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BBC Sex Queen

bbc phone sexI feel like such a dirty whore for partying last night. I woke up not knowing where I was, and my pussy and asshole felt like someone had fucked me with a baseball bat. The room was dark, and My mouth tasted like cum. My pussy and thighs were so sore. I just wanted to know what was happening and where I was.  My hands were bound, and my voice cracked as I called out. I heard voices, deep voices as the room lit up in a red light. I could make out cameras in the corner and the smell of sex caught my nostrils. I heard the words final scene and action as Five big black men surrounded me. Clearly, they didn’t know me. I never have to be forced to gangbang black cocks! I saw a glint of a large sharp blade as I was cut free. There was no were to go as I was lifted up and fucked like a rag doll. But, I didn’t want to go anywhere. I screamed in delight, shocking them, as I felt my ass hole fall out from the force of suck a large cock. My pussy was stretched and gaped. I did feel the cocks start to fuck my throat as I passed out from lack of oxygen. Even a seasoned BBC whore struggles to breath with that much fuck meat in her throat. I was video taped for some black market bbc gang bang whore video. They never had to force me, I loved every moment I remember.

Pissing Sex Queen

pissing sexI am a pissing sex queen. Guys love to watch me pee. They pay money to piss on me and for me to piss on them. I was down at the truck stop over the weekend hooking for rent money. A cute blonde girl like me earns good money quickly. This one dude didn’t want to fuck me. He paid me $200 to watch me pee and to piss on him. Easy money. We went into the dirty bathroom outside the gas station. I stripped naked and hovered over the toilet pissing. He started masturbating watching my golden stream come out of my piss hole. When I was done, I started to grab some toilet paper, but he begged to lick me clean. No way I was getting down on that bathroom floor. It looked like the gross bathroom in the first Saw movie! He laid down on the dank floor and I squatted over his face. He licked my pissy pussy clean. He even tongued my asshole too. I wondered if he was a dirty shit eater too. He begged me for golden showers sex. I pissed in his mouth and all over his face and chest. His cock was rock hard. Not very big, so luckily, I didn’t have to fuck him. I did piss on the head of his cock.  He came so hard too. Easy money. Messy but easy.

Dirty Live Phone Sex with a Black Whore

live phone sexI crashed a party last night. I was out hooking to get some more party money. My last John dumped me in a white neighborhood I didn’t know. I was going to hoof it home or call an Uber when I heard loud music. I saw all the cars near the house and figured I would crash the party. I was thinking I could make some more money, party and maybe meet some new men. This was a swinger’s party! When I walked in, there was no passing off that I knew someone there. All eyes were on me the only black girl in the place. It was an orgy. I guess the music was cranked so neighbors couldn’t hear the sexy moaning noises. Cum was dripping down my legs. I looked like a lot lizard skank. This was a nice house. Not the kind of home I thought would be throwing a wild sex party. I just acted like I was lost, and I tossed in some compliments. I wanted in on the fun. They were using poppers and weed, but they had blow too. A big ass bowl of it. I walked over, put my face in it and inhaled. Then, I threw myself into the kinky mix. Strangers were fucking my ass. Women were eating my cream pie. I was sucking balls that were attached to a cock buried deep into a pussy. Guys circle jerked on me too. I was the star of the sex party. I need to get lost in the burbs more often.White folks love me.

Anal sex whore

anal sex whore

Being a complete and total anal sex whore is so much fun! I love driving guys crazy with my wet pussy and tight little asshole. If I’m with more than one guy, I let them take turns filling each of my holes. They can’t get enough of my little fuck holes. I sell my tight little ass all the time for some quick cash. Sometimes guys will give me some coke or a little meth if I let them pound my asshole. They love to bend me over and fuck me in the ass hard while I’m fucked up and enjoying every minute of it. If the guy knows what he’s doing, he will reach around and play with my kitty while he rams his huge meat stick in me. After he makes me cum, I will let him fill me with his hot jizz. I have always had a thing for taking loads of cum in my ass. I love to feel it slowly drip out into my panties throughout the day.

Druggy Porn Star of the Truck Stop

druggy pornWhen I am high, I think I am a druggy porn star. I was smoking crack with some guys last night. Normally, I am just a coke and weed girl, but this guy only had crack and I rarely say no to partying for free. I took a hit off the pipe and suddenly, I was invincible. I was in the back of a trucker’s cab. I emerged out of his truck and looked for more truckers to fuck. I was banging on trucks and screaming for men to come fuck me. I was high as a kite and horny as an unneutered pup. Truckers were coming out of their trucks to see who was causing the ruckus. Even men at the gas station came to check me out. I had the attention of at least 30 men. I don’t shy away from gang bangs, but I had never given a lot lizard sex show before either. I guess that is the power of crack. I leaned up against the side of a truck and thirty some men gang banged be in the Loves truck stop. I didn’t care that people could see me. I didn’t care that I didn’t know these men. I was high and horny. Now I see why people get hooked on that crack pipe. I was feeling good.

