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Fucking for a promotion

anal cum dumpsterI was offered a promotion but I had to show my skills and interview for the promotion. Both my supervisor and manager asked me how determined was I for the opportunity? It was simple I was going to be their anal cum dumpster. First I had to deepthroat them and then I had to show them my holes they both wanted to fill me up. I was determined I wanted that promotion and I was going to get it. Hours of sucking them off and letting them drenched me had me tired. I could of gone all day and night. I knew this wasn’t going to be the last session. I knew I hooked them. I think I made a great choice not only did I get rock hard rods I also got the position I wanted and I got a ton of yum jizz all over me. It was certainly a win in my end. I think they are loving having such a nymph working side by side too.

Cheating cum slut

Cum dumpster Cum dumpster Whoops I did it again. I can’t say I didn’t mean too. I really wanted it and I got it. I was with my boyfriend and his brother. I got some blow in my system and angel dust is something that can get me so horny I do a line and my legs open wide. It’s always been that way with me. I was watching a movie with my boyfriend and his younger brother. I kept making my boyfriend go on all types of runs just so I could have his brother to myself. I was in the mood for some high school cock. I wanted someone who would be willing to be submissive but willing to learn to be dominant. When i got him alone for a few I was able to get him on his knees and practically begging me to let him fuck me. All it takes is wearing something revealing and letting your hands run free. While the movie was playing I was rubbing his cock under the cover. My boyfriend would step out and I would whisper in his brother’s ear to make me his cum dumpster. Within no time I got this shy fucker out of his shell and ready to pound me. Luckily we didn’t get caught this time. I should stay away from the nose candy but I just can’t help myself.

I Will Do Anything For That Crack

Crack Whore AnalI don’t look at my body as a temple, I look at it as getting what I want no matter the extent I have to go. I love crack and I will let guys use my ass and any hole of mine for their pleasure as long as they please. My neighbor came over with the goods and had brought some friends, I was naked with my bald pussy. I am such a ratchet bitch, they gave me the goods and I was so high I just didn’t give a fuck. They had me bent over and was using my holes for their cum rag and cum dumpster. I love telling guys about my experiences and hearing theirs with druggy whores like me. I even came when I was twerking my fat ass all over his dick.

Sexy Tranny Loves Hardcore Anal Sex

One thing I can’t seem to get enough of is that hardcore anal sex with a nice juicy nigger cock. That big chocolate banana just really does it for me and this tranny cock gets so fucking hard. A trashy druggy tranny is what I am and I give no fucks about anyone’s opinion of me. You like to suck dick and get your dick sucked? Like a good switch hitter? I bet we can have some kinky filthy fun. I love when I get some unsuspecting guy home and give him an awesome fucking blowjob, we get so geeked up and I play with his ass as I blow him. My fuck stick starts to get really hard and grows and with my delicate panties and short tight skirts, there is no way of hiding this bad boy.

I ease into things and calm him as most start to react very negatively. Oh but baby with how fucking hot and ready to go as he is by this moment from my awesome oral skills he or is it You, are about to be my bitch, or maybe if I’m really lucky… I will be fucked hard and rough like a bitch in heat.

Hardcore anal sex

Mother’s day escapade

cum dumpster

I was supposed to surprise my mom on mother day with a fully serviced car which I did but it took a while to get to her. I was also preoccupied getting my hood checked out. The mechanic was not busy at all due to the holiday, and he couldn’t keep his eyes off me. I loved the attention he was giving me. I could see that bulge from a distance, and I just had to get a close view. I followed him into his small office and gave him the show he wanted. I was happy to be his nasty slut and cum dumpster for the evening. I was spreading my legs on his desk ready for him to thrust into me like I knew he would. I couldn’t help but get on top and ride him like I wanted to be fucked. I was pounding my pussy so hard on that huge cock he was just a piece of meat to me. I big one at that. I loved fucking him, and when he came on my tits, I just had to spread it all over and grab some of it and put it in my mouth.

