Scatt Smear Fun With Berretta

scat phone sex

If you are looking for a truly nasty experience, then I am your girl. Nothing is taboo or off limits with me! One of my favorite things for us to do is a scat smear. After all nothing is more fun than me taking a giant shit all over you and then getting to play with that warm gooey chocolatey shit. My cunt gets sloppy wet as I smear all of that extra gooey chocolatey shit all over your body. My favorite part is smearing my warm gooey shit all over your lips and then rubbing it all over my perky tits. Then shoving them into your mouth and having you suck all that scrumptious chocolatey shit off of my tits. Massaging all that warm gooey shit all over your great big cock and watching it get super hard. Seeing the excitement growing on your face know that I am about to deep throat that big hard shit covered cock of yours.

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