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Pissing Sex Stories

pissing sex stories

Do you like pissing sex stories? I am a dirty mommy with no taboos. I may not make a hot pissing story every day, but it’s not something I shy away from either, especially when money is involved. It is no secret I escort and pimp out my little ones. My husband had a client with a pissing fetish. This client was different from most. What set him apart was that he had a little girl of his own he wanted to bring in on the hired fun. He was not interested in any of my little slutkins. That is fine. Personally, I find it hot when a client wants me to play with his daughter or son. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I get so wet. This client wanted to watch me with his daughter. Specifically, he wanted me to piss on her. We laid her in the tub naked. I squatted above her, spread my pussy lips and let out a jet stream of golden nectar all over her. I expected her to scream, cry even fight me, but the little whore liked it. She squealed in delight as my hot piss sprayed her little body. Daddy dearest was watching with the look of a man seeing his first barnyard bash. He was stroking his cock faster than a teen boy discovering his dick for the first time. He winked at me as a sign of approval. I drank a big glass of lemonade so I could piss again. I scooted his little girl under me this time. I stood up in the tub with one leg on the edge which tilted my pelvis just enough to help me spray my special champagne all her the little girl. She opened her mouth wide to taste my hot piss. Daddy shot his spooge in my face as she lapped up my golden nectar. Another satisfied customer.

Drunk sex porn Putting out Fires

Drunk sex pornHave you ever gotten so drunk that when you sit there and remember what you did last night you don’t know whether to laugh, be embarrassed, or just die? Well, I did that and then some. I got so drunk that I put on my Halloween costume and ran around telling people to put me out. You have no idea how many strangers are willing to piss all over a hot girl. I even held their cocks, giggling as I stroked and sucked on them. “I”m on fire Mister.” I’d look up at them as my tongue teased that head and I was slurring those words. They all grinned probably thinking I wouldn’t remember and told me to kneel back, spraying their hot and musky piss all over my tongue and tits. Filling up my mouth and stopping just long enough for me to swallow. Some guys even got so hard they didn’t want me to stop. They fucked my throat, cumming while buried in it. Then pissing down my throat making me either swallow or choke on it. It was so fucking hot at the time but waking up with a hangover and smelling like a urinal and an unused and horny cunt. Not so much.

Scat phone sex

scat phone sex

I really have no limits and I crave to go past the point of return. I love getting my holes stuffed and pumped just like any other whore. One thing, well one out of many things that I really enjoy doing is getting kinky with some scat!

So I have this friend that I fuck. He always invites his friends along to join in on our fun. Well, he is at my place with three of his friends and they decided to get really nasty. I offered up my holes like a good little skank. I was on all fours.

They stuck their dicks inside of me and took advantage of my whore holes until the cum in their cocks were completely full and needing something a bit more nasty to make them bust! My friend shoved my head into his ass in front of everyone.

They watched me lap at his ass taking his fart up my nose! I was a little surprised when I start sucking on his ass and tonguing it. He let out a big fat squishy turd right into my mouth. I started to suck it letting it melt in my mouth.

All of the guys watching could not contain their cum loads any longer. I ate that shit and covered my face with it just in time for all of them to blow their loads all over me! I was drenched and drowned in cum and shit!

I think I make a rather good piece of shit toilet paper and toilet whore!

Masturbating with scat in the toilet

Masturbating with scat… Mmmmmm, what could be more fun?. I mean I just cannot help it when I feel like I have the runs and I really need to go to the bathroom, I purposely take my time so I shit my pants. I love it when it fills up my panties and runs up into the front. I get off on the warm and gooey sensation as it rides up my pussy lips and slowly hits my clit. I love the way the stench and the aroma of shit slowly fills my nostrils until it burns. About this time I am almost to the bathroom and have my hand in my panties trying to pull the crap forward as I rub my cit and rub all that warm brown liquid in using it as my lube to finger fuck myself.

Scat phone sex Aurora

When I get to the bathroom I take my time and orgasm over and over from the smell and the feel of the texture in my hand as I shove that shit straight up into my pussy and then lick my fingers.

Golden Shower Sex Stories

golden shower sex storiesDo you like golden shower sex stories? I am a dirty whore, so no surprise I like bathroom play every now and then. I find water sports to be an effective punishment for disobedient little girls. My middle daughter had some school girls spend the night Friday. Cute little things, but spoiled brats. No manners whatsoever. The little brats were sisters. They complained that all I had was instant lemonade. They wanted fresh squeezed lemonade like their mother makes. I apologized sarcastically for not being a Stepford wife. They complained about me mocking their mother. I know their mother. She hasn’t been fucked since Clinton was president. She needs a stiff dick up her cunt and two up her ass to remove the sticks. I am sure you know the type. I decided her evil spawn needed taught a lesson. I am a dominant mommy. Little girls don’t sass or disobey me without consequences. They wanted fresh squeezed lemonade? I gave it to them. Sent my oldest boy to the market to get the supplies. Then, I had all the folks in the house, which was three sons, one husband, one mommy and 3 daughters piss in a pitcher. I squeezed two lemons into the piss filled pitcher, added a ton of sugar and served it to the little whores. They guzzled down a family’s piss like it was the best shit ever. I just laughed inside and smiled at their stupidity. They got sassy with me after guzzling down the special homemade lemonade. “You see it is not that hard to be a good mom,” one of them smirked. Well, I am a good mom. Just ask anyone of my little angels. A good mom doesn’t slave in the kitchen making fresh squeezed lemonade. She slaves in the bedroom sucking cock, eating pussy and teaching her little ones how to fuck her and each other. I’m more than a good mommy. I am a trashy MILF.

