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A Messy Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntI have been playing with my cum filled cunt all morning. I had a wild fucking weekend. A boy in the trailer park turned 18 and he threw one hell of a party. That was Saturday night. The party didn’t end until today when he had to go to school. His mom is a stripper; she was gone all weekend at a private gig. I was glad she was gone because that made me the only mature woman there. All those young boys wanted to fuck me. And they fucked me over and over and over. It was me and about 15 high school boys for almost 48 hours. I have not been fucked like that in a very long time. I let the boys share my coke and it turned them into sex machines. They rabbit fucked my ass and pussy. I don’t think I slept much. We would dose, wake up and start fucking again. I smell like a boy’s locker room and I am covered in cum. Some of it has dried and is matted to my hair. I have old cum and fresh cum in my pussy and ass too. I need a shower, but I am having too much fun playing with my dirty holes.

Ass Whore the Anal Sex Whore Adventure

anal sex whore

Beat it up from the back this anal sex whore screamed. My back door is all yours Papi’. He was my newest client and he wanted to try out my pussy and ass before he paid me in sweet coca’ loca’. He made damn sure I knew that he would be controlling my anal pleasures from now on. Flipping me on my back he shoved that fat cock down my thot throat. I was gulping for air as my mascara ran down my face along with spittle pooling from my lips. I was sure Papi’ was going to choke me to death on his pork loin! He pulled out just as I vomited on my huge tits. Chunky vomit that he used to fuck these man-made mammaries. Back in my ass, he goes to spurt his thick creamy load inside me. Then and then only am I allowed a line of coke for being a good whore. 

Rip me a new asshole

Hardcore anal sexAfter having hardcore anal sex all night long, I literally feel like my asshole has been ripped open to three times it’s size. My entire anal cavity feels like it is completely gaping open from having a countless amount of cocks fucking me hard and deep. This body of mine was made to sin, the more hands on me and dicks inside of me, the better. My poop chute is rather petite and it really takes a lot of force to be able to fit inside of me balls deep. I don’t wanna be able to walk once i’m done getting gang-fucked. Big, black, thick and long, that’s my favorite type of dick meat to get nasty with! I have jungle fever and I need my thirst quenched! There’s nothing better than some fresh cum straight out of a nigger’s cock for me to guzzle down! I love getting my asshole creampied then using my fingers to scoop it up and lick it all off. I’m real fuckin nasty and I want you to match it! Make me lose control of my bowels because your dick does too much damage to my insides!

Stress Relief

Dirty phone sexLet me be your medicine baby. I want you to use me for your own pleasure. Treat me like nothing more than your sex toy. Do things to me that you never thought you could do to anyone or I can do things to you in return. I got my strap on ready if you like it in the ass. I want you to save that load you have been holding in for so long just for me. Let’s say you have had a long day at work. You can call me up to tell me you’re on your way, I will stop everything I am doing just so I can see you have pleasure in using me. I want your eyes to roll in the back of your head while you are cumming. Don’t be afraid to tell me your deepest desires. Nothing is too much for me. The freakier it is, the hornier I get. Seeing how good my slutty ass made you cum will satisfy my hunger baby. To see doing whatever you want to me. Damn, I love that shit.

Cock Practice

Live phone sex

Head cheerleader whores like me need to keep up with my appearance and reputation! That means I have to keep my holes soppy and gaping at all times. Guys expect for a coke whore part-time hooker cheerleader like me to have my holes offered up and stretched routinely. Like a well-practiced cheerleader, I take my stretching really seriously. 😉 Every day after cheer practice, I wait out by the alley behind the school, hands and knees on the pavement with my holes ready and willing. I invite any jock, nerd, teacher, etc to have a go at my cunt and gaped asshole. As long as they promise to fuck me so hard scraping my skin on the pavement and piss all over my hot sweaty body, I don’t give a fuck who pumps me full of cum or piss! These fuck holes need to be stretched with cock and soaking wet, no matter what! Will you meet me out back, babe?

