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White Trash Phone Sex Charity

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is all I know. I look classy; I live classy, but I am not classy at all. I just married well. My husband likes trailer park trash women. Who doesn’t if they are being honest. Why? We are far more likely to molest our offspring, let daddy molest them too and party like a kinky freak than some Park Avenue bitch. I am the way I am because I was born in the sticks of rural West Virginia in a trailer park to meth head parents who pimped me out for years. You can’t polish up a turd is the old saying. I can clean up my appearance, but never my mind. I have a very dirty mind. I was at a fundraiser recently for The American Red Cross. The benefit was raising money for recent wild fire victims in California. I know how to raise money. I can raise funds like I can raise cocks. I brought my hot teen slut daughter with me. I love helping charity. Do you know how much money men will donate to fuck a mother and daughter or even just to have a teen whore blow them in the bathroom? I went around the room making offers to the men eyeballing my hot daughter. I shaved a few years off her real age, to make her even more taboo. The more taboo the fucking, the more men are willing to pay. My daughter and I worked the room. We spent most of the fundraiser in the bathroom being cum dumpsters, but we raised more money than the event, making us the biggest single donors of the night. We got a lot of individual sperm donations too. It wasn’t our money. It was the money of horny P men. We were sexy prostitutes for the Red Cross. Anything for charity, right?

Pastor’s Secret

Sexy Prostitutes

I was just entering the church. I haven’t been here in years. Surprised I didn’t catch on fire.  I sat near the back of the church.  Now I know why I didn’t catch on fire the devil himself was the pastor.  This trick told me he hated his wife.  He would spend between two and three thousand a night on me easy.  I didn’t mind either.  I wonder if I could make the devil sweat.  So I moved to the front of the church and sat down right beside his wife.  He paused as soon as he saw me.  It turned me on how cool he kept it.  I wasn’t done yet.  It was time to make things a little hotter.  I started a conversation with his wife and she even began hugging me.  He was a little bothered but it was my driving force I got wet right in the moment knowing he was getting upset.  Straight after service he pulled me in his office and fucked me right there.  No questions asked just said he needed to lay hands on me.  As he was stoking me deep from behind he told me to never come back to his church again.  Which was a complete lie.  This was one of the best angry fucks i had in a while.  Oh he was really mad but also turned on.  Who would have thought the prostitute wanted to come to church to find out the trick she tricks with is a pastor surprise.  This was all worth it.

More than enough

Cum Dumpster

I had been with them for a few hours and the sex was great.  The three of them had me any way they wanted all at the same time.  To have all my holes filled and pounded at the same time made my juices flow from everywhere. They had me for a whole night.  I was being paid to be full of cum.  Before all of the cum started there was so much fucking going on.  They was fucking me they even started to fuck each other.  They all took turns filling me up with their cocks in each hole.  together I drank their cum as they shot their loads in my mouth.  There was so much of this sweet thick cum juice.  It was dripping everywhere.  I made sure not a drop was wasted.  Round two I was ready they each filled my cunt with more creamy goodness.  It was so much that it was pouring out of me.  They was not done with me yet nor I with them.  Our juices and the mixture of sweat had the room very slippery.  I made sure they got their money’s worth out of me.  I left the three of them passed out in our cum filled mess.  I think everyone of us left satisfied.

Fat cock and Scat in my Pie Hole

So last night after getting off work and being asked by this big fat greasy trucker who smelled of KFC and ass to come over to his tractor for some fun. I of course did, because I always need the extra money. He did not waste anytime. He got all sweaty on top of his greasy demeanor as he anticipated undressing my used pussy and I saw his shrubby but girthy cock through his pants as he started to unzip them.

