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“Always Get The Money First” – My Amateur Escort Mistake

Hookers for Hire Jamie

Mommy and Daddy quit giving me money which basically means I’m out of coke and cigarettes. A few of my friends put ads up online offering “services” in exchange for gifts and I figured I should try it out. I put a few sexy photos of myself in my panties and bra, throwing out the terminology I had picked up from other girl’s posts and hoped for the best. Not even an hour later a really nice sounding guy (you) started texting me wanting to set up a date. I was thrilled and could almost smell the $20 dollar bills. We set up for me to do an out call to your motel room. You told me you were a trucker, was super lonely and would love to party.

When I get to the motel, you gave me sort of confusing instructions on how to find your room but I finally tracked it down. I knocked three times as per your orders and the door creaked open. You get instantly excited when you realize it was really me in the photos you saw online and are quick to tell me about the times you’ve gotten catfished by hookers. You demand for me to take off my clothes so you can take a closer look at me. I obey your every word, being a perfect little druggy slut for you. Swallowing your big cock down, letting you fuck all my holes and fill me up without a condom on- you insisted you’d pay extra for bareback.

Our hour session has turned into a fucking marathon. My cunt is sore from you pounding deep inside me over and over for so long. Asshole literally stretched out- you really worked me over but I knew at the end of this I would be walking away with some well earned dollars. You finish up and ask if I’d like to take a shower. Honestly I can’t think of anything that would feel better at the moment and accept your offer to use the bathroom for a bit to freshen up for my next John.

I hear the door open and close. It hits me at that moment that I didn’t get my “gift” from you. Practically jumping out of the shower and quickly covering up with a towel I walk out to the common area of the motel room. You’ve left behind a note but no money. I’m so livid and I feel so used I almost can’t bring myself to read what you’ve written. After finally calming down, I open the folded piece of paper hoping that maybe it just says you’ll be back. In bold letters you scrawled out the words, “Always Get The Money First, Bitch”. At first I’m ticked off about it but that’s when I realize you’ve actually done me a huge favor tonight by harshly teaching my dumb ass a lesson economics. Do you got anything else you think you should show me?

Big Dick Sucker Size Queen

big dick suckerI’m a big dick sucker. I’m over 50. Life is too short to waste on tiny dicks. I’m no longer married; however, I can still cuckold a guy. I went down to the local truck stop looking to score some coke. Big D was behind schedule, and I needed a party fix. This white trucker told me he could help me out. I like to score from Big D because he has a big black cock I get to suck and fuck. Tim told me he could hook me up just like Big D does. I thought that meant he had a big dick. Maybe not a big black cock, but a decent white dick at least. I got into his cab, prepared to work for my blow. When he pulled out his cock, I laughed. I couldn’t help it. When you are a black gangbang whore, you like it big. This dick looked like it belonged on a sea creature it was so small. He tried to get rough with me. Called me a skanky old whore and rushed me. No one force fucks me. I fuck who I want to fuck and I don’t ever want to fuck a tiny dick. I grabbed my mace and boom, he was down. Down long enough for me to pull out my big black dildo and ram it up his loser ass. “Who’s the bitch now,” I yelled as I rammed it deep in his tight virgin asshole. I sodomized the fuck out of that loser. I grabbed the bag of blow and fled his truck. He wouldn’t be walking for a while, so I knew I could get away easily. I ran right into the arms of Big D who was happy to see me. I got my big dick, fucked hard, a cum filled cunt and another bag of blow.

Phone Sex Line for Dirty Whore Lovers

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is the one you call when you want to talk to a mature dirty whore. A cougar without limits or taboos. I was raised by a whore to be a whore. My momma always told me if you have a pussy, you will never be homeless or want for anything. Ain’t that the truth.  I don’t want for drugs, food or rent. I got a bit behind on my lot rent. Had a couple rough months of poor money management.  I like to put my money up my nose. But, I remembered what my mama said and put on a skimpy outfit and high heels and marched down to the truck stop. All the young truckers that rest there, love a trashy MILF. Truckers have a lot of disposable income. They are on the road so much, they have little time for entertainment or expensive dining and such. A fuck is entertainment for them. I made sure I looked extra trashy. A white tube top, no bra, very short black mini skirt, bare legs, no panties, stripper shoes. I looked like white trash old Barbie. The guys knew why I was there. I serviced about 10 truckers. All younger than me. All with hard cocks and full nuts in need of draining. I’m a cum guzzling slut. Some of the guys I just blew for $30. Two guys fucked my ass for $75 and the rest fucked my pussy for $50. My pussy and ass were dripping cum and I had dick breath, but my purse had enough money to pay my lot fee, past and present. I even had some extra to get some weed. I’m a coke whore, but I do enjoy smoking Mary Jane too. My mamma was right, as long as I have a pussy, I got money.

