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Lot Lizard Sex

lot lizard sexI love being a whore so I decided to try lot lizard sex. I’m gonna be fucking anyway so I figured why not make some money off it? I was nervous when I got to the truck stop but I was looking real good so I knew those truckers were gonna love me. I went up to the first one, it was a real nice truck so I thought he would be willing to pay me for sure… but he turned out to be super crazy. He was so nice at first, he really acted like he just wanted regular sex and he even said he would pay me good but it was a ll a bunch of lies. As soon as I was in his truck he shoved his cock down my throat and fucked my mouth so hard! I tried to take it all but I just couldn’t that cock was so huge! Then he shoved that massive tool up my ass so hard that I had to scream. It hurt so bad! I kept thinking about all the money I would get, I thought for sure that the money wold make up for all that pain but once he came he threw me out of his truck and never paid me!

Gas Station Whore

gangbang whoreThe best place to scout for hard cock and a score is my local gas station. Travelers and truckers from all around swing by and fill me up with their hot, sticky cum. I make sure to hang by the pumps in tiny clothes with my milky white tits peeking out. I meet Johns here all the time. Why don’t you pay me a visit? Coke me up and drag my slender ass into the filthy gas station bathroom and ram my sweet used ass with your thick, rock-hard cock. I’ll be your grimy gas station whore. Bend me over the dirty sink and use up my holes. Pump my pussy full of your cum and invite your friends-. I love being a gangbang gas station whore. I’ll even lick all of your cum off the toilet with sheer appreciation. Fuck, use me as your toilet if you want. I’ll do it all, baby. I wouldn’t mind a golden shower in the bathroom. Use my pussy up and fill me up good. You know where to find me. 😉

My Husband brought us a Toy

Lot lizard sexCunt whore you’re a liar, and all you do is lie you’re not to be trusted. I left my man around you, and you fucked him I can’t stand you. But I’ve got a pleasant surprise for you because he said you fucked him right and he told me you sucked his dick better than a pornstar could. I want you to come over to my house tonight, and I want you to fuck my husband and me. I heard around town that you gobble up pussy so good I want that shit to happen to me. We’ve got wine cocaine weed and everything else that you wish to get high using, we even have some Crystal, so it’s sure to be a magnificent night. Your fucking hot wet cunt is my favorite if my lover is telling the truth he said the way he fucked your squirting pussy was beyond nasty. One thing I like about my husband is when he gets, and you seem to have brought it out. The night after he fucked you he made the best fucking sex with me we had in years I attribute that to your body and your skills. I love threesomes you cunt whore I want my husband’s dick so far in your pussy that you’re screaming in passionate pain. I’m going to make you suck my pussy while he’s fucking you doggy style making you his fucking pet slave. I love the way you fucked my husband, and I got to watch it all because I’ve got a secret camera recording in my bedroom.


Big dick sucker

Big Dick Sucker and Lot Lizard Skank

big dick suckerBig dick sucker Bev is what the truckers are calling me now. I got drunk last night, went down to the Loves and looked for trouble. It was a Sunday night, so the place was hopping. Everyone hangs out on Sundays before they start their new route on Monday. I got a Pabst Blue Ribbon tall boy and wandered around looking for some dick to suck. Big D was parked. I recognized his cab immediately. Before I could knock on the door, he poked his head out of the truck and hollered at me to come in. His big black dick was hanging out ready for my mouth. He gave me some coke. I swallowed some beer. Then I started head bobbing up and down his huge dick. He loves making me gag. I am an old trailer trash whore, but his fuck stick can make me gag, especially when he pushes my head all the way down his shaft. I love gagging on a big dick. He exploded in my mouth and I chased his cum shot with more beer. Before long other truckers were wanting to hang out in Big D’s cab to get high, drink and fuck this old whore. Just another fucking fun Sunday night for a lot lizard sex skank.

Public Lot Lizard Sex

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex is where it is at. Truckers have the best dope and they know how to fuck. If I am feeling horny or in need of some blow, the truck stop is an easy fix for both. I caught the eye of a new trucker Jeremy. He drives for Hunt Trucks and this was his first route. Now, he wasn’t a young man, but he was younger than me. I had on my yellow bikini top and cut off jean shorts. It was the high heels that gave me away as a lot lizard. He asked me how much to party with him, but I told him I just wanted some blow. He pulled out a big bag and my pussy got wet. Jeremy was an exhibitionist. He wanted to fuck outside. I am down for anything. I did a line of blow then started playing with my sloppy wet pussy while he stroked his nice 7-inch hard cock. It was the middle of he day and cops come and go all day long. I could have been busted, but the risk of getting caught was hot to me. Jeremy bent me over a concrete low wall and fucked my ass. We were on the side of the Love’s gas station; the side where the trucks park. I was trying not to be too loud because I just wanted to fuck and get high. I had no desire to go to jail. Other truckers saw us, and they provided a protective wall around us. It was just a circle jerk, but no one else could see me through the shield of horny truckers jacking off watching me be an exhibitionist slut. I was covered head to toe in cum. Our audience clearly liked what they saw. I got some great blow and some great cum.

