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BBC Sex Stories to Get Your Cock Hard

bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories, I have plenty of to share. My dealer is a truck driver called Big D. He is called that because he has a 14 inch black cock. One of his trucker buddies saw him at a truck stop shower. The next day everyone called him Big D. I love partying with him when he is in town because he gives me free coke and great cock. He texted last night that he would be at the truck stop for the night and I should come spend the night in his cab with him. At the last minute, he canceled because his nephew came along for the ride since it was a short haul. I told him they should come spend the night with me. The rig can be parked on the street and they can have a bed to sleep in and a trailer trash whore to fuck. Plus, I threw in dinner. All I was thinking about was his nephew’s cock. Brothers don’t mind sharing a white bitch, even if they related. I just wanted tag teamed by two black cocks. I am walking funny today, so I had one hell of a time with Big D and his young nephew. That boy was no virgin, but he didn’t have many notches in his belt yet.  I taught him to eat pussy and lick ass. In return I let him stick the holes he licked all night long. Big D joined in a few times, but he enjoyed watching too. Big D had the bigger dick, but his nephew had youth on his side. He fucked my holes like a dog in heat. Been a long time since a guy gave my fuck holes the jackhammer treatment.  I am sleep deprived, but well fucked and ready to have dirty phone sex all day long.

He Is A Trick Daddy

Orgy phone sex

Brock is my big daddy, he makes everything work out for me without fail. Last night I went out with a few of my girlfriends, we got super drunk and had a great time. I told one of my girlfriends that I wanted to thank my trick daddy for funding our golden night. My girls are the best, so I easily convinced them to treat my sweet as sugar trick daddy. We went to Brocks summer home where he was staying and all of us agreed that Brock could request anything he wanted, and he would get it. My pussy got instantly got wet as soon as my love machine Brock answered the door. I escorted the ladies in and we took no time to get busy. We all took our clothes off and started sucking Brocks rock-hard pulsating cock. We were kissing each other’s tongues and cunts, it was absolutely amazing. Last night I did things that made my trick daddy fall in love with me forever. Do you want to be treated like Big Daddy if so call me now.

Plain White Trash

white trash phone sex

Call me up when you need some really fucking nasty white trash phone sex. If your cock is aching to find a dirty used little fuck hole then I’m the girl you can dump your load into. Quick hot fuck sessions are my specialty. I’ve been letting guys pump and dump me since I was old enough to take a cock. I’ve come a long way from being the nasty lot lizard all the old truck drivers wanted to bang. I used my money I earned being a nasty little fuck doll to move to the city. I got a job the first day there, all I had to do was walk into the strip club and let those girls have their way with me. They brought me up on stage and took my clothes off. I was shaking my pussy in rich men’s faces within an hour of first setting foot in there. I fucking loved it.  I love the attention and the sex and the drugs and the fun! It’s endless and I can’t get enough. I’ve always had an insatiable desire to get fucked and milk big cocks of all their cum. come and give me your hot load! I’ll take it any little fuck hole you want to fill up. Make me your nasty little fuck toy.

I’m Such A Blonde Fucking Whore

blonde fucking

I’m such a blonde fucking whore. The second I was old enough to sell my pussy I ran away to be a nasty little truck stop hooker. I was a lot lizard and fucked my way through old truckers until I became a stripper. I love getting paid for my pretty little pussy. I have seen the way guys check me out my entire life and why not use that to my advantage? They want to fuck me and I want to get paid. It’s the perfect deal. Anyone can my hot bald pussy for a price. I’ll be the blonde little slut that you’ve been dreaming about. There is no limit to the fucked up and nasty things you can to do this little cum whore. I’m just a cock pleasing fucking whore and I want to take your money and your load. Let me take your load. Cover my face, tits, ass, or cunt. Any of my tight fuck holes can be yours.

BBC Sex Stories with a Cum Whore

BBC sex storiesBBC sex stories are something I have plenty of to share. I am not a BBC whore solely; I am just a whore. But, if you are going to be a whore, you can’t discriminate against cocks. I suck and fuck a rainbow of cocks, but I have had plenty of big black cocks in my life. I have some girlfriends who won’t touch a black cock. Their loss my gain. Big D, my trucker, and dealer, texted me yesterday morning. A friend of his had hired this lot lizard skank for a party. When she found out there were a bunch black cocks she would be servicing, she said no thanks. Big D’s friend needed a whore to blow some guys. It was easy money. I don’t care about race. I care about nice cocks, cocaine, and money to buy cocaine. If that lot lizard skank was too proud to cum guzzle some black cock, I was not. I brought my knee pads and chugged black spunk for hours. I impressed the truckers with my big dick sucking skills. They told me no one has polished their knobs so efficiently before. There are whores, then there is me. I can swallow a gallon of cum a day and still want more. I am a real cum dumpster.

