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I Love Being A Stripper

Stripper Sex Stories

I love telling all my naughty and nasty stripper sex stories. There’s so many, I’ve lost count. So many loads have been shot deep inside my pink little fuck hole. Being a total fucking slut has just always come naturally to me. Ever since I got my first taste of that warm creamy goodness I was a dirty little cum whore. I started hanging out the truck stop and letting older guys pay me to stuff their hard cock into my wet pussy. Then I ran away to be a sexy teen stripper and never looked back. I love getting paid to shale my ass and tits in horny guys faces and then get paid even more to let them make me cum. I fucking love cumming and I love making guys cum too. I’ll take as many loads as I can get, even if they’re at the same time! Come and let me tell you about the kinky things I’ve done!

Glory Hole Whore

phone sex line

When you call my phone sex line you don’t just get a gangbang whore. You get a druggy white trash whore as well. At the strip club where I dance a row of glory holes has been installed. Men pay good money to stick their cock through a hole and not know what they will find on the other side. Well, tonight I was so fucked up on coke I couldn’t dance so my faggot boss made me work the holes. Me and a trashy slut and she male were working all seven glory holes for hours. Oh, the cocks that came through those holes! I was on my knees licking and sucking so hard between line after line of sweet blow. My throat was raw from taking 20 or 30 cocks tonight when I got an Idea. I backed my tight asshole up to one and waited a few minutes. My ass pressed so hard unto the hole and within minutes I was being penetrated by a decent cock. I slammed my ass back over and over. I could hear the guy moaning and I shoved back hard and fast. My ass needed filling with Cum and I wanted it bad. I just can not go one night without my ass being filled.  You want to get high with me and talk about filling my trashy druggy ass up with your sticky cum?

No Taboo Phone Sex

no taboo phone sexNo taboo phone sex is the only kind to do. I mean if I worked for some vanilla site, I wouldn’t be able to talk about my little slutkins. Every day on Facebook, I see people complaining that their brats won’t do anything for their allowance. They just expect to be given money for free. Not my little ones. My fuck trophies love earning money. They earn money the old-fashioned way, just like their mommy.  On their backs, sometimes on all fours and often on their knees. They love the money that being whores brings them. Sex sells. It always will too. Young hookers for hire bring in the most money. Last night we had a family orgy, just not with daddy. Daddy was there watching, but we were entertaining some of his clients. Six of them to be exact. These clients paid top dollar to fuck me, my daughters and even my sons. My boys are at that age that from behind you can’t tell if they are boys or girls lol! It was so much fun. Very kinky fun. My sons fucked me and their sisters. Clients fucked us all. And, I licked pussies and ass full of cum clean. Jealous you weren’t there? I will tell you all the dirty details.

BBC phone sex

BBC phone sexBBC phone sex is my favorite I just love talking about big black cock! Cum watch me dance tonight big boy! Watch me get all those big black cocks all horny and throwing some money at me. Every night that I dance I pick 5 big black men to bring home with me! Of course I pick by size. They have to be scoring double digits to come home with me. I ain’t trying to suck a small cock. Plus I bring them home get them super fucking drunk and bring you out and have them pleasure you too! They will be to fucking drunk to fucking care. They will use your man pussy so fucking good. Tonight for sure we will pop your man pussy cherry! I will let you have the biggest one for today so you could feel that feeling of all those hard heavy inches of that hard cock!

Fake Love

Hooker phone sex

I was looking for love and he was looking to drill his next cum dumpster and spill his load in. I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me I always seem to give up my fat steaming hot juicy pussy to a guy who will never need me deeper than dropping his cock load into my cunt hole. Just like Frank of whom I was wishing that I could slobber all over his cabbage head stroke monster and swallow his cum and somehow it was going to turn out him loving me and not treating like the slut trash my momma raised me up to be. I rode his cock reverse cowgirl my wet pussy was sliding up and down his man meat and his toes were curling and twisting everyway. He even fucked my asshole raw and hard as fuck. I couldn’t stand up after he was finished ramming all of my wasted holes. I told him I would do whatever he asked me to because he was the love of my life and he told me he was going to stop the wedding that he and my best friend were supposed to be in today but like everything in my life it was a fucking lie. So that’s why I am about to fuck these 10 guys in a gangbang I don’t give a shit anymore.