Sexy Prostitutes Also Have Cocks

You know you go out looking for those sexy prostitutes that have that extra surprise for kinky perverts like yourself. Your desiring for a little spice and married life doesn’t give you that, so you have to call me and let me assist in some very indulgent fantasies while your also indulging in your poison of choice to really help bring those boundaries down. You sneak out and call e wanting to suck my hot tranny cock while looking at my sexy breasts. You want to take me in your fuck hole and let me pound that ass bareback with my hard nipples and hot tits rub against your back. To watch me as I ride that cock with this fine titties bouncing will certainly bring you to exploding that seed in my hot tranny ass. There is no doubt we will have one fuck of a time together.

Sexy Prostitutes

Creampie slut at work

creampie slut

I started working at this bar downtown. All the workers are men, and I am the only big tit slut around. Right before break I always tend to slip to the back room and get real acquainted with all my new co-workers. I like variety and being able to be a cum slut daily is the dream for me. I am not going to pretend I am classy. I maybe lovely on the eyes but I am genuinely a sick fuck and love rough sex booze rock and roll and lots of drugs. I am always high and wasted and wanting to be explored. I welcome anyone wanting to fuck to get close to me. I can satisfy all your needs and make you release a nice big shot of cum. I am a perfect creampie slut after all.

Cum dumpster roadtrip

cum dumpsterCum dumpsters need fresh meat sometimes. My friend Heidi and I always end up taking a road trip or two here and there scouring all the men from different cities. We love to see new guys: truckers, drug dealers and everything in between. We are adventurous whores willing to do more than most. I have been known to like fresh jizz just as much as a person who loves freshly squeezed juice in the morning. Cum makes my mornings even better. I enjoy waking up to a fresh load and taking every bit of stringy cum shot all over my face. 

Heidi and I always end up getting in trouble together. We are both to peas in a pod and down for anything. I have fucked her with all kinds of guys and girls. We have even had a pack of trannies together. We were driving from Vegas to Arizona and right in Sedona we met up with a ton of hot big dick shemales. We had a blast getting acquainted. Why wouldn’t we? Two sexy big tit sluts are wanting more and more nut creme all over. We took pics and even put them up online. We were a hot commodity. We created plenty of road trip memories also if did involve us being an anal cum dumpster for the whole southwestern hemisphere.



anal cum dumpster

I love Being a Trashy Milf

trashy milfI love being a trashy milf. Everyone knows my reputation too. I can dress up, look the part of the classy housewife, but most people know I am a dirty whore. In fact, when I am at parties or school functions, women do their best to keep their husbands and sons away from me. I was at a school play last night. My youngest daughter is quite the thespian. She is a natural drama queen. My husband is out of town on business, so I had to represent. I took the entire family. The moms were ignoring me. I get disapproving looks all the time. It is hypocrisy, because I am not trying to be something I am not. I am a trailer trash whore living in a rich life. This one super bitch that I loath was there. She should not be judging. She has had more husbands than Elizabeth Taylor, and they keep getting younger. She is a rich MILF; a Beverly Hills housewife type. I have fucked all her husbands, not because I wanted to but for payback. She made a snide comment about my daughter, so I took her newest boy toy husband and fucked him in a high school bathroom.  No way he could resist me. Men always fuck me. No matter what they have at stake. The look on her face, when I came back with her husband was priceless. I whispered in her hear with his cum on my breath that he loved fucking my ass. She will never learn. She keeps being a cunt and I keep fucking her men.

My Naughty Phone Sex Line

phone sex lineI have an anything goes phone sex line. I love talking dirty. My life is dirty. Super dirty and I don’t want it any other way. I joined my best friend last night with her son. She wanted me to be there to help her boy have a milf threesome. I was down for that. I gave my son milf threesomes all the time. She didn’t tell me her son was half black. I was happy to see a white boy with a big black dick. Ten inches on a barely legal boy. I died and went to heaven. She let me watch them fuck first. He had a great style about him too. His rhythm was great. I was rubbing my pussy watching mommy sex. After he nutted in his mommy’s pussy, I went into my creampie slut mode. I buried my tongue in her wet pussy. Her son’s cum tasted wonderful. He got hard watching us in the 69 position. She has always been a great cunt licker, but I am not bad either. I especially love a pussy full of cum. Her son got hard watching me eat his mommy’s pussy. He wanted my milf whore holes the second time around. He pounded my ass and nutted deep inside me. That was okay. His mommy ate my ass better than I ate her pussy.

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