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Ass Fucking for Crack

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Lately I’ve been so into smoking crack. I just love the feeling of being a dirty high whore on crack. My cunt gets so fucking hot and wet whenever I smoke crack. Problem is, I spent all my money on crack rocks and 8 balls of coke! And a broke high school cheerleader like me just simply cannot afford to be supplying my own addiction. Luckily, I have a few wet holes worth a few rocks right?Finding a thick dick hottie to fuck any hole of their choosing. I met up with my friend’s dad who offered to give me cash if he could drill my cheerleader crack whore ass with his thick daddy cock. A hundred dollars could get me so much fucking crack and coke. Plus I get an ass plunged with a thick daddy cock and filled with thick creamy cum? It’s a no brainer. Selling pussy and ass for crack is the best decision I ever made!

White Trash and Black Thug Cock

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He was a VIP hung Black cock. He went from strip club to strip club looking for the trashiest white bitches to take his 13 inches of rock hard cock. VIP Black cock always boasted about how no fuckin’ white bitch can handle all of his massive elephant trunk cock. Well, baby, he hadn’t met Hardcore Hadley yet. He came into my section threw $500 down and a fat sack of pure cocaine. I was first in line with my skinny big titted white bitch whore ass! He laughed and made the announcement if I could swallow him and take all of his 13 inches in my pussy and 3/4 in my ass hole I could have all that blow and the dough! So I slurped, and gulped, and choked until I got it all down. I bent over and moaned and groaned and squirted until it was all in me. Then this white trash bitch got up on top and squatted and farted and grimaced until all of his 13 inches disappeared up my ass. Then it was a free for all gang bang as I snorted and fucked and was filled with cum, oh my!

BBC Sex Stories from an Old Whore

bbc phone sexEveryone who knows me, knows I have a lot of BBC sex stories to share. I am a black cock whore. Black men love a tiny blonde cougar. It’s the contrast in size and color, but it is also that women like me can take big dicks. Even though I am tiny, I can take a monster cock in my holes. My favorite black lover is Big D. He has a huge mamba snake tucked in his trousers.  He is my favorite big black cock. He gapes my old ass and old pussy. Plus, he has the best blow. He travels to Texas often and he gets some blow from Mexico and that shit is primo powder. Mexicans know how to make cocaine and black men know how to fuck. Last night, Big D was in town and wanted to hook up. He pounded my ass and pussy for hours. He was tired of the lot lizard sex whores he had encountered on his trip. He said none of them could handle his cock like me. The secret to taking his big black dick is cocaine. You must be high to take 12-inches of dark thick meat up your back door. I can take every inch when I am high. It helps numb the sensation. I love having a sore ass, however. I am a nasty freak. I don’t want to make love. I want to fuck down and dirty. Think you have what this old cougar needs?

Glazed and confused

cum dumpsterMy best friend a few years back told me she had a fantasy of being covered in cum. I told her I could arrange that. I had no problem showing her the ropes to being a total cum dumpster. If she wanted to be glazed and confused, I was willing to do that and much more. I am a cum lover and have plenty of guys that come over on any given day. All it takes is one text, and I have an array of dicks at my display. All beautiful all big. I like them hard and long and ready to pump that yummy goodness. My cunt begins to drip thinking about all the cum I am about to be blasted with; I invited my friend over to a fun creamy afternoon. We cum swapped and swallowed. I like bathing in jizz.  We were glazed and confused by the end of the rendezvous.

I am a Creampie Slut

creampie slutI am a dirty creampie slut. My daughter came home from being gangbanged and all I could think about was eating her cunt. She was sore as fuck. She has this kinky sugar daddy that wanted to share her with some business associates. She is addicted to his money, so she agreed. She was in discomfort. I know I should have been more concerned with her sore holes than sucking the cum out of her pussy, but I am a cum junkie first, mommy second. I went gentle on her used holes with my tongue and lips. I wanted her to feel good while I got my jizz fix. I have never minded sloppy seconds. I cleaned her holes up. It was a win win for us both. I made her feel better, and I got to be a cum guzzling slut. I love that I have raised a daughter to be as nasty as me.

