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I want that fucking recipe


Creampie slut

Well, it’s the fucking holidays, and all the bitches that come out of their stuffy holes get on my nerves. It’s time to get these whores back, my aunt gets on my goddamn nerves because she won’t give me her secret recipe that I need so much for that special super delicious rum cake she makes all the guys cocks hard with. She loves to keep her fucking secrets, well guess what I’ve got a secret of my own auntie’s husband is going to steal the recipe for me. I told him I would give a sweet taste of my hot wet pussy if he gets me what I want. I promised my aunts hubby that I would give him the full satisfaction sexual experience, I want that goddamn recipe so badly. I know I’m Petty, but I don’t give a fuck because I asked that bitch like 14 times for her recipe and she just laughs at me and says, it’s a secret. Guess what whore your husband is a secret too, he’s my secret fucking Santa and I put high Expressions on fucking. I got to that bitches house and didn’t waste any time at all everyone was at the table downstairs mingling drinking having a good time. I was upstairs I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom. Conveniently my auntie’s hubby also found his way to get out of the crowd. Joshua, my aunt’s husband met me upstairs in their bedroom of all places. I was already wearing no panties, I pulled my dress up and leaned on her bed and let him force his throbbing cock head into my tight wanting asshole. Joshua sure can beat a fucking asshole and a pussy like a boxer. I think this won’t be the last time that I’m fucking him. Everybody was all gleeful downstairs while I was full of glee in my auntie’s bed except for my happiness was squirting out of my sultry dripping wet cunt hole. Before I even could say anything auntie’s husband’s rock hard nine-inch cock rammed inside of my pussy doggy style, he started fucking me viciously, and I loved every minute of it. Joshua is a maniac in bed I almost didn’t even care about the recipe, but I did want it. After we fucked, he stood on his deal and gave me the recipe now I’m the one who’s going to make the best rum cake for Christmas. Happy holidays auntie. I guess next time you’ll be a smart girl and share instead of making me get what I want my own way.

Is Tranny Phone Sex Too Taboo 4 You?

I am wondering if it really is still a Taboo thing for guys to indulge in tranny phone sex. I’m just a girl, really and I happen to have a bit of  a bulge in my girly silky panties and that intrigues you and you question your “straightness” when you think about my cock. In reality you dream of worshipping my tits and this nice fully functional cock of mine and i question whether you have Balls enough to indulge me with your desires.

Tranny phone sex

I am an awesome dick sucker and these tits of mine are fucking perfect, especially to titty fuck with that hot piece of cock meat you have. We can suck each other off and take turns bending the other over for some completely cum filled fun.

Trashy MILF Loves BBC

trashy milfThis trashy milf loves big black cock.  Lucky for me, black men love a white trailer park whore. They love that I am a skinny bitch too. The fact that an old skinny whore can take a foot long black cock has made me legendary in my neck of the woods. I love my bad reputation. I got a text last night from Dina at the truck stop diner. She said some one named Calvin was looking for me. I didn’t know a Calvin, but I rarely know any of the dudes she tells me are looking for me. I slutted myself help and marched down to the diner to check out Calvin. He was a young bull. Not a trucker, but a motorcycle guy. He belongs to a biker gang and Big D told him about me. Big D has sent me a ton of black cock. I was hoping to be a gangbang whore for some black bikers, but it was just Calvin. Turns out Calvin was more than enough. He got us a room at the Super 8 across the street. He could have come back to my trailer, but he wanted to party and cops love to pull over the bikers in my town. We did some coke, drank some whisky then fucked like animals. I mean he fucked me raw. My pussy has never hurt like this. Sometimes guys have dick issues on coke. Not him. He fucked me for 9 hours. Can you believe that? No single man, not even Big D, has fucked me for 9 hours. He would cum, but still be hard. He fucked my cunt raw and I fucked his cock dry. My cunt is still dripping his cum. As soon as I came home, I texted Big D to thank him for the referral. Now, I have other bikers from Calvin texting me. I’m going to have a cum filled cunt all week.

