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We were hookers for hire!

hookers for hireMe and my friend got real fuckin wasted last night and decided to be hookers for hire! We needed more money to keep the party going so we just got dressed in these real slutty outfits and took a bunch of skanky pics and posted them online and within 10 minutes we had our first offer! This guy was old and his dick only half worked but he had money and party favors so who cares right? We sucked and fucked that half hard chub for a few hours just to stay fucked up! After he left tho, we got the best offer. This group of black guys wanted to make us their whores and they were bringing drugs and cash so we were all about it. They had us begging for mercy! Their cocks were huge and their drugs were the best, I was about to sign my life away to them if only they would keep handing em out! Honestly, it was the best night ever!

Blonde Fucking Whore Plowed Hard!

Blonde fuckingHe called and asked me to come over and help him out, as his tuneup was taking longer than he’d planned. Now, I’m not particularly mechanically inclined, so I figured he was just going to use me to grab tools and bottles and what have you. I got there and walked into his workshop expecting him to be under his car or something. So, imagine my surprise when I found him completely naked next to his tool box. He walked over to me and kissed me hard and deep, pulling my dress up and off in one motion. Now, if you know me, you know that I rarely wear panties, and the dress I was wearing bolsters my girls without a bra, so I had no bra on, either. The grin on his face was intoxicating. He turned me around and bent me over the inactive shop fan, ran his fingers over my ass cheek and then down between my legs. His fingers dipped into my cunt, and found my g spot right away, and he drove me crazy! By the time he was done fingering me, I was begging him to just fuck me. My pussy was aching, and he was enjoying my insanity at his own hands! When he finally penetrated, I was revved up and ready to go. So, when his dick ran over my g spot, I started cumming immediately, and he didn’t let me stop cumming for at least an hour. He kept fucking up into me and driving my body to peak over and over. And, when he finally came in me, he had a load like I’ve never seen!

BBC Phone Sex Cum Slut

There is nothing that gets me off quite like BBC phone sex. When he told me that he had a huge cock, I almost didn’t believe him. So, when he pulled his semi-hard cock out, and I saw how long and thick it was, I was immediately hungry for that dick! I sank to my knees and wrapped my mouth around him, swallowing him straight down. BBC phone sexI sucked that dick good and hard, making sure he was as stiff as I was going to make him with my mouth. His balls got so full and so big! It was all I could do to keep from jumping his bones right there. Instead, I lay back on the couch and spread my legs up and wide. When his head finally started to stretch my cunt, I was in heaven. He filled my pussy completely up, pushing against my cervix every thrust. His delicious cock made me cum so hard that I shuddered, and when he exploded into me, I came all over again!

Hot Stripper Sex Makes Him Cum

hot stripper sex

This guy was looking for some hot stripper sex. He had heard from his friend that if he asked for a lap dance from a slutty girl named Petal at the strip club in town that she would get your cock off for you. So he came in and asked for me. I started giving him his lap dance and rubbing ass all over his cock. I could feel him getting hard for me and that was when he asked if we could go have some real fun in the back. I took him by the hand and led him to the room where we could have some naughty and kinky play time together. I got down on my knees and sucked his cock until he was about to explode. Then I bent over and grabbed my ankles. My ass and pussy were wide open for him to stuff his cock into and I told him to take his pick of what hole he would like to dump his cum into. He chose my ass and gave me and nice pounding in my tight little asshole until he filled up with his cum.

Hot Stripper Sex Any Way You Want

hot stripper sex

Every guy has a fantasy about getting some hot stripper sex when they go out to the strip club. Finding that slutty stripper that’s going to let them do anything they want to them is what gets their cock rock hard and ready to fuck. When they whisper my ear and ask if they can take me home with them I giggle and tell them that my pussy isn’t free but it can definitely be theirs for the right price. It gets me so fucking wet to know that I can get paid for my pussy. When I’m getting fucked and knowing that I’m getting paid to cum all over a nice hard cock my pussy fucking gushes. Guys love it too, getting an easy fuck from a sexy teen stripper. They love watching my tits while I bounce up and down on their cock, riding them until they explode their cum inside my pussy.

