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Crack whore anal: she does it all

Crack whore anal

Crack whore anal is the key to the rocks. He asked and I delivered. He was sitting in the back of the bar by the bathroom. He pulled a baggy out his pocket and waved it in the air . He then motioned me to come over and I followed he then got up and went to bathroom. So I followed him there. He looked at me, shook the baggy and lifted up my skirt. He slaps my ass and smiles. ” You wanna take a hit first bitch?” I said yes and removed my pip from my pocket. He kept rubbing my fat brown ass. As I took pulls from the pipe he poked my puckered hole with his finger. ” Bend over the sink. No the toilet.” I complied and put my face towards the toilet bowl. ” Lick it you stupid nigger bitch.” He pulled another gram out his pocket. So I licked it. He grabbed my hair and shoved my face closer into the toilet. Seconds later I felt him thrust into my asshole. ” Take it you Crack whore. You’d do anything for these rocks huh?” He pulled out his cock pushed me out of the way and jerked off to finish on the toilet seat. He pulled another 3 grams out his pants and said ” Lick the cum off that seat.” I looked at him then the rocks and complied. I lick all his load off the seat.

This Trashy Milf’s Family is About to Get Bigger

trashy MilfI may be the trashy milf matriarch, but a queen can’t rule her subjects without a king. My husband is my partner in everything we do with our family. We have decided to expand our family of whores. The brothel Daddy’s House can always use more whores. We researched many adoption agencies and the one Daughters on Demand had just what we wanted. It is an underground agency, operated off the grids in a very elite community of like-minded individuals who know the purpose of daughters. I met one of the owners of Daughters on Demand recently, so my hubby and I scheduled an appointment with him. We have money, and adopting a black market girl cost money, but when it comes to building our brothel, money is no object. Sure, I can still get pregnant, so could a few of my daughters, but that takes time. Daughters on Demand lets us rent a girl of any age or adopt one. We wanted another whore and didn’t want to wait years until she was the right age to earn us money. Adopting an older girl, means she can make us money from the get-go. She can work at the Pink Pussy Parlor or Daddy’s House brothel.  When you are a dirty mommy with an equally dirty husband and a family of young sexy prostitutes, you know how to find young talent. My husband and I are reading over the information on the available girls in the age range we desire and will be adopting a new whore soon.

Trashy MILF Babysitter

trashy milfThis trashy milf was asked to babysit a young girl. Can you believe that shit? The woman is a stripper. Her normal sitter fell through and she was desperate. That was obvious when she showed up with her brat at 9 pm last night. I have no problem with little ones, I raised two of my own. My issue is that I am done with diaper duty. I joked about paying me in coke, and she pulled out a big bag of blow. She said one of her VIP patrons gave it to her, but she prefers weed and fireball. Damn, I had to watch the little girl now. I wanted that blow. Everything was going fine until one of my fuck buddies showed up. We do coke together and fuck. The little girl woke up when we started fucking. Guess, I got a little loud. I felt my lover’s cock get stiffer in my ass when he saw that young angel. He made me an offer. I didn’t know he had that kind of cash. I mean he lives in the trailer park too. That kind of cash would keep me in my trailer for several years, that is of course if I don’t put it all up my nose. I thought about it, but not for long. I mean mommy is a stripper who paid me to watch her brat with a bag of cocaine. I let him fuck her. Oh, she fought. It had to hurt her tiny holes, so I gave her some Jack Daniels and she was out like a light. He fucked her pussy and ass, but I made him cum in me instead of her. Didn’t want semen in her holes if she had a doctor’s trip. Stripper mommy picked her up this morning and so far, no cops have shown up. My guess is mommy has not noticed her baby girl’s holes aren’t so tight anymore and swollen. Or she has, and just doesn’t care. I am happy to babysit young ones again. I will turn them into little hookers for hire like my mom did me.

Anal sex whore

Anal sex whore for crack I will do anything. So I met the white boy filling up at the gas station. I walked to his truck and flashed my ass. Come here Daddy. You got cash we can play. He smiled and said get in my truck. I hopped in and he parked amongst some empty trailers. He told me to come into the sleeper. I complied and sat on his messy bed. Here he hands me $200 and a gram. ” I want that ass. Bend over.” He immediately stuck his tongue in my ass. He moaned and said “I love the tangy taste of nigger ass.”  While he ate my booty I loaded my pipe up and took a hit. The crack smog made his tongue dig deeper into my asshole. I moaned, took a hit and enjoyed the wet feeling of his tongue. He spread my cheeks and slammed his cock into me. This is really some Crack whore anal. He held my ass cheeks open and continued to pump until I heard a gasp and felt his balls drain into my ass.











Teen Sluts Fucking: Sex Sells

teen sluts fuckingIf you have teen sluts fucking, you have raised them right! My husband and are raising our teen girls for the adult industry. We moved to a community that promotes the lifestyle we want for our girls. We have three daughters, all precocious sexually, but not all of them want to be whores. One wants to give it away for free, silly girl. Living in this private community that shares are vision for our girls is helping with their sexual advancement. Our daughters don’t all love being whores, but they love sex. Not all girls are created equally. Some are born to serve. Slavery was abolished and sex slavery is frowned upon in polite society, but every man and most women would love a young sex slave. We now live in a society where our girls can learn to be the best whores they can be. Being a whore is encouraged and promoted. Think about it. The sex industry is recession proof. If your daughters are strippers, hookers for hire, porn stars, or massage parlor girls, they are always gainfully employed. They have a useful skill that is always in demand. My husband and I are just making sure are daughters can always support themselves and us. Sex sells. Sex will always sell.

