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Michael’s Porn Playhouse

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Michael is a pretty strange guy she secretive I’ve known him for a couple of years now and I’ve never been to his house before. That’s okay with me because we go out to eat we have a good time you know that type of thing and it’s okay really but now Michael has decided to change things up a bit he invited me to his house. It’s okay I didn’t think anything crazy because well I’ve known him for a couple of years and even though he’s secretive he’s cool anyway I went to his house his house is really big is really nice and we chilled smoked marijuana did a few lines drink wine and had a really good time. There’s this thing about Michael he has this strange and Uber crazy fascination with porn and porn stars I mean he spent half the night talking about how he would fuck this porn star how he would drill that porn star in her ass. He was really on fire I didn’t think it was weird because well they are sexy bitches, you can’t fight that. Anyway, Michael had another side of his house that he hadn’t shown me yet, this side of the house was so different, and I didn’t think I would be flabbergasted by what I saw because I just didn’t ever imagine it. We were loaded, and Michael decided to show me the other side of his house we went down the hallway that lettuce to a door that he unlocked and when I went in it was like a whole other house except for the wallpaper was full of porn stars in fact he had porn pictures on the floor and on the ceilings. I must admit when I first saw it I was frightened I didn’t know what to expect I had never seen anything like that before. But Michael grabbed my hand and assured me that he would not hurt me, and everything was going to be okay he said he was going to show me a night that I would never forget. Michael fucked me in ways that I couldn’t even imagine I sucked his cock to the balls he stuck his tongue so deep into my cunt he ravished my entire body. He was right I will never forget that night in fact Michael is the best lover that I have ever had hands down.


Bedtime Betty

Black stripper sex


Charles has a blow up doll that he calls Bedtime Betty and Charles does very nasty shit to that plastic sex goddess and he thinks he’s not a gotdamn freak lol. One thing Charles loves to do is dress the doll up in pantyhose and he puts his own pair of pantyhose also. It’s all so funny because he wants me to laugh at him while he’s doing his thing with her. Charles likes to be called vulgar names by me too. He tells me ha can’t get enough. We have a great time for hours, he stabs Betty with his little tiny tinkle monster that gets too funny. He dances with her and cums in all of her holes. When Charles gets done he does something different than any other man I know yes when Charles has used Bedtime Betty to the fullest he curls up in a ball, sucks his thumb and begs to be burped. I don’t know why but he has to do it or he says he feels incomplete. Bedtime Betty and I together are the best combination for Charles. Happy Valentines Day Charlie, I love you

Fall In Love With A BBC Lovin Stripper

stripper sex storiesMy friend got me a gig at a strip club she works at.  She told me that there were some hot black guys who came in there and that I would get some good stripper sex stories.  I couldn’t wait to start my new job.  I mean, of course I’ve stripped before, but it was at an all white club.  No black dudes ever came in there, and let’s face it I’m a fucking whore for BBC.  So my first night was a couple of nights ago and oh my god.  I think there was a whole football team full of big black studs.  I didn’t even have to pretend to be turned on.  As soon as I saw all those black studs, I couldn’t wait to strip my ass right over there to them.  Turns out, they were a football team.  The whole defense at least.  As soon as my set was over, I strolled right over to them, shook my tits in their face and began dry humping one of them.  They could tell what a fucking BBC whore I was and asked to go to the VIP room.  ALL of them!!  Everybody knows what goes down in the VIP room.  I got fucked three ways from Sunday.  I didn’t even make them strap up.  I took all those cocks in my wet pussy and ass.  One after another, at the same time.  Gagging on the boat loads of cum they spewed down my throat.  I made so much bank that night.  I work again tomorrow night. Can’t wait to see what happens.

At The Orgy Sex Circus


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It is a wild show at the circus the special circus that I went to it’s amazing it’ll drive you wild all the things that you will see. I want to be in the circus after what I’ve seen my eyes are opened now. I feel like I’m open it’s striking how the circus has changed my life. I need big dicks I know at the circus I can get some big fucking crazy cock Stars 14 inches, 15 inches too, they will stuff their fucking cocks inside of you and make you feel it all over your body. I am amazed and I’m not ashamed. At the sex circus I am the most sexual whore you will ever see I do it all suck balls suck cock gets fisted too I do it all and I’m happy about what I do. I love the orgies all the beautiful bodies spread out everywhere fucking Cum stains spraying cum pissing doing everything it’s so amazing at the circus at the sex orgy circus I can’t wait till next time.


Valentine’s Day Prostitute

Prostitution pornProstitution porn turns on my freaky caller so much that he had to hire me to give him some nasty Valentine’s Day loving on the naughtiest day of the year. We’re going to meet up at the hotel and I told him to bring his stash of goodies so that we can get nice and fucked up while I give him everything that he wants. He brought me a cute little gift, some champagne and trashy lingerie to wear for him. He popped a few Viagara and I snorted a few lines of blow while guzzling the bubbly, I was feeling horny as fuck and ready to suck this bastard’s dick off! While I have his cock shoved down my throat he gets a grip of my hair and yanks my head back so that his balls are slapping against my chin, it hurts so good! As he spews out rude and degrading insults at me, I drink down his pre-cum and gasp for air from being skull-fucked so damn hard. I had tears streaming down my face but loved being used up as his filthy cum whore. My cunt was sloppy wet, he threw me on my back and thrusted his monster dick inside of me. I was yelping and moaning like a slutty bitch, he was really doing a number on my fuck holes. Those Viagaras really gave him a huge sexual boost because he was going rounds upon rounds of beating up my dirty twat and ass. I guess he can’t get enough of this freaky hoe! Happy fucking Valentine’s Day!

