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Trailer Trash Whore Goes Back to School

trailer trash whoreThis trailer trash whore knows how to have fun. This stripper that lives in my trailer park paid me in coke to impersonate her at her son’s school this morning. She works until 5 am in the morning, then she parties, sometimes fucks and crashes. She is pretty much a vampire who is up all night and sleeping all day. She has no time for a boring school meeting. They are kind of fun. I used to go to them for my son and daughter. Usually, I got to fuck a hot teacher in exchange for passing grades for my son and daughter. I dressed like a trashy MILF. Everyone knows Donny’s mother is a stripper. I had to look the part. Now I am about 20 years older than his mother, but cougars have brats too, especially in trailer parks. No one questioned if I was his mother. Partying ages a woman, so I’m sure they thought I looked older than they expected because I am a stripper whore. Most of his teachers were very boring. Turns out Donny is nothing like my brats. He is a smarty pants. Gets great grades. I was disappointed to hear that because I wanted to fuck a sexy student teacher. When I got to Donny’s history teacher, I hit the jackpot. He told me flat out he wished my son was dumb so he could get into my pants. I pointed to the supply cabinet. He followed me in. I went down on him; blew his socks off. I told him after he blew his spunk down my throat that I was always available to fuck my son’s teachers, for grades or for fun. He gave me his number so we could hook up tonight when we had more time to fuck. I hate to break it to him that Donny is not my brat. I doubt he will care. He is getting MILF pussy. I miss having little ones in the house though. Being a sexy MILF brings a lot of cock to your door.

The masturbating prostitute

Prostitution porn

Even prostitutes need porn now and then. Sometime actually watching prostitution porn scenarios will get me hot and worked up. I was relaxing at a friend’s house and got a little horny. So I went to his room and put on some porn. A prostitute was going to a tricks hotel room and they didn’t even waste time on chit chat, she simply grabbed the money in his hand and went to town on his cock. She had pushed him down on the bed unzipped his pants and started working his cock with her mouth, tongue and hands. You could tell right away he loved it and hearing a man enjoy a blow job is one of the reasons I got into this business. As I was watching the porn my friend’s sister came home, she lives with him and caught me masturbating to her brother’s porn collection. I didn’t stop when she let me know she was standing there, but she continued to watch which fueled me on even more. I could see her playing with her pussy by the door while I played with mine. When I started cumming I closed my eyes and rode out the hot sensation in my pussy. I opened my eyes and she was gone. Maybe next time she will join me.

Trashy Milf & Girl Auctioned Off

The club was having a private auction to support a local cause. Baby girl and I were one of the “items” up for auction, and I was excited as fuck at the thought of being auctioned off with her to the highest bidder for a day. Trashy milfWhen our time came to show off and earn bids, I walked her up with me. All eyes were on her little, supple body with the perky, tiny titties and sweet little ass barely covered by that mini skirt and tube top. Her hair was pulled back in a tail to show her body off to full advantage, and I immediately sat down and pulled her into my lap. I took my shirt off, letting them all see my tits, before I pulled hers off, and started tweaking her nipples, showing how tiny and taut they could get. I reached down and spread her legs apart to dangle on either side of my own, and she leaned back against my chest. The bids were rolling in by that point, but I knew we could get more. I ran both hands up the insides of her thighs, pushing the mini skirt completely up and away from her tiny cunt. Her sweet little lace-ruffled panties immediately caught attention, and the bids jumped a couple of times. I ran my hands over her abdomen, slowly stroking downward. When I got to her little cunt, I moved them down the insides of her thighs to slowly push the fabric of her panties until it all slipped up into her gash. Her pussy lips were on full display, and she turned her face to kiss my cheek. I turned to kiss her, and our french kiss definitely sealed the deal. We were the highest-paid item of the night.

Trailer Trash Whore Goes Wild!

Trailer trash whoreI’d always heard that traumatic experiences and brushes with death can make you horny enough to fuck anyone and everyone near you. I don’t think I ever really believed it before, though. Yesterday was one for the books. I was at the bank, and a guy walked in wearing a mask and carrying a gun. He screamed for everyone to get down, and I did, quickly. He took his time, pointing the gun at any and everyone who breathed too loudly. He walked so close to me, with that gun just over my head, that I nearly peed myself. When he finally left, I was so scared that I was shaking. The guy next to me asked if I was ok, and it took a minute for me to register that we were ok, that we had survived it. I couldn’t have helped my next moves if I had wanted to. I grabbed the guy and started kissing him, hard. I fumbled with his pants until I got them undone, and immediately climbed on top of him. Right there, in the bank, with all those people watching, I fucked his brains out. I bounced on him, kissed him, and made sure that my body knew that it was still alive and ok. He resisted at first, but quickly got into the feel of things, and I guess that our brazen display was a cue for others. When I finally finished fucking him, and my body was sated and satisfied that I was ok, I looked around from my perch on his dick to see at least 3 other fucking couples, and a bank manager jacking off at his desk. We were all pretty happy to be alive!

