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BBC sex stories

I was in V.I.P in the strip club with one of the top ballers. Now it is a known fact a man with a lot of money does not always have a big dick. He uses his money to substitute what he lacks in his pants. But, this particular customer proved me to be wrong. Like I said I was in V.I.P sippin Moet and shaking my ass for Mr. Money Man. As I started bouncing my ass to the music with my ass in his lap I couldn’t help but to feel this huge dick print. It startled me at first because I thought it was a gun. I asked him and he said No baby that’s my dick. I call him Big Dick Willy! He said “Do you want to ride him? I promise it will be worth your while”. As he pulls out a whole stack of cash. Of course I wasn’t going to say no. I get some good big dick and money. I was in heaven. What Mr. Money man didn’t know was I was going to take that big black dick and ride him until I can’t fill my legs. I did just that and he filled my sore pussy up until I had a puddle of his cum on the floor as if my water broke. It was dripping all out of my pussy and it was soooo much Cum. I couldn’t walk for days.  This is just one of my many BBC sex stories. I have plenty more. This black pussy right here gets around.

My Filthy Cock Sucking Sluts

I love my filthy cock sucking sluts and love how shy they get with me at first. You know who you are you naughty boy, and I love to pop that sweet ass cherry of your every time. The way my phone sex sluts suck me off, like cum craving little whores is the fucking best. I am a total cum junky myself, when there’s a big beautiful cock in question. Most of my little faggots have small clitty’s and I love to tease them. It’s such fun to shoot my hot tranny load all over a small dicklett. I’m always up for some mutual cock sucking and anal fucking too! I’m a dominant tranny whore but that doesn’t mean I don’t get off on my share of kinky fun too. A little power exchange is exciting, especially when you think your going to dom me. I will have no regrets in turning the tables and making you my bitch. It’s just what I do, and how I play.

Phone sex sluts


Pissing Sex Queen

pissing sexI am a pissing sex queen. Guys love to watch me pee. They pay money to piss on me and for me to piss on them. I was down at the truck stop over the weekend hooking for rent money. A cute blonde girl like me earns good money quickly. This one dude didn’t want to fuck me. He paid me $200 to watch me pee and to piss on him. Easy money. We went into the dirty bathroom outside the gas station. I stripped naked and hovered over the toilet pissing. He started masturbating watching my golden stream come out of my piss hole. When I was done, I started to grab some toilet paper, but he begged to lick me clean. No way I was getting down on that bathroom floor. It looked like the gross bathroom in the first Saw movie! He laid down on the dank floor and I squatted over his face. He licked my pissy pussy clean. He even tongued my asshole too. I wondered if he was a dirty shit eater too. He begged me for golden showers sex. I pissed in his mouth and all over his face and chest. His cock was rock hard. Not very big, so luckily, I didn’t have to fuck him. I did piss on the head of his cock.  He came so hard too. Easy money. Messy but easy.

White Trash Phone Sex P Mommy

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex includes talking to a dirty P mom like me.  I love pimping out my little girls. They range in age because when my girls get older, my husband and I adopt younger girls. Men pay good money for my Lolita daughters, but the super young ones demand the most money. The youngest one can barely talk. She just babbles mostly. That is okay because her mouth is better off sucking cock than talking. Daddy arranged for a wealthy European P man to take her virginity. For a cost, of course. Virgin cunnie is worth top dollar, especially with a little princess. My girls regardless of natural birth or adoption status are clean, cute girls. They are not druggy, dirty whores. Not yet at least. Sure, I am a trailer trash whore, but my sluts are not dirty. They smell and look like angels. They are not strung out, so they can play along and call you daddy. They enjoy being whores. They live in a nice house. They have pretty clothes. They go to the best schools. They have the latest technological toys. They are loved. Instead of learning how to play the violin or being on the soccer team, they are spreading their little bald cunts for money. They have the best lives.

Cum eating phone sex 24/7

Cum eating phone sex

Cum eating phone sex will be me on the line with you. While I am sucking a nice hard white cock. I will be sucking that cock and choking on his hard masterpiece until he explodes in my mouth. I am the type of slut who can swallow a load of cum just about everyday. It is a good source of protein. Most of my guys I am sucking off are usually my johns from the local strip club that I work at. Don’t get me wrong. I love to shake my ass every night and collect my dollars. I also enjoy bringing a  man home every night as well. That always make my pockets even fatter. I am the best dick sucking whore in my town. I am not bragging by no means. This is what I have been told. All the local men come to Athea for some good sloppy toppy. Would you like to hear me suck one of them off?

