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Make me do anything

I can not tell you how many times I have been used as a human toilet. I guess there is something about my mouth, that makes a man want to shit on me, piss on me or just use me as a cum dumpster fuck slave. Not that I mind, I just cannot figure out what the gravitation to me is about. I have always been a little slut since I was younger. I have always been a favorite amongst the men in my trailer park and when I started working at the truck stop I really started getting noticed and making extra money on the side. I guess I am just a nasty freak who has no limits and loves to please a man by letting him do anything he wants to me and by being his private little whore toilet and fuck slave that will obey every demand that is made without a problem, because deep down I really love it.


Toilet sex

Dinner Date At The Truck Stop

Hooker phone sexSome redneck, white trash trucker called me up and wanted my slutty ass to come and meet him at the truck stop for a car date because he was going to be driving through town and wanted his dose of me! Can’t say that I blame him, i’m pretty fucking irresistible! My wet pussy pulsates when i’m parading around the truck lot! Last time I went and met up with this hick ass mother fucker, he ate out my dirty cunt for hours, you would have thought that I was his last meal on Earth! He calls me his little lizard because I have a wild tongue when i’m sucking his throbbing dick! It’s super nasty and gross looking and tasting but that doesn’t matter to a nasty whore like me, i’m in it for the money honey! This time when I went and saw him, it was the same as last, he ate me out for hours! His cock and balls smelled so fucking bad from all the sweat and body odor that’s been caked on to them while he had been driving, I was gagging as I was sucking on him but his cum shot was well worth it! He always has loads and loads of fresh gooey jizz for me! I’m the most scrumptious, naughtiest dinner date that a trucker could have during their rest!

Big Dick Sucker Bev

big dick suckerBig dick sucker Bev is my trucker handle name. I am not a trucker, but I do hang out at the truck stop enough to know all the regular truckers. Big D is my supplier of recreational fun. He gave me that moniker because I can handle his big black cock. When I showed up at the truck stop last night looking for Big D, guys were trying to give me party favors. I was not low on supply. I was low on cum. Not just any cum either. I wanted big black cock cum. I wanted Big D’s cock. I found him in his cab around back of the truck stop with some lot lizard skank. I wasn’t jealous. The moment he saw me, he was happy. She was not. Big D looked at me and said, “A woman who can handle my cock, finally.” I laughed, looked at the skank and told her to get lost because a real woman was here. She left in a huff. “Big D,” I purred,” if you needed your cock sucked, you should have called me.” He smiled, pointed to his cock and I went to work. He has 10 inches of thick black meat. His dick is not for amateurs. I slurped on it, deep throated him and made him cum a bucket load of jizz. That little teen skank blowing his rod before I came to the rescue couldn’t even get him hard. Never let a girl attempt what only a trashy milf can accomplish.

Shitty Shitty Bang Bang

I love a good old fashioned gang bang where I am stuffed in every hole I have. A big fat block cock pounding away at my asshole, a throbbing big fat dick in my cunt and don’t forget the one face fucking my pie whole while I vomit and choke oh his cock and balls that he has managed to get both into my gaping mouth so I cannot breath.

Scat phone sex

The one thing that could make this better though is to throw in some scat and another person to rub it all over my body while I am being fucked from all angles. I am sure the black cock in my ass is pulling shit out every time he thrusts and pounds my round rump ass. I just want someone to collect it and rub my titties and clit down with i while they continue pounding away at my pussy, my ass hole and my pie hole. That would be an amazing gang-bang, it would be a shitty shitty bang bang.

Scat Playground in my room

My asshole is so fucking sore from last night. I brought this guy home because we were in the bar talking about how we both loved some scat play when we fucked and I thought what the hell, this will be fun and it was nice to find someone who was into the same kind of shit as me.

Scat phone sex

Well it turned out not only was he into it as much as I was but my body responded to him in ways I did not know were possible. This man was like the male version of me. He shit on me and I shit on him, we fucked over and over and then he would anal pound me into that bed again. There was so much of it. I tried to lick up as much as possible, we both did but it was coming out like cum.


I will definitely be calling him again to come over and pound whatever hole he wants, as long as we can play in scat heaven again.

