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In the mood for dirty shemale chat

Shemale phone sexMy well-fucked cunt has been totally craving and in the mood for some nasty shemale phone sex with a dirty tranny hooker. My Mom and I always indulged in transvestite sex together growing up, that’s what has caused my intense addiction to it! Sucking and fucking a big fat cock on a hott shemale is such a thrill. Mommy loves to masturbate while she watches me get fucked deep by chick with a huge dick. Some of these trannies have larger cocks than a normal horny man, it’s crazy! I love the way that cum tastes after it ejaculates and splatters all over my slutty tongue. My filthy cunt is soaking wet while I get even more wet as i’m doused in a bukkake of shemale cock cream. I collect so many more clients being a hooker for hire that loves playing with a girly shaft. My pussy is sloppy fuckin wet, perfect for a boner to slip & slide up into my skanky fuck hole.

Family of Druggy Porn Stars

druggy pornI felt like a druggy porn star last night. I was coked up more than usual. My husband has a Columbia connection who was in town over the weekend. He wanted to party with some school girls and their dirty mommy. Instead of cash, he paid in some of the finest coke I have ever had. One little toot and I was super fucking high and horny. I mean higher and hornier than usual. I brought our guess some young play things. He had a big grin on his face and a huge hard brown cock. I knew I picked the right ones from my family of whores for him to play with. He enjoyed licking their bald pussies and finger banging their shit boxes. I told them to call him daddy, which they gladly did.  My little slutkins are well trained in the art of pleasing men. They sucked his huge old cock. I played with my wet mommy pussy because I was very proud of their big dick sucking skills. My dirty angels were slobbering over his fat fuck stuck. I knew they were thinking about the money, but this fat cat paid in white powder. I made it up to them. I let them have a little sniff each, plus I put some on their swollen clits which let them be little fuck machines for our guest.  It was a wild night of debauchery fueled by pure Colombian cocaine. I almost prefer being paid in coke than money.

My Daughter and I are Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireMy daughter and I are hookers for hire on occasion. When guys find out we are mother and daughter, they offer us money to fuck. Men love tag teaming mother and daughter whores.  We were out the other night at the local strip club. My daughter was making extra money in the amateur stripper contest. She can work a pole better than any stripper. I was talking with this wealthy guy from out of town. His curiosity was piqued when he realized I was there cheering on my daughter. Since we were there to make money, he made us a generous offer. He didn’t want to fuck us. He just wanted to watch us play to the tune of $10,000. That is a shit ton of money to trailer park whores. He was staying in a hotel in the nice part of town. He took us by limo to his suit. While in the limo we got down and dirty, started earning our money. He stroked his fat cock watching me muff dive on my daughter’s cunt. I love eating her sweet snatch. I have been eating it since she could crawl. Once we were in his hotel room, we got down and dirty. We not only tribbed our bald cunts, we ate each other’s asses too. He had some toys for us to play with also. This was better than any dirty phone sex story I could tell. This guy was prepared for women to come back to his hotel with him. It was a very profitable and fun night. I love eating my daughter’s twat, but to get paid for it was just icing on the cake. My daughter and I bought some good coke and went shopping the next day. We still have money left too. We love being sexy whores.

