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BBC Gangbang Whore Bethany

gangbang whoreI got fucked so good today.  This BBC gangbang whore proved her name sooo true.  I get asked to model at a car show today.  I was all too thrilled because I knew that there would be a lot of BBC dope boys there.  They don’t mind throwing their money around either.  I made sure to spend plenty of time flirting with them.  Shaking my ass and dropping it like it’s hot for them.  They rained money down on me, but what I really wanted was their hard big black cocks in all of my holes.  My wish was granted.  They had a bottle of Henny and kept pouring me shot after shot.  They were trying to get me drunk so they could take advantage of me.  Little did they know, I already wanted them to fuck me like the BBC lovin slut I am.  After the car show, we went back to the hotel where I performed for them.  Being a stripper has it’s perks.  They rained more money on me and started shoving their cocks in my face.  I sucked their bbc’s and let them fuck my wet cunt and my ass.  What a great day.  I was suck a bbc cumdumpster, and I fucking loved it.

Glazed n Confused

anal cum dumpster

One thing I like more than one cock is three. When one of the customers brought back his co-workers for their lunch break, they were ready to be greeted by the librarian the anal cum dumpster. Yes that me! I cum, and when it comes in two and threes you know, I’m ready to get on my knees and plead for more and more. I love cocks galore! When I get that cum right in my face that when I know, I did something right. I just need delish loads on my tits face ass and mouth. I just like it everywhere; If I could sunbathe in it, I would too. Just get me glazed with the cum till I’m covered. I want to be sucking and fucking till I lose all my senses. I think having a cock rammed up my twat and ass will leave me loopy and glazed and confused. I just what to take my times and deepthroat you till your eyes roll back and you can’t take it. The look in a guys eyes when he is about to bust makes my twat seep with a bunch of pussy juice. My customer and his co-workers came twice but left once. 😉

Big black cock sexline

SexlineWhile i’m getting fucked by two huge big black cocks, the pervert is in the corner stroking his nub of a dick and watching me get hammered rough and deep. He moans loud as he takes my damp panties and wraps them around his tiny sausage, stroking himself and feeling my juices slime all over his microscopic shaft. I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off as he gave himself pleasure while observing how sexy big black cocks look while fucking my slutty cunt. Getting double-teamed by a couple of dark meat monsters makes my insides cream and his little pee pee stand at attention. I ate out their assholes, then gave him a big sloppy kiss, we love tasting black shit all over our lips. I tried to suck his little dick but it’s pretty tricky to fit a three inch pathetic excuse of a boner down my throat, haha! His cum-filled balls plunged into my pussy then I forced him to lick off all my juices. He is fucking obsessed with my nasty, used up vagina and can’t suck the BBC sperm out of me quick enough! I love getting fucked while I have cum pouring out. He knows to call my sexline whenever he wants that horny penis fucked with!

BBC Anal Cum Dumpster

anal cum dumpsterMy asshole looks like it’s been stretched a time or a few hundred times rather.  That’s because I’m such a fucking slutty ass anal cum dumpster for BBC only though.  No puny little white cocks in my shitter.  Oh fuck no.  I love having my ass stretched.  I’ve even taken two big black cocks in my brown hole.  Sure I love having my cunt stuffed at the same time.  I cum so fucking hard with a super hard black cock in my ass.  I never let them pull out either.  I tell them all to cum right in my shitter.  I’ll take black cock anywhere I can get it.  I once got fucked by a complete stranger at a nightclub.  I had on a super short dress and no panties.  He came up behind me and started rubbing his cock on my ass.  I got so fucking turned on, I started fingering my pussy right there.  Next thing I knew, I felt his huge mushroom head on my ass.  He parted my cheeks and started to slide it right in my ass.  It was so fucking hot.  I didn’t care that there were people looking.  What they didn’t know is that he was fucking my ass and not my cunt.  Wanna hear some more bbc stories?  Call me

I Sucked His Cock so Hard

Hot teen phone sex


I want to know something, I am very concerned because I did something the other night that was disturbing to say the least. There is this guy who I’ve been having let’s say consensual sex with we’ve been fucking and it’s been good. The other night I wanted to do more than just fuck him because he fucks me so well that I thought I would give him some of my A1 special edition blowjob action. I invited him over to the house when no one was here but this time I didn’t want to have sex. I laid him down in my bed and I started to suck his cock. I closed my eyes and I got out of control a bit you see I sucked his cock to the balls and I sucked so hard that my gums started bleeding. I think that I scared him because even though he came so big I know that he saw the blood and probably thought that I sucked blood from his cock. Guys I’m lost I wonder can someone tell me even though he was exhausted afterwards do you think that he doesn’t want me to do it again.?

