Lot lizard sex got dirty

lot lizard sexI was working at my truck stop job yesterday when this super sketchy guy came in, he looked creepy as fuck but a tip is a tip so I went over to his table with a smile. He looked me up and down and asked if I was on the menu too… well I can’t say that I really wanted to fuck this guy but I definitely needed the money so I just winked at him and said why yes I sure am on the menu. His whole face lit up, he was so happy that I was for sale too, he said just let me eat real quick and I’ll meet you out by my truck. I was nervous but I went out there about 20 minutes later and there he was, I knew he would pay me well cus he tipped really good inside and I wasn’t wrong either. He had a 100 dollar bill in his hand and told me if I swallowed everything he gave me that 100 would be mine. So I got down on my knees and open my mouth wide…I was expecting to suck his dick, I wasn’t expecting him to piss down my throat! I swallowed every drop tho just like he asked and you know what? I got me that 100 dollar tip too!


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  1. andrew

    you would look so sexy covered in my warm golden piss

  2. Martin

    Good Piss Whore.

  3. gabe

    i wanna fuck you!!

  4. darren

    i’ll piss all over your sexy body, babe

  5. Jeremy

    Hot fucking trailer trash

  6. Frank

    Such a hot lot lizard

  7. Thomas

    Truckers must love seeing you after a long haul. I know I would.

  8. Scott

    let me piss in your mouth

  9. Tom

    Sweet boobs. I love those nipples.

  10. dave

    mmmm I would have paid for u too

  11. Keith

    Such a nasty whore.

  12. hal

    I will get dirty with you too

  13. nash

    your face would look better with cum all over it. You are one worthless cum dump

  14. Laton

    I want those fat tits in my mouth.

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