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Dirty Phone Sex Whore

dirty phone sexI love being a dirty phone sex whore. I was made for this line of work too. I have no book smarts, just street smarts. I was a little short in my account to pay my lot fee. Being short on cash is nothing new nor is being crafty in making some fast cash. Age has never stopped me from making money the old-fashioned way. I put on a short leather skirt and a white tub top, high heels too and I went down to the corner of Main and Vine where the men wanting to pay for sex troll. I stood my old ass on the street corner with the young hookers for hire. They looked me up and down like I was out of my league and trespassing on their turf. The first car pulls up and the group of young whores flocked to the car. To their shock, the guy in the car signaled me over. Maybe he had a mommy fetish or perhaps he just knew a mature woman could do things the other whores had never heard of before. The look on their faces was priceless. First car of the night, and I was the one to get in it. I took him back to my trailer and earned my lot fee. The guy was trolling on the wrong side of the tracks looking for an anal sex whore. He picked the right woman too. I was happy to be his dick spinning anal whore. He curled me up in a ball and spun me around his cock like I was a wind-up toy. He had me in all sorts of contortionist poses to fuck my ass. He said he picked me because I looked flexible. I will fuck in any position for the money. He came in my ass several times before he called himself done. He left me with $500 and ass full of cum. I got my lot fee and more.

Freaky Phone Sex in Da Club

freaky phone sexI have a freaky phone sex story for you. I was partying hard last night with a bunch of married men. I went to the local strip club because women get in free and they drink for free too. I was twice the age of most of the strippers, but the men in the club had their eyes on me. It was amateur night, which I didn’t know. I was just there for the free booze and to pick up some men. I entered the contest, mostly to show up the 20 something bitches who called me an old whore. Those bitches have nothing on an old trailer trash whore like me. I worked that pole like I majored in stripper moves 101. One guy put his beer bottle on the stage while I was dancing. I thought he was offering me a drink, so I picked it up with my ass and shat the beer out on the faces of the men in front. Everyone’s mouth was open. The young strippers were in awe, some were grossed out. When men were paying me hundreds of dollars to do that trick again, they wanted to know my secret. I won the contest and I walked off with close to a grand. Not a bad night when you consider I just went there for the free booze. Oh, did I mention I got a job offer and came home with the club’s security guy? He wanted to fuck my old ass. Afterwards, he told me I was a better fuck than all the strippers combined.

Pussy Dessert

2 girl phone sexWhen you came in the diner tonight, you said you were not hungry, but you did have a dessert you wanted to watch me eat. You’ve been at the truck stop for a couple of days now and you’ve been a hefty tipper with each meal you eat. You picked out another waitress and told me you wanted to watch me eat her pussy out. She’s a short brunette, young, probably 18 or 19, at the most. She’s a cute little thing, just started working here this week. She already seems to be really popular with the guys. I’m not a lesbian, but I’ll do just about anything for some cash. He said he wanted to see me lick up whipped cream from her cunt. Sounded easy enough. I told her what the plan was, laid her out on the table in the booth in the corner, then I got the can of cold whipped cream we usually use on the pies and sprayed her down. She shivered with the cold and I went down licking and eating. So yummy! Come have a taste?

Mommy Turned Whore

Dirty phone sexThe other night was great. You told me your mother needed some companionship after your father left her for a younger woman, so you had me spend some time with her. She is a hot little number, so I figured I may as well take advantage of that. I took her out to the truck stop and introduced her to several hot black truck drivers. They each paid me a fat stack and got to have their way with her. She’s such a slut for some big black cock. She didn’t even know I was charging them, she was willing to do it all for free. Then I took her to the nasty truck stop bathroom and showed her what a gloryhole was. I had her on her knees sucking strangers’ cock for hours and hours. She was hesitant about doing any of it at first, but the drugs I slipped her seemed to do the trick. She’s my little moneymaking whore now!

Black Cock Gangbang Whore

gangbang whoreI love being a gangbang whore. More than anything, the feel of a few cocks in me at once is like heaven. When I am in a gangbang mood, I just go down to the truck stop and see who wants to fuck. Every trucker there wants to fuck me. I love being a lot lizard skank. I lucked out because there were some new black truckers I had never met before. They were happy to fuck a blonde whore with big tits. They were concerned I couldn’t handle their big black cocks. I am skinny, but I am built to take a pounding. They had no clue who they were about to fuck. Not only can I handle a 10-inch cock in my cunt, I can handle one in my ass too. I am not a silly school girl who is afraid of her pretty holes being stretched out. That is what I want. Since I was going to take both, I invited them back to my crib, so we weren’t cramped. Now my pussy and ass felt cramped with two big black cocks in me at the same time. They were impressed with this trashy milf. They said they couldn’t believe I wasn’t crying with almost 21 inches of cock in me at once. I am no normal girl. I am a trailer park whore.

