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Anal Sex Whore Seriously Fucked!

Anal sex whoreI went window-shopping today and wandered into a side-walk art show. 2 whole blocks in front of the boutiques and bakeries and stuff were lined with vendors tables of art and handmade crafts. There was some amazing stuff, but my favorite part was the guy who was selling wood-works. He was very good with his hands, and he seemed like he was very interested in me, too. I passed him my number before I left, and when he called, I could not stop my heart from racing, or my cock from getting instantly hard. I gave him my address, and then got ready for a great time! What I didn’t expect was such a commanding man! He walked into my house like he owned it, took possession of my body, and stripped me like I was a burglar who was trying to keep him from what was his. His hands took hold of my tit and my cock at the same time, and I swear, it felt like he really did own me. I let him have his way with me, bending over when he told me to, sucking when he told me to, all without a word from him. Blonde fuckingFinally, he settled back on my couch, pulling me down on his lap. His dick pushed against my ass, it was so big, and he lifted my legs up over our heads to make sure it was as open to him as it could get. When the head finally popped in, I couldn’t help but groan. He shoved the rest of his big cock so deep so fast, it took my breath away, and then he was fucking me and telling me to stroke my dick for him. When we came together, I came so hard, it spurted both of us in the face. Oh, I hope I get to fuck him again soon!!

Anal cum dumpster Evonne

Anal cum dumpsterIf there was ever a time I was more wet, it would have been last night. My sister and her husband were in town for a visit. They brought my niece and all three of them stayed at my place with me and my girls. While the girls were all upstairs visiting with their cousin, us grown folk had an amazing dinner and dessert was even better. My sisters husband had this idea for dessert as he whipped out his cock in front of me. Apparently they had this planned before they even got to my place. My sister and I fucked around a lot when we were younger, but we had never shared her husband. I cannot believe how fat and yummy his cock was. I can definitely see why she married him. He filled my pussy up and my ass was his personal anal cum dumpster as well. I think I might look into finding me a way to visit them more often.

Anal Cum Dumpster Petal Wants You

Anal Cum Dumpster

Guys love making me into their own personal anal cum dumpster. Anal seems to be what every guy wants from me. So at the club when I’m stripping, I love taking my nice tight ass and swaying it right in their face. They can’t help but imagine sliding into my asshole. Then when I have them to turned on and hard as a rock for me, I ask them to pay a little price and come to the back room and play with me. I love that being a stripper, there’s no need to be shy. Guys know I’m a whore and that I just want to get paid and fuck. So I don’t waste my time asking questions, I’m already naked and ready to go. I just have to rip their pants down and get that cock out. Then I bend over and grab my ankles, exposing my nice little tight asshole for them to fuck. Taking their hard cock, they pound my ass until then cum deep inside me, filling me up and watching it drip out onto the floor.

My Huge Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntMy cum filled cunt needs cleaning. I was a naughty cougar this morning. I let a bunch of young boys fuck me. My old pussy is filled with young boy cum. I bet that sounds delicious to some of you. Schools are still out in Florida due to Irma, but some young boys were feeling restless so they showed up bright and early with hard cocks. The horny boys know whose trailer to visit when their dicks start twitching. Big D brought me back to my trailer last night. My area is swampy, but no real damage. Just no power yet. I’m using a generator, but I am one of the few in the trailer park with electricity. That is not what brought all the young boys to my place this morning, however. They came for the pussy. Free milf pussy is always popular. They can’t play video games or watch TV. They can’t safely play outside either, so why not fuck a trashy milf? I am always down for a boy gang bang. My trailer was rocking this morning too. About 20 young lads enjoyed my cougar cunt. They enjoyed my cougar ass and my cougar mouth too. I did lines of coke doggy style while young cocks slid in and out of my juicy holes. Now, I sit here with my pussy overflowing with boy cum. I know a few women, even a few men, who would love to eat out my huge cream pie. Are you one of them? Currently, I am waiting for my daughter and her sissy friend to come over and do the honor of licking all that boy spunk out of my well fucked cunt. Jealous? Don’t be. I get gang banged daily. I can make sure to save some cum for you too.

Fucked Up And Horny

Druggy pornThe more fucked up I get, the hornier my slutty pussy gets, it’s like a domino effect! Sniffing blow, smoking dope, chugging liquor down like it’s going out of stye, I love all of that shit! Come over to my house and make sure you bring all the yummy goodies with you! I have this filthy cunt ready for you to play and get nasty with! Line that blow up and snort it off of my juicy tits, lick it all up and make that mouth of yours go numb! I’m gonna snort if off your throbbing cock and then shove it inside of my pussy slit, I want to feel your girth stretch me out! My insides feel so fucking good as I slip into a state of euphoria while we get dirty as fuck. The more wasted I get, the more I want to be penetrated! Shove yourself up into my dirty asshole and let me shit all over you then lick it off, I taste so fucking good! I love being an anal cum dumpster for your perverted fantasies!