Semen Queen

Cum dumpsterI’m a cum dumpster. I love thick, milky semen. I love the taste of cum and how it feels on my skin. A lot of females know that cum will give you a beautiful, clear complexion. My skin is flawless. And cum is full of protein it’s good for your health. My name is Carmel and I’m a stripper. I love bouncing my ass for cash. Being a stripper provides with so many opportunities to score cum. Every night I choose a lucky man to take to the champagne room. It gets down and dirty in the champagne room. And last night I chose a real winner. I got on my knees and sucked him dry. His cum felt and tasted like honey when it hit the back of my throat. He was a real gusher it streamed like a water fountain. I got a good taste then pulled his cock out of my mouth to spray my face. That warm semen felt so good on my skin. Semen…Oh my God! I can’t get enough of it.

Hooker for hire gets pounded

Hookers for hire

One of my girls asked me if I wanted to go meet this john who has a nice big cock, being hookers for hire I wasn’t going to turn a trick down. So, I was all for it, hadn’t had a big cock in a while and they are always fun to fuck.
Wasted no time, as soon as we were in the door the cash was handed over and we were naked and he was rock hard. I wanted my turn on his cock first; as soon as that big head penetrated my tight slit I wanted him fucking me as hard as he could. Fucking my wet pussy so deep and hard made me cum three times in a row. My girl was playing with my clit while the john fucked me so deep; my legs were shaking with every thrust. He would lifted me up and spin me around so he could fuck me standing, and spread eagle on the couch and every position you can think of. I lost count of how many times I came, but he started to say he was going to bust, so my girl and I got on our knees and had him shoot his load all over our faces.
We started to get dressed and the john said “Hey, whoa whoa whoa ladies, where are you going? I’ve got 3 hours left ladies I paid for 6.” And he pointed to his cock which was already rock hard again. My girl said yay and clapped, she thought she was going to be left out from the big cock john.

Blonde Fucking Slut Masturbates

Blonde fuckingMy cunt was so hungry, and there was no one else around. My neighbors were all at work or gone, my usual lovers were all busy, baby girl was at her friend’s house – I had NO ONE to come help me relieve myself. Well, I did the only thing I could do. I ran myself a nice bath and decided to soak. I ran my hands up and down my body in the water, playing with my nipples, touching all the places that really get my motor revved. I slid the soap into my hand and got both of them really soapy, then rubbed my fingers over my clit and cunt. I pressed 2 fingers into my pussy, dipping them as deeply as I could. My thumb slid back over my clit and I started to massage both inside and outside of my pussy together. I slid my pinky back and worked it as deep as I could get it into my shitter.

Strip Club Feature Dance

Hot stripper sex CarrieI love to feature dance at my local strip club, it’s always a special night whenever I do and all of my regulars come out to support me! I used to strip every fucking night but now I do more out-call prostitution work, so i’m not up in the strip club as much as I used to be. All of my customers gather like a pack of wolves at the club and drool over me while I shake my sex ass on stage for them! I wear my hottest, skimpiest little outfit so that my tits and ass are hanging out! The way I slide up and down the pole drives them fucking wild! They hoot and holler for me, it’s so fucking hott! Of course I expect tons of money to be thrown at me too, my regulars always take great care of me, especially because they know I love to shop and buy drugs! They know better than to just throw some lousy one dollar bills, they better be throwing twenty and hundred dollar bills my way! The more money they throw, the freakier I get! I love fucking the pole while they stare in amazement! It’s so much fun and I love being the slut in the spotlight!

Baller Cock

Big dick sucker

I was at the strip club backstage getting ready to hit the stage, when the manager of the club came in to tell me someone had requested my presence in the champagne room. I knew whoever it was, he had a lot of money for the manager to come backstage to retrieve me. I walked over to the champagne room and my jaw dropped when I saw who was waiting for me. I can’t say his name because I want to protect his privacy, but I will say he’s a superstar basketball player that everyone knows. He told me that he’d heard about my blowjobs and he wanted to see for himself if the rumors were true. I dropped to my knees and pulled his dick out, and OMG! this man was well hung. Standing over 6’5 inches tall this black god did not disappoint, his cock was 11inches long. I tried my best to suck every inch of his dick, and it was hard because he was thick like a coke can. But my mouth got use to that anaconda cock and I went to town on that dick. I knew I had to suck cock like a porn star to keep him coming back to me. When he grabbed me by my hair and forcefully fucked my face I gagged a little but I kept sucking. I sucked and sucked and sucked until finally he exploded in my mouth. His cum tasted so sweet and it was so thick. I didn’t charge for the blowjob, but I did ask for tickets to his next game.

Black girl phone sex

Teen Sluts Fucking with Mommy

Baby girl’s tight little cunt is about my favorite thing to play with these days. No matter where we go, or who we’re with, I know that she’ll be open to fun and games if that’s what anyone wants. Well, when we went to visit her little friend, we had no idea her little friend was such a perfect little slut, too. It started out as just another day at the park. Teen sluts fuckingThe girls were racing all over the place, sliding down the slides, playing on the merry-go-round, and swinging. It was at one point, I was checking my phone while I enjoyed the sounds of their gallivanting, that I realized they’d gotten really quiet. I went into alert mommy mode and started off for where I’d last seen them. I found them in the closed-in house of the slide, undressed and “69”-ing. Well, being the loving mommy that I am, I couldn’t help but offer my own aid. I stuck fingers into each of their cunts and assholes, plunging them in and out as they tongued each others’ clits. The rode my fingers and each others faces until they came hard. We heard voices, and knew that other people had probably heard, but we didn’t care. They took their time getting dressed again, touching each other and kissing the whole time. We agreed to have a sleepover soon, baby girl is SO looking forward to seeing her again!!

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