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BBC Phone Sex Whore

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is something I know a thing or two about. Growing up, my mom ran a whore house in our trailer in the 70s. My dad would go on the road and my mom would make money for us the only way she knew how. I saw black men coming and going frequently in the trailer I grew up in. Black men love white trash whores. My mom passed the BBC loving gene to me. Big black cocks love me, and I love them. Jerome was over partying with me last night. He is a friend of Big D’s, this black trucker fuck buddy of mine. He brought me some cocaine and his big black dick. It was a white on black night. I did cocaine on his dick and his dick was in my holes all night long. White powder on black cock and black cock in white holes. Jerome’s favorite thing to do with me is titty fuck. I have a big rack, especially for my thin frame and he has a long black cock. I put coke on his big mushroom head and sucked his cock. Now, he railed my cunt and ass too, but when he left, I had yummy cum covered tits. I will be a cum dumpster for any black man.

All for the coke

sloppy wet pussy

I got addicted to coke early. I had a stepbrother who had a  stash of it, and he was the one who introduced me to it one time he caught me playing with myself. He knew I wasn’t going to let him play with me, so he used his magic on me. Once he persuaded me to take a bump, I was hooked, and my twat was ready for cock. I began getting angel dust and started having a complete sloppy wet pussy for it; My stepbrother had made me a coke whore. I was all into being used and fucked. My favorite thing to do was being high and ready to take his dick and jizz at all times.

Bouncing on that cock

Big dick suckerLet’s get fucked up so I can bounce on that cock and gag you down my throat with ease. The more alcohol I guzzle down and the more hits of blow that I snort, the more numb my fuck holes will become! I wanna get face fucked by your hard dick while you suck on my throbbing clit and make the goosebumps on my inner thighs show. Rub your rough hands all over my soft skin and pinch on my fat nipples. My cunt is gonna be so fucking wet, you’re gonna literally be drowning in my vagina juice which is exactly how I like it to be! You’re such a dirty ass motherfucker and I want you to be even dirtier. Let’s see what you got in store for me, I think you’re holding back and I want you to unleash! Do some coke off of my juicy ass and eat out my butthole. I love that shit! I’m a big dick sucker but you already knew that! I just like playin with you and teasing the cum out of that yummy cock. Fuck me like the skank that I am, i’m such a dirty whore!

The Price Is Right

cum dumpsterIf the price is right, I am willing to do anything to get your load. I have been an assistant to trust fund baby who wanted to use me and make me his cum dumpster. I knew his endless supply of molly and coke, and I wanted to get my hand on it surely. I accepted his invite and got all fucked up and even let his friends watch. I was being put up on live stream and even on social media. I knew my family and friends were all going to tell me about my nasty little habits. I did not worry about the world. I wanted to get high and fucked up, and that is precisely what I did. When I am deep in a haze, I could be careless what other people think.

I Love Bad Boy Sex


Cum guzzling slut

My old man came around, and he wanted to fuck, but I think he is fucked up. My old man is a loser, and he won’t work he has no money at all, so I’m going to get me a sugar daddy, and he’s going to sweeten up my pot. I need to fuck hard and be a slut. I’m the one who wants it in my tight round ass, I want my ass caved in like a motherfucking freaky bitch. I can suck a cock all the way to the balls; it doesn’t matter how big it is I have trained my throat to work so well. I need a dick that is not like my old man’s dick because his cock is a nothing it’s only 4 inches long and it cannot satisfy me. I think I know what I have got to do. I’ve got to fuck his brother and give him a head job that he won’t forget forever. I’m a bitch; I am a fucking slut. I like a cock to be driven in me like a car going fast smash the gas make me feel all pressure. I’m horny. I’m always hot. I really love being fucked like a slut do your worst make me feel what I want. I like bad sex it’s the best where I’m treated like an object I want to be treated rudely I need it so give it to me. I want to lick your ass really well I stick my tongue right inside and out swirl it around until your cock goes crazy. You know you need me I’m the one who can make your cock cum hard I’ve got the gift, and I will use it on you tonight. So come get me good, make me feel like I’m in a porn. I’m begging I’m pleading I want it I need it please babe give me your big fat cum-filled cock.

Dirty Phone Sex at the Glory Hole

dirty phone sexI had a dirty phone sex weekend. One of my callers inspired my dirty antics. I was talking to a closeted cock sucker. He is married with brats, white picket fence lifestyle and all. No one knows he likes to suck cock. Everyone knows I like to suck cock. He confessed that he is a frequent flyer of glory holes. I have gone to them, but it has been awhile. I enjoy being a cum guzzler. So does my caller. We started sharing glory hole tales and I got a hankering for some glory hole dick. I went to this truck stop on the other side of town known for its glory hole action. I don’t care if it is a fag cock or a straight cock. If it is a cock that can shoot a load, I will suck it. Damn, I sucked a lot of cock last night. I swallowed 19 loads of cum. I was shooting for 20 and I came close. I never saw a face. But some of those cocks I would recognize if I had the pleasure of sucking them again. I came home early this morning with a belly full of cum. Being a cum guzzling slut is something I was born to do.

