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“Always Get The Money First” – My Amateur Escort Mistake

Hookers for Hire Jamie

Mommy and Daddy quit giving me money which basically means I’m out of coke and cigarettes. A few of my friends put ads up online offering “services” in exchange for gifts and I figured I should try it out. I put a few sexy photos of myself in my panties and bra, throwing out the terminology I had picked up from other girl’s posts and hoped for the best. Not even an hour later a really nice sounding guy (you) started texting me wanting to set up a date. I was thrilled and could almost smell the $20 dollar bills. We set up for me to do an out call to your motel room. You told me you were a trucker, was super lonely and would love to party.

When I get to the motel, you gave me sort of confusing instructions on how to find your room but I finally tracked it down. I knocked three times as per your orders and the door creaked open. You get instantly excited when you realize it was really me in the photos you saw online and are quick to tell me about the times you’ve gotten catfished by hookers. You demand for me to take off my clothes so you can take a closer look at me. I obey your every word, being a perfect little druggy slut for you. Swallowing your big cock down, letting you fuck all my holes and fill me up without a condom on- you insisted you’d pay extra for bareback.

Our hour session has turned into a fucking marathon. My cunt is sore from you pounding deep inside me over and over for so long. Asshole literally stretched out- you really worked me over but I knew at the end of this I would be walking away with some well earned dollars. You finish up and ask if I’d like to take a shower. Honestly I can’t think of anything that would feel better at the moment and accept your offer to use the bathroom for a bit to freshen up for my next John.

I hear the door open and close. It hits me at that moment that I didn’t get my “gift” from you. Practically jumping out of the shower and quickly covering up with a towel I walk out to the common area of the motel room. You’ve left behind a note but no money. I’m so livid and I feel so used I almost can’t bring myself to read what you’ve written. After finally calming down, I open the folded piece of paper hoping that maybe it just says you’ll be back. In bold letters you scrawled out the words, “Always Get The Money First, Bitch”. At first I’m ticked off about it but that’s when I realize you’ve actually done me a huge favor tonight by harshly teaching my dumb ass a lesson economics. Do you got anything else you think you should show me?

Sloppy Wet Pussy From Family Fucking

sloppy wet pussyI woke up with a sloppy wet pussy this morning. It has been a wild couple days of family fucking to celebrate the end of school for the summer.  All my little sluts, the boys and the girls, have summer jobs. Did you have a summer job when you were a school boy? If you did, I bet it was doing fast food or retail. Not saying my offspring are too good for hard work, because they are not. They will be working hard this summer on their backs and on their knees. All my brats, the boys and the girls, are sexy prostitutes. The girls just have more experience because young pussy is in higher demand. My husband and I discovered, however, it is all in the marketing. Some of his clients simply didn’t know that the boys were even on the menu. Anything is on the menu if you ask. Once we discovered that some of our clients just didn’t know they could pay for boy ass too, we started advertising them. The response is not what we expected either. Sure, there are P men who enjoy boy cock and boy ass, but lots of my husband’s clients want to hire a young boy for their wives. It is smart thinking. A woman who is getting some young boy cock, won’t care if her husband is enjoying young pussy. When I told my boys that they may be getting as much action as their sisters, they got excited. They want to make the kind of money the girls make too. I am excited for my boys. Getting lots of mature pussy is just what any young boy needs, right? My husband asked if I would be jealous. “Hell no,” was my reply. Some moms might be, but I like to watch my boys fuck. I like to watch my girls fuck too. We just one big kinky family that fucks.

Golden showers bring May flowers

Golden shower sex stories

So yeah… that title is more of a humor type thing, but getting fucked until you can’t hold it in anymore is not. I have a john that gets more into kinky stuff each time I am with him. This time, when I arrived he gave me a huge glass of Gatorade and we sat and talked while I drank it. At first I was confused; I didn’t know why I was drinking this amount of anything really. Towards the end of the glass he would fill it up again. After the third glass I was full and told him I couldn’t drink anymore. He poured me one more glass and said to just take it slow and get it down. It took a while, but I finally was able to finish it. He took the glass from me and told me to lie back on the bed. He got down between my legs and started expertly licking my wet pussy. I was wet because I have been with this john many times and he makes me cum fucking hard. He gets me close with licking my pussy and very quickly he stands up and slams his cock into my pussy, and keeps ramming his fat cock in and out until I am dizzy with needing to cum. He asks me if I feel full like I need to pee and I suddenly realized that YES I do need to pee and badly. He looks down at me with a big smile and says that he is going to make me cum so hard that I can’t hold it and I will have to let it go while cumming. That really turned me on and he was right. The ache started deep in the center of me and radiating out in a huge tidal wave. As I was cumming I was trying to hold it back, but I hear him whispering. “Come on baby, it is OK let it go. Cum and orgasm baby I want to see it.” Hearing that and his fat cock fucking me was all I could take, he thrust his cock into me very deep then pulled out and I started to pee and cum and… wow. What a sensation. It was so intense I couldn’t stop cumming or peeing, I had no control over my bladder or my pussy. The orgasm lasted for a long while because after my bladder was empty he fucked me hard with my legs pinned to my shoulders. He came inside me with a huge grunt and moans and collapsed satisfied. “Thank you D` I needed that, I needed to see that. It and you were incredible.”