Filthy Fucking Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whore

Face it you are a closet fucking anal sex whore sissy that craves to suck hot thick juicy black cocks and guzzle their thick stringy loads of spunk. I know that desire as a filthy ana sex whore myself I can completely relate. I ultimately love BBC, the big majestic black cocks that I am enslaved to is off the god damned charts. I’ve been passed on into a little scene of blondes being bred by black cocks and blonde on black is this underground thing that so many white dudes get off to. I’m a fucking whore to that BBC and I know your sissy ass wants in on this fun. I suggest your sweet little sissy assed self to call me up and we can see what use you could be for me and my BBC friends, they always need a good cock sucker to be the fluffer and clean up bitch. Maybe your sweet ass will get an initiation ritual of a gangbang of Big nigger dicks that you crave.


Cuck Fucks are Much Better


Trashy milf

I want to be your fuck toy, and I’ve been thinking about you all night ever since you walked in this bar. You grab my ass the other night, and you squeeze my tight little-puckered bubble ass. When I got home to check I still had your fingerprints in my ass. I know I’ve got an old man, and he gets jealous, but I decided that I want to fuck you in front of him. Can you get down with that I love your big massive black cock so much you’re a crazy guy, and that turns me on. My husband, he’s such a fucking square he doesn’t know anything about having a good time I’m just done with his little bitty cock, it’s shameful. Last night my husband cried he told me that my pussy was too deep, I pushed him off of me I was grossed the fuck out at that point. I want you to show him how to make me feel like a woman because he can’t do it he’s got 3 inches of nothing. My sorry no cock husband is always so damn stupid the only reason I stay with him is because he spends money but that’s why I’m always at the bar, and I think I found the right guy to do the job. I’ll give you a significant blow job I know your cock is super huge because when you took my hand and forced me to put it on your crotch, I felt that large dick print. I can’t stop thinking about you I want you to show him what satisfies me he will never be able to do it but I could get him to pay you. I could also get him to clean us up after you spray your big fat load in my pussy he is such a wimpy, weak fuck her anyway. I know he’ll do anything for me, that’s why I want you to come over to my house tonight. I’m going to give you the key so you can walk in like the man of the house. My husband will be there making dinner for us, he will be wearing an apron I think that’s so fucking stupid but I allow him to be my maid because he sure can’t be my cock. You could even sleep in the bed with me we’ll put him on the couch I want you to fuck me, in my bed you don’t have to worry about anything. My husband is a submissive piece of shit he doesn’t have a strong bone in his body at all.

Tamsin’s New Pet

Trailer trash whore

When you call to set up you appointment, I let you know that Mistress Tamsin has a new pet for you to play with. She is a dirty little blonde junkie whore straight from the trailer park. This little coke whore is more than willing to do anything for the next line of blow. I told you that I already know she is good at eating pussy, but I need to find out how well she can suck a dick before I start pimping her out.  I have a collar on her when you arrive and I lead her around. I make her get down on her hands and knees. I have her lay her head down on my feet so that her ass is in the air. I reach over and pull her ass cheeks apart to show you her tight puckered ass and hot wet pussy. I can tell by the bulge in your pants that me putting my pet on display has made your big thick cock hard. I walk over to you and unzip your pants releasing your hard throbbing cock. I sprinkle some cock down the shaft of your great big cock. I lead my pet over and tell her to start sucking. She licks and sucks every inch of your hard throbbing cock making sure to get every last drop of white powder. The tenaciousness of her deepthroat blowjob causes you to blow your hot creamy man chowder all over her mouth. She starts to swallow your hot jizz only to be surprised as you wash it all down for her with a warm fizzy golden shower.

