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I am an Anal Sex Whore for the Right Price

Anal Sex WhoreThe club doesn’t know but I take a lot and I mean a lot of clients off the books. I have this one client that has a massive big black dick that he likes to stick right in my tight little asshole. But he isn’t satisfied with just me, he always wants me to bring a friend. He pays well so I never have any trouble finding a helper. I have been crushing on this new girl so I thought I would bring her along. We met up with him and his huge cock at a hotel. We smoked some meth and drank all the alcohol from the mini bar. Feeling fine and horny we undressed this fine man. I could tell even she was impressed with his giant manhood. We played hard, licking and caressing each other until we were a tangled mess. Then he moved us to the balcony and laid me on the lounge. He lifted my beautiful legs and I spread my ass cheeks for his entry. He used his pre cum as lube and stuck that giant beast right in. Not wanting to be left out my friend gave my pussy some attention. While he fucked me hard in the ass, she licked my clit until I was squirting from my pussy. That was too much for him and he quickly filled my asshole with his cum. We smoked some more meth and collected our money and left. She licked my pussy so fine I think I will include her next time he calls for his anal sex whore Deanna.

Fucking in the Private Room

Dirty Phone SexI do love being a stripper and I do love making men’s eyes roll back with pleasure. I love hearing them moan. The loader they moan the harder I try. So one night I was in the private room with this guy. I did the typical lap dance and brushing my breasts against his face. As soon as he started moaning, I was feeling the need to fuck. So, I removed his pants and took that dick right in my mouth. I gave him a great throat fuck and he came all over my face. I then stuck my cum covered tongue deep in his mouth, kissing him hard, bringing that dick to upright position. I removed my panties and hopped right on that hard cock. I rode that cock hard, bouncing up and down bringing him pleasure. I stuck my big titties in his mouth, and he started sucking my nipples to my delight. I rode that cock until I could feel it start to swell. I then got off, laid in the floor with my legs spread wide and directed him to mount me. I guided that nice hard cock right into my juicy, wet, bald pussy and he pounded away as I wrapped my legs around his back. We fucked so hard that we both came at the same time, leaving a cum puddle underneath me. I felt so much better, now on to the next.

My Juicy pussy

Hooker phone sexIt’s no secret that I like to feel a nice hard white cock inside all of my fuck holes. I even enjoy more than one cock inside of me at one time. I like one nice big ol dick inside of my pussy and one nice big ol dick inside of my ass. I am the hottest slut on the track. When I go out and sale this cunt all the john’s practically run me down to get this piece of ass. I let them fuck me raw and nasty with no limitations. I plan on fucking at least 20 guys in about two hours max. I keep my pussy so tight they cum in less than 5 minutes. You should come a try this black ass and cunt. I will squeeze your dick so hard with my pussy muscles you can not help but to cum.


Being the Bachelor Party Treat

Hookers for HireSo, I go to this bachelor party looking for some extra cash. They always come extra horny, loaded with cash and looking for some strange. I wear my sexy black lingerie, position myself outside a bedroom door and wait. In no time these fools start lining up. I will happily take their money and show them a good time. One by one they enter the room and I please those horny cocks. I am an expert cock pleaser. I take those cocks and lick them from balls to head. I gently kiss those balls and the head like they have never been kissed. I open my mouth and take them completely down my throat allowing them to fuck my throat as hard as they like, with special attention given with my tongue. My tight little asshole is sure to please, and I enjoy backing my ass right up to them and giving them the best ass sex, they have ever had. My pussy is like a slice of heaven. They enter my slick bald pussy and fuck me so well. I wrap my pussy muscles around their dick bringing them to climax in no time. I will even stick my tongue in their assholes for the right price. After hours of fucking I look at all my cash and realize I was the real winner at this party. I make sure these guys have my number when I leave in case, they would like to schedule another good time with me.

Gangbang whore

Gangbang whore

I am just the sluttiest little cum whore you can ever find on the hoe stroll. I got offered $1000 to fuck a whole band of rock stars. Of course I agreed.  Next thing I knew my ass was in the air and I had one cock in my mouth, one cock in my pussy and even one more cock in my asshole all at the same time. It felt so fucking good to have all those cocks inside of me. All I wanted was to make those cocks cum all over this smooth black young body of mine. I got gangbanged right inside of a warehouse. When those band members were about to cum I opened my mouth really wide. They shot their cum all over the place. I was covered in it. I want to be covered in your cum. Shoot it all over this body baby.

