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Make me do anything

I can not tell you how many times I have been used as a human toilet. I guess there is something about my mouth, that makes a man want to shit on me, piss on me or just use me as a cum dumpster fuck slave. Not that I mind, I just cannot figure out what the gravitation to me is about. I have always been a little slut since I was younger. I have always been a favorite amongst the men in my trailer park and when I started working at the truck stop I really started getting noticed and making extra money on the side. I guess I am just a nasty freak who has no limits and loves to please a man by letting him do anything he wants to me and by being his private little whore toilet and fuck slave that will obey every demand that is made without a problem, because deep down I really love it.


Toilet sex

I’m your porcelain throne

Everyone I know knows what I freak I am and how much I love getting shit on and playing with scat while I get pounded really fucking hard. But I do not know if everyone is aware that I also love getting pissed on. It is so hot when a guy uses me as a human toilet and takes his zipper down  pulls his cock out aims in my direction and starts pissing all over me. There is something I find irresistible in shit in piss that I get so horny and want to cover myself in human waste. Maybe its just because I know my place. I am on my knees with my mouth wide open like your porcelain throne, waiting for you to take a massive dump in it, piss in it or just come all over it. Do whatever you see fit. I will enjoy it. It would give me so much pleasure to swallow whatever fluid you wanted to give me, I will gladly bend over when you are done and that you take the pick of my whore holes and you can then fuck or do whatever you want to me.

Scat phone sex

Human Toilet

toilet sexNothing gets this pussy purring harder than when one of my human toilets come into the dinner. I like to take them out back behind the diner where all the rotten food in trash bags have been torn open by stray dogs and scattered on the ground. I make you get down and roll around in that sour milk and rotten vegetables. Then I take a giant piss all over you. I save some piss so that I can sit down on your mouth and piss directly into it. I let the two homeless guys come over and piss all over your face and into your mouth too. You love their nasty cheap beer tasting piss, don’t you? You are such a nasty filthy little pervert. Oh, the smell back there is so wretched that I think I am going to puke. Good thing I have my human toilet here. You are such a nasty little whore that all of this has turned you on and now you are playing with your big hard cock.

Shitty Shitty Bang Bang

I love a good old fashioned gang bang where I am stuffed in every hole I have. A big fat block cock pounding away at my asshole, a throbbing big fat dick in my cunt and don’t forget the one face fucking my pie whole while I vomit and choke oh his cock and balls that he has managed to get both into my gaping mouth so I cannot breath.

Scat phone sex

The one thing that could make this better though is to throw in some scat and another person to rub it all over my body while I am being fucked from all angles. I am sure the black cock in my ass is pulling shit out every time he thrusts and pounds my round rump ass. I just want someone to collect it and rub my titties and clit down with i while they continue pounding away at my pussy, my ass hole and my pie hole. That would be an amazing gang-bang, it would be a shitty shitty bang bang.

Scat Playground in my room

My asshole is so fucking sore from last night. I brought this guy home because we were in the bar talking about how we both loved some scat play when we fucked and I thought what the hell, this will be fun and it was nice to find someone who was into the same kind of shit as me.

Scat phone sex

Well it turned out not only was he into it as much as I was but my body responded to him in ways I did not know were possible. This man was like the male version of me. He shit on me and I shit on him, we fucked over and over and then he would anal pound me into that bed again. There was so much of it. I tried to lick up as much as possible, we both did but it was coming out like cum.


I will definitely be calling him again to come over and pound whatever hole he wants, as long as we can play in scat heaven again.

Live Phone Sex is Unpredictable

live phone sexLive phone sex can be very unpredictable! I was on a long call last night. We were both doing coke and sharing our dirty experiences and fantasies. It was somewhere around 1 AM when there was a constant knocking at my door. I ignored it because I was on a call and having fun. Well, about ten minutes after the knocking stopped, I heard a loud thud in the living room. It was my son, drunk as a skunk, breaking in through the window. Apparently, he lost his house key. He doesn’t officially live with me anymore, but he keeps a room here for when he is too fucked up to get home and when he wants to spend some time with his trashy milf mama. I was trying to mute my phone to prevent my caller from hearing the ruckus, but my son was completely shit faced. I quieted him down by sucking his cock. My caller was like, “How you make your dick sucking sound so real?” Easy, I was sucking on a real dick. My son was drunk and horny for his mama. I blew him until he came, knowing a good orgasm would put him to sleep. It did long enough to finish my bump and my call. As I was getting ready to join him in bed, he woke up with a pee hard on. He insisted on fucking me. He said it was a hot mommy boner not a pee hard on. It was both. As he was fucking me, he not only came up my pussy but he pissed too. I knew his cum felt different. He was still drunk as a skunk, but some of the best fucking is drunk girl fucking. He passed out with his dick still up my puss. Not sure if he thought he was having a wet dream or if the load he deposited plum wore him out. Either way I was happy to be is piss and cum whore.

Ralph And His Furry Friend Max

This morning my neighbor Ralph came over with his furry friend Max. Ralph said I got a piece of a crack rock for you if you will be my furry friend’s bitch. I giggled because every body knows I will do anything for drugs and cock. I immediately got on my knees and faced Max. Stroking on his cock as his cock pops out and starts to grow. Bringing my head in to suckle on his cock as he starts to paw at me. I turn away from Max and stick my ass in his face. Max jumps on my back and finds my cunt sliding his cock into my cunt.  I moan and thrash as Max starts to makes me his bitch. Sliding deep into my cunt.  Locking his cock in me.  Now I am his bitch until he is done.

Trashy milf

Piss and Pupils

I love calling my smaller fuck saves my pupils because they are students but most of them are just to lil to even have any pussy hair, hence the name. I am also big time in to piss. I love the musty smell and the warm feeling of it. I think today’s lesson for my pupils is going to be how to properly accept a golden shower and how to appreciate it.

Pissing sex

There is nothing like being on your knees and giving a big fat cock a good licking when he decides to relieve himself all over your face and in your mouth. Its like drinking a warm frothy beer and depending on what his diet is can make it more bitter or sweet.  I prefer the more pungent froth piss as its thicker and stinkier. I like the mugginess of ammonia it puts in the air. I am going to take my little fuck slave pupils to a whole new level of learning what a real golden shower is.

Flo the Hoe

I love being the trailer park hoe. I have many nick names around here. Flo the Hoe being my favorite. I love doing all cock!!  I love the fact that everybody here knows I am the trailer park hoe, I will do anything you want.  You can piss on me.   Fuck any hole. I will be your little submissive hoe. Put a collar on me walk me around like a doggy bitch. Let your furry friends have their way with me.  It does not matter do any thing you want. And if I am bad go ahead punish me make your good little bitch.  There is nothing I will not do for cock.  Just being near cock makes my cunt sloppy wet.  My holes are open, wet and ready for all your cocks.  Come ride on this hoe.White trash phone sex

Queen of the Trailer Park

trailer trash whore

Some people call me trailer park trash, but let me tell you something I am the queen of my trailer park.
I have long bleached blond hair and double d tits. I keep my pussy totally shaven and the men around here go crazy of a taste of my honey pot. I can be a nasty girl. I love both giving and receiving golden showers. I love fucking other girls and having threesomes watches. I know how hard it makes your cock when you watch me eat my BFF Deanna’s pussy and lick her ass. She has such a sweet tasting pussy and a tight little ass. I also like to finger her tight little ass while I am eating her pussy. Then we both come over to you and I have you eat my pussy while she sucks on your cock…

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