Cum filled cunt gets eaten


Cum filled cunt

Cum filled cunt gets eaten by a trick after my pimp cum in my pussy. I wasn’t expecting to do it but Daddy got an outcall for me while we were fucking. He slammed inside my pussy while Jefferson set up the appointment.  Daddy throws the phone and continues to pound my pussy seconds later he bust inside my pussy slapped my ass and said go see Jeff. I met Jeff in a room at the Ramada. I came in and he smelled the cum on my pussy. He asked if I fucked before I came I told him Yes…He then asked if I took a shower.. I laughed and said No. His response was perfect. He laid me on the bed and proceeded to lick each part of my body. He started at my neck and licked down to my nipples, then he traced a line from underneath my breast to my belly button. He tongued my belly button hole and then finally stuck his nose in my cum filled nigga pussy. He smiled and said you pussy smell like black dick. I told him my Daddy came in my pussy before I left. As if on cue my pussy began to ooze my Daddy’s cum. Jeff being in love with nigger cum decided to lick it clean. Jeff really like a cummy Sloppy wet pussy.

Cum dumpster Bitches Everywhere

Cum dumpster

Cum dumpster mentality is rampantly spreading across the internet. Have you seen all the cum shooting videos out there!?! My attention will focus right in on something involving creampies or cum eating. I’m not the only one who loves cum, so many cum freaks I’ll never be able to watch it all.

Begging for your cum, I’ll let you do anything to any one of my fuck holes. First I’ll services your cock with my mouth, taking you all the way down my throat, no bullshit. I don’t mind the gags and getting spit all over my mouth and tits.

So what if I am a creampie slut, I’m here for you to use and abuse by design. I’m ready for more when I plead with you to put your cock inside my wet cunt. I beg for you to plant your seed inside of me. My only purpose is to be your cum eater, after all. I’m so desperate to be used I let your friend fuck my mouth while you pound my pussy. You fill me up with your load twice. Once in doggy, and once while I’m riding you. So call sexy Evonne for hot ass very dirty, cummy, drippy, nasty, cum licking fun Cum eating phone sex and get filled up in all your holes!

High AF Stripper Sex Stories

stripper sex stories

Yes, my stripper sex stories always start with me being high as fuck. A blunt and some coke make me the nasty cock taking stripper you know and love. Now there are nights when I just want to keep getting high and twerking my ass has made me extremely horny. I am bouncing this fairy tramp stamp and singles are thrown on me. What a way to feel like a nasty white trash fucking whore. I want that dick hard. I don’t care that I am on stage, I tell him to pull it out and fuck me in front of everyone. He said naw baby but we can go to the back room and you can blow me and fuck me for this little bit of cocaine I got in my pocket.  Of fucking course I was going with him. I asked him if his friends could join so I could be the gang bang whore stripper that I am. I mean I am just a cum dump white trash slut for the picking, don’t you agree baby?

Drunk girl fucking behind the bar

Drunk girl fucking outside of the. In the back alley way. I heard them say. They didn’t even catch my face or my name. It’s Alyssa for those who wanna get they dick rocked quicker. I was at bar by the weight station. I walked in high, drunk and sexy as fuck, all the bitches were hating. There was a man I saw him staring he pulled out a baggy of rocks on the low and mouthed I don’t mind sharing. I know he wanted a Cum dumpster and I didn’t mind complying. As long as I got my hit my mouth will do all the satisfying. He walked through the back door I followed him quickly. He pulled me close and said ” You wanna smoke then suck fuck or” I stopped him and pulled out my pipe. I took a few hits so did he. It took no time before I was on my knees. I suck the shot out of that white boy dick with my big nigga lips. I gave him the sloppy top of his dreams. I just took a few rocks and I was on his team. He shouted ” O fuck, I don’t want to cum in your mouth.” He pulls another baggy from his pants pocket and turns me around, lifts up my skirt and lubes my asshole with spit. In my puckered whole he slammed his dick.” I live for that Crack whore anal. Keep giving me that ass, you will always have krills on your table.” He pounded in me until he shot his huge load.Drunk girl fucking

Stripper gangbang

Stripper sex stories

I have a real kink for men in uniforms. Something about that just makes me fucking hot! A bunch of horny drunk soldiers came into the club where I was stripping at and I couldn’t keep my hands off of them. I was flirting with them and letting them get grabby and touch me all over. Normally I would make a guy pay to touch me, but I can’t help what a slut I am for a guy in camo and boots. I gave them a little treat, on me. I led the three of them into the private room where we have lapdances and started giving them a private show. I dropped to my knees and started unzipping their pants and took turns sucking their cocks to get them nice and hard. They were drunk and rowdy and out of control. One of them pushed me up against the wall and started fucking me hard from behind. As soon as he was done, one of his friends was there to take his place and shove his hard cock into my already well fucked pussy. He pounded me from behind while the third forced my head onto his cock and fucked my face. Once they had used me like a cum dumpster they walked out and left me dripping wet and well fucked.

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