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Pissing Sex Stories

pissing sex stories

Do you like pissing sex stories? I am a dirty mommy with no taboos. I may not make a hot pissing story every day, but it’s not something I shy away from either, especially when money is involved. It is no secret I escort and pimp out my little ones. My husband had a client with a pissing fetish. This client was different from most. What set him apart was that he had a little girl of his own he wanted to bring in on the hired fun. He was not interested in any of my little slutkins. That is fine. Personally, I find it hot when a client wants me to play with his daughter or son. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I get so wet. This client wanted to watch me with his daughter. Specifically, he wanted me to piss on her. We laid her in the tub naked. I squatted above her, spread my pussy lips and let out a jet stream of golden nectar all over her. I expected her to scream, cry even fight me, but the little whore liked it. She squealed in delight as my hot piss sprayed her little body. Daddy dearest was watching with the look of a man seeing his first barnyard bash. He was stroking his cock faster than a teen boy discovering his dick for the first time. He winked at me as a sign of approval. I drank a big glass of lemonade so I could piss again. I scooted his little girl under me this time. I stood up in the tub with one leg on the edge which tilted my pelvis just enough to help me spray my special champagne all her the little girl. She opened her mouth wide to taste my hot piss. Daddy shot his spooge in my face as she lapped up my golden nectar. Another satisfied customer.

Golden Shower Sex Stories

golden shower sex storiesDo you like golden shower sex stories? I am a dirty whore, so no surprise I like bathroom play every now and then. I find water sports to be an effective punishment for disobedient little girls. My middle daughter had some school girls spend the night Friday. Cute little things, but spoiled brats. No manners whatsoever. The little brats were sisters. They complained that all I had was instant lemonade. They wanted fresh squeezed lemonade like their mother makes. I apologized sarcastically for not being a Stepford wife. They complained about me mocking their mother. I know their mother. She hasn’t been fucked since Clinton was president. She needs a stiff dick up her cunt and two up her ass to remove the sticks. I am sure you know the type. I decided her evil spawn needed taught a lesson. I am a dominant mommy. Little girls don’t sass or disobey me without consequences. They wanted fresh squeezed lemonade? I gave it to them. Sent my oldest boy to the market to get the supplies. Then, I had all the folks in the house, which was three sons, one husband, one mommy and 3 daughters piss in a pitcher. I squeezed two lemons into the piss filled pitcher, added a ton of sugar and served it to the little whores. They guzzled down a family’s piss like it was the best shit ever. I just laughed inside and smiled at their stupidity. They got sassy with me after guzzling down the special homemade lemonade. “You see it is not that hard to be a good mom,” one of them smirked. Well, I am a good mom. Just ask anyone of my little angels. A good mom doesn’t slave in the kitchen making fresh squeezed lemonade. She slaves in the bedroom sucking cock, eating pussy and teaching her little ones how to fuck her and each other. I’m more than a good mommy. I am a trashy MILF.

Golden Showers and The Real Freak

Golden showers phone sex Carmel

I’d just got through dancing and was backstage alone in the dressing room when someone knocked on the door. I opened the door and standing there was Mr. Doldalski. All the dancers gave Mr. Doldalski a special nickname “The Real Freak”. The Real Freak would pay dancers crazy amounts of money to go home with him and let him do all sorts of outrageous things. Tonight he chose me. He promised me $2000 if I went home with him. I hesitated at first because I’d heard about his strange requests. But $2000 is a lot of money and I couldn’t say no. His house was huge, I was impressed. He led me to a dark red room with sex toys everywhere. Sex swings, whips, vibrators and many other sexual contraptions filled the room. The Real Freak really was a freak. In the back of the room was a low mattress covered in plastic. He had me lay down naked on the mattress and pulled out his cock and pissed all over me. I was drenched in his warm urine and he loved it. He pulled out his cell phone and snapped a couple of pictures. I was soaked in piss, he made me get on my hands and knees and fucked me doggystyle. I felt completely humiliated but I was two-thousand dollars richer.

Water Sports Kinky Fun

Water sports sex CarrieI fucking love having sexy water sports fun! The wetter and nastier we can get, the better! It turns me on so fucking much to give and receive a nice and warm, delicious golden shower! I met this guy at the grocery store the other day, he was a total white trash hick but I was so attracted to him! I could see his big cock bulge through his dirty jeans and I knew immediately that I wanted his gross piss all over my sexy body! I asked him to come home with me for some naughty play time and he agreed! Once we got home, I stripped naked for him and spread out a big blue blanket on my couch to absorb all of the urine! I layed down and used my big blue vibrating dildo all over my tight little cunt while he stood there and watched while jerking his big cock! I gave him a big jug of water to drink and told him how badly I wanted his delicious golden shower all over me! He was moaning and said he was about to cum then wanted to piss everywhere, and that’s exactly what he did! He busted his fat load of creamy jizz all over my face and in my hair then washed it all down with a huge shower of piss squirting out of his cock! I was fucking drenched and it was so god damn yummy! He had never done something like that before, I fucking love corrupting the innocent ones!

