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Black Big Dick Sucker Beverly

big dick suckerWhen you have the reputation as a big dick sucker, the brothers know who to ask for at the truck stop. I put on my best skank outfit and went trolling for dick this morning. I woke up with a need for sperm in my belly. Truckers wake up with wood, so I knew where to go. The moment I got out of my car, the horny truckers were fighting for me. There are other lot lizards down there 24/7, but the difference is twofold. First, I don’t charge money. I like fucking. I like being a cum guzzler. I don’t need to charge money for what I love to do. Second, no other white bitch can swallow big black dicks like me. Big D quickly spread the word that I was the trashy MILF to see when a trucker needed his balls drained. The other skanks looked at me with dismay as a bunch of truckers waited their turn to get head for free from a dirty old cougar.  It was like an assembly line of big black dicks. I just went down the line on my knees taking one big black dick after another. I made the lot lizards jelly. They needed to take notes. I sent some truckers on the road happy. Some truckers sent me home with cum in my belly. It was a win win kind of morning.

I’ve Fucked A Lot of BBC Tonight

I’ve fucked a bunch of clients tonight, it was so busy and then I got a bachelor party of BBC’s that tore my cunt ip and gaped my asshole soo much. They left so much thick gooey globs of ejaculate in my holes they are have leaked all over the crotch of my panties. My moist and doiled panties are so gooey and messy with soo much cum! I bet there’s a filthy pervert that would love to suck on my panties and taste my fuck juices and all that jizz caked inside of them.

I need a good clean up bitch to get down betwen my legs and lap that goo up from my messy pussy and brown shitty cum goo dripping asshole. Don’t let such a prime creampie go to someone else!

creampie slut

Show Me That Tiny Cock

hot stripper sex

I invited this guy over that has been coming in for lap dances at the club. The girls have all been giggling behind his back because he’s so hot, but we can tell he has a little secret. When we grind our tight asses on him we feel how tiny he is when he gets hard. He came over to my place thinking he was about to get some hot stripper sex and instead we had him dressed like a total fucking whore. He had on sexy panties, high heels, and red lipstick. I had a group of guys that all had massive big black cocks and we made him worship each one. He took his time milking each cock of all his warm creamy goodness. He was fucking covered. That cum loving little whore fucking loved it. He’s been begging me to come back to get slapped in the face with those monster dicks again.

In the mood for BBC

BBC phone sexYou really wanna know what the fuck i’m craving? My horny ass is eager as fuckkkkk to have a big black cock shoved deep down my throat and deep up inside of my slutty cunt. My jungle fever is off the charts and I need to feed my addiction. It’s been a few days since I had BBC phone sex and I am fiending like a fuckin whore! Sometimes white boy dick just doesn’t do it for me, I need something thicker, longer and darker lol. It’s like gobbling down a big ass chocolate bar except a lot more tasty! The color contrast of my pink pussy wrapped around the black cock is so fuckin sexy! Why do dark men fuck so good?! I need to know!! I seriously can’t contain myself any longer, I need my fuck holes pounded and my guts turned inside out. I wanna feel that shit so fuckin deep that it feels like it’s gonna explode out though my throat or some shit. Goddamn my mouth is watering and my cunt is dripping, come and stretch me the fuck out now please!!

BBC Sex Stories to Share

bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories are something I have plenty to share. I am not an exclusive black cock whore like some women. I know some gals that won’t put anything in their pussies that isn’t long and black. I am just a whore. All I care about is size. I want a dick that’s not too small is all. That is never a problem with a black cock. I am sure there are small or average black dicks, but I have yet to see one. Last night was Easter, and I was in the mood for some dark chocolate. I have a bad sweet tooth when it comes to chocolate. I went down to the truck stop to see if I could stir up some lot lizard sex. Big D was on the road and not due into town until later in the week. There are other black truckers that hang out at the Pilot gas station in town. They all know me well. Usually, I am down there trying to exchange pussy for coke, but I had plenty of coke last night. What I was lacking was cock for my pussy. Eric was sitting in his cab hoping a fine old white broad would come looking for a BBC. It was fate. I was looking, and he was waiting.  I got in the back of his cab with him for some truck stop fun. My boobs are ample, but they can’t swallow a big black cock. Eric didn’t mind, however. He was happy to have his cock in between my trashy milf boobs. His cock went everywhere on my body. Started between my jugs; went down my throat; went in my pussy and finally landed in my ass. Damn fine cock. Not as big as Big D, but just what I needed. He told me to come back tonight because he has some friends he wants to introduce my fuck holes to.

