Cum shower

dirty phone sex

When I get done with my day dong dirty phone sex I always am out on the prowl. Looking to score more dope or more cock. Either way, I am happy with whatever I may find. Last night I had a special treat. Some of the military guys were in town and you know I do love a man in uniform. They were all very horny and didn’t take very much persuasion on my part to get all four of them to come home with me. As soon as we walked in my door I ordered them to all take their pants off and present their cocks to me. I was already on my knees when they brought them to me. I started licking and sucking on them all until the showered my whole body with cum.


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  1. ned

    i love those titties, baby!

  2. Brad

    I have some coke on my cock if you would like to lick it off!

  3. sam

    u so sexy baby

  4. jose

    mmmmm thank you for your service sexy

  5. Robert

    Did you end up cleaning up all that cum? I bet you did!

  6. clifford

    nice blog slut

  7. BJ

    I love giving bitch sluts like you cum showers.

  8. Shawn

    Fuck your so fucking nasty.. i wa t to gsngbang you every mother fucking day

  9. Ian

    I wanna jizz all over those girls

  10. Bradford

    I need to cum all over you.

  11. Richy

    I’ll give you what you need everytime boo.

  12. abe

    you suck cock so well!

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