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Big dick sucking cum whore

Big dick suckerI love that i’m the nastiest big dick sucker that you have ever had phone sex with. Being a fuck toy is a full time job, but someone has gotta do it! My only duty is to make that huge cock blow endless loads of fresh cum. I love rubbing my vibrator all over your prostate while I deepthroat that dick, sucking and stroking like a fuckin freak! I always make sure that you nut over and over again. Those thick and chunky ropes of cum from the tip of your cock to my mouth look so fuckin yummy. I’m you’re nasty, skanky porn whore and my double F sized tits drive you crazy! I hold my boobies together and stick out my tongue while I tell you how much I love being a cum target for your dick. Lemme take control and grab your shaft so that I can stroke you until you bust jizz all over me. Give me every fuckin drop, I want that shit guzzling down my throat. My pussy is so fuckin wet, i’m so goddamn horny for that cock!!

Sex With A Hot Stripper

Stripper Sex StoriesI went to the strip club with one of good male friends and I had never been to this joint before. When we arrived it was dimly lit and it was nice inside, kind of small. Some of the girls were pretty hot and it was BYOB so he did. I couldn’t believe some of the moves these bitches were pulling off on the pole. I got this dance from this sexy blonde with a thick fat ass and in the booth she told me to spread my legs and to relax and enjoy myself. She was bouncing on my lap and turned around with her bag in her hand and she took something out along with my tits. I was getting so horny at this point, she did a line right off my tits. She kept my tits out and was bouncing hers off of mine and i put my hands on her hips and she came closer, purring in my ear and started grinding her pussy on mine. The song was over and she was coming home with my friend and they were spending the night. When we got home I pulled out my favorite glass dildo and she came over fucking me with while sucking on my cunt. I was going to come so hard and she was grinding her bare pussy on mine and my friend came up to this whore and started fucking her ass until he creamed deep inside.

Pimping My Girl

Sloppy wet pussy When one of my dealers came over with some good A+ number one shit I offered my youngest brat to him. I had no fucking money and I need my veins filled with that grade A shit. He wanted her ass and he made that clear. But he wanted me to assist. and he wanted her to shoot up too. I had no problem with this as I called my youngest brat out to the living room. He was surprised to already see track marks in such young flesh, I laughed a little and said this isn’t her first rodeo. I twirled her around and pulled down her little panties. I took her ass cheeks and spread them wide. Showed him her nice ripe asshole ready for his cock.

Pretty white lines

Druggy phone sexcum dumpsterWhenever Daddy was in a lousy mood, I knew he was low on his stash so I knew that druggy phone sex wasn’t going to cut it unless I could find some hot ass to play with us. So my dad would put me out to all his friends so he can get some more of his yummy angel dust and make me bring a friend. My daddy had a friend Rob; he would always come over and try to fuck my friends and me. Daddy wouldn’t let me fuck him unless he was low on coke. Daddy is possessive with my cunt, but all that goes out the window as soon as my daddy runs out of his stash. Daddy would watch me get pounded along with my nasty slut friend Carrie. Daddy would get so excited watching us both taking robs raw cock. I loved making Rob come hard with Carrie. Daddy would watch the show and rub his cock, and finally, Rob would give me some of that angel dust and put it right on my daddy’s dick! Carrie and I would snort it up. Then they both would snort it off our huge jugs.

Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore to my core. I love a good ass fucking. I popped my anal cherry before my pussy one. The bigger the cock up my shit box the better too. And, I don’t care if it is messy. I just want cock up my shitter. I got pulled over for speeding the other day. I was going close to 100 miles in a 40 mile zone. I was high. Of course, there were drugs in the car. I wasn’t thinking. I had been parting all night with my son at his place, passed out and didn’t want to be late for work when I woke up and realized I was no in my bed. I did a line and hopped in the car. The cop that pulled me over was married. I saw the ring. He was also younger than me and when he had me get out of the car he got a boner just looking at my long legs. I dared him to frisk me. I had on no panties.  Only thing I had on between my legs was dried cum. His hands lingered on my firm ass. I told him he could do what he wanted if he let me go. Within seconds I heard his belt loosen and his pants drop. I spread my legs and leaned into the car more. His cock rammed into my ass like a lightening bolt. He just fucked my ass like a jack hammer for a bout 5 mins. Now I was an anal cum dumpster. Dried cum matted on my pussy and cum oozing out my ass. He gave me his card in case I ever get in trouble again. It was like a get out of jail free card. Clearly, he didn’t know who he just ass fucked. Trouble is my middle name.

