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5 finger discount

cum filled cuntI have no reason to be one with sticky fingers but I was high as fuck and I was out late hanging with friends and decided to steal a pack of gum at this trash gas station. My friends ended up leaving anyways because we were in seperate cars. None of us had any business driving but we were. As soon as they left I was following right behind. The cashier stopped me in my tracks. He made such a huge deal over a pack of gum that cost less than two bucks. I threw cash at him and was prepping to leave.

As I was making my way out I saw an officer. The cashier told me if I didn’t want him to tell the officer I was going to have to stay. As soon as we were alone together I tried to escape again but he forced me to stay. I knew he wanted something extra and I could forsee a long night if I didn’t hurry up and get it over and done with. I offered a handjob but he didn’t want that. I pouted and asked him if a blowjob would do. The fucker answered it was a start. He put up a busy sign up and guided me to his back room office. There was nast couch and he wanted me to take my clothes off he told me he was going to give me a cum filled cunt. I ended up fucking him and came a couple times and felt like such a dirty coke whore. I always get myself into crazy situations but It won’t ever stop me from getting high and fucking. I love coke and cum too much to quit it.

My Ex is Back to Join in


Hooker phone sex

My ex-boyfriend called me and asked me could he come over to my house and like a fucking dumbass I told him it was okay. My ex-boyfriend is a goddamn maniac, in fact, he’s a certified sex maniac I think there’s another therapeutic name for it, but I don’t respect him enough to think about it deeply. Maybe it’s a sex addict, maybe his therapist calls him a sex addict. Anyway, this mother fucker has been chasing me and stalking me and getting on my fucking nerves every since I left him alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love sex, but I just hate the way he behaves he’s so greedy and eats my cunt for at least 2 hours he sticks his big fat thick long tongue into my gushing pussy so profoundly. My ex-boyfriend makes me cry when he’s inside of me because his dick is 11 inches and it’s so fucking fat. I know he’s great in bed it’s just that he wears my body completely out, I mean he cannot get enough of my fat wet cunt. He tells me that he has to have it at least five times a day and there is where the problem is. You see, I can’t lay and fuck him all damn day long and he doesn’t work anywhere. Since he doesn’t work, it makes me have to go out and fuck other guys for money, and since I have to do that, I don’t want to be so fucking tired. He told me he had an idea and wanted to talk to me about it, maybe it would help us. That’s why I’m going to let him come to my house, and I hoped that he was serious. Well, when he got to my house, he was looking scrumptious so fucking gorgeous. I had to keep my mind together, so I asked him what is your bright idea to make us money and solve the problem of fucking all the time too? He told me that he wanted to join in and do work also when I’m prostituting. I smiled, you want to help me I think that’s the best thing I’ve heard all fucking day. We celebrated with some hot steamy fucking sex and guess what, we invited one of my clients and had a great time. Would you like to join in too? 11 inches of hard cock is waiting for you.


phone sex line

I love reminiscing in the memories of dirty sex, and this was one of the best fucks I have ever had. When I was in high school for a while I tried to be a good little vanilla girl, but that didn’t last long. I was dating this guy, but he was a virgin. He wanted to save himself for marriage, and all that happy horse shit. One night, I was sleeping at his house, and we got into a heavy make out session, but then he turned around and went to sleep. Women have needs too, and I was beyond pissed. I ended up sneaking downstairs. I was gonna sneak out to find someone to fuck, but his dad was sleeping on the couch. So, I stopped and thought about my next move. His dad was always checking me out, and I will admit, I did tease him quite a bit. I was so horny I needed it. So, I woke his dad up with a blowy. He loved it! He woke up and tore my clothes off, and he told me to kneel on the couch. He bent me over the back of the couch, and shoved his cock into my tight little teen ass. It was after we had ate Mexican food, and I couldn’t get him to stop. I ended up shitting all over his couch and cock, but he loved it. He started pounding into me even faster. I must have been moaning because my boyfriend woke up. He came down the stairs, and he made eye contact with me while his dad plowed into my shitty ass. I expected him to be pissed, but instead he started touching himself. When his dad came all in my ass, His and his dad licked all of the shit and cum off of me and my ass. Then his mom came down and I had to run out of the house naked and covered in my own shit. It was worth it.

Poker night

anal cum dumpsterI have never let a dick go untouched or go with out a good blowing. I was playing poker with a couple of friends and it got late and a couple shots in and me teasing them go them riled up. Rum gets me hot and I always end up with my top off to be quite honest. I have some serious jugs and when you have men that are lusting after you it gets hard to say no. I was dared to be a bukkake bitch and I wasn’t going to say no. I was going to be more than that and I did become way more than that. I got to be the anal cum dumpster and I licked each of their dicks off and swallowed all the loads. Poker nights got much more interesting. I like being the center of attention and the main slut in the room for the guys.

Teen anal fuck slut

Teen anal whore

 Being a teen anal whore feels just right. With that being said I have to make sure I dance just right on that cock. I take classes, pole dancing, and hip-hop dancing. When I twerk on the dick I want to make sure I bounce my ass perfectly. My coach actually has been giving me the sex me eyes. I could tell he wanted me so bad. He didn’t want to take his eyes off me. Or take his hands off my hips. We were dance partners and I just craved his cock. I couldn’t stop fantasizing about him and I. So, I invited him back to my place. I danced on him just like he taught me and he pounded my pussy the way it needed to be. I’ll let him suck my ass hole any day. Or, let him cum in my ass. I love cum and he was so warm and he had plenty to fill me up.

Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whoreBeing an anal sex whore is dirty work! Literally, dirty work. My husband had a client who wanted to fuck a very young girl in the ass. There were a few stipulations. One, she had to be an anal virgin. Second, he wanted her cleaned out beforehand, which meant an enema. I have no virgins in my brood, but I knew where to find one. I have befriended a few trailer park women. The kind of women who prefer heroin over their daughters. I can rent their daughters for clients in exchange for drug money or the lot fee. I tell my P callers, if they want some young pussy, befriend a smack addict mommy. They will sell their soul to the devil for a fix. I am not exactly the devil; however, if I can make money off your daughter’s virgin holes, I will. Carlie was strung out when I paid her a visit which was perfect. I gave her a few hundred dollars and I took her daughter for the night. Her little angel was getting turned into a teen anal whore. Now, I am not evil like my parents. I just want to please my husband’s clients and indulge their naughty desires. I got Katie cleaned up, gave her an enema beforehand, as specified. I explained to Katie that I would give her most of the money which was $3,000. She just had to hide the money from her smack whore mommy and get fucked in the ass by a dirty old man. That kind of money was like gold to a girl from a trailer park.  I was taking less than half the money. The girl does all the work and we don’t need it. I gave her a Valium to relax and that little girl engaged in hardcore anal sex with a man old enough to be her grandfather. After he shot his old spunk up her baby butthole, she told me if I ever needed her again, to please text her. I think she has discovered that her ticket out of the trailer park is with her jailbait ass and cunt. It was my ticket too. Smart thinking.

Adventures at the Trap House

phone sex line

Fucking guys in the trap house for coke is nothing new to me. Sometimes the bars are dead during the week, and there’s no easy fuck for money. Prostitution doesn’t really work when your town is crawling with prostitutes, and I am to sick to fight. I just need my drugs! So, I show up at the trap house empty handed. My coke guy can tell I don’t have the money because for once I don’t smell like sex. He asks me how I plan on paying today, and I asked how he would like me to pay. He laughs and tell me cash, but he doubts I have that. I confess he is right and ask if we could work something out. He takes me into a dark dingy room full of mirrors and stripper poles. I told him I never tried to use one of those before, but he says it’s my only option. If I want my fix I have to put on a show for him and his gang. I hop on to the stage, and he plays music. I start dancing as sexy as I can muster while having the shakes. He notices and hands me a mirror with little white lines on it. He tells me he will pay me up front, but only because there’s no way I can escape. I snort my shit quickly, and with new found energy, I begin swinging my hips. I started with my skirt, pushing it off my boney hips. Then I pull my sweater over my head. I don’t have a bra on which is a real time saver. I hop off the stage and into his lap. I give him a lap dance, and I can feel his hard cock against my ass. So, I pull his pants off and push my panties to the side. I hop onto his lap again, ass first. I finish the lap dance with his cum filling my ass. He gives me more coke, and I spend the day hanging out at the trap house.

I’m Your Cum Dumpster

Cum dumpster

You came looking for a cum dumpster slut like me. I leaned into your car told you how much my services were, but all you were interested in is why my ass was on the corner. You had been to a party with me and a couple strippers and had a nice orgy, It was my luck you remembered my face and quoted me a price for a gang bang party and said your coke dealer would be there. Because you know what a coke whore I am. I jumped in and As soon As I walked in a chorus of ” baby come here and suck my dick first!” erupted.  This druggy bitch needed a few lines but after that my pussy was soaked and I was on my knees with my ass up for all your buddies. My mouth wrapped tightly around your cock as your boss fucked my ass deep and hard. “Hey, Everybody what do you think of my little coke gangbang whore??”  Everyone Cheered as I took cock after cock, I am glad to keep your friends entertained as My orifices get pumped and cum gets dumped into every hole I have.  



Fuck for the bucks

Dirty phone sex 

 Being a dirty phone sex girl is not hard when you really have kinky shit happen every night at the club. Every time I am dancing I always spot the old, wealthy men quick. I know their wallet is fat. Last night I got called for a private dance $$$$. I love getting asked. He was older much older. He told me to let him dominate and to swallow every bit of cum he has for this amount. I told him that I am a dirty little stripper. I bent over showing him my ass hole and pussy. He spanked me throwing cash, calling me derogatory names just how I like it. He made me get in several positions while he admired my fit stripper body. I got on my stripper knees and sucked away his white small cock for some cash. He offered a lot more then I would even ask for.  I am just a trailer trash anal cum dumpster so I mean hey more the better. I sucked and swallowed ever oz like he asked with no problem.

Anal Sex Whore Josie Loves Cock

You know I just like a big juicy set of balls to suck on with a nice big dick attached to run my tongue up and down. Taking that shaft into my lips and teasing the glands under that throbbing cap is such a pleasure that makes my tranny dick hard. I love the feel of cock in my mouth and as an anal sex whore I really love a big dig pounding my ass. I want you to suck me off while your friend does me in the butt. My desire is to get in the middle of a gangbang and that forceful fucking of my ass makes my dick throb and you need to suck me off while I am being continually violated big dick after big throbbing dick. Can you handle my dick?

Anal Sex Whore

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