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Cock Sucking Cum Loving Whore

big dick sucker

Sometimes I don’t know why I put my makeup on when I go to strip at the club. I know that I’m going to end up with my lipstick smeared all over my face and black running down my cheeks from my mascara after I get face fucked in the back. I can’t help it though, I love being a big dick sucker and taking massive loads of cum all over my face. the taste of a creamy load of man jizz makes my tiny bald cunt fucking drip. Let me show you what a good little cock sucker I am. I can deepthroat the biggest fucking dick all the way down my throat. You and all your friends can come into the club and let me take turns making you all fucking cover me cum. Everyone can fuck my mouth and blow their load down my throat. I’m a cock sucking cum loving whore and I want to make you all explode your loads all over me!

Show Me That Tiny Cock

hot stripper sex

I invited this guy over that has been coming in for lap dances at the club. The girls have all been giggling behind his back because he’s so hot, but we can tell he has a little secret. When we grind our tight asses on him we feel how tiny he is when he gets hard. He came over to my place thinking he was about to get some hot stripper sex and instead we had him dressed like a total fucking whore. He had on sexy panties, high heels, and red lipstick. I had a group of guys that all had massive big black cocks and we made him worship each one. He took his time milking each cock of all his warm creamy goodness. He was fucking covered. That cum loving little whore fucking loved it. He’s been begging me to come back to get slapped in the face with those monster dicks again.

I’m Such A Fucking Whore

Gangbang whore

I’m a flexible little fuck toy. I love being folded up like a fucking pretzel and getting my wet cunt pounded by hard cock. I let this group of guys each have a turn with my fuck holes. I took them to the back of the strip club, into the VIP room and laid down right there on the floor. They turned me into a total gangbang whore. Each of them blew their load either into me or on me. I think one guy even came twice. I was fucking covered in cum and I loved it. I had my legs pulled back over my head and I was taking a hard cock into my pussy, ass, and mouth. There was so much fucking cum. Nothing makes my pretty pussy squirt more than a nice hardcore gangbang that leaves me dripping cum and soaking with it from head to toe. Come and add your cock to the party, give me that warm creamy goodness. I’ll be your favorite new fuck toy.

Cum Dumpster For Hire

Cum Dumpster

I will be your cum dumpster delight tonight. All the best whores cum out at night to play. You have me on my knees begging for one more line of that coke you keep snorting. You line your massive cock with a line and have me snort it up my nose.  I am flying high again sucking your man meat deep in my throat until I choke and throw up a little bit in my mouth. You say swallow it bitch. That you have three clients that have thicker meaner meat poles that will make yours look like a lollipop. Soon after the door opens and I am thrown on the ground and my naked body is inspected and I see these massive sausages dangling in my face. I am so high as I am being yelled at to suck and stroke these men to rock hardness. My whore instincts kick in as A baggy of snow is dangled in front of my face. I am gulping and stroking as they find the way to my fuckhole and ass hole and begin the game of tearing my body to pieces with man meat that needs this gangbang whore to serve. Soon I am filled and covered with so much cum that It’s in my eyes in every hole and I take pride in knowing they paid for my time and got me fucked up.


Dirty bitches

Anal sex whore


  My ass hole was gaped so wide from that big daddy cock I got early this morning right home from the club. I’m just their favorite Anal phone sex whore. I love to take pictures my ass hole and pussy to show how sexy it is and how I just go right back to normal. I am still drunk, but i don’t care after my shift last night I brought some of my girls over and some guys we work with and they had talked about gang bangs and just having strippers lick their balls oh damn it finally happened. Big cocks, sweet pussy, drinks it was so much fun. I am the nastiest, most kinky dancer, lover, and fuck they have met. I tried to tell them so many times I have no limits you can wrap me like a pretzel fuck me any way you want. Cream pie me, tie me, hurt me choke me. Pain is pleasure I took so many big dicks last night I can barley stand. If you have no limits and enjoy being in charge come fuck with me.

Want a Video Of Yourself Fucking A Sexy Stripper?

