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Lot Lizard Sex With Stripper Whore

I was just hooking  -as I tend to do sometimes, especially when on a binge- the Truck stops like a filthy Lot lizard sex worker needing her next fix. I’m a coke whore and sometimes I go on an opiate binge and love that H. When I get really strung out I need blow and dick, That’s right I need some hot fucking and I need that powder to give me a jolt back into my system like a triple espresso for some other kind of junkie. Those truckers have a need to get met and I am very open to giving them their poison and some pussy, or ass if they so prefer but more often it ‘s just a real good hummer that they want. Let’s get high and fuck soon sexy.

Lot Lizard Sex

Dirty Phone Sex Whore

dirty phone sexI am such a dirty phone sex whore. I got a new toy yesterday and I can’t stop playing with it. It is like horseback riding only better because I get to cum! It was a gift from this guy I know. He is married and I blow him a few times a week for some fast cash. He won’t fuck me because he doesn’t want to cheat. I think he is afraid I will get knocked up. He is rich. Well, his wife is rich. Filthy, dirty rich. Old money. If he knocked up a dirty tramp like me, he would be homeless and penniless. Since he can’t fuck me, he bought me a fuck machine. He wanted to watch something penetrate me. I am not as picky as he is. I will put anything in my cunt and ass. I gave him a hot show. I wanted to try it out any way. They aren’t cheap and they don’t cum, so I guess I have just always preferred the real thing because it shoots hot jizz up my twat. I rode that horsey dildo while my married lover stroked his cock. I have to admit, it was fucking hot; especially when he shot his load all over my face. Now, he is gone but I am still riding my new toy, even on calls.

Being an anal sex whore is hard work!

anal sex whoreBeing a anal sex whore is hard work! Guys love a cute girl who gives up her booty! I love it in the ass. I started young with cock in the ass. My daddy, my brothers, even my grand pappy fucked my ass when I was growing up. Not that I don’t like it in the pussy; there is just something so taboo about taking a cock up the ass. I was down at the truck stop last night because I was looking to score some pot. Truckers have the best drugs. Everyone knows that; well, every girl knows that. Truckers rarely want money for their weed. They just like to share with a girl willing to trade something for a joint. I will trade my body any day to get high! I mean it is not like I don’t like it because I do. I am a trailer park whore born and raised. Those truckers passed me around like candy. I am pretty scrumptious. I am skinny but I can take a pounding. I was in the back of a trucker’s cab getting high with a couple other truckers. I bounced from one cock to the next. I would be getting fucked in the ass and blowing a cock that had just been in my ass. The truckers I was partying with thought that was the hottest thing ever. They couldn’t believe I would suck my own ass juice off a cock. I have no shame. I partied with them into the wee hours of the morning. I am the new favorite anal whore of my local truck stop.

Blonde Fucking Whore

blonde fuckingA blonde fucking whore will always be popular. Boys and men alike come knocking on my trailer park door at all hours of the night. I never complain. I will happily wake up earlier to suck some cock or get fucked in the ass. I was only half asleep at 4:00 AM when I heard banging on my front door. I stumbled to answer the door as I was still drunk. I never look through the peephole. I just assume who ever is knocking wants to fuck or is looking for their man. There was a young teen boy at my door. He told me he woke up to pee and his hard-on wouldn’t go away. He explained he has been jacking off for an hour and nothing. He was at the point of blue balls when he knocked on my door. He knew where to go for relief, however. Smart boy. Some one schooled him properly. I ushered him into my trailer. I got on my knees and pulled out his painfully erect cock. Good thing I am a big dick sucker because he was hard as concrete. The biggest and hardest cock I have ever seen on a boy that age. I had to use a finger in his ass with my mouth to drain him properly. But I did. He went home to sleep like a baby and I slept soundly too with a belly full of jizz.

Cum Dumpster Skank

cum dumpsterI was such a cum dumpster last night. Not sure what got into me. Oh, that’s right, many lines of coke got into me. Then a bunch of random cocks got in me too. I was down at the truck stop with some friends. I just go to get some coke. Truckers have the best powder. The truck stop was full of old lot lizard skanks. I was the cutest girl there. That made me the belle of the lot lizards, I guess. I love attention. I was showered with it too. Showered with cum also, but I will get to that! These guys were surrounding me telling me to show them my tits, then it was my ass, then it was my pussy. Before long, I was naked in a parking lot showing off my cum guzzling slut skills with a bunch of seedy ass truckers. I know I got coke for it, but they almost drowned me in cum. I can swallow a lot of cum. Those truckers made me earn every bit of blow and then some! I came home doused in jizz, smelling like a lot lizard skank. I guess I shouldn’t throw shade towards the working girls. I am just as big of a whore.

