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Sperm Sponge

Big dick suckerMy mouth is literally like a spa day for your balls, i’m such a good cum guzzling big dick sucker. I really want a big monster cock creaming deep inside of my pussy right now, ugh! Shove my panties to the side with your wet tongue and slurp all over my cunt until it’s sloppy fuckin wet. I throw a fit when i’m riding up and down and that thick boner. My fat tits jiggling and bouncing all around is your favorite! I love putting on a show for you when we fuck, i’m your personal slutty porn star that’s getting all freaky and wild. My cunt is such a fuckin sponge full of sperm, always dripping out and oozing with cock cream.

BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories are what many guys call me for. They love a black cock whore like me. I love to take my skanky ass down to the truck stop and score coke and big black dicks. The brothers hang out down there because they want white trash whores like me. White women suck black dick better than black girls. I have heard that from every black man I have sucked, and I have sucked enough BBC to make a porn star blush. Last night I met two new black truckers. They were young and hung and dying to hook up with a trashy milf who loves black cock. They party too, so it was even better to get some coke and some cock. Their coke was primo too. I got high quickly and started slugging down cock like the dirty whore I am. They were fuck machines. Stamina power like wild animals in heat. They ravaged my mouth, pussy and ass for hours. They never went soft. Not even after multiple cums.  They kept fucking until they were hard as a rock again. They said they never met a woman who could keep up with them. I am no woman. I am a dirty black cock whore and when I am fueled on coke, I can fuck for days.

My Ex is Back to Join in


Hooker phone sex

My ex-boyfriend called me and asked me could he come over to my house and like a fucking dumbass I told him it was okay. My ex-boyfriend is a goddamn maniac, in fact, he’s a certified sex maniac I think there’s another therapeutic name for it, but I don’t respect him enough to think about it deeply. Maybe it’s a sex addict, maybe his therapist calls him a sex addict. Anyway, this mother fucker has been chasing me and stalking me and getting on my fucking nerves every since I left him alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love sex, but I just hate the way he behaves he’s so greedy and eats my cunt for at least 2 hours he sticks his big fat thick long tongue into my gushing pussy so profoundly. My ex-boyfriend makes me cry when he’s inside of me because his dick is 11 inches and it’s so fucking fat. I know he’s great in bed it’s just that he wears my body completely out, I mean he cannot get enough of my fat wet cunt. He tells me that he has to have it at least five times a day and there is where the problem is. You see, I can’t lay and fuck him all damn day long and he doesn’t work anywhere. Since he doesn’t work, it makes me have to go out and fuck other guys for money, and since I have to do that, I don’t want to be so fucking tired. He told me he had an idea and wanted to talk to me about it, maybe it would help us. That’s why I’m going to let him come to my house, and I hoped that he was serious. Well, when he got to my house, he was looking scrumptious so fucking gorgeous. I had to keep my mind together, so I asked him what is your bright idea to make us money and solve the problem of fucking all the time too? He told me that he wanted to join in and do work also when I’m prostituting. I smiled, you want to help me I think that’s the best thing I’ve heard all fucking day. We celebrated with some hot steamy fucking sex and guess what, we invited one of my clients and had a great time. Would you like to join in too? 11 inches of hard cock is waiting for you.

Pretty Pink Slits and Cocaine

Druggy phone sexI needed blow and I needed it bad. I tore my apartment apart for little plastic baggies but came up empty. I spent the last of my money on shoes and it didn’t even matter because I have a hot body. I can use my sexy curves to get free drugs from any dealer. But Rico has the biggest cock and every time we fuck he destroys my pussy. He always has a house full of thugs and he makes me the free entertainment. I love being slutty in front of an audience. When Rico tells me to blow his friends, I do it without hesitation. Wouldn’t you like to see me on my knees with your cock in my mouth? I do whatever it takes for me to stay high. They put long beautiful white lines on the coffee table and watch me bend over naked to snort one. I want them to see my pretty pink slit because I want them to want me. Do you want me?

Hardcore Anal Sex Punishes Berretta

Hardcore anal sex

I have a client that always wants to role play the movie Secretary, but with a hardcore anal sex twist. You have me come to your office after hours when you knows we will be alone. You dictates letters for me to type up. You talk so fast that I can’t keep up. When I tell you I am not able to write as fast as you are talking.

