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My Ass is a Cum Dumpster for Hire

Anal Cum DumpsterMost of the time I enjoy fucking for a fee, but this one guy makes me work hard for my pay. He is obsessed with fucking my ass. And not just with him but about a dozen or more people he somehow rounds up. He pays so well, and I needed the cash, so I reluctantly set up the appointment with him. So, I prepared myself for this massive anal fucking. I had my tight little hole completely waxed. I douched and even did an enema. I took a few shots, a couple of hit and a line of blow and headed out. I knocked on the door and was greeted by my client and a few rowdy guys. It was obvious they had all been drinking and were feeling a little eager to get all up in mu ass. Not wanting to waste anymore time I went to the bathroom to undress and stick some lube right up my tiny shit hole. When I exited the bathroom, they had already stripped down and most of their cocks were already rock hard. There were about 10 or so. Now these guys have no desire for anything but a piece of my ass. So off we went. My client got the inaugural entry and bent me over the table and shoved in right in my ass, thank goodness I remembered the lube. He pounded my ass hard and soon I could feel him feel my ass up. Then they lined up and took turns. Some had me on all fours with my ass up and some liked me standing straight up and bending over slightly. But I was not prepared for the grand finale. My client laid down and had me lay on top of him as he shoved his dick in my ass, while others held my legs back and a second dude squeezed his dick in my ass too. There I lay being fucked in the ass with two dicks. Even my slutty ass was being stretched. They pounded me good and finally came together, filling my ass up even more. With that we were through and I went to the bathroom to relieve my sum dumpster ass. I cleaned up and as I was leaving, he handed me a nice fat wad of cash as a tip. As I drove home, I could feel the cum leaking from my ass. My ass was going to be sore for days but that big old tip made me feel just a little better.

Trailer Trash Whore Christmas Party Crasher

trailer trash whoreYou know what a trailer trash whore does at the holidays? She crashes Christmas parties. Not just any Christmas party, but the parties of the rich folks from the right side of the tracks. I crashed one Friday night being held in a swank hotel. Most of the women were dressed elegantly in expensive ball gowns. Not me. I was in a short, tight micro dress. It was red with a plunging neck line. I walked in, got a drink and scoped out the men. It appeared to be a work Christmas party. I was getting eyeballed by the women, but the men were asking who I was with and buying me drinks. I didn’t give the female haters any time. When one woman tried to get me kicked out saying I didn’t belong, one of the men I was chatting with told her to apologize to his date. She looked shocked and pissed but she left me alone after that. The guys didn’t care that I crashed their work party. One guy said I was just what the party needed. There were plenty of 20 and 30 something single men there. They were all happy to play with this trashy milf. We found an empty conference room in the hotel for a little gang bang. I bent over the conference table, raised up my slutty red dress and let them fuck my ass one after another. No way any of the snooty high-class bitches at that party were taking cock in the ass. It was one of the best parties I have ever crashed.

Lot Lizard Tales

Lot Lizard SexShould I have a slow night at the club I will often go by the Love’s Truck Stop looking for a few clients to fatten my wallet. There were a lot of trucks idling when I arrived, and I was optimistic. I went in the store and chatted to my favorite cashier, bought a 40 and headed out. As expected, there were many horny truckers looking for a quick blowjob or fuck. I went from cab to cab that night. I hopped in and took their hard cocks right down my throat until they filled me with their cum. Some have beds and we would retreat to there and I would ride those dicks till they filled my pussy with their cum. Others like me to sit right on their dicks until they fill my asshole with their cum. Within a few hours I was a massive cum dumpster. Knowing there is a special trucker friend who loves that, I softly knocked on his window and got in. He spent hours eating all that cum from my pussy and ass, using his tongue and fingers to get every drop of that cum. I headed home all nice and clean with a big wad of cash.

Anal Cum Dumpster Christmas Party

anal cum dumpsterI came in this morning an anal cum dumpster. My ass was full of cum and I was sore. I was not out hooking either. I was with some girlfriends at a holiday party. We were at the house of one of my friends. She has a mansion. She is a true Hollywood wife. I have a big house, but her house makes mine look like a mother-in-law suite.  She went all out for our party too. She had some Chippendale dancers she hired as waiters and for valet parking. The real surprise was the teen boys in attendance as studs for her guests. She hired my sons and I had no clue. My husband kept that a secret. This was a dream job for them. Getting paid to fuck hot moms; what young boy would not love that? There were other hired teen boys there too. Some didn’t speak English. Some were black, some were brown. She had something for everyone. This was going to be the best Christmas party ever. Of course, I fucked my sons, but I fucked every other male stud there too. I was an anal sex whore for young boys in a mansion in Hollywood Hills. You never know what is going on behind the closed doors of the rich and famous. My daughters tended to my sore, cum filled ass this morning when I came home. My boys just had dirty grins on their faces. Their young cocks were sore from all the milf fucking.

Anal Cum Dumpster Freak

anal cum dumpster

My ass was meant to be gaped and ruined from the start. I only wanted to be fucked so hard by the men who paid money for my ass. But my ass and piss soon became the star of the show. My drug-addled state couldn’t say no as the coke and bowls of go-go juice were passed to me. The piss in my mouth made it easier to suck the cum down into my belly. My ass was fingered and my throat full as I was pissed all over. I had a blast as I got cum blasted! I was so high that I didn’t mind the recording of me being the biggest slut in town! My pussy and ass are so raw, but I love being a piss and ass whore for you and all your friends. Nothing like a blonde bimbo being the dirty whore your cock needs.

