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Dynamic duo

cum dumpster

Haley and Hazel the dynamic duo who get the customers all off. I love having a sidekick sometimes it’s nice to see someone else be the cum dumpster. I also like that we both take on cocks at the same time. There is nothing better than having one cock and having to share it. I loved working the balls while she licks up the shaft like a good whore. I think we will be doing quite the exceptional job. We will have plenty of regulars and plenty of memories made between the both of us. I love being able to fuck while she watches. I like observing her too. Two hot twats are better than one. I think when you have two freaks like us you will never want to settle for boring sluts. Life is short why not get you dicked sucked rubbed and fucked? Haley made me look so well when she blew her interview out the water! We both showed the boss our potential as a team. Two is always better than one.

Lot lizard sex sluts


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lot lizard sextrashy milfLot lizard sex sluts ready to serve some naughty BBC. We love going to the city just south of us because we know all the BBC truckers drive by that stop. Bethany gave us the scoop shes the BBC queen, and we are only her little prodigies. It was the scene out of a whole BBC porn clip. A trashy whore and her minions following the lead. Carrie isn’t new to the BBC scene, and neither am I, but cute teen slut petal has only given a couple of bbc bjs. That perfect teen cunt has never had a chocolate cock. As soon as we set it all up all three of us were watching petal closely and helping her take that cock. We started her off slowly with one, but she was able to handle more than one real quick. We all loved this size queen party. We didn’t stop with a couple, actually we each took about a dozen of them. Nothing brings a pack of prostitutes closer than sharing BBC.

Cock service please

trailer trash whore

I needed to get my car serviced and came into the shop right as they were going to close. There was only one mechanic left, and I knew I had to pretty much beg for his service. It didn’t take long to get him to agree to look at my car and change the oil. His name was Jeff, and he was more than eager to go under my hood and check out the view. After he finished, he invited me to his office and got super clingy and wanted to give me some of his cock services too. I was down to get that special. I knew he was going to be a great fuck from the second I saw his tool. He fucked me right in the office and then in the garage. I loved having his cock it was so meaty, and he knew what to do. I knew this wasn’t his first time seducing a slut like me. I could tell he has done a couple of the whores in town. He had a trailer trash whore obsessed with his cock so much he had to get a restraining order from her. I believe it to his cock was addicting and let me reassure you I will be here for more of his services. I liked that his cum drenched my tits and dripped down. It was a beautiful scene.

Anal Sex Whore For BBC Only

anal sex whoreI love having my ass fucked by men with big black dicks, ONLY!  Yeah, I’m a size queen and no matter what you’ve heard all black men don’t have big cocks.  BBC is the only cock that touches my pussy or my tight sweet puckered asshole.  Having my asshole stretched by a black man with a huge cock makes my pussy so fucking wet.  Especially when they get real nasty and slide it in between my juicy creamy cunt and my ass.  Ultimately, I want all that hot cum in my ass.  I come so much it seems like it’s one long orgasm.  Biting the sheets trying not to scream out in pure ecstasy while getting my ass fucked like the anal sex whore I am.  You know your white cock could never quite satisfy like BBC does.  Wanna hear some hot stories?  Maybe you would like to hear me get fucked hard in my ass.  I’ve always got BBC on deck.

Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whore

I can honestly say I am an anal sex whore. Even though I have had my sweet ass filled with cock thousands of times my ass hole reminds tight. I can’t go a single day without a throbbing hard cock in my perfect ass. I love the way my ass feels when it is being stretched wide open.  I can take a hard pounding in my hole and cum several times being fucked hard. I need my ass fucked hard. Pull my hair and fuck my ass.

  Show me what a dirty whore I am. Piss in my ass and I will feel that hot piss up in my belly. I only like bareback cock fucking me. Shove a little coke in my rosebud ass and I will let you fuck it all night long. I am your trashy coke whore ass fuck baby. Keep me high and take my ass two or three times, and then let me suck my ass off your cock and cum down my sweet throat. I will show you with my sucking and licking of your cock how much I love my ass to be filled.



