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Making Bank With My Fuck Holes

Gangbang Whore

I have decided that since I am a cum junkie that I might as well get paid for it.  I have in the past and I tried to give that part of my life up, but getting back into the game while working at the club has made me a lot of money.  No more doing cock for free, just because I love it.  The money just makes me so much hornier!  I had forgotten just how good it felt to get paid after I sucked someone off.  It’s a god-damned thrill! 

The other night at the club I just had just finished my set when I was told that I had a request for a Private Dance.  If you have ever been to a more upscale club you know that there are rules.  If you do not follow those rules you can be tossed out, and the girl can get fired.  I walked in and did what I was paid to do then when I went to leave the room he grabbed my arm, not hard, but firm enough to stop me.  He told me that if I would meet him afterward for a private party at a hotel room he would make my Christmas.  He pulled out a roll of cash that made my pussy gush!

After my shift, I walked out the club and I was super tired.  I was going to tell him that I changed my mind, I just wanted to go home and sleep.  A car pulled up and the door opened, he was holding out a glass of champagne for me.  I smiled and got in.  I didn’t notice at first but there were more men in the car, not just the private dance guy.  He and I went into the Hotel first, then one by one the others came up and joined us.  I was already giving the first guy head when the second one walked in.  

Before long I was being fucked hard in the ass.  Not once did someone take advantage of my pussy, just my mouth, and ass.  After we were all done for the night my asshole was filled to the brim with cum, and I went home with a wad of cash that helped me get back into the pussy for the cash game.  Merry fucking Christmas to me!

Hot Stripper Sex Hadley

hot stripper sex

He had a fetish for blonde hot stripper sex. He paid by the hour knowing I could be the nastiest cum dump in record time. My little Sis came with me So she could learn the ropes. CUm ropes and more cum ropes that is. He wanted to be told my nasty slutkin history as he lubed my ass up with my sisters’ spit. I told him how my daddy would stick his dick in my mouth and feed me and my sister his cum for dinner. How my brother popped our cherries. I was fed coke at an early age and used a fake ID to start stripping before I was legal. My first taste of cum and coke made my trailer park whore ass life in motion. I would dance naked for cash high as hell and prostitute my ass on the side for more drug money!  Now here I am with my Little sister getting fucked hard and nasty while coked out of my mind. And of course, Big brother gets his share of the money! Who wants a piece of this ass?

Sloppy wet pussy gets stuffed

sloppy wet pussyI had no idea my sloppy wet pussy would pull in so much dough. I am happy to say it is funding all my drug habits and more. Everything has a price. Being a complete anal slut and cock and coke fiend is no small task. I think about the two day and night. My holes get filled day and night. The only thing I love more than coke is cum. My sweet as loves to be stretched like no other. I can even fist for your entertainment. Watch as I stretch my holes out right in front of you. I can see your cock practically pop out. I don’t mind you inviting all your friends. Let them in on this fun and I will make them each feel good.

Sloppy wet pussy full of cum

Sloppy wet pussyMy sloppy wet pussy is fuckin drenched from getting fucked all day long. I think my fuck buddy’s dick literally rearranged my insides last night, i’m so damn sore and tender! There are bite marks all over my fat tits, I look like I was attacked by a ravage beast. All these horny bastards wanna fuck my used up little cunt. I love squirting cum all inside of your mouth and then kissing you right after. Yummy, I taste so fucking delicious! Big ole’ dicks are my favorite and I handle them so well. You can tell that I have lots of practice and experience with sucking & fucking monster cocks. Nothing beats a good face fuck, hehe. I love when there are hands gripping around my neck & choking me out while i’m having sex. Look me in the eyes and fuck me while you watch the life leave my body as you then jolt me to bring me back to coherence!

Sleazy Crack Whore Anal Gangbang

You like things sleazy and you love to party then my crack whore anal gangbang parties are just your speed… and yes we have it all, speed, uppers weed and downers it’s all available thanks to my new live in dealer. He has the best BBC that has fucked my whore cunt and I couldn’t resist helping him out when he needed a crib to stay at while his place was under construction. My son has had a hell of a time listening and watching us fuck all the time and Dwayne invites all of his friends over to join in on our gangbang parties. My son watches and beats off while his filthy coke whore mommy takes loads of cum from many big black cocks and a few hispanic, whites, and Asians get in on the festivities. My place is the party place to be if you like getting fucked up and keep on fucking.

