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Cum Eating Phone Sex Feeding Your Need

Cum eating phone sex

You are a cum eating phone sex addict as you get used to the tasting of your own cum. I love to direct my filthy fuckers into eating their cum. I love to help you branch out and try hooking up with a Tranny hooker and eat her cum. You will suck cock and eat cum and I am the sexy Shemale that will help make it happen. It’s a dirty little secret of ours that I am a crack whore prostitute and I love making guys suck me off. I love it in my ass and I love to suck a nice BBC myself. Why not teach you on that BBC also. Light up that rock baby, and gimme a call. We will get down and dirty. I’m a dirty t-girl whore and can’t wait to make you my bitch.

Pussy Oozing With Cum

cum filled cunt

It turns me on so much when I get fucked and then can look down and see my cum filled cunt dripping. It’s just so sexy to see the cum oozing out of me after a nice long fuck. My pussy is always stretched out and that makes it even better. Does that turn you on as much as it does me? Do you love looking at a woman’s cunt after you fuck her and admiring your very own handiwork? Or even somebody else’a for that matter.
You know, if you’re a good boy, you might even go down and clean up my dripping cunt once you’re done with me. If you just cringed, just hear me out. If you want to make a woman really happy and more willing to fuck you time and time again, going down and licking up that creampie is likely to make it happen. Just get over whatever hang up you have about it and make your woman happy. And who knows? You might even start to enjoy licking the cum directly from her freshly fucked cunt. It’s a really intimate experience and I think it’s going to be something you start looking forward to. Not sure about that? I’ll walk and talk you through it step by step.

Anal Cum Dumpster Christmas Party

anal cum dumpsterI came in this morning an anal cum dumpster. My ass was full of cum and I was sore. I was not out hooking either. I was with some girlfriends at a holiday party. We were at the house of one of my friends. She has a mansion. She is a true Hollywood wife. I have a big house, but her house makes mine look like a mother-in-law suite.  She went all out for our party too. She had some Chippendale dancers she hired as waiters and for valet parking. The real surprise was the teen boys in attendance as studs for her guests. She hired my sons and I had no clue. My husband kept that a secret. This was a dream job for them. Getting paid to fuck hot moms; what young boy would not love that? There were other hired teen boys there too. Some didn’t speak English. Some were black, some were brown. She had something for everyone. This was going to be the best Christmas party ever. Of course, I fucked my sons, but I fucked every other male stud there too. I was an anal sex whore for young boys in a mansion in Hollywood Hills. You never know what is going on behind the closed doors of the rich and famous. My daughters tended to my sore, cum filled ass this morning when I came home. My boys just had dirty grins on their faces. Their young cocks were sore from all the milf fucking.

Let’s Get Wasted

drunk girl fucking

I don’t know if you know this or not, but drunk girl fucking is the absolute best. You can talk us into just about anything once you’ve gotten us plastered with our favorite kind of booze. And men aren’t the only ones who like doing this to drunk girls. I have gotten to fuck several women who told me they don’t even like women. It’s incredibly sexy when another woman comes along for the intoxicated journey. There’s nothing like fucking a helpless woman. She’s too drunk to say no to anything you want, so it really doesn’t even feel like you’re doing anything bad.

I’ve had several drunken encounters with men, too. When I was in college, all the guys on campus knew that if they wanted to fuck me, all they had to do was ply me with alcohol. I turn into a mega slut when I’ve been drinking, so I’m even more uninhibited than I normally am. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do to me, then just go right ahead and let me know. Maybe I’ll even start drinking while we’re on the phone. That way, you’re certain to get exactly what you want from me. Who knows, I might even enjoy the dirty things you want to do to me.


Eating Mommy’s Slopping Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussyMy babies love eating my sloppy wet pussy. I came home last night from a frat party. I was the entertainment. Daddy has a client with a son in college. The frat house wanted a sexy milf, not a young stripper. This was a favor. I don’t often do jobs for my husband. Most men are paying for our super young little sluts. I like college boys, however. They have hard cocks and stamina. They need little down time when it comes to round two. I was happy to do this favor for my husband. The house looked like 50 boys lived there too. It smelled of stale beer and piss. Subtle hints of cum. I came home smelling the same way. I smelled more of cum than anything else. My sexy, young hookers for hire love the smell of cum. I got on all fours, under the Christmas tree, and my girls cleaned me up. I looked, smelled and felt like I had been gangbanged. Their eager little tongues went in and out of my cum filled holes. It was a special mommy and me moment. Daddy and I have raised them to be good little whores. They are quite the money makers too. But last night, they were just mommy’s sweet creampie sluts.

