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Druggy Porn Star

druggy porn

Daddy always said I would be a druggy porn star someday. I am not a full-time hooker, but I do use my body to get drugs and my bills paid. You can barter for anything with a tight bald pussy and a pretty pink asshole. I needed a fix last night. I was low on funds but wanted to get high. A cute girl like me never has to worry about where her next fix is coming from when she has a sweet little cunt. My pussy and ass are cash cows. I went to this dive bar in town where all the old perverts hang out. It’s a bunch of drunks and druggies. My kind of crowd. As I walked in wearing hooker looking clothes and high heels, I commanded everyone’s attention. Dirty daddy types were swarming around me buying me drinks. The bartender asked to see my ID, so I had to blow him. I’m not 21! He took a sloppy blowjob in exchange for letting me stay in his bar. I had no money in my pockets, but I didn’t need any with my cute teen body. The dirty old men were buying me whatever I needed. I announced that whoever could get me coke had dibs on my asshole. This old geezer pulled a bag of pretty white powder out of his pants and tossed it to me. I did a line, then pulled off my panties. I bent over the pool table continuing to snort lines while grandpa fucked my tight ass. He grunted and sweated like he might stroke out. I guess he just had not nutted in forever.  After he got first dibs, it was open season on my fuck holes. I love being a gangbang whore. If I have my medicine, I don’t care what anyone does to me. Get me high and fill me up with cum.

High whore orgy

anal sex whore

My much younger brother has some hot friends who are into some dark stuff. I am always down to hang out with them. I like it best when my brother is not around. I get all the molly and coke from them and let them make me an anal sex whore. Theirs about four of them and they all use their young dicks to penetrate me and make me snort big white lines off their cocks. I love feeling the rush and the high and knowing that I am fucking guys so much younger than me. It makes me feel like a complete cheap whore and that makes my twat wet as can be. I go all out when I take their dicks. I like to feel them pound me all at the same time.

Orgy Gangster Style

2 Girl phone sexOrgy with all my friends I was invited to a party at my friend’s Ranch. Paul, my eccentric wealthy buddy, was having his 5th annual themed sex bash. This year the theme was Italian gangsters and hot Lolita’s. Paul decked out the ranch he spent a pretty penny to make it look good. The rooms in the main house were really nice, they were 1960s grandiose gangster Style. This was a big shindig about 50 or 60 people, so it was going to be wild as fuck. I wore a sexy black and red negligee. I had a pair of sexy six-inch heels on they were devil red and spiked. My pantyhose where super fucking slutty fishnets with nice slut cuts in them. I wore a feather headband also. All of my slutty girlfriends were there it was so good to see them and get a chance to play with their hot wet cunts. I am a cum guzzling slut whore, and I’m so proud of myself I love being the way that I am. My horny nasty cum guzzling freak friends all were in cahoots with me this was the best party ever. We fucked we sucked cock we ate each other’s hot wet cunts. I am a nasty trashy whore, and all of my friends are just like me we can’t help ourselves. Everyone was dressed up like gangsters or sexy slutty lolitas. We did ecstasy pills and cocaine off of each other’s cocks and cunts, that was amazing. I must have sucked over forty cocks and Munch done at least 30 hot pussy sluts. I got fucked in my ass, and in my cunt, there was even a guy who jizzed in my ear. We partied until 7 the next morning full-blown sex orgy fantasy going on. I have always liked the fast life the fast life it has ever still captured me.

These parties that my friend Paul throws they’re amazing I get to experience my full sexual deviant self, and I don’t hold back. I dress up as slutty whores sometimes. I wear slave chains on my neck, it’s hot for me. I get so turned on thinking about multiple cocks diving into my hot wet cum guzzling pussy. The more dick, the better and I will suck any guy. I have even had fun on the red rocket side of things. Nothing surprises me sexually I’m like a gangster of wild, uninhibited sex. I don’t have any taboos maybe that’s what makes me so much fun to fuck.

Gangbang Sex Stories With Me and Deanna

Gangbang Sex Stories

Gangbang sex stories between Deanna and me are so fucking hot. Out tight stripper asses love to be gaped open for enough money in the VIP room. Ten hard dicked guys vs two slutty blondes? We have so much fun eating cum out of each other’s pussies. A very nice regular of Deanna brought us a few guys to play with they were slinging that snow and getting us so fucked up that we were being complete cum catchers. I sucked the cum out of her ass hole like a fucking complete whore. Deanna is such a sexy slut taking a brutal ass fucking right before she squirted the cum back in my face. I mean Deanna is such a champ she can take two huge dicks bareback at once. I don’t mind as long as I get to lick blow and cum from her sweet ass. I do love hardcore anal sex with Deannahardcore anal sex

Naughty Stripper sex stories

stripper sex storiesbig dick suckeranal sex whoreWe have become quite the nasty trio. Deana, Carrie and I have broken just about every single rule in the book, From strippers to escorts to porn stars. We have done it all to get that wicked high we crave so much. Carrie, Deana and I have so many stripper sex stories to share.

