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Trashy Milf Beverly

trashy milfI love being a trashy milf. I decided to try Tinder. All my friends talk about it like it is the best thing since sliced bread. I never have to use apps or dating sites to get cock. I am a hot old whore. Most men want to fuck me. Last night was my first Tinder date. I never saw a picture of him. I just saw his cock. That is all I cared about. There was a reason why he only sent dick pics. He was jail bait. He was still in high school. He just wanted to bang a cougar. Get this. He arrived to my trailer on a bike. Not a motorcycle, but a bike. He doesn’t even drive. He told me he was 18, but I called bullshit. Not that I cared. I told him he was getting fucked regardless of what side of barely legal he was on. He had the biggest smile on his face. I did too because for a young white boy, he was hung. It was what I would call a pleasant surprise. I slid down to my knees to show off my big dick sucker skills. He was impressed. I looked like I had been doused with a carton of milk. He was embarrassed he came so quickly, but he is a teen boy with an old whore’s mouth on his dick. Of course he was going to nut on my face. I fucked him for a few hours before his mom started calling him wondering where the fuck he was. I guess next time I hook up with him it has to be on a Saturday afternoon. He left with his balls drained several times, and I spent the rest of the night playing with my cum filled milf holes.

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Live Phone Sex

live phone sexYou never know what will happen with live phone sex. My daughter stayed home from school today. She wasn’t feeling well, but I think she just wanted to hang with her sexy mommy. She loves watching me on the phone. I always play with my pussy when I am talking dirty. It has been a busy morning. Lots of men wanting to talk to a dirty mom early in the morning about their morning wood. I think nutting before work makes the day go better for most men. As I shared my P incest stories with callers, my daughter got hotter and wetter. After the first few calls, she was between my legs eating my pussy as I talked dirty. It is hard to talk normally when a hot teen slut is licking your sloppy wet pussy! I am a professional, however, and I made it work. In between my morning rush hour, my daughter would finger bang my cunt and lick my clit. She can make me squirt so hard. Daddy came home early because of a power outage and joined the fun. He decided to work from home, but not before he fucked his horny wife and daughter first. It was a rare treat for us all. I love mornings that start with kinky family fun.

Pool Hall Playtime

trashy milfLast Friday I got bored and decided I wanted to get fucked somewhere public. I went to my favorite pool hall, had five shots, and found a group of guys playing pool. Once they saw my huge tits and tight ass, they were eager to play with this trashy bar slut. I made sure to lean way over the table when taking my shots, so the guys across from me could see straight down my shirt to my tits and the ones behind could see my bare pussy. One of the braver guys came up behind me and stuffed his fingers straight into my slick cunt and finger fucked me as I took my shot. I could feel his rock hard cock pressed against my ass and decided I knew a better game to play!

I pulled my shirt down to expose my bouncy milf titties, spun around, and unzipped his jeans. His thick cock sprang up immediately and that made me even wetter. I started sucking his cock, making sure to use my tongue and both hands. I love shoving thick dicks way down my throat! Another man came over and whipped his dick out for some attention. I started stroking his cock while sucking off the first. I sucked and stroked them until they blew their steaming loads all over my hungry cumslut face. I didn’t want to leave anyone out so I let the rest of the guys fuck whatever holes they wanted while I was bent over the pool table. One guy even shoved a pool stick in my ass and fucked me with it! We didn’t stop until each of them emptied at least two loads all over me. The whole bar was watching but no one wanted us to stop. It made me so horny to be watched like that that I came countless times. I think I will have to go play pool more often!

I love being a trashy milf

trashy milfI love being a trashy milf. The older I get, the hornier I have become. I can’t go anywhere without some young guy hitting on me. I try to be good, but it is hard. I am in my sexual peak, and young studs are everywhere. I was doing some retail therapy at the mall last night. I had an admirer. I thought I might ditch him when I went into Victoria’s Secret, but he followed me right in. He was trying to act like he was looking for his mom. I knew that wasn’t the case. He was a teen boy likely there on his own or with a group of friends. He just had MILF fever. I told the sales associate he was my boy. She didn’t bat an eyelash and he didn’t say a word. He just followed me around like a lost puppy. I snuck him into the dressing room when the girl went back up the front. He clearly wanted to check out my body. He was still speechless as I did a sexy striptease in a dressing room for him. When I sucked his dick, he got vocal. I had to put my panties in his mouth, so we wouldn’t get busted. He came quickly then I got dressed. I left him in the dressing room with my panties in his mouth and a dumbfounded look on his face. I am sure he got out of there undetected, at least, I hope.

Smegma Slut

Live phone sex

I finally got my smegma cherry popped yesterday! I hooked up with a couple of real hotties for a night of amazing hot fucking! A cheerleader whore like me has a busy schedule, but I was so horny, I wanted to get at those thick fucking cocks so bad! I got there and stroked their thighs all the way up to those sweet thick bulges. Their cocks stood right at attention just like I wanted! I stroked those thick throbbing bulges with my hands and began to pull their hard meat sticks out of their pants. Let me tell you, I unearthed a fucking treasure trove of crumbly smegma under both of their thick, flaking foreskins. I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on these cheesy, crumbling cocks! Without a single word, I winked at them and began to slurp and chew that frothy man cheese. Their rock hard nine to ten-inch thick cock tasted so good of his man butter. My tongue lapped up their smegma slowly while I stroked those cheesy cocks up and down. I loved chewing and swallowing their yummy bits and I swallowed both cocks whole down my blonde bimbo throat. Their cheesy dicks fucked my throat so hard while I finger fucked my cunt with smegma covered fingers. The only thing better than swallowing up their man butter was to get those frothy cocks deep inside my holes! I bent over on all fours with my wet holes just begging to get stuffed like a pizza crust! Their yummy cocks didn’t disappoint! Those cheesy cocks pumped my holes so hard! With one in my juicy ass and one in my dripping wet cunt, I was fucking wrecked! My gaping fuck holes stretched out from those thick dicks and I was filled with amazingly thick cream!

