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A Sloppy Wet Pussy from My Sons

sloppy wet pussyI love playing with my sloppy wet pussy on calls. When it is Sunday, my pussy is full of my sons’ cum. It is part of Sunday Funday. I may have a family of whores, but on Sundays, we just play with each other. Sundays are about family. I was up late last night partying. When I came home, it was around 5 am this morning and my sons were waiting for me with their hard cocks. They couldn’t sleep well because mommy wasn’t home to blow them, which is how I put them to bed. I was wide awake from all the coke I had done, so I blew them like a good mommy. I love being a good mommy. My daughters woke up and wanted to join the Sunday Funday fucking festivities. I put on my strap-on, so I could fuck those bald pussies and my sons fucked mommy in the ass. I am an anal sex whore mommy too. I love having kinky sandwiches with my youngsters. I fuck a daughter and a son fucks me. Mommy is in the middle of a young cock and bald pussy, which is heaven to me. I still have not been to sleep. I am all coked up with boy cum in my pussy and ass. Perhaps, I should take a nap, but there is no sleep for the wicked.

anal sex whore

Trailer Trash Whore Beverly

trailer trash whoreBeing a trailer trash whore comes naturally. I was born a redneck in a trailer park. I am trailer park nasty. I am so happy that schools are back in session because that means school boys are coming and going back and forth from my trailer to and from school. Yesterday, a high school boy arrived at my trailer wanting to fuck. I rode his young teen cock long enough to make him miss the bus. I could have driven him to school, but I posed as his mother and called him in sick to school. I wanted that young teen cock all day long. A teen cock is what every trashy milf needs. His cock was long and hard, and it got a second wind easily. He was no virgin, but before me it was strictly school girl pussy. He was delighted when I slid my old ass on his cock. I love a teen cock up my ass. Plus, when a dirty old cougar gives her ass up to a young stud, it ruins him for all the hot teen sluts out there. It was hard to believe his cock could become stiffer, but once it was up my ass it felt like a baseball bat. He came in my ass all damn day. He is coming over tomorrow once his mother leaves for work. I think he is my favorite sex toy.

My Husband brought us a Toy

Lot lizard sexCunt whore you’re a liar, and all you do is lie you’re not to be trusted. I left my man around you, and you fucked him I can’t stand you. But I’ve got a pleasant surprise for you because he said you fucked him right and he told me you sucked his dick better than a pornstar could. I want you to come over to my house tonight, and I want you to fuck my husband and me. I heard around town that you gobble up pussy so good I want that shit to happen to me. We’ve got wine cocaine weed and everything else that you wish to get high using, we even have some Crystal, so it’s sure to be a magnificent night. Your fucking hot wet cunt is my favorite if my lover is telling the truth he said the way he fucked your squirting pussy was beyond nasty. One thing I like about my husband is when he gets, and you seem to have brought it out. The night after he fucked you he made the best fucking sex with me we had in years I attribute that to your body and your skills. I love threesomes you cunt whore I want my husband’s dick so far in your pussy that you’re screaming in passionate pain. I’m going to make you suck my pussy while he’s fucking you doggy style making you his fucking pet slave. I love the way you fucked my husband, and I got to watch it all because I’ve got a secret camera recording in my bedroom.


Big dick sucker

The Confessions of an Anal sex whore

Anal sex whore

Hello, my name is Luna and I am an Anal sex whore.  Of course you all already know that, don’t you? If you do not then you need to read more of my blogs. There are times when I am not in the mood to have my cunt used.  I just want to feel cock ripping up my ass.  I am not talking taking your time, working the cock in slowly, I’m talking about slamming it in, hard, making me catch my breath and almost cry from the pain.

There are those who go to confession to be absolved of their sins.  I get raw fucked in my asshole.  Same result, well maybe not because I’m not asking for forgiveness, come to think about it, I have never asked for forgiveness for anything.  I think going in dry must make a guy’s cock feel amazing, it hurts me, I’m not going to lie, but I get to feel that for days. 

Plus all that creamy cum running out of my ass as I make my way home? Delicious.  One time when I had some big dick over and over I couldn’t walk right.  I was clearly in pain as I made my way to the subway station.  The burn and just general soreness was evident on my face, so much so that this one nosy bitch came over and asked me if I was alright.  She asked if I had been assaulted.  I told her that I hadn’t been, but she was correct I was in pain, but that’s because I just got done having three massive cocks stuffed in my ass without lube.  She just looked at me, shook her head, then walked away.

If she didn’t want to know what happened then she shouldn’t of came up to me. Right? Mind your own business.  Anyway, sometimes pain is good, sometimes it is bad, but freshly violently fucked ass sometimes is just want I need.

Coke Whore Dealings On The Down Lo

Fucking piece of shit dickless slumass landlord decided he would sneak in my fucking place again and set up new nanny cams as he knew I was planning some BBC fun this weekend and making some deals in dirty phone sex. Fucktard thought he could try blackmailing Me this time. Ha! Little dick you best get ready to beg to lick this fuckhole good and clean or take a couple of big black dicks in your sloppy assed back door…. bitch!

Let’s see what dickless will do when he sees Those Video as opposed to what he thought he was screening! It’s my turn to get some sweet revenge finally, getting that fag ass of his rammed by multiple BBC’s and shot live for all to see. This bitch is sly and you fuck with me you will pay for it. Best part, you will never know when pay day will be Bitch, but I promise you, my memory is as keen as a hounds smeller.