Trailer Trash Whore EggNog

trailer trash whoreThis trailer trash whore is already in the Christmas spirit. I make my famous eggnog every year this time of the month. My special ingredient is cum. There is no egg in my eggnog. Its all cum and vanilla lol. It is so thick and creamy and fucking yummy. It requires lots of cum, however. So, this weekend, I was on a mission. A mission to collect as much cum as possible for my holiday drink. Trust me, when you look like me, finding men to give you cum is never a problem. I went down to the truck stop Friday, Saturday and Sunday to fuck and suck my way to a gallon of jizz. I had an empty milk gallon jug with me to fill up with cum. I am a cum dumpster, after all. Those truckers were happy to help me out. I would get blow banged, then spit cum into the jug. I would get fucked in the pussy or ass, then shit or piss out the jizz in the jug. Sometimes, the guys just passed around the jug and deposited directly into it for me. My pussy and ass are sore as fuck, but I have enough jizz to make a couple batches of cumnog.

Hardcore Anal Sex For A Shemale Slut

hardcore anal sex

I knew he wanted to use my tranny ass. I wanted hardcore anal sex. But his cock was so big that he didn’t think my sweet ladyboy pussy couldn’t take it. I told him to test it out any way he wanted. It started with one finger lubed in Vaseline. I was waiting for his big fat cock any moment, but I felt more fingers opening up my sphincter. Then the fist of a big ass mans fist was in my tranny asshole. My cock jumped from the pain and pleasure mixed in one!

He was paying me and I would let him do whatever he wanted to my tight ass. I was high as a kite and my tits bounced in time to the fist fucking. He had stuck a glorious dick that when he finally pumped it deep into me his load squirted from the sides of his cock down my thighs. It was okay because my mouth sucked and licked his cock clean after!

shemale phone sex

You’re just like me.

It was a slow burn as we eyed each other up. We locked eyes while looking at the same thing. She was so petite and so pretty, her long dark hair falling to her waist, just touching her sweet round ass. Her dark eyes shone as she played with her puppy. You could see the beginning of breasts through her cotton shirt. Her tiny toes were painted hot pink. I found myself wondering what color her pussy was with her dark skin. Probably a nice shade of rose, all smooth and soft. I ached as I thought about the way she would taste. I looked up and locked eyes with you. We knew right away that we were the same kind. I saw the way you lusted after her, trying not to show the way your cock was rising in your jeans. No one around you knew the truth, except me. I walked your way with a smile. A little roleplay would get us through. Me pretending to be the little girlie of your fantasies, asking Big Daddy to fuck me harder. Maybe later we could sample the real thing together. Are you ready to play, Daddy. I’m all yours tonight.

extreme phone sex

Anal Cum Dumpster Freak

anal cum dumpster

My ass was meant to be gaped and ruined from the start. I only wanted to be fucked so hard by the men who paid money for my ass. But my ass and piss soon became the star of the show. My drug-addled state couldn’t say no as the coke and bowls of go-go juice were passed to me. The piss in my mouth made it easier to suck the cum down into my belly. My ass was fingered and my throat full as I was pissed all over. I had a blast as I got cum blasted! I was so high that I didn’t mind the recording of me being the biggest slut in town! My pussy and ass are so raw, but I love being a piss and ass whore for you and all your friends. Nothing like a blonde bimbo being the dirty whore your cock needs.

Cum Eating Phone Sex 4 Tranny Cock

You are craving that cum eating phone sex fun as you know it brings you even closer to giving tranny cock a try. I am here to guide you and make you a true faggy sissy slut for some hot cock sucking. I want you to crave my cock so badly that you will be coerced to seeking out a tranny in real life to suck off. You will go even as far as letting that sexy ladyboy cock pop your ass cherry or maybe it’s a man pussy to you either way you will become violated. For now though have a nice lifelike dildo or two ready so you can grind that sweet hole on it as I tell you how I am going to fuck that ass. The best are the suction ones so you can suck and grind on those cocks like your the dirty little glory hole slut you thrive to be.

cum eating phone sex

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