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My New Master

Cum dumpster


I had a sex session with a guy named Peter Cocker and he was terrific, on our first session Peter did things to me that brought my mind to a total standstill. Peter told me right away that he was my master and my sole owner. As my master, Peter informed me that I must do everything he told me to without question. I assured my new owner that he could be confident that I would follow every direction he told me to because I wanted nothing more than to please him. As far as I’m concerned if my new master wants me to fuck a room full of horny slackers all at once, then that is what I will gladly do. I am forever grateful for my owner, and I will do whatever he wants to the maximum like a perfect whore should. My master Peter wanted me to fuck so many nasty bastards last night, and I did it. A huge cock fucker was pounding my asshole while another horny cockwad was fucking my cum guzzling cunt so hard. The third motherfucker was making me swallow his thick cum erupting dick, and I love it all.

Biker Gangbang Whore

gangbang whore

Fetishes involving watching a bareback gangbang hoe get fucked by a dozen or so bikers are hot! Its fuck hadley day with more and more bikers pouring in to fuck meI love those dirty Bikers fucking me as I bend over a pool table and snort some good snow blow! Sweaty burly drunk men taking turns on a sloppy juicy stripper whore pussy. I need it so bad, one is never enough for my coke whore ass! Let me be a carousel cock sucker one after another of those meat poles spinning around in a cock circle  Smoother my pussy in cocaine and begging saying I need some dirty cock in my ass too! my butt hole so I can be fucked bloody and raw with a nice ass rose filled with cum dripping off. I am the deepest hot whore anal cum dump for more than a dozen hairy balls to empty in. Fuck my ass is so tight and juicy and craving your cock right now. Strip me down and cum party with your gangbang cock and coke whore.

Coke And Cock

Dirty phone sexSnow, I live for it. No not the kind of snow that falls from the sky. I’m talking about the kind you will find in pretty lines on a table. The feeling of that dusty white girl shooting into my nose and dripping into the back of my throat is just as good as sucking a used cock. Snow and a used cock together are the only things I need to satisfy my cum slut cunt. I mean, you shouldn’t be surprised. Coke and a white trash slut like me definitely go hand in hand. I love how fast the rush goes straight to my head, then to have a nice rock hard cummy cock ram right down my mouth is pure extasy. The more snow I can fill up my nose with, in a night the more cock I can shove down my tight cum loving throat. I love this life so much, I now get called the CC whore. I will always be a Coke and Cock loving, Cum Slut Whore and I am damn proud of it

Tech guy and I

cum dumpsterbig dick suckerI am a cum dumpster even at work. I like nothing more than to get off when I am supposed to be assisting customers. My definition of helping clients is hands-on with the clients. When I say hands on, I mean it ultimately. I love to rub off on cocks and suck them and guzzle them. My hottest encounter this week has to be the tech guy that came over to fix more than my faulty computer. I was having technical issues, and my laptop needed fixing. When the young guy came in my hunger for his meat was high as can be. I was going to have fun with this cute geek. I could tell his dick was huge. I had my tits out and was pressing up against him. Every bit of desire was mutual. My cunt was slippery and was calling out for his dick. I wasn’t going to be subtle or shy I was going to get what I wanted. Instantly I rubbed his cock and I must of startled him because he flinced. I kissed his lips and worked my way down. I was loving that he was so shocked but yet so ready. I was going ot show him why I am a big dick sucker. I creamed him and fucked him like never before.

Spring break contest

cum dumpsterI love spring break. A cum dumpster like me loves attention. When I was dared to do the spring break strip contest at the club, I went ahead and got on stage. I shake my ass and even got to slip out of my tongue. All the men went crazy. My bare ass was twerking, and my cunt was on full display.

I garnered so much attention. I was invited backstage to a concert. I was able to shake my body for a few rockstars. I love being used and having famous cum on me is the cherry on top. I never say no to fresh cream. I like it all over me especially if it’s from one of my favorite musicians. Being a whore isn’t so bad after all.

Phone Sex Line for Cock Sucking

phone sex lineMy phone sex line was full of cock sucking yesterday. My son crashed at my place the night before. He was hiding from his drug dealer. He owed him some money. He knows he can stay here when ever he wants. My son loves his druggy whore mother. No one has ever sucked or fucked him better than me. I had an early work start time the next morning. We had been up late fucking and partying. I figured he would sleep in. He needs more sleep than me. But he woke up with a big hard cock and needed his mommy’s help. He needed my help all day too. That was good for my cock sucking callers. Instead of a dildo, I was downing my son’s hard rod. He has always enjoyed listening to my side of the calls. I have long been trying to convince him to join the company, but he doesn’t want to be naked on the Internet. Personally, I think a real-life mother and son could make bank as a phone sex couple. He can’t be heard on calls since he doesn’t work here, but pretty sure callers know when a trashy milf if is sucking on a dildo or the real thing. Think you can tell the difference?

