Some Crack For Mommy. A New Baby For My Little One.

aFreaky phone sexMy much younger neighbor Danny. Offered me some really good fucking awesome crack to breed my little one. Who is at the perfect age to starting having babies. I was so excited to get this crack. And my little one who is already turning into a great little whore, was excited at the thought of having a baby. She has wanted a baby for a while now. I started Danny off by suckling on his yummy cock to get him nice and rock hard. Then he took a few strokes in my cunt. My little one was watching us as she stripped naked for her babies daddy. She laid down on the bed and spread her legs so wide. Would make any mother proud. Danny took his cock out of my cunt and got on top my little one. Placing his cock at the edge of her cunt and sliding in deeply. Danny moaned very loudly saying “Her cunt is way tighter then your cunt Flo.” Then he slammed her nice young tight cunt with is cock. My little one wrapped her legs around him as he fucked the shit out of cunt. Unloading his gift of seed into her cunt. Coating her cervix. Giving my little one the baby she was wanted for a while. And I? I sat back smoked my crack and watched as Danny fucked the shit out of my little whore.
Flo The Hoe

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