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White Trash Piss Queen Young Mommy

white trash phone sex

This white trash young mommy was running some errands and ran into E, my dealer. You know the usual, milk, diapers a quick blow job for a little nose candy. Now I had been skirting E for about a week, I owed him money and hadn’t been on the pole in a few days. E pulled hi Cadillac right in front of me and got out and asked me where my whore ass was going. He noticed my brats were with me and told me that wasn’t going to stop him from making good on his money. He pulled my girl out of the back seat and told me to follow him. The drug house was quiet as I tagged along dragging my son with me. I begged for an extension and figured if he wanted his dick sucked or to let some men fuck me I would be free and clear of my debt. He pulled his dick out in front of my brats and told me it wasn’t going to be that easy as he let loose a hot stream of piss on my face and finished pissing on my little girls face. He told me he didn’t want me to suck his dick, rather he wanted my girl to learn how to suck a big nigger cock. Her mouth is so small but she tried her best for mommy and right in front of my son my daughter and I got a cum load to our face. He informed my whore ass that I had 24 hours to get his money or I would be the drug house toilet this weekend. I better get my ass twerking and fucking!

How This Milf Gangbang Whore likes it

gangbabg whore

You know how you wake up and need to go to the store to by diapers and you remember you spent all your tips on blow the night before? Oh Well, that seems to happen a lot to this gangbang whore. I called my brother up and asked him if he could spot me a twenty until tonight. He laughed at me and called me a worthless dumb bitch. He said he would be over but I would pay him back directly. I didn’t mind I love my brothers cock. Plus I knew he would be holding some blow. Of course, he wanted me to fuck him after he threw the pack of Huggies at me. I offered to go in the back room with him but he to fuck me in the front room. I sucked him off right in front of my little ones and got on top. I was working his shaft as I asked if he had blow on him. He made me slap my tits and say what a worthless stupid whore I was. I was yelling that I was a cum dumpster slut so loud my neighbors probably heard. I degraded myself and fucked in front of my brats and all that mother fucker gave me was a single line of coke. He looked at my little and said I better up my game if I want to keep in drugs and money.


Hot stripper sex

hot stripper phone sex

I absolutely love dressing like a little whore and shaking my ass for some cash.Becoming a dancer was the perfect gig for me. Last night I had my eyes set on you the moment you walked up to my stage.There was nothing hotter than watching your dick grow in your pants while I danced for you. I would slide up and down the pole and grind on it as I stared at you. I knew how bad I was teasing you. I gathered up all the cash you were throwing at me and left the stage. I found out that you bought a private dance. I took you to the room and you pulled it out. Once I saw the size of your monster cock, I wanted to ride it just as bad as you wanted me to. I gave you an extra special dance. I pulled my panties to the side and let you slide your fat dick inside as I swirled my hips around on you. The dance didn’t last the full 15 minutes because you filled me with cum in no time. That was the best private dance I’ve ever given anyone.

The Taking Of My Taboo PHonesex Womb By BBC

taboo phonesex

It was a taboo phonesex whores’ nightmare.  I never wanted to be a brat mom. My sister and I had been fucked and coked-up since we were just cute slutkins in training.  Now, this big black mother fucker wanted more than I wanted. I just wanted a cream pie fuck. I was held prisoner until I could pee on a stick and he was satisfied I was pregnant. And he said this was just the fucking start. I enjoyed his cum loads and being his whore galore. I was abused and almost died as I tried to leave. I was instructed that I would be his breeding whore and still be able to use cock and dance on the pole for the money. I would be able to get back to may gang bangs with the second pregnancy. I would only be allowed his big black nigger cock until I was impregnated each time. My only Solace is that now I have a cunny to play with and a boy brat who will grow to fuck me just as good as his sadistic sperm donor. My Trailer is full of little feet and I am not above using them for my own gain!

Bikers Gangbang Whore

gangbang whore

I needed a hot biker fuck this weekend. And I knew just the men to make me feel like the gangbang whore I am. I jumped my bubble ass up on the pool table and did my sexy strip tease and asked who had the cocaine! I bent over and spread ass and said who wants first dibs on my tight ass? I need blow so I can blow all your cocks! I twerked until I was pulled off the pool table and my ass hole was impaled as I cried out. No lube was used but I began to buck backwards as someone laid a fat rail on the table. I snorted the whole thing as I was pulled to the floor and skewered by several big dicks one after another. I love feeling do used like the stupid trashy stripper slut am.