My turn-ons

Dirty phone sexI’ve been thinking a lot about what turns me on and gets my pussy soaking wet. Truly, it’s letting you use and abuse me. It’s being your dirty fucking whore. It’s being your trashy secret. What turns me on is being your bad bad girl. I love when you and all your friends fuck me and fill me up. I love when you push that cum that drips out of me back into my gaping pussy hole. Who cares who the father is, get me pregnant with that stranger’s cum! Disrespect me, slap me around. Shit on me. Piss on me. Spank me and cum on my face. Make me the dirtiest fucking whore you’ve ever been with. If you have to go home to your prude wife, do it with my dirty skank pussy on your lips. I live to be your dirty nasty slut secret and the nastiest fantasy you can imagine come to life!

pay the piper p-cock accomplice

anal cum dumpsterI have been using the same excuses for months now to my landlord. A couple of months ago he let me off the hook. He knows my money goes to my habits. This time my nice rack and sweet cunt isn’t going to cut. It’s time to pay the piper. Being his Anal cum dumpster only goes so long. I had to run the extra mile to keep him satisfied this time. I brought over my daughter. She barely has pubes and could be my younger sister. Was going to have to sell off my young offspring to make his p cock content. I knew he had fantasies of my sweet girl. Every time I would dress her up and take for swimming lessons his cock would pop out of his swim trunks.

This is the result of being a cum slut and drug whore. I lived in a sketchy complex with a p-cock having a landlord. Whenever I try to avoid him, I would seem to find him. I knew he was getting tired of my holes. They are young but not as young as he likes them. It was time to give him the good, and with a couple of lines straight to my nose I instantly became his accomplice. He loved that my daughter was pageant tot. I have done some pretty skeevy things for my drug love. I have stolen my baby girls contest money and use child support to fuel my drug love, and I have attended every orgy in the city. Giving my landlord my baby girls pussy wouldn’t be the last of my lows.

Cheerleader Party Coke Whores


Yesterday was my birthday and my squad did what any group of teen party whores would do- they threw me a raging house party! Drugs, alcohol and sex is all I wanted for my birthday, and these bitches delivered! We got so coked out in the living room at my party! At some point, someone gave us ecstasy and I never oppose to X!

         At that point, the party had only just begun! My cunnie dripped wet with every line and bump I snorted. A few of my cheerleader friends and I decided to play a game! We stripped naked and started snorting lines and licking cake frosting off each other!

         It made me so horny and wet! And the guys at the party got so worked up watching my coked-out friends and I be dirty whores with each other. The whole party watched as we snorted coke off of each other’s asses and they cheered when my friends began to lick coke off my clit and tits. The three of us spent the whole night bingeing and fucking and sucking each other’s holes! Best birthday ever!

Live Phone Sex

Talk Box

Cum guzzling slut

Let’s fuck in a place of worship we can get nasty if you want to I don’t have any taboos at all I’ll do anything for a thrill. I have a confession to make why don’t you take me and put me in that talk box so you can hear every single word I say I’ve always had a perfect time I never cared what anyone else thought I never thought anything else was important at all. I like having a good time fun is my middle name so why would I pay attention to stop signs and blaming and shame. I’m a hot bitch, and hot bitches like me always think of ourselves we don’t give a fuck about you so get it through your thick head. I spend guys money because they give it to me they like my type puckered bubble ass they love the way I can swallow cum without any need to gag. I need to be the center of attention I like when all eyes are on me. If you’ve got a problem with that, don’t come around me bitch if you’re jealous that your own fucking problem you could join in and not be jealous but look at you-you’re stupid as fuck. You’re never going to have fun you’re always going to be a boob and not a big pretty one. I can’t stand a jealous bitch who seems to hate my guts what the fuck am I supposed to say I like her no that’s okay she can go somewhere and bury your face in the sand. If a jealous bitch makes me mad I will fuck her father I will fuck her boyfriend, or I will fuck her Grandpa I don’t give a fuck. Bitch I want to make you cry I want to make you feel the truth about me I’m not to be played with so you better keep your jealousy all to yourself, or you’re going to pay. I don’t give a shit about your feelings bitch put those things in a condom and fuck yourself with them cuz they’re making you real hard anyway. I like all of the really fucked up shit don’t be nice guys get wild I’ll let you have your way with me especially if you have a girlfriend I like those kinds of guys.

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