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Anal Cum Dumpster Petal Wants You

Anal Cum Dumpster

Guys love making me into their own personal anal cum dumpster. Anal seems to be what every guy wants from me. So at the club when I’m stripping, I love taking my nice tight ass and swaying it right in their face. They can’t help but imagine sliding into my asshole. Then when I have them to turned on and hard as a rock for me, I ask them to pay a little price and come to the back room and play with me. I love that being a stripper, there’s no need to be shy. Guys know I’m a whore and that I just want to get paid and fuck. So I don’t waste my time asking questions, I’m already naked and ready to go. I just have to rip their pants down and get that cock out. Then I bend over and grab my ankles, exposing my nice little tight asshole for them to fuck. Taking their hard cock, they pound my ass until then cum deep inside me, filling me up and watching it drip out onto the floor.

Hot Stripper Sex and a Car Wash

Hot stripper sexNow, you know that I love being naked whenever possible, almost as much as I love pretty lingerie. So, when a good friend of mine asked me to wash his car the other day while he took his other car to the shop for a tune-up and oil change, you KNOW I was doing that naked as fuck! The minute his car was gone, I was stripping and carrying all the supplies out, plus a blanket for me to sunbathe on when I finished. I tucked the blanket in the car, then got down to the washing. I didn’t hear him drive back up a few minutes later, so when his hands were suddenly on my naked body, it startled me. But, when he moved them around to grab a tit and a handful of pussy, I was done for. I leaned back into him, not even caring that I was getting his shirt wet. Eventually, I pulled the blanket back out of the car, and we used it. He fucked me bent over, doggy style, missionary, and everything in between, right there on his lawn! He fucked my pussy raw, and still kept going, til I was begging him to stop. And when he finally did, I had a pussy full of cum, and wasn’t sure how I was going to finish his car!

Cum Dumpster Party Whore BJ

Filthy cum dumpster whore BJ is always waiting for the next big fat cock to pump her cunt full of creamy thick jism. Let’s party hard and fuck even harder. I want my boy to watch as I take on as many BBC cocks as I manage to get over here to fuck me. I want to have my boy fuck my cum filled and stretched out cunt. I love having my boy getting down and cleaning my fuckholes really good with that dirty boy mouth of his.

You know I’m a druggy stripper bitch that is always on the look out for my next fix of a party and a good fuck. I really hope you need a filthy cum whore like me to unload with.

Cum Dumpster

Stripper Sex Stories From Petal

Stripper sex stories

My stripper sex stories just never end, I have so many. Every night I go to work at the club I meet dozens of guys who want to get off for me. I love it, taking their money and leading them to the back room where anything can happen. It’s supposed to be for private dances, but we all know I’m getting spread open the second we get inside. Guys just can’t help themselves. They come in and see the naked strippers walking around and their titties bouncing and hips swaying. Their cocks get hard the second they walk in the door. I have fucked so many different guys in one night, it’s hard to even keep track I’m such a dirty girl. Why should I deny it or try to hide it? If you are looking for a kinky stripper that will do anything to make you cum then I’m your girl. I love getting paid just for being sexy and willing, and trust me…I’m more than willing to do anything your dirty mind can imagine.

BBC Phone Sex and Stretching

He shot me a view of a whole wad of bills under his table after he’d spent almost my entire set tossing me $5s, 10s, and 20s. So, you know I was not about to disappoint this man. I went back in the same outfit I’d left the stage in after a quick touch-up of my makeup and a spritz for freshness. When I got into the VIP room they’d put him in, I found him completely naked already, and his massive fucking schlong was saluting the ceiling. I couldn’t remember when the last time was that I’d had such a big, beautiful black dick. He stripped me out of my outfit in no time, and started kissing and massaging my body. BBC phone sexThen, he lay down on the floor and told me that he was going to let me fit onto him so that he wouldn’t hurt me. Well, I straddled him and started to lower myself onto him, and boy was he right. He started stretching me out so much, I felt him all the way at my cervix, and he still wasn’t deep enough. So, I started forcing myself further and further down his dick, and I felt my body trying to adjust, even felt the popping of my organs and insides all being rearranged. Finally, he was as deep in me as I could get him. His hands wrapped around me, and he started driving that big dick home. He drove me over the edge, and kept right on going. He took his time with me, kept me fucking until the club closed, and even wanted to take me home. I made bank that night!!

