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His desire

anal cum dumpster

Someone call bravo we have an angry housewife on the loose. It wasn’t my plan to hijack your husband. I made him into an anal cum dumpster. I kept denying him and wasn’t too fond of the idea of him fucking me. My looks are grade A, but I don’t have the gold-digger streak in me. I am happier in the projects drinking beer and getting passed around by all the truckers. I was working as a secretary at a cover-up startup. My boss was a clean-cut man who had graduated from an ivy league university. I wondered how the hell I got mixed up in this crowd. It was quite easy. My drug dealer boyfriend was working hand in hand with Mr. Thomas. The job kind of fell in my lap. I was enjoying the money and was loving the endless supply of coke.

Eventually, I was promoted out of nowhere to work for hand and hand with the top boss. Mr. Thomas was a cock loving cum eating maniac like me. He promised me the moon and stars he was bored as hell in his everyday life that he had resorted to working with my criminal boyfriend. They were ranking in vast amounts of money. One day on a bender I discovered how exciting it was to turn my boss on and get him to escape reality. I was turned on by bringing out the freak in him. It was an example, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I liked the control and making him weak. I was full on the definition of hookers for hire, but yet I was making this privledge man shuffle over all his desires to me and also making sure I never would be without my coveted nose candy and cum. Orgy parties were held weekly, and we partied hard. Sadly his wife found out, and he lost his family but gained so much more.

Anal Cum Dumpster Bar Fly

anal cum dumpsterBeing an anal cum dumpster is hard work. Hard work on my ass. I was in high party mode last night. I was at this dive bar across from the truck stop. Truckers go in looking for a nightcap and party supplies. I was in there to party with whoever wanted to party. There were plenty of guys down to party with me too. I played pool with some truckers as we did shots of Fireball. I did lines off the pool table too. I even danced on top of the bar like I was in a Coyote Ugly place. I took my clothes off of course because I am a dirty whore. Next thing I knew, I had a line of men wanting to fuck me against the bar. They all wanted my backdoor. They knew a lot lizard sex whore like me would give up the booty and they were right. I leaned up against the bar and took everything from cock to beer bottles up my asshole. I am such a skank when I party. After about 12 guys ran a train on my ass, another one gave me a beer enema. He shook up the bottle and put in my ass. It was a new sensation. Personally, I like the cum in my ass. I woke up this morning sore as fuck. It was a hot night for this anal  whore.

Freaks come out at night

cum dumpsterMy my the freaks do come out at night. I knew it was going to be a fun night at the strip club as soon as I saw sea of people. I couldn’t stay focus all I was thinking about was the mountain of cash I was going to take home to without a doubt spend on mountains of coke. I was going to do my thing and I was going to get fucked in the back room for an extra couple bands. I was craving some good cock anyways and wanted to be the cum dumpster of the night. I made my mental list and let the boys know I was ready to play with the big boys. My regular is a big time king pin who loves to bring me the best coke from Medellin Colombia. I took a couple lines of that nose candy and got to work. I got dicked down and coked up. I was living my best life being the trashy whore I have always been destined to be.

Working My Ass Off

Anal cum dumpster

I am not sure what the hell was in the air last night.  Every single guy who wanted a ‘date’ last night wanted to fuck me in the ass.  Dude, I am so god damned sore!  I thought for sure I was going to have a prolapse at some point.  I’m actually afraid to take a shit!  Although, when someone comes in your ass it acts like a dick enema.  You have to go almost right after they cum.  No lie.  I had to fucking squat in the damn alley more than a few times.  I like to keep myself clean looking, and clean tasting, but I almost couldn’t manage that last night.

This one guy told me that my ass wasn’t as tight feeling as it was the last time.  I told him to shut the fuck up and just finish.  I made him pay extra just for saying that.  He is fucking a whore for Christ sake.  What did he expect? Virgin ass? Yeah, no, good luck finding that out here. Another guy was so high on coke that it took forever for him to cum.  He would fuck me, pay me, leave, come back, fuck me, pay me, leave, come back … over and over again, until he finally came.  I told him it would be easier just to pay for a hotel room and have me stay with him until he could cum, but he said it was easier for him to do it this way.  He said the cops couldn’t catch him that way.  Made no sense, but hey what are you going to do.

Today I am sitting here with a sore asshole thinking I might not be able to go back out there.  I mean I could, but just make sure there is no anal, just pussy and mouth action.  Yeah, I think that is what I am going to do.  After all, vacation is right around the corner and I want to go someplace nice.

The Aftermath

Cum dumpster

New Year’s Eve was lit!!!!! I made so much damn money using all my fuck holes! The adrenaline kept me awake.  There was the biggest crowd at my job. I have never seen it like that.  I had some “business” cards made to pass out the customers so that if they wanted something beyond a lap dance they could contact me after I was done at the club.  My cell phone was blowing up!  