He wanted me so he got me!

live phone sexI ran into an old friend the other day and he was just blown away by how good I looked. I was so young the last time he had seen me, I hadn’t really filled out yet but now I have a perfect ass and pretty titties so he was just falling all over himself to ask me out. I thought it was cute so I asked him if he’d like to come back to my place and have a little fun… and of course he accepted real quick. Once we were there I pulled out his nice big cock and sucked it deep down my throat, he was so turned on that he was like a wild man! He was fucking my throat like a man possessed and all I could do was hang on tight! By the time he got to fucking my pussy I was dripping wet and oh so ready for it, I was a shameless slut just begging for him to make me cum. It was the hottest fuck I’ve had in a while, we will definitely have to do it again!

Cum slut

cum dumpster

I dumped my boyfriend because he was such an idiot. I moved along to his cousin. I hated that he never gave me the cum I desired. I’m a little cum dumpster who wants to be drenched in creamy why cum. I love having my tits out on display. I like to have a lot of loads right on them, and if you are lucky, I will let you enjoy my cum covered tits. The more loads, the better. My ex-didn’t like to cum on my tits or my face. He wanted to cum in a condom or my pussy no other method. I couldn’t stand it. Also, his cum shots were super weak. You can’t blame me for being cum slut who immediately left him for his cousin who knew what I liked exactly. His cock wasn’t the biggest, but his cock would serve up massive amounts of creamy white cum. I was hooked. I wanted that he would invite all his buddies and make me a bukkake slut. I love having guys get in a circle around me and dispense me with their yummy loads. Fill my face and tits, please.

I Love Cum

cum dumpster

Make me your cum dumpster. I love getting filled with your load. Any one of my three wet fuck holes can be filled with your warm creamy goodness. I’ll lick it all up, swallow it, and smile. Then I’ll ask you to please give me some more. I have been a trashy nasty little lot lizard ever since I was a tight little teen. I went from kinky lot lizard to sexy teen stripper. I fucking love it. Getting paid to shake my ass and tits and then get filled with cum is fucking amazing. I’ve always needed to cum a lot and nothing makes my pussy cum harder than taking a nice big load of creamy cum! It’s tastes so good, I want to milk your cock of every last drop. You won’t be able to resist me once  I give you a sexy lap dance and offer to take you in the back and fuck you nice and hard. Come and give me your cock and shower me in that load baby! I fucking love being your dirty little whore.

BBC Sex Stories to Get Your Cock Hard

bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories, I have plenty of to share. My dealer is a truck driver called Big D. He is called that because he has a 14 inch black cock. One of his trucker buddies saw him at a truck stop shower. The next day everyone called him Big D. I love partying with him when he is in town because he gives me free coke and great cock. He texted last night that he would be at the truck stop for the night and I should come spend the night in his cab with him. At the last minute, he canceled because his nephew came along for the ride since it was a short haul. I told him they should come spend the night with me. The rig can be parked on the street and they can have a bed to sleep in and a trailer trash whore to fuck. Plus, I threw in dinner. All I was thinking about was his nephew’s cock. Brothers don’t mind sharing a white bitch, even if they related. I just wanted tag teamed by two black cocks. I am walking funny today, so I had one hell of a time with Big D and his young nephew. That boy was no virgin, but he didn’t have many notches in his belt yet.  I taught him to eat pussy and lick ass. In return I let him stick the holes he licked all night long. Big D joined in a few times, but he enjoyed watching too. Big D had the bigger dick, but his nephew had youth on his side. He fucked my holes like a dog in heat. Been a long time since a guy gave my fuck holes the jackhammer treatment.  I am sleep deprived, but well fucked and ready to have dirty phone sex all day long.

He Is A Trick Daddy

Orgy phone sex

Brock is my big daddy, he makes everything work out for me without fail. Last night I went out with a few of my girlfriends, we got super drunk and had a great time. I told one of my girlfriends that I wanted to thank my trick daddy for funding our golden night. My girls are the best, so I easily convinced them to treat my sweet as sugar trick daddy. We went to Brocks summer home where he was staying and all of us agreed that Brock could request anything he wanted, and he would get it. My pussy got instantly got wet as soon as my love machine Brock answered the door. I escorted the ladies in and we took no time to get busy. We all took our clothes off and started sucking Brocks rock-hard pulsating cock. We were kissing each other’s tongues and cunts, it was absolutely amazing. Last night I did things that made my trick daddy fall in love with me forever. Do you want to be treated like Big Daddy if so call me now.

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