Pissing phone sex with Henrietta

Pissing phone sex

Pissing Sex Stories with a Sexy MILF

pissing sex storiesDo you like pissing sex stories? I am a dirty woman. I have led a colorful life. No doubt I have done things most women would never consider doing. I wouldn’t have it any other way actually. So when my teen son brought home a boy who I caught spying on me in the bathroom, I decided to have some fun with him. I have been around the block a few times. I know what boys enjoy by their behavior. This boy was fascinated by me peeing. It had less to do with me being a sexy MILF and more with him being a budding toilet slave. A woman can never have too many of those around. I thought about how to bring his toilet slave side to the forefront. I went into the gym room, got a pitcher, called in the boys and did squats over the pitcher while pissing into it. My son was not shocked, he enjoys water sports sex. My son pulled his cock out to stroke. His friend followed suit until I beckoned him over.  He crawled over like a hungry dog. He started to lap at my pee stream. Oh yeah, most definitely a toilet slave. I sprayed him with my special champagne as he basked in the joy of tasting my warm hot piss. My son likes to watch me pee, even likes to pee on me, but he has yet to drink my piss. That all changed. Maybe it was jealousy? I don’t know, but I enjoyed the fact that I had two teen boys kneeling beneath me to drink my golden nectar like slave boys. Felt good to be the piss queen. My daughter brought me a big glass of lemonade and joined me in the fun. We pissed on those boys for hours. Are you jealous? I will let you listen to me pee on a call if you are into that sort of thing too!

Nasty toilet piss and shit sex

Is it reasonable to just want to find the nastiest and grungiest guy at the bar and have him do the nastiest things to me. I would love to find a guy and follow him into the mens room and be treated like a piece of trashy shit. I want to be pissed and shit on. I want to eat a raunchy sweaty smelly ass hole and give them a rim job that goes into their asshole and then lick the sweat from their balls as they jizz all over my hair. I want to be faced fucked so hard that I throw up all over their cock and then be told to clean it up like a good little bitch. I am a dirty little cum dumpster whore and I know what I deserve. I want to be treated like the trash that I am and be filled in every hole with smelly sweaty stinky greasy cock. I want my face to be so sticky from piss and cum that I cant even open my eyes.Scat phone sex Aurora

Golden Shower Sex

Golden Showers Sex CarrieI fucking love when a guy wants me to give him a golden shower, it’s one of my favorite dirty things to do! My urine is so warm and delicious, men love to drink it up while I pee on them! One of my fuck buddies is a little loser bitch with a huge fucking cock and he loves it when I take control of him and douse him with a yummy golden shower. He’s a real nasty mother fucker but I love it! I showed up to his house butt naked and a bladder full of liquid ready for him to devour me! He loves laying on the floor of his huge shower while I step on his cock and chest and give him a foot job with my pretty little feet! It doesn’t take much to make his big cock throbbing for me! Right as hes about to cum his huge load of dick juice, I squat over him and pee on him from head to toe! I know how to properly maneuver my pussy so that i’m able to hit every angle of his body while I give him the best golden shower of his life! I make sure to have a cup next to me as well because I always love to save some extra for him to drink after i’m done soaking his entire existence. It turns me on so fucking much to piss on such a submissive man! Drink up!

Scat phone sex whore Aurora wants a ShitPie

Fuck, I just got off work from had to take a massive shit. I felt the relief of it coming out my asshole and I smelled the stench of my own shit and then for some reason I had the urge to want to eat some shit. I really wish I had some one right now to feed me a big greasy ass turd that I could swallow after they just had a greasy meal at a truck stop. You would not need any toilet paper, I will lick your ass hole clean inside and out. While we are at it why don’t you give me something to drink too! I would love to have some warm piss running down the back of my throat. I love the musty stench from a nasty pair of balls in my face and a dirty dick just spraying me down with his urine. He and I both know that I am a dirty fucking whore and I love it.  I do  not know why but just taking that massive dookie made me really horny and now I need to go find some one to give me the dirty treatment I am craving right now! I need a big old shit pie, cause I am hungry.

Scat phone sex

Toilet Sex

toilet sexI was arrested for public intoxication last night. I had to sit in the drunk tank all night long. The officer on duty is a bitch. She made me strip down naked and sit on the cold metal bench. She was in my face screaming at me. She is also a lesbian because she kissed me hard and grabbed my tits. She made me spread my legs open and lay down. I didn’t have a choice but to listen to her. Plus I’m always ready to fuck haha. She took her baton and shoved it into  my snatch. She left it deep inside me as she stripped down naked. It was stretching my pussy open but was actually turning me on. She got on top of me and pissed on my stomach. She smacked me and told me I was a trashy slut. I spit at her face. She took the baton and started ramming it into me over and over. I hurt so bad. I screamed in pain and pleasure. She sat on my face and made me eat her cunt. I gave it all I had. Eating that pussy until she came all over me. She removed the baton and hit my ass with it a few times. I was drunk so the pain didn’t affect me. I love how even getting arrested I get my sex fix.

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