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Cock service please

trailer trash whore

I needed to get my car serviced and came into the shop right as they were going to close. There was only one mechanic left, and I knew I had to pretty much beg for his service. It didn’t take long to get him to agree to look at my car and change the oil. His name was Jeff, and he was more than eager to go under my hood and check out the view. After he finished, he invited me to his office and got super clingy and wanted to give me some of his cock services too. I was down to get that special. I knew he was going to be a great fuck from the second I saw his tool. He fucked me right in the office and then in the garage. I loved having his cock it was so meaty, and he knew what to do. I knew this wasn’t his first time seducing a slut like me. I could tell he has done a couple of the whores in town. He had a trailer trash whore obsessed with his cock so much he had to get a restraining order from her. I believe it to his cock was addicting and let me reassure you I will be here for more of his services. I liked that his cum drenched my tits and dripped down. It was a beautiful scene.

Sex Slave City

Water sports sex



This is the place where you go and the whole world looks so beautiful. It’s a Faraway Fantasyland in my mind that takes control sexually. I get so turned on thinking about space aliens doing biddings to me fucking me probing me making me feel like I’m being fucked in up and down all over and over again. It turns me on but what turns me on more is if I could own the land and all those aliens can be my sex slaves. I dream of it all the time the things that I would do to my sex alien slaves. I tie them up, I chain them down. I’d do it all night and have so much fun, I drill them with my human cunt they love my cunt. My sloppy wet human pussy is incredibly insane with my alien slaves. I would do it all with them they could do it all to me oh yes I love it that way. When I go to sleep at night I dream about my sex planet that I control my dreams are so great I lose my heart my soul dances all night long I love it. Would you like to role-play with me and be my sexual alien tonight let me probe you and you can probe me to let’s do it.

Dirty Phone Sex, Wet Too

dirty phone sexI had such dirty phone sex with my husband last night, I had to shower afterward. My husband travels a ton for work. So, we have phone sex while he is in some fancy hotel. Usually, he wants to hear all about my whore fucking. He loves hearing who fucked me and how. He likes hearing about my fun with our angels while he is gone too. Last night, however, he wanted to direct our middle son on how to make his mommy squirt. We did face time, so he could watch and I could see him masturbate. I was naked squatting in front of the couch with my legs spread wide. My husband told our son how to rub my bald pussy really fast for a good ten minutes before inserting his two middle fingers up my twat. He was finger fucking his mommy’s pussy so hard and fast, all I could do was squirt. I squirted over and over. I sprayed the faces of my offspring who were watching. Doused them and myself. Seriously, everything was wet, including the iPad we were using for face time with my husband. I had no idea I could squirt like that. My sons and my daughters were in awe of what came out of my pussy. I had more than just a sloppy wet pussy. Damn, it was a hot wet time. My husband came several times watching our fuck trophies play with my hot squirting pussy. It was like the floor had been converted into a slip and slide! We all took a big family shower afterward. Cleaned ourselves up, just to get dirty again. I had no idea that I could cum like that.  I don’t think anyone did, but now that I know, we will be having a wet dirty time often.

sloppy wet pussy

Pissing Phone Sex

pissing phone sexDo you like pissing phone sex? I am not too proud to admit that I like golden showers. I like giving and receiving. Lately, I have been in a giving mode. Giving to my daughters and sons. A young one that can take a good douse of urine brings in good money. Guys pay to piss on and be pissed on all the time. I am grooming my young ones to be piss whores because it will bring us all money. I invited some of my male friends to come over last night for a pissing match. A literal pissing match. I lined my young ones up in the basement. I tied their hands behind their backs, so they couldn’t fight off the piss.  I love golden showers sex more than they do. I told my friends to piss on them. Piss in their faces, down their throats, up their ass, in their pussies and all over their jail bait bodies. One of my sons surprised us all, by begging to drink all the piss. I must admit, I thought if anyone would be a piss whore, it would be my eldest daughter. She likes to wet her panties in public and sleep in a piss soaked bed. But my son wanted to drink piss and get fucked up his ass while men pissed on him. I don’t judge. I just market my little whores to their fetishes. Now, I know I have a golden boy. A gold showers boy.

Toilet sex slut

toilet sexToilet sex slut with  plenty of stories of piss and scat, I have been used as a toilet by my master for a couple months now, He loves bringing all his friends and likes me to put on a show for them, I have to dress up and in skimpy outfits and I always need pins on my tits and a couple anal beads in my ass. I serve them for hours on end, I flash my ass hole and have them fuck it and cum all over my ass and pee on it too, They work their way to my mouth and piss in their and I have to chug it all and if I spill any I must immediately start licking it from the ground like the slave that I am. If I ever throw up I need to take that in my mouth again and swallow it, I get no breaks at all I have to do exactly what I am told and follow orders like the slave pet I am.