Cum Guzzling Slut Stripper Whore

cum guzzling slut

The club was jumping, music blaring, and your favorite cum guzzling slut hit the pole. Blonde hair flying ass twerking. You offered a few ones for her G-string and a vial of pure white. She squatted in front of you her pussy lips hanging out of her bottoms. She dipped her fingernail in and took a snort for you. A grin hit her face and she pushed your head into her cunt! The crowd erupted and that’s all it took for your favorite stripper whore to get wild and nasty.  The music was still loud as you tasted another mans cum in her holes.  Your cock was now uncontrollable as you pushed her down on the dance floor. This stupid stripper whore took your cock down her whore throat as the bills flooded the stage. Fifteen more hard cocks descended, and you enjoyed filling up your cum dump whore until the club shut down. This would just be one of your stripper sex stories as you travel the US looking for cum dump strippers.stripper sex stories

Cum Guzzling Slut in The Club

cum guzzling slutA cum guzzling slut will always be the most popular girl in the neighborhood. If you swallow, word gets around. I was with some girlfriends last night at the local strip club. Ladies get in for free and the drinks are cheap. The strippers never seem to mind a few trailer park whores in the club. This one guy was having his bachelor party at the club. He was 25 and getting married. His father was with him. He was flipping the bill. They had the VIP room and asked us to join. I figured they would want us to strip or blow the groom, but he was just being nice. He was close to my age and I think he just felt out of his element in a club full of 20 somethings mostly. He was rich. I could tell by the watch, the groomed hands and his clothes, but he was not pretentious. After a few shots, I was horny. His son and his pals were getting lap dances, so I gave the groom’s father a lap dance that ended with a sloppy blow job. Daddy had not cum in way too long. He almost blew a hole in the back of my head. I fucked daddy in a chair. His son and bachelor party never even noticed what the trashy cougar was doing to daddy until I made him cum, and he moaned so loudly all eyes were on us. Junior and his friends started egging daddy on to fuck me harder.  That was when some of the groom’s friends came over to join in on the fun. Then I was a cum dumpster as all the groom’s pals including the groom skull fucked me too. I knew he was married but what happens in a strip club stays in a strip club, right?

Lot Lizard Sex With Stripper Whore

I was just hooking  -as I tend to do sometimes, especially when on a binge- the Truck stops like a filthy Lot lizard sex worker needing her next fix. I’m a coke whore and sometimes I go on an opiate binge and love that H. When I get really strung out I need blow and dick, That’s right I need some hot fucking and I need that powder to give me a jolt back into my system like a triple espresso for some other kind of junkie. Those truckers have a need to get met and I am very open to giving them their poison and some pussy, or ass if they so prefer but more often it ‘s just a real good hummer that they want. Let’s get high and fuck soon sexy.

Lot Lizard Sex

Hot Stripper sex With A Hot Coke Whore

hot stripper sex

All You wanted was hot stripper sex! My big fake tits barely moved as I swung my ass around the pole. I was a hot nude cowgirl riding my pole and telling yee haw! Yes, I was fucked up on a shit ton of coke. I had just fucked my dealers’ brains out and the supply was almost pure! I squatted down in front of you and removed my tiny sparkly bottoms. I was playing with my pussy so hard that I squirted on your face! That was all it took you stormed the sage and grabbed me and jammed your cock in my wet druggy pussy! We put on quite the show with your curved cock pumping in and out if me. My owner of the club locked the doors as the audience jacked off between turns of fucking me on stage. I guess you could say it was an unexpected stripper sex porn moment! I was just filled with cum and my ass and made a lot of cash that night!  Don’t you want another turn at this coke whores pussy!


Hot Trashy Milf Sex

There’s that filthy desire for some trashy milf to fuck and be humiliated by that just pricks at you every time you hit that crack pipe. I’m a coke whore anal slut and I love taking on the BBC’s that get lined up for fucking this trailer trash stripper milf. I love how my VIP room johns become regulars that will reserve with me for their big shindigs, gatherings, house parties or whatever, they need their favorite trashy stripper that knows her way around their big black dicks. I know how to make those dicks explode and give these BBC’s some really hot anal fucking. Feed me some blow and present to me that big fat  and long cock to fest on til it blows for me.

Trashy Milf

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