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Hidden camera

cum filled cunt

On my breaks, I have an appetite for cock and cum. I like to take one of the customers bring them to the back room and get real acquainted very quick. I found a cute guy with a nice cock and I had him fuck my mouth and thought I was going to end my day, but I was wrong. My manager had been watching me for a while, and he asked me to come to his office. He had built a secure place to put a hidden camera. I got flustered and red when he realized I was such a fucking whore. He causes to the chase and told me if I wanted to keep my part-time job where I would have to let him fill me up till he gave me a cum filled cunt. That was a way to easy. I had no problem taking the bosses cock. It wasn’t as meaty and juicy as I hoped but at least I get to keep servicing the customers that peek my interest. Its a total win for me.

Glory Hole Whore

phone sex line

When you call my phone sex line you don’t just get a gangbang whore. You get a druggy white trash whore as well. At the strip club where I dance a row of glory holes has been installed. Men pay good money to stick their cock through a hole and not know what they will find on the other side. Well, tonight I was so fucked up on coke I couldn’t dance so my faggot boss made me work the holes. Me and a trashy slut and she male were working all seven glory holes for hours. Oh, the cocks that came through those holes! I was on my knees licking and sucking so hard between line after line of sweet blow. My throat was raw from taking 20 or 30 cocks tonight when I got an Idea. I backed my tight asshole up to one and waited a few minutes. My ass pressed so hard unto the hole and within minutes I was being penetrated by a decent cock. I slammed my ass back over and over. I could hear the guy moaning and I shoved back hard and fast. My ass needed filling with Cum and I wanted it bad. I just can not go one night without my ass being filled.  You want to get high with me and talk about filling my trashy druggy ass up with your sticky cum?

I Love My Ass Gaping From Your Fist

Fisting Whore

I was walking down the street, it was like 3 AM and this guy must have thought I was a hooker. I have been known to hook anyway he pulled over and asked if I was looking for a good time. I figured why not? I threw my cigarette over to the grass, got in his car and I just kept looking ahead. He took me to his house which was like a mini mansion and I was like holy cow. He had told me to go down the stairs and this dude has a full on dungeon, it was like he was a dominant for pay or something. I saw whips and floggers galore, he told me to undress and get in the sex swing. I went and did that, he liked that I had a little something to my body. He looked at me with this grin like the joker and it kind of creeped me out. He came over to the sex swing and told me I looked like a good whore, he pulled his pants down and made me suck his dick and then he put his fist deep inside my cunt and it almost took my breath away, he pulled his dick out and put his other hand in my ass but I loved it. I am a fisting whore, he was fucking me all the way up to his elbows and causing me to orgasm hard, I started bleeding but he didn’t stop. He put his dick in my ass after he felt he had opened it up enough and it continued to fist fuck my vagina. He nutted in my ass and because it was gaping it started running right out.Chreap Phone Sex

Valentines cum dumpster slut

Cum dumpsterValentines was a smooth sailing kind of day for me. I had about two dozen cocks jerk off on me. I invited some of the guys from the local glory hole for my lunch break to shoot their cum loads all over me like the cum dumpster slut I am. I can’t say it enough the feeling of being drenched with cum drives me horny as can be. The real messed up part of the situation was that all these guys were using me then I went home to my boyfriend and let him taste all the residue of other men on me. It was so good to have him eat my pussy when just hours before it had

endless loads of multiple loads. I can’t believe he didn’t even notice, or maybe he did and just loves the aftertaste of cum filled pussy, Either way, it was a valentine to remember. Next time he needs to be in the same room to watch dozens of guys dispense on me.

A Cum Filled Cunt for My Son and Daughter

cum filled cuntMy son loves it when his mom has a cum filled cunt. It loves to inspect me after a good fucking. This isn’t something new. When he was a little boy, he seemed to know when my pussy was full of spunk. He would crawl over to me and push his face between my legs, then clean me up. I would let my legs flop open, so he could bury his tongue deep in my mommy holes. He would tongue fuck the cum out of me. Even before he could walk, he would eat mommy’s cream pie. I joke with him still, that cum was a major food group for him as a little squirt. He still loves my cream pies. Not so much for the taste, but because it is taboo. He loves doing things other people find gross. I’m the same way. Last night, he turned me into his anal cum dumpster, just so he could lick out his own spunk from his mother’s ass. He did the same to his sister. I texted her to come enjoy the family fun. It is nice to hang with my offspring. A family that eats cum together, stays together. Do you agree?