dirty phone sex

My Kinky Phone Sex Line

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is for P men and perverts. I love talking to a man who likes to play with super young girls and boys. I always tell guys, that when they are a certain age, they all look the same from behind. One of my husband’s friends came to visit us over the weekend. He was in town on business and we insisted he stay with us. He likes young boys. Most of our friends are into our daughters, but we enjoy watching our boys have some hot fun too. He paid us to have some daddy son fun. There was a twist, however. He wanted us to dress our boy up as a little girl. My son’s sisters had fun dressing him up. They did his make-up too. My boy was nervous. He has had his ass fucked before. Not as much as his sisters have been fucked in the ass of course, but he is no back door pussy virgin. I wanted to watch. I was in my bad ass bitch cat suit smoking a cigarette as I watched a fat old man fuck my son’s tight asshole. Before my son was his anal sex whore, however, he got to suck cock. He struggled with his cock. I think I would have too. He was damn near a foot long. He is what I would call an Italian Stallion, just not in shape like Rocky lol. I sat there rubbing my pussy and smoking my cigarette watching my son get ass assaulted. I even fucked his sisters with my strap-on in their asses, so he wasn’t alone getting butt fucked.  My little boy cried like a girl too. It was the biggest thing ever up his ass.  My daughters cleaned his butthole up with their mouths. They were just happy it wasn’t their asses for once. Afterwards, we all had one big orgy. I was the first one to hop on our guest’s fat fuck stick. I don’t cry with a big cock up my fuck holes.

Dirty Phone Sex Whore

dirty phone sexI love being a dirty phone sex whore. I was made for this line of work too. I have no book smarts, just street smarts. I was a little short in my account to pay my lot fee. Being short on cash is nothing new nor is being crafty in making some fast cash. Age has never stopped me from making money the old-fashioned way. I put on a short leather skirt and a white tub top, high heels too and I went down to the corner of Main and Vine where the men wanting to pay for sex troll. I stood my old ass on the street corner with the young hookers for hire. They looked me up and down like I was out of my league and trespassing on their turf. The first car pulls up and the group of young whores flocked to the car. To their shock, the guy in the car signaled me over. Maybe he had a mommy fetish or perhaps he just knew a mature woman could do things the other whores had never heard of before. The look on their faces was priceless. First car of the night, and I was the one to get in it. I took him back to my trailer and earned my lot fee. The guy was trolling on the wrong side of the tracks looking for an anal sex whore. He picked the right woman too. I was happy to be his dick spinning anal whore. He curled me up in a ball and spun me around his cock like I was a wind-up toy. He had me in all sorts of contortionist poses to fuck my ass. He said he picked me because I looked flexible. I will fuck in any position for the money. He came in my ass several times before he called himself done. He left me with $500 and ass full of cum. I got my lot fee and more.

Gangbang 4 My Favorite Policemen

gangbang whore

I love being the local gangbang whore. I got popped for trying to sell my ass by a new cop on the beat and I thought for sure this slut couldn’t get out of it. I tried offering my signature blow job to this new punk young Cop and he cuffed me and said he didn’t want a blow job from a sleazy street whore. I was thrown in the back of the car and I knew I was fucked but not in the way this slut likes! But Officer Brady Pulled up and told the Cop that he would bring me in. I knew Brady and I had a history and I smiled and Got In Bradys’ Patrol Car. We went around the block a couple times and Brady put me in the front seat and Got His pathetic dick out for me to suck. 

I was so grateful I Sucked him for much longer than usual and drew out his cum load. I thought that would be the end of it but Brady didn’t let me out. We drove to a seedy motel and Brady still had me in cuffs. I was thrown on the bed and Officer Brady ripped off my clothes and cuffed me to the broken bedpost. He made a call and men started streaming in the door for a free for all. Fucking Motherfucker was pocketing cash from these men as I was being fucked in my ass and my cunt and throat opened up for dick after dick after dick. I had a cum filled cunt but the Johns still kept taking turns one after another. Brady sat there and laughed as he watched me get cum shots to my face and tits. “That will teach you, Hadley!” I am making all your money and you have to fuck sober! Next Time Stay your whore ass on my side of town!”

Sloppy wet pussy full of piss

Sloppy wet pussyMy sloppy wet pussy is so fuckin soaked that I have you thinking that I pissed all over myself. Maybe i did, maybe I didn’t… I guess you should shove your tongue between my cunt lips and taste all of my juices to decide for yourself. I love teasing the fuck out of you and then pleasing you right after. It’s fun to watch your cock twitch as it gets hotter and hornier as each second goes by! Look at my legs and how spread open they are, stretching out my freshly fucked vagina hole and showing off all of that golden juice as it oozes out of me. It feels so fulfilling to be such a nasty bitch. My Mom is coming over soon too to get a taste between my thighs. She loves bringing over her dealer and letting him watch us fuck before she passes me off to him to have fun with his dick while she masturbates. Her pussy is sooo wet too, like mother like daughter it runs in the family! I love hearing her cunt make noises while she plunges her fingers in and out of her skanky slit.

