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Strip Club Chub

Hot stripper sex

It never fails. We have a guy who shows up at the strip club every fucking day.  It wouldn’t be so bad if he bought lap dances, or a bottle every now and then, but he doesn’t.  He gets super drunk then wants you to grind on his lap for free.  We do talk to him, because we are made too, but if it wasn’t for the management making us, nobody would.  He spends tons of money on drinks, but not on ass. 

I was doing my set when I saw him come in.  Have you ever had someone in your life that the minute they walk into a room all the fun gets sucked right out?  That good feeling is then placed with dread and despair? Yeah, that’s Charlie.  You could almost hear us all groan over the music.  It was my turn to be grabbed over and over again by him.  He sat in my section.  I was not pleased.  I plastered on a smile and made my rounds.  I was pleasant, but I didn’t linger. 

Another thing about Charlie? He will get a hard on, then try to put your hand on it.  There have been more than one time that one of the bouncers have had to go over and speak to him.  We all wish he would be banned.  Then something amazing happened.  He told one of the bouncers that he wanted a lap dance.  With two of us girls.  Me and Sharon.  To say we were both shocked is an understatement.

We made our way up to the Private room he is was in, and he was smiling like crazy.  We both started our dance for him.  We aren’t allowed to make out with the clients, but we can touch each other.  Sharon started to kiss on my tits and Charlie instantly got hard.  He kept begging us to jack him off, but we both told him no.  It was against the club rules.  Her and I kept it up, then I guess he couldn’t take it anymore, he whipped out his dick and Sharon and I died laughing.

He had something other than his dick stuffed into his briefs, it was like some sort of rolled up material to make him look bigger.  His dick was so tiny!  In the low lighting I thought I was just not seeing it, but turns out there really isn’t anything to see.  Her and I laughed so hard she peed.  Charlie was so embarrassed, he stuffed his bean back inside his briefs and stormed out.  He actually left the club!  Our manager asked us what happened and we told him, he laughed too.  It has been days since Charlie has been in.  We are really hoping that he stays away, if we had known all it took was us laughing at his itty bitty dicklett, we would of done it a long time ago.

Contest At The Club

Hot stripper sex

You know me, I’m all about that money.  Our club decided to have a wet t-shirt contest and I wanted in on it.  The rules were: In order to even participate you had to have 20 private shows by mid-night, you must of done two sets, you must of up-sold three bottles of a top brand champagne or whisky, and have had worked all your shifts the week before.  What did we get after doing all this and for winning the contest? Five thousand dollars and a three day vacation at a local hotel and spa.

You should of seen us girls working our asses off to get into that contest.  In the end only four of us made it in.  Out of the four I had the smallest tits, which I didn’t think was fair. lol  However, to win we had two minutes to do whatever we wanted on stage after our shirts were wet.  The first girl did this super sexy slow dance, it was actually beautiful, she ended the dance by french kissing this guy next to the stage.  I thought for sure that she would be disqualified, since no touching like that was allowed (at least not in the open).  Nope, not a word.  The second girl was good too, she pulled her wet shirt off and swung it over her head, which was stupid because it went flying out of her hand and wrapped around the pole.  We all laughed. 

I was next.  Like the first girl I decided that slow, sensual, and sexy was the way to go.  I pulled my bottoms off, exposing my pussy.  I got on the edge of the stage, laid back, then spread my legs wide.  I motioned for one of the guys to come over to me, he came close, I grabbed his head and put it between my legs, not enough for him to touch me, but close enough.  Then I quickly turned around, then pushed back against his face.  Just once, then I stood up, leaned over and shoved my panties into his mouth.

I didn’t win the contest, but I did get fucked by that guy and his buddies afterward at a nice Hotel.  I didn’t make as much as I would of had I won, but I did make a lot.  Plus, I had the added bonus of having my cunt, ass and stomach filled with cum.

