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Trashy milf

I want to be your fuck toy, and I’ve been thinking about you all night ever since you walked in this bar. You grab my ass the other night, and you squeeze my tight little-puckered bubble ass. When I got home to check I still had your fingerprints in my ass. I know I’ve got an old man, and he gets jealous, but I decided that I want to fuck you in front of him. Can you get down with that I love your big massive black cock so much you’re a crazy guy, and that turns me on. My husband, he’s such a fucking square he doesn’t know anything about having a good time I’m just done with his little bitty cock, it’s shameful. Last night my husband cried he told me that my pussy was too deep, I pushed him off of me I was grossed the fuck out at that point. I want you to show him how to make me feel like a woman because he can’t do it he’s got 3 inches of nothing. My sorry no cock husband is always so damn stupid the only reason I stay with him is because he spends money but that’s why I’m always at the bar, and I think I found the right guy to do the job. I’ll give you a significant blow job I know your cock is super huge because when you took my hand and forced me to put it on your crotch, I felt that large dick print. I can’t stop thinking about you I want you to show him what satisfies me he will never be able to do it but I could get him to pay you. I could also get him to clean us up after you spray your big fat load in my pussy he is such a wimpy, weak fuck her anyway. I know he’ll do anything for me, that’s why I want you to come over to my house tonight. I’m going to give you the key so you can walk in like the man of the house. My husband will be there making dinner for us, he will be wearing an apron I think that’s so fucking stupid but I allow him to be my maid because he sure can’t be my cock. You could even sleep in the bed with me we’ll put him on the couch I want you to fuck me, in my bed you don’t have to worry about anything. My husband is a submissive piece of shit he doesn’t have a strong bone in his body at all.

pay the piper p-cock accomplice

anal cum dumpsterI have been using the same excuses for months now to my landlord. A couple of months ago he let me off the hook. He knows my money goes to my habits. This time my nice rack and sweet cunt isn’t going to cut. It’s time to pay the piper. Being his Anal cum dumpster only goes so long. I had to run the extra mile to keep him satisfied this time. I brought over my daughter. She barely has pubes and could be my younger sister. Was going to have to sell off my young offspring to make his p cock content. I knew he had fantasies of my sweet girl. Every time I would dress her up and take for swimming lessons his cock would pop out of his swim trunks.

This is the result of being a cum slut and drug whore. I lived in a sketchy complex with a p-cock having a landlord. Whenever I try to avoid him, I would seem to find him. I knew he was getting tired of my holes. They are young but not as young as he likes them. It was time to give him the good, and with a couple of lines straight to my nose I instantly became his accomplice. He loved that my daughter was pageant tot. I have done some pretty skeevy things for my drug love. I have stolen my baby girls contest money and use child support to fuel my drug love, and I have attended every orgy in the city. Giving my landlord my baby girls pussy wouldn’t be the last of my lows.

Druggy Porn Stars Love Anal Sex

druggy pornI felt like a druggy porn star last night. This guy I know came over with some primo coke. He smuggled it in from Mexico. I didn’t ask where he hid it because I didn’t want to know!  We got high and things got freaky. He was struggling to get his cock in my ass. Too much coke made his dick semi hard. For a good ass fucking, you need a rock hard cock. He had a remedy for that. He grabbed a beer bottle, spit on the rim and shoved it up my ass. I was so high I didn’t even realize that he wasn’t fucking my ass with his dick. It felt good and let’s be honest. It wasn’t the first time an inanimate object was up my ass, nor would it be the last. That beer bottle gave me a good ass fucking. Better than his coked-up dick. He spent the night. His cock decided to work this morning. Of course, he was sober. We got the fucking out of the way first before we started doing lines again. I don’t mind a beer bottle up my ass, but I like the feel of cum running out my fuck holes and that is only thing a bottle can’t give me that you can. Being an anal sex whore means you want hot cum up your bum.

Sure, you can fuck my ass.

Freaky phone sex

I’ve always been a whore. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been very sexual. In my teen years I learned to love kinky and dirty sex. I do things that a lot of other girls won’t do. I’ve let men piss in my mouth and tried to swallow up as much of the hot piss as I could. Too nasty? I don’t know the meaning of the word. Cum eating, fisting, ass fucking, I’ve done it all. Being fucked in the ass is probably my favorite way to fuck though. Something about the way a really big cock feels as it pushes past my tight rim until it’s balls deep in my ass just makes me so fucking wet. Don’t worry about taking it slow, I want you to pound my ass. I want to feel your balls slapping up against me as you slide in and out of my asshole. I want to feel the way you throb and pulse as you give me a nice anal creampie. Then when you pull out, I want to suck your dick and get a nice taste of my ass. I want to taste my juices on your dirty cock and then clean them all off with my mouth.

