Pass Me Around

Gangbang whoreA lot of times I like to do favors in exchange for some drugs especially if I find myself a bit to short. Which how I ended up being the nightly entertainment for a guys night out this weekend. Not sure what they were celebrating but it was a big group of guys who wanted more than just the average stripper. My dealer who set it up told them to do whatever they wanted to me. When the party starter they offered me a few lines to get started and my pussy was already getting really wet. They had their hands all over me, ripping off my clothes. I could hear them talking about who would fuck me first so I said why not have me take care of more at one time. Before I knew it I had a fat dick in my mouth, my hands wrapped around two more jerking them toward my face. While my pussy was getting rammed, a big black cock forced its way into my ass. Each time they would bust a nut I would just get passed to the next guy until I was soaked all over with cum dripping out of my holes. Turns out I make a great Gangbang whore.


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  1. Bob

    I just want to bury myself in your cunt

  2. Victor

    I’ll share your pussy like a blunt hell yeah!

  3. brian

    hot gangbang whore

  4. hunter

    well why don’t I get a few of my friends and put that to the test sexy

  5. Steve

    I want to gang bang a druggie whore like you!

  6. Kayden

    I love sharing your sweet cunt with all my friends.

  7. Dan

    I will pass you around to my friends

  8. pancho

    hot pussy let me fuck it bitch

  9. Paul

    Fucking Hot I’d love to be a fly on that wall

  10. Peter

    Nasty girl!!

  11. Wes

    I want that hot kinky mouth on my cock baby.

  12. Richard

    I will be calling you again. You were such a great slut.

  13. brian

    i love that cunt

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