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Gang Bang Whore

gangbangI have had many nick names in the past, three hole whore, Black hoe flo, Flo the hoe, But my absolute favorite is gang bang whore.  I don’t know why its my favorite nick name but it is.  Nothing like the feeling of having all three of your holes filled at once.  My cunt ass and stomach being filled with different men’s cum.  Having the cum drip out of me as I walk, cough,  Feeling my thighs get all stick with cum. The best is when they not only cum in all three of my holes but also shoot their cum all over my body .  I love the feeling of dried cum on me so much I leave the cum there all day along.  The dried feeling of cum on my skin is such a turn on.  Makes me so wet just thinking about it that I gonna go out and find me some cock right now.

That Big, Delicious Latino Cock!

He was a gorgeous Latino man, and he came home with me from the home improvement store. I dropped to my knees and took his pants with me, letting that big, beautiful hunk of man-meat out to play! I ran my tongue over the head, then up the length of the shaft from the base, before I swallowed that delicious cock. He didn’t let me suck him for too long. Big dick suckerHe turned me around, bent me over and pulled off my pretty little panties, and pulled my dress over my head, leaving me in nothing but my garter. He took his still-wet dick and rubbed it up and down my crack, teasing my balls with it a few times, and then started to press it into my tight man-cunt. When the thick head finally broke through, the even thicker, satiny, hard shaft filling my ass just drove me wild! Just when I thought he’d gone as deep as we were getting it, he bent me over, wrapping his arm around my chest, and walked forward, so that his legs were around my waist. He managed to get even deeper, and lord-have-mercy!! I about came then and there. I had to fight to hold it back a while so he could really fuck me. When we finally did cum, it was together, and I made the most beautiful mess all over my floor! Good thing I keep my floors clean enough to eat off of. 😉

Eat My Yummy Ass

Anal sex whoreIt’s impossible for you to eat my pussy without eating my ass too, that shit goes together just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! That’s right, bend me the fuck over and eat my pussy and booty hole like it’s your last meal, I want to see how you ravage me from the inside out! Don’t you wish that I was riding your dick like the slutty ass bitch that I am?! I know that I sure do! Make me dripping wet with that wet tongue! I’m horny as fuck and I want you to take care of my sexual needs you filthy mother fucker! Dominate me from head to toe! Let me be your personal slut! I love being naked, I look so fucking delicious! Slobber all over my dirty cunt, I want your saliva dripping all over me! Guzzle my fucking cum down your throat, gargle it for me while you taste all of my ass juices! I know you love getting wild with me you pervert! I’m just an anal sex whore that loves being treated like a nasty ass slut!

Cum Dumpster Hoe

Anal Cum Dumpster

Sometimes, I like to get extra freaky. Ready for some kinky BDSM, I just need to let out my dark side every once in a while. I found the perfect man for the job and went home with him promptly. But don’t be confused- he was the one paying me for tonight’s fucking. This pussy isn’t free! Although, I always work for that cash. Some hoes lay there benignly as they let you bone them, but not me. I’m always an active participant because I actually enjoy getting nasty and indulging my client’s deepest, darkest fantasies.

Standing in front of the man who took me home, I slide my dress down, exposing one tit at a time. I slink completely out of the dress and turn around. Putting my arms behind me, I wait patiently as he ties my wrists together. Next thing I know, he is throwing me over the table and plowing me like a damn field. My cunt is wet enough to drown a man at this point. With his balls slapping my clit, I squirt all over his fuckstick.

Smiling, he grabbed some more rope and tied each one of my ankles so my legs were stuck spread wide open. Then he came back behind me and pushed his cock into my asshole, thrusting into me with all his might. He shouted as he filled my ass with his splooge. When he was done, he sat down, leaving me tied up so he could watch his cum drip from my ass down to my pussy. He left me there until he was hard and ready to fuck my tight rosebud again. He did this over and over again, using me as an anal cum dumpster, and I loved every moment of it.

Anal Sex Whore

Trailer Trash Whore Rape Fantasy

Trailer trash whoreWent out to shoot pool with some friends the other night. We were having a great time, and I looked damn fine, if I do say so. My pants were snug and my tits were perfectly displayed. We had finished 2 rounds already, and I was sitting at the bar, relaxing with a beer, when he walked up to me. He straight up grabbed my cock right there where I sat, and I came up out of my chair. I reared back t throw a punch, but he grabbed that hand and pulled me in for a deep, hot fucking kiss. Well, I like a man who knows how and when to take control, but this guy had me irritated. He worked our way over to the men’s room, keeping me quiet with his mouth on mine. Strong as I am, he was overpowering, and he got me into the men’s room and locked the door. He undid my pants while he still kept my mouth covered with his own, and he grabbed my cock as I struggled against him. He pinned me to the wall and dropped my pants, then lifted my legs up to wrap around him as he slid his dick straight up into my ass. It hurt so much, but he was so big, and I was suddenly so full of cock that it literally took a moment to register that I was about to get fucked. He plowed up into me hard, over and over again, drilling my ass and massaging my prostate until I came all over my bare stomach. He finally came inside me not long after that, and then left me to myself in the restroom, my ass hole gaping and dripping his baby making juice.