Brother Sister

dirty phone sex

Growing up I always admired my big brother.  He is handsome, Smart and always helped me . He has taught me everything I know and I know mommy told me I shouldn’t sleep in his bed but what Mom doesn’t know won’t hurt. I feel safe lying next to him. When mommy’s not home we play games on brothers and sisters can play and I show him what a good little sister I am. He gets under the cover and shows me how much he loves me . Nobody makes this pussy wetter than my brother. I slowly grib his thick long cock in my mouth and slide up and down and when I’m done I kiss the top of it ao so sweetly . If I’m a really good girl he lets his Basketball team mate’s play with us too. They get me high and they all have there way with and I love every delicious minute of it . While they all drill me real good one by one. Then I taste and eat them all up because I’m so hungry for more And when they all line up and finish on me I feel there Man juices shower me I know I’ve done good . To this day Everytime I watch basketball I get so excited and moist. That our thing me and my Bros teaching me how to be the Sister ever.

Gaping Asshole Can Pour Cum

Anal Sex WhoreI am a true anal sex whore, I have toys like the little foam footballs to gape my dirty pink hole open. I love laying on my bed with my ass up and fucking my asshole with this football, I love the end result of how big my hole gets. I love even more when a guy is over and shoots heavy loads of cum into my gaped hole. It looks like a laundry washer on spin cycle and I love it. It feels so good that I opened up my hole so much you could put your whole fist in there and maybe even stretch it out bigger. My goal is to turn my rectum inside out, I love that pink rose look of a rectum coming out. It takes someone real special to appreciate what I am doing and get hard from it. I know many guys would love this, I mean you could fit 3 or 4 cocks in my ass and get my pussy fucked. My gaped hole will start to look like a furry friend drooling and the flaps hanging with cum. My ass will be so big I could turn down and pour that come into a glass and drink it. I want you to jack off to that!

I’ve Fucked A Lot of BBC Tonight

I’ve fucked a bunch of clients tonight, it was so busy and then I got a bachelor party of BBC’s that tore my cunt ip and gaped my asshole soo much. They left so much thick gooey globs of ejaculate in my holes they are have leaked all over the crotch of my panties. My moist and doiled panties are so gooey and messy with soo much cum! I bet there’s a filthy pervert that would love to suck on my panties and taste my fuck juices and all that jizz caked inside of them.

I need a good clean up bitch to get down betwen my legs and lap that goo up from my messy pussy and brown shitty cum goo dripping asshole. Don’t let such a prime creampie go to someone else!

creampie slut

Angel dust and daddy’s dick

druggy pornI’m a stupid little fucking slut and I know it I love to suck on my daddy’s cock. I got introduced to my daddy’s cock when I was young and stupid; daddy knew where to start Me. I just knew that I was going to make Daddy happy and proud so I showed him my little cunt whenever he was angry or upset. Whenever he was in the mood, he loved being around his hazel. Daddy was always ready to burst. Daddy loves watching druggie porn and enjoys having a bunch of cocaine. Daddy is in love with his angel dust. There’s nothing that Daddy loves more than a nice young little slit and nose candy. Those things combined will make him a happy man. When I offered daddy my cunny I knew he was going to grab it and take it. I mean it’s not like Daddy needs my permission to fuck me. Daddy knows that I belong to him and that is all that matters. Daddy sometimes will bring his buddies to join. Daddy’s dick comes first over everything and anything I love to be his little cum slut. I need to be his little whore there’s nothing that makes me happier than making Daddy not all over my pretty little face.

Just Another Druggy Gangbang

cum filled cunt

I have a cum filled cunt after being fucked like a rag doll for hours. I was feeling really high after an three-day coke and crack binge and decided I needed a good biker gang fuck. I put on my red lipstick, black fishnets and short leather skirt and halter top and headed out. My pussy was aching from memories of being fucked like a piece of meat that I am. As soon as I walked in all eyes were on me. That’s Hadley I heard whispered as I was approached by three bitches and lead to the pool tables. “John the biggest broadest guy, my usual at the club demanded me on my knees. He knew what I wanted, that beer can thick dick of his. I slobbed that mushroom knob like I never had cock before. I was hungry for his cum and I know he won’t let me get a gangbang until he jizzes down my throat. I got that cum like the greedy, greedy cum whore that I am.  I was surrounded by big biker guys in an instant and put on the table to take ten cocks in every way possible. My little holes are still so sore and I am a total creampie slut. I love holding these loads, what should I do with all this cum?

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