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Anal Cum Dumpster Mommy

anal cum dumpsterAn anal cum dumpster like me, never has to worry about mess. Personally, I love the feel of cum up in my fuck holes, but I can never keep any inside me for long. I have cum loving brats who like my messy mommy holes. I came home from a gang bang last night. Not a paid one. I made a surprise appearance at a friend of my son’s party. His parents are away, and he threw a big bash. I brought over a few kegs for them and ended up getting fucked for hours by horny teen boys. I didn’t intend on being a gangbang whore, but I never say no to a bunch of teen boys with hard dicks. When I got home, the girls saw the look on my face. They knew what I had been up too and started begging for a treat. The cum in my twat or ass is their favorite kind of candy. My daughters laid on the floor and I squatted over each on pushing out some creamy deliciousness from my well fucked holes. It was like a momma bird feeding her babies. Cum strands came straight out of my ass and cunt and right into their mouths. I try to keep cum inside me because I love playing with it and I love the smell my pussy gets when I leave cum inside of me for a day or so. But, with some cum guzzling sluts at home, it is almost impossible to do.

Dirty butthole pleasure

Anal cum dumpsterI love being a naughty anal cum dumpster, there is nothing better than having my dirty butthole played with. I have so many sensitive nerve endings in and around my poop chute, I consider it to be my sweet spot! I love getting my taint sucked, having the soft skin between my cunt and asshole tickled with a wet tongue feels so fucking good. I’m a skanky ass hoe and my slutty fuck holes are yours to enjoy. Lemme shake my fat butt in your face and smother you with my delicious juices. Bring out your bag of blow, I wanna get super fucked up with you! Make my fuck holes gush and fill me up with cum. Finger my booty while you do some lines off my sloppy wet cunt. My shit holes needs to be stretched the fuck out.

Fucked the waiter

cum filled cuntI shouldn’t have maxed out my credit card but I did. I knew I was going to have trouble paying the tab when I went out but assumed I was going to get away with the bill giving the waiter a blowjob. That’s the first thing my mind went to when he told me my card declined. Not only was I mortified but I had a friend with me. My friend offered to pay the tab but ironically hers declined too, Thats when I thought we both could give a jerk session or a suck off sesh and call it day. Well the waiter had another plan. He footed the bill and we both had to stay their till his shift was over. He took us out back to the break room and didn’t want a simple blowjob. He wanted to leave me with a cum filled cunt and wanted to fuck my friend in the ass hard and rough. We had to pay one way or another.

Little Party slut

The things I have done for a bag of coke I outta be ashamed of myself. I am not, to be honest with you. I love to blow more than anything. I think I may love coke more than cock. The rush I get and everything is better when I am high. It started out when I was staying at my aunt’s house for the summer a couple of years back she a sketchy new boyfriend. I didn’t even know him and told me I had to call him Uncle Tye. One day my aunt was doing errands, and uncle tye came into the guest room I was staying at and asked me if I wanted to help him with some groceries. I went to the bathroom to get ready to go. Uncle Tye followed and shoved his dick inside my bare ass. I was yelling, but he told me I was going be his drunk girl fucking slut and coke whore. He got me high and drunk and pounded me till I was addicted.


Drunk girl fucking

Cum Eating Phone Sex W/ Hot Tranny

Cum eating phone sex

   You like dick baby?

I’m in need of a dirty little cum eating phone sex fiend that loves to suck dick but will never admit to it. It’s ok, I’m a sexy shemale with a sweet ass and a nice 81/2″ of fully functioning dick for those lips to wrap around. I love guys that have a big dick for me and will let me suck them off then give them my sexy shemale surprise in their fuck holes.

I’ll be your trashy girlfriend and we can have so much fun together getting really naughty on the phone at all hours of the night early morning and I know you will be blowing many loads with me over time. I want to own that ass and you can certainly make an effort and eat some hot cum with me when we both explode together.


3 fisting whore lovers

fisting whorephone chat linesanal cum dumpster

Our boss pays us big whenever he is high as a kite. He picked Deanna, Carrie and I to deliver a weekend full of fun. We had to get sick and super freaky. The three of us make a crazy fun trio. At work, the stages are set up for the main stripper whores to make the most cash. The main stage is positioned right on the VIP section. To get those spots we have to earn them with the head honcho. This weekend try out was for the three of us to prove we could handle center stage. All we had to do was give him the time of his life.