Crack whore anal

Hoe Hoe Hoe

gangbang whore

Being a gangbang whore is a lot of work. If I didn’t have my blow I would never keep up with all my men cumming and cumming. I have a certain reputation to uphold.  I have to make sure my pussy and ass hole are in tip-top shape. I need to be able to take it deep and hard always. I love being full of spunk and the only way to get it is by being fed line upon line of coke. My pussy gets sopping wet and I can be on that dick in less than 60 seconds. I meet my John and that dick is making me puke in just two minutes. I love being gagged till I puke down my tits by a huge cock who is paying me in cash and or coke!  Come on cum all see Hadley puke down her tits and use it for lube to titty fuck or ass fuck me.! I am the whore of whores slinging my ass and pussy for any who want a piece of Hadley’s sweet pussy pie! 

Hong Kong hung Cock

cum filled cunt  I have a cum filled cunt and I love it. But, last night when I got home from the club with this guy that wanted to come party with me, I was shook. I could not believe how fucking big his cock was. He was hung so big that I almost got scared. He took a selfie of me on the couch can you tell I was a little nervous? I have had huge cock before but, never this big. Details? Well, you will just have to call me so I can explain.  Anyways, I stripped naked and said: ” I need a few shots after seeing that shit” he laughed. Apparently, he has trouble finding women who enjoy it. Well, that’s where I come in. HAHA. I love a big cock to suck and take. I threw my shots back and spread my cunt for him to lick. His mouth game was on point. As soon as he started to open and stretch my pussy open I noticed it was going to take more work than the little we did. I had so much salvia and sucking all over his fat man hung cock. That, It was still going to take some work. I sat on top of him and I could feel myself opening the widest its ever been. I rode his fat huge cock like a champ and kept his cum deep inside me until he sucked it right out of me. My ass hole was net. The way it feels to enjoy a donkey dick is unexplainable.

White Trash Coke Whore

white trash phone sex

I guess being strung out at a high-class club was more fun than the owner wanted me to have. I was so high and drunk I was offering 5 dollar blowjobs to the men at the bar. I quickly explained that I stripped down at the Wild Cat and That I just wanted a quick pick me up so I could go back to my side of town. I was about to be tossed on my ass when A guy in a suit tapped the bouncer’s shoulder. Next thing this high whore knows she is riding A NBA Players cock with some important dude staring at me. I didn’t mind because that rock hard cock was huge. He had such strong black arms and his cock was 12 inches big. I was fed nose candy and fucked like the whore I am all night long. When He came up inside my cum slut slit and hooker ass hole he had his manager lick that BBC cream out of my cunt. They took turns cumming in my cunt and promised me the whole basketball team next time.  I promised free cover and VIP passes to my skanky club as long as I could have that BBC basketball player cum! I think that’s an even trade for a skanky coke whore, don’t you?

Trashy Milf BJ Parties Like A Coke Whore

Trashy Milf

Hey baby, yeah I am talking to you, bad boy that you are and you want some trashy milf action, don’t you?  Well I am so loaded right now and fucking hornier than a god damned teen on viagra. Fucking serious, I am so fucking horny when I get high like this that I have to revert to some taboo furry friends fun to get myself off and take the edge off with a squirting fucking orgasm. Cumming on that furry dick is so fucking hot especially when I take the little drug cocktail that I just took, god damn I need some fucking BBC cock in this stripper cunt and I need that BBC to fuck my son and make him suck it off.


Coked Out And Passed Around

gangbang whore

I am coked out and this gangbang whore is getting passed around. First My dealer called me up to see if I would be interested and spending the night with one of his suppliers. Only spending the night was a fuck fest of black cocks getting shoved into every hole I have. I am just a blonde white girl fuck toy to these men. Line after line and hole filled with cum after cum load. God, I love being Used! I’m a high fuck whore my pussy is filled up so much. Then my brother with his splendid fuck rod said if I didn’t get to the club I would lose my job. So here I am after like six sets and fucking three guys in the parking lot for some cash. This professional whore as I have been called has a cum filled pussy and is awake for at least a whole day more. SO hey who wants to cum, and cum with me oozing cum out of my twat and ass. Shit, There is cum dried in my hair, oh well.  Where did I put my new dildo? 

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