Independence Day Fireworks

There is no greater treat than celebrating our country’s independence like having a good ole American BBQ. I personally love the idea of having dirty phone sex while family, friends and neighbors are all around me, but I am a known crack whore prostitute and most of the party will consist of my dealers and their bros. I love getting a good gangbang on while everyone is preoccupied with the fireworks. Last summer was a perfect example me taking about 20 bbc cocks from behind while I knelt over the couch looking out the big front window watching explosions in the sky while I took explosive cum loads in my stripper cunt and trashy whore mommy ass. I am so excited about how this years festivities are going to be!
My son will be the one tending to the grill and will be wearing a sissy collar and only an apron so his bitch hole will be exposed and available for use as a cum dumpster. This will be very exciting for him and it’s a good thing the only meat on the grill will be wieners so not much work needed from him. Let’s not forget the fun for our furry friends also and the best fun is shoving some of those hot dogs up a hole and letting them eat them out, it’s such dirty fun for all and I hope your Independence Day celebrations are kinky and exciting, and would love to hear about them.
Dirty phone sex

White trash phone sex. Proud Pso

White trash phone sex

White trash phone sex is not something that I am ashamed of. I’m proud to pull myself up out of poverty using anything it takes. And baby, I’ve got what it takes and what I didn’t have, big tits, I bought with the money men paid me.

Are you the type of guy who has a strong appetite for pussy and ass? If so I have an all you can eat buffet right here, look, look, look at my body. Just imagine your tongue devouring my sweet holes and lapping up all my sweet honey while not missing even one drop. I can just see you laying on your back while I straddle your face and fuck that sweet mouth of yours with my sopping wet clean shaven pussy. Just look at that tender sweet pink rosebud of mine. I bet your cock just throbs when you think about putting it up my tight ass just like Prostitutes porn.

Don’t worry we can talk all about it during our hot nasty anal sex. My holes need to be fucked and I think you are the man to give it to me just right. My legs are open all night and this buffet is just waiting to be devoured. Eat me! I’m begging you to eat me all night long! We can talk about anything and everything, I have no restrictions and I love it all.  Don’t wait any longer. Call me. I participate in all type of fetish sex. Whatever fetish you’re into, I want you to share it with me. I’m a Big dick sucker with a dirty mind.

Anal cum dumpster for the furry friends

anal cum dumpsterMy drug dealer loves watching me all kinds of nasty shit. The naughtiest thing I have done thus far has to be something that was fueled by a three-day drug binge. I had my pretty nose stuffed with pure coke, and I didn’t stop there. I had plenty of K and H and even X a nice mix of lethal drugs. I am hard to control. I will do it all and will be high as hell and take on every single dare. My dealer was begging me to be pegged by his four-legged friend. I wasn’t going to say no. After being his anal cum dumpster for a few days, I was ready to try something new. I had that furry friend mounting me in no time. I was getting off on all of this twisted shit. I am filthy cunt forever.

Sexy Changes for fun

Cum guzzling slut


It’s been an eventful couple of weeks all in such a short time I have quit my job got into a new relationship and decided that I wanted to move to California. This new relationship that I’m in it is at the least extraordinarily passionate and amazing. I met David at the gym. I must say David is the most attractive guy ever been into. David is well-built definitely has a gym rats body. David was a little green he didn’t get into the Saucier Endeavors like myself. I thought that I would expose my new boyfriend to a nightlife that he had not ever known before me and in return, my stallion was going to be 100% more caring sharing and nasty with me. I took my lover; I grabbed his arm. I told him that I was going to take him somewhere that he had never been before and that he wasn’t going to forget it. Since we were in Vegas for the weekend I decided that we would go to the Bunny Ranch we’re all the girls were fun full of sexiness and willing to do everything for the right price. When we got to the ranch, I got two of the hottest girls that money could buy, and I told them to have their way with David. The first girl 5 ft 6 in a really nice candy apple ass 36 Double D cup long blond hair big blue eyes she was amazing she had David slobbering. The other was a tall Amazon with the longest legs and the cutest ass you ever seen on a brunette. Both of these girls ravish David they sucked his cock in front of me lick all over his body rode his cock he fucked them in their asses; it just got out of control. Do you want to know what else happened? Call me.


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