Make sure you cum first

freaky phone sex

I learned a very valuable lesson today after getting my brains fucked out. One of my usual tricks called me up kind of panicked and said he needed to see me right away. It was six in the damn morning, but I told him to come over. I had just finished my coffee when he came in and slid my robe off bent me over my counter and fucked me so hard. I mean I’m sure not complaining I love it when he pounds my cunt without worrying if I am going to cum. His arms wrapped so tightly around me when he finally busted his nut. While we getting dressed and drinking another cup of coffee he told me had a big decision to make today and that men should never make a big decision without busting a nut first. Too much testosterone boggles the brain apparently. LOL!



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  1. alan

    make this cock cum!

  2. Russ

    He’s right! I need to bust one in you too.

  3. Ricky

    Yes, baby Let me fuck you so I can think!

  4. eric

    I want to nut deep inside that pussy!

  5. Dennis

    Wow, you’re a really dirty slut. I love that.

  6. Bill

    As always another super dirty call.

  7. Bill

    Great fucking tits. I would pound you for hours.

  8. Martin

    Let me release my cum into again girl.

  9. James

    You are one sexy fuck.

  10. jc

    you are a filthy slut

  11. Petey

    I need a cum whore like you

  12. bobby

    I need a girl like you in my life

  13. ryan

    My perfect whore

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