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Made To Be Pumped Full Of Cum

cum dumpster

Hi. My name is Silvia and I have a confession to make to all of you sexy, perverted men. I am not JUST a slut who likes to have all of my holes fucked and filled with big cock. I am a cum dumpster. I love having my mouth, pussy, and asshole filled with cum anytime and anywhere. I know a lot of women don’t like it and think it’s messy, but that’s a part of what makes it so amazing for me. Along with feeling the cum shooting inside me, I love the feeling of it dripping out. Yes, it’s messy but it makes me feel like a slut and like a real woman.
It’s fun to have threesomes because that means I get double the loads of cum. Even group sex is fun. That always means I’ll get a huge load of cum in every hole multiple times. There is no better feeling than being filled with so many cocks and so much cum. I’ll never get tired of feeling that. I’m sure some people would call me a dirty whore but I don’t care. If that means I get loads of cum inside me, then so be it.

The Halftime Entertainment

Sexy ProstitutesPlayoffs are always big money-making days at the club. We like to put on a little half time show of our own. We dress in sexy lingerie and do a little catwalk thing in front of the horny, drunk men. It is a strictly no touching for free event. But you know how it is when you get a bunch of horny men drunk and parade sexy, scantily clad women in front of them. The wallets come out and the bills start dropping. This is a time where we can see if any of the clients look like they might want to take it back to the VIP lounge. We run specials, by the hour, with multiple girls if you got enough funds. There is always one guy who is jacked up on booze and testosterone from the game who wants his own private party. It is costly and we are happy to oblige. He picked about 6 girls from our little show and we went back to the VIP. He had completely forgotten about the game as we sat him down and each gave him lap dances, pressing our big breasts and bare asses up against him as we went. Finally, I knelt and unbuckled his khakis, pulling them down around his ankles. His dick was already hard under his boxers, so I removed those too, with my teeth. I could see some pre-cum as my face grazed the head of his dick. Wanting to get a great big tip, I put that nice, hard dick deep in my mouth and sucked him hard, bobbing my head up and down in his crotch and gently cusping his balls. I teased him allowing him to almost cum before holding back. That tease and denial always allows for a nice orgasm and the client loves it too. When I knew he couldn’t last any longer I gave him a few deep throat fucks and allowed him to cum deep inside my mouth. He smiled and handed me a stack of cash. I don’t even think he knew who won the game.

My Ass is a Cum Dumpster for Hire

Anal Cum DumpsterMost of the time I enjoy fucking for a fee, but this one guy makes me work hard for my pay. He is obsessed with fucking my ass. And not just with him but about a dozen or more people he somehow rounds up. He pays so well, and I needed the cash, so I reluctantly set up the appointment with him. So, I prepared myself for this massive anal fucking. I had my tight little hole completely waxed. I douched and even did an enema. I took a few shots, a couple of hit and a line of blow and headed out. I knocked on the door and was greeted by my client and a few rowdy guys. It was obvious they had all been drinking and were feeling a little eager to get all up in mu ass. Not wanting to waste anymore time I went to the bathroom to undress and stick some lube right up my tiny shit hole. When I exited the bathroom, they had already stripped down and most of their cocks were already rock hard. There were about 10 or so. Now these guys have no desire for anything but a piece of my ass. So off we went. My client got the inaugural entry and bent me over the table and shoved in right in my ass, thank goodness I remembered the lube. He pounded my ass hard and soon I could feel him feel my ass up. Then they lined up and took turns. Some had me on all fours with my ass up and some liked me standing straight up and bending over slightly. But I was not prepared for the grand finale. My client laid down and had me lay on top of him as he shoved his dick in my ass, while others held my legs back and a second dude squeezed his dick in my ass too. There I lay being fucked in the ass with two dicks. Even my slutty ass was being stretched. They pounded me good and finally came together, filling my ass up even more. With that we were through and I went to the bathroom to relieve my sum dumpster ass. I cleaned up and as I was leaving, he handed me a nice fat wad of cash as a tip. As I drove home, I could feel the cum leaking from my ass. My ass was going to be sore for days but that big old tip made me feel just a little better.