Sloppy Seconds Whore

Live phone sexI want you to know how much of a slut I am for your sloppy toppy cock entering down my Cum guzzling throat. I went to a friends house, the other night for some girl talk. She is a slut whore like me so its always a good time when we can get together and compare the slutty nights we had. This night was different. My friend told me she had a surprise for me. I thought it was a big dildo for the nights my slut cunt was lonely, but to my surprise, it was not. She had a man with a huge cock in her house. She told me he is rock hard and ready to fuck two young cum dumpsters like us, but It gets better! He was going to fuck my friend first and then I would come to him next!!! Damn if I had a dick it would have busted out of my pants when my friend told me I get to lick his cock clean, tasting all of her fresh cum!  After she told me the best news ever, she went to the other room to get her cunt slammed. They were fucking for a while, oh my cunt was screaming, I didn’t know how much longer I could wait. I was relieved when I heard the door opening, I could tell this man knew how to fuck a slut. When I got into the room, I saw his rock hard pistol waiting to get a good cleaning. It was so wet from my friends creme slut pussy. without saying a word I got on my knees, his hard cock inches away from my face. I could smell the sweet, musky cum on his cock. I opened my mouth and he went to town. It wasn’t 5 minutes and his meat stick was shooting his own creme down my throat. I have the best friend in the world. Her cum dumpster pussy is the best I have ever tasted. I need fresh cum on a mans cock more often!

Dirty Cunt


No taboo phone sex

I am a fierce bitch, and I like to get really erratic. You don’t have to treat me like royalty because I am a prostitute. I require cock so much more than all the other fucking whores I know. I’m the most ruthless fucking cunt in my town. I want to fuck your mom and dad I want to suck your cunt mommy’s smelly pussy. I aspire to make your whole family feel like a heard of fucking freaks. My big cum filled cock brother used to fuck me every night until he move out of the house. Fortunately, my dad has taken the position, and I fuck his cock like a porn star. I’m so fucking dirty I can’t stop myself I want to be hot I want to be free I want to be the freakiest cunt bitch you could ever meet. Please let me fuck you and suck your dick I will also eat your ass hole too. I eat my dad’s ass, and he truly loves it so much.

Obsessed with gangbangs

Gangbang whoreI really am the ultimate gangbang whore. It’s crazy how fucking obsessed I am with having several cocks inside of me at the same fucking time! I look so good as I get stretched out while I suck and fuck all those rock hard shafts. All day I dream about dick, seriously! Nigger dick after nigger dick, they just plow into me like a freight train. I look my best when i’m on all fours with a cock in every hole and at least one rod in each hand as I jerk them vigorously. They love pinching on my nipples while they fill me up like the cum container that I am. I want those boners in and all around my mouth, please and thank you! I need my back blown by those large chocolate dicks!

Cum guzzling slut

I was at my babysitting job yesterday morning. Everything seemed normal, the wife left to work and the husband was getting ready. I was putting their baby back down to nap. The husband was taking longer than usual to get ready. We haven’t spoken since the day we almost got busted by his wife. After I put the baby down for a nap I was going to straighten up the kitchen. As I was walking down the hallway, the husband snatched me by my arm into his room. He pushed me on the bed, snatched off his pants, letting his god like thick dick hang. He then said, I just fucked the shit out of my wife before she left for work this morning.Freaky phone sex Get your sloppy second slut ass down here and clean me up. I thought my slut cunt was about to explode. I got down on my knees like the nasty cum slut I am, grabbed his dirty cum cock and shoved it in my mouth putting it as far down my throat as I could. The taste of his sloppy cock was mouth watering. I made sure I cleaned every bit of that dried up cum right off. That’s when he grabbed me by my hair and shoved me on the bed. I was on my knees with my ass in the air. He fucked me like a dog in heat. Oh my god, his dick felt so good. When he was about to bust he turned me around, tilted my head up and left a big load right in the middle of my face. Then he took his heavy meat and slapped me with it, calling me a good fucking slut. This is what I have been waiting for and it was worth the wait!

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