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Trailer Trash Whore Needs Fire Put Out

trailer trash whore

This trailer trash whore was doing line after line of coke and my pussy was hot and I needed it quenched. I had done a hot firefighter striptease and being high I got an Idea. I pulled the fire alarm and the next thing I knew 10 firemen in two big firetrucks were at the club. Nobody knew what I had done but as soon as the prank was discovered I lured in a couple (Or 4) of those sexy firefighter studs to the back room because my lust was burning hot! I told them the only thing that could help me was buckets of cum all over my body and deep in my throat. You know those fire-boys can’t resist a damsel in distress! I took all those cocks down my throat. I had two in my hands one between my huge fake stripper tits and two battling for my throat. DId I say four? I meant five firefighters giving me huge buckets of cum to guzzle and eat for hours. Such a shame they had to leave but I know they will be back! I want to play with your firehose baby cum play,

Trailer Trash Whore Beverly

trailer trash whoreTrailer trash whore Beverly is my nickname around town. It don’t mind me none. I like being known as the dirty fuck slut of Florida. No matter where I go, people know me. Word gets around fast in a small Florida town. I crashed a party last night.  I was in the good part of town and heard music and saw the cars. I knew what was going on. I know the signs of a party. No one turns down a woman at a party. Even though I wasn’t on the guest list, I walked right into the house. It was a mansion. All the trailers in my trailer park could have fit in there. The security dude thought I was the stripper. The party needed me. It looked boring as fuck. It was boring as fuck until I got on top of the bar and stripped. That stuffy old money party needed me. Suddenly, all eyes were on me. Some looked on in shock, some in awe and a few in dismay. Some of the old broads didn’t want me there, but when old dicks started getting hard, I knew I wasn’t leaving. I passed around blow because it is the next best thing to Viagra for getting old dicks hard. Next thing I knew, I was a gangbang whore at some old money party on the good side of town. I don’t normally crash a geriatric party, but I didn’t know it was a bunch of old folks partying. I put the party in their party. It was a dud until I brought the pussy and the coke.

Stripper Sex Stories Make You Hard

Stripper sex stories

The other night working the club this young man came in and was really quite striking with his dark hair and blue eyes and really became quite the topic for my stripper sex stories. I caught a glimpse of him coming in and before any of the other tramps could make a move on him I got my dibs. I gave him quite the special treatment and no idea why I felt the need to do such, but I did it anyway. I gave him a visit to the VIP room with me where I gave him a personal show and lapdance. I wasn’t going to leave it at that and led him back into a private room of mine and really got to work of this young excited man. He wanted to tell me something but i wasn’t having it and just planted a kiss on his mouth as I lowered my stripper cunt on his cock. As he spilled his load deep in my pussy he blurted out that he was my son that I had put up for adoption twenty one years ago. Don’t ask me why but that turned me on even more and I took him home with me just like the trashy milf I am.

Creampie slut at work

creampie slut

I started working at this bar downtown. All the workers are men, and I am the only big tit slut around. Right before break I always tend to slip to the back room and get real acquainted with all my new co-workers. I like variety and being able to be a cum slut daily is the dream for me. I am not going to pretend I am classy. I maybe lovely on the eyes but I am genuinely a sick fuck and love rough sex booze rock and roll and lots of drugs. I am always high and wasted and wanting to be explored. I welcome anyone wanting to fuck to get close to me. I can satisfy all your needs and make you release a nice big shot of cum. I am a perfect creampie slut after all.

Dirty Phone Sex Weekend

dirty phone sexI had a dirty phone sex weekend. It is no secret that when I get high, I get freaky. Same for my offspring. It was a girl’s weekend. My husband took the boys to Vegas for the weekend. Even though none of my boys are old enough to drink, when you have money like my husband, you can get your sons into the casinos and strip clubs and get them hookers. My daughters and I hired a male stripper. The boys were not going to be the only ones having fun.  I did my research to make sure the stripper was straight. Many are gay. Not that there is anything wrong with being gay, but I wanted my girls to have some sexy stripper cock and gay stripper cock won’t get hard for a group of girls, no matter how hot we are. When Max arrived, he was even better than his pictures. He partied with us and that’s where things got freaky. Before he fucked us all, he pissed on us. It was his thing and we were in so much lust with his 10-inch cock and rock hard abs, we would not have said no to any request. Whatever floats your boat, especially if it is a big boat. His fire hose shot out piss before cum. We were doused in his hot piss. For a couple hours, me and my daughters were his pissing sex whores. He pissed on us and had us pissing on one another. We were all coked up, except for the very young ones. After some water sports fun, we all got his massive cock. My older daughters and I fucked him, and the young ones sucked his fat dick. I just wanted my daughters to know that its not only the boys that get have dirty sinful fun. What happens in Santa Barbara stays in Santa Barbara!

Erotic city

cum filled cunt

Cum filled cunt is what I love having. I spent a crazy week in the erotic city. It was Sin City to be exact. I made me to north vegas where I worked a few of the brothels just for kicks and giggles. I enjoyed all the fun that was coming my way. You only live once so make it count. That has always been my mindset. I have never had a bad day after fucking. So I never stop. I make it my mission to get boned and used all kinds of men. As long as you have a working dick and can deliver a cum shot you are golden. I had about twenty different men in that period. I even had some public sex. I surely was being a whore in broad daylight. I was breaking the rules and having fun. Hooking is legal in Nevada but hooking in public isn’t. I don’t follow the rules so I had some of the johns use me in the park. I could be care less if families would see me. I was so horny and high; I loved extra pairs of eyes. My asshole was sore, and my cunt was aching, but I still wanted more.  I solidified my status as a complete slut, and I wear that title proudly. I am a real anal sex whore for life.

anal sex whore

Big natural tits

Dirty phone sex

My tits are my best asset. They’re big and totally natural, and men love to play with them and suck on them. My nipples are so sensitive too, My pussy can get soaking wet just from having my tits sucked on and rubbed.

