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Sexy Prostitutes Give a Beach Sex Show

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes sometimes like to give shows to dirty old perverts. My oldest daughter is my step daughter. I adopted her when she was young. Honestly, she is not that much younger than me. She feels more like a sister than a daughter. She is a top earning whore for her daddy just like me. We often do lesbian shows for fat cat clients who like to watch girl on girl action. Last night, however, we did a free show. We went to this new beach bar that just opened. We were doing shots. Guys were buying us drinks. They didn’t know who we were. To them we were just two hot chicks. No one needs to get us drunk to see us get freaky. But, we never turn down drinks. These men were enjoying watching us play with each other. When I broke out the double-sided dildo from my purse, that is when men started tossing money at us. We were giving a hot stripper sex show on the fly. We got into the reactions of the men who were watching and jacking off in front of us.  We were the only women in the bar. We turned that beach bar in to a porn studio. We fucked each other, squirted and licked each other clean. Now, we weren’t for hire that time, but we still walked away with some serious pocket money.

Sloppy Wet Pussy Loves BBC

Sloppy wet pussy

My how a Big Black Cock can make me have a sloppy wet pussy baby. See, my Dealer “E” loves to sell my ivory white ass to the niggas’ (His Words) I owe him for last weekends, Binger. I was lazy and just wanted to fuck my little sis and have my brother cum in us a “couple” times. Oh, and there was the trip to the Truckstop, but we won’t mention that to “E” Wink wink.  Ok, So I am A Lazy whore who just wants to get fucked for free sometimes. Twerking on the pole and strolling for Johns gets in the way of fucking and snorting! Well anyways. I have to pay off my coke debt by bouncing on big fat ebony cock for a couple days with nothing in return but cum filled aching stretched out holes. I just excuse myself and rub some of that numbing white power around my fuckhole and ass so I am good for the next Big King Kong Dick. I love being a BBC big dick sucker because those cum loads keep me full and energized to go dance that pole to earn Coke money. All my time is being taken up with fucking these black men so I gotta stay high some way. If I am lucky I get a nice double team gaping me with two dicks fighting for the same fuck holes. I really shouldn’t be such a lazy gangbang slut anymore, but I know all these black cocks are getting me to squirt like crazy and I love each and every cum load. So, give this white trash whore your cum load next? 

Stripping For Dick and Money

Hot stripper sex

Dudes! I had the most fan-fucking-tastic weekend!  First off I made a shit ton of money and secondly I got a ton of dick!  My friend Mandy asked me if I could work a party with her.  At first I was like, nah.  Only because the last time I helped her out by working a party it was lame.  We were stripping for about ten guys and not one of them wanted to fuck.  They had no problem with her and I bouncing our tits in their faces, or rubbing our pussies on their laps, but fucking was out of the question.  Weird.  She promised me though that if I went with her this time I was guaranteed to get some cock.  I told her if I didn’t get any then this would be the last time I would step in and help out.

At first we were the only ones there.  I thought that this was another lame assed party, but after about thirty minutes the guys came in.  They were fucking wasted.  They wanted to get all grabby and shit.  Mandy wasn’t having it, she told them that if they didn’t settle down we were leaving.  She told them if they wanted anything more than some dances then they would have to pay extra.  No freebies.  Hell, I give freebies all the damn time, maybe I should pick up some of Mandy’s business practices. Ha!

We were dancing, drinking, snorting, and just having a great old time.  I was getting frantic, my pussy was throbbing, my clit was so damn engorged.  You try doing lap dances over some hard cocks for a couple of hours and see if your pussy isn’t begging for them to slam into you.  I told Mandy that these guys better want to fuck, because if not I was going to leave and find some on my own.  She was booked for two more hours and she couldn’t leave, but she wouldn’t get paid at all if there weren’t the both of us there.  She started to panic.  Girl needs her money, she has a shit load of little Mandys to take care of.  