Training a Little Girl to be a Big Dick Sucker

big dick suckerI was teaching a little girl how to be a big dick sucker. She is the super young daughter of a friend. She is being raised by a single mother down on her luck. He husband recently left her, but he hid his finances so well she didn’t get much in the divorce, not even in California. She asked me how to make extra money, so she could stay in her elaborate lifestyle her husband screwed her out of living. I told her only one thing brings fast money and that is sex. When I told her that her little girl could make more money than she could, she asked me to train her to be a good slut. Slut training begins with learning how to suck cock. She was a quick study for such a young girl. She loved sucking on my big black dildo. I only used my fingers on her little bald slit. That was only because I didn’t want to pop her cherry. A virgin pussy can bring top dollar. I showed my friend where to put her daughter on the dark net for auction. She was putting up pictures as I was working on training her little girl to be a good whore. My friend was surprised by the instant bidding war that started. I told her that young sexy prostitutes make bank, so prepare to live even better than she has been living, at least until her daughter ages out.

Freaky phone sex with Perv Boy

Freaky phone sexMy Perv Boy and I had some very freaky phone sex together. He is such a filthy and twisted bastard which is exactly how I like my perverts to be! We had some little girls all dressed up and looking precious with their hair & makeup done to a tee. Perv Boy and I injected those young sluts with hormones so that their tits became nice and big for us to play with. They’re such sexually inexperienced youngsters but they sure do know how to rock their stockings and high heels like little pros! Perv Boy takes one look at them and he becomes instantly hard! We put those barely legal whores to work and had them stroking & sucking Perv Boy’s cock. He was fingering their tight little fuck holes and making them squirm! Their slits are so fucking wet, neither of us are able to keep our hands off of them! I love shoving my thumb in their buttholes and making them even wetter as they juice out their bodily fluids all over my fingers. Those sexy little skanks moan loud and beg for Perv Boy and me to slip & slide in and out of them even harder and faster, they’re so cute when they beg! Their little g-spots are so inviting, it’s hard to stop tickling them once we start! The head of Perv Boy’s cock slipped so perfectly inside of their tight cunts, it’s so fun to watch it plunge in their tiny bodies deeply! All of them were squirting non stop, creaming all over the floor and making a big mess! Perv Boy is so mentally sick and twisted, he loves putting on a show for me! There’s so much cum that we can literally sit on the floor and finger paint with it, lol. It feels so good being so damn depraved with jailbait pussy and Perv Boy!

Pissing Hooker

pissing sex

This white trash Hooker made some cash tonight! I have a friend who does high-end hooking. She called me as I was leaving the strip club told me one of her regs wants some very nasty piss sex tonight. She would be there and would break me off a large piece of that cash and some fat rails of coke. I showed up to an older gentleman who loved the fact that I was just wearing bikini bottoms under my jacket. He was son me pawing my tits and asked if I had a lot to drink. I downed a large water bottle and told him I was holding my piss just for him. He walked me into a large bathroom and said that he wanted me to drink his piss first. So I got on my knees and opened my mouth so he could let that hot steamy piss go down my whore throat. Man did he have a lot of piss and then he made me suck him hard so I could piss on his hard cock. He loved being watched as he fucked me with a piss covered cock. For an old dude, he rammed the fuck out of my pussy. Then he turned me over and came in my ass and had my friend lick it out as he demanded me to piss on her face.  Such a dirty pervert and you know how this whore loves her dirty perverts.  Its all about coke cock and cum for me!

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