Jizz Journey

anal cum dumpsterIt was a weekend long binge on cock and coke. Two of my favorite things in the whole world. I was still stuck in Tijuana and was on an adventure trying to get back to San Diego. It was a complete field trip, but I was able to persuade some guys in the cartel to let me go by giving them the best striptease show ever. They were impressed that I could speak Spanish they assumed I was a white girl from Oceanside. They were wrong I had a way with words so much, so they wanted this whitewash latina to take each of their cocks deep in my mouth. After basically guzzling a hundred different cum loads I got to the next part of my journey. This time I was the anal cum dumpster to one of the guys giving me a ride to the city from a country area that conjoined to Baja. I had no choice but to pull my undies down and let him plow my asshole so I could make it home.

Anal Sex Whore BJ Loves BBC

I’m so looking forward to the weekend and being the major anal sex whore that I thrive on being. My passion for taking a ton of Big black cocks has brought me to being super filthy and loving to take so much BBC that my anus gets prolapsed and gapes insanely. I will get so high off the crack rock and cocaine that my guys bring to me that i just really can’t see straight nor do I feel the way I am being fucked. I’m so fucking numb and that is fine for the guys and for me.

What’s your plans for the weekend? Maybe you want to get filthy with a truly trashy stripper cunt p-mommy milf that you decide to look me up.

 Anal Sex Whore


Gangbang whore Being a gangbang whore makes me so happy. I get to make you, your balls, and your cock feel great.  Last night, I had two clients do a private dance and they started to beg to come back to my place. I told them they did not have to beg they could come over when ever they wanted. They let me know they wanted to fill all my holes. I told them I am about it and when I get off work from the club they could follow me back. Its been a couple weeks since all my holes were filled at the same time. When we got home they wanted to all take a shower together. Thank god I have a decent size shower. I pissed all over their cocks because they asked. Hey i love everything dirty. Their dicks grew so much longer when I pissed all over them. After, we got out the shower they rubbed all over my body, kissed me from head to toe then they shoved me down like the little fuck doll I am, my holes were filled not much longer after that.

 They tied me down and slapped me around with their hands and cocks. I loved every bit of it. My body was shaking of fear and excitement all at the same time. When my mouth is forced open and my pussy and cock shoved open my pussy leeks. They fucked my holes until they came, then, they were still hard . They cut the ties and I bounced on each of their cocks with cock in my mouth its a challenge but I love a challenge but more so love cock filling me up. I got my holes filled with cum. Fuck i love my job shaking my ass on the pole scored me with some nice big cock to bring home. Loving the thrill baby. Come join my thrills ?

Hot High and Horny

Nasty phonesex

My poor fiance has no idea what a drug slut I am. When I get high all I think about is having a cock to suck and fuck. The feeling of that nose candy hits my brain and all bets are off. I am ready to be a cock sucking whore. I use to try to  indulge in some nasty phonesex just so I could behave a bit. Sometimes just saying all the nasty things you want to do will keep you from making mistakes. Sadly, I can’t be and won’t be tame I need to act on impulse so when my soon to be brother in law was crashing on our sofa I made a fun mistake. I hate that I loved it so much. My brother in law was deep in his slumber and I was already eight lines in deep. I had some lingerie ready to blow his mind. I pulled his cock out of his shorts and began to tease it. Oh gosh was he ever startled. I enjoyed persuading him to fuck me. There was nothing to persuade I was hot high and horny. 


Assgasm cum dumpster

Cum dumpsterI made sure to eat a very light breakfast this morning so that I could save room for lots and lots of cock cream in my belly, I don’t have the reputation of being a cum dumpster for no reason! I give Daddy a physical exam and check his balls to make sure they’re nice and filled up with jizz. Physically, I am built like a fuck doll and I love bottoming out on monster cock. My asshole and esophagus get stretched the fuck out by Daddy’s throbbing boner. He has my insides beaten and battered as he fucks me hard with that raw dick. Assgasm after assgasm, I cum all over that shaft and my juices splatter everywhere. I’m a hungry whore for gigantic monster dick. Daddy uses his Asian teen Fleshlight to fuck himself while I lick all over his prostate. He grabs my ears and pounds my fuckin throat, just like how a true fuck slut like me deserves.

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