I just went around and offered my cunt up.  Eventually one guy said yes, we fucked right there in the middle of every one, Mandy was being my fluffer chick, getting those dicks so hard that they had to cum, they couldn’t wait.  Mmmm, blue balls equal cock stuffed in my holes.  Watching me being fucked hard helped too.  One by one they took their turns.  Mandy was on cock sucking duty and I was on every other duty.  Not only did they pay for the suck and fuck, they paid extra for us to stay for a few more hours.  I was so damn tired, sticky, and satisfied when we left.  I am thinking that the next time Mandy needs a stand in that I just may say yes again.

Teen anal sex freak

Teen anal whore

Being a teen anal whore is perfect when you have someone to makes you cum quick. I met my boyfriend that I am currently dating last year. I had to meet his parents today. How do you think I look? This was right before I put my pants on. I want to look as innocent as I can, most teens are not like me. I love my job stripping. I get to drink on my shifts and dance to music. Is that not the best life? So, before I got dressed to go, Derek, took my pants off and started taking pictures of my pussy. He started to lick my fuck holes. I spread my legs as wide as I could for him. I wanted to have my pussy filled up with cum and my ass hole. He always busts enough loads to make it in both.

Gangbang Whore In The Fall

gangbang whore

This Gangbang whore is super wet thinking about the cooler temps of fall. I mean it gets hot when you have five or more dicks in your hot slut holes. I have enjoyed the sweating summer of cock but fucking in the park like I did last fall is amazing. My dealer E and My brother set up a hole live sex show near the river last fall. I was given rails of coke and admission was paid to be able to fuck over twenty men that day and night. I started by sitting nude in the grass and being offered each of those lovely cocks one at a time to suck for three minutes. My mouth was already sore but after that hour I was feed more Coke and my brother than bent me over and offered 3 minutes of stroke time for my sloppy wet pussy. That was an hour of being fucked deep and hard over and over. I began cumming down my legs and still I had no cum in my holes. I began to beg for at least one cum shot after my next line. My brother gave me his dick in my ass and allowed me to start sucking each of those dicks as he pumped my tight ass hole in the cool crisp air. I felt his hot load deep in me as he released my ass and pussy to be fought over. For the next hour, I became a dumpster of cum and had loads being shot all over my body.  I felt like the skankiest whore and the breeze and leaves falling down made me the happiest gangbang slut ever. I know my brother and E is planning another gangbang sex show by the river again, this time my baby sister will be taking cock with me and forty men and those rock hard cocks are going to be fucking us silly. I love the life of my orgy phone sex slut self!orgy phone sex

3 fisting whore lovers

fisting whorephone chat linesanal cum dumpster

Our boss pays us big whenever he is high as a kite. He picked Deanna, Carrie and I to deliver a weekend full of fun. We had to get sick and super freaky. The three of us make a crazy fun trio. At work, the stages are set up for the main stripper whores to make the most cash. The main stage is positioned right on the VIP section. To get those spots we have to earn them with the head honcho. This weekend try out was for the three of us to prove we could handle center stage. All we had to do was give him the time of his life.

We showed up and showed out we were ready for his demented demands. We heard horror stories on how he loves making the strippers take muts dicks in their cunts and mouth. With enough blow, I’m sure we wouldn’t mind having his muts cum. His request was simple he wanted to have us clothed. He could see us naked at work if he wanted. He made us piss on ourselves that was his first instruction. We had to be drenched he loved us to listen to him. Once we were pissy sluts, we had to blow him and take his load and cum swap nonstop. It was such a mess, but he wasn’t done with us till he made us each a fisting whore. We were going to have big black holes. After sometime with his four legged friend we earned center stage. It was such a great feeling to be a cum dump and a whore for the weekend. Being a high whore was what I wanted to be and I got to do that with two filthy sluts. It was a fun mess to have all the loads of cum and piss all over us rubbed in. The messiest weekend thus far.