Anal Cum Dumpster BJ Drains Balls

Looking for a real trashy anal cum dumpster to work yourself up with as you smoke some crack and jack? The BBC I had a few hours ago sure were! These mother fuckers love to plow my milf ass and make my son watch the whole time as they (all five of them) pumped my anus over and over making it a gaped out prolapsed cream filled and dripping whore hole. My son was forced down on his knees to clean all of the big nigger cocks off like a good little white boy faggot should and he will always be subjected to servicing those big black dicks as long as I keep my druggy ways up. I may have to go overboard and make him learn to take it in his sweet sissy ass if I don’t slow my roll.

Anal cum dumpster

Married Cock

For a white trash slut, I got a big fat ass. That is one reason all of these white trash whores in my town are so jealous of me. Their flat pancake asses can’t compare to what I got going on back there. I take all the men, these sluts know not to bring their men around me. They know the men around here can’t resist a white trash slut with a fat ass, able to use me as their personal Cum dumpster. One of the names I get called a lot is a Gangbang whore, it’s no secret. I love when a group of men is able to fill up all of my holes while calling me a Cum filled cunt. I remember one time every married man in our neighborhood snuck out of their house late at night. We met at a motel down the street. I told each man to fuck their wives before seeing me. I was ready to be a Cum guzzling slut that night. I licked their wives dried up cum clean off their thick hard married cocks. When all five men were about to bust I told them to aim those cocks at my mouth. I wanted to taste every drop of those married men. I am a Cum eating whore and I am not ashamed to admit it. A married used cock is priceless.Anal sex whore

Bring It All To Me

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The sexiest thing you can ever tell me is that you have lots of coke. When you told me you had party favors, I was dripping wet. I told you straight up”Bring it all to me baby” I want every little thing you can give me and more. My ass pound and anal cum shots are what I live for, You know I was born to be your anal cum dumpster.

The way I ride your dick and swallow your jizz how are you still surprised? It turns you on to see me suck the nut out and rub my cunt. I make you take lines out of my ass crack.

My clit gets extra tingly and very numb from all the blow I rub on to it, I feel the most alive when I am your druggy slut.

BBC Lover

Big dick sucker

When I’m in the mood for a really big cock, nothing scratches that itch quite as good as a big thick BBC to stretch and fuck my sloppy wet pussy. I had a little too much to drink last night and a little too much  of everything else and all I could think of was how bad I wanted to get fucked. I started dancing with a hot guy and I could feel his big thick cock through his pants. He told me if I wanted to have some really nasty fun, that he had two friends with him that would love to try me out. The four of us went back to his hotel room and got freaky. We passed around a plate full of coke and did lines until our faces went numb. I stripped naked and the three of them picked a hole and started stretching me out with their huge black cocks. I had one in my ass, one in my pussy, and one of them shoved down my throat gagging me. The three of them used me like a whore and fucked me as fast and hard as they wanted. Even if I wanted to stop, it was too late. They were too fucking hard and horny to stop, I was basically their fuck doll. They filled every hole on my body with a big fucking load of cum and gaped my ass and pussy.

Nothing But A Nasty Whore

Yeah, it’s me Memphis or like some call me the biggest fucking cum slut whore you will ever come across. My asshole and pussy are pretty well known. Lately, I have noticed I might have to slow down on all the trains that get ran on me. My asshole has been getting extremely sore lately, I like the pain it leaves because I can still feel every inch of that thick heavy cock I got the night before. I just can’t help it, having a nice thick juicy cock in my ass is completely breathtaking. I crave the feeling I get when he tries to take the tip out, that’s when I squeeze my asshole together so it’s hard for him to take it out. I fucking love that, calling dozens of different types of men daddy every night is great. I fucking love cock, dick,  penis. I need it and crave it.Dirty phone sex My pussy gets sad sometimes when she hasn’t had any play, I always try to find a man that will be willing to please my good girl in any way. I want you to have your way with me and let me have my way with you. Life is to short to worry about anything else but a night full of pleasurable screams.

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