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Lot lizard sex slut fun

lot lizard sex Lot lizard sex slut fun! I should probably say how turned off I am by getting all the cocks I get, the guys are totally gross and are only worried about getting their rocks off. To be truthful I have gotten so turned on by being a sex slut that I love being used by a ton of guys. The other night I knew that I would get a ton of cocks all at once because there was a trucker meet up. I got ready and headed down there with two of my prostitute friends and new we would make a good amount of cash and we would get off quite a bit. We ended up going and the guys all had something in mind, an orgy with the 3 of us. There were about 20 men all gross fat and short, some were tall and monstrous most were overweight with small cocks. It was just exciting and even though they weren’t an Ideal fuck the fact that they could do what they want with us got us all off.

BBC Phone Sex on Black Friday

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex on Black Friday is perfect, right? You won’t catch me out shopping today. In fact, the only thing that gets me up early is big black cock and coke. Big D texted me at the crack of dawn to come party with him in his truck. It was 3 am and I had not been to sleep yet. I had hours before my shift started and I needed to work off some of that food I ate, so I hopped in my car to go meet Big D at the truck stop. He was only in town for a few hours. I was amazed at all the idiots on the road and already standing in line at stores. If I am on the road at 3 am in the morning, it is for something far better than a toy or a bargain. Big black cock was a good reason to be out with the crazy shoppers. Took me twice as long to get to the truck stop because of Black Friday, but it was worth it to get some big black cock. Did I mention the big bag of coke Big D had for me as an early Christmas present? He told me, “Let it snow baby on Black Friday.” I said, “Let me blow on Black Friday,” as I went down on his cock. He sprinkled some of my favorite snow on his big black cock. I can get high and choked at the same time. We partied and fucked in his cab for hours while others fought to save a few bucks. Fucking is always better than shopping, right? My pussy always as a black cock special! Now, I am home with a cum filled cunt, ready to take care of you while your wife spends your money.

Pissing sex slut

Pissing sex slut! How pathetic do I look at all your piss? You picked me up from outside the gas station I was being pimped out and abuse. As soon as you saw me you knew you wanted a piece of my ass. Pulled up and I hopped in… We made our way to a cheap dusty motel, The place smelled like cigarettes and cheap perfume. You told me it was time to have fun you had a busy long week at work. I was honestly hoping to just blow you and never see you again.You had something else in mind you wanted me to remember this day and wanted me to have your memory ingrained in my mind forever. As you begin to shove your cock in my mouth you begin to let a stream of piss, I freak out because I see a red light going, It’s your phone you are recording this and you are enjoying it, you tell me everyone will know about my dirty little secrets. You laugh and shove a twenty down my mouth. A week later a ton of people sends me a link my biggest fear has become reality. I’m all over the net is a human toilet slut. Pissing sex

A Slut Always Gets Her Way

trailer trash whore

I was out at the drugstore to pick up some basics nothing too crazy.  But there’s a certain shampoo that i always use and refuse to use anything else on my hair because nothing else seems to do the trick. But i digress i had everything i needed except that shampoo and i couldn’t find it. I found a short portly young guy that worked at that drugstore to ask if they had anymore. He told me he wasnt sure. When i asked him to check he said that the authority to do so. It seemed fishy to me that he couldn’t do something so simple. I had caught him checking me out earlier and i immediately knew that he was being difficult so he could take advantage of me. Luckily for him i am quite the lil slut and especially horny that day.  So i told him to meet me out back by the dumpsters.  As soon as he got back there i told him i knew what he wanted and he would get as long as i got what i wanted. He pulled his pants down and i braced myself against the dumpster as he shoved his cock inside me. It smelled awful but i didnt care he had a surprisingly large cock and he knew how to use it! Sadly he came before i could and he had to get back into work before one of his supervisor’s got suspicious.  I had to finish myself off at home but at least i got my shampoo. The perks of being a slut, you always get what you want!