A Special Toy for my Golden Shower Boy

Golden Shower Sex StoriesThere is this one guy who comes into the club about once every other month. He is into what we will refer to as golden shower play. He pays well, is submissive and very polite, so I am more than happy to help him out. It had been awhile, and I expected him to show up at any time. I had been preparing for some extra special fun for him. After watching a few pornos and some reading I had the best little present for him. I made a spout of sorts with one end going in my pussy and the other right into his mouth. That way he would get every golden drop. Luckily for me he showed up on a slow day so I could spend lots of extra time with him. I told him I had a nice surprise waiting for him. I took him back to the VIP room for our play time. I undressed him and cuffed his hands behind his back. I had him kneel with his legs between my legs and please me. I told him that he was to make me cum really good to receive his surprise. He licked my cunt so softly at first and then sped up causing me to squirt all over his face. He smiled that little smirk because he knew he had done a great job. I smiled as I tied some nylons around his neck and held them tight. I then put the little spout in my pussy and told him to put the other end in his mouth and open wide. His eyes lit up as he put it in his mouth. I then pissed right into it sending my salty yellow gold mixed with my cum directly into his mouth. His dick was rock hard. I liked my toy so much that I had my stripper friends in to piss in his mouth too. He loved it. When we were down to the very last girl, I removed the spout from his mouth, had him lay on his back and she squatted over him and gave him a very nice golden shower. He was so happy that he tipped me an extra 100.00.

P-mommy Hadley Your Trashy Milf Wildcard

Trashy Milf

I wasn’t always a trashy milf. Once not long ago I was daddy’s teen little whore. My fathers’ cock and a little white powder turned me into the stripper who slings her ass on the side for some chalk and a lot of cum. My roots are set deep in white trash young girl fucking. I have tried to be a vanilla woman and it never works out. I met a man recently who wanted to change my life and provide for me and my little one. It was every whores Pretty Woman fantasy. But I am not that pretty redhead in the movie and I love taking stranger cock and dancing on the pole. I tried just be the housewife that had a few lines on the counter every morning, but my god did he have to have such a hot teen son close to my age with a big cock? That was this trailer trash p-mommy’s demise. I was caught fucking his son while my little girl watched her mommy get her holes drilled. I don’t know what his problem was, I offered him to join us in our little play family fuck fest. I’ll be back though for that young cock, wink wink.

Gangbang whore

Gangbang whore

Just like a nasty fuck slut I let ten guys ram their cocks inside my tight little brown pussy. I brought in the New Year with a bucket full of cum all over my face and chin. My New Year’s resolution is to be the nasty little fuck whore on the planet. I want this pussy to be stretched out and rammed in by multiples guys every single day. I need to feel like I am the best cum whore on earth. Only way to do that is let more than one guy stick their hard meat sticks inside my pink colored cunt. How about you bring in the New Year with me and Gangbang my tight little asshole with all of your friends! Bust that load into my mouth like a nice bottle of champagne! 

