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Hoe Hoe Hoe

gangbang whore

Being a gangbang whore is a lot of work. If I didn’t have my blow I would never keep up with all my men cumming and cumming. I have a certain reputation to uphold.  I have to make sure my pussy and ass hole are in tip-top shape. I need to be able to take it deep and hard always. I love being full of spunk and the only way to get it is by being fed line upon line of coke. My pussy gets sopping wet and I can be on that dick in less than 60 seconds. I meet my John and that dick is making me puke in just two minutes. I love being gagged till I puke down my tits by a huge cock who is paying me in cash and or coke!  Come on cum all see Hadley puke down her tits and use it for lube to titty fuck or ass fuck me.! I am the whore of whores slinging my ass and pussy for any who want a piece of Hadley’s sweet pussy pie! 

Hong Kong hung Cock

cum filled cunt  I have a cum filled cunt and I love it. But, last night when I got home from the club with this guy that wanted to come party with me, I was shook. I could not believe how fucking big his cock was. He was hung so big that I almost got scared. He took a selfie of me on the couch can you tell I was a little nervous? I have had huge cock before but, never this big. Details? Well, you will just have to call me so I can explain.  Anyways, I stripped naked and said: ” I need a few shots after seeing that shit” he laughed. Apparently, he has trouble finding women who enjoy it. Well, that’s where I come in. HAHA. I love a big cock to suck and take. I threw my shots back and spread my cunt for him to lick. His mouth game was on point. As soon as he started to open and stretch my pussy open I noticed it was going to take more work than the little we did. I had so much salvia and sucking all over his fat man hung cock. That, It was still going to take some work. I sat on top of him and I could feel myself opening the widest its ever been. I rode his fat huge cock like a champ and kept his cum deep inside me until he sucked it right out of me. My ass hole was net. The way it feels to enjoy a donkey dick is unexplainable.

White Trash Coke Whore

white trash phone sex

I guess being strung out at a high-class club was more fun than the owner wanted me to have. I was so high and drunk I was offering 5 dollar blowjobs to the men at the bar. I quickly explained that I stripped down at the Wild Cat and That I just wanted a quick pick me up so I could go back to my side of town. I was about to be tossed on my ass when A guy in a suit tapped the bouncer’s shoulder. Next thing this high whore knows she is riding A NBA Players cock with some important dude staring at me. I didn’t mind because that rock hard cock was huge. He had such strong black arms and his cock was 12 inches big. I was fed nose candy and fucked like the whore I am all night long. When He came up inside my cum slut slit and hooker ass hole he had his manager lick that BBC cream out of my cunt. They took turns cumming in my cunt and promised me the whole basketball team next time.  I promised free cover and VIP passes to my skanky club as long as I could have that BBC basketball player cum! I think that’s an even trade for a skanky coke whore, don’t you?

Trashy Milf BJ Parties Like A Coke Whore

Trashy Milf

Hey baby, yeah I am talking to you, bad boy that you are and you want some trashy milf action, don’t you?  Well I am so loaded right now and fucking hornier than a god damned teen on viagra. Fucking serious, I am so fucking horny when I get high like this that I have to revert to some taboo furry friends fun to get myself off and take the edge off with a squirting fucking orgasm. Cumming on that furry dick is so fucking hot especially when I take the little drug cocktail that I just took, god damn I need some fucking BBC cock in this stripper cunt and I need that BBC to fuck my son and make him suck it off.


Coked Out And Passed Around

gangbang whore

I am coked out and this gangbang whore is getting passed around. First My dealer called me up to see if I would be interested and spending the night with one of his suppliers. Only spending the night was a fuck fest of black cocks getting shoved into every hole I have. I am just a blonde white girl fuck toy to these men. Line after line and hole filled with cum after cum load. God, I love being Used! I’m a high fuck whore my pussy is filled up so much. Then my brother with his splendid fuck rod said if I didn’t get to the club I would lose my job. So here I am after like six sets and fucking three guys in the parking lot for some cash. This professional whore as I have been called has a cum filled pussy and is awake for at least a whole day more. SO hey who wants to cum, and cum with me oozing cum out of my twat and ass. Shit, There is cum dried in my hair, oh well.  Where did I put my new dildo? 

My Daughter and I are Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireMy daughter and I are hookers for hire on occasion. When guys find out we are mother and daughter, they offer us money to fuck. Men love tag teaming mother and daughter whores.  We were out the other night at the local strip club. My daughter was making extra money in the amateur stripper contest. She can work a pole better than any stripper. I was talking with this wealthy guy from out of town. His curiosity was piqued when he realized I was there cheering on my daughter. Since we were there to make money, he made us a generous offer. He didn’t want to fuck us. He just wanted to watch us play to the tune of $10,000. That is a shit ton of money to trailer park whores. He was staying in a hotel in the nice part of town. He took us by limo to his suit. While in the limo we got down and dirty, started earning our money. He stroked his fat cock watching me muff dive on my daughter’s cunt. I love eating her sweet snatch. I have been eating it since she could crawl. Once we were in his hotel room, we got down and dirty. We not only tribbed our bald cunts, we ate each other’s asses too. He had some toys for us to play with also. This was better than any dirty phone sex story I could tell. This guy was prepared for women to come back to his hotel with him. It was a very profitable and fun night. I love eating my daughter’s twat, but to get paid for it was just icing on the cake. My daughter and I bought some good coke and went shopping the next day. We still have money left too. We love being sexy whores.

