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Your favorite black whore

Anal sex whore

I know you like to fuck tiny little black whores. Your favorite place to stick that hard white cock is inside that tight black asshole. You like to inflict pain and pleasure. You also like a small petite black whore. Often called spinners. I am easy for you to bounce up and down on your cock and you can lift me up and place me right on top of that cock with ease. You like the fact you can fuck my asshole and turn me in all kind of positions as if my asshole was my pussy. You like it even more the fact that while your fucking the shit out of my asshole I am sucking the cum out of your brother’s cock. It’s no fun if your brother can’t get none right?

Cum guzzling slut

cum guzzling slut

I love being turned into a cum guzzling slut. Daddy knows exactly how I like it. He loves to come into my room late at night, force me out of bed and onto my knees and slide his massive cock down my throat. He has trained me to be his perfect little cum drinking whore. The night he broke me in was different. That night, he came into my room with several other men. They all stood over me as Daddy held me on his lap. One by one, they pulled their cocks out and Daddy guided each and every one of those cocks into my mouth and made me suck them. I could feel how hard it made Daddy to watch me suck those fat cocks and swallow all of that thick cum. Knowing that Daddy was turned on got my little panties all wet. That’s when I knew I was going to be a cum slurping slut forever. I love how happy it makes Daddy to see his little brat on her knees taking that hot shot of sweet jizz. I will take Daddy’s cock whenever he wants me to and how ever he wants it.

Tranny Phone Sex Cock Sucker

Tranny phone sex

Look at what I have in store for you, hot tranny phone sex with my sexy big ladyboi cock. Will you be my cock sucker? I love my cock suckers soo much. I love my naughty boys that can’t get enough of my loving. Well they can’t get enough of this hot body with perfect tits, and a nice big throbbing dick. And yeah, I love taking a big dick in my ass and live for those good hardcore ass poundings. I bet you understand this and really wish I would give you a good pounding after a hot sloppy face fucking. I’ll be happy to swap cum with you, it’s so gooey and salty… mmmmm…. I am really looking forward to a rendezvous with you, lover boy.

A Step Mom For Blonde Fucking

blonde fucking


Surprise big boy guess who daddy has brought home? A sweet blonde fucking whore! He says she is your new step momma. You can’t believe the old bastard got himself a hot piece of ass like me. I giggle and wear the most revealing outfits when you are around. You catch me sneaking out at night and follow me to the Kit Kat Lounge. Everything makes sense now, your new step mommy is a stripper whore. You corner me as I sneak back into the house. You are going to expose me if I don’t suck your big young cock. I laugh because your daddy knows what I am, but I still want your cock. I gladly suck you off and when you cum on my tits I tell you to lick it off and give you instructions to climb in my bed when your pops leaves in the morning. The blonde whore will fuck your brains out. I am a trashy milf who needs all the cock!

Cum Guzzling Slut

cum guzzling slutI love being a cum guzzling slut. Cum does this body good. Look at me? I am over 50 and still fabulous. I attribute that to the fact that I have had a healthy does of cum daily, often several times a day, for many decades now. I think I am a cum junkie because if I was to go a day without it, I would be sick. Truth. Even during hurricanes, I still want cum. I keep some frozen in the freezer for emergencies. I was running low on my supply, so I had a blow bang party last night. I called up Big D and he was an hour away from hitting town. He parked his cab in my driveway after he dropped off his load. I joked that I better get his load. He asked me if I was in a gangbang whore mood. When am I not? He brought a few truckers with him. They all had heavy balls in need of my cock sucking abilities. I could make a dead man cum. I drained them all several times with my mouth so I could spit it into my pitcher. The rest of the time, I just let them use my holes. I got my cum stash restocked now it was all about enjoying those big black cocks.

Girl’s night

live phone sexI had a crazy girl’s night out last night. It was ladies night at several different bars near us so we went on a crazy bar crawl and got drunk as fuck. Usually when that happens we end up with tons of guys to bring home but last night we all swore that we would stick together, no boys allowed. So the night ended a little differently than it normally would have, we all fucked each other instead. It was so hot, girls everywhere licking each others pussies and fucking each other with strap on cocks and everyone was squirting all over I was literally in heaven. Apparently my neighbor was loving the show too, I looked over and saw him peeping thru the window, he didn’t see that I saw him either and he was having a field day. He was jerking that cock like crazy watching all that lesbian fun. I wonder if I should tell him I saw him, what do you think?

