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Stepdads cum dump

cum dumpsterI am fully aware that I have become the cities cum dispensary. I have fully accepted my fate as a cum dumpster. I have been fascinated by cock and cum since I can remember. I had a stepdad with a huge p-cock. My mom would be strung out on H and I would be alone trying to fight off this big hairy man. It was sick but I enjoyed feeling his dick deep inside my young cunny. He would make me do lines from his cock and it was the best high ever. I would feel him jerk his cock on me until he couldn’t take it anymore. I ended up submitting to him and letting him lick my twat till he could no longer hold out his massive cum. He even got my tight ass stretched so young. He would use my bum and would fuck me while my mom was in the next room. It was an excitement like no other. I guess you can say that is the reason I am a nympho whore.

Glory hole keeper

drunk girl fucking

My new part time at the glory hole has me working over time. My twat can’t help it, I need to be used and be the cum dispensary. I am greedy with cum and cock. It’s like my life has complete purpose every time I get a nice dick in my mouth. It doesn’t even have to be huge. My focus is on the creamy jizz. My lips covered in cum is what I want! I am practically always high and horny when I am working and there is not a customer that leaves that doesn’t get to use me. I have a need to be painted with your jizz. Cum paint my whore face and show me you love a drunk girl fucking every penis in sight.

My Kinky Phone Sex Line

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is for P men and perverts. I love talking to a man who likes to play with super young girls and boys. I always tell guys, that when they are a certain age, they all look the same from behind. One of my husband’s friends came to visit us over the weekend. He was in town on business and we insisted he stay with us. He likes young boys. Most of our friends are into our daughters, but we enjoy watching our boys have some hot fun too. He paid us to have some daddy son fun. There was a twist, however. He wanted us to dress our boy up as a little girl. My son’s sisters had fun dressing him up. They did his make-up too. My boy was nervous. He has had his ass fucked before. Not as much as his sisters have been fucked in the ass of course, but he is no back door pussy virgin. I wanted to watch. I was in my bad ass bitch cat suit smoking a cigarette as I watched a fat old man fuck my son’s tight asshole. Before my son was his anal sex whore, however, he got to suck cock. He struggled with his cock. I think I would have too. He was damn near a foot long. He is what I would call an Italian Stallion, just not in shape like Rocky lol. I sat there rubbing my pussy and smoking my cigarette watching my son get ass assaulted. I even fucked his sisters with my strap-on in their asses, so he wasn’t alone getting butt fucked.  My little boy cried like a girl too. It was the biggest thing ever up his ass.  My daughters cleaned his butthole up with their mouths. They were just happy it wasn’t their asses for once. Afterwards, we all had one big orgy. I was the first one to hop on our guest’s fat fuck stick. I don’t cry with a big cock up my fuck holes.

Pimping out young sluts

cum dumpster

I had a gig working as a lead youth counselor. I was trying to pay for college and was doing my hardest to keep my nose clean. That was an epic fail. I owed my dealer so much money and I was in debt with him. All my holes were already used up by him he got bored with me. My huge tits and hot face and body would only keep him content for so long. He craved young whore and that was one way I could eliminate my debt. My new job came in handy. I had plenty of young girls around.

They were all so eager to hang out with me. I wasn’t too much older than them and they looked up to me. It was awful but when I get the urge to get coked out and snort H I could careless whats morally correct and whats not. I invited the young girls over to my house for a movie night. I dressed them up and had my dealer come over with some friends. I let him have a party with each one. I could hear them scream and yell for help. I was focused on the eight ball in front of me. I new they were cum dumpsters and they had to be sacrificed for my own gain.

Retail Therapy

Anal cum dumpsterI am just like you that I have to go out and shop.  I have to buy groceries, pay my bills, pay my insurance, and go and buy clothing.  I can’t just have dick shoved in one of my holes every minute of the day.  I wish I could, believe me, but how would I explain that when I go to vote today? Having some guy behind me, me bent over, fucking in line waiting to cast my vote.  Might be a bit awkward, fun, but awkward none the less.

I was out shopping for some new jeans and panties.  I seem to go though a shit ton of panties for some reason.  Oh that’s right, I’m always sending them out to some of you.  Which means I go shopping for them more than your average whore.  I was in a little lingerie boutique and there was a guy working there.  I was very surprised because you hardly ever see a guy working in a lingerie store of any type.  I thought maybe he was gay, and no I am not gay bashing, I just assumed.

