Katy Katy Katy Your Mine

Hardcore orgy porn


Katy is a fucking skank whore and you can’t blame me for being a little bit green about the little slut bucket coming on the scene. The whole neighborhood knows this trollip is not to be trusted around anyone’s man. If that fucking cunt whore so much as look my boyfriends way I’m going to fuck that slut up.  You see Katy and slutty cum buckets like her need to know that I fuck the whores my boyfriend cheats on me with too and I’m fucking brutal. My boyfriend can’t seem to keeps his eyes to himself, I catch his ass constantly I mean all of the time, He stands in awkward places trying to catch a peek at her young tight thighs as she walks by teasing the cock wolf in him. Since this little dence whore wants to tease him I going to make it easier for him to cheat. I’m leaving for the evening I have a girls night that’s what I will say. I will stay gone just long enough for the tramp to get in my house and naked. Then I’m going to give miss cheater whore a surprise that she won’t forget. Just call Katy my cum guzzling whore from now on because when I’m done she’ll be turnt the fuck out.

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