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Glory Hole Whore

Cum eating phone sex

I fucking love sucking off strange cock, I don’t give a fuck who it is attached to. I am so addicted to cum, my favorite glory hole spot in town is in the trashiest, run down sex shop. The guys that come by just cum buckets of their splooge into my awaiting teen whore mouth. I love getting on my hands and knees in the dirty, crusty adult video store back room. Getting my knees scraped up on the floor while cock after cock comes through that grimy glory hole waiting to pump thick dick cum down to my belly. I love getting cum drunk on thick glory hole cum. My throat loves getting fucked so hard. I love cum eating and being a cum dumpster slut. By the time I have had my fill, my cunt just dribbles so wet that I need to get fucked so hard. I love making my pussy and asshole a glory hole offering and getting fucked right in that back room.

cum dumpster turned crack whore

My stepdad has been ruining my cunt for a while. Lately, I have been going over to the basement every Wednesday night where all the guys smoke crack and gamble. I am such a filthy trashy whore that I don’t mind being their cum dumpster. I had never even done crack before, but having the second-hand smoke pierce out of the basement hit my face and made me so horny. I do plenty of coke but its time for this druggy teen slut to do some more. I will do anything to be a high junkie slut. Cum and cock all day it is part of my nutrition. A right menu consists of jizz for me. Taking all of their old cocks in me drives me wild.

cum dumpster

Use me Daddy

Cum dumpsterWhen i’m acting up and catch a little attitude, be a gentleman and stick your throbbing dick in my mouth to shut me the fuck up. Slap me and spit into my eyes because that’s exactly where your saliva belongs! As you know, a cum dumpster like me has intense sexual hobbies and mine include throating cock that’s the size of my fucking head! I’m gonna spark this weed joint and bend over so that you can blow my back out while you simultaneously hold my vibrator on my clit! to make me cum hard I look my best when i’m positioned face down and ass up. Fuck me insanely hard and spank my ass. I swear my sex drive is unreal today!! I think the only reason that guys like me is because i’m nasty as fuck and they’re super dirty too so our kink levels just mesh so well. I really like what these filthy perverts do to me and my body which was made for sin!

Dirty Phone Sex Whore

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex is found when you call me. Do I look like a boring vanilla girl? Hell no. I am a dirty old whore who understands the kinky desires of men. I love shocking people with how nasty I can be. I want people to think of me as the nastiest girl they know. Last night, one of my friends and I entertained a bunch of guys. We got gang banged, but that was not the dirty part. We had asses full of cum and piss. After a couple dozen loads of cum up our asses, we had cum bubbles shooting out our assholes. I went over to my friend and sucked the cum out of her puckered ass and spit it in her mouth. We snowballed the cum in her ass, until it was gone. That was when she sucked the cum out of my ass. I love being an anal cum dumpster. We snowballed the cum in my ass in front of the men that gang banged us. They were in awe. They couldn’t believe two women were so trashy they would suck the cum out of each other’s assholes. We didn’t stop there. We sucked their dicks clean too. I don’t mind tasting ass on a cock, especially not if it belongs to my hot partner in crime; she has hot ass juice.

Crack Whores

Live phone sex Druggy phone sex Hadley is a great whore but before I started guiding her she was giving it up for free. Can you believe that shit for free! She does not do that any more thanks to me. Like I said she is a great whore but a young stupid whore. I told her the more dicks she got in her the more crack, money, and items you will get from these men. Now that smart bitch doesn’t spread her legs unless she is getting something in return. I took her under my wing fine-tuned a few things about her and bam the girl is a natural born pro. She is so smart too she copies what I do to get the max of what we can out of these horny men. I told her next time she is over to bring her nephew and niece. We will triple our profit.

My Phone Sex Line is Open Like My Fuck Holes

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is open like my fuck holes. I will talk to anyone about anything at any time. I am known for a few things. I love partying, big black cocks and anal sex. That is just the tip of the iceberg. I am a dirty old whore. Last night, I was at a boring party. It was a high school party too. I crashed it. One of the boys in my neighborhood is graduating and they through a pre-party to celebrate. For a bunch of high schoolers, I expected some wild antics. I had to show them some wild antics. Since I am an anal sex whore, I decided to start with some ass fucking. I bent over the couch and encouraged those boys to fuck my dirty old asshole. They looked at me astonished. They couldn’t believe I was offering up my ass to me. After a few minutes of shock, one boy snapped out of it and rammed his hard, teen cock in my asshole. The rest of the boys followed suit and before we knew it, we had a real party. An anal gang bang party. I broke out the party favors and booze. Do you need me to spice up your party?

Ass Fucking for Crack

phone sex line

Lately I’ve been so into smoking crack. I just love the feeling of being a dirty high whore on crack. My cunt gets so fucking hot and wet whenever I smoke crack. Problem is, I spent all my money on crack rocks and 8 balls of coke! And a broke high school cheerleader like me just simply cannot afford to be supplying my own addiction. Luckily, I have a few wet holes worth a few rocks right?Finding a thick dick hottie to fuck any hole of their choosing. I met up with my friend’s dad who offered to give me cash if he could drill my cheerleader crack whore ass with his thick daddy cock. A hundred dollars could get me so much fucking crack and coke. Plus I get an ass plunged with a thick daddy cock and filled with thick creamy cum? It’s a no brainer. Selling pussy and ass for crack is the best decision I ever made!

Glazed and confused

cum dumpsterMy best friend a few years back told me she had a fantasy of being covered in cum. I told her I could arrange that. I had no problem showing her the ropes to being a total cum dumpster. If she wanted to be glazed and confused, I was willing to do that and much more. I am a cum lover and have plenty of guys that come over on any given day. All it takes is one text, and I have an array of dicks at my display. All beautiful all big. I like them hard and long and ready to pump that yummy goodness. My cunt begins to drip thinking about all the cum I am about to be blasted with; I invited my friend over to a fun creamy afternoon. We cum swapped and swallowed. I like bathing in jizz.  We were glazed and confused by the end of the rendezvous.

Anal Cum Dumpster BJ Drains Balls

Looking for a real trashy anal cum dumpster to work yourself up with as you smoke some crack and jack? The BBC I had a few hours ago sure were! These mother fuckers love to plow my milf ass and make my son watch the whole time as they (all five of them) pumped my anus over and over making it a gaped out prolapsed cream filled and dripping whore hole. My son was forced down on his knees to clean all of the big nigger cocks off like a good little white boy faggot should and he will always be subjected to servicing those big black dicks as long as I keep my druggy ways up. I may have to go overboard and make him learn to take it in his sweet sissy ass if I don’t slow my roll.

Anal cum dumpster

Married Cock

For a white trash slut, I got a big fat ass. That is one reason all of these white trash whores in my town are so jealous of me. Their flat pancake asses can’t compare to what I got going on back there. I take all the men, these sluts know not to bring their men around me. They know the men around here can’t resist a white trash slut with a fat ass, able to use me as their personal Cum dumpster. One of the names I get called a lot is a Gangbang whore, it’s no secret. I love when a group of men is able to fill up all of my holes while calling me a Cum filled cunt. I remember one time every married man in our neighborhood snuck out of their house late at night. We met at a motel down the street. I told each man to fuck their wives before seeing me. I was ready to be a Cum guzzling slut that night. I licked their wives dried up cum clean off their thick hard married cocks. When all five men were about to bust I told them to aim those cocks at my mouth. I wanted to taste every drop of those married men. I am a Cum eating whore and I am not ashamed to admit it. A married used cock is priceless.Anal sex whore

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