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Cum Filled Cunt All Gooey & Wet

I’m a trashy crack whore Milf that has a thing for BBC. I love getting my son to clean up his druggy whore mama’s cum filled cunt. He will watch me fuck all those nigger cocks and become so mesmerized on those black snakes fucking me that he gets so worked up. My son has become a little fag boy sissy to the nigger dick, it’s just a thing in my house. We love big black cock here and I love making my son a bitch to the superior black snake. That long snake moan is always heard when you cum by my place. I will have some down time and be the trashy Milf that a few white guys come around for. They love my swollen well fucked holes all filthy with a few days of not cleaning up. I go on my drug binges and sit around in the same soiled panties and thin t-shirt I have been in for days. My cunt all red and puffy from the rigorous fucking and often my own pussy secretions just dripping into those soiled panties. My son always cleans the nigger cum from mama really good. It’s just my own cunt drippings in those panties and some dirty brown from bad wiping, after all it’s fucking sore and I am fucking high. This gangbang whore is ready for some filthy fun.

Cum filled cunt

Cum Eating Phone Sex Feeding Your Need

Cum eating phone sex

You are a cum eating phone sex addict as you get used to the tasting of your own cum. I love to direct my filthy fuckers into eating their cum. I love to help you branch out and try hooking up with a Tranny hooker and eat her cum. You will suck cock and eat cum and I am the sexy Shemale that will help make it happen. It’s a dirty little secret of ours that I am a crack whore prostitute and I love making guys suck me off. I love it in my ass and I love to suck a nice BBC myself. Why not teach you on that BBC also. Light up that rock baby, and gimme a call. We will get down and dirty. I’m a dirty t-girl whore and can’t wait to make you my bitch.

I got nasty

live phone sexI went to the neighborhood holiday party last weekend and got a little freaky. There were so many hot guys there I just couldn’t help myself! When I see a sexy guy with a nice bulge in his pants I wanna suck it, it’s like a moth to a flame I am just drawn to it. So I was kinda acting like a little whore, I was flirting with everyone and offering to take guys around the corner and suck their dick I was such a whore! Whatever tho I had a ton of fun! I was sucking so many cocks and fucking other guys and making bitches mad when I took their man it was a blast. Honestly it was the best party I had been too in a long time. I ended up taking two guys home and letting them fuck all my holes, one in my ass and another in my pussy I was in heaven!

Fucking in the Private Room

Dirty Phone SexI do love being a stripper and I do love making men’s eyes roll back with pleasure. I love hearing them moan. The loader they moan the harder I try. So one night I was in the private room with this guy. I did the typical lap dance and brushing my breasts against his face. As soon as he started moaning, I was feeling the need to fuck. So, I removed his pants and took that dick right in my mouth. I gave him a great throat fuck and he came all over my face. I then stuck my cum covered tongue deep in his mouth, kissing him hard, bringing that dick to upright position. I removed my panties and hopped right on that hard cock. I rode that cock hard, bouncing up and down bringing him pleasure. I stuck my big titties in his mouth, and he started sucking my nipples to my delight. I rode that cock until I could feel it start to swell. I then got off, laid in the floor with my legs spread wide and directed him to mount me. I guided that nice hard cock right into my juicy, wet, bald pussy and he pounded away as I wrapped my legs around his back. We fucked so hard that we both came at the same time, leaving a cum puddle underneath me. I felt so much better, now on to the next.

My Moms Husband


Cum guzzling slut

My mother always told me I was a nasty fucking bitch, and that’s why her husband is on my nasty fucking list. His name is Todd and Todd has a big dick it’s about 12-in I can’t believe it when I first saw it I damn near lost my mind. Todd always looks at me, and I can tell he lusts after this young wet pussy more than he wants my mom’s old drawn up cunt. My mother doesn’t know it yet, but I am going to fuck the shit out of her husband, and I’m going to stuff my ass in his mouth so motherfucking deep he’ll be able to taste my shit from miles away. Yes, mother, I’m a goddamn nasty young wet pussy stripper whore, but that’s okay with me is it okay with you though that you’re an old dried-up piece of fucking old dirty rag trash cunt Tramp. Your husband has always been looking at me every since before y’all got married; he was lusting over me, you dirty bitch, and now he’s going to find out how good my pussy is. I wonder if my mother knows that her husband has been frequenting the strip club that I work at. When he comes in tonight, he’s going to get a face full of pussy and ass, and his dick is going to fuck me like a mad man. I’ve been wanting his big dick more than she has, and I know what to do with it; she’s just a waste of time. Mommy, you’re in trouble now, bitch. And I hope nobody feels sorry for my mom because she fucked my boyfriend’s before, so she’s not an innocent person she’s an old dirty, guilty bitch.