You tell me that it is because I am not paying enough attention, but that you know how to get my attention. You tell me to bend over your desk and raise my skirt. You tell me to keep my hands flat on the desk. Your grab my panties and pull them down. You tell me to start reading to you what I have written down. For every word that I miss you slap my ass with the palm of your hand. Before long my ass is bright red and throbbing. I start to cry.


Cum guzzling slut

You tell me crying will do me no good. You tell me to pull my ass cheeks apart and then you shove a butt plug up my tight puckered ass. You tell me to pull up my panties and turn around. You hand me a paper and tell me to go type it up. My ass is throbbing from both the butt plug and the spanking.

I am unable to type up the letter in the time that you allocated. You have me bend back over your desk and you remove the butt plug. You then ask me what happens to whores that disappoint you. I told you that we get our asses fucked raw without any lube. You slammed your big thick cock into my tight puckered ass causing me to cry out. You pounded my ass until it was raw and bleeding. You pulled out when you came and sprayed your jizz all over me.

Poker night

anal cum dumpsterI have never let a dick go untouched or go with out a good blowing. I was playing poker with a couple of friends and it got late and a couple shots in and me teasing them go them riled up. Rum gets me hot and I always end up with my top off to be quite honest. I have some serious jugs and when you have men that are lusting after you it gets hard to say no. I was dared to be a bukkake bitch and I wasn’t going to say no. I was going to be more than that and I did become way more than that. I got to be the anal cum dumpster and I licked each of their dicks off and swallowed all the loads. Poker nights got much more interesting. I like being the center of attention and the main slut in the room for the guys.

Teen anal fuck slut

Teen anal whore

 Being a teen anal whore feels just right. With that being said I have to make sure I dance just right on that cock. I take classes, pole dancing, and hip-hop dancing. When I twerk on the dick I want to make sure I bounce my ass perfectly. My coach actually has been giving me the sex me eyes. I could tell he wanted me so bad. He didn’t want to take his eyes off me. Or take his hands off my hips. We were dance partners and I just craved his cock. I couldn’t stop fantasizing about him and I. So, I invited him back to my place. I danced on him just like he taught me and he pounded my pussy the way it needed to be. I’ll let him suck my ass hole any day. Or, let him cum in my ass. I love cum and he was so warm and he had plenty to fill me up.

Sticky Wet Fucking

Cum dumpster is a very much a learned commodity for this filthy hooker. I love to get all sticky and wet with dick fluids and my holes pounded hard and deep. I’m quite partial to gangbangs and bbc for the ultimate orgasms. So, this weekends fun was of no difference from many past weekend’s of my whoring around town and visiting hotel rooms full of men jerking off all over my sweet face and tight hooker body. I can’t help but need to drain those balls all over this rack of fake tits and face. I was fucked into oblivion and left with such a gaping twat that I could barely walk right muchless sit normally for a few days. This is the norm for me though after the weekends that I have had of late.

 Cum Dumpster

Snicker Bars Up My Ass

No taboo phone sex

You called and ask me to have a Berretta special surprise waiting for you. So I put three frozen snack size Snicker bars up my ass. The cold sensation of them being in my tight puckered ass made my pussy hot and wet. They should be slightly melted and mixed with my all natural Berretta juices by the time you get here. Your big thick cock was already hard when you arrived. You told me that you had gotten so turned on the drive over just thinking about eating my ass out. You reached down and grabbed my pussy. You said, damn girl, your pussy is soaking wet. You through me over your shoulder and carried me into the bedroom. You lightly threw me down on the bed. You spread my legs and started licking on my pussy before making your way down to my ass. You stuck your tongue deep into my ass tasting all of my juices and the thawed gooey sneakers bar. You shoved your big hard cock into my tight ass. You fucked me hard and fast. You shot your load deep inside my ass. You pulled out your cock and it was covered in a creamy mixture of man chowder, snickers bar, and ass juices. You had me suck all of that creamy goodness off.

Cum Guzzling Slut

Cum guzzling slutI think my fascination with semen began with the boy next door. He was older and so sexy and I had the hugest crush on him. I would have done anything to please him and he took full advantage of that fact. The first time I sucked his dick was in our garage. I tried my best to suck his dick like the girls in the dirty movies, and he busted a huge nut in my mouth. I instantly fell in love with the warm white jizz. I loved the taste and how it felt when it hit back of my throat. Pretty soon, I was blowing all of the young men in my neighborhood. I was sucking so much cock and swallowing so much cum that I was never hungry for real food. I have spent so much time on my knees and I have the scars to prove it. I’ll gargle with your semen before I swallow every drop because I’m a cum guzzling slut.

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