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Freaky Phone Sex Stories

freaky phone sexFreaky phone sex stories are fun to share and create together. I have a phone regular who enjoys telling me naughty things to do to my youngest daughter. He is a P man without a P daughter, so he lives vicariously through me. Sometimes he is a gentleman with romantic P fantasies, other times he is less than gentle and likes to inflict some pain on a baby girl pussy. I enjoy being a P accomplice. He wanted me to masturbate my daughter with objects too big for her tiny bald cunt. He was expecting a report back when he called me last night. He wanted to know all the juicy details about her sweet young pussy. How did it look? What did I use on her pussy? Did she cry? What items did she like most? He was getting off on the details. I was happy to report that my baby girl loved the rolling pin the most up her bald cunnie. It was thick and wooden. I lubed it up with KY glide and as I slowly inched it in, I rolled it. It hurt at first, but once I started rolling it around her tiny baby womb, she started purring and spreading her legs further. My baby girl is such a nasty freak. Just like her mama. I gave her a baby sloppy wet pussy, but I cleaned up the mess. My caller was so delighted that she loved riding that big wooden rolling pin. I couldn’t wait to hear what he wanted me to abuse her tight little hole with next time.

Family of Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireAnyone who knows me, knows I have hookers for hire. An entire family of young meat and me of course. Some clients want a young girl or a young boy or both, but many just want me. They want an experienced whore with no limits. Tony requested me solo for a 6-hour date last night. Normally, the clients come to the house, but he got us a suite at one of the fancy hotels in town. When I arrived at his room, I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.  I was all gussied up at his request. I thought he might be taking me somewhere, but we never left his hotel suite. He had a big bag of coke and his teen son waiting for me. Tony likes the fantasy of a high-class woman being nothing but a trashy milf when she gets high. The joke was on him because that is me to a tee. I clean up well and can hob knob with the high society crowd, but once I do a few lines, I am nothing but a dirty whore. Tony’s’ son was a virgin and he thought he was too old to still be one, so he hired him a dirty milf to make him a man. I do love a teen boy. What woman my age doesn’t want a teen cock? Those are some of the hardest dicks around. I did a few lines, got high and seduced him. I started with head. Of course, he didn’t last long in my mouth. I gave him a hit of coke and that teen cock was rock hard again in ten minutes. Even his father was envious of how little downtime he needed. Tony Jr. banged the shit out of me for a solid hour. I felt bad taking daddy’s money. I will always do a teen boy for free.

Hardcore anal sex for me

hardcore anal sex

I was working at this new strip club and I knew if I wanted to make my way to the main stage and be a featured pole whore I would have to do some sucking up to the boss. I went ahead and got his attention. I asked him if I could do anything to advance my placement and get more hours during the busy jam packed hours. I saw the grin on his face and he immediately reminded me that I should be happy I even get the hours I get. I haven’t even given him a hand job and I have landed a gig stripping at one of the most prominent clubs in the whole state.

I immediately told him if I could give him a blowy to boost my hours. He laughed so hard he turned red. “That’s boring sweetie you can do better” I didn’t want to fuck him but it seemed like wanted to stuff me with his cock. I was skived out but knew that he wanted that. I told him I’d give him my twat for the night. He assured me he wanted me to be his hardcore anal sex slut for the night too. I ended up being his cum bucket and ass slut. I did get what I wanted in the end I only had to give my holes up for the night. I did get some sweet coke to sweeten the deal too.

