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Anal Sex Whore and Her Playmates

anal sex whoreI’m an anal sex whore and so are my girls! It has been a crazy week. I have not slept much, but thanks to mother’s little helper, I don’t need to sleep much. I do a few lines of white powder and I get energy I didn’t know I had. I was set to crash last night after being up almost 72 hours. That was until I discovered my eldest daughter had a few friends over. She has some hot girlfriends. They like to party with me. I peeked into their room and saw 5 teen girls naked and playing with one another. They had dildos in their perky asses. That is when I told myself sleep is for the weak. I asked if I could join the fun. They were happy to have this trashy milf join their girl orgy. I went to my room and brought back my bag of goodies. They were super happy to see my toys. I had handcuffs, restraints, double sided dildos, spreader balls, butt plugs and whips. I was in the mood for some kinky games with hot teen sluts. I made those girls my bitches. They had to worship my pussy and my ass. I pissed on their pretty faces too. No complaints. They drank my urine like it was wine. They even snowballed my piss. We ended the night with some double sided dildo fun in our asses. Why sleep when I can have kinky girl time with my eldest girl and her friends?

Happy Halloween

cum filled cuntHalloween is the perfect excuse to let out your inner slut. Well, when it comes to me, my inner slut is usually outter. I am not shy about being a lover of having a cum filled cunt. I don’t shy away from what makes my body happy. A little angel dust and cumshots and I am having a blast. I like wearing little to nothing and going to gang bang parties. My favorite party this Halloween season was one that I went to last night. Everyone was in costumes, and It is a small town where I live. There is a good chance I knew all the people in costumes fucking me. I didn’t care I loved every minute of it. I wasn’t shy, and I surely wasn’t incognito. I was dressed up, but you can spot me a mile away. I loved having my pretty face get jizz masks. I enjoyed doing line after line of coke and getting filled in all my holes. It was a very happy Halloween

coke whore chronicles

sloppy wet pussy My boss told me I could have a bonus if I gave him a blow and my bum. I wasn’t going t say no to that. I went in his office and let him do lines after line of coke right out of my ass crack. I needed to do some too I was practically twitching for it. I needed it badly. Once I got my fix my sloppy wet pussy and all my holes.I have done it all chasing my love to be high. I let him fuck my twat till he knocked out. We were the only ones in the office anyways. I don’t mind being a jizz eating whore I love cock and cum and coke more than anything. I loved out new arrangement and was reaping all the benefits.

Cum dumpster

Cum dumpster

I love being covered in cum. Last night I decided to make one of my fantasies finally happen. I had always wanted to be a cum dumpster for a group of guys and let them shoot their load on me until I was completely covered in it. I put an ad on the internet. Wanted: Horny guys to fuck me and cum on my face. In no time, I had gotten well over a dozen replies. After weeding through all the spam, I had at least 15 guys who were legit and wanted to party.

I invited them over and got the party started. I had a few drinks and a few lines of coke beforehand to take the edge off. Now it was go time. I squatted down in the middle of the room totally naked. They surrounded me stroking their cocks and getting themselves hard. I started stroking the two nearest to me and sucking on them. Another two came up behind me and began fucking my ass and pussy. The rules were simple, they can fuck any of my holes, but they HAVE to cum on my face. It wasn’t long before they were doing just that. One after the other they had their way with me, fucking my ass or cunt, or jamming their cock into my mouth and deep throating me. Eventually though they all pulled out and shot their sticky sweet cum all over my face. By the end of the night I was totally drenched in cum. I just laid there tasting it and playing with my pussy. It turned me on so much to finally be the cum guzzling whore I had always fantasized about!

Lot lizard sex got dirty

lot lizard sexI was working at my truck stop job yesterday when this super sketchy guy came in, he looked creepy as fuck but a tip is a tip so I went over to his table with a smile. He looked me up and down and asked if I was on the menu too… well I can’t say that I really wanted to fuck this guy but I definitely needed the money so I just winked at him and said why yes I sure am on the menu. His whole face lit up, he was so happy that I was for sale too, he said just let me eat real quick and I’ll meet you out by my truck. I was nervous but I went out there about 20 minutes later and there he was, I knew he would pay me well cus he tipped really good inside and I wasn’t wrong either. He had a 100 dollar bill in his hand and told me if I swallowed everything he gave me that 100 would be mine. So I got down on my knees and open my mouth wide…I was expecting to suck his dick, I wasn’t expecting him to piss down my throat! I swallowed every drop tho just like he asked and you know what? I got me that 100 dollar tip too!

Trailer trash whore tranny

Trailer trash whoreI’ve always loved being known as the filthiest trailer trash whore of the entire community that I grew up in. One day when a tranny moved in next door to me, I couldn’t wait until I was able to get my hands and tongue on her! Turns out that she was just as kinky and nasty as I was! When I first came face to face with her throbbing cock, it was dangling down between her thighs and just dying to be sucked on. I shoved my face into her cum-filled nutsack and took a big whiff of her hairy balls. Yummy, she smelled soooo good! I love a freshly fucked little hole that’s oozing out with cum. She had just gotten gangbanged and I was lucky enough to catch her right after and give her a good cleaning up. I licked her dry and made sure to swallow down every drop of tranny jizz.

