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Nasty Phonesex

Nasty phonesex

I was late on my rent and like the slick bitch that I am. I knew I could call up my landlord and just get away with not paying rent this month. I don’t even know why I have been paying rent up until this point. As a matter of fact I’m not going to pay rent anymore. You see my landlord is a middle aged married man.He is short and stubby so I already knew he had a thick fat cock. My sexy chocolate lips couldn’t wait to put my mouth around his meat. I sucked the soul right out of his body. Once he came over I didn’t even say a word. I just bent down unzipped his pants and pulled it out and got to giving him the best head game I have ever gave a man. Hell my life depended on it. It was either suck the life out of his dick or get kicked out. I was not going down like that. I must have spit and slopped his nuts and took his dick whole into my mouth. I even let him cum in the back of my throat. I could taste his salty liquid running down my throat like buttered cream. It was delicious. Once we were done he nodded his head and we had a understanding that needed no other explanation.  I can’t wait until next month to slopped up his dick some more and swallow all of his kids, I think I will let him fuck my pretty brown pussy as well.  I might can upgrade my unit. You see I like to tell Nasty phonesex stories about my fuck sessions. I would love to share a couple with you while we both make ourselves cum.

Toilet Sex For me and My Brat

toilet sex

My brat witnesses her coked out mommy getting her face full of piss last night. She was so confused that I was enjoying myself. My John turned his sights on her. She was peeking out around the corner and was just in her white panties with the day of week printed on the ass. Her mosquito bites were on full display. Mr. Piss grabbed her by the hair and told her to lick her mommies face clean. He threw a 100 dollar bill at me and told me to make her lick my ass hole. I put her face between my ass cheeks and told her to pretend it was a pudding cup. Mommy gave her a chocolate drop out of my ass and she squealed and cried. I then stood up and let loose a hot steamy stream of piss on her face and then licked it off. I love being a nasty young trashy milf with my offspring enjoying no taboo paid sex with me!

Pissing Sex in Public

pissing sexDo you like pissing sex? I love water sports. My daughter loves bathroom play. When she was young, she would sit on the toilet while one of my lovers peed between her legs. That was how she was toilet trained. Sometimes a lover would miss the target and piss in her mouth or on her bald slit.  She grew up to love pissing games. I got my love for pissing fun seeing her pure joy from being pissed on by a grown man. She would play pissing games with her little schoolgirl friends too. One day, I caught her brother pissing on her. He is 5 years older than her, so he had a better stream than her little school friends. Now, my daughter is grown-up, but she enjoys pissing games still. She will sometimes pee through her cotton panties, especially if a grown man is watching.  We were shopping last night at the mall. The food court has a fountain in the middle where people sit to eat and toss coins in for a wish. She had a look on her face I knew all too well. She hopped in the fountain because several men were eying the sexy tight body, she was flaunting in her little jean skirt. She pulled it up exposing her bald pussy because she had no panties on. She pissed in the fountain like a drunk coed. Men were watching and growing bulges in their jeans. Nothing embarrasses me. I had bail money on me if she got arrested. Soon we had a gathering of dirty old men jacking their cocks watching my daughter piss in the fountain. I was turned on too. I lifted my dress and pissed in the fountain with her. Soon, more girls were joining us, and men were jacking off on us as we pissed. Eventually, someone called the mall cops, but we got out of there before I had to use my coke money to bail us out of jail. A few guys followed us to my car, so we took them home and enjoyed some water sports sex. It is amazing how many men love to piss on a mommy and daughter.

Cum eating phone sex 24/7

Cum eating phone sex

Cum eating phone sex will be me on the line with you. While I am sucking a nice hard white cock. I will be sucking that cock and choking on his hard masterpiece until he explodes in my mouth. I am the type of slut who can swallow a load of cum just about everyday. It is a good source of protein. Most of my guys I am sucking off are usually my johns from the local strip club that I work at. Don’t get me wrong. I love to shake my ass every night and collect my dollars. I also enjoy bringing a  man home every night as well. That always make my pockets even fatter. I am the best dick sucking whore in my town. I am not bragging by no means. This is what I have been told. All the local men come to Athea for some good sloppy toppy. Would you like to hear me suck one of them off?

