dumb coke whore. The man is 20 years younger than her and left his phone unlocked in the table. He wanted her to see. Rumors spread about Henry turned into Henrietta. He wanted to fuck me and fucked my mothers sloppy wet pussy just to get a taste of me. My ass isn’t free though. I knew she just got some good blow from the border and I wanted most of it. If I was gonna fuck a young stud to keep her man with her she better pay. She was mad and a few broken plates lay on the floor, but boy was Mr. Twink ass happy to see me. He was so cute and looked fresh out of a gay magazine. He didn’t get off for regular pussy he was a cocksucker ass fucking and receiving boy. He even showed me pics off my website and was on his knees in a flash. Oh, I fed him my cock and when he unleashed his young dick, I was happy to tell him he could fuck me. almost 8 inches on a skinny white young man and good Mexican blow and I was smitten. My ass is a little raw and full of jizz and now I want more boys and men to fuck. Let’s play with my cock baby! 

Anal Sex Whore


anal sex whoreI really can’t help that I am an anal sex whore. My daddy and brother decided to give me coke and pop my ass cherry when I was just a youngster!I grew up watching my mother work the pole. I was in the backroom as the girls got nails done and a little old lady sewed G-string costumes. I saw that cash fly on the dance floor and men stuff her bottoms with bills. I wanted to grow up just like her! I always held mommies vial of coke for when she would come to me and get a big fat snort and tell me to stay put and not move.

I knew she was going in the VIP room and I would sneak in and watch the exchange of cash for a quick blow job. Sometimes she would give a lap dance and those men’s cocks would disappear inside her. I tried her cocaine way before daddy and brother gave it to me and my body was alive! I wanted to make money just like my mommy! Only as I grew I would learn to use my ass hole and be an anal cum dumpster trashy slut!

Living my best life

anal cum dumpster

Anal cum dumpster for all the dealers is what I have become. My asshole craves cock, and my cunt does too especially if I will be getting high as a kite. I had a full-on orgy before noon. I was the life of the party. Staying up late and getting high and getting filled. I have brought my little sisters on to the fun. I am not a morally correct type, gal. I like to have fun and party and do whatever the hell I want. As a big sister, I shouldn’t be exposing them to cock and coke. Well, I learned that long ago, life is short and watch me get fucked and used living my best life. I have never been happier than I am when I am being dazed and confused. I have the most fun when my dealers bring me that candy and cream. I have to keep it exciting, and as I am not 18 anymore, I have to bring some young fresh meat so I can keep my benefits.

Crack Whore Anal Shemale Hooker

You were away from home doing work in the field. You are always traveling and it’s always the same story, you get lonely and think constantly about trying a shemale. I had a guy the other night that really fed me my crack whore anal sex needs. I love a good dealer with that massive black dick fucking my tight tranny ass. I got my rock and we hit the glass dicks and he told me he wanted me to suck him off. He was curious how a little thing like me could handle a big black cock like his. And baby I tell you this BBC was fat! I worked that damned monster dick so good I got a fucking shower of cum down my throat. I begged him to fuck my whore ass bareback. I didn’t have to beg much though as he was planning on destroying my white whore ass. I fucking still throb over those thoughts.

Crack whore anal

Anal Sex Whore Quinn

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore. A naughty little girl who loves to whore out my ass. Daddy took my anal cherry when I was a little girl. He never wanted mommy to know he was fucking me, so he fucked my ass instead. Then when I got older, he didn’t want to get me knocked up and go to the slammer, so he kept fucking my ass. That guys, is how an anal whore is born. Daddy made me the way I am today. Now, I love older men. I was out looking for trouble last night. I was dressed like a skank. I went to this bar where all the old men hang out. When I walked in, I had everyone’s attention. I had every old man hard. They swarmed me like vultures. I asked who wanted to buy me a drink, and soon I had about 10 shots. I don’t need the booze to be an anal cum dumpster. I just like to be drunk. I bent over a bar stool and the old men lined up to fuck my tight young ass. Despite daddy ravaging my ass when I was little, I still have a tight puckered asshole. Maybe not so much today. Those old geezers fucked the hell out of my ass too.

Being an anal sex whore is hard work!

anal sex whoreBeing a anal sex whore is hard work! Guys love a cute girl who gives up her booty! I love it in the ass. I started young with cock in the ass. My daddy, my brothers, even my grand pappy fucked my ass when I was growing up. Not that I don’t like it in the pussy; there is just something so taboo about taking a cock up the ass. I was down at the truck stop last night because I was looking to score some pot. Truckers have the best drugs. Everyone knows that; well, every girl knows that. Truckers rarely want money for their weed. They just like to share with a girl willing to trade something for a joint. I will trade my body any day to get high! I mean it is not like I don’t like it because I do. I am a trailer park whore born and raised. Those truckers passed me around like candy. I am pretty scrumptious. I am skinny but I can take a pounding. I was in the back of a trucker’s cab getting high with a couple other truckers. I bounced from one cock to the next. I would be getting fucked in the ass and blowing a cock that had just been in my ass. The truckers I was partying with thought that was the hottest thing ever. They couldn’t believe I would suck my own ass juice off a cock. I have no shame. I partied with them into the wee hours of the morning. I am the new favorite anal whore of my local truck stop.

Hot Trashy Milf Sex

There’s that filthy desire for some trashy milf to fuck and be humiliated by that just pricks at you every time you hit that crack pipe. I’m a coke whore anal slut and I love taking on the BBC’s that get lined up for fucking this trailer trash stripper milf. I love how my VIP room johns become regulars that will reserve with me for their big shindigs, gatherings, house parties or whatever, they need their favorite trashy stripper that knows her way around their big black dicks. I know how to make those dicks explode and give these BBC’s some really hot anal fucking. Feed me some blow and present to me that big fat  and long cock to fest on til it blows for me.

Trashy Milf

In The Ass Is Best !

anal cum dumpster

In the ass is best for an anal cum dumpster like me baby! Let me tell you a little secret. My ass is my primary fuck hole. I strip and do the phone sex for a living, And well I sell my asshole and pussy too! My daddy says I take more cock than all the chickens in the U S Of A! I giggle and tell him that My ass craves cock as much as I crave a nice white line of coke! I am the girl who will take a huge cock and cum loads in my ass and push the cum out all over my pussy so I can masturbate with it while I talk to you and get high too!

Anal Cum Dumpster

Anal Cum Dumpster

I fucking love having anal sex. I am a self admitted anal sex whore and proud of it! There is just something so fucking nasty about having a cock deep inside my asshole. I love the feeling of a thick hard cock stretching out my tight little asshole and sliding in and out! Bend me over and fuck my ass as hard as you want to! Just lube up your cock and I’m ready to go! I mean, I love my pussy getting fucked but there is nothing quite like feeling a massive cock filling up my ass! I especially love being an anal cum dumpster. A nice hot anal cream pie is my absolute favorite! So fuck me fast and hard and deep until you shoot your hot load deep in my ass!

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