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drug dealer on speed dial

cum dumpsterI have my drug dealer on speed dial. I am so ready to get high and get fucked. After working all day, all I want is my holes fucked, and I want to be high as hell. I spread my ass and let him take it with each pound. My eyes roll back, and my juicy pussy starts to drip. I can feel my cunt begging for some meat too, Cum inside me and make me your cum dumpster. Together we get fucked up and ready to be used some more. My drug dealer gives me two of the things I want and need in this whole world. Drugs and dick will always be my favorite combo ever. Nasty girls always get what they want.

Playing with My Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntI love playing with my cum filled cunt, especially on calls. I woke with a messy pussy. Honestly, last night is a blur. I remember lots of black cock. The way my ass and pussy looked when I woke up, it was clear that I had nigger dick in me. My fuck holes only gape like that with big black cock. I was a hot fucking mess. When I got a cum whore call, I was prepared. Cum is a great hangover cure. I started scooping out cum from my cunt to feed myself. I shit some out of my ass in a cup and drank that too. I am always prepared for a cum call because I am a cum dumpster. I have cum in the frig and the ice box. Today, I had cum in my pussy and ass too. I love the taste of cum. Thick, chunky cum in my fuck holes tastes the best, however. I will eat fresh cum or old cum because I am a cum whore. 

wasted whores

drunk girl fuckingDrunk girl fucking gets you off if you like dumb cunts. Young dumb and full of cum. Yes, I am. I love being a whore who gets to be fucked and plowed and passed around. I get so high I forget who I am fucking. I went to an epic party and got so fucked up that I didn’t notice I knew one of the guests. It happened to be my sister’s fiance. Without even knowing it, I was getting stuffed by him. Once I realized I was too horny and high to care. You can bet I won’t stop fucking and getting trashed because I am a party slut through and through. I love a good time, and won’t ever stop loving getting used.

Your a Cock Sucker, Admit It!

Get down and suck my tranny cock like the cum eating faggot you desire to be with hot tranny phone sex fun. I want to make you a cum eater as I trance talk you into it in a very hypnotic sexy voice. Telling you you love to eat your chode, you crave the taste of cum, you jerk off only to appease your need of eating your own spooge. I will make you swallow my load after load until you confess and prove to me that you really do love, crave and need to eat cum. That itch of  dissatisfaction in life is the lacking of your cock sucking chores. Fulfill the need that hovers over you and start taking cock sucking on as your favorite pleasure, and it’s always easier to give in with a hot, sexy shemale, so submit to Josie cock sucker.

Tranny phone sex

Gangbangs and Coke

ganbang whore

I am such a gangbang whore that I always need more than one cock to make me feel like a dirty slut.

I live by the words trailer trash slut and I fill my life with dirty druggy sex and all-around trashy smut.

I beg for cum in dirty nasty bathrooms and glory holes.  All between swinging on the poles!

I am not above selling my ass for cash. Hell, what am I saying I give it away for a smattering of coke, cum and more.

Pure white blow and big black cock make my world go ‘round.
I have the most cummy pussy for you to pound.

Incest and a dealer father made me the whore I am today. All I live for is cum!

I have been giving my pussy and ass up since day one.

I beg for drugs and huge loads of cum.

I am just your stupid white trash whore. I know you will come back to fill me more.

Hot creamy jizz and piss make me an anal cum dumpster for you. 

There is no limits to the nasty shit I will do for you!

Teen Anal Whore Cindy

Teen Anal Whore

I’m a teen anal whore and proud of it! There’s something so nasty about being an anal only slut. The look on your face when I stop you from fucking my pussy and tell you to use my ass instead is fantastic! That look of confusion, surprise and lust is so fucking sexy to me. My tight little asshole can be stretched to accommodate the biggest of dicks and the roughest of fucks. Just start a little slow, lube up your cock and you can fuck my ass just like a pussy. It can really take a pounding! I love every inch of cock and every minute of a hard dick fucking my little asshole. Feels so good and so dirty that I can cum over and over again! I really love being used as an anal cum dumpster when you shoot your hot load inside of me!

Dark secrets

latina phone sexCum fuck me roughly. I know you have a thing for sexy Latinas who have no limits what so ever. I don’t mind digging deep into your perverse mind and taking out all your naughty secrets. We both know you have deep dark skeletons in your closet. Don’t be shy and let me show you I can be your perfect accomplice — a sexy latina whore who will do anything for cum in her tight twat. Your jizz is a complete treat for me. You are well aware of all the things that turn you on, and I am ready to make you live out all the nasty latina phone sex and porn you have always needed to experience. You want to get a do it all whore on her knees. I will be your willing slut.

Blow my back out

Anal cum dumpsterI have a large ass sack of cocaine and my big black cock fuck buddy is on his way over to blow my fuckin back out! just like how I want! I literally want my spine rearranged once he’s done fucking my brains out! Black men always fuck me harder and deeper than any other white cock can. They have so much fucking cum packed inside of their massive shafts, it’s insane and it’s all for me! I’m my coke dealer’s anal cum dumpster and he is more than happy to give me every drop of his creamy cock juice while he lines up some racks of  blow on my ass cheeks! He spanks my butt and makes it jiggle as I bounce up and down & twerk on that horny BBC of his! Dealer daddies love this juicy pussy, fat booty and dirty imagination!

Anal Sex Whore

Anal sex whore


I love showing off my fat ass in front of you and your friends. Short skirts where it hangs out and even shorter shorts that ride up my crack. I know it gets you hard when you see it jiggle and bounce. I know how much you love to fuck my tight little asshole and you know what? I love it too! I’m nothing but an anal cum dumpster and I love to be used by you and all your friends. One by one taking turns fucking my ass and giving me load after load of hot cum until it’s dripping out when a cock isn’t plugging it. I wouldn’t even care if you ignored my other holes and turned me into a dirty anal only whore. I think I’d like it!

Truck stop fun

Gangbang whoreI was a gangbang whore tonight. I enjoyed fucking all the truckers and making them take my holes and fucking me like a great slut. I was all fucked up on a cocktail of drugs, and my cunt was ready to be owned. I knew my life was all about being a stupid cunt that would do anything for dick and dope. I was hooked to drugs so much that I had no problem being fucked and used by everyone who wanted a piece of me. The trucker men are all in love with me. Most would kill to marry me. At first glance, I seem like a beautiful knockout who shouldn’t be out hooking and using, but this is the life I live and the one I love. My existence is all about being fucked and used.

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