Gangbang whore tied and tortued

gang bang whore Gangbang whore tied and tortured that’s how they wanted it. I was called in for my pimps weekly evaluation he wanted to see what I needed to improve on. He told me that one of the customers complained about me not being a good tied up slut. So when someone complains about one of the slave pets our pimp get so enraged and decides to let us know with not only his whip but with some discipline and training on how to be better. When we aren’t any good he loses clients and money. We lose our freedom even more. If we do things right we get a bit more freedom and more days off. I was called in and he wanted to show me how to be a better slut. He tied me up and kept me tied in a closet for 2 days straight. I am chlorosulphonic so I was deathly afraid. I had to suck it up and get fucked while I was tied up. It was the scariest two days of my life. I made sure to remember this and made sure everytime a client wanted me tied up I had to be willing and good. It’s better to be tied up with a client for 2 hours than in a small closet for two days, giving endless blowjobs and getting used. I made sure I learned from this.

Oral Exam

big dick sucker

I had a doctors appointment because i thought i was starting to some kind of flu bug or something like that. My voice was starting to fade and my throat was sore, so i figured better check it out and be safe. The doctor walked in, he was a short older man.  He began to examine me and for the first 15 min or so everything was normal. Than he told me he wanted to really examine my throat. He told me to open wide like a good girl and to close my eyes. All of a sudden he thrust his cock into my mouth. I opened my eyes and looked up at him with a shocked expression and he said “dont worry i have a special medicine that has to be given orally” he rammed his cock into the back of my throat so hard that i simply could not stop gagging, he told me “now say ahhh and open wide” than he shot his cum directly in the back of my throat and told me to wait a second before i swallowed. Who am i to turn down dr’s orders?  So i did and wouldlnt you know the next day my throat felt so much better. I may have to go see him more often!

Lot lizard sex slut meeting

lot lizard sex Lot lizard sex slut meeting it was what my master wanted. The sight of  all of us slave pets all in one room! He decided to play an evil game and eliminate us one by one, who ever didn’t handle torture the best they would be made the prostitute slut for the nasty truckers, We had to endure some pain of course, that’s always a given. Every time one of us would complain we would be sent to the truck stop to get picked up. It was narrowed down to two of us and I wasn’t willing to be used by the nasty truckers, I rather much be abused and fucked by the BBC my master brings me, So we both waited for all the BBC to come and use us. We thought it was going to be a simple day but after we were struck with whips and pissed on and tortured real good. We were sent to the nasty truckers, either way, so joke was on us


but like  always we  have to do what the boss says.

Extreme phone sex slut

Extreme phone sexExtreme phone sex isn’t for everyone it takes a wicked mind to enjoy it. I love participating in it because of my experiences with my master’s mistress and wife. He has trained both his girls to make sure they can train little slave pets like me. The things they do to my body have me in so much pain but at the same time gets me off. I love being their playground and making sure they are satisfied with me. I get to indulge in some fun too. I sometimes get my pussy rubbed and even licked and sucked. I always get plenty of cocks, that’s something I never have to worry about, I get greeted by guys that like me to be their human toilet and I walk around with a million laundry pins on my nipples and pussy too. I sometimes even have to use a gag ball all day just so they don’t get distracted by my pathetic whimpers and cries.

Fucking The Bus Driver


lot lizard sex

Mr. Henry the bus driver for the cheer leading squad always seems like he’s on something. I can never
put my finger on it but after a long day of fucking big black cock and getting absolutely nowhere I said
fuck it, I’m asking the damn bus driver for whatever he’s been doing. I’m sure I can convince him to
share his goods by just flashing him my bare pussy. Maybe let him finger bang if it the dope is good?
So I walked up to him as we were all getting on the bust and shot it straight with him. He was
totally thrilled to share his meth and liquor bottle in exchange for a little finger bang in the
back seat and a little pussy on a fat old man’s cock has gotten me a long way. I even let him cum my pussy
up really full. I performed even better later that night for the football team after I was all buzzy and
high as fuck from his stash. I guess I’ll have to service the bus driver more often from now on,
don’t you think? I hear we’re hiring a new driver- you should apply. 😉

Lot lizard sex

lot lizard sexI love being a stupid trailer trash whore that is down for a good dick sucking and fucking any place, day, or time. I was at the truck stop tonight trying to rack in some more green and I came across a bunch of tiered drunk truckers that looked like they needs a good time. I offered up my services to all fifteen of them. They all through money at me for me to get down on my knees and suck their cocks till my jaw could not move and my throat was sore.

Some of the guys were getting really impatient and decided to help themselves to my whore holes. They made me bend over and shoved their cocks in my holes and gave me a nice creampie right in my ass and in my dirty cunt. I was practically pouring cum out of me. My tummy is getting full sucking these loads of cum into my tum. More please?

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