We showed up and showed out we were ready for his demented demands. We heard horror stories on how he loves making the strippers take muts dicks in their cunts and mouth. With enough blow, I’m sure we wouldn’t mind having his muts cum. His request was simple he wanted to have us clothed. He could see us naked at work if he wanted. He made us piss on ourselves that was his first instruction. We had to be drenched he loved us to listen to him. Once we were pissy sluts, we had to blow him and take his load and cum swap nonstop. It was such a mess, but he wasn’t done with us till he made us each a fisting whore. We were going to have big black holes. After sometime with his four legged friend we earned center stage. It was such a great feeling to be a cum dump and a whore for the weekend. Being a high whore was what I wanted to be and I got to do that with two filthy sluts. It was a fun mess to have all the loads of cum and piss all over us rubbed in. The messiest weekend thus far.

My Daddies poker buddies

anal cum dumpster

I have always been a Daddies girl. Whenever Daddies friends would come over I would play strip poker with them.I liked being infront of them showing them my goods. Daddy isn’t stingy with his baby girl. In fact Daddy gets turned on watching his princess get pounded and stuffed. I like getting Daddy turned on and watching him ready to cream.

Daddies buddies wanted to see if I would make a good anal cum dumpster. They were testing me out to see if I could go for hours nonstop. I don’t mind putting in some work and making them gravel at my hot tight body. I knew my cunt would be fucked and my mouth. It was my ass that was going to get that extra attention. I ended up getting all their loads and getting my tight ass fisted. I made Daddy proud.

Druggy Phone Sex Shemale Whore

Druggy phone sex

 Getting amped and pounded by BBC is my ideal start of the weekend and Friday is here Bitches and druggy phone sex fun is about to get heated.I know how bad you crave some hot shemale cock especially when there’s a nice tight fuckhole and rack that comes with a decent sized and fully functional cock that is always throbbing for that velvet throat of a pussy boy like you. You’re so fucking nervous to get with a girl like me and I will seduce you at the bar and help you get wasted, on your dime of course and that best mean your paying for my drugs and booze so we can have a really good time. I get you back to where ever we decide to hook up at and you have no idea I am packing this nice hard manmeat…

Anal Sex Whore Weekend

anal sex whoreI was a huge anal sex whore this weekend. My son and a few of his friends got into some trouble, so I told them they could hide out in the trailer park with me. My son is a bit of a grifter. He scams money out of old men and sometimes his marks aren’t as dumb as he thinks. I am always happy to have him back home, under any circumstance because I miss his young throbbing cock in my mommy fuck holes. His friends couldn’t believe how hot I was. They apparently had never seen a hot momma like me before. They were in for a treat because any friend of my son is a friend of my asshole. They were enjoying watching me snort lines off my son’s cock and fucking him in front of them. They egged me on to get dirtier with my son. They had no idea how dirty this old whore can get, especially when high and surrounded by young cock. I can make porn stars blush. I shared my coke with the guys, then bent over and begged them to run an anal train on my hot old ass. They started spitting on their cocks and ramming them up my ass, sometimes even two at a time. They were impressed at what I could take in my ass. These poor boys had never partied with a trashy MILF tramp like me before. All weekend long, I got a cock up my ass and coke up my nose. I was shitting cum out my used asshole because I took so many loads up my ass. I told my son him and his friends need to get into trouble more often because my ass is always up for some hardcore action from boys half my age.

5 finger discount

cum filled cuntI have no reason to be one with sticky fingers but I was high as fuck and I was out late hanging with friends and decided to steal a pack of gum at this trash gas station. My friends ended up leaving anyways because we were in seperate cars. None of us had any business driving but we were. As soon as they left I was following right behind. The cashier stopped me in my tracks. He made such a huge deal over a pack of gum that cost less than two bucks. I threw cash at him and was prepping to leave.

As I was making my way out I saw an officer. The cashier told me if I didn’t want him to tell the officer I was going to have to stay. As soon as we were alone together I tried to escape again but he forced me to stay. I knew he wanted something extra and I could forsee a long night if I didn’t hurry up and get it over and done with. I offered a handjob but he didn’t want that. I pouted and asked him if a blowjob would do. The fucker answered it was a start. He put up a busy sign up and guided me to his back room office. There was nast couch and he wanted me to take my clothes off he told me he was going to give me a cum filled cunt. I ended up fucking him and came a couple times and felt like such a dirty coke whore. I always get myself into crazy situations but It won’t ever stop me from getting high and fucking. I love coke and cum too much to quit it.

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