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Blow for Blow

Gangbang whore

I was running low on some blow and decided to ask the janitor that works in the library. I know he deals and I knew he would probably give me a right price since I always wore a low-cut shirt for his View. I knew he enjoyed it so I thought that showing a bit more cleavage would get him to give me some low priced blow. I should have known he wasn’t going to provide me with angel dust that cheap. I was so low on cash that I was desperate.
I even offered up a blowjob for blow.

A blow job for blow was only accepted if it came to making me a gangbang whore too.
The whole janitor crew which was about 10 different guys would use me. They were all going to take my pussy and fuck my mouth for hours. I was going to have all the blow I could possibly think of.

I couldn’t turn the opportunity down just thinking about the high and thinking about how much of a cum slut I was going to be, I had to do it so it was Game on

Two Girl Gangbang Fun

gangbang whore

The thing about being a druggy gangbang whore is sometimes It gets real nasty. I know you like nasty baby, you love this coked up slut and the perverted filthy things I do for some drugs and a good gangbang fuck.  I have a well-known dealer and he had set up a gangbang fuck fest for me and My new stripper friend Carrie. She’s a big titted whore with a nice bubble ass.  We were fresh from the pole and looking to get high and pole dance around some nice fat dicks! Carrie Was immediately on a huge dick taking it down her throat until she puked right around it. Three guys threw me down and made me lick it up. I was being held while three men turn turns gaging me with those monsters they call dicks. They kept telling me how pretty and nice a body Carrie had. They were fucking every hole she had. They made her stand over me and piss in my face over and over. I was drug into the bathroom and made to be the urinal all night. I mean I was fed coke and more drugs all night and I would get my holes used so I was okay with it. I was kind of jealous that they made me the toilet sex whore all night and let Carrie just get all the good dick and drugs. But who am I to complain, its fun being on the nasty, filthy whore side of things I was made for this life.

toilet sex

A Shitty Experience

dirty phone sex

I fucking love the taste of shit. Nothing turns me on more than men feeding me there delicious brown moist shit. One day I was at the park and I could hear a man taking the biggest shit in the restroom so I sneaked in and begged him to unleash on me. I toke off my clothes and got on my hands and knees begging him to just shit all over my chest and when he was done he pissed all over my face. I couldn’t help but moan as I cumed for him so he yanked me up and pushed me against the bathroom stall and fucked the hell out of me. I am really into anything though. I just love how dirty I get for you

Boss in charge

prostitution pornThe prostitution porn was blasting in the background, and I could feel strong body on me. I felt his cock pushing my cunt and feeling him grunt. I hated him so much, but I was just so turned on. I’ve never done anything I don’t want to, but he somehow convinced me to let him fuck me. It was an entire plot for him to get what he wanted from me. My pussy was dripping wet as he was thrust into me. I was moaning and groaning, and he was enjoying hearing me and even told me he knew I wanted his cock. He got so intense he also started to choke me out while he was plowing my cunt. I passed out and came right back to conscience and I came so fucking hard. I was pretty much addicted to his cock by then. I have always been the more dominant one, and this experience put me in my place.


Now I am his anal slut who is willing to give him all my holes whenever he desires and craves it. I even have a ton of tasks to do anything he wants I do. I wear whatever outfit he needs me to wear. I love this new relationship with my boss in charge.

Worthless whore

trailer trash whoreI was hanging out at my friend’s house for poker night when I met this guy Justin Bobby. He was a redneck, and he had pornstache. He was not my type at all, but I heard some stuff about his bedroom skills. My friend Lydia told me she fucks him all the time. I wanted to see if she was right I was incredibly horny and wanted a nice fuck so bad. I went over there and wore some daisy dukes and a short halter top. I was trying to impress Justin. He was excited because after a couple of hours of flirting he took the initiative and invited me over to his place.

He was drunk out of his mind and started to get rough with me. He called me a slut and a trailer trash whore and was getting upset cause I wouldn’t suck him the right way. I can’t believe he was able to get the rope and tape from the garage because he was so fucked up . I must have been much more fucked up in the head than him because I was getting so turned on by his roughness. He wasn’t interested in fucking my pussy he wanted my ass, and he took it. I had never gotten fucked so hard in my ass he loved it, and I was so tensed and orgasming so much that I  pissed all over him. He got mad and started to put his cock in my mouth and pissed in the mouth. He was laughing so hard and loved that I was roped up and stranded


Lot lizard sex whore

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex whore chronicles that were the pitch. My master wanted to make some extra money and thought about breaking into the porn industry, He got all of us chained up and tortured and made us fuck on camera. He was monopolizing his money and wanted to branch out and make us feel more like property and he loved the high he got from seeing our faces and making us feel like crap. He wanted to have us fucked on camera and wanted us to be completely stupid cum buckets. There was about 12 of us and we were all lined up and ready to be treated like trash. We were so conditioned to be his sluts that we got wet and excited at the whole situation. We were force-fed a ton of cocks and we were fucked by the nastiest truckers ever. Just the whole experience made us all hopeless but horny too. It was so fucking bizarre but we all craved it more.

