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No Taboos With This Dirty Slut

No taboo phone sexThe hottest thing in a man is when he has absolutely no limits as far as how fucking nasty he’s willing to get with me while we have dirty phone sex together! And when I say no limits, I mean non whatsoever! I love to get fucking filthy and the more freaky you’re willing to get with me, the better! What can I say, i’m a super naughty girl who loves to have a kinky time! It turns me on so fucking much when we have our sexy play together. I guess I was just raised differently than these other lame ass bitches, you know who to come and talk to about all of your wildest fantasies and fetishes! I love to hear all about what you have to say, let’s rolelplay something really wild! I’m gonna lay in front of my mirror and fuck myself as I watch my sexy body orgasm hard for you!

Night Out Nightmare

Creampie Slut

As you know I have a bad habit of drinking what ever is handed to me without asking a single question. Tonight I went out alone to a bar that doesn’t ID. I was there hanging out when you approached me. You buy me a drink and we just start making friendly conversation. You’re so sexy and that xanax I took before leaving home has started to kick in hard because of the booze. I walk away to use the restroom really quickly and when I get back you were nice enough to grab us a second round. I sip away while you tell me how pretty you think I am and pretty is not a word men usually direct at me. After a bit I realize that I am feeling way more drunk than I should and you offer to give me a ride home. On the way there you are touching me and I keep asking you to please behave but I am just so weak and out of it. I notice once we stop, through less than half open eyes, that we are at a building I am unfamiliar with. You pick my limp body up out of the car and take me inside. You then tie me up to a chair and tell me that I made a huge mistake, unbuttoning your pants to pull out your huge cock. I completely went out at that point, I can sort of recall some of it but all I really know for sure is that my tiny cunt and once tight asshole hurt really bad and I had cum stains all over what was left of my panties. Can you please call me and tell me what happened? I need to know.

Anal Sex Whore Quinn!

Anal sex whoreMost girls wouldn’t admit to being anal sex whores, but damn it just feels so good that I can’t help myself! Me and this guy I met on tinder were just hooking up in my living room, and in the middle of fucking he asked if I was opposed to anal, I got really excited because it’s been a while since I’ve had a good ass fucking. I told him that I loved it, and as soon as he heard that, he had me bent over the couch ready for his cock to go in me. It was already wet from my pussy, so I told him to just stick it in. As he did, my body kind of shook, it felt so fucking good to have his cock inside my tight ass. I loved it! He began thrusting in and out faster and faster as I began to get louder! His cock was just stretching out my little hole, but it felt so fucking good! He started to tell me he was gonna cum and I made sure to let him know it was okay if he creamed my ass, and of course..he did! It felt so amazing to feel his creamy load just dripping out of my tight asshole!


Druggy phone sexI want to get high, but I don’t have any money. Please tell me you have some nose candy. Oh, you have some! Goody! What do I have to do to get a couple of lines from you. I’ll do anything, nothing is too taboo. You can have me in any hole, I really enjoy anal. Fuck me in the ass and you don’t have to be gentle. I like a little pain with my pleasure. If you want to fuck my face that’s cool with me. I suck cock like a porn star. Put it in my throat, I can take it. But if you like it old-fashioned, I’ll spread my thighs and you can put it in my tight, wet pussy. I’m not the type of bitch to just lay there like a dead body, you’re going to feel me throwing this ass and pussy at you. I would really love it if you let me do a line off of your hard cock. Let me trade my body for some snow white cocaine, you won’t regret it.

Semen Addict

Black stripper sexI make lots and lots money bouncing my ass in a strip club. But money isn’t the main reason I strip. I strip because I’m a cum dumpster, I love semen. I love how it taste and how it feels on my skin. Plus, it good for my health it has a ton of protein. And look at my skin, it’s flawless because of cum facials. The strip club is full of men that are full of cum. Every half hour I take a lucky man to The Champagne Room and put his cock in my mouth. I love to suck dick. Let me get on my knees and blow your mind. Fucking isn’t allowed in the club, but when we’re behind the closed door of The Champagne Room no one will know. I’m a freak and I like to do freaky things. Let’s explore each other’s dirty mind and turn fantasy into reality. I need your semen like a vampire needs blood.

Blackmailed Gangbang Slut

Gangbang whoreThinking back to my 20 man gangbang that I had not too long ago really makes me horny as fuck! My pussy gets so wet just remembering how much hot gooey cum I had dripping out of my tight holes. Literally every hole was oozing with baby batter! I had a boyfriend at the time of my gangbang and he had no idea that I decided to partake in such a slutty fuck fest! My boyfriend’s best friend somehow obtained photos of me while getting fucked in the gangbang and he threatened to show them to my boyfriend unless I rode my pussy on his face and fucked him! I couldn’t believe that this mother fucker was blackmailing me! I definitely didn’t want my boyfriend to see the photos so I squatted my pussy and ass on top of his friend’s scruffy face and rode him hard while he shoved his big wet tongue in and out of my wet slit! My clit was fucking throbbing in his mouth as he shoved my head down on to his thick cock. I sucked and gagged all over him while he skull fucked my face balls deep. He flipped me around and inched his long dick inside of my ass, ripping open my hole as he plunged deep in and out of me. My ass juices and some blood were splashing all over him as he fucked me! He shoved his cock back in my mouth and made me lick him clean while I deepthroated his shaft. He busted his fat load and I guzzled and slurped down every last drop! He promised he wouldn’t show my boyfriend the photos after that, haha!