Worthless whore

trailer trash whoreI was hanging out at my friend’s house for poker night when I met this guy Justin Bobby. He was a redneck, and he had pornstache. He was not my type at all, but I heard some stuff about his bedroom skills. My friend Lydia told me she fucks him all the time. I wanted to see if she was right I was incredibly horny and wanted a nice fuck so bad. I went over there and wore some daisy dukes and a short halter top. I was trying to impress Justin. He was excited because after a couple of hours of flirting he took the initiative and invited me over to his place.

He was drunk out of his mind and started to get rough with me. He called me a slut and a trailer trash whore and was getting upset cause I wouldn’t suck him the right way. I can’t believe he was able to get the rope and tape from the garage because he was so fucked up . I must have been much more fucked up in the head than him because I was getting so turned on by his roughness. He wasn’t interested in fucking my pussy he wanted my ass, and he took it. I had never gotten fucked so hard in my ass he loved it, and I was so tensed and orgasming so much that I  pissed all over him. He got mad and started to put his cock in my mouth and pissed in the mouth. He was laughing so hard and loved that I was roped up and stranded


Gangbang Rave

druggy phone sex


I went to this rave last night and had such a blast. As soon as I got there, I found the guy who was holding all the MDMA. I made an agreement with him that he could charge more for a certain tab if he told guys who bought that particular bean that it included a ticket to a different type of show happening in the parking lot later. Dudes jumped all over it, getting that they were going to get the chance to fuck a hot drug slut while she was high as hell. In exchange for getting use to use my holes, I got as many rolls as I wanted all night long. Finally 13 guys deep, I was surrounded by horny dudes on high on molly, hard and ready to use me. I love how wet my pussy gets when I start feeling that first peak hit me. Having those cocks shoved inside me, pounding away at my tight pussy and opening me up. There was a second where I got scared because I realized I still had 7 guys to take on but I knew it was nothing a little more miss molly couldn’t fix. Finally it was down to the last two and I needed to pop another pill. I had the guys stick one inside my asshole and another inside my cunt while I chewed away at a third pill. They blasted my hoes with cum, shooting the mdma inside of me and suddenly I was ready to go make some more new friends, if you know what I mean. 😉

Trailer Trash Whore Parties Hard

I need my fix of smack or blow and that Big Black Dealer Dick, and I need them often! I am a horny old broad that has been working the pole for a couple decades before retiring to just fucking johns in the VIP room at the club. And I have the “special VIP” room to myself, unless I bring in another trashy whore like myself but younger to play mother/ daughter with these kinky bastards.

I have my son obsessed with this mommy pussy and my addiction to fucking. He will jerk off all night long listening to me fuck in the room next door. He is obsessed with fucking my messy hot twat after I’ve taken a good dozen cocks, and not just any cocks, always BBC.I fuck almost solely big black cocks and my sons dick. We have a special relationship and he knows when and who to call when mommy needs it bad.

Trailer Trash Whore

How I Started Hookin’



Hooker Phone Sex


I bet you’ve really wondered how a whore like me got into this business. Well it all started when my Grandpa began showing my younger brother and I “how to be grown-ups”.  He would invite men over all the time and they would pay him to get to watch our young bodies try to figure out sex, while pop-pop instructed. It was then that I realized this was a money making machine, I just had to get pop-pop out of the picture. Thankfully he lost interest in us once we grew up a bit. I had a craving for strange dick, or I guess I had an addition to money. And cocaine. And especially weed! Now days I don’t even have to do anything to pay my bills besides head down to the truck stop and let those lonely old fat truckers have their way with me. The hottest so far was getting gang banged in the shower by 7 of them all at the same time. Just a few puffs off the pipe, a few lines and a shot of Jack Daniels get me feeling perfect and ready to ride strange dick all night long. Give me a call and let me tell you about my wild sex kink or even if you’re game, I’ll tell you exactly where I’ll be picking up “johns” tonight. Let’s have fun, this tight young pussy is perfectly trained and ready to make sure you get your money’s worth.

Lot lizard sex whore

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex whore chronicles that were the pitch. My master wanted to make some extra money and thought about breaking into the porn industry, He got all of us chained up and tortured and made us fuck on camera. He was monopolizing his money and wanted to branch out and make us feel more like property and he loved the high he got from seeing our faces and making us feel like crap. He wanted to have us fucked on camera and wanted us to be completely stupid cum buckets. There was about 12 of us and we were all lined up and ready to be treated like trash. We were so conditioned to be his sluts that we got wet and excited at the whole situation. We were force-fed a ton of cocks and we were fucked by the nastiest truckers ever. Just the whole experience made us all hopeless but horny too. It was so fucking bizarre but we all craved it more.

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