Golden showers phone sex

Phone Sex Line for Young Pussy Talk

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is always no taboo. I like to be open and honest, as well as wicked dirty with my callers. I have not lead a vanilla life. Whatever dirty fantasies you have, I bet I have lived them. Honestly, being raised as a sex slave defined me as a no taboos woman. I may have not enjoyed being a fuck doll so my parents could be trailer trash Meth heads, but I learned how to be a good whore, and now a good madam from my experiences. My husband and I have a homemade brothel that we keep expanding. Now that my youngest girl is in the two digit phase of her life, we need younger girls. Most men pay very well for sweet young pussy. The younger the girl, the more money we make. My husband paid a woman in Africa for her baby girl. My husband promised her daughter a better life in the United States. She will bring us a lot of money. Not only is she very young, but she is black too. Plenty of men have jungle fever for jailbait pussy. We will love this little girl and give her a good life. She will keep the money she earns being a teen anal whore. Even though she is young, she still has that bubble butt. A sweet little black full booty. Men are lined up to tap her junk in the drunk. How much would you pay to have extremely young pussy or ass? What if I told you anything goes; the freakier the better? Sex will always sell.  I am a business woman, so I know that the older men get, the younger they want their pussy. Make me an offer. The more money you pay, the more you get to do.

What is your fetish?

Sexy prostitutes

Seriously…I think to be one of the top sexy prostitutes that makes big bucks is being friendly, out-going and will to please your john any way he would like. I have a regular that really likes foot jobs to get him close to cumming. It makes him shoot his load crazy hard. The first few times I met up with him he never told me about his foot fetish. It seemed like he thought it was the worst fetish in the world. When he finally told me I was so excited. I was telling him that finally I know how to get him off like he needs!
I make it up to his room and he greets me with a big smile and his hard cock in his hand. As soon as I was in the door I flopped on the bed and took my shoes off and told him to bring that nice cock to me. He loves foot jobs to get him going. Now what is so terrible about that!? I put some coconut oil all over my feet and get them nice and lubed up and get my clothes off because I know he is going to want to fuck my brains out when I get him going with my foot job. I wrap my feet around his cock and go to town, getting that cock nice and hard. And just like I suspected, he fucked my brains out right after.

The masturbating prostitute

Prostitution porn

Even prostitutes need porn now and then. Sometime actually watching prostitution porn scenarios will get me hot and worked up. I was relaxing at a friend’s house and got a little horny. So I went to his room and put on some porn. A prostitute was going to a tricks hotel room and they didn’t even waste time on chit chat, she simply grabbed the money in his hand and went to town on his cock. She had pushed him down on the bed unzipped his pants and started working his cock with her mouth, tongue and hands. You could tell right away he loved it and hearing a man enjoy a blow job is one of the reasons I got into this business. As I was watching the porn my friend’s sister came home, she lives with him and caught me masturbating to her brother’s porn collection. I didn’t stop when she let me know she was standing there, but she continued to watch which fueled me on even more. I could see her playing with her pussy by the door while I played with mine. When I started cumming I closed my eyes and rode out the hot sensation in my pussy. I opened my eyes and she was gone. Maybe next time she will join me.

Phone Sex Line for Dirty Whore Lovers

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is the one you call when you want to talk to a mature dirty whore. A cougar without limits or taboos. I was raised by a whore to be a whore. My momma always told me if you have a pussy, you will never be homeless or want for anything. Ain’t that the truth.  I don’t want for drugs, food or rent. I got a bit behind on my lot rent. Had a couple rough months of poor money management.  I like to put my money up my nose. But, I remembered what my mama said and put on a skimpy outfit and high heels and marched down to the truck stop. All the young truckers that rest there, love a trashy MILF. Truckers have a lot of disposable income. They are on the road so much, they have little time for entertainment or expensive dining and such. A fuck is entertainment for them. I made sure I looked extra trashy. A white tube top, no bra, very short black mini skirt, bare legs, no panties, stripper shoes. I looked like white trash old Barbie. The guys knew why I was there. I serviced about 10 truckers. All younger than me. All with hard cocks and full nuts in need of draining. I’m a cum guzzling slut. Some of the guys I just blew for $30. Two guys fucked my ass for $75 and the rest fucked my pussy for $50. My pussy and ass were dripping cum and I had dick breath, but my purse had enough money to pay my lot fee, past and present. I even had some extra to get some weed. I’m a coke whore, but I do enjoy smoking Mary Jane too. My mamma was right, as long as I have a pussy, I got money.