Slutty Student

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I go to college every morning at 6 am. Honestly, I would have already dropped out but my teacher is so fucking hot. He is always mad at me though. “Beretta! , where is your paper? Why are you texting? You’re late again … really? One day I pissed him off really bad.I cheated on my exam and he caught me and told me to see him after class. When class was over I did what I always do and pushed my chest out of my low cut shirt and apologize .but this time he locked and closed the door.  He told me I have to be punished and bent me over the desk. He slid my pants off and pulled out his big black slung .teasingly he rubbed just the tip of his dick along my pussy. I wanted his dick so bad I taunted him “you wouldn’t dare fuck me “. He then slammed my hips into him and fucked the hell out of me. I started to scream but that pissed him off even worse. He yanked my hair back and stuffed his fingers into my mouth. He told me this is what you get for not following directions and toke his dick out and slammed it into my asshole. It hurt so bad I started to cry. You don’t like that do you, you little slut.  Oh but I fucking love it. More give me more! He stopped and went to his desk. I begged him to keep going .but just as I did he pulled out the biggest vibrator I have ever seen and pushed me against my desk. He told me to fuck my pussy like a good slut and if I didn’t I would regret it. So I did. I fucked my tight little pussy with that vibrator as he fucked my ass and when he cummed and filled my little asshole with all his cum I put the vibrator in my ass and begged for his dick in my pussy.

Cum Dumpster for Big Black Cocks

cum dumpsterI’m a cum dumpster for black cocks. They always have the most cum for a dirty old whore like me. I can’t get enough cum. So, when big D came over last night, I was happy to cram about 20 hung black men in my little trailer. The trailer was a rocking if you know what I mean. I was on a binge. I had been snorting coke all weekend and getting laid by my son and his friends. As much as I love fucking my son and his friends, they have white cocks. They are nice cocks, but they ain’t big black dicks. My cougar cunt has seen a lot of dick over the decades. Nothing is tight on me anymore, so those monster black cocks feel awesome in my old pussy; even my old ass. One blonde fucking whore and 20 big black cocks? Hell yes. Game on. I did a few lines of coke and got naked. Blow bang first. I got skull fucked for hours before my pussy and ass saw any action. I swallowed so much jizz my belly felt bloated. I think I will likely shit out black cum for days because I swallowed so much sperm. One of the great things about big black cocks is that they never go soft. Even though each one blew a load of cum in my belly, I still had 20 hard cocks ready to fuck my pussy and ass. I took two at a time. Black guys are secure in their sexuality. They don’t care if their balls smack balls. They treated me like a gangbang whore. I swear I was fucked so hard that my old girl parts might fall out of my well used pussy. I got enough cum that it will be seeping from my pores for days. I’m still recuperating, but no pain no gain, right?

Cum guzzling slut

Cum guzzling slutThis tiny sexy body full of cum is all for you daddy! I just got fucked by about 20 different old fucks and they all shot their old sour cream cum into my tiny pussy! The first fuck that penetrated me with his 18-inch cock seemed like he unloaded 1 lb of old cum in my asshole! He really fucking gaped my tiny little fucking asshole wide open inside out! After he came in my asshole he shoved a huge butt plug in my asshole so that I could hold his old nasty sour cream looking cum! Then the next dude hit me up and fucked my pussy with his 4-inch fucking cock I didn’t feel shit! But he unloaded his little bit of smelly cum inside me. That’s how it went on all night long different cock sizes cumming inside me. I’m so ready for you to get your dick full of cum!

Listen To Me Get Fucked, HARD!!!!

live phone sex

Wanna hear me get fucked HARD?!  My old man just got out of prison and he loves putting on a show for my callers.  Live phone sex is fucking hot.  Listening to me sucking his cock.  Sloppy head is the only head I know how to give.  He has a huge uncircumcised cock too.  I love sliding that skin back, revealing that big black mushroom head.  I suck his cock so good, his eyes roll back in his head.  My pussy gets so wet sucking that big black cock. I can’t wait for him to fuck me.  He loves fucking me from the back so he can watch my ass jiggle while he beats my wet cunt.  I squeeze my pussy muscles tight around his cock. I beg him to fuck my ass too.  He shoves his big black cock in my ass.  I rub my clit while he fucks my ass. Then when I’m about to cum, he shoves his cock and beast fucks my cunt until I cum all over his black cock.  I love it but it’s so much hotter when there’s someone listening.  Jack off for this BBC whore while you listen to me get fucked by this huge black cock.  I’m stroking his cock now.

Trashy Cum Dumpster Valencia

Cum Dumpster

Don’t hesitate or hold back from contacting this cum dumpster of the fornication station. It’s a fucking treat to get in the middle of a 20 dude gangbang and bukkake party and those Bachelor parties full of BBC is a god damned dream. I seriously will not hold back from draining each and every one of those black snakelike cocks personally. I want to handle all of them, to feel those heavy balls and worship the size of that rod with my mouth sucking that dick, my pussy riding  and grinding hard on that shaft and fucking take me in my fucking brown eye! I want to stroke two off while getting banged in both fuck holes and a nice deep throating face fucking to ice this cream cake.

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