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Pay Your Fucking Whore

Big Dick Sucker

I’m Mommies disappointment and Daddies big dick sucker. My Daddy taught me how to be a good fucking whore. He used to drop me off at truck stops and told me how to sling my wet cunt for money. They fucking loved me, and they loved filling up my fuck holes. I started getting off on the dirtiness of it and being such a nasty slut. I was fucking men old enough to be  my grandpa in truck stop bathrooms that probably hadn’t been cleaned in years. Men would throw money at me after fucking my mouth and I’d still be on knees swallowing their load. Sometimes, I’d be so turned on from being used up like there little fuck toy that I’d sit there on that dirty floor and rub my soaking wet pussy until I came. Daddy would tell me how proud he was of me when I told him how many loads I took that night and how much money I had got for it. He loved his little fuck doll.

Sassy Little Fuck Slut


This little blonde ditzy whore in my trailer park is the worst kind of trash known to humanity. This piss ass cock sucking lot lizard tramp fucks everyone’s old man. If that dirty sleaze bag even attempts to fuck my old man I’m going to show her how I punish slutty cum buckets like her. My old man is always looking at her too I catch him all of the time, all standing at the front door when that cunt whore passes by. I have got a good mind to run outside and snatch her long blonde locks and drag that bitch to town, at least in my wildest fantasies. I have a real reason why I’m telling you about this skank whore and it is because I think she would be a go for some hard rude rough sex with you and all I need is a few bucks to set that up for you and I’m sure she’ll do anything you want her to.


It makes my sweet tasty hot pussy wet when I think of the things we are going to do to that fucking cunt slut and her revolving door pussy. I want to watch you take full advantage and control when you get her. I mean I long to film you ramming that slut’s cunt until she screams she can’t take anymore of your throbbing, bone hard killer cock in her worn torn fuck hole. When she cries out that’s when I want you to rip that pulsating rod out of her pussy and truck drive it into her shithole like a rampaging Viking. Can your pre-cum dripping dick feel that gaping shithole..

Good Coke

Druggy phone sexThe party was pumping and the music was good. I’m in the bathroom with a sexy stranger doing lines off of the back of the toilet. I took my panties off and put them on his head. I need him to fuck me, the coke is making me horny. He’s moving too slow so I unzip his pants and free his huge cock. I drop to my knees on that dirty bathroom floor and sucked his dick. I’m not your average cock sucker, I’m a cock sucking artist. I play with the tip with my tongue then lick up and down the shaft. I like to play with the speed, alternating between fast and slow. I want him to remember this blowjob. I want to suck him so good that he cries for me to stop. I know then what he really wants. I sit on his cock nice and slow because I love to ride. He has good coke so he’s going to get good pussy.

Your Little Nasty Sweet JuiceBox

trashy milf

I knew I wanted to sleep with Mommy’s man from the first time I saw him he was a big strapping big dick horror and he loved me. We call him Big Jim Big Jim is the nastiest fucked-up individual that you can ever meet Big Jim has been looking at my tiny tight little ass for at least five years. Now Mommy is making the big mistake of leaving Big Jim alone with his hard dick and her little lot lizard slut of a daughter.

Mommy has got an all day appointment to meet so I will be alone with Big Jim. Oh, how lucky I am I can’t believe it I finally got the chance to be the sluttiest dirtiest lot lizard whore I can be, don’t worry I learned it all from my lot lizard nothing ass mother. Well look at Big Jim I had to pretend like I was cleaning up in order to get his attention. I was wearing a pink tight little spandex skirt and no panties I’m sure Big Jim loved that. I decided I have got to tease Big Jim to get him moving on me. I shook my little ass in Big Jim’s face he noticed I wasn’t wearing any panties I could see his hard cock starting to throb and get even harder oops my hand accidentally touched his bulge in his jeans. Oh, look at Big Jim he’s so hard for my hot little slutty cunt.

Well, Big Jim decided to tell me since I accidentally touched his bulge he should return the favor and touch my hot sexy salacious wet juice box. It was on Big Jim didn’t waste any time stuffing his tongue into my hot twat. Oh God it was so good you wouldn’t believe the things that big Jim did to me he did so many nasty things to me and I love to tell you all about it call me.

Blonde Fucking Whore

blonde fucking

I’m such a filthy blonde fucking cum whore. I have loved taking loads since I got my first taste at a truck stop with Daddy. He used to leave me at truck stops all night long waiting for him wile he went and found parties and hookers to play with. Every guy that came through there wanted to give me their load of cum and I hardly ever said no. It would turn me on so much and make my little pussy gush to know that they wanted me so bad they’d have to pay for it. That’s why I love being a stripper now. Guys pay me just to take my clothes off and shake my ass and tits in their face. I’ve been using my tight wet fuck hole to pay for my shit and get me whatever I want since I first took a cock. He was a trucker that bought me dinner and some cigarettes and I let him bend me over in the truck stop bathroom and give me his load.

