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Snuff and Toilet Sex From My Sadistic Brother

toilet sex

I am only good as a snuff and toilet sex object for my brother. I thought I could offer him my younger sister in exchange for saving my life. But all he wanted to do was have me choke her as she sucked his cock and tell her that we are worthless whores. We were meant to be bred, to be fucked and die at the hands of the men in our lives. For us, it is our brother chopping off and stabbing our tits. My full tits are his to chop off, her tits are stab worthy. Our arms and legs can be hacked off and both of s burned alive in the oven as we still under his command and fuck the heating element with our pussies.  Forcefully fucked, tortured and killed, we are vermin and only created to serve cock in any form.  And if you are anything like my sadistic brother then yu too must join me in no taboo phone sex. STuff and prolapse my ass hole, ruin my pretty pussy and snuff me out the way I deserve to be. 

xoxo, your trashy submissive whore, 

Hardcore Hadley

Druggy phone sex

Druggy phone sexWhat’s the drug of the day? What do I want? What do I crave? I need to be numb, I will never be brave enough to be sober. I am a junkie and I am thinking it’s going to be a white fucking Christmas. Crack is my favorite. It makes me so horny and I can get lots of free lines and bumps being a total skank for any guy that will give me the time of day. I love it honestly, trading myself to get high. I obviously have no self-worth. I let men degrade me and abuse me in every way imaginable. If my parent’s only new their daughter was a piece of fucking shit drug addict whore. They’ll never know though, they think I went missing years ago and I guess I really did. I lost myself years ago when I hit my first line, and it just kept snowballing on and on since then. No shame here! Where’s the party?

Druggy Porn Watching Perverts

Druggy porn watching perverts love to get nasty on the phone. We get off together to that BBC penetrating and gaping hot young pink holes. I sit here as we talk about how fucking hot that fuck scene is and about the filthy things we’d do to each other. You would be gushing about joining me with a hot black snake between us. Sucking on it and watching it impale this white trashy stripper cunt. You beg to see him gape my asshole as well. You are weak to that BBC and you need to watch a hot milf get spread by it, it makes your dick throb. I make you touch that big nigger cock and suck it down your little white boy throat. Suck that big black cock white boy. Clean my creampie cunt filled with all the cum from that BBC. Lick it all out like a good little cuckold. I know we will have so much fun together as we do lines off that big black dick.

Druggy Porn

Druggy porn

Druggy porn “Would you look at that tsk tsk tsk.” He looks down on me giving me a hard quick punch to my side. “Come on over guys we’ve got ourselves another addict for some druggy porn!” He motioned for the rest of the group to come over as I lay on the ground shaking from withdrawals. They all circled around me but I could barely focus. I could only think about getting high. The leader of the group dragged me to my knees by my hair before asking me what my drug of choice is. I was feigning for some ‘boy’ at that time and they just happened to have it on hand. I was more awake then, starting to beg for just one hit of that sweet H shit. That’s all it took for me to start groveling at their feet and whining that I would do anything at all to get high. They already know this but they’re going to make me work for it nothing I can do about it either. They ordered me to open my mouth and surrounded me in a circle. All at once they start pissing all over me then begin finishing off their piss by using my mouth to swallow the very last drops. I don’t fight or whine or do anything I’m not supposed to do. I’ll do whatever I have to get numb from my dearest friend, heroin.

One more shot, por favor.

My pussy turned to jello as I slammed another shot of Jose Cuervo with the sexy stranger. I knew he was trying to get me drunk. He had already whispered in my ear the things that he would do with his fat cock when he got me to the car.  I’d been hanging out in a Mexican bar all afternoon,flirting with the sexy Latin men. I didn’t need to know Spanish to see what they had in mind for me. Drunk phone sexI stumbled to the car as several men followed me. It was about to become a gang bang, for sure. I dropped my panties beside the car. I was a total drunken slut as I squatted right there to take a piss. One of them yanked me to my feet and I felt his bulging cock push up into me as the pee flowed down his cock. These were some nasty, toilet loving fuckers and I was glad to give them a show. I dropped to my knees and began to suck the piss and cum off his cock. It inflamed the others and they crowded around me jerking their dicks. “Show us your asshole, baby.” They chanted. I bent right over and spread my cheeks. The fat one grabbed my hips and rammed his stiff enchilada deep into my clenched asshole. He fucked me hard and fast, pulling his shit covered meatstick out to blow a dirty load on my face. I licked it greedily as the others blew cum all over my drunken naked body. 

