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Happy Valentines day

cum filled cuntI was offered a deal I couldn’t resist. I have been fucking for coke, and I scored an excellent sweet agreement by one of the truckers  I blow. All I had to do was let him fuck my asshole and go out on a cheap valentines date with him. I wasn’t going to turn down a two  grand. That would go a long way for my little habits. We pulled up to a trashy motel and fucked till my cum filled cunt was raw. We had dinner at the diner down the street and finished off with an orgy. It was a win-win. I got my money and got my sloppy twat fucked and used. I don’t regret it for a minute. I love being a trashy whore.

Sissy Skank Training

Shemale phone sex


I want to dress you up just like a girl. I want to put you in pantyhose, lipstick, and blush, it’s so much of a sexy look for you. I want to dress you up like a hot bitch you can be adorable I want to put high heel shoes on your feet and make you walk in the streets. I want to take you down to the road where all of the bitches sell their pussies, we can make some money it’s true. I just had an epiphany I can be your pimp, and you can work for me you can do everything like sell that boy pussy. I Want That Boy Pussy on the market I want the men to drill you hard I need them to make you feel just like a sissy whore. Your ass is going to feel like a gaping hole, they’re going to make sure I have that. I want your ass whole to be a place where the rape fantasies come to get satisfied; I want them to be fed well. I need some guys to give you cock they’re going to fuck you well you’re going to beg me to stop it now, but I’ll tell them to fuck on. You’ve got to be the fucking skankiest piece of shit sack I know everything about you is gross until you get naked. Your ass looks like a girl you’ve got three inches of cock you are an embarrassment to the world you fucking Sissy. I’m going to make you take so much dick in your mouth; I will make sure you’re choking on it because you deserve to be treated just like a punk. Now get down on your knees, and I will walk over to you right now I want you to lick my pussy, and then I’m going to get you to suck my friend’s cock. You are a girl in disguise; you only look like a boy that means that you’re an ugly bitch. I will make sure that the guys who love to fuck guys as you get them a good time. You can call me mean if you want to you can call me vicious if it pleases you, but I swear you’re still going to get fucked in your ass over and over again. You are just a silly little bitch to me everything you say is so absurd. I want cock to block off your words by stuffing in your mouth you stupid skank. You are a fag you’re a fucking boy cunt

Make me gape

Anal sex whore

I let a guy fuck me in the ass for drugs. I’m not an expensive whore, and there’s not much I won’t do for drugs. I had no idea how huge his cock was until he pulled it out and told me to suck it to get it nice and wet. I had never seen a cock so thick and long. I wasn’t sure he could even fit it in my ass! I could barely get my mouth around his huge cock, but I sucked it and got it as wet and slippery as I could. I bent over the bed and he spit on my asshole and started working his way inside my ass. He finally got the big dick inside of me and fucked me so hard I was afraid my asshole would prolapse. By the time he was done fucking my ass, it was hanging loose and gaping wider than I ever thought possible!

White Trash Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whore

My neighbor made a mistake telling this anal sex whore her husband had been asking for ass sex. I waited till she was gone shopping and put on my sluttiest fishnets and heels. My skirt was short as I went to “borrow a cup of sugar”. What I wanted was his dick in my ass. A sweet fun loving handsome guy who I had had my slutty eyes on for a minute. I grabbed him and kissed his mouth he went to the kitchen. That dick was hard as I pulled him outside. Neighbor Boy tried to resist but I stripped him and did my hardcore cock sucking and he was mush in my hands. I told him he could fuck me in the ass and he almost came in my mouth. I was naked except for my fishnets as I poured baby oil down my ass crack, “Fuck my ass now baby!” I got on top and my oiled trailer trash body slipped up and down his cock with my ass. He moaned and called me his wife’s name as he came inside me bareback. I slapped his face with my tits got up and cleaned my shit hole off his dick. “Go Get cleaned up for the missus.”. I didn’t want that cock getting busted I love married men cock like his. 

Teaching a Girl to Be a Creampie Slut

creampie slutI am a creampie slut. I love getting my fuck holes full of man seed and feeding it to my daughters. My older girls are excellent at licking all the cum out of my pussy and ass. It is something I am teaching my two young adopted daughters, however. I had a wild Saturday night. I must have fucked 10 guys. This wasn’t a hooker date either. I had been at a house party with some friends and things got wild. Some one brought some great coke, some of the purest shit I have ever snorted, and a boring party turned into an orgy. It felt like the 70s again. Anyway, I fucked every man there. I came home super early this morning with cum leaking out of all my holes. My youngest daughters were sound asleep when I checked in on them, so I thought. I guess they were playing possum. When I left the room after kissing their foreheads, I heard them giggle. They were wide awake. I decided then, it was a great moment to teach them about mommy’s cum filled cunt and ass. I got them up, bent over and showed them how to get the treats out of mommy’s holes. My older daughters are natural cum lovers. There was no reason my adopted girls couldn’t grow to love cum just like their big sisters. They licked mommy clean. Drilled their little tongues in and out of me until not a drop was left. I passed out in their room with them. It was one hell of a night. We slept in today, but when we got up, the entire family played. We love Sunday mornings because we get to have hardcore orgy porn fun. Everyone gets a dick and a pussy. There is never a cum shortage in my life.

