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My Tranny Phone Sex Lover

My tranny phone sex lover is completely addicted to me. He cannot stop thinking about me or worshiping my big hard cock. He has a little clitty and a sweet mangina that I just love to plow. I like to take him in the back of the church and whisper to him about how I am throbbing to be inside his man cave. His little dicklet throbs when I mention penetrating his man cunt. His mouth waters and I can only lift my Sunday dress up and let him release my throbbing ladyboy cock from the confines of my pretty red lace panties. I want his mouth on my cock and I want his tongue teasing the precum out of my dick hole. The thought of him sucking me off in church is hot, it’s even hotter when we sneak into the church while I’m dressed as a nun and he a priest. Ever sucked a Nun’s cock in church before? Well you should try it.

Tranny phone sex

I Love to Share


2 Girl phone sex


Someone’s not going to make it home tonight. Jesse, I want you to understand something you and your wife are over for tonight. You have a new girlfriend to deal with. Come over here. I want you to kiss me, wouldn’t you like to feel my lips pressed against your chest and your lips? I want to see what you’re like when your buck naked. I heard from your wife that you could fuck she says that you put her legs behind her neck and that you fuck her like a ninja. I know that she’s my best friend usually, that’s not right, but it’s okay we share everything. You see, your wife has been sharing her boyfriends with me for years now, ever since we were teens. I think that your wife loves to share; that’s why she tells me about all of her ventures. Take these pants off, don’t you want me to taste your big bulging cock? I can suck it so good for you. I’ll make you fall in love. I want to put my tongue in your asshole if you let me. Come on, you know you want to fuck me, all of her boyfriends before you have fucked me, it’s okay. If it feels better for you, I won’t tell her this will be our secret. I’ll come over to your job on your break time, and I’ll give you a quick blowjob every day. You will love this, and all you have to do just let yourself go. I hope you don’t think that I’m about example because that would hurt my feelings. I’m just trying to make you a happy man to give you the best of being married and having a mistress. You get to fuck her whenever you want to, and then you can fuck me whenever you want to. You deserve to be treated like an important man. All the important men have at least two women, a wife, and a mistress. I see when you look at my ass when I’m wearing those short shorts, your dick gets hard. Sometimes I wear tight shorts just because I want to make your dick hard. You like it when I wear those little cut shirts. And you can’t tell me that you don’t like every time we go swimming because you always seem to make it. I know you’re not going just to see your wife because you get to see her naked every night, but you don’t get to see me in those g-string bikinis all oiled up and glistening. You want this pussy, and you know it, so you better get it right now.

Anal Cum Dumpster For My Tranny Cock

You’re just one big ole anal cum dumpster for my nearly nine inches of throbbing hard tranny cock. I love visiting those hi-way truck stops when I am commuting along the tri-state corridor meeting up with my johns. The stops at those trucker showers and all night diners where they can camp out for the night are so much fun for me. I love that extra cash and boy do they love a sexy tranny with great tits and a nice cock like mine. I’m loaded and ready to go when I swing by. Whether they want a blow job, wish to suck me off or in need of a good anal pounding, giving or receiving I’m all in baby. You big guys never need be shy around Josie, I’ll be a perfect woman and I give satisfaction. You are guaranteed a good time with me, and yes, I have the blow if you need it too. This tranny is always packing a fully functional big cock and a little nose candy to party the night away. Sweet dreams lover.

Anal cum dumpster

Halloween Hadley Is A Gangbang Whore

gangbang whoreI love looking for candy during these Halloween Nights.

I am obsessed with making the biker ball men fucking fill me up. I love being the gangbang whore that can come in get ten to fifteen cocks to fill me up like the cum slut I am. I loved being fucked so rawly that I can’t walk the next morning.

I will suck line after line of a hard-sweaty cock. And gag on every cock at the bar. And now that it is Halloween, I am being made to really beg for my nose candy. I have been made to use my daughter on the pool table to give the hot and mean biker cocks a show! I will always be the nasty slut young mommy who loves to get a great hot gangbang fuck and be fucked up.


Give me the ass fucking of my life

Anal sex whoreI’m such an anal sex whore. I love the way it feels to be stretched out by a big cock up my little bunghole. Lube it up good for me, baby. I love it nice and slick and easy riding. Polish it until it’s nice and shiny so everything moves smooth as silk. That’s a really big cock you have there and I don’t want a sore ass tomorrow. Slide it inside me nice and slow all the way to the balls and hold it there. I’ll be rubbing my clit so I can squirt for you. I want my juices to jet all over that cock, making everything sloppy wet. I want you to pull that dirty dick out of my ass and ram it inside my pussy, I feel like being nasty today. Make me your dirty whore. Fucking pound that ripe cunt till it’s all used up. I want you to pound the fuck right out of me. I want you to fuck me harder than ever before. Make me scream for you, baby! Do you have what it takes to please a whore like me? I need you to cum prove it and leave your money at the door. Call me baby, I’m ready for the fucking of my life!Nasty phonesex

