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Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whoreI love being an anal sex whore. I am the stereotypical white trophy wife in California with a Hispanic gardener. The difference between me and the Housewives of Beverly Hills is that my husband knows I am a slut. He loves that I get high and turn into a complete whore. With these devastating wildfires, I have been getting fucked up more than usual. As I was doing a line of coke off a mirror, I looked out my window and saw my gardener with his teen son. I started thinking how hot it would be to have them both at the same time. I do my husband and one of my sons all the time. It is good father and son bonding time to share a woman together. I invited them upstairs. The father doesn’t speak much English, but the son is fluent because he goes to public school. When I unzipped daddy’s pants and started sucking his big brown dick, he understood what I was trying to tell him. I was on my sofa in the sitting area of my bedroom sucking daddy’s dick as he stood behind the couch. I told his son to fuck my ass. Young boys love a nice ass, especially a trashy milf ass. His young hard brown dick was so far up my ass, he pushed me down deeper on his daddy’s cock. Daddy was speaking in Spanish in between the moaning. The son was just moaning and telling me how tight my ass felt on his dick. When they started speaking Spanish to each other, it turned me on further. I loved that they were talking dirty to each other about me. I don’t know what they said, but when they each busted a large load of cum inside me, I knew they were satisfied. I need to find new gardeners, because these two are going to be my daytime lovers until I get bored.

Shemale Phone Sex at a Boutique

Shemale phone sexI love attention! I’d been out gift shopping for Christmas, when I noticed that I was being followed. At the next boutique I went into, I decided to see how interested he was. I was riffling through clothes and accessories, and decided to take a seat. When I noticed him trying to be coy about paying attention to me, I knelt up on the seat I was on, and pulled at my dress. I put a finger up to my mouth and slowly pulled my skirt up to where my big, hard dick was showing just under the edge of my dress. I had his full attention, now, and I couldn’t wait! I went into the nearest open dressing room, making sure he saw me leave it cracked open. When he walked in, I was on my knees, and his dick was right where I wanted it. I pulled it right out of his pants and started sucking it, and he started fucking into my face. Before long, though, he told me that he wanted my ass, so I bent over in that little room and let him have it! He plowed down into my tight little hole and banged me so hard we had the dressing room attendant banging on the door. I doubt I will be allowed back at that boutique for a bit, but it was SO worth it!

Druggie Porn Star Silvia

Druggie Porn

I love fucking johns for money.  It is the best and oldest job in the world.  Some nights I get to fuck 5 or 6 different guys, unless I’m at the glory hole room and then I get fucked all..night..long,  25 or 30 guys doing a fuckin’ train on me.  I love it though.  I make so much cash that I can snort up my nose later.  I love being used, the truth is that I’m using them though.  Do you really think that I’m an innocent girl being taken advantage of?  Fuck no.  Maybe once I was innocent, maybe once I was being used by that piece of shit I call Dad.  But I learned quickly how to use my body to my own benefit.  Men want to use me to fuck me because I’m freaking HOT, but I use them too.  I take their hard-earned cash in exchange for what?, 15 minutes on my back.  Who the fuck cares?  Besides I love SEX.  It’s the best feeling in the world, that nice, hard cock sliding in and out of me.  That Jizz flowing down my leg after they shoot their load.  I Use Them!  Give me your cock and your money.

Highway hooker

Hooker phone sexMy filthy fuckin cunt loves slutting around the highways and whoring my naughty body out to all of the horny truck drivers and passerbys at all hours of the day and night! Getting picked up by these disgusting men and forced to do whatever the fuck it is that they want me to do for them makes me feel so fucking degraded and worthless, they use and abuse my dirty fuck holes solely for their own pleasure. My body is theirs, not mine. Force fucking my asshole, ramming my cunt, shoving my face balls deep down on to their shaft, gagging and coughing as I slurp on their dicks! My pussy is so stretched out and beat up, my lips look like beef curtains! I love being used up for all of my sexual skills! I never know what to expect with being such a nasty lot lizard whore, but that’s the fun in it! Some men are dirtier than others, which always makes me excited! Getting my cunt and asshole filled with cum and moving on to my next customer makes for an extra wet and wild sexual experience! The more loads I can get filled up with, the happier of a cum dumpster slut I am! I love having hooker phone sex with super filthy perverts!

Cum dumpster bucket

Cum dumpsterI was home alone and could hear the youngins next door pounding on my wall, I was so annoyed I decided to go over and see what they were doing, It was a couple of young high schoolers they all looked like they had something to prove and were totally trying to play ” a gang” it was quite comical, annoyed I told them to keep it down or I’d have to call their guardians or whatever, They told me to shut the fuck up and show up, I was shocked these dick heads could talk to me this way, suddenly I felt someone push me in the apartment, there he was a tall 6’4 goon ready to make me a cum dumpster, I knew this cause he said it as he was pushing me in, Theses assholes gathered all around me and just started to rip my clothes off and started to jerk their cocks on me. I felt like it was some type of nightmare, I couldn’t believe they were so badly, of course, I can never turn down a shower of cum though.