TSA Gangbang

Gangbang whore

My dealer Marco sent me on a very important task. If I wanted him to continue giving me free baggies, he needed me to smuggle some coke and various other fun drugs onto a plane headed to Florida! Desperate for my freebies, I happily stuffed multiple baggies inside my cunt and ass. I patiently wait to get through TSA and right when I was in the clear, this agent pulled me aside and told me I was pulled to be strip searched! I began to panic as he pulled me into a room. I begged for him to let me go, but he told me to take my fucking clothes off. Sure enough, he found the baggies stuffed inside me. He tore into one of the bags and took a big snort. I was so scared! But then he said, “Look, if you want to leave scot free with your drugs, you’re going to have to do something for me.” I nodded and told him I’d do anything.

He smirked and pulled his cock out and instructed me to get on my knees and suck his cock like a good druggy whore. I happily obliged and went to town on him, deepthroating that cock as best as I could. He then laid across his desk and I climbed right on top and slid my wet drugged up coke whore pussy down on his cock and rode him like a fucking coked up cowgirl. His cock was balls deep inside my gaping cunt and he made me beg to be let go! He then called in the other agents and had me suck and fuck every single one! They filled my holes with their cocks so nice and tight. Needless to say, I got to Florida with a pussy full of Marco’s drugs and TSA cum! 

Office cum slut

anal cum dumpsterEveryone knows that I am the office slut. I am the anal cum dumpster of all my supervisors and co-workers. Why try to hide it for a second? There is no point in acting like I am a prim and proper lady. I am far from a class act. I am one filthy cum slut, and I fuck all the boys in school. You heard right. I will do it all for cum. I have always been fascinated by jizz. The way cum looks all over me makes me wild. I am one party slut and will do a dozen lines from your cock. Watch me snort bit of that angel dust and make sure you see me lick the tip. Eye contact while I take your cock is a must for me. I don’t care if you tell your friends. Let everyone know hazel is cum loving slut.

Drunk girl fucking daddy

drunk girl fuckingI got so trashed at a party last night that I ended up being the drunk girl fucking her daddy. My mom was fast asleep, and I had a few lines in my system and wanted to seduce my dad like the true trailer trash slut I am. I went ahead and snuck into my parent room and told my dad I wanted to show him something. Barely gathering his words he asked what the hell I wanted to show him at three in the morning. I grabbed his hand and made him follow me to my room. I smelled like pure vodka. I told him I had a sweet surprise. I unhooked my bra and dropped my thong. I could see the shock in his face he even rubbed his eyes. I wasted no time I pushed him on my bed and whipped out his cock. It was about time that I had some incest fun with my pops. I had his rock hard and woke him up. I was giving him the best ride ever. My cunt was getting satisfied, and we didn’t stop there we kept it going, and now it’s our routine.

Turnt Up Slut

Live Phone Sex

Wild whores like me love to fucking party in the craziest ways we possibly can! My friend on the cheer squad told me about a super-fast way to get real fucked up and wild. Of course a wild bitch like me wanted to know immediately! She lead me into the locker room after practice and showed me her stash of vodka soaked tampons! She helped put one inside of me and after a quick outfit change, we headed straight to the club! By the time we got there I was so fucked up already and stumbling around! A fucked up young whore like me wanted to find a nice hard cock or a few to fuck hard. I was grinding on a couple of hot strangers on the dancefloor and before I knew it, they had my skirt pulled up and they shoved their stiff cocks inside me! We fucked all hot and sweaty and drunk as fuck right there on the dancefloor with numerous strangers taking turns with my used cum and vodka filled cunt!

BBC Phone Sex Stories Warm You Up

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex stories is your cure for cold weather. Even in Florida, we are having extreme cold temps. None of that below zero shit here, but cold enough that I must bundle up this hot body of mine to go get some dick. It was 30 degrees last night. No way my skinny ass was going out in a mini skirt and high heels. I bundled up, even wore leggings which I haven’t worn since the 80s. I knew the truckers would be gathered looking for some one to spend the night with on a cold Friday night in Florida. There weren’t as many truckers there, but Big D was there, and he was looking for his favorite trailer trash whore to party with. I hopped in his cab. He had a big bag of coke with him. First things first. We did some lines of premium blow to set the mood. It is much easier to take his foot-long anaconda up my ass when I am coked up. Black men just love ass assaulting us white chicks. I let Big D and his friends do whatever they want to me because they give me the best blow in return. I am Big D’s favorite lot lizard because I keep myself looking sexy. Once the powder kicked in, my ass felt his big snake cleaning my pipes. Holy fuck, I was glad I did a line first because Big D was extra thick today. He just got back from a ride from Chicago and there were no lot lizards around in their artic freeze weather. Don’t blame them. I barely wanted to leave my trailer in 30 degrees. After a few loads of Big D’s black spunk, I was feeling very warm and tingly. All I need is some white powder and a big black dick to get rid of the winter blues.

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