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Blowjobs For Coke

Druggy pornI love to get high and fuck. I do a line of coke then a surge of sexual energy flows through my body and I have to fuck the nearest guy. And I’m hot, I have great tits and a great ass so I never have to pay to get high. Like today, Rico called me and gave me an offer that I couldn’t refuse. He told me if I gave his nephew a blowjob, he would give me free powder. I got in my car and rushed over to Rico’s place.
His nephew was the nerdiest boy I’ve ever met. He had thick glasses and braces and looked so innocent. He was tall and thin, and it surprised me when he pulled an anaconda from his pants. I dropped to my knees and tried to suck the skin off of his huge cock. The teenage boy gripped my hair into a fist and shoved his cock down my throat. I gagged and my eyes watered but I kept sucking until his warm semen filled my mouth. Rico gave me my blow and I went home a very happy girl.

BBC Phone Sex Cum Slut

There is nothing that gets me off quite like BBC phone sex. When he told me that he had a huge cock, I almost didn’t believe him. So, when he pulled his semi-hard cock out, and I saw how long and thick it was, I was immediately hungry for that dick! I sank to my knees and wrapped my mouth around him, swallowing him straight down. BBC phone sexI sucked that dick good and hard, making sure he was as stiff as I was going to make him with my mouth. His balls got so full and so big! It was all I could do to keep from jumping his bones right there. Instead, I lay back on the couch and spread my legs up and wide. When his head finally started to stretch my cunt, I was in heaven. He filled my pussy completely up, pushing against my cervix every thrust. His delicious cock made me cum so hard that I shuddered, and when he exploded into me, I came all over again!

Hardcore Anal Sex with 2 BBCs

Hardcore anal sexThere was this one guy I used to go to school with, and I knew I never stood a chance with him. He and his brother were in town visiting their mom and the rest of the folks around, and they decided to pay me a visit while they were in town. This boy whole confessed to me how he’d always had a crush on me, and didn’t think I’d feel him. When I started telling him all the nasty things I’d always imagined doing to him, his AND his brother’s cocks saluted. That was all the more encouragement I needed! I invited them both back to my room, and started a menage a trois. I undressed them both while they semi-undressed me. I wound up with little brother’s dick in my mouth while big brother checked out my man-cunt, running his fingers and tongue over it. After a few passes, I felt the head of his dick trying to penetrate, and then it popped on into my brown star, and he was sliding home. Little brother reached underneath me and started stroking my dick as I kept sucking him and big brother continued to fuck my tight ass. We spent the entire rest of the afternoon in a fuck-fest!

Randi; The cock sucking champ

Cheap phone sex

Giving really sloppy head is one of the things I am really good at. I learned this when I was walking home from school and a random guy pulled over and told me that he would give me some money if I gave him a blow job with my big dick sucking lips. I was a little confused but I took him into the woods on the side of the road and got on my knees and started sucking his big fucking cock. I was a little slut before I ever knew it. That was the first time I sucked some stranger dick and I never went back. Being a slut isn’t just for fun its the way I make my money for my coke, and being high makes fucking so much better.

Yummy Cummy in my Tummy

I love eating come, it taste so fucking yummy. I have always had a thing for that sticky hot mess and letting it sit on the end of my tongue fresh out of the tip of a rock hard dick. I love the way it hangs from the tip of his wet dick and I can lick it off like a lollipop. Right after a man has blown his load into my mouth or my pussy, maybe even my as. It really does not matter.

Dirty phone sex

I just want to suck it up into my mouth and let it site there so I can lavish the taste. Its a shot of protein hat I need daily or I feel incomplete. It needs to be wet and sticky, full and rich. When a man is able to deliver a load like that to my face and give me that hot sticky mess than I will give him whatever he wants, I will let him fuck any hole or do anything he wants to my body. Humiliate me, fuck me hard or slow, anything!

Cheap phone sex with Megan

Cheap phone sexOne of my favorite things to do is take the panties I was wearing all day that have all my cream just piled in there and ball them up and put them in my  mouth and taste my sweet little pussy. I am a very dirty girl, but do you like dirty panties? You should call me and make me stuff my panties deep in my cunt and it soaks up all the cum and wetness and then I would wanna stuff them in my mouth and make me say I am a dirty slut for daddy. I just wanna please you in every way and I will be a dirty little cum dumpster whore. You can use me anyway you want, is that what you want?

