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BBC Phone Sex Whore

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is something I know a thing or two about. Growing up, my mom ran a whore house in our trailer in the 70s. My dad would go on the road and my mom would make money for us the only way she knew how. I saw black men coming and going frequently in the trailer I grew up in. Black men love white trash whores. My mom passed the BBC loving gene to me. Big black cocks love me, and I love them. Jerome was over partying with me last night. He is a friend of Big D’s, this black trucker fuck buddy of mine. He brought me some cocaine and his big black dick. It was a white on black night. I did cocaine on his dick and his dick was in my holes all night long. White powder on black cock and black cock in white holes. Jerome’s favorite thing to do with me is titty fuck. I have a big rack, especially for my thin frame and he has a long black cock. I put coke on his big mushroom head and sucked his cock. Now, he railed my cunt and ass too, but when he left, I had yummy cum covered tits. I will be a cum dumpster for any black man.

Trashy milf Needs Foot Worship

Trashy milf

Trashy milf Evonne wants her men to get to know her better and better. Remember, I love foot sluts. My feet deserve foot worship and I take care of the men who serve me. Kneel down, and worship my feet. Tell me how fortunate you are to be the chosen one to serve my feet today. Take your time with it! Enjoy the moment, and make sure to hold my foot lovingly in your palm. Rub some sugar scrub into the sole, and around my toes. Rinse, then lick the last sweet suds away. You can suck on my toes, I will allow it.

If you’re an exceptional foot slut, I may even give you a treat during our Dirty phone sex. Can you imagine how lucky you would be to end our call with a treat!?! Something special to remember Miss Evonne for a long time from now. Well, I really, truly, deeply love giving foot jobs. But only for the subs that truly deserve such attention from their Mistress. Your throbbing hard sensitive cock between your Mistress’s feet, can you imagine it. You are probably ready to explode right now just thinking about the pleasure you would feel.

There’s something so fun about using my feet and toes to play with a desperate submissive’s cock and balls. I would only use my hands to jerk you off if absolutely necessary. I certainly wouldn’t use my pussy on you, never, ever, you are so not worthy. After a call or two I will have you spreading your thighs, sitting on your hands, and submitting to me on my no taboo phone sex hotline.

Anal sex whore

Anal sex whore for crack I will do anything. So I met the white boy filling up at the gas station. I walked to his truck and flashed my ass. Come here Daddy. You got cash we can play. He smiled and said get in my truck. I hopped in and he parked amongst some empty trailers. He told me to come into the sleeper. I complied and sat on his messy bed. Here he hands me $200 and a gram. ” I want that ass. Bend over.” He immediately stuck his tongue in my ass. He moaned and said “I love the tangy taste of nigger ass.”  While he ate my booty I loaded my pipe up and took a hit. The crack smog made his tongue dig deeper into my asshole. I moaned, took a hit and enjoyed the wet feeling of his tongue. He spread my cheeks and slammed his cock into me. This is really some Crack whore anal. He held my ass cheeks open and continued to pump until I heard a gasp and felt his balls drain into my ass.











Bukkake Gangbang

gangbang whoreI just loooove cum! Cum in each of my holes, on my face and tits, getting to swallow it up. I just can’t ever get enough! Last night you had a bunch of friends over for a party. Everyone was drinking and getting high. Pretty awesome party to start but it got even better when you took me back to your bedroom with a bunch of your friends. There must’ve been at least 8 of you! I was pretty wasted so I’m not actually sure but God it felt good all those hands on me ripping my clothes off. Naked in the middle of a bunch of hard cocks is where I was born to be. You all took turns with my mouth and then someone started fucking my pussy and before long you were taking turns with my tight asshole too. I fucking love when all of my holes are full up with throbbing man meat. The best part though was the end. You all stood around me while I was on all fours panting from the excitement and one by one all came on my face and tits. Getting a sticky, hot cum shower was just what I needed! Definitely remember to invite me over every time you have a party!

Dirty Phone Sex at the Glory Hole

dirty phone sexI had a dirty phone sex weekend. One of my callers inspired my dirty antics. I was talking to a closeted cock sucker. He is married with brats, white picket fence lifestyle and all. No one knows he likes to suck cock. Everyone knows I like to suck cock. He confessed that he is a frequent flyer of glory holes. I have gone to them, but it has been awhile. I enjoy being a cum guzzler. So does my caller. We started sharing glory hole tales and I got a hankering for some glory hole dick. I went to this truck stop on the other side of town known for its glory hole action. I don’t care if it is a fag cock or a straight cock. If it is a cock that can shoot a load, I will suck it. Damn, I sucked a lot of cock last night. I swallowed 19 loads of cum. I was shooting for 20 and I came close. I never saw a face. But some of those cocks I would recognize if I had the pleasure of sucking them again. I came home early this morning with a belly full of cum. Being a cum guzzling slut is something I was born to do.