Golden Showers Sex For Filthy Fun

I had a client that looked me up online to get his filthy fantasy fulfilled of golden showers sex with a filthy Tranny prostitute. I fit the bill perfectly and he fit the bill perfectly for my needs also. He was a little man that was loaded and married. Like many married and rich men, he had some dirty secrets, and I was one of them. I loved to take my hose out and piss on him. One of his other dirty secrets was his need to wear women’s lingerie as he played a little cock whore for me. I would piss on him and degrade his trampy rich ass before I really made him my bitch. I had him gulping down big fat wads of my cum after fucking is little whore mouth. Then when he was still begging to suck me some more I slapped his face and took him in the ass. I love my little cum guzzler, I especially luv them as I fuck their little man whore cunts.

Golden Showers Sex

Creampie Slut Mommy

creampie slutI am a creampie slut. I am raising all my girls, even my adopted ones to be the same. I think a healthy dose of cum does a girl well. I am sure you will agree with me. I love training my girls to clean out the cum in mommy’s cunt because it not only gives them a healthy love for jizz but it feels good to have your cum filled pussy licked. Jasmine is my newly adopted daughter and so far, only I play with her. I have a big family, and everyone is a whore, so it is nice to have a girl not too tired from fucking for money to take care of her dirty mommy. I got gang banged earlier in the day. My porn star daughter asked me to share the screen with her. We did a mommy daughter gang bang which was hot. I got to fuck all these young studs. They worked my pussy over something good, however. That is what Jasmine is around for if you ask me. Daddy may think something else, but for as long as I can, I am making her my personal sex slave. When I came home with a cum filled cunt, I snapped my fingers and Jasmine was ready to eat the cum from mommy’s wet hole. She didn’t miss a drop. I know I will have to share her eventually, but for now, I am enjoying having her all mine.

Road Head From A Big Dick Sucker LadyBoy

big dick sucker

I was working the local truck stop in a tight leather skirt.  I knew my big dick sucker skills would feed me and get me some dope. My head hurt I needed these horny truckers to throw me some cash for a couple of blow jobs.  I knocked on the side of a Peterbilt. Smoke billowed out the door and I asked if he needed any services as a very handsome young man smiled and threw me a 20 dollar bill. Get up in here and suck my cock he laughed and whipped out his dick I was hanging out the side of the truck, not even allowed in the sleeper. He pushed my head down and I gagged hanging off the side of the truck. I felt someone grab my cock from under me and yell it’s a tranny bitch!! Well, the young stud pushed me off his cock and laughed at me. He and his friend told me to get in and they fucked my ass raw and made me clean that dick off as the filled my stomach with jizz from their dirty dicks. They said that was my dinner and the 20 would get me high enough to come back and get fucked by their buddies. Would you treat this tranny bitch the same way?


tranny phone sex

Proud Trashy MILF

trashy milfI am a trashy milf. I had to get my son out of trouble at school. He is barely a month into high school and I was called to the principal’s office. He got caught with pornography on his phone. Give me a break every red-blooded man and boy has porn on his cell. Likely tons of it too. Clearly, I have him in the wrong school or this is just a sign of how fucked up society has become. The principal tried to tell me porn is disrespectful to women. I don’t agree. I think porn provides women with excellent money and builds esteem and skills.  I looked at his phone and was surprised to see the porn on the phone was his sisters’ porn. They go to a different school and the principal didn’t know he was looking at the jail bait porn of his sisters. I had to give some bullshit promise to get my son counseling. He doesn’t need counseling. I was proud of him. He was giving free advertising for his whore sisters. He was showing them off to his school friends and getting their videos hits. He is proud of his sisters. He likes to watch them in action. Who are we kidding? Any one with a pulse would like to see my teen sluts fucking.

Crack Whore Anal Sex Fix

This redneck trailer park management prick was secretly in love with my tranny cock. I was owning his little white boy ass from the day he realized his mama’s best tenant was a chick with a dick and he was instantly in lust over me. He was so young with those raging hormones and he got a glimpse of me in a bikini sunbathing in my backyard and started jerking off to me ever since. He was always snooping around and one time I invited him in and offered him a hit off the crack pipe. I let him have a few and had so much fun with him then. I had him on his knees begging me to fuck him while he was getting his throat coated with my spunk. I  unloded in his virginal mouth then bent him right over and rammed my near 9″ in that sweet young ass. This boy is such a faggot cock sucker for my sweet shemale cock that I have him bringing me drugs to get some time with me.

crack whore anal

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