Trailer Trash Whore Beverly Fucks Better Than Your Wife

trailer trash whoreDo you know what a trailer trash whore does best? Everything sexual. Anything sexual lol. Us trailer park raised bitches are the best fucks. We are nasty whores. I hooked up with this 30 something rich boy last night. He was a far cry from the truckers and drug dealers I normally fuck. He looked like he came from money. He smelled like it too. He was in a nice Italian suit. Designer too. Not a polyester cheap suit off the Big Lots rack either. He had on leather shoes that cost more than my car. He was slumming because he was on my side of town. He came into the Loves truck stop to pay for gas. Everyone was looking at his sports car, but he was too busy checking out this trashy milf to notice what they were doing to his car. I licked my lips and purred at him like a cat in heat. His response was, “You look like you do things my wife won’t.” He was correct on that assumption. I asked him if he wanted to come to my trailer for a demonstration of just what I could do for him. He put my address in his phone and said see you soon. I couldn’t get back home quickly enough. He beat me home. Of course, he did. He has a 2019 sports car and I have a 1985 Caddy lol. Once inside my trailer, I sucked his cock like I was a vacuum cleaner. He was amazed at my cock sucking skills. His wife’s lips have not touched his cock since their wedding night 7 years ago. That was nothing. I let him fuck my ass because I am an anal sex whore and no married woman is a dirty anal slut. Mr. Rich Boy hit the lottery when he walked into that Loves. Now I have a rich boy toy lover.

Fucking Them All

cum guzzling slutSome nights at work are more memorable than others. Tonight, was one of those nights. The strip club was exceptionally busy as a business convention was being held in town. That means horny men with big wallets. So, I had made sure to make an appointment to wax my pussy so that it was nice and slick and bald, just the way they like it. We did a few dances and then some gentlemen wanted a private party. Oh, hell yes, I guided them back to one of the rooms and got them all comfy. Had them order our nicest bottle of booze and helped myself to it. I do the best lap dances as I can bring my pussy so close to their laps that they can feel the heat radiate from it. I can bring my nipples so close to their mouths they feel them brush against their lips. That always drives them wild. I was piling in the cash but wanted more. I gently whispered to what appeared to be their leader that for an extra amount I could please them all. By this time their dicks were protruding from their pants and they quickly gathered the money. So, I removed my G-string and paraded my sweet, juicy, bald pussy all around them. I sat on their laps, stuck my tits in their faces allowing them to suckle on my nipples. More and more money kept being given to me, so I then sat them all down, removed their pants and throat fucked every one of those nice hard money-making dicks. Soon I was covered in cum, making my pussy wet with desire. I sat on a guy’s face and he licked my clit until I came all over his face. That sight made those dicks hard again and I let them fuck my wet, bald, juicy pussy for a price. By the time the night was over I had cum running down my legs and face. I cleaned up and left with more money than those rich bastards make in a week.

Biker Bar Gangbang Whore

gangbang whore

I love being a stripper, I get lots of cock and coke in the back rooms, but sometimes a gangbang whore must be true to her roots! Biker bars are full of hot sweaty dirty men who love to tear a blonde bimbos holes apart. Straight from the streets in my fishnet tights and stripper heels. I was weaving and needing the amount of cock only found readily available at a dirty biker bar. Hands groped me and pool games stopped as ten men surrounding me. I was slapped to the floor. “Hadley, how is our favorite stupid slut?” Groped as cocks came out and I asked for the biggest rail of coke as my skirt was hiked up. “My no pantie whore, as always!” I did my line of coke off the side of the pool table as the first sweaty cock entered me. I enjoyed being used that the stupid whore I am. Every Man needs a gangbang slut once in a while!

BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex storiesI have lots of BBC sex stories to share with you, if you are into blonde whores who love big black cocks. I won’t lie. I was not always a BBC whore. When I was a young girl growing up in the south, I was not exposed to many black boys. My dad was a Confederate Flag flying racist man. My mom, however, was more enlightened. It wasn’t that she was a size queen. She needed to make money because daddy never gave her any. He would hit the road and men would pay to fuck her in our trailer. A lot of black men paid for her body. She was a blonde fucking whore. I am just like my mother. The difference is I am not fucking black men for money. Well, maybe I am because I trade my body for coke sometimes! I like fucking black men. My daddy would turn over in his grave if he knew I was a black cock whore. Last night, I met a new black man. Tony is a 24-year-old construction worker. I walked by his crew earlier in the day and he whistled. Maybe cat calling doesn’t work on most women, but it does on me. I gave him my address and he came by after work. He was sweaty and coated in concrete, but that didn’t matter to me. I could have been his mother too. That didn’t matter to me either. I was happy to discover a monster cock. His dick was so big, I measured it. Damn near 13-inches. That was a lot of cock even for an old trailer trash whore like me. I showed off my cock sucking skills. He was impressed. He said he never met a woman who could swallow all his dick before. I am not just any woman though. I am a BBC whore. I took every inch up my pussy and ass too. I am walking funny today, but damn it was worth it.

Gangbang Whore Trains Sissy Son

I’m known for being a druggy gangbang whore and am proud to be such. My Sissy son has really shown interest in becoming like her mama and loves to take on big dicks just like I do. S(he) really enjoys being a naughty big black cock fag. My sissy son is a nigger cock loving faggot that loves to wear mommy’s soiled worn lingerie he finds in my hamper. He watches me take loads of gooey cum and begs me to let her become a sissy in my ass juice and cunt drippings soiled panties. This little sissy son I raised gets great enjoyment being a fluffer bitch to nigger dick. She hates when I don’t fuck a bunch of guys in front of her and hates even more when there aren’t some filthy cum stained panties for her to sniff and suck on while jerking her little clitstick off. I have come to the conclusion that it is due time to make her a sissy faggot gangbanged slut and soon a whore.

Gangbang whore

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