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Contest At The Club

Hot stripper sex

You know me, I’m all about that money.  Our club decided to have a wet t-shirt contest and I wanted in on it.  The rules were: In order to even participate you had to have 20 private shows by mid-night, you must of done two sets, you must of up-sold three bottles of a top brand champagne or whisky, and have had worked all your shifts the week before.  What did we get after doing all this and for winning the contest? Five thousand dollars and a three day vacation at a local hotel and spa.

You should of seen us girls working our asses off to get into that contest.  In the end only four of us made it in.  Out of the four I had the smallest tits, which I didn’t think was fair. lol  However, to win we had two minutes to do whatever we wanted on stage after our shirts were wet.  The first girl did this super sexy slow dance, it was actually beautiful, she ended the dance by french kissing this guy next to the stage.  I thought for sure that she would be disqualified, since no touching like that was allowed (at least not in the open).  Nope, not a word.  The second girl was good too, she pulled her wet shirt off and swung it over her head, which was stupid because it went flying out of her hand and wrapped around the pole.  We all laughed. 

I was next.  Like the first girl I decided that slow, sensual, and sexy was the way to go.  I pulled my bottoms off, exposing my pussy.  I got on the edge of the stage, laid back, then spread my legs wide.  I motioned for one of the guys to come over to me, he came close, I grabbed his head and put it between my legs, not enough for him to touch me, but close enough.  Then I quickly turned around, then pushed back against his face.  Just once, then I stood up, leaned over and shoved my panties into his mouth.

I didn’t win the contest, but I did get fucked by that guy and his buddies afterward at a nice Hotel.  I didn’t make as much as I would of had I won, but I did make a lot.  Plus, I had the added bonus of having my cunt, ass and stomach filled with cum.

Hardcore hadley In “LIL Harlem”

no taboo phone sex

This Slutty Druggy Bunny spent the last few nights in the ghetto. Lil Harlem as they call it. Cock, crack BBC and so much fucking cum. Fucking heaven if you ask me. The club has been calling and calling but I am having to much fun with all these drug slinging Negro men. Daddy would kill me if he knew I let a black cock anywhere near my body! But this whore loves to slurp and slurp a juicy veiny cock that hangs to a man’s knees. Hung Like Black man should be the phrase. My ass is numb and I am in the bathroom mirror watching cum drip down on the counter in front of the mirror. I haven’t had this much fun since I visited the KayNine Kennel club! Yes, I am a proud member of no limits Kaynine fucking! There was even a winner from the fight who got to fuck this whores pussy in lil Harlem last night.  Mutt claws digging into me while a negro dick fucked my tonsils. Fuck, They Must have given that pitty some of this good ass coke how hard he got inside me. I mean the handler who was helping the furry beast had a hard time keeping him on his leash! I guess my good ass and pussy isn’t just for Black dick anymore!

Stripper Slut

Freaky phone sex


I work at a strip club when I’m not out on the streets hustling. It’s a good way to make fast cash and it’s a lot of fun. You meet all sorts of horny guys who want to drop fat stacks of cash on you and you can get into any sort of debauchery you’re into if you go to the right place. The club I work at specializes in extra nasty girls. For the right price you can fuck us in the back room. Our girls are the dirtiest of them all and will cater to any fetish for money or drugs. I was giving a guy a lap dance and he had ran out of money when he pulled a baggy of special white powder out of his pocket and asked how much he could get for it. I told him whatever he wanted. I did a line of it and ditched the rest of my clothes. He had me lay down with my ass in the air and my cheeks spread. He poured little bit of coke out onto my exposed asshole and began to snort and lick it off. Once he had sucked up all the coke, he began to slip a few fingers inside of my ass and get me loosened up. Then he took the tip of his cock and began to work it in. He fucked my ass and shot a load of cream into it. I told him next time he comes back he just pay me in coke again and I’ll be his whore.

A Night Off

Gangbang whoreIt was supposed to be my night off.  All I wanted to do was go out with my girls.  Have some drinks, dance, have more drinks, you know, just have a great time and wake up with a hangover the next day.  You know what they say: What ho’s around, cums around.  My friends and I were at the bar, drinking shots when I hear someone; who is clearly drunk mind you; bellowing my name.  I was ignoring it, but my friends kept telling me that someone was calling me.  I told them that I was aware but just to ignore it.

I could hear them getting closer so I told the girls that I wanted to get bottle service and we made our way over to the roped off area of the club.  We sat down and waited for the server to come over.  Now I could see who was calling my name. It was one of my johns.  He was drunk off his ass, and he was waving a twenty dollar bill in the air.  My one friend asked me who the hell that was, I told her some guy from the club I work at.  My good friends know a lot about me, but they don’t know that I sell my shit on the street sometimes.

He was standing in front of the roped off area and yelling my name. One of the bouncers came over and said something to him.  I could see the john pointing at me, then he jabbed the bouncer in the chest with his finger.  The bouncer was staying calm, shaking his head no, but the guy was becoming more and more agitated.  The whole VIP section was now watching the interaction. My john grabbed the rope, and the bouncer grabbed his arm.  Then the john took a swing at the bouncer, which the bouncer easily avoided. 

The next thing we knew two other bouncers where behind him, they all picked him up and took him away. He was yelling something about me being a cunt, and how he had money for a blowjob. I just shrugged my shoulders and went back to drinking.  There were so many questions from my friends, but I pretended that I had no fucking clue what that whole thing was about. Within a few minutes, we were out dancing on the floor, and the whole matter had been forgotten.  However, I kept thinking about that twenty dollars and how easy it would be to just go outside and suck his cock and come back inside twenty dollars richer.