dirty phone sex

Fuck Me Boots

Dirty phone sex

Ever since I lost my nursing license, I have had to get more creative with how to make money. So I began stripping on the weekends. Being the kinky nasty girl that I am the vanilla customers are a turn off. I like the perverts with deviant behaviors. I have found that dressing a certain way attracts these men. So tonight I have on a pair of black thigh high latex boots. I know how hard the sight of my boots makes your cock. You long to worship my boots and my hot wet pussy. Your a fuck me boots boy. You want to smell, kiss, and lick my sexy boots. But most of all you crave for me to fuck your tight puckered ass with the 7 inch stiletto heel of my boot. As you are down on your hands and knees and I am shoving the stiletto heel of my boot in and out of your ass. You scream harder as your tugging and rubbing your hard throbbing cock. I practically cram the whole heel of my boot up your hot ass causing your cock to explode and blow its load.

Gangbang 4 My Favorite Policemen

gangbang whore

I love being the local gangbang whore. I got popped for trying to sell my ass by a new cop on the beat and I thought for sure this slut couldn’t get out of it. I tried offering my signature blow job to this new punk young Cop and he cuffed me and said he didn’t want a blow job from a sleazy street whore. I was thrown in the back of the car and I knew I was fucked but not in the way this slut likes! But Officer Brady Pulled up and told the Cop that he would bring me in. I knew Brady and I had a history and I smiled and Got In Bradys’ Patrol Car. We went around the block a couple times and Brady put me in the front seat and Got His pathetic dick out for me to suck. 

I was so grateful I Sucked him for much longer than usual and drew out his cum load. I thought that would be the end of it but Brady didn’t let me out. We drove to a seedy motel and Brady still had me in cuffs. I was thrown on the bed and Officer Brady ripped off my clothes and cuffed me to the broken bedpost. He made a call and men started streaming in the door for a free for all. Fucking Motherfucker was pocketing cash from these men as I was being fucked in my ass and my cunt and throat opened up for dick after dick after dick. I had a cum filled cunt but the Johns still kept taking turns one after another. Brady sat there and laughed as he watched me get cum shots to my face and tits. “That will teach you, Hadley!” I am making all your money and you have to fuck sober! Next Time Stay your whore ass on my side of town!”

Working The Pole

Stripper sex stories


I joined my one friend on stage at one of the strip clubs.  At first I didn’t want to do it, mainly because none of the men in there were turning me on in the least.  I just sat there for a while watching the girls, I appreciate a woman’s body, I’m not below going down on a nice pussy once in a while.  I was getting pretty buzzed and the next thing I knew my friend was leading me back stage.  She told me that someone wanted a private show and she wanted me to help.

Once we got to the room the bouncer wouldn’t let me in.  He said that the guy paid for two of the girls that worked there, not one girl and then some random girl.  My friend asked him if I were to get up and do a set on the main stage would that qualify me as being one of the workers.  He said no, but if I did that he would let it go this time if we gave him some of our tips.  What an asshole.  I didn’t want to get on stage, the place was starting to fill up and I am horrible at doing any sort of dance, let alone work a pole.

She told me to just get up there and move, the guys didn’t care.  Turns out that I actually got really into it.  I actually ended up getting a lot of requests for private shows.  Since I wasn’t really working there the rules didn’t really technically apply to me, so I fucked many of the guys that paid for private shows.  I do have my standards, so if they didn’t measure up then I wouldn’t, but if they did, I was all over that shit.

I might pick up stripping with my friend, just because I have real easy access to cock, plus if you pay the bouncer dudes enough of your tips they tend to look the other way so you can get your pussy filled.

Family of Hot Coke Whore Strippers

stripper sex stories

Oh, yes my Sweet Whore with big tits Little sis has given me more stripper sex stories. I knew she would make a good coke whore fuck! She is so hot with he little cunt and I love making her fuck my clients for cock and coke! I love seeing Chastity Take massive cum loads for me! Oh, fuck and to get to eat those loads out of her sweet cunt! Oh, she is turning out to be my mini-me!  I spent all night slurping her cunt as she took it in the ass. I gave our client some hot gangbang cum out of my pussy as well. He didn’t mind as long as we both were snorting lines off his cock and each other’s asses. This Client was sent by our big brother. Bro. Had called to see how much sweet cock juice was already in my cunt. My Brother warned me not to fuck it up this man was dirty and nasty, but one of his biggest suppliers for cocaine. I said I just did a hot gangbang, so I am good. So when Mr. Cum eater showed up he knew I had creamy loads waiting for him. What he didn’t know was that he could get our blonde sister as well. Hell, I gotta make sure he gets the best. And he had the best fucking nose candy so it made me even more of a freak! I was pissing in my sister’s face and lapping it up like the white trash whore I am. When He pulled out his cock from my sisters’ ass he had a nice brown mixture of ass and pre-cum. Of, course I sucked him clean and offered my pretty little tight ass hole to him!  Oh, how these little strippers with big fake tits gave Mr. VIP the whole cum inducing good fucking. Whos’ next Baby? This whore pussy needs more! Cum, play with this white trash hone sex whore. white trash phone sex

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