Stripper Sex Stories About BBC Sex

I take a lot of BBC and have been taking it for years. As a stripper that worked a VIP room that was dedicated solely to big black cocks I have a lot of stripper sex stories about those big black dicks. It’s hard to go back to fucking any kind of white dick after taking so many black cocks that would really blow any white cock away when you compare the sizes. Don’t get me wrong, if you are a white dude that is endowed with a big white dick then i am certainly up for that ride. I hope you know how to use it though. I’ve been with a few big white cocked men that really had no fucking skill with that thing. Really they were best just jerking themselves off because they couldn’t fuck for shit. Come on and prove me wrong.

Stripper sex stories

Trashy Milf Lilibeth

trashy milfCalling me a trashy MILF is an understatement. Cum guzzling ho is more accurate. I am a mother, but I’m not a PTA, minivan driving, cookie baking, stay at home kind of mom. I do stay at home, but on my back, and sometimes my knees! I no longer live in a trailer park, but I am still a trailer park slut. While my fuck trophies are at school, I am out hooking or fucking. I didn’t go far to score cock yesterday. I walked around my neighborhood shaking my milf ass and I spotted four guys on the local basketball court. Mexican boys, likely illegal and not in school. I speak enough Spanish to get laid. I walked over to them in tight shorts and a tank top with no bra. I just announced, I was a gangbang whore if anyone needed their balls drained. They all followed me home with hard cocks in their gym shorts. They couldn’t believe how easy it was to fuck one of the rich bitches in the neighborhood. Most of the trophy wives in my area won’t fuck illegals. Their loss my gain. Cock after cock penetrated my fuck holes filling them up with cum. Every guy that fucked me got served some sloppy seconds because I wasn’t stopping to clean up. Cum poured out my cunt and ass like a tidal wave. I swallowed so much cum, I felt like a sperm bank.  I just kept taking donation after donation until I had tapped those studs dry. They couldn’t believe a sexy MILF twice their age could take so much spunk. I told them I was breast fed on cum. I could have drained their balls all day long. I have been a cum guzzling slut all my life. I passed that skill on to all my daughters too.

Balls Deep, Baby

Big dick suckerI just had the best BBC dick sucker; he sucked that 11-inch big black python down like a pro. I’ve never seen such a hungry little faggot. He was sucking and slobbering all over that big piece of man meat. Had that BBC hard as a rock and throbbing like hell. That big black man picked his skinny little white ass up and bounced him on the bed and started face fucking him. It was something to see, let me tell you. That little white puckered hole didn’t stand a chance in hell. That nigger breed that little brown eye and made his little white ass scream, I fucking loved it. I didn’t think the white guy was going to be able to get all that chocolate drop in that ass, but he did all the way to those big juicy balls. He was fucking that little guy so hard his big nigger nuts were slapping the white guys little nuts. It was an amazing thing to watch. I love seeing a little white cock swinging in the wind, while he’s getting that shit hole pounded. When that black man let that huge load go in that little ass, his little white cock blew its tiny load too. If you need a BBC in your ass call me and let’s make it happen.BBC sex stories

Let the cream drip out

Creampie Slut

Nothing turns me on more than getting my tight brown caramel flavored cunt filled up with cum. I am the definition of a Creampie Slut. I remember letting the whole football team get a taste of this sweet black ass. I was all kind of nigger bitches and nigger whores that day. I didn’t care all my horny pussy wanted was some dick. I got to have more than one dick at a time and all kind of flavors. The whole team took turns ramming thier hard athletic cocks into my pussy. I let each one of them fill my pussy up with thier sweaty, salty, thick cream. I had it running all down my legs. I love getting creamed filled inside of me. That what I am put here for. To be a slutty black whore. That is what my mom taught me and I have been living this dream every since. Pussy is made for cum so come fill me up!

Lot Lizard Sex I tore His Ass Up Like That Dallas Tornado

lot lizard sex

True to my trashy self I was the ladyboy having lot lizard sex as the tornado blew through Dallas. I had been hoping big rigs all week and Just as the storm came in I happened to be in Dallas with a nice redneck Trucker who was sharing his speed and cock with me for a few days. We parked in a big Truckstop outside Dallas and ended up in the paid showers with about ten other drivers. My tranny scent was picked up and I spent the next hour in and out of bathroom stalls fucking sweaty hairy and tight assholes as well as a few of the older men using my ass like the anal cum dumpster that this shemale is used too. That tornado blew through as I was blowing loads and being the dirty whore momma raised me to be! I am on my way across country again and I swear I am going to get 100’s of Trucker cum in the next few weeks.

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