Pissing Sex Stories

Pissing Sex Stories

I was so stoned that I was taking a piss on the corner where I was hustling for Johns when A nice black car pulled up and asked how much for some golden showers baby? I pulled up my panties and asked how much he wanted to pay and if he partied. We took off and he brought me to a nice room and opened his suitcase that had so many pairs of cute girly panties. He picked out a polka dotted pair for me and told me to strip and only put those on. He then laid out a couple nice rails on the table and we snorted coke. I was feeling good as he told me to down a large bottle of water. I was instructed to let him know the moment I had to piss. So, we did a few more lines when I told him I had to pee. He told me to hold it and come suck his cock. It was a very nice cock, so I obeyed and was sucking and deep throating when the urge to pee got so bad I told him. Okay, he said as he stripped the rest of the way and laid on the floor. “Straddle, me and take my cock in your mouth then piss through your panties on me. I did as I was told sucking his cock as I let out a hot stream of piss through my panties all over his chest. When I was done he rolled me over and slid the piss soaked panties aside and started fucking my pissy pussy. He came hard inside of me and asked for the panties as he gave me another pair and a big bottle of water. We had fun pissing and fucking and doing lines all night. He even pissed in my ass, I kind of liked the hot feeling of piss in my ass.

Gangbang Whore

Gangbang Whore

I am the original gangbang whore. I’m sure you remember that gang initiation I helped you with. It was like the 12 cocks of Christmas. I was greatly rewarded for my services with an 8 ball of coke. I just had 12 Black cocks lined up after a did a few lines. I laid on the pool table and we played merry go round Hadley.  SO much BBC that night. Choking on one by one in my ass and one in my pussy. My tits being squeezed and nibbled. I had so much fun. I was pissed on by five guys at once and made to hold four different mouthfuls of cum before I could swallow. My pussy still gets wet from that memory. But you had the anaconda BBC that you made me piss on before you fucked me deep in my ass. I swear I couldn’t walk for days after that. I still see the videos online from me peeing on two dicks at once before I sucked each of them off. I am the dirtiest nasties whore around. I love every minute of it. Who needs a whore for a gangbang? I need BBC in my life.

Blowjob in the Bathroom

sloppy wet pussyI think we all know by now the love I have for getting high and fucking dudes and I honestly give great blowjobs, I am a big dick sucker. Mmmm. OK really not just big dicks, I love all cocks. So today I went out with a friend shopping to the mall. I do love shopping and buying lots of slutty clothes, maybe its because I love male attention. Some would call me a cum guzzling slut, that is honestly a name I wear proudly. Wait, I got a little off topic, so shopping, we stop in the food court for a drink and I see a man who is obviously high as fuck. That right there is like a moth to a flame for me, plus he is hot as fuck, and I instantly want him. I start up a conversation with him and he says he knows me. Hmm, I really don’t remember this guy but he says I gave him the best blow job hes ever had. “Oh really?” I ask. He says yeah baby it was when I came to see your dad one day. Then it clicks he is the guy with the really huge cock. I remember not even being able to fit the whole thing in my mouth, straight up gagging on it. It’s a good thing men love their sloppy bjs because that is what he got from me that day. I tell him yes I remember you, that was fun, and you have an amazing cock. He says do you want to go into the bathroom right now and suck it again? Fuck yeah I do. I follow him to the mens rooms push him up against the wall and drop to my knees. I pull out his perfect fuck stick and give him a mouth fuck he won’t soon forget. Just as hes about to cum he pulls my hair and growls. Literally growled, and shoots a huge load down my throat. MMM.. it tasted so fucking delicious. I look up and tell him its his turn to drop to his knees and eat my pussy. He did and had me screaming when my cunt squirted all over his face, I’m sure the men coming in and out enjoyed the show, I know I did.

Anal sex whore for the master

Anal sex whore


Anal sex whore Slave for the master. My master got so angry with me and he wanted to make sure that I knew he is always right no matter what. I have been pretty negligent of my duties as a slave, with school and work I have upset my owner. Last night I made a mistake I never thought I would do. I talked back to him and I knew just then that I was going to pay for it. Up to the display, I went and of course, I knew what followed after being propped on to that thing. I was in for a treat, not a good treat for me but for the audience, it was going to be pure entertainment. My master put the thickest sets of nipple clamps on my tits and gagged me hard with a gag ball and if that wasn’t enough he got the sturdiest duct tape and secured it right around my face. I was in for some fisting fun and some shock therapy.  Of course my ass got quite a beating.

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