I strip at a club on weekends and I was giving this guy a lap dance and jiggling my tits in his face when he told me he would slip him an extra $100 if I let him suck on my tits while he jacks off. We went into the back room and he sucked on my nipples and squeezed my big tits while stroking his cock. He didn’t even want to fuck me, he just wanted to get up close and personal with these huge tits of mine. I let him cum on my tits and he coated them with a nice layer of sticky jizz.

Hot Stripper Sex Story

hot stripper sexI have a hot stripper sex story to tell you. I was hired to be the stripper at a boy’s birthday party. Not a man’s party, but a boy’s party. His daddy hired me. It was not a big party. Just his dad, a few of dad’s friends, his older brother and a few school friends. The dad is friends with my husband and knows what kind of lifestyle I lead. I am happy to strip for any young boy. Buying hookers for their sons is a right of passage in wealthy families. It is not common knowledge, or talked about in polite society, but I have been a hired trashy milf before to turn a boy into a man. It is always hot for me to be a boy’s first pussy. I like ruining boys for girls their own age. I did a sexy striptease for the lads and their jaws all dropped. None of them had seen a sexy bitch like me naked before. Well, not naked in real life, just on Internet porn. I fucked the birthday boy first, but when he was done, I did his friends and made the adult men get the sloppy seconds. They didn’t mind. I could have a gallon of spunk inside me and no man passes on this pussy. This birthday party must be one of the best I have ever attended. I came home to my family a sloppy cum mess.

Strip Club Chub

Hot stripper sex

It never fails. We have a guy who shows up at the strip club every fucking day.  It wouldn’t be so bad if he bought lap dances, or a bottle every now and then, but he doesn’t.  He gets super drunk then wants you to grind on his lap for free.  We do talk to him, because we are made too, but if it wasn’t for the management making us, nobody would.  He spends tons of money on drinks, but not on ass. 

I was doing my set when I saw him come in.  Have you ever had someone in your life that the minute they walk into a room all the fun gets sucked right out?  That good feeling is then placed with dread and despair? Yeah, that’s Charlie.  You could almost hear us all groan over the music.  It was my turn to be grabbed over and over again by him.  He sat in my section.  I was not pleased.  I plastered on a smile and made my rounds.  I was pleasant, but I didn’t linger. 

Another thing about Charlie? He will get a hard on, then try to put your hand on it.  There have been more than one time that one of the bouncers have had to go over and speak to him.  We all wish he would be banned.  Then something amazing happened.  He told one of the bouncers that he wanted a lap dance.  With two of us girls.  Me and Sharon.  To say we were both shocked is an understatement.

We made our way up to the Private room he is was in, and he was smiling like crazy.  We both started our dance for him.  We aren’t allowed to make out with the clients, but we can touch each other.  Sharon started to kiss on my tits and Charlie instantly got hard.  He kept begging us to jack him off, but we both told him no.  It was against the club rules.  Her and I kept it up, then I guess he couldn’t take it anymore, he whipped out his dick and Sharon and I died laughing.

He had something other than his dick stuffed into his briefs, it was like some sort of rolled up material to make him look bigger.  His dick was so tiny!  In the low lighting I thought I was just not seeing it, but turns out there really isn’t anything to see.  Her and I laughed so hard she peed.  Charlie was so embarrassed, he stuffed his bean back inside his briefs and stormed out.  He actually left the club!  Our manager asked us what happened and we told him, he laughed too.  It has been days since Charlie has been in.  We are really hoping that he stays away, if we had known all it took was us laughing at his itty bitty dicklett, we would of done it a long time ago.

Got Something For Ya Sugar

Anal sex whoreDepending upon whether or not you read my blog you will remember my one neighbor whose son I ‘flirted’ with around October of last year.  He decided to pay me a visit.  At first I didn’t answer my door.  I wasn’t expecting anyone, I hadn’t ordered anything, and I just don’t like people all that much to leave my seat to get up to see who is there.  Then  I heard him call my name.  I still didn’t know who it was by voice alone but now I was curious.  I went to the door and saw it was him but he wasn’t alone.

I opened it and he asked if he could come in, the other guy was his step-brother.  I thought his Mother had sent him down there to complain about something.  I asked them if they wanted a beer and they said yes.  I told them to have a seat.  When I got back they had their coats off.  I asked them what they wanted.  They were supposed to go into his Mother’s house to feed her cat while she was away, but the dumb bitch didn’t leave a key for them and she removed the one she had hidden outside.  This upset me because that poor animal is without food or water.  I hope it eats her when she gets back.

We chatted for a few minutes then his Step-Brother asked me what I did so I told him.  He almost spat his beer out.  He looked at me and said, “No fucking way.”  I said, “Yes way.”  I went into my bedroom and pulled out of some of my stripper clothing, then I showed them this site that I am on, then I showed them the clothing I wear when go on the street.  He then asked me how much I charge for certain things, so I told him.  He took out his wallet and asked me if we could have some fun.  I never do “dates” at my house, but since he was giving me some good money I took him into my bedroom.

I guess the sounds where getting to his step-brother because all of a sudden I had another dick to take care of.  I stopped everything and made him pay first.  They both came in my ass, not just once, but twice before they left.  Now I am here with a ass full of cum and it’s your job to clean it up.  I am waiting!

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