GangBang Whore Ellen


gangbang whore

I am such a gangbang whore. But guess what? I love being the dirty little slut who will do anything! People will always talk trash about me because I grew up in a trailer park. I’m from the wrong side of the tracks. I cross over often because guys from the right side of the tracks, love a dirty whore like me. I walked into this high end club last night. I had on cut off shorts and a tank top. Did I mention I was sporting high heels too? I had that down to fuck look written all over me. The few girls in the club gave me the evil eye. They were dressed classy but looked like they had sticks up their asses. When a group of guys surrounded me fighting to by me a drink, I made it clear that I came to fuck. These dudes were in button down shirts looking like they were GQ models. I was just in a mood to stir the pot. Classy rich girls hate me. They always have because I steal their men. I am more fun than a bitch with an attitude any day. I do the things they will not do.  I did a few of them in front of them too. The guys bought me shots and I gave them head. The more shots, the more blowjobs. Before long I was naked on the floor of a fancy club getting gangbanged. Rich brats were fucking my ass and my cunt. Some were jerking their dicks over me. I was a cum dumpster. None of the club staff seemed to mind. It was a slow night and I was free entertainment. Hell, even the owner of the nightclub took his dick out and fucked my tight young ass. I need to go slumming more often, *giggles.* It was such a fun night.

Sorority girl gone wild

Sorority girls fucking  Sorority girls fucking is the hottest shit I have ever been apart of. Do you find that hot? I damn sure do. I was shaking my ass twerking on the pole doing what I do best dance. Well I noticed these beautiful girls that seemed almost prude in a way walk in. They struck my interest quickly. The way one of the girls looked me in my eyes had my pussy dripping. Why were these girls here, and where were their men? After my shift, they came to me and asked to have my picture taken with the birthday girl She was turning twenty one and her friends made a list for what she had to do on her birthday. One rule on the list was to take a picture with a stripper. It just so happened to be me, but I couldn’t complain. Her name was Kim and she told me that her girls and her were having a party that I should come back with them. So, I did. The party was at a fucking sorority all prim and proper classy smart bitches that I never got along with in high school. But, I thought let me have some fun. Free drinks I kept noticing how Kim was looking at me. She was drunk but her eyes were stunning and she was so beautiful I thought that maybe she was trying to hint to me that she wanted me. After, shots, beer pong and dancing she called me in to her room alone. She was hesitating on what she wanted to say to me. I was so worried about what she wanted to say, I calmed her down, comforted her by running my hand up and down her soft leg. She asked me If I wanted to know a secret. I told her her secret is safe with me. She then started telling me that she has never had sex before and that she thinks she is a lesbian. Her palms were sweaty from being so nervous. She felt as if no one was going to accept her. Kim explained to me that she wanted to have sex with me so nervous, but she said she knew what she wanted. I pulled her dress off. Kissed her body and then ate her pussy while I fingered her sweet juicy pussy. That virgin pussy tasted so amazing that I couldn’t stop eating her cunt. I remembered I had a vibrator in my bag and so I took it out and fucked her she moaned and moaned. She came on my hand then my face. Who knew sorority girls had a bit of kink in them? Virgins letting strippers fuck them for the first time. I got so lucky to have the opportunity to take her innocence. She a sorority girl that went wild.

Trashy MILF and Madam

trashy milfI love being a trashy milf. It means I get all the young cock I want. But it also means I get to help other women too. Usually, my motives are unselfish. I want other women to be freaks like me; I want them to do the naughty taboo things that lurk in their minds. We have a new neighbor on the block. She is an ex-trophy wife whose rich husband left her for a younger model and she took his daughter and half of his millions and got her own place. She is pretty much a bitch, but she has a sweet young girl who could make us all millions. The only problem was convincing her to share her little Lolita girl. Her daughter is an angel. I can see men paying top dollar for her sweet young pussy. I just had to woo the mother. The other night, I got her high. Super high for the first time. In that altered state, you can plant the naughty seeds and taboo thoughts. She admitted that finances will be tight to keep her and her daughter living in the life of luxury like that are accustomed to living. As we did lines of coke, I suggested an old-fashioned way of making easy and big money. Prostitution porn brings top dollar especially when the hooker is of tender age. She thought I was joking until I showed her a few home movies of my sexy brood of hookers. Like most women, she had some hesitation about selling her daughter’s fuck holes, so I put it in a way that would seal her involvement. Turning her little girl into a hooker would make her enough money that she would be living better without her ex’s money.  Her sweet young girl has her first date tonight. I am of course taking ten percent as a finder’s fee. I can spot natural talent a mile away. I know which little girls will be top earning sexy prostitutes.

