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White Trash Phone Sex Whore

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is the only kind I have. If you are looking for a sophisticated woman, you are at the wrong place. I can clean up. I can look the part of a respectful, classy housewife, but I can’t act the part. No matter how hard I try, my inner whore cannot be suppressed. I was at a school play last night. My youngest daughter was in the lead of her school’s production of The Wizard of Oz. It is important that my brood have normal school lives because their home lives are full of sex, drugs and prostitution. They don’t mind. In fact, my offspring enjoy being dirty whores because it brings them money. I was trying very hard to be the PTA mom who supports her daughter’s school endeavours, but I was surrounded by hot daddies and sexy teen boys. I’m a trashy milf. That is too much temptation. I was getting dirty looks from the good PTA mom types. They know my reputation as a husband stealer. That is nothing in comparison to the truth! I’d rather have their sons. I married into money. Everyone in our small California community knows I am a trophy wife from the wrong side of the tracks. I don’t care what folks think of me. However, if they talk smack about me to my offspring or try to derail their lives, I sharpen my knives. One stuck up bitch tried to get my sweet young girl out of the play. She was there last night with ice in her eyes. Her husband and son were there too. Her devil spawn was in the play, just not the lead. It was like taking candy from a baby to lure daddy and son away. I fucked them in the schoolboys’ bathroom. Together. Daddy and son tag team. I took some pictures, sent them to Cruella and enjoyed the shock on her face when she realized I fucked the two men in her life that matter most. She cares more about appearances than I do, so I made sure she understood that If she ever looked crossways at my daughter again, the entire community would know that her son and respected husband prefer a trailer trash whore over a stuck up bitchy housewife any day. Come on, who doesn’t?

Cum Guzzling Slut Party

cum guzzling slut

I am a cum guzzling slut. I was given cum in my bottle as a baby. My parents wanted to make sure I would grow up to have a healthy appreciation for sperm. It worked. My husband and I did it to our brood too, even the boys. You never know when a boy will need to show off his cum guzzling skills. Plus, cum is protein fortified. Both boys and girls need strong bones. My boys and girls still love cum; just now they drink it straight from the source. Last night, we decided to have some family time. Normally, on the weekend my gang of sexy prostitutes is making the family money, but I wanted quality time with the family. Daddy was home, which is rare. I wanted to watch him eat his daughters’ pussies. They have missed daddy’s tongue. I lick them when not sucking their brothers’ cocks. We all got high and fucked. We had a mixed daisy train. Boys ate pussy, girls sucked cock and mommy did both. Daddy joined in too. He is 25 years older than me, which wasn’t a problem when I was his Lolita bride, but now that I am in my 40s, daddy needs to watch to get hard. Luckily, watching his sons and daughters play together with his hot wife, is better than Viagra for getting his cock hard. He came a dozen times last night.  Fuck, we all did. A family that plays together, stays together.

Need A Hoe

White trash phone sexI hear you need a hoe. A dirty skanky old pro hoe. Come on down if you do. My address is plastered all over my website. My door is unlocked 24/7. and so are all three of my wet warm holes. I am already soaking wet thinking of your cock sliding into any one of my fuckable holes. Feeling the friction as you push all the way in. I can feel you pounding at my walls before you pull back out. I need all three of my holes filled, so if you have a couple of friends who aren’t shy about showing their thang in front of each other. Maybe it can turn into an orgy. I would love to suck your dick after it has been in a guys ass.

Pay Me And I’ll do Anything You Want


This guy came into our club when I was stripping the other night looking for sexysexy prostitutes prostitutes. He was in the right place, every girl in the place will fuck you for money. They’ll do any kinky thing you can think of. So, when I was grinding my pussy on his cock and he asked me if I wanted to fuck somewhere I asked him how much he would pay to get inside my pretty pink fuck hole. My pussy tingled when he whispered in my ear how much he would pay to fuck me for the entire night. I left work immediately and went to a hotel with him. Everyone stared when we walked through the lobby, I had on the tiny dress that I wore at the strip club and a pair of fuck me heels, it was obvious I was his hooker he was taking up to his room to fuck. I didn’t care, my pussy gets wet from being such a fucking whore. I let him pound me the entire night in my ass and pussy.

Trailer Trash Whore in the Park with 2 Girls

trailer trash whoreThis trailer trash whore visited a different community recently, Brookside Village. It is a small community on the coast. I went to meet a friend to discuss helping to train some young girls. Many people know I am a dirty P mommy who has trained her own sluts to be little whores. I even have my own background as a whore as a little girl. Brookside Village is one of those closed communities. People are invited to live there, and they must meet certain criteria like having young girls in the family and agreeing that those young girls will be naked all the time. As I was walking around the community checking things out, I found two naked sluts in the park. Young high school girls with very nice bodies. I wasn’t sure if as an outsider, I could sample the merchandise, but seeing hot teen sluts naked made my pussy purr. I couldn’t resist pulling that apple off the tree. They didn’t resist a mature woman’s touch when I fondled their breasts. They didn’t resist when I fingered their cunts either. This is how I pictured a nudist colony might be like. It was better though because there were no fat ugly men naked, just beautiful young girls. I had a lesbian threesome with two teen girls I had never met before. I wasn’t sure if they were raised submissive sluts who do whatever an adult wants, or they had some Sapphic curiosities. Either way, I was happy to play with those young, eager girls. I make it well known that I like tender age pussy as well as tender age cock. I had both girls licking my cunt and ass. We formed a daisy train under a dogwood tree. By the time we had all cum, I realized I was late to my meeting. I must visit Brookside Village again soon.