Golden showers sex

golden showers sex

I tried something I’ve never tried before and it was amazing! I tried golden showers sex!! I had a hotel room left over from a guy I fucked last night. He rented the room and left for me to enjoy it after I drained his balls. I invited a super kinky guy over that I met at the pool. We started fucking and he stopped, pulled his cock out and pissed all over me. Normally I would have been mad. My pussy was already throbbing and wanting more of his fat cock so it felt so satisfying. After he covered me in his golden stream, I started to ride his cock for a little bit and the whole time I was thinking of pissing on him. I wanted him to be as turned on as I was so I stood over him on the bed and pissed all over his chest and face. He moaned so loud and begged me for more! I couldn’t believe I’ve never tried this before. It’s so taboo but so sexy! The best part of hotel sex with random guys is no clean up. We took turns standing over each other and soaking one another with our amazing golden showers! It was so much fun.

Taboo Phonesex

taboo phonesexTaboo phonesex is the only kind! I know men call women like me to talk about the things they can’t tell anyone else. I like being the keeper of dirty secrets, especially dirty family secrets. I can be honest with you all about raising my daughters to be sluts and my sons to be mother fuckers. I can’t always tell people that, however. I was at this PTA meeting the other night. I was acting the part of a good school mom, when another mom approached me. She is a mom I don’t like very much. She is all about status and looks down on me because I married into money. I put on the fake smile and acted tickled pink to see her. She asked to speak to me alone. Oh know, I thought. Our conversation shocked me. She found her son jacking off to my dirty pictures on the Internet. She was not yelling at me for having a phone sex line. She was jealous that her son was beating off to me and not her. I never could have guessed that she would be the type to fuck her son, but she was seeking my advice for that very thing. Mommies just need to let their boys know they can fuck them. It is that simple. Boys are a different breed than girls. Girls you must sometimes bribe and cajole into your bed, but boys? Just spread your mommy legs and they will fuck you.

Road Head From A Big Dick Sucker LadyBoy

big dick sucker

I was working the local truck stop in a tight leather skirt.  I knew my big dick sucker skills would feed me and get me some dope. My head hurt I needed these horny truckers to throw me some cash for a couple of blow jobs.  I knocked on the side of a Peterbilt. Smoke billowed out the door and I asked if he needed any services as a very handsome young man smiled and threw me a 20 dollar bill. Get up in here and suck my cock he laughed and whipped out his dick I was hanging out the side of the truck, not even allowed in the sleeper. He pushed my head down and I gagged hanging off the side of the truck. I felt someone grab my cock from under me and yell it’s a tranny bitch!! Well, the young stud pushed me off his cock and laughed at me. He and his friend told me to get in and they fucked my ass raw and made me clean that dick off as the filled my stomach with jizz from their dirty dicks. They said that was my dinner and the 20 would get me high enough to come back and get fucked by their buddies. Would you treat this tranny bitch the same way?


tranny phone sex

Teen Preps Slum For Trashy Milf Fucking

I love being a trashy milf! My sons bring me all the young boys to fuck. They are the best wingmen a mommy could have, and I reward them for it too. This past weekend, I was super horny. The weather was bad, so I couldn’t go to my usual haunts to get high and fuck. My youngest son had a brilliant idea. He told me he had lots of rich school friends who not only would love to fuck a hot whore like me but had access to coke too. He sent a few texts and an hour later 4 teen preppy boys came slumming to fuck this trailer trash whore. The best part was they all brought some cocaine. None of them did coke they said, but all their parents had stashes. It was cool that they didn’t do coke because all women will tell you that they love to fuck on coke, but they don’t want to fuck a man on coke because it can give men limp dicks. No limp dicks with my son’s friends, but then teen boys rarely have cock issues. My sons joined in on the gang bang. I must remember that when I want to get high and fuck, the teen boys from the right side of the train tracks know how to entertain this cougar.

Trashy Milf

Druggy phone sex

druggy phone sex

I traded my little sister for some blow last night. I made her do a few lines with me and then told her she could have more if she let my dealer fuck her. She really didn’t want to but I knew she wanted some more powder. I brought her to his house, where he was already setting everything up. He had all kinds of freaky sex toys laid out. There was a dildo in every size you could imagine, whips, spreader bars. I could tell he was going to do more than just fuck her and toss her a little bag of blow. He ripped her clothes off and tied her up. Her flesh tore and bled every time he snapped the whip across her back and legs. She cried and tried to wiggle her way free from the restraints but couldn’t. I impatiently waited almost 4 hours as he tortured and fucked her with everything he could get his hands on. I almost felt bad for her but really, I was just worried about getting some more powder.

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