Whore On The Floor

Drunk girl fucking

Oof! Friday night I was plastered!  After my shift at the club I went over to my friend’s house to a party.  By the time I got there everyone was already pretty drunk, so I thought I should catch up.  Never, ever, mix your alcohol choices!  If you are drinking beer, stick with beer, if you are drinking mixed drinks, then stick with mixed drinks.  If you do not, then you are going to have one hell of a hangover the next day.  Unfortunately I didn’t take my own advice. 

I started out drinking just beer, but then the Sambucca came out, and I started to drink shot after shot.  Then I had some Cuervo, then some other types of alcohol, and finally ended with wine.  I had gone to the bathroom and I took the whole bottle with me.  I never made it back out of the bathroom.  I just slumped down on the floor and finished off the bottle.  Because people were drinking so much there was a constant stream (no pun intended) of people coming in to use the toilet.  They would see me and I would just tell them to go right on.

I am not sure how many people pissed in front of me, but I didn’t care, I wasn’t moving.  A few of the guys did more than piss, they finished up then asked me to give them a blowjob.  Some of them were joking around, but I said yes anyway.  One guy shoved his cock so fast and hard down my throat that I actually threw up!  Since I was right next to the toilet I avoided a mess.

I must of passed out in there because my friend was waking me up in the morning.  My face felt like someone had split it in half.  My whole head, and face hurt like hell.  Plus, I wasn’t wearing any clothing.  All my stuff was piled up next to me on the floor.  I felt and looked like shit.  Today is Sunday, and my head still hurts a little bit, and my stomach is still queasy.  My friend called me today and said that some of the guys were calling her to ask how  “the whore on the floor” of the bathroom was doing, and to thank me for the good time. I guess I must of done more than just give blowjobs.

Hardcore hadley In “LIL Harlem”

no taboo phone sex

This Slutty Druggy Bunny spent the last few nights in the ghetto. Lil Harlem as they call it. Cock, crack BBC and so much fucking cum. Fucking heaven if you ask me. The club has been calling and calling but I am having to much fun with all these drug slinging Negro men. Daddy would kill me if he knew I let a black cock anywhere near my body! But this whore loves to slurp and slurp a juicy veiny cock that hangs to a man’s knees. Hung Like Black man should be the phrase. My ass is numb and I am in the bathroom mirror watching cum drip down on the counter in front of the mirror. I haven’t had this much fun since I visited the KayNine Kennel club! Yes, I am a proud member of no limits Kaynine fucking! There was even a winner from the fight who got to fuck this whores pussy in lil Harlem last night.  Mutt claws digging into me while a negro dick fucked my tonsils. Fuck, They Must have given that pitty some of this good ass coke how hard he got inside me. I mean the handler who was helping the furry beast had a hard time keeping him on his leash! I guess my good ass and pussy isn’t just for Black dick anymore!

Coked out and horny

Sloppy wet pussyI’m literally so fuckin coked out right now, i’ve been doing blow all night and day long while getting my sloppy wet pussy fucked by countless cocks. My dealer decided to bring over a grip of his huge black cock friends to play with me and have some fun! It was one big druggy party and I was literally in Heaven! I still can’t feel my face, it’s totally numb and so is my cunt. My slutty fuck holes are super swollen and tender, that’s what the fuck happens when I take dick for hours unend!  I love having my pussy pounded while they all watch and wait their turn with me. One cock after the other, I was being tossed around like a fuckin rag doll. I’m literally nothing to these men besides a vagina with a pulse. They know that the more fucked up I get, the hornier and freakier I become! It’s such a domino effect, hehe. It’s still not enough though, I want more sex and I want it now! Bend me over and have your way with me before I head back to the strip club for my shift.