The Aftermath

Cum dumpster

New Year’s Eve was lit!!!!! I made so much damn money using all my fuck holes! The adrenaline kept me awake.  There was the biggest crowd at my job. I have never seen it like that.  I had some “business” cards made to pass out the customers so that if they wanted something beyond a lap dance they could contact me after I was done at the club.  My cell phone was blowing up!  

I had so many guys who wanted to fuck that I had to rent a hotel room and just give them times to show up.  I had to take yesterday off because I was so damn sore.  No lie, I spent most of the day yesterday drinking tea because I sucked so much cock that I couldn’t speak.  My jaw is still sore, it hurts to even eat.  My ass and pussy are still super tender and I was sitting on frozen veggies for hours yesterday, and even today off and on.

I am not sure how much cum I swallowed either.  It just kept coming.  One guy started to look like one another.  It was just a blur of cock.  I think word must have gotten around because when I looked back at how many guys I gave the room number to on my cell, way more than that amount showed up.  Maybe I can make this another little money making avenue.   

I will have to go tomorrow morning and deposit all this cash, there is a shit ton of it.  I am so happy!  I hope you got to fuck someone on New Years, and if not, you can always give me a call. 

New Year Resolutions

latina phone sex

I think New Year resolutions are a waste of fucking time. I suck at being good. One of the few things I am good at is trickery and Latina phone sex. I am also good at shooting a good porn scene. Other than that I am bad at love and terrible at telling the truth. I have stolen from my own grandfather to supply my high. I have gotten real close with my dealer and was invited to his New Year’s bash.

I was more than happy to attend. I knew he would supply plenty of party fun. There was going to be coke and cocks by the flocks. My resolutions this year is to be excellent at what I am already great at. I will keep being a party slut and getting high. I love the high feeling some good H gives me. I always think I have hit rock bottom but I’m proven wrong each time. I can’t wait to see what the New Year brings. I am going to get my sloppy wet cunt fucked by anyone with a pretty pill of a dollar bill. The party didn’t disappoint. I got so trashed I didn’t wake up till today.

Working My Way Though New Year’s Eve

Anal cum dumpster

New Year’s Eve is going to be fucking epic! It is one of the biggest money making nights of the year, not only at the club, but out on the streets too.  I guess nobody wants to be alone when that clock strikes twelve, or wants to start the new year alone, even if they have to pay for it.  I for one do not mind being alone at all.  It is the reason I get to make so much bank.  I couldn’t do the stuff I do if I had a boyfriend, they would just hold me back.

I went to our local Hustler store and bought a lot of new things to wear.  I like to change it up when I am working.  I also like to keep clean when I’m working.  I make sure my stuff is squeaky clean, it makes me more money in the end.  There are some guys though that do like a sloppy wet pussy, full of someone else’s cum, and have a used scent to it.  My regulars will drive by once and tell me they will be back in two hours or what have you so that I know not to wash up and they pay me a lot of money not to do so.

I hope you enjoy yours on New Year’s Eve, have some coke, have some booze, have some pussy/cock and just fucking party and forget about the bad shit for at least a little while.  Think of me at the club and in the alley helping make people a little less lonely and my bank account a lot fuller.

In like sin

hookers for hire

Hookers for hire that enjoy being cum slut are the best. I knew I was going to get fucked like a total slut bag. I had this guy who wanted the best escort ever. My natural big jugs and hot body drew him in. He was in like sin and prepared to use my holes for his entertainment. He paid top dollar for me and was going to use me in ever room of his house. I was the perfect escape from all his unwavering issues. His cock was hard and ready for hours. The coke we shared was top notch. I was going to make him forget about his bitch wife and everything else. The rough fucks I got from him was amazingly great. I could barely walk the next day. I was fucked in his pool his bed he shares with his wife even his offspring’s room. What a bad daddy.

BBC Loving Druggy Phone Sex Whore

My days of stripping may be over but I still have my place and role in working those poles. I work that nice long black nigger pole and love to have those BBC’s disappear in this mommy cunt. My son does me so well as he has become addicted to mommy’s whoring and drugging and it now turns him on. He is so fucking turned on by my talking dirty and fucking big cocks. He loves to get close and smell my sex juices on that long dipstick and really jerks that dick fast and hard shooting his load so quickly. I don’t think my son will ever get enough of my milf stripper cunt and the naughty ways I get off when I get high.

Druggy phone sex


Alley Way Pay Day

Hooker phone sex

On nights when I am not working the club for that bank, I take my sexy self out on the streets.  What can I say, I’m prone to addiction.  Not only am I a sex addict, a cum addict, but now I’m a money addict.  I can’t stop myself anymore from working the streets for cock and cash.  This is why I don’t do drugs anymore.  I don’t want to be some junked out tweeker fading in and out on a Trap House floor. Its not a good look for me.

I got ready and made my way downtown to work it.  I had only been out for about ten minutes when a car pulled over.  He already had his cock out and it was a nice one.  I got in the car and I pulled out my handiwipes. Don’t laugh, I need to wash that shit off, some of the guys come straight from work, or they were fucking another whore and I do not want the taste of some crack whore’s snatch in my mouth.  No thank you.  Most guys will ask what the fuck I am doing, but I just say you either let me clean that off or I’m getting out.  They usually allow me to do it.

I sucked on that motherfucker until he came in my mouth.  I happily swallowed, I always swallow.  Then the bastard wanted another blow job at a discount.  Like I’m having some sort of cock sucking sale.  I told him no, he didn’t like that I said no, but fuck him.  I got out of the car with my cash and ignored him. He was yelling at me from his car but I didn’t give a shit.  I was already talking to another guy.  Yes it is dangerous, and yes I could get hurt, but I don’t need to do this, I want to do it, and that means I don’t have to put up with the same shit the other girls out here have to put up with.

I made some really good coin that night, and I had a stomach, and cunt full of cum to take home.  It was a great night!

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