Mistress Caroline

Golden showers phone sex


You’re my Butler you are my sexy sex slave Butler and anything I fucking tell you to do that is what you are going to do. I hope that you understand me. I hope that you get me loud and clear because if you don’t, I will have to punish you. It so happens to be that I Love inflicting punishment, so I have great ideas for teaching you how to behave and maintain your obedience. You are my mutt, and you will answer to mutt, and you will not speak unless told to do so there is a stiff punishment if you don’t follow that essential rule. I am equipped with all kinds of toys including Katz of nine tails, butt plugs of all sizes, deepthroat gags, leather band restraints, and cock rings. I’m telling you now I will have you on all fours with a leash around your neck and leather bands on your wrists and ankles. I love to inflict the sexy pain that I inflicted on my mutts. You’ve not ever had a mistress quite like me before because I am willing to go places your mind could only wish that it could dream up. I will surpass your fantasies and in bed new ones for you to Feast on. If you’re good, I’ll give you treats I’ll share you with some of my other mutts I’ll let them plow your asshole Until You Weep from pleasure and pressure. I will make you cry for me because you will want more and more of my addictive sexual satisfaction from the first encounter. Let me teach you how to be a good mutt. I need for you to clean my ass with your tongue and I want my ass cleaned spotless. I want you to clean my fresh golden shower filled pussy with your toilet paper tongue. You will be my little shit, wiper, and you will do your job better than good every single time. Don’t ever talk back to me that will lead to permanent dismissal and you know how much you need to be around me and what I offer. I am your heroine. I’m your cocaine. I’m your heavy drugs, and I’m your pusher.

Fucking the janitor

trailer trash whore I was rushing to get to the next class I was super late. I dropped one of my packets, and I heard someone behind me. I panicked and tried to hide my stash, but he already saw. He moaned and groaned and said well you could get in serious trouble for that missy. I saw it was the janitor. I played it cool, but he wasn’t going to let me off the hook. Listen, missy, if you don’t want me to sing like a canary, follow me. I was a little shocked and assumed he wanted some. I followed him. To the utility room, we went, and that’s where he told me a trailer trash whore like me was going to get used. I had to fuck him, or he would rat me out I had no choice. As soon as I agreed, it was the beginning of a never-ending bribe. I had to fuck him everywhere whenever he wanted.

Scat And A Whore

toilet sex

I have a caller who loves to share his dirtiest nastiest porn with me. I even have his pron site credentials. You know for the very nasty stuff. I fucking love his nasty puke videos and now we have evolved into scat videos. He knows I am the stripper that goes way extreme for my drug habit.  A nasty Trailer trash slut with an affliction for the whitest cocaine around. I actually like puking on my big fake jugs.  And now the scat videos, that was my fault as he was asking if I like shit paly and what I would do if I ate ass and I guy shit in my mouth. Well, I told him its not much different than eating chunky tuna and corn and force vomiting after a cock had choked me. Then he knew I was the nastiest filthy skank gangbang stripper whore.  And now we fucking get off together with shit eating videos. cheap phone sex

You Need Your Daily Baptism

Cum on with Josie your Ladyboi lover and get your daily dose of pissing sex and toilet play while worshiping my beautiful Shemale dick. I bet you crave my pee like a bitch craves sniffing ass and drinking pee from that furry sheath of her mate, or any of the other strays. You are like a little bitch and you will lick my cock clean of all that golden nectar and worship my cock like it is the Holy Grail of your livelihood. Cum on you know I do hold the very thing you desire most and I hold it well between my legs. My ladyboi parts are everything that kinky mind of yours desires and what makes that tinkler of yours throb. Don’t be shy, I know your secret and you know you secretly crave my cock.

Pissing Sex

Anal Sex Whore: Me and My Brood Do all the Taboo Things

anal sex whoreBeing an anal sex whore makes you in high demand. I have taught my sexy daughters to be anal sex whores too. There is money in anal sex. It is a sex act few women do and most wives refuse. That is why guys cheat and buy whores. It is for the things wives won’t do. My little whores do all the things your wife won’t do, which is why they are in high demand. I do the same things too, but my husband and I recognize that sometimes men want a mature woman like me. You know, a mommy type. But many men want something younger. A Lolita slut or sometimes something even younger. That is why I train my young sexy prostitutes to do all the fun kinky things. They swallow, they get fisted, they take it up the ass, they do gang bangs and they cum swap.  Daddy and I are so proud of them. They may not always enjoy doing certain kinky things, but they know the importance of bringing home money. They know that sometimes whores must do things they don’t like. They don’t complain. The difference between my sluts and your wives is that my sluts don’t think they are too good for nasty and taboo things.

Crack whore anal: she does it all

Crack whore anal

Crack whore anal is the key to the rocks. He asked and I delivered. He was sitting in the back of the bar by the bathroom. He pulled a baggy out his pocket and waved it in the air . He then motioned me to come over and I followed he then got up and went to bathroom. So I followed him there. He looked at me, shook the baggy and lifted up my skirt. He slaps my ass and smiles. ” You wanna take a hit first bitch?” I said yes and removed my pip from my pocket. He kept rubbing my fat brown ass. As I took pulls from the pipe he poked my puckered hole with his finger. ” Bend over the sink. No the toilet.” I complied and put my face towards the toilet bowl. ” Lick it you stupid nigger bitch.” He pulled another gram out his pocket. So I licked it. He grabbed my hair and shoved my face closer into the toilet. Seconds later I felt him thrust into my asshole. ” Take it you Crack whore. You’d do anything for these rocks huh?” He pulled out his cock pushed me out of the way and jerked off to finish on the toilet seat. He pulled another 3 grams out his pants and said ” Lick the cum off that seat.” I looked at him then the rocks and complied. I lick all his load off the seat.

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