Stripper Slut

Freaky phone sex


I work at a strip club when I’m not out on the streets hustling. It’s a good way to make fast cash and it’s a lot of fun. You meet all sorts of horny guys who want to drop fat stacks of cash on you and you can get into any sort of debauchery you’re into if you go to the right place. The club I work at specializes in extra nasty girls. For the right price you can fuck us in the back room. Our girls are the dirtiest of them all and will cater to any fetish for money or drugs. I was giving a guy a lap dance and he had ran out of money when he pulled a baggy of special white powder out of his pocket and asked how much he could get for it. I told him whatever he wanted. I did a line of it and ditched the rest of my clothes. He had me lay down with my ass in the air and my cheeks spread. He poured little bit of coke out onto my exposed asshole and began to snort and lick it off. Once he had sucked up all the coke, he began to slip a few fingers inside of my ass and get me loosened up. Then he took the tip of his cock and began to work it in. He fucked my ass and shot a load of cream into it. I told him next time he comes back he just pay me in coke again and I’ll be his whore.

Purging The Beast Of Spunk

Per the BBC news wire the “Penis is a competitive beast”. Well in my opinion some white trash phone sex shall certainly help you purge that beast, and in turn we can displace your pathetic load of cum with a nice fat glob of cum from a BBC that pounds and thrusts deep inside fucking out all of your seed. I think we should certainly consider the breeding with black as an hot alternative to being bred with incestuous seed from my son. I really love to have my son and big black dicks fucking me together, it just makes it really hot for me and all involved. Of course we are all hitting the good ole crack pipe and enjoying the continual fucking of all of my trashy holes.

White Trash Phone Sex

Trailer Trash Whore Christmas

trailer trash whoreA trailer trash whore Christmas means lots of coke and my son and daughter. My son brought a friend with him. He will be spending a few days with us. My impression was that he is hiding from the law and no one would think to look for him here. He was handsome and down to fuck his friend’s mom, so I was happy to have him with us. Last night was our first night together. We got high and went to the local strip club for some fun. This is no gentleman’s club. This is a dirty strip joint where you don’t want the lights on. You don’t want to know what is on the tables or floor. There was this one lot lizard skank who was hot in that rode hard put away wet way. We bought several lap dances from her. We monopolized her in the VIP room. I paid for her to have hot stripper sex with all of us. She went both ways, but for money she would fuck anything. We gave her some coke and she ate my daughter and I while the boys banged her from behind. She was down for anything. The higher we got the dirtier we got. We paid her to fuck her ass with our beer bottles. She was down for anything for the money. We closed the place down. She was a skanky whore like me, but it was a hot way to start the Christmas partying off early.

Hot Stripper Sex Hadley

hot stripper sex

He had a fetish for blonde hot stripper sex. He paid by the hour knowing I could be the nastiest cum dump in record time. My little Sis came with me So she could learn the ropes. CUm ropes and more cum ropes that is. He wanted to be told my nasty slutkin history as he lubed my ass up with my sisters’ spit. I told him how my daddy would stick his dick in my mouth and feed me and my sister his cum for dinner. How my brother popped our cherries. I was fed coke at an early age and used a fake ID to start stripping before I was legal. My first taste of cum and coke made my trailer park whore ass life in motion. I would dance naked for cash high as hell and prostitute my ass on the side for more drug money!  Now here I am with my Little sister getting fucked hard and nasty while coked out of my mind. And of course, Big brother gets his share of the money! Who wants a piece of this ass?

Hoe Hoe Hoe

gangbang whore

Being a gangbang whore is a lot of work. If I didn’t have my blow I would never keep up with all my men cumming and cumming. I have a certain reputation to uphold.  I have to make sure my pussy and ass hole are in tip-top shape. I need to be able to take it deep and hard always. I love being full of spunk and the only way to get it is by being fed line upon line of coke. My pussy gets sopping wet and I can be on that dick in less than 60 seconds. I meet my John and that dick is making me puke in just two minutes. I love being gagged till I puke down my tits by a huge cock who is paying me in cash and or coke!  Come on cum all see Hadley puke down her tits and use it for lube to titty fuck or ass fuck me.! I am the whore of whores slinging my ass and pussy for any who want a piece of Hadley’s sweet pussy pie! 

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