Scat phone sex

Then all of the sudden I heard him let out a fart and he said I shit myself. I REALLY needed the money and I told him we could still fuck. He pulled down his pants let his shrubby fat dong hang in front of me and shoved it in my face with a sheepish grin. I started to suck, I could smell shit, ball sweat,  piss and many other smells. As the shit smell got stronger he had already scratched his ass a few times, but then he pulled out of my mouth and shoved his shitty fingers in my throat. I LIKED IT! I begged for more and he kept it coming out of his ass and his dick.

Dirty Phone Sex Whore

dirty phone sexI am the epitome of a dirty phone sex whore, especially when I am high on coke. That’s the mommy’s little helper The Rolling Stones sung about in the 70s. I didn’t discover coke until I was a teen. My husband gave me some the first time we fucked. He had paid my parents $1,000 to fuck me when I was young. He told me the coke would make it better. The next time he passed through he gave me enough to help me get through the other guys that paid my parents for my teen fuck holes who weren’t quite as pleasant to fuck. Eventually, my husband just paid my parents a lump sum for me and I have been his wife ever since. The only thing that is the same about that teen trailer trash whore from rural West Virginia is coke. I still love my little white lines. I have a little black girl we liberated from squalor while on an African trip recently. She is way younger than I was or any of my biological slutkins when I started them out hooking. Normally I am not into ruining little pussies because if they are ruined they can’t make me and my husband much money, can they? But, I have this sexy high end overseas client with a hot accent and a big wallet. He wanted to be our ebony girl’s first fuck. I prepped her black pussy with a white dildo. I love the contrast. My special friend dipped his boner into her mouth to get rock hard. I put a little devil’s dust on her pussy lips to dull the pain of his big throbbing cock and a little in her gums so she just wouldn’t mind as much. I sat back, played with my sloppy white pussy as he experienced two taboos at once: ebony extremely young pussy. I think my little chocolate bunny is going to be a natural once her fuck holes heal. Who wants to be next? She isn’t quite as expensive now since she had her cherry popped.

Cum Dumpster Hoe

Anal Cum Dumpster

Sometimes, I like to get extra freaky. Ready for some kinky BDSM, I just need to let out my dark side every once in a while. I found the perfect man for the job and went home with him promptly. But don’t be confused- he was the one paying me for tonight’s fucking. This pussy isn’t free! Although, I always work for that cash. Some hoes lay there benignly as they let you bone them, but not me. I’m always an active participant because I actually enjoy getting nasty and indulging my client’s deepest, darkest fantasies.

Standing in front of the man who took me home, I slide my dress down, exposing one tit at a time. I slink completely out of the dress and turn around. Putting my arms behind me, I wait patiently as he ties my wrists together. Next thing I know, he is throwing me over the table and plowing me like a damn field. My cunt is wet enough to drown a man at this point. With his balls slapping my clit, I squirt all over his fuckstick.

Smiling, he grabbed some more rope and tied each one of my ankles so my legs were stuck spread wide open. Then he came back behind me and pushed his cock into my asshole, thrusting into me with all his might. He shouted as he filled my ass with his splooge. When he was done, he sat down, leaving me tied up so he could watch his cum drip from my ass down to my pussy. He left me there until he was hard and ready to fuck my tight rosebud again. He did this over and over again, using me as an anal cum dumpster, and I loved every moment of it.