You wouldn’t believe the lengths we have gone to make sure we got those pretty white lines. The craziest stunt by far is raiding the VIP list and contacting those fuckers one by one. We made fifty g’s in one night by one of the clubs most prominent regulars. If our boss found out, we would have been pretty much dead meat.

We worked for a guy who was mafia affiliated and ran the club like boot camp. We would often get ripped off, so we decided to fight back and get our money worth. The amount of money we made went all to our dirty habits and that nose candy that would make every single one of us give up even our offsprings. 

Berretta’s Bistro

Cum filled cuntI am opening up Berretta’s Bistro. It will not be like any bistro you have ever experienced before. Berretta’s Bistro will have all kinds of kinky nasty dirty fun items to order off of the menu. You will have to schedule a reservation a day ahead of time so that we can make sure we have all the ingredients to make your special treat. We will serve things such as a Belgium Brunch were a girls cunt will be buttered up and have the jam of your choosing smeared all over it for you to enjoy. Somethings will be made table side for you such as a Belgium Breakfast where I will have raw eggs cracked and funneled up my ass. You will then fuck my tight puckered ass to scramble them. I will release the eggs into a bowl and we will cook it over a flame table side for your delight. And of course we will be serving more standard things such as a cum filled cunt or warm creampie straight from whichever member of staffs tight puckered assholes you choose.

Fuck day is the best day

Gangbang whoreFuck day is the best day for gangbang whore Hadley. You bring the blow and ill blow you and all your friends. I’m that hot coke whore that will do anything for a snort of coke and my ass to be gaped. I mean I am a little incest as well fucking my brother and my daddy with loads of cum dripping from my holes. I’m that hot stripper with a little powder on her nose as she twerks in your face and rubs her soaking wet pussy all over you. I whisper meet me in the back room and I will give you your money’s worth. I bring you in and slap some powder on your cock and suck you so well you explode in my face. Five other guys are jacking waiting for a piece of my fuck holes. You turn my ass around to do a line off my puckered rosebud ass and stick a fifty in my ass. It’s going to be fun getting that money out after all six of you fuck and fill my ass up with sticky cum. That’s okay I’ll pull it out while I’m doing lines on the phones later. I am your anal cum dumpster after all baby.

Therapy cum keeper

cum filled cunt 

Tony my therapist makes me keep his cum in my pussy. I admit I love having a cum filled cunt. I squeeze my legs together to keep it in. I love the way it feels when he shoots his ball juice right inside me. He has been seeing me now for about a year. I see him once a week I don’t have to pay cash just pay him with this pussy. I wear my short skirts for easy access I have to be quiet when we are in his office out of respect for others in the office, I am pretty sure they already knew so I told the girl in the office to join us in a three sum. She looked at me with a stank face, so i told her you can judge or you can have a great fucking orgasm. You pick! so this week she payed us a surprise visit in Dr. Williams office.

Coke whore to the max

Drunk girl fuckingI got desperate, and I shouldn’t have done it, but I did, and I can’t take it back now. Well, I would do it again if I am perfectly honest. I was watching a youngin not much younger than me. Her parents didn’t trust her and didn’t want to leave her alone for an extended amount of time. They trusted cute hazel, They assumed I was a squeaky clean coed, but they had me all wrong.

I knew about their daughter being a whore I could see her sneak in guys at all times. I wasn’t going to judge I always do the same. When her parents asked me to stay there for a bit while I supervised, I thought it would be perfect. I had owed my dealer cash and wanted more blow. I had already given him and his entourage my holes, so that was getting old fast.

I knew tiny Taylor would be a perfect debt payor and would also help me score more angel dust. I got her drunk, and within minutes my dealer and his crew came along. Pretty soon she became a drunk girl fucking for my blow. It was too simple. I’m just a coke whore to the max.

Cum guzzling slut loves dirty monster cock

Cum guzzling slurLiterally there is so much motherfuckin cum sloshing around inside of me right now, I am the ultimate big dick sucking cum guzzling slut that any of these perverts have ever fuckin played with. My belly is constantly full of so many men’s creamy ropes of jizz. All I do every fuckin meal is eat cum, why not when it’s the most nutritious thing that one could ever possibly eat! I love to get really nasty and I always make sure to save some room for dessert which is always Daddy’s big ole’ monster of a dick. He really is the icing to my cake, hehe. He loves these big ass titties of mine so much and is constantly using them as his cum target when he shoots his loads. It’s so fun to watch him see how well he can aim his cum on my boobies when he takes a step back and explodes it out of himself. It launches on to my skanky body and completely smothers me like how  deserve to be smothered! There’s nothing better than being completely drenched by a big ass motherfuckin shower of baby batter swimming spermies. I can’t get enough of that horny fuckin throbbing monster dick.

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