Big Dick Sucker

big dick suckerI love being a big dick sucker. My reputation is well known in my little city too. Guys show up at my trailer frequently looking to utilize my skills. Last night, this handsome married black man arrived saying he had a problem he heard I could take care of for him. I invited him inside, gave him a beer and asked what the issue was that brought him to me. Turns out he is a friend of Big D, my black truck driver fuck buddy. Trevor is the name of the guy that showed up last night. Big D told him if he had cum filled balls no one would drain him better than me. Trevor was not as long as Big D, but he was thicker. His cock is the kind of dick that gags women. His wife has tried everything to suck off her husband, but she gags and pukes, so she gave up. Trevor can only cum in a pussy or with a jerk off. Every man wants to cum in a woman’s mouth. This trailer trash whore was happy to help him out. I have been sucking cock since I was a schoolgirl. Likely, his wife has not had the many years of big cock sucking that I have had. I did a line of coke and started chugging his thick black meat. I won’t lie, it was a struggle, but I got him balls deep in my mouth. I wasn’t slurping very long when I got the biggest cum shot in my mouth. He was clearly backed up in his balls. He seemed very happy to receive a good ball draining. I was very happy to receive such a huge load of cum. Never trust a wife to drain your balls. Get a trashy milf like me for the job.

Shemale Phone Sex Stroker

shemale phone sexI am a shemale phone sex stroker and a real dream cum true. I made this little gif for you, so you can see me stroking my sexy shemale cock when we talk about my dirty exploits. It is no secret that I am a dirty trick. Special girls like me are usually in the adult industry. We can make more money and not have to deal with harassment in the boring vanilla world if we hook, do porn or talk dirty. I didn’t go to college, and I have no desire to work retail for a fraction of the money I get selling my body. I do a little of it all. I took a few days off from my live phone sex job to be a nasty porno queen. This dude with a T-girl fetish wanted me to make a few home movies just for his private spank bank. The money was too good to pass up, plus he tossed in a lot of coke as a tip. My favorite of the movies we made was one where I dominated his old ass. I fucked his ass so hard that he was gaped permanently open. Once I saw his big gaped asshole, I pissed in it like I was playing one of those carnival games with the water gun and the racing horses. I peed so hard and so long up his ass, he shot a wad without touching his cock. I guess I pissed on his prostate. He paid me well for the home movies and told me I missed my calling. I think I can be a shemale porno queen and a phone sex slut simultaneously. What do you think?

live phone sex

Street Walker Gangbang Sex Stories

Gangbang sex stories

Gangbang sex stories always start with a dirty little whore who needs more than one cock to satisfy her juicy pussy. Stripper and Street whore by trade I never seem to get enough cock. If my holes haven’t been ravaged, I don’t feel like me. Daddy taught me early in life to use my body because I was just bound to be a dumb bimbo. His cock tore through my pussy and ass a few times before I dropped out to swing on the pole. My older brother was the one to pop my cherry and before my swinging and gyrating days, he was the one who gave me my first line and let his friends from the neighborhood run train on my soft sweet pussy. I was labeled a cum guzzling slut before I learned to drive. I make no new year new me promises because I love being a coked-up cock whore. The rooster says cock a doodle do, I say any cock will do!

Being a Big Dick Sucker Saved My Ass

big dick suckerBeing a big dick sucker is a handy skill. I was coming back from a club with a milf friend of mine last night. The car broke down and it was fucking freezing outside. Neither of us are sensible women. We don’t have AAA and we didn’t bring coats. We were dressed inappropriately to be in 30-degree weather. We started walking, hoping we could find a gas station or hitch a ride. A car did pass us, but the driver backed up when he realized there were two hot chicks walking in the cold. I was very thankful he stopped, but he thought we were hookers for hire. I think hookers would be smarter than to be half-dressed walking the highway in high heels. When he asked how much, we went with it. I said, “Fifty dollars for head from us both and a lift to a gas station.” I needed tow money too and this guy was just interested in getting his knob polished, not being a good Samaritan. We worked in tandem to drain his balls. We rotated between sucking his dick and sucking his balls. He had a big dick for a white man. It didn’t take him long to cum. I was afraid he wouldn’t hold up his bargain, but he dropped us off at the Shell. With the cash we had, plus his $50 contribution and our cock sucking skills, we got a tow and a lift home. The tow driver didn’t have as big of a cock as our John, but he was way nicer. We fucked him too. I mean not only did he tow my car to my mechanic’s place, he gave us a lift to my trailer too. Of course, I had him come inside and get some trailer trash whore pussy as a thank you. Who needs a coat when you have a big dick to warm you up?

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