White Trash Phone Sex Piss Whore

white trash phone sex

Oh, The things this white trash phone sex coke whore gets herself into! See I just needed a quick fix. My Brother is my dealer and sometimes pimp. He decided to leave town for a huge coke run and I was left feining before a set. I need my gogo juice to be able to dance damnit. So when I went searching the back alleys for a little pick me up, I found J my old dealer beating some punks ass. I knew J would put me in coke heaven, for a price that is. Naturally, I was set up and J had to make some money back so I got pimped out to be the bathroom toilet sex gangbang queen for two hours. I took piss load after piss load, spitting piss down my body and gulped a few or seven loads of cum after a nice throat fucking. I lost count after 30 men but I am sure they were more. I was bent over the urinal and my ass gaped, which would bring in some dollars when I showed it off on stage. I was able to be high and even managed to get a nice sack just for being some big black guys shit paper with my mouth. And hell yeah this nasty whore went on stage with piss and cum in her hair, Made a pretty penny and now I am high with my legs in the air and my big purple dildo fucking myself. 

Filthy Public Bathroom Fucking

Freaky Phone Sex

   Freaky phone sex covers a wide variety of kink and that’s really fucking hot. I love to get really freaky and have done it in many different places from porta potties, back alleys, and public showers to graveyards, churches and a groundskeepers shed. I’m a filthy hooker and like to get fucked up and then I’m down for anything that will give me a hot load of cum… at least! I want you to piss on me while I take a dump in a filthy dive bar bathroom. Nothing like those coke shits when the loser that you got it from cuts it with laxative, explosive! I want you to fuck me analy when that shit comes on and I can’t hold back. I’ll let that explosive crap out all over that fucking cock and you love the feel of the warm, messy wet stinky shit.

Maybe you prefer to cum and piss on my face, that is fine I am down for any kind of toilet play. I’m a filthy trasher whore that does anything for crack money and free drugs are fucking bonus!

Bathroom Breaks

Gangbang whore

You know that I am nasty.  I have no limits to what I will do or try.  When one of my friends called me and asked me if I could do a job with them I was up for it.  You have to understand that my friend’s job is whoring herself out at truck stops.  I have done it a few times too, so I was all for it.  We went to this jacked up Motel.  Even for me it was pretty dirty, and I have lived in trap houses before.  We get into the room and there is this super fat fucker sitting on the edge of the bed watching porn.  He doesn’t say a word, just points to the bathroom.  She looked at me, I looked at her, she looked at the guy then asked, “What?” He still didn’t speak, he just pointed to the door again.

We walked into the bathroom, then as we were turning around the door slammed shut.  I said, “Oh shit!”  She tried the door but it was jammed.  We both started to push against the door, pound on it, yelling at the top of our lungs.  The guy from the bed just turned the porn up really loud.  After about twenty minutes I just gave up.  I slipped into the tub and lit a joint.  She sat down on the toilet and sighed.  She kept telling me she was sorry.  Nothing to be sorry for.  Bitches like me end up dead from situations like this all the time, I figured it was just my turn.  We pretty much didn’t say anything else.  We just smoked.

The porn turned off.  It was dead quiet.  She got off the toilet, went over to the door and listened.  We just kept hearing the door to the room open up again and again.  Finally we could hear someone by the door, she backed up and I stood up.  I was ready to fight if it came down to it.  As soon as the door flew open she was grabbed and yanked from the room, I had one foot out of the tub when two guys came in quickly to push me back down into the tub.  One pulled out his cock then started to piss on me.  Then the other dude started to do the same thing.  When they were done they just laughed.  One said, “Stay there, you are our piss girl tonight.” Whatever man.

The rest of the night went like this.  My friend would get fucked by five guys over and over again, then afterward they would come in and piss on me.  Some on my tits, some on my face,  over my ass, onto my pussy, one even in my mouth.  This went on for hours.  The last guy that came in yanked me up by my arm, pulled me out of the bathroom, pushed me over the dresser, then fucked the hell out of my pussy.  After he was done he went over to my friend to shove his piss, cum, and pussy juiced up cock into her mouth.  After she cleaned him up they kicked us out of the room, but not before paying us some serious bank. 

Here we thought we were going to die, and it turns out they just wanted some fuck time and piss play.  Which is much better than being dead. 

Laters ~

Teach Me Toilet Sex

phone sex line

My love of toilet sex and getting covered in piss and shit all started in high school. I am so thankful my principle was a pervert and a weirdo. When I was a senior, they did a locker sweep, and the fucker found my cock and my pot. I knew I would be expelled if I didn’t get him to keep his mouth shut. When he called me into his office, at first I tried to play dumb. I told him that I had no idea what they were, and that I thought it was gravel and oregano. He shook his head, and I realized that wasn’t gonna work. So, I told him it was a friends that she asked me to hold, and he said then I should have told her no. At this point I had to resort to letting him blackmail me. I told him I would do anything at all that he wanted. He told me it had to something that was so taboo I would never tell anyone, and I said that that was fine. He gave me $100 to get myself a big lunch, and instructed me to be in his office when the school day was completely over. At the end of the day, I made sure everyone else had left the building, and went to his office. He instructed me to close and lock the door behind me, and strip. I just thought we would have some awkward sex, but boy was I wrong. He laid down and told me to put my ass to his mouth. He started licking my ass, and told me to shit in his mouth. At first, I was so shocked, but then I thought fuck it I have to graduate. So, I let my chocolate pudding pour out of my ass into his mouth, and when I looked down at him I was so oddly aroused. I made him fuck me on his office couch.

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