GangBang Whore

gangbang whoreI was a gangbang whore last night. You will never guess where either. I was not down at the truck stop or at a club. I was not even in a frat house or hanging with one of my fellow trailer park whores at her place. I was at a birthday party and not a grown ass party either. This was a party for a friend’s grandson. He is still a school boy. Who invites a coked up old cougar to a respectable party for a young tyke? I mean really, did my friend think I was going to behave on a Friday night around all those delicious little morsels of meat? Fuck no. I did about 5 lines of coke in the car before I walked in looking like the trashy MILF I am. High heels and a skin tight dress, no bra or panties. All the boys at the party stared at me like they had never seen a bimbo before. They clearly wanted something I could give them. Manhood. I went in the kitchen, did some Fireball shots, then came back out to play Pin the Hairless Cock in the Cougar’s Cunt. I love that game. The boys at the party were certainly fond of that game too. I got on all fours and told them to treat me like a Piñata. Cum filled cocks and balls hit my body like bats. Soon they were all fighting for a hole and cum was squirting out of me like candy. Moms watched in amazement and shock. Jealously, too. They could have joined in and had some fun if they weren’t gawking at me like a circus act. I know the birthday boy and his pals would not of minded! The more the merrier I think. I know young boys think the same thing too.

Feed Me Cum

Black girl phone sexI love sticky, milky cum. I love how it taste. I love how it smells, and how it feels on my skin. I’m a stripper, I bounce my big black ass for cash. But cash isn’t the only reason that I dance. Strip clubs are full of men, and men are full of cum. Men actually fight for the chance to feed me cum, but tonight I want your cum. Have a seat in the champagne room and let me get on my knees between your thighs. I’ll wrap my full lips around your hard cock. I’ll make my tongue dance around the tip and my blowjob skills will take you to heaven. Baby you can grab the back of my head and thrust your dick into my throat. You can do anything you need to do, just give me what I crave. Do you need to put your cock in my juciy tight pussy? Or do you want my tight asshole? What ever you need, I’ll do. I’ll never say no to you. Because I’m a cum dumpster and I crave cum!

Hardcore Anal Sex Boudoir

Hardcore anal sexI decided to have a boudoir session, and called a photographer friend of mine. She couldn’t get me in, so she referred me to an associate of hers. He had an opening almost immediately, and I got all dolled up. He treated me very well, escorting me personally to his studio, and making sure I was comfy and hydrated. He had a small table with some little cream-puff looking things and coffee laid out on the wall behind him. He refused to let me undress unless I let him take pictures of the process, so I did. I stripped for the camera, making sure to take my time to let him catch angles. We got several shots of me in just my lingerie, before I finally got down to nothing. He had some props that we used, but my favorite part was when he became a prop. Big dick suckerHe used a remote to take the pictures as he held my tits up and licked at them. He reached down and stroked my cock, the button steadily being pushed to capture the moments. When he went down on me, and started taking shots of himself sucking me off, I thought I was going to lose it. But, then, he bent me over and shoved his dick into my tight ass. I can’t wait to get the rest of those photos back. He’s sent me the proof, and I’m excited as fuck just remembering it!!

Once a Trailer Trash Whore, Always One

trailer trash whoreThis trailer trash whore had a hot encounter over Easter that I thought was a one time thing. Turns out it happened again this weekend. I was over at my BFF’s place for Easter Sunday. Her son was there too. I had not seen him in a few years as he attends boarding school. I guess you can tell from the fact that he goes to boarding school and I live in a trailer park, that my friend and I don’t have the same lifestyle. Shana grew up like me on the wrong side of the tracks, but she married well and moved to a gated community. She is my oldest and dearest friend. Just because she has money, doesn’t mean she has class. She is a trashy MILF like me, just her husband is clueless about what she does when he is away on business. Shana and I had too much wine and we fucked her son together. My first time with his young dick, but not her first time. He is a teen boy, so two MILFs blew his mind. Better than his wildest dreams according to him. When she summoned me over this weekend, I assumed it was to do some coke. She can’t do it when her hubby is home as he considers partying distasteful for some one of her class standing. He is a total rich man snob. When I arrived, I was shocked to see her son home again so soon from his fancy private school across the country. He wanted the mommy and MILF experience again. Can you blame him? Two hot blonde moms blowing your cock is always better than one. He even used his own trust fund to by the ticket. We couldn’t let the trip be a waste for him, so we gave him great head and let him tag team us all night. I was even an anal sex whore for his hard young 7 inch cock. He goes to an all boys prep school, so if he is getting ass, it isn’t female ass! He tore my ass up and his mother’s ass too. He almost stroked out watching his mommy eat his cum out of my asshole. I mean if a boy is so horny to fly across the US for his mom and her best friend, I’m bringing my A game.

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