Skanky White Trash Worthless Whore

Sloppy wet pussyI am what others would call a skanky worthless white trash hoe. I am well known to fuck anybody and furry friends. I laugh at these people making these comments. They think they are hurting my feelings or going to shame me to change my ways. HA! That is what I say to those ass wipes. I love, love, love the comments! Those type of comments makes my cunt soak and throb for dick. And if I can’t find any dick anywhere I will take a tree limb to slam into my cunt. I will find a baseball or a 2-liter bottle to fuck. I will shove anything in my cunt I can fit in there to satisfy my craving for dick.

I’m his only girl just like he likes it

Freaky phone sex

I am his only girl just like he likes it, I’m a southern belle and he loves that because he’s a country boy with a whole lot of land and financial standing to take care of a real woman if you know what I mean. He loves a real woman a woman like The smell of sweaty leather turns him on and so I don’t mind smelling like the musk that turns him into a monster. We sit around all day long sometimes buck naked by the fireplace kissing, hugging and loving on each other completely indulging in each other’s love and desires. He even loves my stretch marks they aren’t even inperfections to him that is perfect designs, he knows how to appreciate a woman so my stretch marks turn him on. A sexual desire, I’m a simple girl just like he is a simple man he likes to come home to the same woman he likes to spoil his woman and treat me like I deserves to be treated and I want the same man someone who’s accepting someone who knows what to do and willing to get to know me the same woman. I’m thinking about it right now this southern belle misses her Southern bow I’m yearning for him I hope he’s there and answers me too.



My Dirty Sexline


My sexline was busier than usual this weekend.  Many perverts wanted to talk to a dirty mommy like me. Many wanted to fuck mommy, but just as many wanted to paly with one of my angels. I love a P man. I married one, so I understand the need for tender age cunnie and cock. My brood are no angels; however, they are greedy little whores. The boys are too. My fuck trophies will bend over and open their mouths for anyone, especially if money is involved. My girls do have some sugar daddies and school boys they fuck, but no one goes in their tight pink snatches or pretty puckered rosebuds without paying first. Some guys pay in presents, others pay in gifts and trips. Pussy is never free, right?  I am raising a family of sexy prostitutes. I have been a whore all my life. I was born to be a whore. I know about being a young hooker. The difference between me and my little slutkins is that they control their money and they have the freedom to fuck who they want. I was my parents’ captive and jailbait hooker.  When I married my husband and starting breeding future hookers, my husband and I agreed that our sluts would keep their own money and make their own decisions. They are our willing sex slaves. We had a big pool party sex orgy over the weekend. Daddy invited some big clients who paid top dollar for those little pussies. I even invited a few milf friends, so my boys could have some pussy to fuck. I have a lot of bored unsatisfied trophy wives who will pay for a young cock. I enjoy being a facilitator who helps horny adults fulfill their P desires. Maybe I can help you too. My phone sex line welcomes P perverts.

Cum Eating Phone Sex: One of My Favorite Things

cum eating phone sexCum eating phone sex is something I know about. I am such a cum whore that the joke is I was bottle fed semen as a little one. My son knows what a cum whore his mommy is, so he came over with some friends last night to feed me. I always have cum in the freezer, but I was running low. He knew this and thought he would help. I know. It isn’t a totally selfless act because he does get his balls drained. I appreciated it nonetheless. I go through a lot more cum pops in the warmer months. I use one daily to cool my morning coffee. One cum pop cools my coffee and provides the cream. I have several more throughout the day. I had a pitcher next to me as I blew one boy after the other. I sucked the cum right out of the pee holes and spit it in the pitcher until I had a quart of cum. Every boy came three times in my mouth. I know how to drain balls. I went to bed with cum breath, after I filled my ice tray up with fresh jizz of course. First thing I did this morning was make some coffee and use my cum pop to cool it down. Starting my day off with some boy cream always sets the day off on a positive note. Before I even have dirty phone sex with you, I have cum.

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