Big dick sucker

Big dick sucker
Hey baby I’m so fucked up. Pick me up after the club and lets have the after party at your place. Ill get all my stripper friends to come here and give everyone a private lap dance or a little bit more hahaha. Depending on what your friends want baby. You know I will suck all those dicks in front of you just to put on a little fuck show for you. Make all them mother fuckers pay with fucking 8 balls. Lets make this a nice fucking party. Lets all get fucked up and fuck one another. Do lines off of each other! I fucking love to party with you. You are the best. Taking us out to work the corner just for fun. Getting all those perverts to give us drugs in exchange of us giving them good head and some nice tight pussy! Cum on over daddy!

Anal cum dumpster sluts

Anal cum dumpster sluts that love to show off her prostitute pussy, I mean why shouldn’t I show and tell, I need to get plenty clients, and I do, I love going to the pit stops at the truck stations with my friends and love to give a sneak peek of what I’m working with. My slut friends and I just need to shake our money makers in the guy’s faces, this is how we get our johns. They are gross and make my skin crawl but they do know how to use us and make us their piece of meat. They don’t care if they are going to rough, They only have one thing in mind and that is getting their cocks to drain on us. The short fat smelly men have a vendetta on us, they like to end our pussies, its like they need to shove their cocks into our stomachs, they make sure to leave a lasting impression on us, one that will make us sore for days to come.  We love to get tied up and taken advantage of, even if you walk out with out paying that would fucking turn us on.anal cum dumpster

Anal Sex Whore Petal Loves Cum

anal sex whore

I’m a total anal sex whore. I’m obsessed with getting a nice thick, fat, long cock to stretch out my tiny little ass hole. I love feeling a guy’s cum dripping out of ass and down onto my pussy. That’s why whenever a guy comes to me asking if he can fuck me in the ass, I can’t say no. What’s even better is that they offer to pay to fuck me. Little do they know, I’m such a whore that I would let them do it for free, just so I can get a chance to get my asshole stretched out and filled with a load of creamy hot cum. Using my tight ass and turning it into a fuck hole for a random guy to stuff his cock into and load up with cum makes me feel like a used-up fuck toy and I love it. I want to feel like the dirty naughty girl you want to use up and fuck all night until your satisfied.

Gangbang Whore Silvia

Gangbang whore

I’m a professional call girl and cocaine addict so I’ve seen my share of kink.  I was hired to go to a very rich, very powerful directors home to be part of the VIP entertainment for a group of his clients.  It was an all-out orgy.  When I arrived, there were people everywhere fucking.  I wasn’t even sure why He had hired me to come.  I was soon to find out.  He had a group of guys with a glory hole fantasy and I was one of the intended victims.  I have been involved in multiple-partners sex being a call girl, but this was crazy.  He had fucked me at he Glory hole room and created his own glory hole room in his house.  There was a total of 10 girls all set up on massage tables, tied in various positions to allow easy access to all of their holes: mouths, cunts and assholes.  The guys could fuck us anyway they wanted all night long.  Cocaine was provided to all to make it more interesting.  I must have had over 20 guys fuck me that night.  More than once, I had more than one guy at a time.  I left the next morning high as fuck, barely able to walk and a couple of thousand dollars richer.

Thanksgiving Anal Cum Dumpster

anal cum dumpsterSeeing how it is Thanksgiving, I thought it would be appropriate to get some stuffing this morning. I was feeling super horny. I am not a holiday woman. Not that I don’t appreciate the holidays and what they stand for, it is just I am not exactly Betty Crocker. My husband, whom I adore, hired a cook this Thanksgiving. That meant I could slave away for hours in the bedroom, not the kitchen. I was an anal cum dumpster while our cook was preparing a wonderful feast for us. While she was slaving in the kitchen, my three sons, the gardener’s boy and a few neighborhood boys were stuffing my ass full of boy gravy while my husband watched. Our daughters joined in too. They like a good ass stuffing too. They also helped daddy drain his giblets. He was full of man sauce. It is the holidays. You should be draining your giblets and stuffing some young birds too. This was the best Thanksgiving ever thanks to my husband and my offspring. It is much better to work up a sweat getting stuffed in the ass than sweating your ass off over a stove. If you want to have some dirty phone sex this Thanksgiving, give this old bird a call. I will be getting fucked and doing lines of coke all day long.

dirty phone sex

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