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Cock Practice

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Head cheerleader whores like me need to keep up with my appearance and reputation! That means I have to keep my holes soppy and gaping at all times. Guys expect for a coke whore part-time hooker cheerleader like me to have my holes offered up and stretched routinely. Like a well-practiced cheerleader, I take my stretching really seriously. 😉 Every day after cheer practice, I wait out by the alley behind the school, hands and knees on the pavement with my holes ready and willing. I invite any jock, nerd, teacher, etc to have a go at my cunt and gaped asshole. As long as they promise to fuck me so hard scraping my skin on the pavement and piss all over my hot sweaty body, I don’t give a fuck who pumps me full of cum or piss! These fuck holes need to be stretched with cock and soaking wet, no matter what! Will you meet me out back, babe?

TSA Gangbang

Gangbang whore

My dealer Marco sent me on a very important task. If I wanted him to continue giving me free baggies, he needed me to smuggle some coke and various other fun drugs onto a plane headed to Florida! Desperate for my freebies, I happily stuffed multiple baggies inside my cunt and ass. I patiently wait to get through TSA and right when I was in the clear, this agent pulled me aside and told me I was pulled to be strip searched! I began to panic as he pulled me into a room. I begged for him to let me go, but he told me to take my fucking clothes off. Sure enough, he found the baggies stuffed inside me. He tore into one of the bags and took a big snort. I was so scared! But then he said, “Look, if you want to leave scot free with your drugs, you’re going to have to do something for me.” I nodded and told him I’d do anything.

He smirked and pulled his cock out and instructed me to get on my knees and suck his cock like a good druggy whore. I happily obliged and went to town on him, deepthroating that cock as best as I could. He then laid across his desk and I climbed right on top and slid my wet drugged up coke whore pussy down on his cock and rode him like a fucking coked up cowgirl. His cock was balls deep inside my gaping cunt and he made me beg to be let go! He then called in the other agents and had me suck and fuck every single one! They filled my holes with their cocks so nice and tight. Needless to say, I got to Florida with a pussy full of Marco’s drugs and TSA cum! 

Trailer Trash Whore Pays the Rent

trailer trash whoreThis trailer trash whore was short on the rent. It is due no later than the 5th. I went a little crazy this past month partying. The landlord’s son is hot for me. They work together. Daddy owns the trailer park, but junior does the books and pays the help. He is half my age, a tall skinny geek. Not my type at all, but I need a place to live and the lot rent was due. I put on something sexy and paid him a visit. I had on my short jean shorts that look more like underwear than shorts. It was way too cold for daisy dukes and a tube top, but it was a look that would pay the rent. Junior puddled when I purred, “I have a problem, can you help me?”  He was tongued tied. When I explained I couldn’t pay the rent, first he offered an extension. I grabbed his cock and told him that wouldn’t do either.  Then he was between my legs giving me a sloppy wet pussy with his tongue. That is when I knew I had the month of February as a freebie. Damn, he was a good cunt licker. Daddy would never go for me, but junior was the one in charge of the books anyway. He just marked me paid with my cunt juice all over his face. At this rate, I may never pay rent again.

A Family of Teen Sluts Fucking

teen sluts fuckingWhen you have a family of teen sluts fucking, there is never a dull moment. I couldn’t be home when my brood came home from school today. I had a hair appointment. When I did come home, I didn’t find my offspring doing homework. They were having an orgy. Maybe there was something in the air, but the boys and girls were both super horny. Even my younger adopted girls were enjoying the fun. My two newest angels were naked getting the royal treatment by their older siblings. These sweet young girls were butt naked and spread eagle. Their brothers and sisters were playing with their pussies. I was happy to see their big brothers and sisters making sure they felt like part of the family. We enjoy family fucking. No one is ever left out of the fun, no mater how young they may be. My littlest slutkins got their bald pussies worshiped and they were taught some oral skills too. I was spying on them while rubbing my sloppy wet pussy. It was a proud mommy moment watching my oldest sons and daughters show the little ones how to eat pussy and how to suck cock. Eventually, I joined in. How could I resist such a hot show?

Super Young Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireMy little hookers for hire had a huge night last night. They got fucked so hard, I had to keep them out of school today. They could barely walk, and I wanted them to rest up for family time this week. Our two adopted daughters are super young and, on their way, to being sex stars. These precious angels love being part of our family and want to please us. My husband had this international client looking for some young pussy. He was willing to pay handsomely too. He likes to fuck rough. Many years ago, he took my oldest daughter’s virginity. She could barely walk for days, but he paid us enough money that the money he paid, when invested wisely, will pay for her college education. Of course, that was a decade ago and prices have gone up. And, he was getting two young sexy prostitutes at once. These young rescues are set for life, and they can even send some money home to their parents who are in impoverished countries. Demetri has a huge cock and he likes to stretch and gape holes. He is the kind of man that wants a young girl to always remember the damage he did to her holes. Our youngest sweeties will never forget how hard he fucked them. They may have swollen, gaping holes now, but that is nothing my loving mommy mouth can’t soothe.