Dirty phone sex

Cheating cum cunt

cum filled cuntMy new boyfriend me at the strip club. He is a high power attorney. I, on the other hand, am a high hooker. You can’t make a hoe into a housewife. Silly short dick man thinks he can make me a Stepford housewife. He has something else coming to him. While he is away, I invite old customers over for some jizz. I love having a cum filled cunt. I have to have it in me. It has become part of my normalcy to have cum loads. I love it more than anything. Whenever he gets home from a long meeting and a stressful day it turns me on that he has no idea I have fresh jizz in me, and he has to clean it up each time. 

Luna The Tuna

Anal cum dumpster

When I was in school there was this bougie bitch that would always call me Luna the Tuna. What the fuck kind of name is that, no creative juices went into that one at all? It didn’t bother me.  I knew that I fucked a lot, even back then.  Sometimes there wasn’t enough time to wash up in between classes.  Oh yes, even then I was taking on many cocks at a time in the bathrooms.  Everyone knew, the girls were bitches about it, the guys treated me nice, until they fucked me then they treated me the same way the girls did.  It was all good though.  I was getting what I wanted and I was happy.

Then we got a new Principal.  He was “concerned” how everyone, including the staff, were talking about me.  He tried to be my friend, I didn’t need friends or advice, I knew exactly what I was doing.  There was this one time where he had me in his office helping him file some of paperwork.  You know, trying to get me out of the ‘bullying’ environment.  I was sitting on one of those office chairs that roll around, going back and forth between the file cabinet and his desk.

Over and over again, I think the noise of the chair was getting to him because he told me that he wanted me to go and get him a soda from one of the machines.  That damn chair was squeaky as hell. I said, “Sure.” As I was walking out the door he stopped me.  I turned around to see what he wanted, he was just looking from the back of my skirt to the chair that I had been in.  He said, “There seems to be a wet spot on the back of your skirt, and on the chair. I don’t mean to embarrass you, but did you have an accident?”  I started to laugh.  Dude actually thought I had pissed myself. 

I turned around to face away from him, lifted up my skirt, bent all the way over, pulled my ass cheeks apart and let him see that it was cum that was leaking from my ass, not piss.  Before I had gone in to do his filing I had a little bit of fun in the Chemistry closet with a couple of guys.  I knew I had a lot of cum in my ass, but not enough to soak the back of my skirt.  The look on his face was funny as hell.  He excused me from helping him, I never did have to go back to do filing.  Once in awhile when he would see me in the hallway he would shake his head then just walk away.  I guess he found out why I was called Luna the Tuna.

coke head cum dumpster

cum dumpsterFuck!!! I’m late with my rent again. I must have gotten rent money over six times this month but each and every time I have managed to use up my rent money on coke. My little habit has taken over the existence of my life. See, When I am high I am horny and when I work I am always high. The coke seeps thru and makes me a nympho whore. I can perform on stage better and I can keep guys coming in and out faster from the vip room. Its easy money and it makes my nights go by in a blink. I can’t deprive my pussy and myself from that magical angel dust. My landlord is going to come any second now. I am ready for his monthly bullshit. This time I can’t get an extension. I look all over like a madman looking for any trace of coke. I score a left over baggie and begin to dum it out immediately. I get my pussy ready for business as I get high as a kite I already know I will be the landlords cum dumpster for the night.

Anal Cum Dumpster Mommy

anal cum dumpsterAn anal cum dumpster like me, never has to worry about mess. Personally, I love the feel of cum up in my fuck holes, but I can never keep any inside me for long. I have cum loving brats who like my messy mommy holes. I came home from a gang bang last night. Not a paid one. I made a surprise appearance at a friend of my son’s party. His parents are away, and he threw a big bash. I brought over a few kegs for them and ended up getting fucked for hours by horny teen boys. I didn’t intend on being a gangbang whore, but I never say no to a bunch of teen boys with hard dicks. When I got home, the girls saw the look on my face. They knew what I had been up too and started begging for a treat. The cum in my twat or ass is their favorite kind of candy. My daughters laid on the floor and I squatted over each on pushing out some creamy deliciousness from my well fucked holes. It was like a momma bird feeding her babies. Cum strands came straight out of my ass and cunt and right into their mouths. I try to keep cum inside me because I love playing with it and I love the smell my pussy gets when I leave cum inside of me for a day or so. But, with some cum guzzling sluts at home, it is almost impossible to do.

Dirty butthole pleasure

Anal cum dumpsterI love being a naughty anal cum dumpster, there is nothing better than having my dirty butthole played with. I have so many sensitive nerve endings in and around my poop chute, I consider it to be my sweet spot! I love getting my taint sucked, having the soft skin between my cunt and asshole tickled with a wet tongue feels so fucking good. I’m a skanky ass hoe and my slutty fuck holes are yours to enjoy. Lemme shake my fat butt in your face and smother you with my delicious juices. Bring out your bag of blow, I wanna get super fucked up with you! Make my fuck holes gush and fill me up with cum. Finger my booty while you do some lines off my sloppy wet cunt. My shit holes needs to be stretched the fuck out.

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