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Happy Valentines day

cum filled cuntI was offered a deal I couldn’t resist. I have been fucking for coke, and I scored an excellent sweet agreement by one of the truckers  I blow. All I had to do was let him fuck my asshole and go out a cheap valentines date with him. I wasn’t going to turn down a grand. That would go a long way for my little habits. We pulled up to a trashy motel and fucked till my cum filled cunt was raw. We had dinner at the diner down the street and finished off with an orgy. It was a win-win. I got my money and got my sloppy twat fucked and used. I don’t regret it for a minute. I love being a trashy whore.

Sissy Skank Training

Shemale phone sex


I want to dress you up just like a girl. I want to put you in pantyhose, lipstick, and blush, it’s so much of a sexy look for you. I want to dress you up like a hot bitch you can be adorable I want to put high heel shoes on your feet and make you walk in the streets. I want to take you down to the road where all of the bitches sell their pussies, we can make some money it’s true. I just had an epiphany I can be your pimp, and you can work for me you can do everything like sell that boy pussy. I Want That Boy Pussy on the market I want the men to drill you hard I need them to make you feel just like a sissy whore. Your ass is going to feel like a gaping hole, they’re going to make sure I have that. I want your ass whole to be a place where the rape fantasies come to get satisfied; I want them to be fed well. I need some guys to give you cock they’re going to fuck you well you’re going to beg me to stop it now, but I’ll tell them to fuck on. You’ve got to be the fucking skankiest piece of shit sack I know everything about you is gross until you get naked. Your ass looks like a girl you’ve got three inches of cock you are an embarrassment to the world you fucking Sissy. I’m going to make you take so much dick in your mouth; I will make sure you’re choking on it because you deserve to be treated just like a punk. Now get down on your knees, and I will walk over to you right now I want you to lick my pussy, and then I’m going to get you to suck my friend’s cock. You are a girl in disguise; you only look like a boy that means that you’re an ugly bitch. I will make sure that the guys who love to fuck guys as you get them a good time. You can call me mean if you want to you can call me vicious if it pleases you, but I swear you’re still going to get fucked in your ass over and over again. You are just a silly little bitch to me everything you say is so absurd. I want cock to block off your words by stuffing in your mouth you stupid skank. You are a fag you’re a fucking boy cunt

White Trash Phone Sex Valentine’s Day

white trash phone sexI had a white trash phone sex Valentine’s Day. What does that mean? Sex in a trailer park with your son and his friends, lines of coke, beer bongs and lots of cum. That is a white trash Valentine! My son showed up around noon. He had with him a few friends, a bag of coke and a lot of beer. It was 5’oclock somewhere. I put the beer bong hat on and started chugging massive quantities of Coors Lite. I may be a skinny bitch, but I can out drink most men. Once I was liquored up, I started doing white lines off cocks. Young, hard, happy to see me cocks. My real Valentine’s Day gift was those cocks. When I am drunk and high, I can showoff my big dick sucker skills the best. I had those boys in awe of my skills.  No matter how drunk I am, I never puke, not even when swallowing gallons of cum and getting skull fucked. I am an old whore, not a silly school girl. We party all day long and well into the night. I think all the cum I swallow somehow prevents me from getting as drunk as I should be. My pussy is sore this morning; so is my ass, but I had one hell of hot Valentine’s Day celebration. At least the parts I remember were wicked hot.

Coked Up Cheerleader Gram

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Valentine’s Day was the perfect day to get business! My cheer squad and I decided to bring in a little extra coke cash by selling our tight holes. We all were coked up and ready to fuck for some cold hard cash. Setting up a hot Backpage Ad was easy as fuck and soon we had tons of customers calling in to request our services. The girls and I were called to a huge corporate office in our sluttiest uniforms. We were escorted into a giant conference room with a lot of horny business men eagerly waiting for our teen coked up pussy. The whole conference table had lines of coke and booze waiting for us and we got to business! We snorted coke off of all their cocks and rode them like the teen sluts we are. It was a hot coke fueled orgy! I was so fucked up, I ate my friend’s pussy while two of the clients double penetrated my used holes. We left with a sizeable coke stash and holes pumped full of cum!