Pee all over Me Lover


Water sports sex

Shower me with your Golden Sunshine because I love golden showers. I want you to pee all over me, spread your delicious hot cock tea all over my body. I can’t help, but to love it nasty, I’m just a nasty cum dumpster whore. Lot lizards like me have always loved to be treated like skanks, and I’m no exception I love it so much. I want my body wet from your hot cock juices. I want you to drink a lot of water because the more water you drink, the more of your hot fluids I get to spread all over my body. My mom told me that I was a number one slut in the trailer park she said that I was always going to have guys chasing after me because I was willing to do anything and my mom is so very right. I live for guys pissing all over my body. I live for them pissing in my mouth, and I live to swallow it all up. I don’t care who calls me a nasty bitch, in fact, I take that as a compliment because I am so fucking sloppy wet slutty nasty. I love when three or four guys surround me and piss all on my face and all down my tits all over my body. I’m a piss, loving slut, and I can’t help myself. I will worship your cock. I’ll let you spray me down with your cock hose. I want to be fucked in my ass I want to be fucked in my cum guzzling pussy I love it so much I just don’t ever want to stop being such a nasty fucking slut. In my opinion, every guy needs a bitch like me every guy needs to be able to piss on the woman of his dreams.

Live Stripper Sex Porn

stripper sex porn

It was just another night when my club became live stripper porn central. We are all clothes off and I love playing with my pussy as the dollars hit the stage. Some drunk guy came up and put his face right in my pussy and I let him. He slipped me a vial of coke right before so I gave his face some stripper pussy. Oh, but that wasn’t enough for him he pulled back and offered me 200 dollars to piss in his mouth. I happily obliged pissing with great accuracy. Well, that caused mayhem at the Kitty Kay Plaza. Men pulled me down and started fucking my holes and pissing in every one of them too! I was screaming as it took six bouncers to free my ass, literally! I just knew I was going to be fucked to death or suffocated. The night ended well as I took six cops back to the VIP room. The owner can always count on me to smooth things out with the local law!

Trashy MILF Got a Lyft

trashy milfA trashy milf like me can have fun in the back of a car! I was at a house party last night. I drank way too much to drive home, so I called a Lyft. The only one available was a ride share, but she was going near where I live. When the driver picked me up, I saw a cute coed in the back. She was drunk too. We got to drunk talking. Both of us were being responsible, so we decided we deserved an award. I went down on her in the back of the Lyft. I ate her bald cunt. She was loving my magic tongue so much, she had to brace herself in the back seat. Arms on the roof of the car and legs on the back of the car seats. She squirted on my face and on the leather seats. I pissed on them. Me bad. She ate my sloppy wet pussy and when I cum, sometimes I pee. That comes with getting old. I told the driver to bill my card for any clean-up. He made me an offer. Let him film two hot chicks fucking in his Lyft and call it even. That was an easy deal to make. She didn’t mind being filmed either. Her first time with an older woman she said. My guess, it was not her last because as soon as she got out of the car, she sent me a friend request. I will be eating out that girl again soon.

Nasty Phonesex

Nasty phonesex

I was late on my rent and like the slick bitch that I am. I knew I could call up my landlord and just get away with not paying rent this month. I don’t even know why I have been paying rent up until this point. As a matter of fact I’m not going to pay rent anymore. You see my landlord is a middle aged married man.He is short and stubby so I already knew he had a thick fat cock. My sexy chocolate lips couldn’t wait to put my mouth around his meat. I sucked the soul right out of his body. Once he came over I didn’t even say a word. I just bent down unzipped his pants and pulled it out and got to giving him the best head game I have ever gave a man. Hell my life depended on it. It was either suck the life out of his dick or get kicked out. I was not going down like that. I must have spit and slopped his nuts and took his dick whole into my mouth. I even let him cum in the back of my throat. I could taste his salty liquid running down my throat like buttered cream. It was delicious. Once we were done he nodded his head and we had a understanding that needed no other explanation.  I can’t wait until next month to slopped up his dick some more and swallow all of his seeds. I think I will let him fuck my pretty brown pussy as well.  I might can upgrade my unit. You see I like to tell Nasty phonesex stories about my fuck sessions. I would love to share a couple with you while we both make ourselves cum.

Toilet Sex For me and My Brat

toilet sex

My brat witnesses her coked out mommy getting her face full of piss last night. She was so confused that I was enjoying myself. My John turned his sights on her. She was peeking out around the corner and was just in her white panties with the day of week printed on the ass. Her mosquito bites were on full display. Mr. Piss grabbed her by the hair and told her to lick her mommies face clean. He threw a 100 dollar bill at me and told me to make her lick my ass hole. I put her face between my ass cheeks and told her to pretend it was a pudding cup. Mommy gave her a chocolate drop out of my ass and she squealed and cried. I then stood up and let loose a hot steamy stream of piss on her face and then licked it off. I love being a nasty young trashy milf with my offspring enjoying no taboo paid sex with me!

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