Glazed n Confused

anal cum dumpster

One thing I like more than one cock is three. When one of the customers brought back his co-workers for their lunch break, they were ready to be greeted by the librarian the anal cum dumpster. Yes that me! I cum, and when it comes in two and threes you know, I’m ready to get on my knees and plead for more and more. I love cocks galore! When I get that cum right in my face that when I know, I did something right. I just need delish loads on my tits face ass and mouth. I just like it everywhere; If I could sunbathe in it, I would too. Just get me glazed with the cum till I’m covered. I want to be sucking and fucking till I lose all my senses. I think having a cock rammed up my twat and ass will leave me loopy and glazed and confused. I just what to take my times and deepthroat you till your eyes roll back and you can’t take it. The look in a guys eyes when he is about to bust makes my twat seep with a bunch of pussy juice. My customer and his co-workers came twice but left once. 😉

Blowjobs behind the bookshelves

big dick suckerI’m a big dick sucker, and I like it. I don’t think there is ever a wrong time to suck on a yummy cock! I love balls in my hands and cocks deep in my mouth. I want to tease the tip till I see precum ooze out. Yummy, there is nothing sweeter than cum in my opinion. I like all types of loads. I want to see how they look. Some are translucent some are opaque, but my favorite it loads are creamy chunky and white. I was at work, and I dead set on having a cock in my mouth. I had this guy flirt with me all day, and I suggested he go to my break room. I went to take him, and I realized the door was locked. I must have locked the keys in the place. I was so desperate for his dick I just decided it was a must to have his cock in my mouth. I took him behind some bookshelves and went all in on his cock. I never thought I’d be so desperate for cum that I would risk it all to feel a hard dick deep in my mouth, but here I was feeling it in my mouth deep.

BBC Anal Cum Dumpster

anal cum dumpsterMy asshole looks like it’s been stretched a time or a few hundred times rather.  That’s because I’m such a fucking slutty ass anal cum dumpster for BBC only though.  No puny little white cocks in my shitter.  Oh fuck no.  I love having my ass stretched.  I’ve even taken two big black cocks in my brown hole.  Sure I love having my cunt stuffed at the same time.  I cum so fucking hard with a super hard black cock in my ass.  I never let them pull out either.  I tell them all to cum right in my shitter.  I’ll take black cock anywhere I can get it.  I once got fucked by a complete stranger at a nightclub.  I had on a super short dress and no panties.  He came up behind me and started rubbing his cock on my ass.  I got so fucking turned on, I started fingering my pussy right there.  Next thing I knew, I felt his huge mushroom head on my ass.  He parted my cheeks and started to slide it right in my ass.  It was so fucking hot.  I didn’t care that there were people looking.  What they didn’t know is that he was fucking my ass and not my cunt.  Wanna hear some more bbc stories?  Call me

Druggy Phone Sex

Druggy Phone Sex

Everyone knows by now I have a habit that I need to pay for. Nothing in this life is free and I can either hook or fuck for my rock. I think I will fuck, I called up my connection and he is on his way over. I am getting myself ready to be raw, I let him in and he threw me over to the couch and put a line on his dick. I love that sight and feeling, it is indescribable. Before he would let me have anymore he shoved his dick in my mouth to make sure it was all off before putting it in my ass. This man has an ass fetish and I have a nice fat ass for him.I sucking him deep and his balls were on my chin, he started fingering my ass to open it up and told me to bend over and grab my ankles and he started rubbing his cock on my pin starfish and then popped it in that felt amazing being so high. He was fucking me and it was all intensified ,he grabbed me by my hair and called me a fuck pig and using me like he wanted.

I Sucked His Cock so Hard

Hot teen phone sex


I want to know something, I am very concerned because I did something the other night that was disturbing to say the least. There is this guy who I’ve been having let’s say consensual sex with we’ve been fucking and it’s been good. The other night I wanted to do more than just fuck him because he fucks me so well that I thought I would give him some of my A1 special edition blowjob action. I invited him over to the house when no one was here but this time I didn’t want to have sex. I laid him down in my bed and I started to suck his cock. I closed my eyes and I got out of control a bit you see I sucked his cock to the balls and I sucked so hard that my gums started bleeding. I think that I scared him because even though he came so big I know that he saw the blood and probably thought that I sucked blood from his cock. Guys I’m lost I wonder can someone tell me even though he was exhausted afterwards do you think that he doesn’t want me to do it again.?

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