BBC Phone Sex Please

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex? Hell yes. I am a dirty old whore. I love taking a thick big black cock in my pussy. Tyrese was so thick that I had to lower myself slowly on to his fat fuck stick. It felt like I was fucking and sucking the same cock at the same time. I thought his snake was going to come out my mouth. He was rearranging my female parts because he was inside me so deep. I picked him up at the truck stop Friday night and he came back to my trailer. He enjoyed fucking me so much, he never left until today. He gave up a route just to fuck this trailer trash whore. Let me tell you, Tyrese had one of the hugest cocks I have ever fucked. I am I my fifties and I have been fucking since I was a young school girl. I have had thousands of cocks in my life. I consider myself a seasoned old whore. Getting a cock too big was something I laughed at until I met Tyrese. He said I had the tightest snatch he has ever fucked. I never hear that anymore. I am sore as fuck. I am walking like I was horseback riding for 72 hours or something. I guess I was horse riding because I was bouncing on a foot long Black Stallion all weekend. It is nice to know that an old whore like me can still find a cock that can stretch her old cunt and make her hurt so good. Tyrese will be back in a few weeks because as he put it, he wants some more trashy MILF pussy. He said he was fucking my ass next. Fuck, I need to do some anal training before then because he will ruin my back door.

Lot Lizard Sex With Hot Hadley

lot lizard sex

Sometimes A gang bang slut just needs so Lot Lizard Sex! I was strung out on Coke and decided my aching wet pussy needed strong nasty big dick to spread it out. I went to the back of my local truck stop and someone knew my name and he said hey baby I want to be first, drop down and suck this cock so everyone knows your on duty! As I gobbled and choked on his sweaty dick I noticed the big rigs headlights come on and some trucks circling me in. I was grabbed from behind and my skirt ripped off as well as my panties. My ass was spat on as I received cock after cock in my ass and sweet stripper coke whore hot fuck cunt.  Someone put a piss jar and was trowing tips into the piss sometimes just quarters. I was being a creampie slut for mere change. I don’t mind cuz I know these guys have the best coke around and the big nasty cocks to make my throat sore and my ass a gaping hole. As the cum loads came I began to feel satisfied that I was being a good white trash whore for these hard working truckers! MMM, how would you use me? 

Lot Lizard Sex Whore

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex whore is one of my many nick names. I am proud to be a dirty truck stop skank. I woke up this morning covered in cum and out of blow. It was super early. The sun was not even up yet. I knew if I rushed down to the truck stop, I would catch a few guys who had coke and had not yet left for the day. I was covered in dry matted cum, but I didn’t care. I needed a fix. They don’t care if I look like a used up whore. I think those truckers love that I am a cum dumpster whore. Showers are overrated. I needed cum and I had to catch some guys before they hit the road. I started banging on cabs looking to party. I found Dave with a big bag of blow and morning wood that needed taken care of before he hit the road. I sat my dirty old cunt on is cock reverse cow girl and did lines off my compact. The higher I got, the hornier I became. I bounced up and down his morning wood. I was fucking him so fast, he joked about smoke coming out of my pussy.  I took care of a few more truckers with morning wood. Once I got that coke in my skanky body, I was a fuck machine. By the time I teetered my ass back home, I was 10 pounds heavier in cum.

Big Dick Sucker Co-Pilot

big dick suckerBig dick sucker Beverly is my CB handle. Big D gave me that handle. I went along for a ride in his truck a few days ago. He had a 2 day trip, was tired and thought if I was his side kick, I could keep him awake with my oral skills. He thought it was funny to blast on the CB he was getting head from a dirty old cougar. He aired my dick sucking over the trucker waves. Fellow truckers were egging us on as I slurped on his big black cock. Soon other truckers were requesting that Big D share his cock sucking whore with them. We pulled over at a truck stop for gas and a shower. While he was cleaning up, I was a cum guzzling slut, chugging down several truckers’ hot loads of cum. When Big D came back from the shower facility, he was all clean, but I was very dirty. Dirty in cum. He just looked at me and smiled. Then he said, this is why you are my co-pilot. I loved riding around in his truck showing off my big dick sucking skills. Other truckers said I was better than a 5 Hour Energy drink. I think I will be hitting the road more often.

Lot lizard sex at the truck stop

Lot lizard sexYet another successful day of lot lizard sex at the truck stop. I’ve been making bank lately with all the cocks that I get to suck and fuck. I love whoring myself out and being used like the filthy fuck slut that I am. So many truckers have been coming through the stop lately, a lot more than normal! I guess word has been getting around town that I am the best cocksucker that you’ve ever had the pleasure of having your dick inside of. All these perverts are boosting my ego and fueling my perversions, they all want a taste! These truckers have been traveling far and wide to make their way to me and experience my legendary pussy. I am in high demand and have been sucking and fucking non-stop lately. My cunt is so sore and tender but I love keeping my legs spread open wide for that dick, baby. Every day is an adventure, I love giving my body up to these nasty men so they they can do whatever they please with me! This pussy of mine is making my Mama proud, haha. I’m so horny for you baby, I wanna give your hard dick a tongue bath!

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