Lot lizard sex is so worth it

Lot lizard sexYou know you’re shirking your responsibilities as a lot lizard when the men are calling you to make sure you’re still alive. So, I just had to go back to my favorite haunt. My hair teased and slutty. Wearing nothing but fishnets, daisy dukes, and a bra and the cheapest makeup I could find. I knew it was going to run down and cover the first cock I sucked but that’s why I loved it. I was walking through the parked trucks when you saw me. You rolled down your window and yelled to me. “Hey slut, ever see the bed in a truck?” I giggled and with feigned innocence said. “Oh no Mister. You should show me.” and found myself in the back of your rig on that tiny bunk they call a bed with your hands grabbing and pawing at my tits and pussy. You discovered the hole I had cut over the pussy of my jeans and the lack of panties then laughed as your thick fingers plunged into my wet and wanting pussy. You found the g-spot so easy that I was cumming over your hand before I could even think to say “fuck me” and then your cock was in me. Plunging deep into my pussy and fucking me hard and fast. Your shaft was wide, veiny, and uncut making you touch every single fucking nerve inside of me bringing me to orgasm all over again around you before you grunted. Your cock throbbing as you filled up my cum starved pussy with your dirty trucker cum. It was fast, gritty, and amazing and you were more than happy to remind me of my place as you took the money for my services and shoved the bills up my soaking, cum filled, cunt. “Now get out, I gotta get going.”

Trailer Trash Whore on the Road

trailer trash whoreTrailer trash whore Bev is my CB handle now. I went on the road with my trucker fuck buddy Big D. We made an arrangement that if I went with him on a 4 day trip, he would supply all the coke. My job was simple. I just had to blow him, give hand jobs and fuck him whenever he wanted. He got some huge bonus for this trip, but he needed help staying up to make it in the time allotted. Who falls asleep when getting their cock sucked, tugged or fucked?  No straight guy; no big black guy either. We decided to have a little fun on the radio with other truckers. I am a phone sex whore after all; I could talk to other guys on the road via the CB radio and keep them awake with some guided masturbation. It was sort of like having lot lizard sex with a ton of truckers at once! I let all the other truckers on Big D’s frequency, hear me sucking his cock. I am a good cock sucker too. When you got a big black cock in your mouth, you are loud. My pussy was so wet hearing those guys talk to me and slap their meat while I blew Big D. Big D liked it too. His cock was so big, pretty sure he could have driven his semi-truck with it. I hopped on his swollen anaconda so I could fuck him while truckers across America listened. I am a vocal whore anyway, but with Big D, I scream like a banshee because he has damn near a foot of dick on him. Thick as a coke bottle too. I could hear men cumming listening to us. I even told them how to stroke their dicks. Fuck 5 hour energy drinks, truckers just need to hear a big dick sucker sucking and fucking to stay awake on the road!

I need to stay hydrated, keep that piss and shit coming

One of my favorite fuck buddies has been feeling under the weather lately. I must have given him the stomach flu that I had a while back. We were scheduled to  meet up for some scat and piss play but he called me whining about how he did not feel good. I told him I was on my way over. I got  there and told him I still wanted to have some fun. I love playing with my cit when it is covered in smooth clay like shit, I sure was not going to pass up the opportunity to play with my clit in a watery lube like diarrhea water fall play land.

Scat phone sex Aurora

I know what its like when I had the shits and the way it sprays out of your ass hole like a watering hole sounded like too much fun to pass up. I had him strip down and put his ass hole up in the air, while I danced around naked in the magical ass hole fountain of shit as it sprayed all over me. I even had him add some warm golden pissing showers of gold to the mix. I felt like I was in an amusement park. I got off multiple times, cleaned it up and gave him some soup, went home after I had a one hell of a fun day.