He came over to me and asked me if I needed any help.  I told him I didn’t, but I did ask him how he liked working here.  He laughed and said, “It’s my Sister’s place, I am just filling in for a little while so she could run to the bank.” That explains that.  I asked him if he was gay, he told me that I was the fifth woman to ask him that today.  We both laughed and he said no he wasn’t gay.

Well that just changed everything.  I changed my mind and told him that I actually did need some help.  I told him that my bras didn’t fit correctly and I needed to be measured.  He didn’t know what I was talking about. I volunteered to show him.  We went into a changing room, and I took my shirt off and my bra.  He just stood there, I told him that we would need a measuring tape.  He went to find one.

It took a little while but he came back with one.  I showed him how to measure a woman for a bra.  He was blushing like crazy, and his cock was getting a little hard.  I could see the bulge start up in his jeans in the mirror.  He went out and picked out some bras for me to try on.  I thanked him then told him that I needed to be measured for panties too.  He just looked at me.  He asked me if that was actually a thing, I told him no. 

He stood there for a few seconds then he figured out what I meant.  He came in and slid the curtain closed.  I pulled my pants and panties off then sat back on that very uncomfortable little seat.  I pulled my legs up so that he could see how wet my pussy was already.  He got down on his knees and started to tongue fuck me.  He was extremely good at it.  I heard the door open in the shop.  He had to leave the dressing room, I was so close to cumming too.  I heard him talking and the woman said she would come back later. 

He came back in and told me he locked the door and put the closed sign up, but we would have to hurry because his sister would be back any minute.  I took his cock out and sucked it to life, turned around and let him have at it.  He fucked me in my cunt for a bit, then without even asking plowed it into my tight ass.  He was big so it made me gasp, but it also made me cum. Then he came shortly after.

He left the room, I got dressed and purchased my stuff.  He asked if he could have my number because he would like to see me again.  I told him to give me his and I would contact him if I ever wanted to meet up again.  He smiled and gave me the digits.  I gave him a little kiss then left.  I got fucked and some really killer panties and bras, all in all it was a fantastic shopping trip.

Hardcore Hadley Loves Anal

hardcore anal sex

Pissing wasn’t enough For my client. He got behind me and spread my ass cheeks. His fingers ran up and down my ass crack. Those big hangs would stop and poke at my ass hole opening. It seemed he couldn’t get my cheeks far enough apart. He told me my pink puckered whore ass hole was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He took his hand and spit in it then lubed up my ass and laid his throbbing boner across my ass hole. It just sat there forever. I could feel his heartbeat in his cock. This man worshipped anal sex. It was not enough that I sucked his dick like a golf ball through a garden hose or gave him my pretty pussy. He savored every minute of having my ass hole to his use. I was coked up SO I didn’t mind as I loved every sensation going across my body. It was when he pissed up my back and violently stuck his cock in my ass seconds later that I realized he was waiting for the perfect moment to give me hardcore ass sex! 

Happy Halloween

cum filled cuntHalloween is the perfect excuse to let out your inner slut. Well, when it comes to me, my inner slut is usually outter. I am not shy about being a lover of having a cum filled cunt. I don’t shy away from what makes my body happy. A little angel dust and cumshots and I am having a blast. I like wearing little to nothing and going to gang bang parties. My favorite party this Halloween season was one that I went to last night. Everyone was in costumes, and It is a small town where I live. There is a good chance I knew all the people in costumes fucking me. I didn’t care I loved every minute of it. I wasn’t shy, and I surely wasn’t incognito. I was dressed up, but you can spot me a mile away. I loved having my pretty face get jizz masks. I enjoyed doing line after line of coke and getting filled in all my holes. It was a very happy Halloween