Lot lizard sex got dirty

lot lizard sexI was working at my truck stop job yesterday when this super sketchy guy came in, he looked creepy as fuck but a tip is a tip so I went over to his table with a smile. He looked me up and down and asked if I was on the menu too… well I can’t say that I really wanted to fuck this guy but I definitely needed the money so I just winked at him and said why yes I sure am on the menu. His whole face lit up, he was so happy that I was for sale too, he said just let me eat real quick and I’ll meet you out by my truck. I was nervous but I went out there about 20 minutes later and there he was, I knew he would pay me well cus he tipped really good inside and I wasn’t wrong either. He had a 100 dollar bill in his hand and told me if I swallowed everything he gave me that 100 would be mine. So I got down on my knees and open my mouth wide…I was expecting to suck his dick, I wasn’t expecting him to piss down my throat! I swallowed every drop tho just like he asked and you know what? I got me that 100 dollar tip too!

Lot Lizard Sex

lot lizard sexI love being a whore so I decided to try lot lizard sex. I’m gonna be fucking anyway so I figured why not make some money off it? I was nervous when I got to the truck stop but I was looking real good so I knew those truckers were gonna love me. I went up to the first one, it was a real nice truck so I thought he would be willing to pay me for sure… but he turned out to be super crazy. He was so nice at first, he really acted like he just wanted regular sex and he even said he would pay me good but it was a ll a bunch of lies. As soon as I was in his truck he shoved his cock down my throat and fucked my mouth so hard! I tried to take it all but I just couldn’t that cock was so huge! Then he shoved that massive tool up my ass so hard that I had to scream. It hurt so bad! I kept thinking about all the money I would get, I thought for sure that the money wold make up for all that pain but once he came he threw me out of his truck and never paid me!

Gas Station Whore

gangbang whoreThe best place to scout for hard cock and a score is my local gas station. Travelers and truckers from all around swing by and fill me up with their hot, sticky cum. I make sure to hang by the pumps in tiny clothes with my milky white tits peeking out. I meet Johns here all the time. Why don’t you pay me a visit? Coke me up and drag my slender ass into the filthy gas station bathroom and ram my sweet used ass with your thick, rock-hard cock. I’ll be your grimy gas station whore. Bend me over the dirty sink and use up my holes. Pump my pussy full of your cum and invite your friends-. I love being a gangbang gas station whore. I’ll even lick all of your cum off the toilet with sheer appreciation. Fuck, use me as your toilet if you want. I’ll do it all, baby. I wouldn’t mind a golden shower in the bathroom. Use my pussy up and fill me up good. You know where to find me. 😉

My Husband brought us a Toy

Lot lizard sexCunt whore you’re a liar, and all you do is lie you’re not to be trusted. I left my man around you, and you fucked him I can’t stand you. But I’ve got a pleasant surprise for you because he said you fucked him right and he told me you sucked his dick better than a pornstar could. I want you to come over to my house tonight, and I want you to fuck my husband and me. I heard around town that you gobble up pussy so good I want that shit to happen to me. We’ve got wine cocaine weed and everything else that you wish to get high using, we even have some Crystal, so it’s sure to be a magnificent night. Your fucking hot wet cunt is my favorite if my lover is telling the truth he said the way he fucked your squirting pussy was beyond nasty. One thing I like about my husband is when he gets, and you seem to have brought it out. The night after he fucked you he made the best fucking sex with me we had in years I attribute that to your body and your skills. I love threesomes you cunt whore I want my husband’s dick so far in your pussy that you’re screaming in passionate pain. I’m going to make you suck my pussy while he’s fucking you doggy style making you his fucking pet slave. I love the way you fucked my husband, and I got to watch it all because I’ve got a secret camera recording in my bedroom.


Big dick sucker

Big Dick Sucker and Lot Lizard Skank

big dick suckerBig dick sucker Bev is what the truckers are calling me now. I got drunk last night, went down to the Loves and looked for trouble. It was a Sunday night, so the place was hopping. Everyone hangs out on Sundays before they start their new route on Monday. I got a Pabst Blue Ribbon tall boy and wandered around looking for some dick to suck. Big D was parked. I recognized his cab immediately. Before I could knock on the door, he poked his head out of the truck and hollered at me to come in. His big black dick was hanging out ready for my mouth. He gave me some coke. I swallowed some beer. Then I started head bobbing up and down his huge dick. He loves making me gag. I am an old trailer trash whore, but his fuck stick can make me gag, especially when he pushes my head all the way down his shaft. I love gagging on a big dick. He exploded in my mouth and I chased his cum shot with more beer. Before long other truckers were wanting to hang out in Big D’s cab to get high, drink and fuck this old whore. Just another fucking fun Sunday night for a lot lizard sex skank.

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