White Trash Trailer Whore

Trailer trash whore CarrieCall me what you want, it doesn’t bother me one bit! The more rude and vulgar the names you call me, the more turned on I become! Yes, I know i’m a slutty white trash trailer park whore, i’ve heard it millions of times! I love to walk around the trailer parks late at night as a hooker for hire. Those hillbilly mother fuckers love to have fun with my naughty self! I’m the hottest fucking thing they’ve ever laid their pathetic eyes on! I make so much money, those fucking hicks love to shell out their dollars to me for my delicious goodies! They usually smell, are dirty as fuck and are dressed like the ultimate white trash, jeans and plaid shirts but that shit makes me horny as fuck! I love to suck and lick all over their smelly balls and cock, so hott! Their trailers are usually always small as hell so we fuck wherever we can find room. Usually he’ll bend me over the little kitchen counter or i’ll mount him in his big chair in the family room while I ride his cock like a cowgirl and my juicy tits bounce up and down! Doesn’t matter what we do, my pussy stays dripping wet! I’m the ultimate dirty trailer trash whore and I love to have kinky fun!

Incest Phone Sex Line

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is for dirty talkers. Guys who like non vanilla things. Let me tell you I was wicked busy on Valentine’s Day with no vanilla guys too. So busy, that I worked twice as many hours as I normally do, which meant my little ones were feeling neglected. So, what does a dirty whore mommy do? She sticks Hersey’s Kisses up her warm wet twat so her brats can eat some candy while she entertains the perverts. I use that term with love. No one is a bigger pervert than me. I had several really long calls yesterday. Like calls that went over a couple hours. It was fine while my brood was in school, but when they got home, they wanted to play with mommy. Once they heard me, however, talking dirty on the phone about them, they wanted to hang with me while I worked. They know to be quite while I am on a call. But they were having a hard time being good while I told a caller all about my life as a trailer trash whore for hire and about the slut parties we have for my little ones and some of daddy’s wealthy special clients. I was doing lines of coke with my callers all day yesterday because it makes me even more fucking taboo than I already am. I know that is hard to believe, because I am not one for limits of any kind. At one point, my son was fucking my ass while my daughter licked melted chocolate out of my wet mommy pussy. I was making gasps and moans so my caller busted me. He was not at all pissed off. In fact he thought it was hot that I was playing with my offspring  while we were partying and talking about my whore life. It is called live phone sex for a reason! Anything can happen.

toilet sex for drugs or money

toilet sex

I love trading my pussy for drugs. If you have Meth, coke, fake, pills, or weed I’ll let you fuck me. I’ll also fuck you for money. What ever you have to offer for my sweet fuck hole.  If your broke and clean don’t bother lol. If you have something to offer I will be all yours. I’ll be a damn good dirty hoe for you. I’ll suck your cock for hours. I love getting Fucked in my ass. That will cost you though. Lol. Maybe a quarter gram of dope? Or a quarter ounce of weed? What you got baby, cause I am ready to trade. I’ll let you fuck my tight wet cunt as hard and fast as you want. I’ll let you face fuck me and make me choke on that big veiny cock until I puke all over it. I’ll lick up my mess and make sure you love every moment of it. Would you like to Shit in my mouth? Of course it will cost you. Give me a nice golden shower after you have used me up like that nasty Fucking drug whore I am. When you are done destroying me just get up and leave. That’s the way I like it. Make me feel like a used up hoe. Use me , abuse me, then leave. Don’t forget baby, I get the drugs first. That way I know your not playing me.

Shit, piss and cum in my pie hole

I am a sucker for having someone shit in my mouth while I am being fucked really hard and fast. I love pulling my pussy lips wide open and having a nice stream of hot musty piss fill my pussy hole like the toilet I wish it was. I want my pussy to wreak of old sex, pissy vinegar smells and the stench of shit in my throat as I scream in delight. I want my ass hole to spout runny ass diarrheaScat phone sex Aurora as I shake my ass up and down trying to get every last ounce on the floor just  so I can lick it up and shove it down the back of my throat. I can rinse it down with a hot warm shot of chunky cum and some ammonia piss to clear my nostrils.  I want to take some shit and shove it inside my gaping pussy and be double stuffed, then I want those dicks rammed into the back of my throat, make me taste shit cum and piss as a triple shot for my dessert tonight.

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