A Trashy Milf Keeps Herself Slutty

trashy milfA trashy milf always looks her best. I keep my body tanned, my hair blonde, and my clothes slutty. I don’t ever want to be mistaken for a high class woman. I think once I grab a guy’s crotch he knows I am no good girl. I was at this food festival in town last night. I had on a hot pink skin tight dress. High stilettos too. As I walked around on the brink of falling over, I looked at the men staring at me. I calculate my risks when I decide to grab a guy’s cock. It is the most effective way, however, for making sure you are bringing home a winner. This carnie guy was not that attractive, but he appeared to be hung like a horse from the outline in his pants. I grabbed his dick and he grabbed my pussy. I asked him if he wanted to come back to my trailer and fuck, but he wanted to give me his cock there at the festival. I got on my knees, it was gravel too I was on, so it hurt my boney knees. His cock felt good in my mouth, which made up for it. He said I was a great cock sucker. I am a big dick sucker, so I did my best. I was in public and on my knees, but I still managed to swallow some carnie cum. 

White Trash Phone Sex

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex means you are talking to a chick from the wrong side of the tracks. I was raised in a trailer park and I will die in one too. Trailer park sluts have great lives. I don’t pretend to be anything I am not. I don’t need fancy clothes or a fancy car. I don’t need respect or a legitimate job. I barely graduated high school. All I need is coke, cock and cum. The three C’s of life. I was drinking alone last night in my trailer when this guy knocked on the door. Anyone who knows me knows I have a knock don’t tell policy. Married or young can knock on my trailer and get fucked and sucked and not only do I not tell, I don’t ask questions either. Sam knocked on my trailer park door last night. He asked for head but I said why settle for just head when you can fuck a trailer trash whore too? I mean seriously, I don’t just suck cock unless a guy doesn’t want to fuck me. But cum on? Who doesn’t want to fuck a lot lizard skank like me? I polished Sam’s knob a few times then I became his dick spinner. I saw the ring on his finger. Maybe a fight or maybe the wife don’t put out any more. I didn’t ask because in the end all I cared about was the dicking he gave me.

Cum Guzzling Slut for Nigger Dick

cum guzzling slutA cum guzzling slut like me never says no to a big black cock. Everyone who knows me personally or by reputation knows I am addicted to big nigger dick and the cum that oozes out of their big chocolate balls. Big D was in town last night and he wanted head from his favorite lot lizard. How could I say no? I put on a short mini skirt, some high heels and a tank top. I hustled my ass down to the truck stop. It was hot as hell out, but Big D has a decked out cab on the back of his truck with AC. He was waiting for me with a hard nigger dick, some beer and a bag of coke. We like to party when he is in town. As soon as we were in his cab, his big nigger dick was in my mouth. He makes me gag. Few dicks make me gag. But I like gagging because that means I have a big ass cock in my mouth. He shoved a few fingers up my sloppy wet pussy while I showed off my cock sucking skills. His fingers are bigger than some white dicks! Before long I was creaming on his fingers and swallowing a big load of chunky jizz. I hung out for 8 hours with him. Draining his balls and getting high.

BBC Sex Stories to Share

bbc sex storiesDo you like hearing BBC sex stories? I have l lots to share. Every week, I have a few more to add to my repertoire! I grew up in a trailer park. White trash since I was in my mommy’s belly. My dad was a racist redneck trucker, but my momma knew black men paid money to fuck white women. She hooked us both when daddy was on the road. He would have been mortified knowing he was fucking a woman who fucked nigger dick. I grew up watching those big black cocks fuck my mamma good. Sometimes, we were paid extra for me to suck their big anacondas. Eventually, when I was a little older, I fucked me some black men too. Now, I am in my 50s. I am still a trailer trash whore and I still love black cock. Last night, I entertained a few black men. They brought me coke and big black cock and I gave them easy cunt and ass.  They fucked me so hard last night, I was walking like I just lost my virginity again! That is why I love black cock. They don’t fuck gently. They fuck you like an animal.

Big Dick Sucker

big dick suckerEveryone who knows me, knows I am a big dick sucker. I am known as sword swallower. Men with big dicks seek me out because most women can’t handle their dicks. I have never met a cock I couldn’t swallow. Well, that was true until last night. I hooked up with DeShawn. He is a 26-year-old black man. He is married to a white woman, but she can’t handle his cock. She sent him to me. Can you believe that shit? That was a first. Wives don’t normally go for me. Most women don’t embrace a dirty old whore. And here was this woman sending her husband to me, a known trailer trash whore. I didn’t want to disappoint, not when I had the wife’s blessing. But his cock was over a foot long and thick. Super fucking thick. I was gaging. I was struggling to get him balls deep in my mouth. I was not going to sully my reputation as a cock sucking whore, so I got up and went to the kitchen. I heard about this trick porn stars use. They chug some olive oil down their throats so they can suck cock for hours. It coats the throat, makes it slippery and easier to take dick. I did a shot of whiskey, then a shot of olive oil then a line of coke. I went back in there and blew DeShawn’s cock properly. I sent him home with empty balls and a smile on my face. So, I have a sore jaw today. That is a small price to pay to keep my big dick sucking reputation!

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