The Bride Becomes a Creampie

no taboo phone sexRemember the bachelor party? Well one of those guys came into work last night and ask if I would be his date to the wedding. I had to laugh but who am I to pass on free food and booze. We went and had been sitting, waiting for the wedding to start, which was already 30 minutes past. My date grabbed my hand and led me to the backroom to see what the holdup was. And let me tell you wow. Apparently, the bride had gotten word of their little excursion to my club and not only that but of her groom eating that nice cream pie of mine. She had made fun of him to his friends, her friends and even insinuated such on social media. He had become pissed and was seeking revenge. After they were both dressed in their bridal wear, he went in to see her and toasted a glass of champagne with her. Unbeknownst to her he had drugged her. He left her in her wedding dress and had all the groomsman fuck her, leaving their cum inside her each time. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he then invited any male he saw to fuck her. She had been fucked by the groomsman, delivery drivers, most of the groom’s male family and their mutual friends. Finally, they had her suck the sweet little ring bearers dick and stuffed her face in the flower girl’s pussy. By the time we had gotten back there she was just becoming coherent and was watching what she had done. These assholes had filmed the entire thing. The groom then threatened her that if she ever made fun of him again her entire family and friends would get a copy of that tape. She agreed softly while sobbing uncontrollable. The groom then asked if she would still like to get married and she shook her head yes. He wiped her face, kissed the top of her head and then he put his face right between her legs and cleaned up her creampie before kissing her passionately allowing all of that cum to go from his mouth to hers. It was the sickest shit I had ever witnessed but I was so turned on by the entire thing that I sat in the back watching them say their “I do’s” and fingered myself to climax.

Sex With Last Nights Stripper

hot stripper sex

Hi guys! Have you ever gone to a strip club and you’ve been so turned on that you wish you could have some hot stripper sex? You know they SAY it’s forbidden, but if you get the right stripper, you can get her to do anything you want. After all, haven’t you heard the saying that rules are made to be broken? All you have to do is throw a little bit of extra cash her way and you’ll be back in the VIP room getting fucked before you know it.
Do you want to fuck or do you just want to see a stripper get down on her knees and suck your cock? Maybe she can do it while wearing her panties with all those dollar bills sticking out of it. Or maybe you really do want to bend her over and shove your cock balls deep inside her. She will probably put on quite a show for you while you fuck her. Do you get off on the fact that she’s the object of lust for so many men but she’s got your cock in one of her holes? Call me and tell me all of the dirty things you’d do to her when you finally get to have that hot stripper sex.

Hot Stripper Sex in The Club

hot stripper sexI have had hot stripper sex all week at the club. Every stripper knows that the holidays in the adult industry are extremely profitable. I took some time off from talking dirty because I was in high demand at the club. This one rich trust fund boy monopolized my time all week at the club, but he pretty much bankrolled me for the next year. And, he gave me a ton of coke. The last night he was in the club, he brought some of his fellow rich college friends. They all had lots of money to burn. I was happy to take their money and share their coke. I was in the VIP room and we were doing lines of coke using hollowed out candy canes. One of the boys dared me to put the candy canes up my cunt. Apparently, they don’t know this trashy milf well because I always take a dare. I had a bouquet of candy canes laced with coke up my cunt. I was fucked up quickly. The coke absorbed through my pussy walls and the next thing I knew, I was bent over one of the tables getting gang banged by rich college boys. They fucked all my holes. Hell, they even took turns fisting my dirty old cunt. I think they were hoping to hurt me, but the joke was on them. The coke numbed my cunt and I am an old whore. I have had cocks bigger than their fists. I just took their money and laughed as they thought they ruined my old pussy. Nothing can ruin this old cunt.

Hot Stripper Sex At the Craps Table

hot stripper sex

Hot stripper sex happened as it was Craps night at the club, horny drunk high men with no sense of empathy filled the smoke-filled rooms. My pussy was on alert for big ballers and big cock who loved to party. We had set up a casino night and the craps table was where all the men were at. Someone handed me some dice after I gave him a lap dance and said throw these dice and make daddy some money baby. I did and it was snake eyes. He said well that means you are my free whore tonight you stupid slut. I started to fight but his hand on the back of my throat squeezed harder and he whispered that I had just lost him five grand and I would do whatever the fuck he wanted me to do tonight. As he shoved me towards the back room nobody gave a damn about a slut being manhandled. He laid out a couple of lines and sent out a text. His cock was curved and average but he was mean as hell holding me on it until I almost passed out on his cock. The door opened and four more mean-looking biker types walked in and I knew my ass was going to pay for an innocent dice roll. Let the games begin for this gangbang whore.

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