Pissing Sex at Kink Munch

It was my first “munch”. I found this meet-up site for people with fetishes. There are munches, where you go to just dine and meet people, and there are actual meet-ups, where you are going with the intent to play. Well, our munch turned into a meet-up by the end of the night, and I wound up letting loose some. They all wanted to see my big dick, so I let them. After, of course, showing them my perfect tits. I massaged one tit while my other hand worked at my favorite leather pants. No sooner had I freed my cock than I had people start asking me to touch it, lick it, suck it, etc.Pissing sex But, the request that got my attention was the one who asked me to pee. Well, when I get a request like that, I can’t resist. So, they handed me a beer,and I chugged. And another, so I chugged again. Dick hanging out, hand massaging my tit, I filled my bladder up, and then I let loose on that floor. The guy who had asked me to pee was the first one there, and he started licking my pee up off the floor. I did him a favor and shot the last of it down the side of his face as he licked. It turned into a fuck-fest after that, and damn I had fun!

foot fetish massage for achy feet

I just worked another double shift and my feet are killing e. I need a massage so bad. I bet if I could find some random dud with a foot fetish I could get a nice foot fuck. And if he is up for several rounds his jizz would even moisturize my feet. I could lay on the bed naked and hold my feet together as he fucks the arches of my feet that create a hole when held together. I could play with myself and rub my clit while I am being fucked and massaged with jizz on my pretty little feet. The massage motion of the in and out of the velvetty shaft along the bottom and arch of my foot would be better than going to get a pedicure and the cum from his cock would be so soft, smooth and moisturizing on the bottom and top of my feet. Oh, I can feel it now. Where are Cheap phone sexyou my foot fetish romeo?

Bathroom sex is the hottest

Scat phone sex AuroraIs it just me or is the smell of the bathroom fucking hot. The smell of a public bathroom turns me on. The sweet stinch of hot musty piss and shit water is like a romantic perfume of roses to my nostrils. Its even hotter if you walk in and the bathroom is nasty and unkept There is something about fucking and masturbating in a dirty bathroom that makes you feel dirty and kinky in a good way. I love being fucked over a toilet full of shit water and toilet paper that has not been flushed or is even clogged. I love it when the trash has been thrown on the side of the trash can and sticks to my knees while I am sucking a cock or being fucked doggy style. It makes me so wet when there are puddles of yellow stains and glory holes with my phone number all over the mens bathroom walls. Call me for  good time is an understatement.

Toilet sex… Oh Shit!

 Toilet sexEver since my dealer broke my ass it’s been harder to fuck. I didn’t really think anything about it though until I was fucking a new client and I was riding his cock. I had that tummy rumble and pressure that let me know I needed to go to the bathroom now. I told him “I gotta go! Shit…!” he grabbed my ass, spreading it open. “No baby, you need to keep fucking me!” I tried to stop and go but he wouldn’t let me. Angling his hips to press on that thin barrier connecting my pussy and my ass. I could feel his cock running along the shit between them and he groaned as I couldn’t help it. My already loose ass just let loose with this thick, solid log, that got stuck! He kept bouncing me on his cock. That shit log sticking in my ass and I could feel it swing back and forth. Feel it every time it hit him on his balls. He seemed like he really was getting off on it, his hands helping me move faster making that shit beat his balls as he plunged his big cock in and out of my pussy. It was no time at all before his cock was throbbing inside of me. Him grinding my pussy down on his cock as he filled me up and his hands reaching behind me to grab the shit. Spreading it over my ass back. Painting me with my own shit as he pumped me full of the biggest load I’ve had in forever.

He likes it dirty

toilet sex“Let it get dirty, maybe don’t even wipe at all.” His text lit up my phone and I smiled and felt the familiar warmth down there. Already turned on I replied, but he had already sent more, telling me to eat whatever it took to get me shitting and farting all day. He wanted me to work out too; he wanted me to get nasty. I loved getting dirty for him, thinking about him all day and the things he was going to do with my ass. He worships my ass, he is all out an ass man. He loves my shit, even my piss and spit. When we kiss he slowly spits in my mouth, usually fingering my ass before he goes down for a taste. He is ready to eat it, taste my day right on my tight dirty hole. He pushes his tongue into my ass, fucking my ass with his tongue even. It makes me cum every time, especially when he shoves it right in my shit hole, his nasty little whore I am.

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