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Crack whore anal: she does it all

Crack whore anal

Crack whore anal is the key to the rocks. He asked and I delivered. He was sitting in the back of the bar by the bathroom. He pulled a baggy out his pocket and waved it in the air . He then motioned me to come over and I followed he then got up and went to bathroom. So I followed him there. He looked at me, shook the baggy and lifted up my skirt. He slaps my ass and smiles. ” You wanna take a hit first bitch?” I said yes and removed my pip from my pocket. He kept rubbing my fat brown ass. As I took pulls from the pipe he poked my puckered hole with his finger. ” Bend over the sink. No the toilet.” I complied and put my face towards the toilet bowl. ” Lick it you stupid nigger bitch.” He pulled another gram out his pocket. So I licked it. He grabbed my hair and shoved my face closer into the toilet. Seconds later I felt him thrust into my asshole. ” Take it you Crack whore. You’d do anything for these rocks huh?” He pulled out his cock pushed me out of the way and jerked off to finish on the toilet seat. He pulled another 3 grams out his pants and said ” Lick the cum off that seat.” I looked at him then the rocks and complied. I lick all his load off the seat.

Crack Whore Bitch

Cum dumpsterMy dealer was fighting bad with his bitch and got put in jail for a few days. I offered my trailer up for a few days into he figured out where he was going. He took me up on my offer. Giggles, I knew he would. It is a great deal for both of us. He gets fucked and I get to suck on that glass dick any fucking time we want. His bitch is calling crying her eyes out and apologizing begging him to come back. Well duh, the stupid crack whore bitch wants him back. He paid all the bills and she had an unlimited supply to crack. Now this crack whore has it! She crying on the phone and I am sucking his dick and smoking her crack.

Golden Showers Phone Sex Fun with the Family

golden showers phone sexI am a kinky mommy. I have no limits. I even love golden showers phone sex. So does my perverted husband and my army of fuck trophies. Last night was a relaxing night at home. A family night. After dinner, we were watching a movie. My husband said he had to go pee and one of our daughters said, “Daddy, just pee in my mouth.” That started a pissing party. When you have a big family of brats, they like to out do one another. So, if one girl was going to take daddy’s piss, the others wanted piss too. My boys jumped in to help. They pissed in their sisters’ mouths. I was the only one not getting peed on, so I decided to piss on my youngest daughter. We were in the recreation room, which has tiled floor, so it worked out for clean up. We spent a couple hours having water sports sex as a family. Instead of mopping up the mess, my daughters licked the floor, hungry for family piss. I love that I have such a big kinky family. If you raise them right, they won’t shy away from anything, not even pissing family fun.

Crack Whore

Druggy phone sex The worst part of running out of crack is I run around the house like a mad crazy woman looking for more. And I get on the phone and dial every dealer I know to bring me more. The best part of running out of crack is when get multiple of my dealers show up at once or back to back. I only pay for my crack with my cunt, ass, or mouth and they all know it. They show up with my crack in one hand and their hard cock out in the other hand. They are not shy in front of each other about getting payment. Lots of times when I make my calls for crack it turns into a fucking parade.

Sissy Boy Treatment

Tranny phone sex


Is it okay for me to bend your ass over and make you my sissy boy? I want to take my nice fucking dildo and shove it in your sissy ass. Your a little fucking sissy boy to me, your little boy pussy is wet too. I am going to punish you because you are a fucking faggot whore, aren’t you? I know that you deserve to be fucked in your asshole and if you don’t do what I ask, I will tell your sister that you have been in her bedroom trying on her clothes. I will let her know that you have been wearing her panties and twisting around in the mirror in them. I have this picture of you’re little sissy ass and don’t you see that you’re a fucking punk, aren’t you? You are a fucking sissy faggot, and you love this don’t you. Say it now, tell me you’re a fucking whore and a nasty little tramp because you’re dressing up in your sister’s clothing. Now I’ve to fuck you like the fucking trashy sissy that you are. Believe me, you deserve to have a cock in your ass all day and all night long you fucking trashy tramp sissy. Bend the fuck over and take this fucking cock like a good cunt boy. Just like that your a good little fucking pussy boy you and your boy pussy are in for it. You are a fucking whore, and Mommy’s going to sell your boy pussy to all of the men that want you. Every one of the guys I find is going to know what time it is for real.