Semen Addict

Cum guzzling slutI’m a cum guzzling slut. I love how your cum tastes and how it feels on my skin. Sucking your cock gives me so much pleasure and you reward me by shooting your milky jizz down my throat. I love wrapping my full lips around your hard cock and the way your balls slap my chin. Hold the back of my head and fuck my face, I want to suck you dry. I need your semen like a vampire needs blood. I love it even more when you fuck my black pussy then let me suck my juices off of your hard dick, and I taste delicious. Look at my skin, can you see how clear it is? That’s because of the daily cum facials. Cum is good for your health it’s full of protein. And baby, I need my daily dose of protein. Your dick fits perfectly in my mouth, like a hand fits a glove. Come and give Carmel your semen.

Sloppy-Sucky Blowjob Bitch

Big Dick Sucker


I love sucking big cocks all day long. I’m a cum-guzzling whore who wants to eat up all your jizz. Call me and let’s talk about how good it’s going to feel when I fuck your dick with my throat over and over again. I don’t need a break, you can fuck my skull till you’re finally done with me. I’ll open up wide and take every load right into my mouth and gurgle that jizz before I swallow the whole load down. Got a friend who wants to join? Perfect! The more dicks the better, that’s my motto! Gimme both them cocks in my stupid-slutty mouth and let them rub up against each other while I suck the two of you off really good. Now both of you explode and all that yummy cum drips down my chin. That was so good, can we do it again tonight?

Trailer Trash Whore Takes a Load

Trailer trash whoreI treated myself out to a nice dinner to celebrate the day I came out of the closet. I’ve come a long way since that day, and I am so proud of my strength, and I treated myself. While I was dining, I noticed another guy was seated at a table for 1. Since, the server didn’t bring him another set of silverware or anything, I decided to ask if he wanted to join me. He hesitated a second, but then seemed to be relieved as he picked his things up and carried them over the couple of tables to where I sat. I could tell he was interested, he kept looking at me over the top of his menu when he thought I wouldn’t notice. I could see his gaze linger on my perfect tits, and I just knew that he was getting turned on. I slid my foot against his under the table, then on up his leg when he didn’t move his foot. I wound up with my shoe-less foot in his crotch, rubbing a hardening cock. We finished dinner with my foot still in his crotch, massaging him through his pants, then walked out together. He was parked just around the side of the restaurant, and asked if I’d like a ride home. I agreed, and he walked me to the car, unlocking it. I went to open it, but he grabbed my hand and pulled it behind me, pressing my stomach and tits into his car. His other hand went to my ass and then between my legs to stroke my sack. He let go of my hand and reached around me to undo my leather pants and slip them down enough that he could stroke my cock as he started stuffing his own into me. He pinned me to the car with his body, and fucked the ever-loving shit out of me! I really hope I get to see him again!

Anal Sex Whore Dirty Mommy

anal sex whoreI’m such an anal sex whore mommy. I can’t help it. I love cute little butts. Some of my clients do too. I charge a premium for young ass. It never ceases to amaze me how much sweet young ass is in demand. One of the amazing things about assholes is that they don’t gape for long. An extremely young girl can get her butthole ravaged for an hour, which will leave it gapping and sore, but the next day it looks so pretty and pink again. That means my husband and I can sell virgin ass a few times over and no one is the wiser. My girls and boys are so young, their buttholes are tight anyway. Any one of my young anal whores is tighter after 100 fucks than I would be as a virgin anal whore in my 30s.  Guys are just so excited to sink their old dicks into the asses of something so young, they never question if my little girl or my little boy is an anal virgin or not. Depending on the client, sometimes I prep my whores first with an enema and a dildo. Every ass man is different in their requests. Some like dipping their fuck stick into a dirty ass and others want a clean fuck stick.  I go both ways. Sometimes I like it extra dirty, sometimes I like it clean. What about you? I have an anal cum dumpster for which ever you prefer.

No Taboo Phone Sex Bar

I’ve been to many bars in my time. Never before have I walked into one so nearly empty, especially to find that the few people who were there were all fucking. One guy had his dick in his bitch’s asshole while another guy was using her hand to stroke himself off. Now, this bitch’s ass was taking a pounding, I even heard the skin slapping at the doorway from the back of the room. No taboo phone sexNo one had noticed me yet, and my dick was hard as fuck, so I did the only logical thing. I took my dick out and started stroking off right where I stood. I had to get some tit play involved, too, so I took one out and started massaging that nipple and globe. I got so caught up in stroking off to the scene in front of me that I never noticed the man walking up behind me. Before I could register what was happening, my pants were on the floor, and the head of his dick was knocking at my back door. Now, you know I leaned forward and helped work that big cock right into my sphincter, and I started stroking and riding the moment the head made the breakthrough. I have got to hit that bar up again soon, that was some crazy hot shit!!

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