Cum Guzzling Slut for Halloween

cum guzzling slutI was a cum guzzling slut for Halloween.  Because of rain coming tonight, the city did trick or treating last night. I dressed up as a street walker. I know, just my regular daily clothes, right? I was only passing out candy to check out the talent. I was sure some teen boys would knock on my door later. They always do. After most of the super young ones had come for their candy, I did a line and opened a beer. I was going to watch some scary movies, but there was a knock at the door. When I opened the door, there were 5 boys in hockey masks. I figured high school boys. I told them the treats were in the kitchen. They followed me in. I filled their bags on the condition they would fill my fuck holes. They said they weren’t there for the candy anyway. They knew I was a trashy milf. I was glad they knew my reputation. They did a few lines, chugged some beer then skull fucked me. I had all their cocks in me at once. I can handle it. I have been sucking dick since I was a little girl. They were impressed. I am a far better cock sucker than the school girls. I told them I was their trick, but I wanted my treat. My creamy, protein rich treat. They fucked my mouth fast and deep. I thought I might puke, which has not happened in decades. I was able to keep it together to swallow several loads of hot cum. I am a cum guzzler. I love the taste of cum, the feel of it too. They were ready to leave after they busted their nuts, but I told them I had two other holes in need of treats. They put down their loot and pulled out their cocks to fuck my ass and pussy. It was a treat filled night for this trailer trash whore.

Family of Hot Coke Whore Strippers

stripper sex stories

Oh, yes my Sweet Whore with big tits Little sis has given me more stripper sex stories. I knew she would make a good coke whore fuck! She is so hot with he little cunt and I love making her fuck my clients for cock and coke! I love seeing Chastity Take massive cum loads for me! Oh, fuck and to get to eat those loads out of her sweet cunt! Oh, she is turning out to be my mini-me!  I spent all night slurping her cunt as she took it in the ass. I gave our client some hot gangbang cum out of my pussy as well. He didn’t mind as long as we both were snorting lines off his cock and each other’s asses. This Client was sent by our big brother. Bro. Had called to see how much sweet cock juice was already in my cunt. My Brother warned me not to fuck it up this man was dirty and nasty, but one of his biggest suppliers for cocaine. I said I just did a hot gangbang, so I am good. So when Mr. Cum eater showed up he knew I had creamy loads waiting for him. What he didn’t know was that he could get our blonde sister as well. Hell, I gotta make sure he gets the best. And he had the best fucking nose candy so it made me even more of a freak! I was pissing in my sister’s face and lapping it up like the white trash whore I am. When He pulled out his cock from my sisters’ ass he had a nice brown mixture of ass and pre-cum. Of, course I sucked him clean and offered my pretty little tight ass hole to him!  Oh, how these little strippers with big fake tits gave Mr. VIP the whole cum inducing good fucking. Whos’ next Baby? This whore pussy needs more! Cum, play with this white trash hone sex whore. white trash phone sex

Hardcore anal sex Party

Hardcore anal sex

I was walking down the street minding my own business when I heard moaning, then a slap.  I was like, “What. The. Fuck.”  I stopped and listened for a few seconds, I didn’t hear anything, so I started to walk again.  I was only a few feet away from Tabatha’s house when I heard it again, this time louder.  I had no clue what the fuck was going on, but I wanted to find out.  I stood there for about ten minutes then I heard someone call someone a “fucking cum slut”.  Someone was having a good time, that was for sure.  I laughed a little bit then went back and knocked on Tabatha’s door.

I had to wait for about five minutes before she opened up.  I went in and was telling her what I heard on my way to her house and she said, “Oh shit! I forgot to close the window.  How loud was it?”  I looked at her.  She said that she had a couple of ‘friends’ over and they were having some fun, but she didn’t realize that they had been so loud.  We walked into her kitchen and there were a few guys sitting around drinking beer.  They all said Hi when she introduced me.

She didn’t mention that she could be heard, so I did.  One guy almost spit his beer out.  I asked them what exactly where they doing, and finally one of the guys said, “Want to find out?” I looked at Tabatha and she walked up to me and started to kiss me.  It took me by surprise because Tab and I have been friends for a long time, and she had never kissed me before.  I kissed her back, one of the guys got behind me as he kissed the back of my neck, I could already feel him getting hard against my ass.  Another guy got behind Tab. 

We were just feeling each other up, my hands on her tits, her’s going down into my panties to finger my clit, the guys pulling our clothes off.  Both her and I were bent right over her kitchen table and ass fucked.  Their cocks were so meaty.  They filled my ass up so nicely.  The only time I stopped taking a hard dick in my ass is when I was sucking off my ass juice and cum from their shafts before being slammed in my ass again and again.

One of the guys was the slapper.  He was slapping my ass and calling me names.  He would even have me repeat them to him until he filled my tight hole with all his hot cum.  For some reason it came into my head that the window was still open and I was wondering if anyone was listening to us.  Which just made the whole ass fucking party even hotter.

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