Whore On The Floor

Drunk girl fucking

Oof! Friday night I was plastered!  After my shift at the club I went over to my friend’s house to a party.  By the time I got there everyone was already pretty drunk, so I thought I should catch up.  Never, ever, mix your alcohol choices!  If you are drinking beer, stick with beer, if you are drinking mixed drinks, then stick with mixed drinks.  If you do not, then you are going to have one hell of a hangover the next day.  Unfortunately I didn’t take my own advice. 

I started out drinking just beer, but then the Sambucca came out, and I started to drink shot after shot.  Then I had some Cuervo, then some other types of alcohol, and finally ended with wine.  I had gone to the bathroom and I took the whole bottle with me.  I never made it back out of the bathroom.  I just slumped down on the floor and finished off the bottle.  Because people were drinking so much there was a constant stream (no pun intended) of people coming in to use the toilet.  They would see me and I would just tell them to go right on.

I am not sure how many people pissed in front of me, but I didn’t care, I wasn’t moving.  A few of the guys did more than piss, they finished up then asked me to give them a blowjob.  Some of them were joking around, but I said yes anyway.  One guy shoved his cock so fast and hard down my throat that I actually threw up!  Since I was right next to the toilet I avoided a mess.

I must of passed out in there because my friend was waking me up in the morning.  My face felt like someone had split it in half.  My whole head, and face hurt like hell.  Plus, I wasn’t wearing any clothing.  All my stuff was piled up next to me on the floor.  I felt and looked like shit.  Today is Sunday, and my head still hurts a little bit, and my stomach is still queasy.  My friend called me today and said that some of the guys were calling her to ask how  “the whore on the floor” of the bathroom was doing, and to thank me for the good time. I guess I must of done more than just give blowjobs.

One of the boys

trailer trash whoreI have never been to fond about hanging out with the girls. I am a girl that likes to be one of the boys. I like to be the center of attention. There is nothing better than a trailer trash whore with daddy issues. I have seeked attention from guys ever since I can remember. I am the ultimate definition of a girl with daddy issues. I need and crave for the validation of all types of men. They can be scum bags or stand up guys. I am looking for their approval and without a doubt I won’t ever say no. It’s not that I feel obligated to say yes. It is quite simple, I was put on this earth to make the boys happy. I never complained about the boys wanting to ride me and pass me around. i enjoyed every cum load and shot. I am officially the life of the party!

Dirty Phone Sex in the Bathroom

dirty phone sexI was in a super dirty phone sex mode last night. It could have been from all the coke, or it could just be my nature. Everyone knows that coke or booze just highlights your natural tendencies. I was talking to a bathroom boy. He wanted mommy to piss and shit on him. If you are so pathetic that you beg me to shit and piss on you, I will make you eat my excrement too. In fact, I took a dump on a plate and served it up fresh to him. What a fucking loser, right? After the call, I was shocked to see one of my sons jacking his cock. He was turned on by toilet sex. Who knew? I went into his room and searched his comp. Sure enough, it was full of nasty bathroom play. My son was a nasty little freak like my caller. My caller may have gotten a fantasy bathroom call, but my son got the real thing. I took him into the bathroom and turned him into my human toilet. He was having so much fun with my shit and piss, I called in the entire family. His sisters and brothers squatted over him and relived themselves too. I have a nasty fetish boy for a son. Thanks to a dirty caller, I now know.

Mistress Tamsin Makes You Her Toilet Slave

Toilet sex

I woke up this morning feeling extra kinky and what better way to start the morning than having my slave service me. I wanted you to kiss, lick, and suck on my toes. Then I wanted to hear you beg to kiss my pussy. What you didn’t know was just how kinky I was feeling. No you will have to wait and earn the pleasure of eating my pussy. For now I want to feel your tongue deep inside my tight puckered ass tasting my dirty shit hole. I want you down on your knees in front of me. I grab your head and push your head back. I am standing over you with my pussy lips right above your mouth. I tell you to open your mouth wide and then I fill your mouth full of my warm golden piss. I have you lick my pee covered pussy until I orgasm. Then I tie you up and shove a vibrating butt plug up your ass. I leave you wondering and in anticipation of what will happen next.

Cum dumpster stripper whore

cum dumpsterFor the right fee I’m willing to do it all. All I ever really crave is cock cum and coke and cash. It’s the perfect ending to a long night. Slide a baggy and some Benjamins my way and I will surely meet you up after my shift is over. If you are extra generous I might even take you our to the vip room and show you what a party slut I really am. I want to feel your cock rock hard and I want to empty out that angel dust right on your cock and blow it off and take it all inside. Then I will let you paint my face like the worthless cum dumpster I am. Prepare for a night of fun with a coked out whore.

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