Pissing Sex for the Douche at the Bar

Pissing sexHe thought I’d be a little bitch. Apparently my head-to-toe leather just screamed submissive to him. Or, maybe it was just his way of getting me to make him my little bitch. I don’t know. What I do know is he stepped to me all kinds of sideways, talking down to me and basically telling me that I was going to go home with him. He was ok, as long as he was just talking shit, but the he laid a hand on me. The minute he did that, he was done. It took very little effort to put his ass on the floor, and my heeled boot was on his head in a second, pressing his head into the floor. I told him that if he thought he wanted to leave this place in tact, he would do as I said and not think twice about it. He agreed, and I told him to lick my boot. Once he’d done that once, I decided it needed something more. I ordered him to stay where he lay, not to move a muscle, as I stripped my skin-tight pants off, leaving me in just my boots from my waist down. I allowed him to look up, then, as I undid my blouse. I pulled my tits out and let him see my dick and my tits one good time before pissing all over his head. I made him lick my boot again before I allowed him to suck my cock. Well, I more face-fucked him than allowed him, but I’m sure you get the picture. I stared down at him, licking and sucking on my own tits as he fucked my cock with his mouth. I sent him home with my piss in his hair and my cum all over the front of his clothes. I bet he never lays hands on a lady again!

White Trash Phone Sex

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex never has any limits. Guys ask me all the time what my limits are. I have none. We have a vanilla site, but this isn’t it. I couldn’t do vanilla phone sex. I wouldn’t know what to talk about. Would you? I want my sex dirty, even nasty. My life would make a porn star blush. Seriously, I have done more in a week than most women have in a lifetime. I clean up nicely, but I am whore at my core. My eldest daughter and I were at this swank political fundraiser last week for a man running for local congress. We have been to a few of his fundraisers. If people knew the things this man is into, they would be shocked. He is a client of my husband, but we keep his dirty little secrets because he pays us well. He doesn’t pay us to keep quiet. We aren’t black mailers. He pays us for golden showers sex. This fine upstanding congressional hopeful from an Ivy League school and old school money, likes young girls to pee on him. He even likes me to pee on him too. He wants my daughter on the campaign trail with him. He got her an internship. Folks think she is a future lobbyist or campaign manager, but she is just a young hooker for hire. Before he gives any public speech, my jailbait daughter pisses in his mouth and on his dick. If it is a local event, I join in on the fun. He loves the idea of a mother and daughter pissing on him together. I don’t judge. I collect the money and pass go. What dirty little taboo secret do you harbor? My daughters and I are good at keeping secrets and pushing your limits. We don’t judge your kinks. We all have them.

Freaky Phone Sex Fun

freaky phone sexDo you like freaky phone sex? Guys ask me what freaky means to me. It is subjective. I am not the normal woman. I do things daily that most women would never do. So, if you think something is freaky, chances are I don’t. I have this young barrio boy I am fucking regularly now. Young Mexican lad with a rock hard cock, that speaks very little English. He is learning. He thought fucking my ass was freaky. There is no Spanish word for freaky, so I understood him. He has seen a lot of porn. He wanted to try putting it in my ass. Anal sex is far from freaky for this girl. Perhaps, shitting all over his cock would be freaky, but not hardcore anal sex. I acted like it hurt me to turn him on more. Porn ruined his idea of anal sex. Girls in anal porn videos scream like they are being stretched out more than they can handle. I have had a lot of cock up my ass. I am an anal slut. The more you get fucked in the ass, the less it hurts. Nothing makes me scream in pain anymore. Well, not true. My Barrio boy did manage to get freaky with me, when he pulled out his cock and put his fist up my ass. I did not see that coming. There was no lube and I was not expecting it, so I did scream a little. Again, something he saw in a porn movie. Freaky or not, it still got my pussy wet. What is your idea of freaky sex? I’m game for anything. I double dog dare you to shock me. Incest sex, hardcore ass fucking, orgies, gang bangs, watersports, fisting, furry friends…not all that freaky to a dirty mama like me.

Piss Ice Cubes

Pissing phone sexYou know what I really fucking enjoy doing? Drinking my own piss! There are so many fun ways to incorporate my urine into things in my daily life. One of my favorite ways to drink my yummy golden goodness is to freeze them into ice cubes! I take the ice tray and squat over it to fill it up while I let the piss flow out of my sloppy wet cunt. There’s always a spare container full as well that I like to set aside so that I can refill the trays as much as I want! Once they’re nice and frozen, I insert them into my ass and let them melt in my rectum. It feels so good as they stream out of me, flowing down my legs and puddling on the floor at my feet. It smells so fucking nasty but so delicious at the same time! Eating asparagus prior to making the ice cubes really gives a nice smelly effect to them! Putting the cubes in my coffee and water makes it taste so fucking good! I fucking love drinking my own fluids, fuck, it makes me so horny! I love having pissing phone sex and telling you all about my pissing sex stories!

Trailer trash whore beat down

trailer trashTrailer trash whore is what she called me. She’s an evil bitch and I thought her husband was bad, boy was  I wrong she was the devil in disguise. I thought I was going to be left with someone who had some sympathy for me. My master Is married to a psycho they are a match made in hell. I got to meet her this weekend. I saw that she was dressed up so conservatively and was very quiet and obedient and looked even scared herself when talking to the master, it was all an act. As soon as he left she dropped it along with her teacher like outfit, she got completely naked and told me I was in for a ride. She began to tie me up and really went in on me. She was probing me with all sorts of objects making me wish he was there instead of her. She took tons of pictures of me and laughed and mocked me. I was begging for mercy.  The more I begged the more she tortured me.

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