Anal Sex Whore

Sex Drugs and FootBall

Sexy Prostitutes

I was so fucked up last night.  I was able to make triple of what my pimp wants.  I hit the jackpot of all tricks.  Rookie mistake for this NFL player.  He was just throwing money at me like a broken ATM.  The best part of it all he like to party.  He had every drug you could think of from weed to dope even some other shit too.  I was in fucking heaven.  I knew we was going to have a good time.  He pushed my face down in a pile of coke until my whole body became numb.  I was so high I felt like I was just floating and watching myself at this point.  I had popped a few Mollies and was all ready to go.  I couldn’t feel my face and was all smiles.  I had put his huge cock in my mouth and was fucking my face like it was just open season.  I swear I felt him hitting my throat.  Thank goodness I’m not afraid to take dick to the face.  He flipped me over without a word and very little effort.  I arched my back so my ass and pussy could be fully exposed to him.  He snorted a few lines of coke off my ass and was feeling himself.  He began to pound my asshole as if he was trying to break through for a tackle.  We fucked for hours on end.  Oh there was no breaks or anything.  He had me pissing all over him and he did the same to me.  At this point he was just an animal.  On the menu for the hunt was me.  he shoved a bottle of Champagne in my pussy as he want to see me pop the cork using just my tight cunt.  The party had just got started but I had to end it.  The last time I spent the night out with a trick my pimp beat my ass so I know better than to have Daddy mad.  Slip this beast a few sleeping pills and out the door I went with a few souvenirs of course.

My Dealer’s Girlfriend

Druggy phone sexMy dealer called me with a proposition, he had a new girlfriend and she was into women. He wanted me to please her in exchange for coke. I got in my car and raced over to his place. His girl’s name was Cindy, and she was hot as fuck. This was going to be easy. Cindy and I wasted no time, we tore each other’s clothes off and started kissing passionately. Her lips felt so soft against mine. I touched her pussy and she was soaking wet, so I had to taste her. I pushed her down onto the sofa and open her creamy thighs. I put my face into her wetness and I wasn’t disappointed, she tasted like the sweetest candy. She squirmed and bucked against my face as I licked and sucked. I sucked on her clit like a mad woman, I wanted to make her squirt. The whole time my dealer sat in the corner watching me please his girl with a pleased look on his face. I had a strong urge to feel her pussy against mine. We moved our bodies into the scissor position and we feverishly rub our pussies against each other. It didn’t take long for us to cum simultaneously and collapse in exhaustion. I went home later with my nose candy and a smile.

Prostitution porn

prostitution porn

This dude offered me some dough if I agreed to fuck him and make our own porno. I invited one of my stripper hoe friends to participate. We go ahead and get the camera set up and get immediately on our hands and knees offering up our stupid little whore mouths.

We took his cock and started sharing it spitting it from mouth to mouth, slobbering all over it. We are not camera shy at all. We got in between his ass and started licking his smelly sweaty ass, going chin deep up in his ass hole. When he was nice and ready we angled ourselves perfect to the camera.

I spread my ass, letting him push his cock into my ass hole. He was pumping himself in and out of me hard and deep while my friend kept tongue fucking his ass. We take lights, camera, action to a whole new level.

Breaking Whores

live phone sex

I made it. I’m top bitch with my Pimp Daddy.  You can now call me a Lady Pimp.  Yes I’m running shit.  I know all the tricks you bitches think you can run game on us you can’t.  You think you can steal from us you can’t.  You fucking for free you better not.  we had this one dumb ass hoe, who thought she could run game on us thought she can out smart slick.  Nope not ever out smart me and Daddy. This Bitch got broke down.  We caught not turning in her funds and fucking for free.  Now when I wasn’t top Bitch Daddy broke me.  That Big Nigger fucked me all the way up.  beat the holy shit out of me. So we had something new for this dumb bitch.  Fucking for free is not what we do here.  Daddy had her first for two hours he put his Nine mm Glock up her pussy and told this bitch if I bust you dead hoe.  I like that shit. he shot one shot near her head to show this bitch he means it. Fully loaded shoved that hot glock right back up in her cunt. with his hand on the trigger.  Safety was on because this bitch was about to learn bring us the money or die.  When your life is just a click away you try to learn fast.  After he finished with the glock  He got the Louisville Slugger and rammed it up her ass.  I held her down down run bitch you like fucking for free.  Get this bat up that ass. this went on for hours. Once we got tired we handcuffed the hoe and made her watch us fuck freely in her face.  Daddy wanted me to show how money is to be made in our house.  These hoes will learn one way or the other.  Bet she will kill herself before she fuck for free again.

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