Biker Bar Gangbang Whore

gangbang whore

I love being a stripper, I get lots of cock and coke in the back rooms, but sometimes a gangbang whore must be true to her roots! Biker bars are full of hot sweaty dirty men who love to tear a blonde bimbos holes apart. Straight from the streets in my fishnet tights and stripper heels. I was weaving and needing the amount of cock only found readily available at a dirty biker bar. Hands groped me and pool games stopped as ten men surrounding me. I was slapped to the floor. “Hadley, how is our favorite stupid slut?” Groped as cocks came out and I asked for the biggest rail of coke as my skirt was hiked up. “My no pantie whore, as always!” I did my line of coke off the side of the pool table as the first sweaty cock entered me. I enjoyed being used that the stupid whore I am. Every Man needs a gangbang slut once in a while!

Selling My Throat for $100 a Blow Job

Hot Stripper SexAs the holidays are coming up my services are more in demand. Everyone wants a stripper at their parties. Saturday, I went to an office party for a bunch of bankers. They tend to be old, rich, cheap white dudes so I was not looking to make extra cash that night. But boy was I surprised. After giving lap dances to some of the guys and collecting the dollars they put in my G-string, a very nice-looking older gentleman approached me asking for a private session. He put out a $100 and asked for 30 minutes of my time. Hell, yes, I said. We went to another office and I had him sit in the chair and I gave him his own personal lap dance, rubbed my nice big tits across his face and straddled him. I could feel his cock getting hard and was pleasantly surprised at the size I was feeling. I was getting horny and generous as he was sweet. So, I unleashed that nice old guys dick and gave him a mind-blowing blow job. I licked his balls until I could feel them swell, I stroked that hard dick and licked it from base to head. I played with the head with my tongue and finally took his entire dick right down my throat till it was totally in my mouth and throat. By his reaction I could tell he wasn’t getting this type of dick service at home. I could see and hear the pleasure this man was getting so I took it deep and hard while playing with his asshole. Within minutes that old guy was blowing his load all down my throat. His eyes were bright as he cheerfully handed me another $100.00. He basically skipped out of the room. I sure hope he tells his friends to come on back. I will gladly sell my mouth for $100.00 a throat fucking. Soon enough there was a line out the door. I think this might be my most lucrative party of the season.

Anal Cum Dumpster Freak

anal cum dumpster

My ass was meant to be gaped and ruined from the start. I only wanted to be fucked so hard by the men who paid money for my ass. But my ass and piss soon became the star of the show. My drug-addled state couldn’t say no as the coke and bowls of go-go juice were passed to me. The piss in my mouth made it easier to suck the cum down into my belly. My ass was fingered and my throat full as I was pissed all over. I had a blast as I got cum blasted! I was so high that I didn’t mind the recording of me being the biggest slut in town! My pussy and ass are so raw, but I love being a piss and ass whore for you and all your friends. Nothing like a blonde bimbo being the dirty whore your cock needs.

Stripper By Night

hot stripper sex

One of my fondest things of being a dancer is the hot stripper sex! The night club is like my own personal hunting ground. I love picking out the crème de la crème when it comes to the high paying customers. I truly learned how to hone in on my instincts when it comes to sniffing out the true sexual alphas.

See the thing about fucking a stripper is that the sex is barbaric, animalistic and just fucking raw! I’m not concerned with acting like a whore because we both know that I am one. You wanted to fuck me because you knew you could unleash your true nature on my slutty body. The way you manhandled me the other night still has my little cunt dripping wet as the flashbacks keep popping into my mind. And every night I’ve gone to work ever since, I keep picturing your face in the crowd of men staring up at me while I dance. I keep hoping you’ll come back in and fuck me like no other man has fucked me before.

Please tell me you’ll be coming back soon. I can’t get your cock, your smell and your words out of my filthy mind.


Hot Stripper Sex Kinky Milf BJ

Sometimes you just have to let loose and go with some hot stripper sex for the real dirty fun. I’m a retired stripper that has been stripping and prostituting since I was a young teen. I knew no other way to make a living and had big beautiful fake tits by the time I turned legal. A trashy milf of the trailer park and a crack whore prostitute is what life dealt me and I live it up and make the best of it. It’s in my genes to be a whore, and I raise my son around my lifestyle without shame. He has greatly benefited from it even. From his young days of accompanying mommy to the strip clubs where he hung out with the other strippers and they had so much fun playing with him and he loved the attention. He didn’t mind being a little toy to their affections and made into a dress up dolly. The girls made him pretty and into their own little slave doll. He was a cuckold before he even realized what sex was. He was servicing stripper cunts and assholes and suck big black cocks from a ripe young age. It’s no wonder he is such a dirty boy for his mama and a great fucking cocksucking Sissy.

Hot Stripper Sex

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