Fall In Love With A BBC Lovin Stripper

stripper sex storiesMy friend got me a gig at a strip club she works at.  She told me that there were some hot black guys who came in there and that I would get some good stripper sex stories.  I couldn’t wait to start my new job.  I mean, of course I’ve stripped before, but it was at an all white club.  No black dudes ever came in there, and let’s face it I’m a fucking whore for BBC.  So my first night was a couple of nights ago and oh my god.  I think there was a whole football team full of big black studs.  I didn’t even have to pretend to be turned on.  As soon as I saw all those black studs, I couldn’t wait to strip my ass right over there to them.  Turns out, they were a football team.  The whole defense at least.  As soon as my set was over, I strolled right over to them, shook my tits in their face and began dry humping one of them.  They could tell what a fucking BBC whore I was and asked to go to the VIP room.  ALL of them!!  Everybody knows what goes down in the VIP room.  I got fucked three ways from Sunday.  I didn’t even make them strap up.  I took all those cocks in my wet pussy and ass.  One after another, at the same time.  Gagging on the boat loads of cum they spewed down my throat.  I made so much bank that night.  I work again tomorrow night. Can’t wait to see what happens.

Cum slut

cum dumpster

I dumped my boyfriend because he was such an idiot. I moved along to his cousin. I hated that he never gave me the cum I desired. I’m a little cum dumpster who wants to be drenched in creamy why cum. I love having my tits out on display. I like to have a lot of loads right on them, and if you are lucky, I will let you enjoy my cum covered tits. The more loads, the better. My ex-didn’t like to cum on my tits or my face. He wanted to cum in a condom or my pussy no other method. I couldn’t stand it. Also, his cum shots were super weak. You can’t blame me for being cum slut who immediately left him for his cousin who knew what I liked exactly. His cock wasn’t the biggest, but his cock would serve up massive amounts of creamy white cum. I was hooked. I wanted that he would invite all his buddies and make me a bukkake slut. I love having guys get in a circle around me and dispense me with their yummy loads. Fill my face and tits, please.

BBC Phone Sex, I Love Black Cock!!!

bbc phone sex

I love BBC Phone Sex.   Big black men and their big black cocks.  I have a whole little posse I go and do everything with.  They are big whores, but hell, so am I.  We all go to the bar and flirt our asses off.  Some of my boys even will go out to the parking lot to fuck some skank but our outings always end up the same, usually.  We end up all drunk and shit at my house gang banging away.  I can’t get enough big black cock in my holes.  Especially when I’m all drunk and high and feeling real good.  They don’t look at me as the BBC whore I really am.  They see me as their homey, who the fuck the shit out of ALL the time lol!  There’s nothing like having a bunch of big black cocks at your beckoning whenever you want.  They never tell me no.  Hell, who would?  There’s not that many straight up whores who will take on 4 or 5 big black cocks all the time like I do.  Hey, I’m a rare jewel. 

Dirty Phone Sex Coked Up Fucking

If it’s dirty phone sex you are seeking out, then you are in the right fucking place. I am all over cock like flies on a fucking picnic. I have been the center of bukkake parties with a Lot of BBC and seriously when they were done with me I wanted more of that big throbbing black dick.

We had a little shindig the other night and I had my dealer and about five other guys from the pub over. It took maybe a couple rounds of lines and shots of Jagermeister and I was all over those cocks. I was taking those cocks in my ass and guzzling down so many fucking cum loads I’m wet right now writing about it. Looks like I need to invite a few over for a small party.

Dirty Phone Sex

Party Whore

anal cum dumpster

Anal cum dumpster for you tonight. I am snorting line after line of coke fucking myself silly. My pussy gets so wet and I need a nice cock in my ass. Tempted to go find my brother or even my daddy to get fucked like crazy. I always can hit the biker bar or my dealers place for some gangbang fun first. I love to collect all the jizz from a gang bang then go find a nice John and have him fuck my ass, unsuspecting of the many loads I took before him.  For some reason that turns me on so fucking much. I really need to tell someone my nasty druggy whore thoughts tonight. My pussy is just so fucking wet, and I came on my big fat dildo like five times and I am working on a nice 8 ball. Lets party.

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