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Hardcore Anal Sex With Teen Petal

Hardcore Anal Sex

Hardcore anal sex can be so much kinky fun! I have so many stripper sex stories about men making me into an anal cum dumpster. Sometimes I like it to get pretty rough and wild though. I like to find guys that have a monster cock that they can slam into my tight teen asshole. When it comes to anal fucking, I want it hard and fast. No need to worry about being gentle with this teen anal whore. I love taking your giant cock and shoving it my tiny fuckhole. I love it when you sit down and pick me up, then place me on top of your cock and just lift me up and down. Just slamming me down onto your cock. You could even bend me over, I’ll gladly spread my ass cheeks apart for you to slid that huge dick in my ass. Hardcore anal sex just makes me feel like such a whore. I want you to stretch my ass out and pound my tiny hole until you explode your cum inside me. Make me your anal cum dumpster.

Anal sex whore Berretta

Anal sex whore Anal sex whore Berretta that’s what you can call me. I have been a personal toilet for my master. I didn’t like it at first but very quickly that changed and turned around. I am now being an obedient little slut. I have to take whatever he gives and I better like it. I can’t complain or make any types of pleads. I have to be the good little whore that I am and make his every need fulfilled. Yesterday I was gone most the day I was supposed to be working at the library. I abandon my shift because I got a text message that read “Come now or you will regret it” Immediately I got in my car and got to the location that was sent. I was grabbed and tied and shoved with dildos in my mouth and ass. I was the entertainment for the night. I got common and pissed on. I had to take all the cum and piss and swallow it whole. I then got my ass fucked by about 10 different guys and was left there like the trash that I am.

Creampie Slut Aurora

creampie slut It has been a very busy day here at the truck stop for this creampie slut. I have been being fucked all day so my hot wet pussy is extra juicy and my tight puckered ass is full of creampie. I am waiting for my human toilet to come and suck all that warm salty cum out of my hot wet pussy. I just love the way that you clean my hot wet pussy and my tight puckered ass. I even have a straw ready for you so that you can put it in my ass and make sure you suck all of that special Aurora milkshake out. I also have a client coming in later that wants to use you. He wants you to suck his big black cock and eat every drop of his scrumptious creamy cum that he dumps in your mouth. Afterwards, he wants you to wash his creamy cum down with his warm fizzling golden piss. Then he is going to have you clean his asshole. I want to see you stick your tongue deep inside his puckered asshole and lick all of that creamy chocolate goodness out. Then before you go I have a surprise for you. Since I know how much you love to drink piss. I have even been saving my piss in mason jars so that you will have a to go drink to take with you. I want you to think of me every time you take a sip.

Say Yes To Drugs

Druggy phone sexI’ll do anything to maintain my high. I love drugs because life would be so dull without them. There’s nothing like having a hard dick gliding in and out of my pussy after snorting a line of coke. Cocaine brings out my freaky side because I have to have you in all of my tight holes. Yeah, that’s right, I like it in my asshole! I love it when you snort coke off of my beautiful tits. Doesn’t turn you on to watch me turn into your very own private porn star. I know that you like the fact that I’ll never say “no” to your dirty demands. Keep me high and I’ll keep you happy. I don’t know what it is about you, but I want your hard cock in my throat. Are you man enough to force me to my knees and shove dick into my mouth? I like it sometimes when you fuck me like you hate me. Get between my thighs and punish my tight wet pussy.

My Boys Know How To Dominate This Mommy Holes

White trash phone sexMy boys know they can have my holes any time of day they want. They love to gang bang me, dominate me, and pound the shit out of all three of my holes. They love to hold me down and force their cum deep in all three of my holes.  I am not complaining I fucking love it!  Take me off guard force me to the ground.  Tear off my clothes (giggles if I am wearing any.) I love when my boys dominate the shit out of me. Makes my cunt so fucking sloppy wet.  Makes me squirt over and over, until my boys are done filling all three of my holes.  I love the way my boys just push me around between the both of them.  Not caring that I am their mommy.  Only knowing I have three holes for their cocks. And that is all I am to them and every other cock.f them.  Not caring that I am their mommy.  Only knowing I have three holes for their cocks. And that is all I am to them and every other cock.

Fuck That Cocaine Up My Ass

Anal cum dumpster

You come over with a fat sack of blow- over an 8-ball and flaky as hell. I get super excited because we all know how much I love doing coke. But this time I have something else in mind. I get down on my knees and start sucking your cock off as hard as I can. I let you titty fuck me for awhile then it’s game time- by that I mean, put that coke in my asshole then shove your dick inside me. I want you to drain all your jizz into my ass and push that cocaine up into me so I get super hella high. It’ll numb me too so you can really bang me extra hard. Keep going, you don’t have to even stop for a second because I can’t feel a thing. I’m high as hell from the drugs and your dick. Wasn’t that fun? We still have some left- what do you want to do with the rest of it?