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I love making kinky stripper sex porn with the girls I work with. We have so much naughty fun letting guys come in and pay for dances. Then they always want more and we’re more than happy to give it to them. Just the other day the group of guys came in and we were dancing for them we could feel their cocks getting hard for us. One of the boys made a joke about wanting to watch us all get fucked. We were so ready to party and have some fun so we went back to their house. Us girls were all naked right away, dancing and touching each other. The guys loved watching us make out and start licking each other. We were getting so wet and kinky. One of the guys pulled out a camera and started recording us fucking. Before you know it, all of us had a cock pounding us and filling us with cum. the porn we made turned out so fucking hot and there was so much fucking cum! Now those lucky guys have a video of them fucking some sexy tight stripper sluts!

I Slid Down From Heaven On A Stripper Pole

hot stripper sex

I slide down from heaven on a fucking stripper pole and you better know it! I welcome all perverted men with a thick wallet and hard cock to come and play with this teen stripper. I ran away to sell my pretty pink fuck hole as soon as I was old enough to take a dick. I fucking love getting so much attention and cum. I’m a total fucking cum whore and I can’t get enough of the stuff. So when guys come into my club looking for some kinky hot stripper sex they come to me. They heard that I’m the nest fucking slut that will never say no. The rumors around town about me are true. I’ll do fucking anything you ask me to when we get in that back room. If your feeling really fucking naughty you can take this teen stripper to a hotel and pay me for the night. I might call myself a stripper instead of a hooker, but let’s be real, I’ll let you pay me to fuck me.

Stripper Sex Porn

stripper sex porn

You really know how to make a woman happy. I love a night of sex drugs and rock n roll. When I was on stage dancing to Living Dead Girl and you threw all those benjamins at me I knew it was gonna be great. After my performance you requested a private session. You had a line of coke waiting for me when I entered the room. You know exactly what makes this little tramp happy. I do that line and start undoing your pants they say no sex in the champagne room. But I dont care about the rules! I want that huge cock deep inside of me now. With you choking me just as I cum and squirt all down your legs. Time for me to dance again.. See ya later oxox

Stripper daze

Stripper sex stories

So I have been stripping for awhile now these two young bitches walked in looking like they belong on a episode of the big bang theory. I’m so hung over right now but I just have to talk about this. They were so nerdy and educated what were they their for was my first thought. Guess it ? To get a job I walked right over half naked and asked them why the hell they would want to work at a place like this with people like me ? Looking like they just came from court. They said they had another job but needed something for night . They left , went and got an entertainment card and showed up with some heels higher then mine hair down showed skin skirts , laced up thongs and I was just amazed at how sexy these little hoes ended up being . They got three dances and killed it looks like I have some new pussy to eat tonight that is if they let me (; Nerdy but so sexy I dig glasses to witch they both had. I even though them money. I plan on having them both by the end of the week. Wish me luck gents but first I’m going to fuck my holes with my purple play toy Trudy.

The Two Baddest Bitches In The Club

stripper sex porn

The other night in the club got fucking crazy. We ended up making this kinky stripper sex porn right there on the center stage. We had girls getting fucked on every table in every hole. You wouldn’t believe the amount of cum that was covering the seats and floors by the time everyone was done exploding their load. It was so fucking hot. I was dancing on the stage, sliding up and down the pole. When this guy comes up with a camera and says that he would pay a lot of money to get a video of me taking a massive dick on stage. So, we had a contest to see who had the biggest thickest and longest cock in the club. The winner got to fuck the baddest bitch in the club on the stage. This guy comes up and pulls out the nicest piece of man meat I’ve ever seen. It was fucking huge. Once I saw it my pussy was dripping and I bent over to grab my ankles and let him fucking pound me.

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Us fucking set off a chain reaction and everyone started in on the kinky fun. I looked over and saw my girl Hazel getting face fucked by a BBC. She’s a size queen cum slut. When I was done getting my pussy filled up with a load of cum I went of and sat on Hazel’s mouth. She was getting stretched out in her tight ass by the big beautiful black cock. He blew his load in her asshole and I could see the cum leaking out. I licked it up as she ate out the cum that was deep inside my pretty pink fuck hole. We came into each other’s mouths and cleaned out our pretty bald cunts. We’re the hottest hoes in the club and we love taking big dick together.

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