We had a Valentine’s Day special at the diner last night. It included an expensive item – a night having a ganging with me! We emptied the restaurant early, only allowing ticket payers inside. They paid big money to have a shot filling up this nasty cum whore’s cunt! I sat on my knees in the middle of the room with a circle of 25 hot and horny guys, truckers, dirty and ready to fuck. They had their cocks out and each of them had me in tears gagging on their big hard meaty cocks! My throat was force fucked over and over! My hair was pulled, some of it on the ground, but I didn’t care. My makeup running down my face, and I was covered in salty sweat and cum. I took their loads, happily. I had a full cunt and a full pocketbook after!
Cum guzzling slut

Paint my pussy with cum

Cum filled cuntI literally want you to paint my cum filled cunt with your jizz while it oozes out of your hard & horny cock. Lemme bounce my fat ass on it and make you sloppy wet while my pussy juices ooze out of me and puddle down on your hairy balls. They’re so swollen and eagerly awaiting to explode! I’m such a fuckin slut and i’ve been doing heaps of blow all night long. In fact, my dealer just swung by not too long ago and dropped off another eight ball for me to enjoy all to myself while I have dirty phone chat with horny perverts all night long, hehe. Look at me and how i’m bet over on all fours & showing off my sexy little fuck holes. I want your cock so deep inside of me baby! I can’t even feel my body anymore, i’m so fucked up! Lick on my clit and let me orgasm all over your wet tongue. I wanna show you how bad I can really get!

Trailer trash whore on a roll

trailer trash whoreTrailer trash whore needs her cock fix. I am always ready to make every cock cum. My tight holes aren’t going to be so tight anymore if I keep going at the rate that I am at, My asshole is the neighborhood boys wonderland. My cunt is tight and perfect, but each day it is becoming a cum dump. I have no shame in my game. Everyone is welcome to try my holes out, anyways they did say practice makes perfect, and at this rate, I am going to be the number one cum dump whore. I have no limits, and I am proud of that. My favorite thing is to have cum all over me glistening all over my body. I rub it on me like lotions and lick it off like icing.

White Trash Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whore

My neighbor made a mistake telling this anal sex whore her husband had been asking for ass sex. I waited till she was gone shopping and put on my sluttiest fishnets and heels. My skirt was short as I went to “borrow a cup of sugar”. What I wanted was his dick in my ass. A sweet fun loving handsome guy who I had had my slutty eyes on for a minute. I grabbed him and kissed his mouth he went to the kitchen. That dick was hard as I pulled him outside. Neighbor Boy tried to resist but I stripped him and did my hardcore cock sucking and he was mush in my hands. I told him he could fuck me in the ass and he almost came in my mouth. I was naked except for my fishnets as I poured baby oil down my ass crack, “Fuck my ass now baby!” I got on top and my oiled trailer trash body slipped up and down his cock with my ass. He moaned and called me his wife’s name as he came inside me bareback. I slapped his face with my tits got up and cleaned my shit hole off his dick. “Go Get cleaned up for the missus.”. I didn’t want that cock getting busted I love married men cock like his. 

Jamie loves tranny cock

Big dick sucker

I was at a party when I met sexy tranny Josie. She had a little baggy of special powder that I really wanted. She told me she would let me have some of it if I gave her something in return. She pulled out her big tranny cock and forced my head down to suck it. I sucked her cock while she laid back on the couch. I licked and cupped her balls and even spread her legs and licked her tight little asshole. She really started to moan when I did that, so I stuck a finger up her ass and fingered her prostate while deep throating her big girl dick. She was so turned on that in no time she was squirting a huge load of cum onto my face. I scooped all the cum off my face and licked my fingers clean. When I was done, she already had a line ready for me to snort. She’s the best!


Shemale phone sex

I just can’t get enough!

live phone sexI am addicted to cock, no matter what I do I just can not get enough of it! So when my friend asked me to strip at his bachelor party I was all in, I knew that they would all be drunk and horny so I was sure to get fucked and get paid, what could be better than that? I showed up right when they were all hammered as fuck and ready to play, I could tell they were ready to fuck too by all those hard cocks so I just went for it and told them that whoever wanted some of this pussy could come get some. Well they all wanted me, I had cocks in every fuck hole practically before I even finished my sentence! It was a total bachelor party gangbang and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. I fucked them all night long, my friend was almost late to his own wedding thanks to me but he told me it was all worth it!

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