Cum Guzzling Whore

I am a nasty little slut and I need to get my cum guzzling cunt wet tonight. I did not make enough money last night and if I do not make up for it, I am not going to be able to pay rent. Is it just me or are all of these truck stop hoppers stealing the money. I just need to find one man who is ok playing with my pussy and maybe even my girls too and have him take care of us. I will give him whatever the hell he wants.

Hookers for hire

My ass hole, my pussy, my mouth I just need to make rent this month. I will worry about what to do next month and the month after that. I am just worried about right now, so who’s dick can I suck at this very moment to make sure my bills are paid NOW? Just open up them trousers, flop it out and give my mouth the cum to guzzle.

Ice cream shit sickle

Its almost a 100 degrees outside and I am all sweaty in my room. My air conditioner is broken and I just want to feel a nice cool breeze so I can breathe and get a little relief from this heat. I have already stripped off all of my clothes, I have the fan blowing over my naked body. My nipples are perking from the air whipping across them.What I really need right now is for my roommate to bring some ice cream. Its weird to I always get horny when its so muggy and hot. Its like my pussy is a heat fuck magnet. What I could really use right now and what I have been craving for days is some good old anal fucking. I want him to ram his cock up my asshole and fuck me so hard that my shit sticks to his dick. I will have some much scat splattering everywhere that I will be able to make an ice cream shit sickle that I can freeze and eat or play with later.

Anal sex whoreBetter yet, I want him to bring me some ice cream and cool me down and then pull down his pant and give me me some hot fudge to go with my ice cream. I want that swirly anus butt ice cream and a sprinkle of some pubic hairs on the top to slide down my throat. I will even wash it down with some sweaty ball sac cum juice. I am so horny, where the fuck is my roommate?

Scat phone sex

Flo the Hoe

I love being the trailer park hoe. I have many nick names around here. Flo the Hoe being my favorite. I love doing all cock!!  I love the fact that everybody here knows I am the trailer park hoe, I will do anything you want.  You can piss on me.   Fuck any hole. I will be your little submissive hoe. Put a collar on me walk me around like a doggy bitch. Let your furry friends have their way with me.  It does not matter do any thing you want. And if I am bad go ahead punish me make your good little bitch.  There is nothing I will not do for cock.  Just being near cock makes my cunt sloppy wet.  My holes are open, wet and ready for all your cocks.  Come ride on this hoe.White trash phone sex

I had to shit, now I don’t

Does cheap gas station food give any one else the shits, better yet has anyone else ever had a guy trying to get your services, when you have a massive stomach ache and need to shit? in the bathroom stall  It happened to me. My stomach was hurting and I went to use the bathroom in the broken down bum gas station, when in burst the trucker who was trying to pick me up outside. I looked at him as I was bent over, grasping my stomach.He stood there and looked at me, then I saw him twitch and he lunged at me.

Scat phone sex

He yanked me off of that toilet spun me around, fumbled his zipper open and rammed his hard cock into my puckering asshole. He had me bent over as he pounded away and my face was pretty much in the toilet as he fucked my own shit out of me. Right before he was finished and ready to jizz he plucked his shitty cock out of my asshole and made me turn around, before I could say anything, I had his cock in my mouth and my feces going into the back of my own throat. I was choking from the smell and trying to get a breath in as he throat fucked me making me redigest what I was trying to eliminate already. I felt a large warm creamy load hit my tonsils as he came, the shit, sweat, pubic hair and cum all went down in one load. He simply turned around, left and I still having a stomach ache, no longer needed to shit.

Deanna Can’t Get Enough of Donna’s Pussy

phone sex line Oil prices having dropped seem to have affected things at the strip bar. Us girls are having a hard time paying our bills. So when my friend and co-worker Donna suggested we rent a trailer together, I jumped on that shit. You all know how much I love being naked, well guess what so does Donna. I know that this is probably hard for you to imagine, but I think that Donna is even more of a nasty whore than me. We have been so busy playing with each other today that we barely made it into work. Donna made my pussy so wet and juicy when she was shaking her tits and ass up on that stage that I couldn’t wait until we got home to finger fuck that pussy. I had to take her into the bathroom and finger fuck that pussy right there on the floor. I already had two fingers in her cunt, but she was screaming more, more, more!

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