Cum Whore

Cum guzzling slutI love fucking men that have really huge balls. Because 9 times out of 10, a man with really big balls has lots of cum. I love semen. I love how it tastes, and I love how it feels on my skin. People compliment my clear and smooth complexion and they want to know my secret. Well, my secret is letting men cum on my face. I’m a cum dumpster and I need cum like a vampire needs blood. I crave cum like a fat person craves cake. I dance at the strip club because it gives me a limitless supply of semen. Men fight over the pleasure of nutting all over my face. But sometimes I can’t stop sucking and I swallow the whole load. I want your cum. I want to suck your cock until you’re ready to explode all over my beautiful face. Are you ready to give me what I need?

Blowjob in the Bathroom

sloppy wet pussyI think we all know by now the love I have for getting high and fucking dudes and I honestly give great blowjobs, I am a big dick sucker. Mmmm. OK really not just big dicks, I love all cocks. So today I went out with a friend shopping to the mall. I do love shopping and buying lots of slutty clothes, maybe its because I love male attention. Some would call me a cum guzzling slut, that is honestly a name I wear proudly. Wait, I got a little off topic, so shopping, we stop in the food court for a drink and I see a man who is obviously high as fuck. That right there is like a moth to a flame for me, plus he is hot as fuck, and I instantly want him. I start up a conversation with him and he says he knows me. Hmm, I really don’t remember this guy but he says I gave him the best blow job hes ever had. “Oh really?” I ask. He says yeah baby it was when I came to see your dad one day. Then it clicks he is the guy with the really huge cock. I remember not even being able to fit the whole thing in my mouth, straight up gagging on it. It’s a good thing men love their sloppy bjs because that is what he got from me that day. I tell him yes I remember you, that was fun, and you have an amazing cock. He says do you want to go into the bathroom right now and suck it again? Fuck yeah I do. I follow him to the mens rooms push him up against the wall and drop to my knees. I pull out his perfect fuck stick and give him a mouth fuck he won’t soon forget. Just as hes about to cum he pulls my hair and growls. Literally growled, and shoots a huge load down my throat. MMM.. it tasted so fucking delicious. I look up and tell him its his turn to drop to his knees and eat my pussy. He did and had me screaming when my cunt squirted all over his face, I’m sure the men coming in and out enjoyed the show, I know I did.

Confessions of a trucker slut

I was eating this old fat mans asshole yesterday when he decided to let a big fat stinky fart out right in my face, while his cock was in my mouth and his balls were swinging in my face. I know that most people would be turned off by this, but I was not! It actually surprised me and I got really wet super fast, I almost came. The smell was rotten like sour milk and sweaty ball and ass.

Big dick sucker

I could definitely even taste the sourness of it, like a really nasty bag of gym clothes, the musty sweaty sour film that gets inside of your nose and mouth. That i what I experienced but I am a freak and I like that kind of stuff. I get off to the smell of sweaty asshole and being shit on as a human toilet. I enjoy being pissed on and shamed while a fat old bald dude pounds my asshole shamelessly. You cannot degrade me enough, I am a cock whore with no morals. Use me as you like, I enjoy it.

Furry Friends Luv Peanut Butter




Anal Sex Whore

When I get really high on tina, I get these crazy urges to just get totally pounded out by cock.
Tonight no one interesting was on Tinder and my regular booty calls weren’t hitting me up but then my
roommate’s fuzzy K9 caught my eye. I’ve noticed his huge red rocket always sticking out when he was around me
and I was so geeked up on the crystal meth I figured you know what, what better time than now to try out some
yummy beastly dick. I went to the kitchen and grabbed the jar of peanut butter. Sitting back on the sofa with my
legs spread, I smeared the peanut butter across my inner thighs and pussy. I didn’t even have to call the K9 over,
the big boy just walked over with his tongue hanging out, similar to the way the men look at me at the club.
Lapping and licking it all up, I was soaking went- I couldn’t help myself and pushed it’s head into my cunt further
whispering not to use it’s teeth. I turned around with my knees on the seat of the sofa and ass in the air,
opening my cheeks up so it could lick the little bit of peanut butter out of my asshole too. That’s when it mounted me
and started humping. I was screaming, I had no idea it’s dick was going to be that big or hurt that much. It began biting my back
while I was massaging my clit. Finally it let out a huge load of it’s own nut butter inside my filthy pussy just as I
was reaching my own climax on it’s yummy red rocket. Now that I know old fuzzy is obviously trained in the ways of
please, I may not even need you guys anymore. lol 😉

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