Sloppy Wet Pussy Watching Porn with My Young Girls

sloppy wet pussyI have a sloppy wet pussy from watching porn all morning. My youngest adopted girls aren’t in school yet. I decide to spend the morning with them watching movies. We watched all kinds of hardcore porn too. Daddies and daughters fucking was the mildest kind of porn we watched. I taught them how to rub their little bald slits too. They truly enjoyed themselves. I saw them come to life watching interracial porn. They enjoyed watching black men fuck these tiny white girls into oblivion. I started licking their little bald cunnies as they watched some tiny blonde nymphs get ravaged by big black cocks. Their sweet young cunnies were so wet. I was waiting for a piss orgasm and they gave it to me. All over their mommy’s face. I was glistening in little girl juice. I am so glad we adopted these two little angels. It is like being a new mommy all over again. I have so much to teach them, but they want to learn. They love learning from mommy. Since they loved watching big black cock porn so much, daddy and I are going to arrange a black cock gangbang for them. We know some black men who will pay big money for such tiny little girls. I bet you would too.

Phone Sex Line for P Men and Mommy’s Boys

phone sex lineI have a phone sex line for P men and mommy’s boys. I have a small army of fuck trophies. They are well trained in the art of pleasing their parents and pleasing you. I like sharing my young ones with men. Sex sells. Young sex sells more. My husband and I are filthy rich because of our home brothel. Now, that includes me. Many men pay for the mommy experience too. Not all men like sweet young girls or boys. Some want a mature sexy woman they can call mommy. David is the teen son of a top client. His son is still a virgin. He is obsessed with mommy sex, but his own mother wants nothing to do with incest. I am a trashy milf. I have no moral compass. I was happy to play mommy for young David. He was nervous like most young boys his age are, but I let him snort a little coke and he relaxed. Not only did he relax, he got a raging boner that “mommy” needed to take care of for him. I blew him before I guided him into my wet mommy pussy. He moaned and grunted as he fucked mommy. He didn’t last long, but that was just the first round. He fucked me several more times. I gave the money back to David’s father. It was a pleasure to fuck that young stud in the making.

My brother loves my juicy tits

Sloppy wet pussyMy brother is such a country bumpkin, he really is a typical white trash hick! He is so used to fucking his furry friends because there is no one else around for him to shove his cock into. That fat bitch that he’s married to is such a smelly cunt, he is never horny for her sloppy wet pussy unless he’s super desperate! I always laugh at the fact that he would rather get gang-fucked by his flock of barking beasts than penetrate his obese tub of lard that he calls his wife, haha! Whenever he and I get together, I let him totally indulge in my body and do whatever the fuck he wants with me. His favorite part of me are my big ole juicy titties, especially when he is face first between them! I love smothering him and forcing him to gasp for air while I sandwich him with my massive jugs. He’s a thirsty boy and I have plenty of boobie milk to quench his thirst for him!

Give Up The Fuck Holes

Druggy phone sex The pain in my ass is making me scream, this only angers you more. You start yelling “shut the fuck up you stupid whore” while wrapping a cord around my neck. Burying your cock deeper into my raw ass. I’m crying and choking, I can’t breathe at all and all of a sudden I feel your fists on the back of my head. I start to see black and know I am going to pass out soon from you choking me, from you punching me. I can hear your slurs of hate towards me. You want me to suffer, you want to violate me. You are not done with his torture and humiliation. You want to make sure I know my place, make sure I don’t forget I am nothing but a fuck toy. My only purpose in life is to be a cock warmer with all three of my holes. I don’t know when it happens, but I black out waking up with you forcing your cock all the way into my throat. Fucking it just like my ass, I can taste myself on your cock, feel you forcing it all the way down my throat and yanking my hair to force it in deeper. I am starting to gag violently, but this doesn’t stop you if anything this encourages you. I feel like this makes your cock harder, struggling against you but knowing there’s no use. I can taste your precum, it makes me wet knowing I am pleasing you which only proves that I really am only good for being a fuck toy. You slap my face as you push your cock to the back of my throat, coating it with your warm sticky load. You’re laughing and moaning and telling me to “choke on it bitch” and I do. I have learned my lesson! The next time I offer my slutty fuck holes for your drugs I will give up the fuck holes.

Cock Practice

Live phone sex

Head cheerleader whores like me need to keep up with my appearance and reputation! That means I have to keep my holes soppy and gaping at all times. Guys expect for a coke whore part-time hooker cheerleader like me to have my holes offered up and stretched routinely. Like a well-practiced cheerleader, I take my stretching really seriously. 😉 Every day after cheer practice, I wait out by the alley behind the school, hands and knees on the pavement with my holes ready and willing. I invite any jock, nerd, teacher, etc to have a go at my cunt and gaped asshole. As long as they promise to fuck me so hard scraping my skin on the pavement and piss all over my hot sweaty body, I don’t give a fuck who pumps me full of cum or piss! These fuck holes need to be stretched with cock and soaking wet, no matter what! Will you meet me out back, babe?

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