Make Petal Your Anal Cum Dumpster

Anal Cum Dumpster

Guys make me into their anal cum dumpster all the time. Almost every night I go to work at the club and there is someone whispering in my ear that they want to fuck my tight ass. Kinky talk turns me so easily. So, I can never say no. One second I’ll be grinding on their cock, feeling them get hard for me. Then the next thing I know, my pussy is soaked hearing about how bad they want to blow their load in my asshole. The guy I fucked last night was no different. His cock was hard the second he saw my naked body walking his way. My nipples poking out of through my blonde hair, and my pussy freshly waxed and smooth as could be. I sat on his lap and felt his boner touch my leg. He paid me for a dance and I started grinding my hips against his dick. I let him rub his hands all over my tits and pussy. He started softly moaning in my eyes, making my pussy tingle. He asked me if we could have some extra fun in the back and I led the way. When we got back there, he bent me over and rammed his cock up my ass. He made me into his slutty little cum dumpster. Letting his load fill me up and drip out of me.

Come Get Petal’s Cum Filled Cunt

Cum Filled Cunt

I love having a cum filled cunt and being a stripper gives me lots of opportunities to get a creampie. Every guy that comes in is looking to fulfill their fantasy of having sex with a hot stripper. I’m always willing, my cunt is always wet, and I love to be filled with loads of cum. Sometimes, I don’t even tell guys that I just took a load while I’m grinding my pussy in their face during a lap dance. I love feeling like a naughty little slut. Then I take their money and their load in the back room. My cum filled cunt is never satisfied. I need several orgasms a night to be happy. So, I take as many cocks as I can and let them fill me up. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take your money shot to face, tits, in my ass. Wherever is alright with me. But, there’s something about having my pussy filled with that warm goodness that makes me squirt. I get wet just thinking about having a cock explode inside me.

I Love To Tell My BBC Sex Stories

BBC Sex Stories

I love sharing my BBC sex stories. Every time I’m working in the club and I see this black guy come in, I make sure I walk over to his table and introduce myself. I’m always hungry for those monster dicks they have. Looking down and seeing their dick stretch me out makes me go crazy. The other night I was working at the strip club, and a guy walked in who I knew was packing a huge one. So, of course, I made my way over to him and stood there completely naked, letting him check out my tight young body. I could tell he liked what he saw so I invited him into the back room, my favorite place to take the naughty boys I want to fuck. When we got back there he wiped his cock out and I wasn’t disappointed. I knew that this was going to be one of my new favorite BBC sex stories. He had me grab the back of the chair that was meant for his private dance and he rammed that massive piece of man meat into my little fuck hole. He didn’t try to be gentle at all. I could tell he loved watching his huge cock stretch out tiny girls like me. He pounded me until he was ready to cum and then I got my knees and rubbed my clit, cumming while he shot his creamy load all over my face and tits. When I went to give the next guy his lap dance, I could still feel a little bit of his cum in my hair.

Petal Is A Naughty Creampie Slut

Creampie Slut

A guy I met at the club the other night made me into his little creampie slut. He paid for me do to give him a lap dance and I could feel him getting hard for me. I kept grinding my ass on him and he kept growing inside his jeans. I whispered in his ear that for some extra cash we could go into the back room and have some real fun. He agreed and I led him back to where we could have some more privacy. He stripped me down and bent me over. I grabbed my ankles and he started licking my ass and pussy. He was eager to make me his creampie slut. After I was nice and wet for him he dropped his pants and put his cock inside me. He slammed my hips back on his cock until he exploded that creamy goodness into my tight fuck hole.

Piss And Cock My Lucky Day

Pissing sexThis is Shane. He is a friend of my son. In this picture he is pissing on the floor. So I could roll around in it like a doggy. Then after I was done rolling around in it. I got his cock. And Shane has a nice fucking cock.  Shane has been fucking me for years.  But recently just has started pissing on me and in my holes.  I love being pissed on or in. Then getting me some nice cock to chase the piss down with.  These young bucks are great too.  They may cum fast but get their cocks rock hard again and again.  Shane this great boy here.  Can fuck for hours and now in between fucks wants to piss on me or in one of my holes. I am such a lucky hoe!

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