How I Started Hookin’



Hooker Phone Sex


I bet you’ve really wondered how a whore like me got into this business. Well it all started when my Grandpa began showing my younger brother and I “how to be grown-ups”.  He would invite men over all the time and they would pay him to get to watch our young bodies try to figure out sex, while pop-pop instructed. It was then that I realized this was a money making machine, I just had to get pop-pop out of the picture. Thankfully he lost interest in us once we grew up a bit. I had a craving for strange dick, or I guess I had an addition to money. And cocaine. And especially weed! Now days I don’t even have to do anything to pay my bills besides head down to the truck stop and let those lonely old fat truckers have their way with me. The hottest so far was getting gang banged in the shower by 7 of them all at the same time. Just a few puffs off the pipe, a few lines and a shot of Jack Daniels get me feeling perfect and ready to ride strange dick all night long. Give me a call and let me tell you about my wild sex kink or even if you’re game, I’ll tell you exactly where I’ll be picking up “johns” tonight. Let’s have fun, this tight young pussy is perfectly trained and ready to make sure you get your money’s worth.

My Brother Fuck

Taboo Phonesex

What If I told you I am a hot stripper druggy whore that likes to fuck her brother for coke? I have been fucking my brother since I was a young thing. He was the first to bring me and my sister cocaine and the first to pop both of our cherries. My Daddy was pissed that Big brother turned us out before he had the chance. I was left an 8 ball this morning and knew my brother had fingered me while I was asleep because I woke up wet and I knew he wanted his big thick brother cock serviced when he got back from deals and before I went to the club to dance tonight. I was waiting and high as hell with a big black dildo shoved into my pussy when he showed up. He didn’t even move the dildo he went right for my ass and within seconds he shot a huge load in my ass. He made me suck it and the dildo before he put some powder on his cock and grabbed me by the hair, so his little sis could take all of his cock down her throat. I love to go get cum loads and fuck him with another mans cum in my pussy or ass and he doesn’t even know it. My biggest turn on is shoving that white powder up my pussy and fucking my brother then going to daddy so he gets brothers cum on his dick from fucking me. I know I am just a nasty white trash whore, but I have fun.

Office Slut

blonde fucking

I’m such a blonde fucking whore and I fucking love it. The holidays are always the best too because I a great time to surprise guys with a hot kinky fuck session. There’s this guy that had been on my mind lately. He came into the strip club a few weeks ago and we fucked. He had the biggest fucking cock ever. I was so hooked on it, I needed him stretch me out again. I know he’s married so I couldn’t just show up at his place to fuck him. The next best thing was his work. But, I also knew I couldn’t just show up in my normal slutty clothes looking like I’m obviously a stripper. So, I went and got some nice-looking clothes and made my hair and makeup look really sweet and pretty, at least I thought so. When I looked in the mirror though, my tight black skirt, high heels, and red lipstick still had me looking like a whore. I went into his work and told them I needed to see him. He was back in his office and looked really surprised to see me when he came out. He knew what I was there for though. He took me back to his office and locked the door behind him. Then I got on my knees and gave him a nice sloppy blowjob before I let him bend me over his desk and fucking pound me. I could tell by the looks I got that everyone there knew I just took his load.

Hot Stripper Sex

Hot Stripper Sex

Do you want a hot stripper, druggy whore? Yeah, I know you do.  I love my coke and I love cock what can I say. One thing about me you will love is I always take my cocks bareback.  In the club when I am dancing I love to take would be grooms from the bachelors’ parties and have them fuck my dirty whore ass bareback. I love naked cock in every hole I have. In my ass Is the best place to be fucked.

 Something about sending them on the honeymoon after they fucked my dirty whore ass makes me so wet.  And when I get tired of dancing I go out on my corner and soon enough a nice car with a big dicked john will come for me. My guys know I will do anything for a couple lines. I am that big titted nasty woman your momma warned you about.

Some of my guys have pissing fetishes, why just yesterday I pissed all over a businessman in a nice suit and he provided an 8 ball. I thanked him by draining his balls down my throat.  

Hot Stripper Sex

Hot Stripper Sex

There is this club not to far from my trailer that lets me work there from time to time. I got the call tonight they could use a girl, so I said yea I will be in about an hour. I rummaged through my closet and looked for my sluttiest thing I had. You need a couple different outfits because you go on stage a couple different times. I went to the club and it wasn’t to busy but it will build up. It was my turn to go on stage and of course backstage I had a couple shots of vodka. I was dancing so good and seductively taking off my clothes and spinning around the pole.

I was told that a guy wanted a couple dances with me and he was going back to our VIP room. I knew what happened there and I was excited.I lead him to the back with my little nighty on and I picked three songs, that is what he paid for. I sat on him and slipped my robe off and was grinding on him putting my breasts in his face. He touched my pussy and I was wet this guy was hot. He pulled his dick out bare back and I slid down on it and I rode him till he came.

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