No Taboo Phone Sex Means No Limits Ever

no taboo phone sexNo taboo phone sex means you are talking to a slut with no limits. Let me give you an idea of just how no limits I am. I was at the mall doing some shopping the other day when I noticed a group of school age girls. They looked too young to be unsupervised, but I saw no parent in sight. I decided to inquire about their adult supervision. I played it low key like I was a concerned parent in case a parent was nearby who I missed. One of the girls said her mother was running late to pick them up. She was older than the rest. Maybe she was a big sister or a young teen babysitter. Such cute angels she had with her. I wanted to take them all home with me. I knew my husband would love their super young bald pussies. Hell, my sons and daughters would too. I settled for one angel. She was the youngest in the group. She had to pee. She was holding her crotch and doing a pee pee dance that many girls her age do. I told the girls they had nothing to worry about because I was a mommy too. That line always works because little ones rarely have stranger danger around other moms, even when they don’t know them. I took the young girl to the bathroom and cleaned her up. I may have used my tongue to clean up her pussy.  I may have dipped a finger in her bald slit and tight ass too. Those kinds of details I have to save for our dirty phone sex call, however. I got that angel back to her herd just as the mother showed up. Obviously, if I will molest a young girl in a mall bathroom, I have no limits.


Party Phone Sex Line

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is a party line. That is what one of my sons informed me. He thinks it is a party line because I always do coke when I am on calls. I explained to him that coke is mommy’s medicine. It helps me accentuate the nasty freak inside me. That brought some questions for him. He wanted to know if my medicine works on other women the same way. I knew there had to be another milf behind this line of questioning. Sure enough, I was right. He has a hot teacher. She has shown no interest in him. I hate to see him feel rejected. I have spoiled my sons. They think every mature woman is a trashy milf like me. I explained that is not always the case. But I know from experience that a little line of coke can turn June Cleaver into Linda Lovelace. I invited his teacher crush over last night. I thought I could get her to party with me then my son could have his dream cum true. Things didn’t go so well and now my son is pissed off at me. This hot teacher partied with me, but she was more into me. That was because my son’s crush is a lesbian. After I fucked his sexy teacher, I tried to explain that not all women like cock. Just like not all boys like pussy. I smelled like her delicious cunt which just pissed him off more. He will get over it. I blame the coke for stealing my son’s crush.

A Trashy MILF and Naughty School Girls

trashy milfI am a trashy milf inside. I can dress up respectable as you can see from this picture. I am still sexy. I won’t wear frumpy clothes, but I will dress down for school functions. My brood has been back to school for one day and someone already got in trouble. I was summoned to school to pick up my youngest daughter. They wouldn’t tell me what the offense was, so I assumed it was severe. My daughter got busted finger banging another school girl in the girl’s bathroom. I was like, “Really, that’s what you hauled my ass down here for?” I tried explaining that sexual curiosity is normal in girls their age. I didn’t see the issue. Both girls were in the principal’s office. The other mother couldn’t leave work but gave permission to me to take her daughter home. She would pick up her little Lolita after work. I filled out the paperwork and took the horny girls home. I lied to the principle when I said I would make sure the girls were punished and received counseling. Clearly, he had not been laid in ions. I showed those girls how to be teen sluts fucking. I played a naughty game of doctor with them. I was sure the mom of the other girl wouldn’t be as uptight as the principle was. I mean girls at that age, play sex games. Ask your wife, I bet she did too. When the other mother got off work, we all four played together pretty much saying fuck you to the principal. No young girl should have her sexual curiosity stifled. I made sure no one’s was stifled. Mommies ate their daughter’s pussies. Daughter’s ate their mommies’ pussies. Mommies ate mommies’ pussies and baby girls ate each other’s pussies while we finger banged each other. I will home school my girl if she can’t finger a classmate or two in the bathroom.

Wee Ones For Crack From My BBC Dealer

White trash phone sex One of my black dealers came over to deliver me my coke. He requested my littlest wee ones my son and daughter be naked and prepped for his BBC. I needed my crack. I quickly got them ready and I had them both kneeling on the floor naked waiting for his arrival. When he showed up he tossed me the crack so I could get that shit in my veins. He went straight for my wee ones sticking his BBC in both of their mouths. I was watching and once the crack rushed thru my veins I stripped what little clothes I had on and knelt down on the floor next to my wee ones. They were already enjoying his huge BBC and now it is my turn to enjoy it too.


Period phone sex Everybody knows I am a whore for my crack and how much I love it. But few know that when I am ragging it I love to get my bloody cunt eaten out. My youngest son is still so young and has a lot to learn. When I woke up this morning with my period I went straight to my son’s room he was still sleeping. I was wicked I gave him no warning I straddled upon his mouth and smothered him. He woke up frantic with me on top of him. I started to grind my cunt on his mouth and shouted at him to start licking and sucking me with his little boy mouth. His face was getting all bloody. I could hear him gasping for air but I didn’t let him stop into I sprayed my cunt cum juices all over his face.

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