Big Dick Sucker P-Mommy Whore BJ

When only the filthiest p-mommy whore that knows her way around a cock and one fine big dick sucker can quench your desire then go with the one named for it, BJ. I’m a p-mommy whore that loves to be a knob gobbling druggy whore with a love of big nigger dicks or BBC. Retired stripper and incest mommy to her teen son who gets off on watching all that bbc penetrate and violate this milf cunt.

I love to party and will do so at all hours inclusive of mid day, evening, sundays and whatever fucking time I wish to party and take on a gangbang of BBC. I’m a filthy milf and can’t quite help myself from this need to have a lot of big cocks stretch out my fuck holes I hope you’ll be next.

Big Dick Sucker

Druggy Stripper

phone sex line

I really need to stop letting guys fuck me and cum all over me for free. I love being a dirty whore, but I need drug money. Letting men hit it for free isn’t making me money, and I have habits to support. So, I got a new job. If my time at the trap house taught me anything, it is that I make a fantastic stripper. I still have a sexy young body, and the coke keeps me skinny. Besides, who doesn’t love a hot blonde that can dance? It started because it was my friends 21st birthday yesterday, and we decided to go to the strip club to celebrate. I was expecting there to be loud music, bright lights, and lots of horney men, but it was dull and depressing. There was 3 girls walking around and a bartender, and they were the only people there. I felt like I was at a fucking funeral, so I decided it was time to put the fun in funeral. I walk up to the dj booth and turned the music way up. It still didn’t seem to have too much of an effect, so I climbed on stage. I danced like no one was watching, and stripped like everyone was. Before I knew it men were pouring in, and fuck tons of money were being thrown at me. All I wanted to do was have fun, but shit if I can make money doing it, I am going to do it. When I finally got down off the stage I made $2,000, and the owner offered me a job. I said if I can really make this much just by doing that then fuck yea. Then I got shitfaced and fucked my friend in the private dance area, and it is probably the most private public place I have ever had anal.

Pay for the pussy

Hot stripper sex  When I get paid for private dances I get so excited. I can get private time. I always give these wealthy men my address the more they have my pussy the more money I make. I have to really put in work though. I brought back this guy you see here back to my place for double the money. They always encourage me to do me and have fun. My bodyguard lives with me so it works out perfectly. Last night, I had to dance, strip a few times suck a fat cock and role play. It was fun. But damn, I rode that cock for so long my heart almost exploded. But, damn I love to cum and I love creampies. I got a facial that I always love It always makes my face feel the best the next day. I feel brand new and chirpy this morning.

Trap Queen

phone sex line

I have become the trap house favorite whore. My guy owns the trap house, so me becoming his favorite whore kind of makes me a trap queen. I really love it here I get drugs handed to me whenever I dance or fuck. It is like a dream come true, like I am a queen off a castle. There is always blunts being passed around, and I only participate in the gangbangs when I feel like it. Everyday feels like a party here it is fucking awesome. My favorite thing to do here, well besides the drugs, is see how crazy it drives the guys when me and the other girls make out or lick each others pussies. My trap king even showed me the meth lab in the basement, and how to cook it. Isn’t he the absolute sweetest?! Then we fucked right on top of a pile of rocks, and I just can not believe how romantic that was. He tells me he has always had a thing for slutty blondes like me. I have also gotten so good at doing tricks on the stripper pole in the man cave. I really think if things don’t work out with me and my trap king I may have a future as a stripper. Anyways I wanted to share my best trip story yet with you. So, my trap king got a fuck ton of acid yesterday, and threw a big ass gangbang party. I was so fucking hype, I mean for as many college parties as I have been to I have never actually tripped on acid before. My trap king demanded that all women at the party stay naked the whole party, and I loved that idea too. There was so many drugs going around and everyone was fucking someone. My trap king shoved 4 acid tabs into my pussy, and pushed it in deep with his hard cock. I can’t even put the experience into words it was just incredible.

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