My Daughter’s Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntMy daughter was licking my cum filled cunt while her brother fucked her ass. I was feeling lonely last night, so I invited them over. My daughter brought some blow and my son brought some beer. Trailer park family get togethers are the best. My pussy had some black spunk inside because I had been at the truck stop earlier scoring some blow for myself. She loves a black creampie. My son got hot watching her eat me out, so he rammed his cock into her asshole from behind. The more blow he did, the rougher he got. He started pulling her hair and even pulling her arm back. He gets high and his rough side comes out. My daughter and I like it rough though. I don’t want to be made love to. I want to be fucked. After fucking my son to the point of draining all I could from his balls, he called for backup. About ten of his buddies showed up to fuck a trailer trash whore and her daughter. His friends have been fucking us since they were still school boys. Only difference now is that their cocks are bigger, and they last longer. My daughter and I woke up covered in cum, hungover and sore. I love our family get togethers. They just don’t happen as often as I like.

White Trash Coke Whore

white trash phone sex

I guess being strung out at a high-class club was more fun than the owner wanted me to have. I was so high and drunk I was offering 5 dollar blowjobs to the men at the bar. I quickly explained that I stripped down at the Wild Cat and That I just wanted a quick pick me up so I could go back to my side of town. I was about to be tossed on my ass when A guy in a suit tapped the bouncer’s shoulder. Next thing this high whore knows she is riding A NBA Players cock with some important dude staring at me. I didn’t mind because that rock hard cock was huge. He had such strong black arms and his cock was 12 inches big. I was fed nose candy and fucked like the whore I am all night long. When He came up inside my cum slut slit and hooker ass hole he had his manager lick that BBC cream out of my cunt. They took turns cumming in my cunt and promised me the whole basketball team next time.  I promised free cover and VIP passes to my skanky club as long as I could have that BBC basketball player cum! I think that’s an even trade for a skanky coke whore, don’t you?

Homemade Porn Star

When asked if I was down to do a homemade porn, my answer was simple, I am down for anything for the right amount of money and drugs. I like uppers like coke when I have had too much down, and I like downers like heroine when I have had too much up. Throw me an 8 ball or a bundle and $40, and I will make the raunchiest homemade porn you’ve ever seen. I don’t care when the set is, how long it takes him to cum, where he want to cum, or what position he wants to fuck me in I am a druggy whore, and I can be bought very easily. If I shoot enough dope under my toe nail, I will not even remember doing the porn, but he better be big if you get me the down because otherwise I may nod out on you. If I snort enough white girl, then I will have a blast, and have as much energy as the fucking energizer bunny. Either way I am down to clown on or off camera. 

phone sex line

Anal Cum Dumpster and Her Mommy

anal cum dumpsterMy daughter was a nasty anal cum dumpster last night. We are in Colorado skiing. Well, the boys are skiing, and the girls are playing. We are from California. It is too cold for us here. The only snow I like is the kind I put up my nose. My daughter came home in the wee hours of the morning walking funny. She met some guys in the lodge bar and went back to their room. They fucked the shit out of her ass. I was proud of her. These men were twice her age and she let them use her ass for hours for their cum deposits. I brought her over by the fire, stripped her naked and warmed her up with my tongue in her swollen bung hole. I could taste all the cum and it was yummy. She is an anal sex whore like her mother. She just can’t take the ass pounding that I can. Not yet at least. That comes with age. I drilled my tongue in her ass like it was a tiny cock. doing my best to clean her up. I could taste the different strands of cum too. I am such a good cum whore that I can tell the age and blood type of man just by tasting the cum. It has become a dirty family game. Anytime one of my daughters gets a ton of cum up either fuck hole, I can tell them how many guys and a little about those men just by tasting their cum. My baby girl got 6 different loads of cum up her ass and the men were of Mediterranean descent. As my tongue soothed her tired asshole, my fingers and my dildo made her cum again. I love special time with my girls.I know, I am such a trashy milf.

Black dick down my throat

Dirty phone sex   My wet pussy was cumming all over some black cock last night. I was so ready for some big black cock. I get a lot of matches on tender and his black dick was one of them. He came over and I gave him some Henny. We got so drunk and started partying. All my friends came over with their guys. After we were wasted I stood up and told them I wanted a big orgy. We all got naked and us girls started to kiss and fill on each other’s bodies. Our big black cocks made it our way. They shoved those fat dicks down our throat. Being a cock slut is every man’s dream, isn’t it? I will take it all and swallow all the cum. I got my ass bent over and fucked by everyone. Trains are hot. My body gets moist and wet the more people that use it. Want to come and use me?

Brothel babe

anal sex whoreOne thing I love about Vegas is all the hooking I can do without breaking any rules. Coke comes easy and cash to spend on some more party favors does too, There is never a shortage. Everyday being a brothel whore isn’t the same. All types of adventures happen and things you won’t believe are presented in your face. When I was super young I escaped home and ended up working in a brothel. The party scene was everything I needed and more.My holes were stuffed for the right price and like my clients would say I was the perfect anal sex whore. One day things got a little tricky. The reason I left home was right in front of my face. My gross step dad was visiting and he picked me to make his night. As much as my stomach turned thinking about the cash and cum quickly had me saying yes. I was taking my stepdads cock in a whore house. All for the right price. Toe be a nasty whore you have to put your body out there for all the perks of drug sex and alcohol. I was one nasty party slut getting every buck to get my high. I could see why my mom stayed with this tool. His rod was huge and he could shoot large loads.

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