Hard Fucking Hooker

Hooker Phone SexI have been a whore my whole life.  My Daddy used me when I was a kid and would sell me to the neighbors for a pack of smokes so I learned pretty early that sex is money.  I still sell my body, but I do it on my terms.  I work as a stripper and call girl in Hollywood, so I run into my share of let’s say interesting clients.  I love them all.  They make my life exciting and I get to fuck lots of guys and make lots of money. We usually party before they get what they paid for.  Those Hollywood types love their drugs.  I have partied with more than my share of actors but I’m not one to name names.  One of the kinkiest things that ever happened to me was a John, who is a pretty famous guy wanted me to fuck his Furry Friend in front of a room of his buddies.  He offered me a lot of money to do it.  I think they thought I would be chicken shit, but I took a couple of bumps and pulled down my pants and let that fucking 4 legged beast have my ass. It was awesome!  I have been thinking about getting a furry companion of my own.  (Wink Wink)

Cum Guzzling Slut Drinks You Up

Cum Guzzling Slut

I’m a cum guzzling slut and everyone knows it. I’m a stripper, and all the girls I work with fuck the guys that come in. But they all know how much I love cum. Most of them will hook up with the men that come into our club because they just want their money. But I want their cum. Getting paid for my pussy does turn me on and make me feel like such naughty whore. But what really makes my little bald cunt gush, is sucking down cock after cock and drinking up every last drop of their warm creamy load. I love having the taste of cum lingering on my tongue. When I go out to find the next guy that I can suck down my throat I feel so kinky and dirty knowing that I just drank up another guys load in the back. I just can’t get enough cum! Don’t you want to watch me suck you off and drink up your cum too?

Hot Stripper Sex With Kinky Petal

Hot Stripper Sex

I love giving out some hot stripper sex to guys that come into my club. They walk in and see tits, ass, and pussy in their face and they get instantly hard. They can’t help themselves but want to stuff their cock into a stripper’s wet pussy. We’re all more than willing, it’s practically in our job description to fuck the horny old men that come in. It’s the older guys that fuck the best too. They take their time with it, letting you suck their cock while they lick your pussy. They make sure that you cum in their mouth or all over their cock before they dump their load in you. I love getting fucked by guys that are much older than me. They are obsessed with my tight young body and my tiny bald wet cunt. They want to rub their hands all over my perky tits and I love it. I love knowing how bad they want me and how bad they need to stuff their cock into my young pussy.

Trashy Milf – Halloween Treats

Trashy milfFor Halloween, baby girl decided to be a fairy. I took her out to the community Halloween event this past weekend, and we were walking around, getting candy and enjoying the festivities. Toward the far end of the get-together, there was a big, black van, one of those ones that parents are always warning their kids about. The guy at this van had the back 2 doors open and was dressed as the ghoul from Scream. When baby girl walked up to him holding her bag open with her short little skirt, her pretty little bra, and not much else on, I could see that we had definite interest. He invited her inside, and I quickly followed. He sat down on a chair that seemed to be bolted to the floor, and pulled her into his lap. His hands worked their way up and down her thighs as he asked her questions about her costume and what kinds of candy she really liked. When his hand went far enough up her skirt and he felt that she had no panties on, he was done. His dick was hard enough for baby girl to notice, and she started grinding on him hard. I reached in between them, undid his pants, and guided him up to baby girl’s little cunt, letting him push his way into her. I sat back and started to rub one out as I watched him fuck the shit out of my little girl!

Gangbang Whore Petal Loves Cum

Gangbang whore

I love being a gangbang whore. Groups of guys are always coming into the strip club I work at looking to make one of us teen strippers into their cum dumpster for the night. I’m always more than happy to be the one that goes into the back and lets them all have their way with me. Getting all three of my tiny fuck holes filled with a nice thick cock makes me cum so fucking hard. I love feeling used up like a trashy little whore. I love when guys want to make me into a little fuck toy for their pleasure. They can fill me with their cum in any hole they want. My ass, mouth, and pussy love to take hot creamy loads. I love to get fucked and pounded by massive cocks while I watch all their friends jack off around us. Cum showers are one my favorite things. I just want to be filled and covered with cum like a good little whore.

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