Fill Up My Tight Cunt

Cum Filled CuntI’ve been sitting alone all day long thinking about your great big cock giving me a cum filled cunt. I have tried everything to get you off of my mind. Fingering myself, smoking dope, using my vibrator, and popping benzos with a shot of tequila. Nothing is getting you out of my head and into my snatch. When I texted you at lunchtime, you said you’d be home early. It’s getting late and you’re not here with me yet. I need your cum inside of me. I want to feel you filling me all the way up. Fuck me deep and give me every drop of that exquisite load. My cunt is absolutely aching for your enormous dick. I need to feel you pumping into me as hard as you can and exploding all over the inside of my tight little wet cunt. I want you to cum over and over so that I am completely full. When I’m lying there after you use me, I want to be able to feel it dripping down from my cunt to my asshole. When I get up to grab a drink, I want to feel your hot jizz running down my legs. And when I crawl back into bed next to you, I want you to do it all over again. But maybe this time, don’t stop at my pussy. Fill up every hole I have. My mouth is watering for a taste of you, and I need you to fuck that sexy ass of mine again anyways. Give it to me any way you can possibly think of. Use me tonight. I want you to make me your jizz whore and your cum guzzling slut. Dump load after load into every open orifice I have. Fill me up.

Funhouse Fun

Crack whore anal

A few of the bitches from the club was talking about how they made some extra money from fucking some of the guys from the carnival. Of course extra money is always good.  I was on the hunt to score some good rocks.  While there I wanted to have some fun.  I started flirting with one of the carnies and he was a clown.  Yes a real clown but not the fun kid loving kind more creepy like IT.  He kept following me throughout the carnival until I met up with him at the funhouse.  He would flash me and I would flash him back.  We reached the mirror room and I could not tell which was him and which was the mirror.  He showed me something else this time.  It was what I was looking for too.  I nice size rock a eight ball.  He pointed to a sign that said take your clothes off.  As soon as my clothes was off he showed up right behind me.  Dick out and hard as a fucking rock.  In a devilish voice he said suck it. I was on my knees as he held what I was looking for in his hand.  He started to moan and grunt as he fucked my face.  he turned me over and pushed my head to the ground.  I started to scream in pain he was fucking me in the ass so hard he began to split me.  As I begged for him to stop the more forceful he became.  I became so weak from him fucking my ass hole raw and the pain caused me to pass out.  He woke me up by inserting a piece of that sweet crack rock in my pussy.  Once he seen me in motion We was at it heavy again.  He started pounding my pussy really hard even causing it to swell up and bleed a too.  I have never been fucked like this before.  I had cum so fucking hard.  This whole time he would never take that clown mask off and I am wondering who he is.

Anal Cum Dumpster Mommy

anal cum dumpsterI was an anal cum dumpster last night. There is this teen barrio boy that mows the lawns in my gated community. I recently made him my fuck toy. Not just mine either. My young teen daughters have been enjoying some brown dick too. He was no virgin when we first fucked him, but he was not a freak either. Now he loves milf pussy. He loves ass fucking too. He loves eating cream pies. He is a little brown freak between the sheets.  I had him fuck my ass. Sometimes I need a big dick in my ass. I gave him some coke, another first for him. I wanted him to be able to rabbit fuck my ass hard. Coke did the trick. I had a big young brown dick tearing up my asshole last night. He went hard on my ass too. The coke fucked him up in a good way. My ass was full of cum that needed cleaning out so I summoned my baby girl over for clean up duty. I spread my asshole so they cum would drip out like lava from a mountain that just erupted. I felt her tongue deep in my sphincter. Felt amazing. She slurped on my butt hole while my son sucked on my clit to make me cum again. I have such good boys and girls.

Truck stop

Hooker phone sex

I was headed out of town with my pimp and he wanted to get a quick few extra dollars. We stopped at this truck stop and I worked my magic.  This one trucker asked if I needed help I said yes so I met him at his eighteen wheeler.  He didn’t know I was I pro and that my pimp would fuck him up.  We went to the back cabin of the truck and he slammed me down.  He didn’t waste any time fucking me in the ass.  He started to tie me up with a rope and said he love taking it from whores like me.  He kept fucking my ass until he burst inside of me.  He tried not to pay for my services when my Pimp came in and we took it from him they way he took it from me.

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