Black Cock Makes My Pussy Cream

bbc sex stories

Big black cock makes my pussy cream.  Honestly, bbc sex stories make all white girl pussies cream.  Some of them don’t wanna admit it, but I’ve seen more than just a few of my friends who had previously said they would never open their greedy little mouths and cunts to some of my bbc homies.  A little bit of alcohol never hurt either.  My friend Jessica who has always had the same lame white boyfriend came over the other day while some of my bbc friends were her hanging out.  You know, chilling, smoking and drinking.  It was obvious at how uncomfortable she was at first.  After a few shots and a couple of hits off of a blunt, she began to let all her inhibitions down. Observing the obvious, they pounced on her like a tiger at a fresh kill.  Jessica’s I would nevers turned into doing everything.  The guys had her stripped naked in no time at all.  Big black cocks in both hands.  One shoved down her throat while getting plowed with a huge black cock from the back.  She creamed all over their cocks.  Hell, I did too.  There we were side by side with all these big black cocks.  Creaming all over them over and over.  She went home, broke up with her boyfriend and moved in with me.  Now she’s a bbc creampie sex stories whore just like me.creampie sex stories

Fall In Love With A BBC Lovin Stripper

stripper sex storiesMy friend got me a gig at a strip club she works at.  She told me that there were some hot black guys who came in there and that I would get some good stripper sex stories.  I couldn’t wait to start my new job.  I mean, of course I’ve stripped before, but it was at an all white club.  No black dudes ever came in there, and let’s face it I’m a fucking whore for BBC.  So my first night was a couple of nights ago and oh my god.  I think there was a whole football team full of big black studs.  I didn’t even have to pretend to be turned on.  As soon as I saw all those black studs, I couldn’t wait to strip my ass right over there to them.  Turns out, they were a football team.  The whole defense at least.  As soon as my set was over, I strolled right over to them, shook my tits in their face and began dry humping one of them.  They could tell what a fucking BBC whore I was and asked to go to the VIP room.  ALL of them!!  Everybody knows what goes down in the VIP room.  I got fucked three ways from Sunday.  I didn’t even make them strap up.  I took all those cocks in my wet pussy and ass.  One after another, at the same time.  Gagging on the boat loads of cum they spewed down my throat.  I made so much bank that night.  I work again tomorrow night. Can’t wait to see what happens.

Cum slut

cum dumpster

I dumped my boyfriend because he was such an idiot. I moved along to his cousin. I hated that he never gave me the cum I desired. I’m a little cum dumpster who wants to be drenched in creamy why cum. I love having my tits out on display. I like to have a lot of loads right on them, and if you are lucky, I will let you enjoy my cum covered tits. The more loads, the better. My ex-didn’t like to cum on my tits or my face. He wanted to cum in a condom or my pussy no other method. I couldn’t stand it. Also, his cum shots were super weak. You can’t blame me for being cum slut who immediately left him for his cousin who knew what I liked exactly. His cock wasn’t the biggest, but his cock would serve up massive amounts of creamy white cum. I was hooked. I wanted that he would invite all his buddies and make me a bukkake slut. I love having guys get in a circle around me and dispense me with their yummy loads. Fill my face and tits, please.

BBC Sex Stories to Get Your Cock Hard

bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories, I have plenty of to share. My dealer is a truck driver called Big D. He is called that because he has a 14 inch black cock. One of his trucker buddies saw him at a truck stop shower. The next day everyone called him Big D. I love partying with him when he is in town because he gives me free coke and great cock. He texted last night that he would be at the truck stop for the night and I should come spend the night in his cab with him. At the last minute, he canceled because his nephew came along for the ride since it was a short haul. I told him they should come spend the night with me. The rig can be parked on the street and they can have a bed to sleep in and a trailer trash whore to fuck. Plus, I threw in dinner. All I was thinking about was his nephew’s cock. Brothers don’t mind sharing a white bitch, even if they related. I just wanted tag teamed by two black cocks. I am walking funny today, so I had one hell of a time with Big D and his young nephew. That boy was no virgin, but he didn’t have many notches in his belt yet.  I taught him to eat pussy and lick ass. In return I let him stick the holes he licked all night long. Big D joined in a few times, but he enjoyed watching too. Big D had the bigger dick, but his nephew had youth on his side. He fucked my holes like a dog in heat. Been a long time since a guy gave my fuck holes the jackhammer treatment.  I am sleep deprived, but well fucked and ready to have dirty phone sex all day long.

BBC Phone Sex, I Love Black Cock!!!

bbc phone sex

I love BBC Phone Sex.   Big black men and their big black cocks.  I have a whole little posse I go and do everything with.  They are big whores, but hell, so am I.  We all go to the bar and flirt our asses off.  Some of my boys even will go out to the parking lot to fuck some skank but our outings always end up the same, usually.  We end up all drunk and shit at my house gang banging away.  I can’t get enough big black cock in my holes.  Especially when I’m all drunk and high and feeling real good.  They don’t look at me as the BBC whore I really am.  They see me as their homey, who the fuck the shit out of ALL the time lol!  There’s nothing like having a bunch of big black cocks at your beckoning whenever you want.  They never tell me no.  Hell, who would?  There’s not that many straight up whores who will take on 4 or 5 big black cocks all the time like I do.  Hey, I’m a rare jewel. 

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