Trailer Trash Whore

trailer trash whore

I am a trailer trash whore. Whore to my core is what I tell people. I needed some fast cash last night. My lot rent was due, and as usual, I put it all up my nose. Last month I traded sex with the young manger of the trailer park. I couldn’t go that route again. My mom was a hooker. She supported us well selling her body for money to local men. I am still hot in that trashy cougar way. I knew where to go to make easy money. I drove across town in my sluttiest dress and tallest heels. I was just going to hook on the corner of the good part of town. A few wealthy married men would pay me to do all the things their wives wouldn’t do for them. I made more money than I expected on a Thursday night. I worked hard for the money too. Several anal sex guys. One wanted to cum on my face and another one wanted me to pretend to be his mommy. I am a lot lizard sex whore. I will always do what wives won’t do and if I can make a profit doing it, well, that is a good day.

Cum Guzzling Slut Poolside

cum guzzling slutI am a cum guzzling slut. The school year is over which means no schoolboys in front of my house 5 days a week first thing in the morning. I am used to starting my morning off with boy cum. It made me sad when I got up Monday morning and realized there was no school bus coming. I love cum, especially for breakfast. I just had to find a new routine. Now, I get up early and go to the pool. It has been open since April. That is where all the school aged boys and girls hang out now in the daytime. I won the lottery yesterday. There was a group of young boys and one trashy milf. No adult supervision unless you count me, and I am a far cry from a responsible adult. I stripped naked and asked them if they wanted to skinny dip with me. The boys dropped their trunks and dived in with me. I can hold my breath for a long time. I went under to suck some boy dick. Under water or above water, I will blow boy dick. I took them home to my trailer and drained their balls a few times. I may not get up early anymore for boy cum, but I can still get my daily dose of sperm.

Deviant Gangbang Whore & Black Market Cunt

gangbang whore

This gangbang whore has been charged with making my VIP goody two shoes daughter a whore just like me! I am going to turn his teen daughter out by kidnapping her and making her watch porn and do coke and drink 40’s with me! And only skank apparel is going to be worn when she is here. The very first thing this church bitch is going to do is visit a glory hole with me! He said I could use her as much as I wanted to right. Well, glory holes make me so fucking wet, I need to put her on cam and watch her bounce that virgin ass against the wall on that cock! I want to have a whole slew of young pussy at my fingertips to sell for my client. I might be a stripper but I know a money-making opportunity when I see it.  I know they are a black market for young cunt and I am going to get her little bible friend and make a glory hole right in the church and sacrifice her pussy on a cross dildo too! Make those girls druggy sluts and denounce everything they know! Some zanies and face sitting as I fuck her next to her whore momma! Make strangers pay to fuck young pussy and then throw them away on the streets to prostitute for us. Fuck that I will make them lot lizard young whores. Dress them in white fishnets and turn them out to fifty truckers a day. And when those girl cunts are nothing but gaping fuck holes put them in trash bags and throw them in the burning church. I can be a deviant nasty phonesex whore the right amount of cock and coke baby. Cum see how nasty I can get!nasty phonesex

Milf Lot Lizard

Trashy milfWhen I am not fucking to get my crack from my dealers I am usually at the truck stop being a lot lizard. Truckers are easy pickings to make a quick twenty bucks. Most are married and on the road too many long lonely days. They are in a hurry and just looking to get a quick cheap happy ending. These young lot lizards are charging a small fortune for their tight little cunts. I am well over forty years old my holes are a lot looser than these young bitches. But my cheap holes still bring in more money than the young ones. I have been fucking since I was a teenager and can get a man off very quickly. I got moves that these girls have no clue about and only dream about. Maybe one day they will be as good as a trashy milf fuck like me but into then I still wipe the floor with these little bitches.

Trashy Milf Beverly

trashy milfI love being a trashy milf. I decided to try Tinder. All my friends talk about it like it is the best thing since sliced bread. I never have to use apps or dating sites to get cock. I am a hot old whore. Most men want to fuck me. Last night was my first Tinder date. I never saw a picture of him. I just saw his cock. That is all I cared about. There was a reason why he only sent dick pics. He was jail bait. He was still in high school. He just wanted to bang a cougar. Get this. He arrived to my trailer on a bike. Not a motorcycle, but a bike. He doesn’t even drive. He told me he was 18, but I called bullshit. Not that I cared. I told him he was getting fucked regardless of what side of barely legal he was on. He had the biggest smile on his face. I did too because for a young white boy, he was hung. It was what I would call a pleasant surprise. I slid down to my knees to show off my big dick sucker skills. He was impressed. I looked like I had been doused with a carton of milk. He was embarrassed he came so quickly, but he is a teen boy with an old whore’s mouth on his dick. Of course he was going to nut on my face. I fucked him for a few hours before his mom started calling him wondering where the fuck he was. I guess next time I hook up with him it has to be on a Saturday afternoon. He left with his balls drained several times, and I spent the rest of the night playing with my cum filled milf holes.

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