Freaky Phone Sex: A World of Naked Girls

freaky phone sexI love freaky phone sex. I masturbate many times a day. I have a high libido. I have taught all my girls to masturbate too. I love playing with their pussies and showing them how to give themselves pleasure. Thanks to a caller, I have discovered some new lit erotica that has served as masturbation material for me and my girls. In these stories that I learned about, young girls are naked. They are naked in school and at home; naked everywhere. In our home we are usually naked too. The female body of any age is a work of art. It should be on display for men, other women too. A naked male body is not as beautiful. No offense men. I love a big cock, but even I would rather gaze at a woman’s naked body.  I like the idea of a Utopian society where all women are naked, especially young girls like my teen daughters. It is self-esteem boosting for young girls to show off their bodies. Insecurity in young girls destroys them. Knowing that men are getting erections looking at them; knowing other girls are admiring their curves and their naked bodies too builds confidence. A confident girl is a better fuck. In this Utopian society, girls would be raised to be sexy prostitutes, adult film stars, strippers and live in sexual companions. Near their public schools would be strip joints and brothels. Girls would be trained in the art of self love as well as pleasing men and other women. My daughters and I got super horny thinking of a near future were clothes were no longer required to be worn. Naked in Suburbia. Naked in the City. Naked in Public. Naked in School. Naked Everywhere…are good titles for young adult books and movies starring girls my daughters’ ages. Don’t you agree? Would you like to live in a world where you could see tender age girls naked all the time?

Drain Your Balls

When only a cum guzzling slut will do for your ball draining. That’s when you look me up and set up a session of hard core ball draining good fun. The thing is.. I love bukkake, and I love to gargle and guzzle that jizz. Your in store for some hot fucking prostitute type fucking and ball draining fun.

This john I had the other day was really loaded and not just with money but those balls really filled up and the damned loads he could make were just fucking awesome. He had this condition called hyperspermia. Yes, legit as fuck as I looked it up. So this genetic disorder… or condition… well makes a one man bukkake party very fucking real. Now, I would love to be in the presence of like ten of these guys for a bukkake party! Could you imagine how plastered I would get with all that cum!?!

 cum guzzling slut

gangbang whore

White Trash Phone Sex: The Perfect Job for a High School Dropout

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is so much fun. I can be myself. That means I can swear like a sailor, do lines of coke and play with my pussy. I am not a refined woman. I never finished high school. My mother was a hooker and I started helping her out with her clients when a school girl still. She had many men who wanted teen pussy. Hooking paid more money than working fast food, which was all I was qualified for as a teen girl. I decided early on that I just wanted to party and fuck until the end of days. Here I am decades latter. I am still a trailer trash whore who is uneducated and would rather fuck than work a real job. I may not hook anymore, but I am still a whore. I have phone sex for a living. For fun, I seduce high school boys and gang bang the young boys in my trailer park. I drink beer, do lines of white powder and fuck all day. I consider that the sweet life. Girls I went to high school with are doing dead end retail jobs or stuck in unhappy marriages because they can’t afford to get a divorce. Not me. I dumped my boring ex husband and make enough money to stay in my trailer fucking all day long. I have no one to answer to because my brats are adults now. I set my own work hours, so I can stay up all night partying and not have to worry about being at work at a set time looking all bright eyed and bushy tailed. No one minds if I work with a cum filled cunt. In fact, I think many of you like that. I may be a high school dropout, but I have the best life ever.

A Cum Guzzling Slut and Her Daughters

cum guzzling slut

I am a cum guzzling slut. My daughters are too. Their father and I have raised them on a daily diet of protein. Girls need to have a healthy appreciation for jizz as soon as they are crawling around. I have been a jizz junkie since I can remember. When I was my parents’ cash cow living in a dingy trailer, I was chugging back cum like it was beer. I never once spit it out. I may not have liked being pimped out by my parents, but I learned early that making a man feel like his cum is the only thing you ever want to drink for the rest of your life, is an important skill to possess. It was how I snagged my wealthy sugar daddy husband. He was one of the clients that paid my parents for my jailbait pussy. I was young, but wise beyond my years. I set my sites on my husband and I manipulated him into rescuing me from the backwoods of West Virginia. I am teaching my daughters the same skills. Having a cum filled cunt and belly full of semen, yet begging for more, makes men putty in a girl’s hands. Men are not as complex as they like to think they are. My girls drain daddy’s balls daily. They also drain the balls of daddy’s paying clients. My girls don’t want for anything. They will never want for anything if they are cum guzzlers. So many women could be like me and my girls, living high on the hog, if they just loved cum. What is not to love anyway? It is full of protein and swallowing it makes money and things magically appear. If you have some sluts in your house that need cum trained, let me know. I have trained my girls to be the best cum whores around. Well, second best to me of course.

cum filled cunt

Knock Knock mother fucker

Druggy phone sexThis is nasty druggy whore Quinn! I love getting my little sluts all fucked up, and taking them out to the truck stop right beside the freeway. That’s right I’m turning them into little lot lizards just like mommy and grandma! We go around knocking on the trucks offering our service. Knock Knock mother fucker, open the door and let me and my little cum sluts in. Don’t matter if you haven’t showered I know your cock is full of crusty cum. I’m getting down on my knees unzip your pants and clean off all the crusty cum of your dick. Then I get my little slut between your legs and make her start sucking you. Then I get the other one with her pussy full of cum and sit her on your face and make her do a creampie into your mouth. Call me daddy let me make you swallow other man’s cum!

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