I had so many guys who wanted to fuck that I had to rent a hotel room and just give them times to show up.  I had to take yesterday off because I was so damn sore.  No lie, I spent most of the day yesterday drinking tea because I sucked so much cock that I couldn’t speak.  My jaw is still sore, it hurts to even eat.  My ass and pussy are still super tender and I was sitting on frozen veggies for hours yesterday, and even today off and on.

I am not sure how much cum I swallowed either.  It just kept coming.  One guy started to look like one another.  It was just a blur of cock.  I think word must have gotten around because when I looked back at how many guys I gave the room number to on my cell, way more than that amount showed up.  Maybe I can make this another little money making avenue.   

I will have to go tomorrow morning and deposit all this cash, there is a shit ton of it.  I am so happy!  I hope you got to fuck someone on New Years, and if not, you can always give me a call. 

Just Another Anal Cum Dumpster For A Party

You may think that cum junkies are just junkie whores that really have no idea what they love and just suck cum out of those endless ballsacks during gangbangs because they are that fucked up… well that can be partially true, or it could be a closet cum guzzler that really lets loose once the drugs hit. I love to be a anal cum dumpster whether sober or high as fuck and partying hardcore with some good drugs producing immense body highs… but taking cock in my back door while I get to ram a tight sweet ass of the unsuspecting or new to trying cock guys… I love to release cum in a tight hole or wide open mouth as much as I love to feel it fill up my slut hole or ooze down my whore throat.

Anal cum dumpster

Seedy motel hooker

Anal cum dumpsterI’m at the local seedy motel all night long tonight being the anal cum dumpster that my pimp wants me to be. My dealer came over too and he’s supplying so many fucking drugs for me and my other slutty hooker friends that are here with me. What could be better than a room full of crack whores who are more than willing to do anything and everything for some quick cash?! There is so much sloppy seconds cum loads oozing out of my cunt and dripping into my asshole which is already totally filled up with some fresh creampie. I love when that dealer dick is in my face, I suck that shit until it squirts cum all over my fat tits. My pimp has be blow smoke rings around his cock while my dealer anal fucks me. I’m so fucking high, I can’t feel my damn face!

Working My Way Though New Year’s Eve

Anal cum dumpster

New Year’s Eve is going to be fucking epic! It is one of the biggest money making nights of the year, not only at the club, but out on the streets too.  I guess nobody wants to be alone when that clock strikes twelve, or wants to start the new year alone, even if they have to pay for it.  I for one do not mind being alone at all.  It is the reason I get to make so much bank.  I couldn’t do the stuff I do if I had a boyfriend, they would just hold me back.

I went to our local Hustler store and bought a lot of new things to wear.  I like to change it up when I am working.  I also like to keep clean when I’m working.  I make sure my stuff is squeaky clean, it makes me more money in the end.  There are some guys though that do like a sloppy wet pussy, full of someone else’s cum, and have a used scent to it.  My regulars will drive by once and tell me they will be back in two hours or what have you so that I know not to wash up and they pay me a lot of money not to do so.

I hope you enjoy yours on New Year’s Eve, have some coke, have some booze, have some pussy/cock and just fucking party and forget about the bad shit for at least a little while.  Think of me at the club and in the alley helping make people a little less lonely and my bank account a lot fuller.

Dirty Teen Fuck Slut

Live phone sex

There’s so much I am willing to do for a good score of drugs. Literally nothing is too taboo or too much for me to handle! A good cock whore like me is willing to do anything depraved and filthy to get a score! I met a john after cheer practice and hopped into his car. He had me snorting lines off the dashboard on the way to his place, he wanted to pay me in coke to do some nasty shit for him.

         When we got there, he ripped off my clothes and whipped out the craziest fuck machine with the thickest dildo I have ever seen! He wanted me to get my ass destroyed and fucked as hard as I could for him. As I arched my back, the fuck machine thrusted deep inside my ass, stretching and gaping me open. I moaned and screamed in pleasure, it fucked me so hard and my rosebud gaped wide open, he had me bend over while he pissed and came inside my gaping asshole! I left with an ass full of piss and cum and a nose full of coke! Yay!

Anal Cum Dumpster Gets Whored Up

I found this anal cum dumpster hanging out at the crack house I frequent and she was so fucking strung out for a fix that I couldn’t resist using her for drugs. My BBC dealer just loves the tight young things that are new to the habit and haven’t completely come around to whoring themselves yet. He was happy with my little gift for him that he let me have an eight ball and some of that BBC in my whore hole. I love the way his big black dick pounds my sweet blonde girl ass while I get all geeked up. When I got my fill he asked if I wanted to go doubles with him on the sweet young addict. I surely didn’t turn that down, and took her tight virginal addict ass while his massive black fuck rod destroyed her barely fucked tight little dick… she got her fix and more than she was in store for, ad I got mine.

Anal cum dumpster


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