Cum Dumpster Christmas

cum dumpsterI’m a cum dumpster. I love cum. All my favorite things begin with the letter C: cum, cock and cocaine. Last night, I got all three. Merry Christmas to me. I was down at the truck stop looking to party. Truck drivers are always looking to party with an old whore like me. Everyone knows truckers have the best blow too. I knew my usual hook up, Big D, was on the road. He is not due into town until Saturday, but this time of year there are always more truckers than usual sleeping for a few hours at the truck stop. My skanky ass walked around until I found a guy that made my old twat wet. I found this hot man traveling with his son. Father and son? Fuck yes. I am just the dirty whore to do that. They invited me into their cab. Junior is off school for a few weeks and traveling with his dad to kill time. No better way to kill time than with a trashy milf. I did lines of coke with dad and fucked junior. Dad was a dirty sort. He stroked his cock watching me make his son a man. I wasn’t sure what he was more turned on seeing what I did to his boy or watching his son’s young cock. It didn’t matter. I don’t judge. I was having a hot time even if daddy was gay for his son. As I rode Junior’s cock reverse cowgirl, daddy put his throbbing rod in my mouth. I was going to take father and son cum loads at once. I bet your wife can’t brag about something like that. I am a big dick sucker, so daddy’s dick went all the way down my throat. As junior was filling up my cunt, daddy was filling up my belly. Merry Christmas indeed.

Getting Rough with Rover

furry friends phone sex

My nasty sadistic pops is a motherfuking Shameless degenerate. My father the fucked-up individual in the head he’s also the sexiest man that I’ve ever known. Poppy I’m going to need you to mount my juicy spicy caliente cunt today but first round belongs to Rover or should I say second round. You should know I woke up this morning pussy throbbing wet so I gave the neighbor Jessie a pretty piece of slut slit. He was astonished by my no gag dick drag lol…

Anyway I’m all filled up with cum and I want Rover to mount me and drive that pink pulsating veiny fuckstick into my cum dumpster jizz filled fuckhole. I want him to hit my sluthole fast and strong while daddy watches and chokes his mad meat getting it ready for my used up stretched out alley cat cunt. Oh yes! I moan out in pure ecstasy, Rover is having his pawrrific way with my whorish skank twat.

My daddy loves to see his lot lizard furr freak take pink slimy big dicks. Daddy likes me to oink oink when the county popo’s alpo takes my fat beat up purr furr and drive fists and fucksticks deep inside. Daddy says I’m the smuttiest whore in the entire County daddy says that I could win a prize at the fair.

Now that Rover has had his turn with me and drained his wild cock juices inside of my already cum filled cunt I’m ready. It’s Daddy’s turn he’s got to get his girl ready Daddy has got to fill me up with his disturbingly huge cabbage head 10 inch mommy making jizz monster. I’m wide open and I want Daddy to feel every single one of my slut holes up with his madman juices.

BBC Phone Sex: A Cock So Big I Puked

BBC phone SexBBC phone sex whore is one of my many specialties. I am a trashy whore, so no surprise I love me some big black cock. I am not a size queen or anything, I just love giving black studs some MILF pussy. I picked up this young black guy at the truck stop last night. I brought him home for some good old fashioned fucking. A big black cock was just what I needed too. It was chilly here and nothing warms me up better than a big black dick. I was impressed with his length. I consider myself a big dick sucker, but I struggled to get him even halfway down my throat. His balls were big and round too. He said I was an impressive white bitch because most white women run from his anaconda. I’m not just any woman, however. I am a trashy whore. I see a big black cock and I am making bets on how much of his snake I can swallow. Turns out, I am not the sword swallower I thought I was. I actually puked on his dick. That has not happened to me in forever. His cock was just too big to swallow and it triggered my gag reflex. I was embarrassed, but he loved it. I couldn’t believe that he loved it so much, but he did. I cleaned my chunks off his dick and rode him. What my mouth couldn’t swallow, my pussy sure could.

Lot Lizard Sex With Dirty Truckers

lot lizard sex

My Daddy left me at a truck stop once to enjoy some dirty lot lizard sex. My dad was a trucker and I kept begging him to take me on the road with him. One night when we were driving he pulls off the road at this truck stop and tells me to get out. He said he had some stuff to do and that I had to wait there for him. He was gone so long, and I was cold and hungry so decided to do what I do best. Use my pussy to get what I want. I was surrounded by perverted older men that were staring at me like their cock was already hard. I let them fight amongst themselves for who would be the first to fuck me. Then each took their turn taking me to their truck and pounding my pussy or fucking my face in the bathroom stall. I never knew that being a slutty lot lizard would make me so much money, but it was a fucking awesome. Now, whenever I need some quick cash I got to the truck stop and sell my pussy.

Lot lizard sex slut

lot lizard sex I was out with the girls at the usual truck pit and it was an off day I knew something didn’t feel quite right, Boy was I right. I was working the guys seeing which one of these nasty fucks would pay up and give some cash to fuck and maybe even some blow. I was desperate I needed to find someone I was horny and fucking craving cock and coke. I should of went with my gut because I eventually got caught by an undercover cop, I was sent to the station and had been locked up, I was freaking out but then the under cover cop told me no one was around I was schocked but he was totally right, Everyone was gone for the holidays and he had planned this little stint, He wanted to use me a urinal and wanted to scare the shit out of me literally, He did just that and I agreed of course he could piss and shit on me, especially if that meant me leaving scott free.

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