Corona, Coke and Cock

sloppy wet pussy

I’m hanging out at this bbq on my dad’s block when he introduced me to you as his fishing buddy. I could tell the second you looked me down that the only thing on your mind was getting this sloppy wet pussy around your cock. I gave you a quick wink but and made it clear that I was interested in getting to know you. I wandered off down the block and you appeared at your front door. You said you had some blow and a lot of corona inside if I wanted a beer. I nodded and smiled wide- I’m always super excited to show off my skills to an older guy who looks like he might know his way around a fresh tight cunt. You laid out the lines and gave me a bottle of beer. I did a huge rail then chugged the booze back- asking if you wanted to see a trick. You nodded and I pulled my panties to the side and started fucking myself with bottle. Fuck- I had no idea how much that was going to get you going because then next thing I knew I had your dick in my mouth, getting my face force fucked while you battered my pussy with the bottle, reaching around to finger my asshole too. I gave you one look with my eyes and you were done for- allowing me to swallow every last drop of your cum. Now that I know you’re friends with daddy I am going to have to visit any time I am in his neck of the woods. Maybe you, me and daddy can all play together next time!

Hardcore Anal Sex in the Park

Hardcore anal sexIt was gorgeous outside, so I took a walk down to my favorite park. Since school is back in, and people work daylight hours, I had the place almost all to myself, and I took time to relax on my favorite seat. I saw him before he saw me, but I could tell the moment he noticed me. I could also tell right away that he noticed me, and that he was into me. So, I took off walking toward a less public part of the park, and he followed close behind. At one point, I played coy, and I lost him in the trees. By the time he found me, I was naked as could be, with my dick poking out behind. Blonde fuckingI was displaying all my goodies to my best advantage, and he was feeling it. He walked up behind me, stroked my thighs, then ran a hand over my cock and balls and up my ass cheek. The next thing I knew, his cock was out and rubbing against my own. He bent me against that tree, rubbed his dick up and down my crack until he started stuffing me with it. His hand reached around me and started stroking my own hard shaft. He drove us both til we came hard together. He’s got plans to meet me for dinner tonight. Here’s hoping we have many more fun times together!

Big dick sucker wants your cock

Its so hard not to see a guy with a huge cock showing through his slacks and not want to stop him in his tracks and get down on my knees, flop his massive cock out and start slobbering all over it. I see guys every time I go to the grocery store, the post office and just generally in every day life places. Me being the whore I am I just can not help it. I love sucking big cock. I love the taste of it, the feel of the flesh in my mouth, the smell of the ball sac and sweaty sex organs. It just makes me so fucking hot. It as an immediate arousal to see his flesh swell up and know that my mouth is making that happen. I know that makes me sound like a nasty whore, but that is just too bad, so drop your drawers, give me that cock and let me do what I love.

Big dick sucker

Suck My Fat Tits

2 Girl phone sexMy big milky jugs and fat nipples are soaking in your pre-cum, begging to be sucked on and played with like the dirty bitch that I am! One of my girlfriends has such huge titties, they are size L, big and round with pancake nipples! They’re scrumptious, it makes you want to just eat them up! Bend over on all fours and spread your ass cheeks wide for me, I want to use my wet tongue and mouth to give you a sloppy rim job, licking and sucking all over your tight asshole, so delicious! I love tugging on your big balls as they hang low to the ground while you’re on your hands and knees. Pulling on your nuts while I devour your asshole, so yummy! My huge titties drive you wild and make that cock throb for me, it grows bigger by the minute! Bust that big load of cock juice all over my chest, I want my boobs smeared in your gooey cum! Now lick it all off, suck up every drop of your jizz! Be a good pervert and show me your tongue, I want to make sure all of your cream has been swallowed down that throat of yours, hehe.

Anal Cum Dumpster Training

anal cum dumpster

I love being an anal cum dumpster. When I was a young little hooker for my parents, guys loved fucking my bottom. I hated it. It hurt. You would think hating anal sex as a young girl, I would grow up to hate it still. Not the case. I can have my ass fucked all day. Here is the thing about ass sex. I can be on my period or knocked up and still take cock up my ass. You can have 12 inches of rock hard cock and get it all up my ass. You don’t hit internal organs up my ass. The sky’s the limit in my asshole, so to speak.  I have been teaching my youngest daughter how to be an anal sex whore like me and her sisters. I have been using toys on her baby butt hole in preparation for daddy’s dick. She is the only ass virgin left in the house. She has been telling me she wants a cock up her butt like me and her big sisters. She was literally asking for it. She was sucking her brother’s cock as I fingered her asshole today. She paused for a moment and turned to me. She said, “Mommy, I want something bigger.” She always gets what she wants. She is the princess of this house. I put my favorite glass dildo up her young rosebud and she was purring in delight. Clearly, I waited too long to train her on how to be an ass whore.

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