High class hooker and the young curious couple

Hookers for hire

I received an interesting appointment the other day. I was given the time and address, and I was fairly certain I was at the right place until the guy opened the door, or should I say boy opened the door. His girlfriend I assume was right behind him looking innocent in her school uniform. I asked if I was at the right home and the boy said yes and I should come in. We stood in the entrance and I asked why I was here. They stood next to each other and said: “We want to have a threesome and we thought a professional would make it easier in case someone gets jealous.” It was, again interesting and I said why not.

I told the boy to do sit down, and the girl to stand and face the wall. They looked confused but did it anyway. I told them foreplay is the element you need with almost any great sexual encounter. I unzipped her school uniform skirt and let it fall to the floor, slowly reaching my hand under her panties, over her ass, between her legs. I glided my fingers over her tight little slit, she was trembling and suddenly very wet and moaning. I looked over at her boyfriend and he was stroking his cock. I said to him that he should come over here and feel her wet little honey pot and see if it doesn’t make him want to lick it and taste her pussy juices. I had her stop out of her panties and he slowly slid his hand from her clit to her asshole. She cried out from pleasure and he smiled. I could tell he wanted to lick her pussy clean. So I had them take me to a bedroom where we could really get into it. The girlfriend got onto the bed and immediately started giving the boyfriend head, but he was already close to cumming so I told her to let him shoot his load and we would play from there until he was ready again.

Teen sluts fucking

I got her legs pinned to her shoulders with his help and licked her little twat and finger fucked her. She came rather quickly as well. Being they were both fairly young and resilient, it didn’t take long for them to be ready to fuck. She got him hard again sucking his cock while I played with her pussy. When they were both ready I suggested he should fuck the hell out of her while I played with her clit. He fucked her really hard and deep and I licked and rubbed her clit. She couldn’t help but have a screaming orgasm, and as her sweet tight little pussy was cumming all over him, he came again shooting his load all over her and me. They paid me again to stay a bit longer so he could fuck me and she could play with my pussy. Great orgasm gave me a sloppy wet pussy …what a great young couple.

Sloppy wet pussy

BBC Phone Sex with a Cougar Whore

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex calls are up there as my favorite to do. I love big black dicks.  On the phone and off the phone, I enjoy dark meat. My mom was a trailer park hooker when I was growing up. I watched her fuck men for money while daddy was away. The first man to take my cherry was a black client of my mother’s He paid twice his usual fee to fuck a virgin jailbait pussy. Hurt like hell, but momma said the first time always hurts. In a way, I was ruined at a young age. I am not a size queen, however. I do like big dicks. I mean I have a whore cunt.  Small dicks sort of flop out of my well used cunt.  But, I have a love for boy dick. Those young ones  don’t mind that my pussy is not a vice grip on their dicks. They are just grateful something other than their hand is wrapped around their cock. My dealer, Big D, has an anaconda for a cock. I love fucking him for my coke. I would fuck him even if he didn’t have anything I needed. Well, anything I needed besides that big black cock! I went this morning to the truck lot to get my weekend party supplies. I left his cab with my coke and gapping fuck holes. Cum running down my legs because Big D turns me into a cum dumpster with one load. I came across some high school white boys who wanted to party with a cougar. I wanted more cum and more cock, so I said hell yes even though I had a fresh load up my pussy. Their cocks didn’t stretch me out, but I was getting cum and making friends so it was all cool. We shared some weed and I did what I do best: fuck. I may have gone from big black dick to average white cock, but I’m a whore after all.

Trashy MILF Madam

trashy MilfI’m such a trashy MILF. I attended this fancy fundraiser with my husband last night. It is for a dirty charity we started to give us access to very young ones. We are funding a home for pregnant teen girls. Runaways, castaways, delinquents…..the kind of girls who need money and no one will miss. I’m not talking snuff. I only snuff girls on fantasy calls. In real life, however, I am not above whoring out mommy and brat. I have no virgins anymore. All my offspring are well fucked and school age. Men pay top dollar for some pregnant pussy, mother and daughter tag teams, extremely young cunnie and virgin fuck holes. A home for wayward girls is a brilliant idea. It will look legitimate, but really be a front for hookers for hire. When the girls deliver, they have the option of raising their son or daughter, or adopting him or her out to a P man or couple looking for a young sex slave. We love profiting off jail bait pussy, however, we are somewhat benevolent too. The girls can keep most the money they earn through pimping out or selling their fuck trophy. Money motives girls from the wrong side of the tracks. I should know. I was born in a trailer park as my parent’s little hooker. If I could have kept some of that money, I may have been loyal to them. Instead, I left and married one of their clients. My hubby and I raised the money we needed to break foundation on the building. My husband has lots of P men for clients who were more than happy to contribute to our foundation fund. Contributors of $20,000 or more, will have access, for free, to 1 virgin of their choice within the first year of operation. I am so excited for our new endeavor.

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