I Love A Good Gangbang

gangbang whore

Hi, guys. I’m really in the mood to be your gangbang whore. Maybe you have a get together with your guy friends planned and you need some entertainment for the night. Sure, you could get a stripper, but there’s no fun in that. You can look but not touch and nobody wants that. I’ll be your whore and you and your friends can do anything and everything to me. My body is yours for the night and there’s absolutely nothing I’ll say no to. And even if I did say no, you and your friends could just do it anyway. It’s not like I’m stronger than all you guys put together. I’ll just have to do whatever you say. There’s no choice.

Which one of my holes do you want to stick your cock in first? It’s your party, so you choose. I don’t care because I’m going to get every single one of my holes filled up. You’re all going to be banging me all night in all my holes. Mouth, pussy, ass, between my tits, both hands – I have enough ways to please you and all your friends. There’s something about unleashing my inner slut that really turns me on.

Hookers For Hire For Fucking Anal

I am in the anal category of Hookers for hire, and I got what you want baby. You love the idea of hooking up with a tranny and why the hell not baby, we got the tits and dick and a whole lot of hotness to offer. I remember hooking up with a guy through the defunct craigslist days. He was so fucking nervous and horny at the same time. I got him to relax with me as I slipped a little something in his drink. He loosened right up and popped that Viagra for good measure. I had so much fun with him, teasing him and making him into a good cock sucker for me. The best part was taking him in my backdoor and letting him get a little pitching in. But when I got him bent over and taking my nearly nine inches of tranny dick, that was the best. I made him my cum dumpster and he was a damned good receiver after he relaxed for me. I pumped him full and made him finish me off in his mouth, like a good boy, he swallowed.

Hookers for hire


Crack and Anal

crack whore anal

I would like to introduce myself to you. You don’t even need to know my name. All you need to know is that I’m a dirty crack whore anal slut. That’s right – I need my drugs so bad and I’ll do anything to get them. I’ll let you stick your cock anywhere you want. If you just let me get fucking stoned before you fuck me, you won’t get any lip from me. You can just have me all splayed out and you can use me in any way you want to. You can stuff your dick in any of my holes, but I know you just want to use my ass and stretch it out.

Do you want to invite some of your friends over and just have an anal gang bang? They can just slide those fat cocks into my gaping asshole one right after another. I’ll be tripping out so hard that I probably won’t even notice what you are doing to me. I’ll wake up sore, but I won’t have any idea what happened to me. Maybe you can show me the video. I know you’ll want video to document what a whore I am. So, call me. I’ll be bent over and waiting for you.


My Tranny Phone Sex Lover

My tranny phone sex lover is completely addicted to me. He cannot stop thinking about me or worshiping my big hard cock. He has a little clitty and a sweet mangina that I just love to plow. I like to take him in the back of the church and whisper to him about how I am throbbing to be inside his man cave. His little dicklet throbs when I mention penetrating his man cunt. His mouth waters and I can only lift my Sunday dress up and let him release my throbbing ladyboy cock from the confines of my pretty red lace panties. I want his mouth on my cock and I want his tongue teasing the precum out of my dick hole. The thought of him sucking me off in church is hot, it’s even hotter when we sneak into the church while I’m dressed as a nun and he a priest. Ever sucked a Nun’s cock in church before? Well you should try it.

Tranny phone sex

I Love to Share


2 Girl phone sex


Someone’s not going to make it home tonight. Jesse, I want you to understand something you and your wife are over for tonight. You have a new girlfriend to deal with. Come over here. I want you to kiss me, wouldn’t you like to feel my lips pressed against your chest and your lips? I want to see what you’re like when your buck naked. I heard from your wife that you could fuck she says that you put her legs behind her neck and that you fuck her like a ninja. I know that she’s my best friend usually, that’s not right, but it’s okay we share everything. You see, your wife has been sharing her boyfriends with me for years now, ever since we were teens. I think that your wife loves to share; that’s why she tells me about all of her ventures. Take these pants off, don’t you want me to taste your big bulging cock? I can suck it so good for you. I’ll make you fall in love. I want to put my tongue in your asshole if you let me. Come on, you know you want to fuck me, all of her boyfriends before you have fucked me, it’s okay. If it feels better for you, I won’t tell her this will be our secret. I’ll come over to your job on your break time, and I’ll give you a quick blowjob every day. You will love this, and all you have to do just let yourself go. I hope you don’t think that I’m about example because that would hurt my feelings. I’m just trying to make you a happy man to give you the best of being married and having a mistress. You get to fuck her whenever you want to, and then you can fuck me whenever you want to. You deserve to be treated like an important man. All the important men have at least two women, a wife, and a mistress. I see when you look at my ass when I’m wearing those short shorts, your dick gets hard. Sometimes I wear tight shorts just because I want to make your dick hard. You like it when I wear those little cut shirts. And you can’t tell me that you don’t like every time we go swimming because you always seem to make it. I know you’re not going just to see your wife because you get to see her naked every night, but you don’t get to see me in those g-string bikinis all oiled up and glistening. You want this pussy, and you know it, so you better get it right now.

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